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Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay]

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1 A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:26 am

Waking early, the beautiful maiden looked tiredly around the space of her room. It was roomy, and with some help in redecorating it to make her feel more at home to her surroundings, she allowed herself to freely buy some dark red and lighter reds to splatter across her bedroom walls. She used the white to contrast it along with some hints of black, whereas the rest of her tidy room was more of a dark coffee brown color with trim of the same white. Looking to her left, she fixed her hair in the mirror that gave her the only remains of her reflection, petting her waves down from sleeping so they'd flatten with a tad bit of friz. She yawned, baring accidentally her fangs to the shard of light that shown through her dark colored curtains. Now that there was another Doctor to the team, Vitani could trust the office in careful and loyal hands. It was nice to feel this relax. At least Evie was a morning person, whereas she was not and liked to enjoy her mornings with sleep. Finally finding the urge to get out of bed, she slipped on her fluffy slippers and stretched out her arms, whispering a cold soft growl. She wore nothing more than her monkey covered blue pajama pants, slippers and a simple black slimmed t-shirt. Other than that, she was all natural.

Pinning her hair up into a messy bun and rubbing her eyes, Vitani moved to the kitchen and leaned against the counter. She whistled for a soft moment before peering to the little cage near her window, sneaking towards it to see Sushi comfortably sleeping inside. She decided to leave him alone, pulling the curtain over the cage to leave him be as she then returned back to the cold linoleum floored area. Taking her phone in hand, she punched in the right buttons to Elay's number and texted him while speaking aloud to herself, "Good morning! I'm making cupcakes. Wanna rent a movie and help out?" Sending the message, she quickly sent another to officially seal the deal, "I'll let you lick the bowl..." Vitani laughed, clicking the send button and setting it back down on the counter. Rushing to the bathroom, she relieved herself and rubbed the sand out of her eyes. After that, she unlocked the door for him to come through once he was there and then moved to the kitchen to take out the ingredients and pans. The image of cupcakes made her stomach turn with delight, only hoping sincerely that Elay would hurry.


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2 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:58 am

zzzt, zzt......zzzt, zzzzzzzt...

A loud growl rumbled from his chest as the pillow below his face vibrated over and over. Realizing he couldn't ignore the text if he wanted to, Elay stuffed his hand beneath the fluff and pulled out the iphone. No one in the pack seemed to appreciate the Delta's special Saturday morning snoozefest time because there was always something going on. Opening his blue eyes to check out the phone, he swiped it over and spotted Vitani's name. He wondered what the lovely Doctor needed, sitting up he continued reading. It wasn't to long but the last words made his lips curl in to a big smile.

"I'll let you lick the bowl..."

I'll tell you one thing, shes got a way with words. Renner chuckled. Agreeing with his wolf Elay tossed his phone on the bed and slipped out to take a quick shower. Stepping in front of his mirror with a towel draped around his hips, Elay looked at his reflection. Rubbing underneath his chin he felt the scruffiness of not shaving for two days and he shrugged. It was Saturday, all he needed to do was slip on some black sweat pants and a white t-shirt and be on his way. Brushing his hair forward the Delta tossed his DVDs around looking for something new, something he knew Vitani would enjoy. Grinning wide Elay grabbed his keys, the Dvd and slipped on some black loafers before heading up to her room.

Grabbing the door knob he stepped in and peeked around, making sure all was clear. Once inside he closed the door and let out a small yell of excitement. "All I saw was...come and lick the bowl...and I'm game." he said stepping to greet Vitani in the kitchen. Eying her outfit he nodded, she looked quite comfy in her slippers and monkey pjs. Wrapping his arms around her neck he gave her a tight hug and checked out the cupcake pans with hunger. "Honestly, you had me at cupcake." he teased flashing her a toothy grin.

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3 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Fri Dec 13, 2013 1:56 am

"Ha, I've missed you too, Elay." She laughed at his words and pulled herself closer to his warm embrace, whiffing a whole lot more of his scent than she had initially wanted enough to almost sneeze. Thankfully she did not, but hugged him tightly and buried her face into his chest before pulling comfortably away from him to rest the small of her back against the counter as she looked over her shoulder to the cupcake pans, "Well, you can have as much as you wish as long as you help me. Sound like a plan?" Her hands reached up to neatly tighten her hair to stay and then back down to her sides where they soon found their ways around her stomach to cross under her chest.

Her silvery hues connected with his as she smiled wider to his presence, "I hope I didn't disturb you. Your wolf isn't mad at me for waking him this early did I?" Grinning, Vitani turned around and kept her ears trained on him to listen to if he spoke. She put the ingredients together in order and searched around, fiddling with the cabinets to find the measuring items needed as she had difficulty finding her own clothes as it was already. She surely was not used to these kinds of preparations to organization. Curses that damned maid that came in to fix her belongings in the wrong order. "Which reminds me, are you like one of those people that name their wolfie?" She had a couple names she liked to call her wolf, mostly negative things, but that was asides the point. Vitani knew many others that named their other sides, but she looked more to the ones that were openly accepting to their inner being. They wouldn't be a true wereling without them, she believed, for it was something they could benefit from, not to mention get a great pain into hearing sometimes. Nevertheless, it was a useful tool to the mind to keep from out of trouble and uncontrolled during the moonlight's glare over their bodies.

Clearing her throat, she fixed herself a cup of water in a glass and sipped quietly to herself before looking up to him, "So... how did it go? With Noctavia?" She gave him a knowing look and turned her smile sideways. She had heard of his interview, but she had been wondering severely as to what his point of view was on it all. His mattered too, that is, which made her smile wider as she went to kiss his nose, "Oh, and congrats to the new rank, Dashing Delta." She winked and leaned back down to her natural height at most of five foot eight. Sure she was short, but that only gave her the deathly advantage to beat a man senseless if they tried to do something out of line and inappropriate.


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4 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:24 am

The Delta grinned at her comment and blushed from the soft kiss on his nose, she was so sweet to him. Leaning back against the counter he rested his hands on the cold surface and watched her gather materials. In all honesty, he had never baked cupcakes before so he didn't know what really went into them. Tilting his head he lifted an eyebrow thinking of her questions, which one would he answer first. "Thank you Divine Doctor. I will help you bake the cupcakes but I don't know what goes in to them. You just have to point me in the right direction, I'll follow your lead and when you say as much as I want? That means at least five right?" he said lifting his hand to hold up the number. Red velvet..or chocolate. I can deal with vanilla but it isn't my favorite. Tell her..relay that message. Renner growled. Elay ignored his request.

" didn't really disturb me because I don't mind hanging out with you. But it was my Saturday snoozefest and I do like sleeping in pretty late. Don't worry about my wolf, hes fussy no matter what time we get up..." he chuckled. "And meeting Alphess Noctavia was awesome, she is so great. I'm proud that she asked me to be Delta..I'm still in shock." he said inching his way down the counter towards the fridge. Opening the door he pulled out her milk gallon and lifted it to his mouth. Before she could scowl or yell at him he took  big gulp and licked the leftover milkstache from his lip.

Everyone always had an interest in Renner, maybe it was his distinctive attitude that clashed with Elays. Somehow they managed to mold together like a well oiled machine and handle business, that was one thing the Delta was grateful for. Renner never gave him a run for his much. Taking another sip of her milk, he paused and set the gallon on the counter. "I think we need that...?  And his name is Renner, he actually picked out his own name. Oddly enough...It has grown on me and we work pretty well together. Though I can't say he doesn't express his opinion more then I ask for it." he mused, letting his blue eyes flicker her way. Tilting his head he watched her closely, admiring her from afar.  Is it weird that I like how graceful she is. Like a swan... Renner commented. She is one of my favorites to admire, her body movement flows. She is very graceful indeed. Elay chimed in, in thought.

Picking up a pan Elay grabbed the non-stick spray and gave it a burst of oil. Blinking he sprayed them all feeling like he was really helping. Leaning his forearms on the counter he looked back up at Vitani. "Tell me...what is new doll face? Does your wolf have a name?"

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5 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:04 pm

She tried to hide a laugh, but could not as she watched him peacefully help himself to what was in her fridge. He must have been hungry, she knew she was. When he was finished speaking, Vitani nodded and grabbed for the gallon of milk for a quick gulp before setting it back over the counter, "Surprisingly I do, but I don't call'em by it anymore. It was more of a habit when I was younger to speak to the ole wolf with a name, and eventually I got tired of it and just said wolfie. My counterpart likes to be called Azlynn apparently. I tried wondering why, but never found an answer. She's kinda feisty with me a lot most of the time, but I guess being this old kinda gets tiring for the both of us. Arguments will be made to shut up, as I've learned for a long... long time. Azlyyn is just another reason why I'm very quiet and humble most of the time, she beckons me to branch out and do these wild things hal the time." She shrugged her shoulders before pestering the name at the back of her head to rumble the sounds of her wolf to come out into the open from her very mouth.

Widening her eyes she blushed and covered her mouth with one hand as she giggled nervously to that display. ..Mm... I love it when you call me that... that growl was for Renner... Her wolf whispered in a seductive quiet tone, which only made the shade on her cheeks deepen in color. She had the feeling now that if she ever mentioned the name again, her wolf would go on a frenzy to push the female into something completely out of line. Vitani sighed once to relieve the color, calming her thoughts to then speak up back to the conversation, "You can have as many cupcakes as you want, but not all of them. I want some too. But I'm having trouble on what kind to make. I'm tied between red velvet and rainbow cupcakes. The rainbow ones kinda taste like the funfetti mix for cake batter, but instead of the vanilla-ish color, they're a bright patter of rainbow dyes. It's a lot of fun, but I'm thinking the red velvets will take less time so we can watch the movie."

She smiled brightly while flickering her silvery eyes to him, already turning around to search in her card box for a red velvet cupcake recipe. Placing it on the counter, she spoke to him while putting the flour and baking soda in one bowl, but she had trouble searching for the salt, "Oh fiddlesticks, Vitani." She cursed under her breath, opening the cabinet to see it on the top shelf to what she could not reach. If only she could shift, even if it weren't a smart idea as she was too big to fit. Reaching up, she made a soft noise and bit her lip, finding no progress to come from it at all as she moved back down with a sad sigh, "Can you get that for me..." She asked in a child-line voice for reply, pouting her lip up at him while batting her eyelashes. Then her expression changed as she almost forgot to speak of more to the topic, "Noctavia really likes you it seems. You must've made a great impression to get her to give you the Delta rank. She talks about you all the time too, which doesn't harm me any. I love hearing about your progress here!" She said, widening her smile before handing him the ingredient card to take a look.


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6 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:38 pm

Azlyyn...that is lovely..indeed. Renner rumbled loud enough to send the vibration through Elay's chest. Smiling wide from the red on Vitani's cheeks, the Delta let his head hang down a moment. He was still feeling a bit sleepy, closing his eyes he listened to her talk. "I could see why she can get restless and want to try new wild things. I use to get a thrill traveling all over and being alone, but lately Renner wanted to settle. He has enjoyed being here ever since..which makes me feel better. Calmer even." he said lifting his blue eyes up to catch her silver ones. Man, did those eyes sparkle even in the faintest of light and glow in the darkest of places.

Elay chuckled as Vitani pouted and looked up at the salt on the high shelf. Figuring it was time for he tallest guy in the room to help out, he moved into place beside her. Reaching his arm up he grabbed he salt and held it down to her. "Red velvet please. And I brought the movie 'Think Like a man' to watch. Its based off that book and who knows maybe you could get some snazzy dating pointers from it." he teased lightly. Reaching out Elay brushed a few lose wisps of Vitani's hair from her eyes and he grinned. "I really got along with her, she's humble and down to earth. I gained a lot more respect for her that night and I figured I would. She runs a good pack and I'm glad she gave me the Delta rank, I don't plan on letting her down."

Taking the small card with the ingredients, his blue eyes looked down and read them over as she started to mix the others together. Looking back up in the cabinet he pulled out the red food dye, inspecting the tiny bottle he grunted. "This makes them red? I thought there was more to it then that.." he said as he stood beside Vitani. Peeking down over her shoulder he watched her mix, "How is the Guardian? Are you two well?" Elay asked curiously. Letting the smile cross his lips he leaned on her lightly. "Ryker and I are great, I am trying to think of a nice place to take him. I have no idea though, can't say I'm good at this sort of thing." he muttered a bit embarrassed. Fighting and killing were no sweat for him, dates and Ryker? Made him nervous and he couldn't help but want to make the Beta enjoy himself wherever they went.

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7 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:55 pm

She sighed, shaking her head slowly to herself, "Its been a long time since I've actually gotten my other side to settle down. But, like always for me, things don't last long forever and the same antics started up back to what they were like before. You'd think after so long it'd get tired of it and learn to like being happily alone, but I guess not." Vitani shrugged and looked away as she remembered back to a couple decades ago when her wolf quieted a lot more. She did not speak of such things to others, only Noctavia knew, which almost got her into trouble.

Her smile returned as she peered deeply into Elay's eyes after removing the hair over her lashes to be tucked behind her ear. Moving closer, she wrapped her arms around his sides and hugged him warmly before loosening her embrace to keep him there in her arms, "How bout I worry about the baking and you handle the heavy lifting and reaching for me. I promise I'll let you lick the whole bowl if you're a good monkey." She smiled and placed a quick kiss to his cheek, letting go to ready the cupcakes into the trays. The female enjoyed how he leaned on her, as he was warm and inviting to be around, plus it was a benefit for her to at least have someone to talk to on her lonely Saturdays, that was always a good thing to like about Elay. He was her friend, her best friend.

Putting the mixtures together was no problem for her, but it also reminded her of something else, "We'll need to make cream cheese frosting, do you like that kind too? We can either make it from scratch or I have a few containers below if you want. Your choice. Great movie decision too, I love that movie. Read the book too, but I don't think any of the advice will help me any. I've tested some of the theories, and it all ended horribly, that, or I was reading it wrong instead of between the lines." She nervously laughed at that before thinking on the topic of her latest actions.

Where was there to really begin? There wasn't anything new, other than an old Eternal friend finally returned, which she actually was warming up around to, "Well..." She trailed, biting her lip as she bit back a shy, girlish smile to spread upon her face at the image of Adonis staring into her eyes. "I did meet someone I might like... but I don't know if it'll work out. As for Travis, I haven't seen him in a while, and he hasn't been answering my texts. Maybe he's just really busy... But again to the other guy, yeah, he's a looker. And a challenge. He's not one of those really uptight gentleman that open doors for women, but there is something about it that attracts me. Like as if he's hiding something and is stopping himself from caring about others. Hopefully I'll get him to break, but until then, lets at least gets these babies in the oven."

As she put them in the oven and cleaned off her counter as well as the flour from her arms and a bit of her face, she giggled at the mess she created. Her eyes looked to his innocently with a quirked smile, shrugging her shoulders as she gave in to the feeling it would take a while to get cleaned up, "Don't be so worried about finding the perfect second.. or third date. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Like they say, little goes a long way. Take him out to a movie, or something. I would want a guy to do that for me. It's cute, a little cliche and all, but hey, sometimes a little cheesiness is nice in a relationship, don't you think?" Vitani sneaked a bit of flour on her hand quietly as she spoke behind her back, smiling like as if a halo were glowing around the top of her head. Bringing her hands forwards, she rubbed the flour onto his stubbled cheeks and made a Santa beard out of it. She laughed hysterically to herself and smacked her hands together to make a floured cloud puff up around them, "Hahaha."


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8 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:40 am

After Vitani put the cupcake batter in the oven he took a step back only to feel her hands on his face. Sneezing, he blinked his eyes squinting to see through the flour cloud that appeared between them. Grabbing a handful of flour he laughed and rubbed it in her hair as he took a step back to the living room. He chuckled and wiped at the flour on his scruffiness, "Here I didn't think you noticed my scruff...does it look bad?" he asked checking out his reflection in the microwave. Waiting for the right moment, Elay scooped another handful of flour and blew it at Vitani, covering her.

Grinning mischievously, he ducked into the living room peeking around the doorway. "I wont make you whip it from long as its cream cheese." he said lifting an eyebrow her way. Holding up his hands he smiled, "Wait..wait...a minute. So Travis has been busy and pretty much ignoring you? And now an old pack member came back? Well, along as you find him interesting and he treats you nicely. I just want you to be happy Vitani, just be careful for me." he added standing back in front of her. His blue eyes looked over her flour covered face and he grinned widely, this woman was a trip. He cared about her and only wanted her to be happy, with whoever she chose. Renner growled lowly in his chest,They don't deserve her...busy or not you find time.

Elay stuffed the words away and sighed, turning to lean against the counter. Tilting his head at the Doctor he smiled slightly. "A little cheesiness...are you sure? I just have been thinking about asking Ryker to be my mate soon. Ya know..I'm nervous and I'm not good at this." he huffed. Forgetting he brought a movie with Elay grinned, "Come on girl, I brought this movie. Lets go watch it and relax, no need to worry about men right now." he insisted wrapping his arm around her neck, pulling her close.

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9 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:37 am

Her face scrunched up as the flour inhaled in through her nostrils, causing her to sneeze repetitively and cough, but she laughed between them to let Elay know she wasn't upset. She squirmed awkwardly in her position as some of the substance ran down her hair and into the back of her shirt, trickling down her spine and sticking to her skin. Lifting her arms up from her sides, she shook her head and smoothed her caked hair back to make flour fall to the floor, "You should clean up a bit before even bothering to set your happy ass on my bed if you know what's good for ya. Here." Dampening a soft cloth from the kitchen sink, she motioned Elay to come towards her and reached as high as she could to meet his level in cleaning the white powder from his face, "Thanks to you, mister, I have flour seeping down my chest and most likely in my ears." She chuckled in response, pressing her lips into a genuine smile while lowering her orbs to be greeted happily upon his. Her lips curled back to reveal her white set of pearls, sparkling just at the corners of her eyes the spite of hope in what he said was true, "I'm glad to know that you care about me and that you'll be happy with whoever I choose in the end. I know my boundaries, and hopefully, there too will be a man like Ryker is to you in my eyes someday. But until then, all I can do is keep moving along. Perhaps love won't find its way to me. The possibilities are endless, I mean..."

Her shoulders shrugged at her last few words, putting on a careless grin, but her mind told it all of what her past could reveal. The things she had experienced and the lovers she held were nothing to her anymore, yet everything to her future. She had once felt love, but Vitani knew greatly of herself that no man would think into settling down with her. All they wanted was her for her looks and not the beauty that lies inside, let alone the intelligence she withheld. She wished that it was as easy as it was long ago, where the men treated their women with utmost respect and loyalty. Now-a-days, that kind of attitude was found rare in most males, which left most women with the choice of defeat and going under. She sighed, dabbing the cloth over his jaw softly before beginning to wipe of her cheeks and neck. ...One of these days your secrets are going to bite you... so why do you keep them hidden from even people you care so much for like him?... He deserves to know your reasons... The color in her eyes dimmed to a dark silver as her wolf spot from her past. Closing her eyes once, then opening them to meet Elay's, she put on a pretend smile so he would not see her emptiness and secrecy inside.

"Travis has probably a lot more important things to do than run around with little ole' me, I assume. He's busy, I understand that. And don't worry about the whole Ryker thing. If he truly loves you, he'll look passed the failed attempt of a date to see that you tried to please him as hard as you could. I think that's the only way I would be able to tell if a guy really cared about me from the heart was not what I did to impress him, but to do it just for him to make him happy." Nodding once and taking the movie, she set it down next to the TV and got back up with her arms hovering close to her sides trying not to touch. She made a weird noise behind her closed mouth as it felt very uncomfortable to have the flour sticking in some places. Glancing to Elay once, she shuffled slowly over to the other side of her bed and crossed her arms over her stomach to lift up her dirty shirt. She was not sure as to how Elay, or Renner even, would be able to handle the fact of seeing a female undress her shirt, but at this point in their friendship, she would hope he didn't feel too uncomfortable, she wondered. Dusting off her bare stomach and the dip of her chest, she bent over the bed to grab an extra shirt from her dresser. Finally slipping it back on, she brushed out her hair as much flour she could get out and huffed once finished, "There. All clean." She said with a relieved sigh and pull of her shirt, "Now lets pop that sucker in while the cupcakes are baking." Putting in the movie, Vitani moved over her bed and climbed on in to get comfortable at the one side, fluffing her pillows and scooting enough room for him to lay at her side.


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10 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:37 pm

"Bless you.." he chuckled watching her move awkwardly for the towel. Leaning his head low he let her wash the flour from his face, his blue eyes watching her closely as she spoke. She appeared to be happy, but sometimes body language was misleading. As Vitani removed the last specks of flour, Elay reached his hand out and brushed some from her cheek. Smiling he spoke, "You will when the time is right...I mean I didn't expect to find Ryker. It all just happened." he pointed out, as they moved to her bedroom. The faint smell of cupcakes filled the air and he felt his stomach grumble with hunger, he couldn't wait to eat.

The Delta could feel the shift in her presence and he kept his gaze on her, tilting his head when she talked about love. He knew she had spent a lot of time thinking on the subject, she had all those years of living under her belt. All the those experiences, plenty more then him. "What makes you happy is the most important thing. We are all busy, but sometimes you've got to find time." he stated sternly. Rubbing his hand over his chin thinking he paused as Vitani stripped her shirt of to get rid of the flour. The white powder stuck to the contours of her curves and his blue eyes watched her quietly. The soft rays from the sun peeked through the curtains, illuminating her figure as she stood before him. Something like an Angel or a goddess, a being of untouchable beauty nonetheless.

Now seeing her in a different setting, Elay gulped giving a small blush. Her figure reminded him of a chiseled marble statue, everything was nicely proportioned. Do you see that? I know you do because I'm staring at it..You might have to wipe your lip if I drool.. Renner shot stirring inside Elay, he attempted to get Azlynn's attention.

Giving a deep exhale Elay stuffed the wolf's comments away before looking back to Vitani. Her shirt was on and she settled on the bed comfortably. Regaining his composure he grinned at his friend and rolled onto her bed. Turning his attention to the movie he watched for a few minutes. Out of habit he would look down to check on the Doctor, making sure she was okay. Using his finger he rubbed off some flour from behind her neck and scooped her into his side closely. Rumbling happily he looked down her way, "So Vitani, when was your last serious relationship? One that you thought was..ya know. The one?" he asked curiously.

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11 Re: A Spoon Full of Sugar [Elay] on Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:08 pm

Her body tensed at the question he humbly asked her just as anyone ever would, drying her throat at direct notice while her mind went blank in response. ...He deserves to hear your voice... why not be heard?... She opened her mouth to the slightest, then quickly shutting it as nothing came out but the breath of her hushed words. "I.. u-um.." In truth she did not want to speak of it, but being the person she was, Vitani shut her eyes and shook her head, telling herself quickly to suck it up like a grown wereling should. She was afraid, fearing that speaking about it would only bring back the past, but she knew it would come back to haunt her in the end. Might as well spit it out before she waited any longer within the moment of silence. Her hand moved down his chest that was once pressed to it as he had her close, lowering it to her other side and using the other to help push her up to sit up straight against the bed post, "It's.. a long story, actually.." She mumbled as clear as she could, rubbing under one of her dark silver eyes that annoyed her from not receiving enough sleep the night before.

Looking down at him, she eased her arm to rest around his side and scooted over to press her ribs against his, "It had been ages ago since I had actually thought to of found that special someone, but he no longer walks the earth as of now... I haven't thought about him since now, and try not to as much as I can.." Vitani gazed towards the wall underneath the flat screen that hung from its corner above, gulping uneasily to clear her throat with little help in removing it. "If you remember to what kinds of jobs I've done.. then you'd know that I was in fact a nurse of war. Well, in my beginning years of the occupation, I had met a soldier, a kind man who smiled at me everytime he'd see me looking into his direction, the kinda guy that would get hurt just so he can have me bandage his wounds..." Her fingers fiddled with the material of her blanket that spread over her bed, pinching it between her nails while a bit of emptiness in her ghostly colored eyes picked up, "It was nice to feel wanted like that, but there's always a catch to it. Nothing is ever free... always has been. When WW2 struck, the staff and I gathered as much as we could to prepare for the wounded soldiers that would be hushed inside. I was to be on duty for rescuing the fallen bodies that were in need of help out on our battlefield, as I was the strongest.." As she said this, her eyes peeked at him with a knowing look to give away the idea that she was a wereling, yet no one knew that of her at the time. She turned away after to look out the window, thinking that if she had done, her future would not be like this, "Right after I was able to grab enough of the men into the cabs, bombs were being shot off, and we had to depart back to base if we wished to survive.. All I remember before everything was kissing the man I liked deeply for one last time.. I never saw him again after that.. I.. Sometimes I-"

She stopped abruptly to her sentence as the alarm to the oven went off. A single tear ran down her cheek, wiping it away with the palm of her hand as she squirmed out of Elays arm to get up, "C-..Cupcakes are done. Can you get the icing out?" She tried switching the subject all together from what Elay asked initially, keeping quiet as she grabbed a mitten to pull out the cupcakes onto the oven top to cool. She yelped quietly, dropping the tray carelessly onto the counter as she sniffled and grabbed at her opposing palm. ...Smooth move... get your head out of your ass... it's just a burn... Vitani mumbled something under her breath before watching the wound heal, though it only made her want to break inside and cry. But she remained strong before the Delta and kept quiet, leaning against the counter and breathing deeply to rid any rude comments her wolf had to say of her simple stupidity, "I'm sorry.. I'm okay, Elay.." She whispered hoarsely to him, sniffling back the urge to tear up.


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The shift in the atmosphere happened quickly, Vitani's sudden tone change made his eyes look to her face. His question seemed to hit home with the Doctor, he tilted his head to listen why. She mentioned it was a long story and he shook his head slightly, "I've got as much time as it takes Tani.." he said softly as her ribs pressed against his. She moved closer and let his chin rest on her shoulder lightly, his attention on her completely.

Her story had a sad ending, like most of the ones in which a wereling fell for a human. But she lost her love to war and the Delta wondered if she blamed herself still to this day. Damn humans... Renner growled. Elay's hand slid down to her smaller one and grabbed it gently, giving it a small squeeze. He was all to familiar with the pain of losing someone so close, except he took his lover's life where as Vitani couldn't save hers. Giving a deep sigh he looked down as the bed shifted and the Doctor slipped away to get the cupcakes from the oven. Way to ruin the cupcake time..jackass. Renner snapped. Oh shut your trap Renner.. Elay thought with a snort.

Rolling off the side of the bed, Elay scrambled to his feet towards the fridge. Opening it wide he scanned the items for icing and pulled out a big tub. Instantly Elay jumped to Vitani's side as she yelped, his hand holding her wrist to examine the burn. Releasing his hold on her wrist he frowned and ran his hand over his scruffy face. He tossed the tub of cream cheese icing beside the cooling cupcake pan. Then the Delta lifted his hand under Vitani's chin, lifting her silver gaze to his blue eyes. Trying to give her a small smile he sighed before speaking, looking for the right words. "I know you wonder about what could have been, but I'm sure he wouldn't want to know you were sitting around hurting because of him. If he took your breath away then I'm sure he would want you to be happy and remember him as you knew him. He would want you to take those steps and enjoy your future...because my dear you simply got a good one ahead of you."

Opening his arms Elay pulled Vitani into a tight hug, resting her head on his chest. Running his fingers over her hair softly he held her, giving her the freedom to cry or not. Resting his chin on the top of her head, he could smell her minty scent. "You are always so strong and hold in your pain. But you have my shoulder now and its okay to let it out. Sometimes its okay to be like a...kuchanua." Elay said in a sincere tone. Flower..yes that suits her.. Renner whispered translating Elay's last word. The Delta's native tongue slipping out as he tried to console the Doctor, he hated to see her upset especially on their cupcake Saturday.

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Tears seeped down the dips of her cheeks and pooled in her eyes to fall the harder she shut her eyelids to stop crying all together. The warmth to what his genuine embrace held was too much to deny as she pressed closer to him. The hug was the most powerful thing to be able to drain away anyone's closed and shut emotions, yet she never understood as to why so little could do so much as it was only one of the simplest kind gestures known to man. It didn't take long until she formed a small, dampened spot to stain at the edge of his shoulder, but in those moments she was just grateful that she was able to tell someone other than her sister the mistakes she could have learned from so long ago. Internally Vitani could hear her wolf whimper softly beneath its breath and turn its head rapidly to try and shake it off to command her in the right directions. The voice failed miserably and broke to the Delta's arms as well to make her cry just a slight more until she finally sniffed up the courage to look him in the eyes behind her tears. "T-thank you.." She said, hiccuping and finding enough of her voice to speak while her lip quivered to a stop.

Looking to his shirt, she blinked a couple times and pressed her palms into her eyes to try and dry her hues to see normally, opening them to the sight of his shirt being a bit wet from her crying. Choking out a single, hoarse laugh, she turned her gaze back to him and pulled up a small smile, "Sorry for staining your shirt. It's the most I've cried in years.." Her counterpart stirred again to life and tried to connect with Renner across from their stares, peering calmly to him and respectfully lap at his ear in a sort of thanks. She was pleased to see how well acquainted her inner being was with Elay's, seeing and savoring at something bright for her future and smiling up at the Delta like as if she hadn't seen him in her in a thousand years. And truthfully, it almost made her want to cry again, but she forced it down and nodded to confirm she was alright, "I'm also sorry about ruining our cupcake day.. but if you want to know the truth, I feel ten times better than I was before now that I got it all out." Sniffling, Vitani drew a slow, calming breath and went back to quickly hug Elay again before reaching over to grab the can of icing.

Her stomach wrenched with impatience as her eyes darted to the perfectly baked cupcakes waiting and begging for her attention as they sat in their compartments within the tray. Taking the icing, she spread a reasonable amount upon their tops and took a pinch of clear, red sprinkles to dash over the very peeks just for the time of year it was getting to be. "Not to be too... um. Personal or anything, but back to the topic at hand.. Did you ever have a first love, Elay? Like.. maybe a special girl or guy you liked before Ryker?" Handing him a larger cupcake, she smiled and took a plate full of them to return back to her bedside, carefully positioning herself upon it so that the plate would not topple with both of them weighing it down. As she bit into the cupcake, her insides rumbled to a sound that resembled a sleeping kitten's loud purr. It tasted wonderful. "Mm..." She said until opening her eyes to blush and giggle at the response to her own baking.


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Renner jumped inside Elay's chest as Azlynn gave his ear an affectionate lick, he rumbled happily. Friends my dearest Azlynn, always. the wolf spoke lowly.  Lifting his hand to scratch at his scruff Elay shook his head at Vitani and pulled on his shirt to check out the damage. "Ahh...that's nothing it could've been worse. Hell you could've clawed it to shreds and I wouldn't of been mad Tani. I'm just glad you got it out, plus who said cupcake day was ruined. It was...enlightening." he said with a wink. Shrugging his shoulders the Delta peeled off his damp shirt and tossed it on the kitchen chair, showing his white wife beater underneath. Running his fingers over his tattoo he smiled and looked up to watch Vitani spread icing on the cupcakes.

"They smell so good, I can barely stop the drooling." he grunted as she sprinkled them in red sparkles. Once they were placed on the tray, the Delta followed Vitani over to the bed and tried to sit down softly. Giving the bed a shake he grabbed the tray scooping it up, catching a cupcake in his hands. "Damn it..." he grumbled setting the tray back down. Grabbing the cupcake bottom with his one hand, he lifted his icing covered fingers and licked them clean one by one. Smiling he took a bite of the cupcake and leaned back against the headboard, sighing heavily and rumbling happily.

"This is what I'm talking about good food, nice movie and great company." he muttered between chewing. These are sensational.. Renner rumbled. Tossing the rest of his first cupcake in his mouth he grabbed another and took a large bite chewing slowly. Scrunching his face his mind toiled over the idea of telling Tani about his human, it seemed to fit the current topics. "His name was John and he was a lawyer..a damn good one. I had finally had my share of women so to speak, crazy species human females are. Anyway I digress, John met me at this rinky dink bar in downtown LA. He was handsome and he had these green eyes, they reminded me of the Amazon after it rained. Dark green with a circle of smokey grey outlining his iris, like the mist after it poured. He was Italian and exotic, stubborn and foolish all at the same time. He was prideful and fearless, which put him in some bad situations. One in which I happened to be there to save his life..." he said softly. Leaning his head back he closed his eyes and exhaled, ah remembering the past wasn't fun.

"He was being beat up by 3 guys in an alleyway, you see I was in a gay bar that night. I don't really remember why I had went there, I guess I was looking for something else. Something new to boost my curiosity...hell I still can't remember why I went. But to make a long story short when I came out of the bar piss ass drunk I turned to my right and there he was. His eyes widened at the sight of me, he needed help the guy was going to stab him. Normally I would've kept walking, I don't pay attention to that sort of mess. If it isn't my business I don't meddle, but his eyes spoke to me. So I helped him out and from there you could say our friendship grew. I was skeptic on the whole guy on guy thing, but he was patient. He was a better man then I more ways then one. Always asked about my family, but I could never tell him. I hated lying to him, he deserved better." Elay growled lowly replaying the thoughts in his head. " Anyway a year had gone by and finally I agreed to date him. Everything kind of fell into place we were happy and I was so very protective over him. He was lean and smaller then me, still he was mine. I stayed in his condo mostly, but I kept my apartment for shifting. Plus, I needed space at times. I felt like I was living a lie.."

Finishing the cupcake Elay chewed slowly and swallowed hard, his eyes dimmed at the thought. A night that he and Renner would never forget or live down. "It had been a long time since I had shifted for Renner and he was growing restless. I'm talking a very long time and I knew he needed to be out. On the night of the full moon I told John I wanted to spend the night in my apartment...alone. He was hurt, I could tell it on his face. He couldn't figure out why I had pulled away sometimes and it was because what I was. He couldn't be a wereling, I thought of biting him. But I wouldn't force something like that on him...I don't want to play maker." he spoke coldly. "My apartment was by the famous Red Wood forest and Renner would go there to run, except I shifted before I got out of my apartment. That particular full moon was just over powering and Renner was restless, I never felt him like that. John came in to the apartment and saw what I was....and Renner..well we both attacked him."

Scooting to the edge of the bed Elay rested his face in his hands and rubbed his temples huffing. Muscles tense he fought back the replay in his mind, it haunted him for a long time. "In my mind I can still see his green eyes widen with fear as I ripped into him. I couldn't stop myself there was no helping him, I attacked like a damn beast. From there I packed up and just went around killing people for money, I felt like maybe It would ease the pain. But nothing made it better.." his tone reflected his guilt. The humans death had sent him into a downward spiral for years. Lifting his head Elay didn't sob or weep, but his bright blues did blink a few times letting a tear roll down his right cheek. "Nothing made it better till I met Ryker, when he offered me a position in the pack I took it. Something about him just drew me in and I'm glad I did. Ryker is what calms me...he gives me peace of mind." he added softly.

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Vitani couldn't stand to see the tear fall in the dip of his cheeks and stain the side of his face, let alone the terrible story that escaped from his very voice, "Oh, Elay.. Don't you go crying now, you're going to make me cry." Laughing nervously as she sniffed back the urge to tear up like him, she scooted closer to sit behind him and wrap her arms around his back, placing her head to be at the center of his shoulder blades. Holding there long enough, Vitani nuzzled softly between his broad shoulders before releasing and moving to meet his features again. Pulling down slightly on her sleeve, she used it to wipe his tear clean and kiss his cheek to where the trail dampened his skin behind. She made sure to keep her arms warmly around him for she felt his pain deep down and all that could come from it. They both knew what it was like to feel heartbreak, as it was a fact of life no matter what age, year or type of person, "You're my bestest best friend, Elay. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner of my past, but if you could understand, I was just trying to keep myself locked away from the world. I.. There has only been one other person I knew that I could trust in telling them my past, and that was near to getting me in trouble, which was why I never spoke of it again... until now." She mumbled, leaning her head to press against his shoulder softly.

Sighing deeply, she shook her head slightly and nuzzled her nose a bit into the dip of his neck kindly before lifting her eyes back to his blue gaze, "From where Noctavia and I originate, falling for a human was frowned-upon, and I believe that is why I feared so much in telling people. Afraid that if.. that if I had told Noctavia straight out that I was in love with him before that she'd look at me differently, like as if she'd hate me, in a way. But I have her to thank for pushing it aside and thinking that I am of use to being of her blood. Why I kept it so long from you was that I thought that you'd do the same... I don't know.." She shrugged and tried to put off the feeling of apologizing as much as she could as she knew that he would tell her it is no big deal. That was how it always went, they were friends, they were supposed to accept each other for what they liked and disliked. It's how they are different and tell their common things apart from one another after all, "Please.. I beg you not to tell anyone, and I promise not to tell of your story. You have my word, Elay. As for what you had gone through, I cannot say that I am surprised. The gift and curse of having the beast inside us is all too much to keep locked as much as we want. But it never changes no matter how old you get. I've learned that. We just have to get used to letting it do what it wanted during those vulnerable times.. Even I as an Elder cannot keep my other self from acting out of order.. The moon, it is our weakness..." She reminded him, keeping a watchful, worried gaze on him.

A smile curled at her lips as she looked to him, rubbing down his shoulders soothingly, all the while moving away from his side to reach over and grab a cupcake. Seeing still some icing on his hand, she giggled and licked it off the tip of his fingers and then hugged him tightly, whispering, "I love you, Elay.. You're my best friend." Her tone held meaning and love, holding him tightly between her arms to show how much she cared for him in their relationship not that she had told him everything she had to tell of the tragedies she faced. Sure there was more to tell, but only if he'd want to know, only then she would tell him what he wished to know most. Her wolf rumbled to Renner in response to Vitani's words to Elay alone, caressing the side of his face with a friendly lick of its tongue and a wag of its long dark brown tail. ..We both do... Her counterpart chimed happily.


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