Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Just A Dip (Open )

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1 Just A Dip (Open ) on Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:30 pm

The soft patter of footsteps echoed across the large opened room, only doing so because of the water that laid in the center of the room, making every noise seem louder. Honey brown orbs took in the few humans that remained in the water and on the cushioned pool chairs while Temari made a straight walk towards the far end of the pool that was free for the taking. Her body tensed as she felt the eyes of the others on her bikini clad form, the males ranking their attention towards her that made her wolf snap her jaws and bare deadly fangs at the weaklings that had no right to ogle her human form, while the females glared or scoffed at her. Dropping the hotel towel onto the white chair Temari gathered up her dark long hair into a messy bun on top of her head, not really in the mood to have it wet.

Her swim suit was her favorite color, olive green. The halter top tied around her neck before plunging down to show off as much cleavage as all bikini's did while the bottoms hugged her runners butt, that's what she liked to call it at least. Plain and simple yet made her feel sexy and beautiful. How odd that something like that could make her feel that way. Lowering herself into the crystal clear water, Temari was surprised when she didn't get Goosebumps that came with adjusting to the temperature, for the water was at a wonderful heated one. A low hum of appreciation left her full lips as the water engulfed her small body, wrapping around her like a safe cocoon. I will always love the water.

Her wolf growled in agreement with her as she tipped her head back to lay against the cool marble tile, her arms held out on either side of her body, keeping her from sinking all the way in the water. The ceiling was very elegant and classy, just like the rest of the hotel and even her room. When she had entered her room the other night she had been shocked to see was. Of course in her mind a McDonalds was better than the place she had used to live in...cleaner too. But this place made her feel like a peasant living in a castle. Like Cinderella...just no prince to sweep her off her feet.

She was brought out of ceiling gazing as the water around her rippled against her and immediately her head snapped down, only to lock eyes onto an approaching human male as he was making his way towards her only to stop as her eyes practically dared him to come any closer. Inwardly she was panicking just a little bit, she had never had a guy approach her when she was human...why now? Staring him down, she quickly put on the bitch act that she had seen other girls do and she smiled mentally when he looked taken back and with a muttered, 'Bitch' made his way back to his friends and within minutes they were up and out of the pool room.

Finally! Alone at last. her words echoed in the room as she once again leaned her head back, her delicate tanned throat exposed to the air as she slowly closed her eyes while allowing the water to sooth all her troubles away. Perhaps later she might find another of her pack mates.

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2 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:32 pm

Laundi walked through to hotel hallway toward her room, opening it and setting her bags aside and grabbing her purple swimsuit. A bikini, tied between the cups and one that tied around her back and up and around her neck. The bottom was tied at the side and had blue beads hanging from the loose strings, her feminine body was slim and often attracted attention from males at the pool, to bad she isn't straight. Laundi looked at herself in the mirror of the bathroom and fluffed up her hair a bit before placing it in her regular messy bun and taking out her earrings. The tattoo on her chest was exposed and it went down to cover most of cleavage, her wrist tattoo partially covered by the bracelet Vitani made out of her metal collar that hung around her neck for decades, though Laundi never really tried to get it off. But now, she had too.

Grabbing a white hotel towel Laundi placed on her sandals, and walked out the door. Shutting her door behind her, making sure it was locked, she didn't want anyone to find her pick pocketed money and wallets, Laundi made her way down the hall, glaring at each human that walked past her, only two. Both girls and they looked her up and down before continuing on, not saying anything or making any sounds because Laundi's stare seemed to chill them to the bone. Laundi didn't tolerate when people made fun of her human body in a swimsuit, clothed or naked she didn't care but in a swim suit for some reason it was different. The elevator door opened and Laundi walked inside and down to the bottom floor, out into the Lobby, her body now covered by her white towel and toward the pool, glaring at the lobby front desk man.

Laundi entered the pool area, the hotness and dense air filled her lungs quickly and she sighed, a few boys had just walked out as she walked in, staring at her towel covered body, another guy and two of his friends saw Launi walk in and put her towel on a padded lounge chair, take her sandals off and turn around, though the views from both way seemed to be a treat to them. They whistled once and Laundi glared at them and one of the friends walked toward her and grabbed her upper arm and pressed her against the wall, he seemed drunk, but not alcohol apparent in the room. So perhaps he just got back from a party or his room was just full of other drunkies and he came down for a dip just like herself. Zira growled loudly and Laundi did the same, she ripped her arm from his hand and pushed him down onto the concrete floor and he hit his back hard but not his head, bummer. He stood, as drunk as he was and reached his hand out again "Come on babe.." He mocked and she clenched her fist  and threw it across his cheek bone and he fell to his knees, his mouth bleeding. She walked forward and he wobbled back to his friends in whom glared at her and smirked, stepping into the water and dipping her head right away, makeup already taken off before hand and she came back up, inhaling deeply. In the corner, another werewolf. A pack member. The smell of mortal blood almost too strong for Laundi to resist but they fled before she had a chance to finish him, it was going to take a bit of getting used to, not being able to kill every mortal she sees, because now Laundi belonged here and would until her dying breath.

Looking over at the other member Laundi lifted her upper body out of the water and sat up onto the edge of the pool, the tiles slick and cold to the touch she looked over at the other werewolf and stood up, walking toward the spot were she hit the man, his blood had dripped onto the floor, she took her hand and wiped it up, licking it off before washing her hand in the water, to get rid of the evidence in case they dared come back with the desk man or police. Standing again Laundi faced the door looking out and no one was out there now, she walked back into the water, sitting on the edge again.

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3 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sat Nov 23, 2013 7:14 pm

Stepping from his room quietly Elay tossed his black Batman towel over his right shoulder. The pool room had been calling his name all week after he extended his running time to an extra hour. Feeling the burn from his workout he stepped along the hotel hallway in black Nike sneakers and dark blue swim trunks,the warrior left his shirt in his room. Deciding he could take the stairs the warrior cut down another hallway passing a few maids with cleaning carts. Immediately their eyes lifted and widened as he cut between them to open the stairwell door. "Where are you off to big boy...hey...come back here!" they giggled and called out. Turning his head he flashed them a cheeky grin and kept on moving down the steps, he had no desire to stop and chat.

Finally reaching the pool room he opened the door and stepped in, his nose inhaled the chlorine and a few other distinctive scents. One he knew was Temari, lifting his blue gaze he flickered it around spotting her and another female in the pool. The new female was also in Eternal, pulling his towel from his shoulder he stepped over to them. "Temari, how are you doing?" he asked tossing his towel on a chair. Turning his back to the other warrior he kicked off his sneakers, while his fingers tied his swim trunks tighter. The dark blue fabric clung to his hips, exposing his toned stomach and deep v line. Well hello ladies.. Renner chuckled.

Taking a big breath he ran to the deep end of the pool and hopped in causing a huge splash, before disappearing under the clear blue water. Taking a breath Elay swam over to Laundi and paused floating by her, "Hello, I'm Warrior Elay. I don't believe we've met before. What's your name?" he asked with a tilt of his head. Glancing between Temari and Laundi he leaned back floating on top of the water, backstroking around.   "This feels so good.." he muttered.

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4 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:31 pm

It was when the humans were just about to leave that the door leading both in and out of the pool room swing opened and Temari was suddenly hit with the scent of a werewolf, the primal smell radiating off the slim female that was covered in purple as she stalked in and the silent warrior watched as the last male to leave approached her in a revolting manner. She could feel the other females anger and knew she would be fine against the human as she closed her eyes once more and tilted her head back to lay against the cool tile. Her sharp ears heard the sound of flesh smacking the floor as it echoed in the room and moments later she felt the water ripple and she knew the female was in the water.

Some males never they? her voice floated towards the unknown pack member in hopes of starting a conversation with the other. Blinking open honey brown orbs that shone brightly as the lights reflected off them she glanced over as she watched her moving her body until she was sitting on the ledge. My name's Temari, I guess that's how one is supposed to introduce oneself here. offering a small nervous smile the warrior shifted her body a bit in the water as her arms began sliding from the slick floor.

Turning her head towards the door as it once again swung opened she immediately knew the scent that came through and a true smile graced her full lips as the familiar male walked in. Elay. He had been the second pack member she had met and had been kind enough to help her to her room when she first entered the hotel. Nodding her head at his greeting she replied back Pretty good...and you? Watching as he readied himself for the water she couldn't help it when her eyes roamed over his built figure, the dark blue of his trunks looked good on his dark skin as her wolf practically purred at the cuts and ridges on him, especially the v's that decorated hi slower front.

Feeling embarrassed for the way her wolf reacted Temari quickly looked away, a light blush ran across her cheeks and so she silently ducked her head down until half her face was under water. Bad thoughts...bad thoughts... her voice her in head was cut short when a wave of water rushed over the rest of her exposed her, completing the task of completely soaking her hair. Shaking her head of the excess water Temari let loose a sigh as she took out her hair tie, allowing her locks to cascade down her back and fan out across the water as she looked back at Elay as he seemed to be enjoying the water. It sure is.

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5 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:15 pm

As the other pack member spoke Laundi scratched her cheek as she spoke of males Laundi rolled her eyes at the word. "I think he learned today.." She looked toward the other who called herself Temari and then back where she had hit the human, blood tinted water puddles surrounded the area from when she went back to wipe most of it up the water from her hair and body fell to the ground and caused the blood to spread through the droplets in puddles. Zira grumbled as the smell of mortal blood still lingered around, she smirked licking her moist lips. As the other introduced herself Laundi nodded. "I'm Laundi." She didn't bother saying her rank just as she spoke her name another werewolf entered the pool area, his body quite defined but she didn't see him as "hot" or "sexy" of course she didn't think of any men as that way. As he entered the water Laundi watched him approach with icy eyes, glaring at his approach. "I'm Laundi." She repeated in an annoyed tone, watching him swim around Laundi stood and walked toward her towel, wiping her half way bloody hand on the white towel, making a hand mark on it. Setting the towel back down she walked back toward the pool, adjusting her top and retying her bottoms she walked in slowly, letting her slim figure adjust to the water temperature. "Damn humans.." She murmured under her breath between clenched teeth. Clacking her tongue once in a slightly annoyed and pissed off manner Laundi went under the water and came back up, breathing in the thick air and shaking the water from her hair, the hair staying in it's messy bun holder properly.

As she stared at the two who seemed to know each other already Laundi looked out the glass door and saw the man she had hit down only a few minutes before walk past the hallway and glare down at Laundi holding an icepack to his swollen cheek bone as blood still, slowly dripped from his mouth and nose and he held a tissue under it. Glaring back she narrowed her icy hazel eyes and he walked on. Turning back toward the others Laundi sighed. "When will they ever learn.." Shaking her Laundi just sat on the step of the pool her legs and lower stomach submerged and she played with her bracelet that the beautiful Vitani had made her when she was accepted. A smirk leaked along Laundi's pressed lips at the thought of her snapping the neck at the useless human who tried to seduce her god knows what he was trying to do, a small laugh escaped through her white teeth and her lips pressed together again. "He's lucky I was in a good mood today and there were others around.." Zira snapped, making sure the other two in the room could hear but more directed toward Laundi than anyone else.

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6 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:43 pm

Elay sat up floating past Temari as she answered his question, "I'm well actually not much new,just don't forget to let me know the next time you're out for a run." the warrior responded dipping his head under water. Surfacing once more he caught the other females name and wiped the water from his face. "Nice to meet you Laundi." he added watching her get up to move. She fussed with the towels and he saw the human walking past the door injured. His nose had scented the spilled blood before his eyes spotted the puddle. He figured the ladies had a tiff with a few human males, that always happened.

Smirking widely he floated on top again looking at them both, "Would it be wrong to say sometimes we are more thick headed then we look?" he offered with a cheeky grin. Still floating on the water he heard her speak of the human's lucky day and he chuckled, Laundi was proving to be a spit fire. I like spunk.. Renner commented with a low growl. Flicking his blue gaze to Laundi and then Temari, he silently agreed. "Temari, anything new going on?" he asked curiously.

Slipping his body back under the water Elay did a few laps around the pool attempting to burn some energy. Popping his head from the water he positioned himself against the wall between Laundi and Temari. Stretching his arms out along the edge he exhaled quietly. "So...Laundi, it's nice to meet another pack member. Where were you from?" Elay couldn't help but be curious, every time he met someone new they were from far away. It was amazing how different they all were and yet they could come together to form a pack. Plus, the warrior was trying to be friendly and good conversation was hard to come by with humans.

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7 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:01 pm

Her nose twitched as the scent of human blood began to stretch out in the pool room, becoming heavier as Temari felt her hunger rise just a bit to the surface, her eyes lightening to a near dark amber color as her wolf inched closer to the surface and for once she allowed it, there were no other humans around and it was just them...the creatures of the night, that were in the room. Biting her lip she ducked under water, feeling at peace at the soft pressure that surrounded her form until she was forced to come back to the surface for air. It was then Elay had swam up to her and when he ended his sentence Temari quickly nodded, I took a walk by Central Park the other night...perhaps you would care to join me in a run there tomorrow night? The park seemed like a nice play to run through, hopefully in her canine form for it had been awhile since she had shed her skin.

Moving her body until she was lying flat on the water she listened as he began speaking to the other female who in turn spoke of the human male, and a small smirk graced Temari's mouth at that. Cocking her head a bit at the sound of her name she thought over Elay's question before answering, I'm thinking about getting a tattoo... Which was true, while in the city she had gone by numerous tattoo shops and each one brought out the sudden urge to get one. What about you? When he asked the Laundi about where she was from her wolf took attention to this as she cast dark amber orbs over at the two resting against the wall.

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8 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:18 pm

Laundi sat on the step and traced her hand over the small ripples of the water, feeling the cool water calmed her a bit. Looking up she looked to Elay and over to Temari, Laundi had no idea where she was from. "Somewhere over the rainbow or something.." she shrugged and rubbed some cool water over her chest tattoo and scratched it and scratched her cheek again. Standing again Laundi pulled up her bottoms and entered the pool, dipping her head under and coming back up, shaking the water off once more and treading in one place. "You know, for werewolves we seem quite open with ourselves in open places.." She said the words softly and shrugged, Laundi wasn't used to having others like her around all the time and until now Laundi had never spoken her name to anyone or said the word werewolf, she rarely ever spoke before, to anyone. Often killing and moving on it took most of what she had to control herself to not hurt that guy a bit more. Laundi could change whenever she wanted, she could change right now if she pleased but how dumb would you have to be to do so in such a public place. "You know, later, I was thinking about heading to an old alley, teaching that boy a little lesson if either of you would want to tag along and watch or something.." Laundi shrugged, she often did her work herself and didn't enjoy others looking over her shoulder as she did so. She didn't know what the Alphess would think about her doing but the Alley she was joined into already had blood stains, surely from Mortals and she figured they got tortured there or killed, it seemed like a fun place to be.

Looking back toward the others, the smell of the man's blood still lingered in the thick air and Laundi wouldn't take her mind off it, Zira growled and grumbled, wanting to rip into the male but Laundi ignored her, she controlled the turning times not Zira.

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9 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:36 pm

Elay lifted his gaze up to Temari and he smiled with a nod,   "Yeah tomorrow sounds good. Central park is a great place to run once you get deeper, give your legs some room to run." he said pulling his hands back into the water. Making ripples in the liquid he enjoyed the cool crisp feeling against his warm skin. Closing his eyes he heard Temari's soft question.   "I actually have one planned and I'll be getting it soon. You should definitely check out the Tattoo Parlor in the Shopping District, that's were I'm going." he added with a smile.

Pushing off the wall he took another few laps around the pool, warming his body up once more enjoying the burn. Reaching the other two warriors he paused and floated in place, Laundi's voice making him look.   "I mean I know you're both of the pack so I speak freely. I know shifting in the hotel isn't really going to work because of the humans, so it can be a bit bothersome. As for tagging along? I can't do it tonight but next time I will, I could use some fresh meat." he said with a rumble of his chest. His bright eyes flickered brightly as the blood wafted around them.

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10 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:18 pm

Tatum just got back from buying a royal blue bikini with some white shorts. She dressed herself up and headed to the pool. Her bare dragged theirselves into the elevator and felt the cold floor sink through her flesh. It made Tatum shiver, since she hasn't showed this much skin in front of someone since, well an hour ago in front the beautiful Laundi. That's actually who she is going to meet at the pool, which was awesome because Tatum missed her dearly. As she dreamt about the lady for a bit the 'beep' went off and she was at bottom floor on the level of the pool. Since Tatum has only been here for a short period of time, she's never been to the pool before but heard its huge. She skipped down the hallway where she smelt the chlorine in the air, lingering their for people to find their way. Tatum walked to the door, walking onto the cement floors, searching for Laundi. Tatum found the lady in the people with two others. Tatum tossed her towel and walked over. "Hello." She smiled gently to the others then brightened up when she saw Laundi.

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11 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:57 pm

Cocking her head to the side at Laundi's reply to where she was from Temari couldn't help but grin at the Wizard of Oz quote. Listening to both Elay and the other female speak she silently agreed with what they were saying about their kind. I will see you then Elay, I'll wait on the bridge when it starts getting dark. Smiling softly in thanks as Elay recommended a shop she looked up at the classy ceiling I'll have to do that then, thank you. What will you be getting?

Making her way over to the edge she turned so her back was pressed against it and she was facing both Laundi and Elay before rolling her head back as the other females voice floated into the open air, followed shortly by Elay's response. Her own wolf was practically drooling at the thought of tearing into something soft and very rewarding yet her humanity fought against the urge to agree with Laundi. She was once human. Oh how the roles switched from being the hunted to now the hunter. Sighing softly she voiced her response, I will have to decline as well. the moment that left her mouth she heard the door open once more and all at once another females scent drafted towards her, clad in a blue swim suit the new comer greeted them with a hello, to which Temari greeted back with a wave of her wet hand.

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12 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:23 pm

Laundi sat on the edge and half smiled. "I think we could all use some fresh meat, but I understand I guess I'll be doing this one on my own.." shrugging softly before speaking again. "There will be plenty of other times to tag along." She stressed the word plenty, as in she would most likely be getting "fresh meat" every night. It was just her thing, killing, torturing, mostly killing. The feeling of their pulse stopping and their body going limp in her jaws, sometimes her hands. Looking to the woman who declined as well. "Suit yourself love."  She half smiled and looked toward the door where Tatum made her way in, Smiling warmly Laundi waved to Tatum, her body looked beautiful in the swimsuit that she obviously just bought and that was what she had to go buy, the fresh look of the swim suit. Chuckling Laundi looked to the others before sliding from the ledge and into the water she dunked her head again, shaking the water off when she came back up, the cooling water ran down her face and she grinned again, watching Tatum, waiting for her to enter the water. Looking back toward Elay. "Hands off." Zira growled to both of the other before Laundi shrugged, smirking and turned back toward Tatum. She flashed another grin before smirking and turning back toward the others and then toward the ledge she grabbed a volleyball, tossing it up she shrugged. "Wanna play?" She asked and before Elay could answer she had already tossed it at him.

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13 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:56 pm

Hearing the pool door open Elay's eyes flickered to the female that walked through. She bounced in all happy with a large grin as she gave them all a wave. Smirking wide Elay heard the warning from Laundi and his eyes side glanced her way. Giving a nod he caught the volley ball and backed off towards the deeper end. "Temari, come play on my team and stay near the front. I'll run the back since I'm taller.." he said grinning.

Tossing the ball up he caught it again and hit it between his hands playing with it until the girls got ready. Once the female joined them in the water, Elay nodded to her politely. "Pleasure to meet you, the names Elay." he said tossing it out there. The male figured it would be right to introduce themselves before they played a game. He was a tough competitor and didn't like to lose. And now that they knew each others names, they could get down to business.

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14 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:08 pm

Hearing the warning from Laundi. Temari held up both hands in slight surrender, she didn't swing that way, besides the two looked good together. When the purple clad female held up a volleyball she immediately perked up in interest, she had played volleyball in school and had done quiet well. Looking over at Elay as he caught the ball and hearing his command a sly smirk made its way on her lips as she moved in front of him, only to glance back as her brightened amber orbs challenged him slightly in a playful way, You might be taller than me...but I have the skill. Fair warning now...I enjoy winning.

A flash of pearly whites smiled at him before turning to watch the two girls get ready, actually excitement rushed through her body and her wolf responded to it very well, tail wagging and front bowed in a playful manner. She could feel the cement beneath her feet as she stood upright and waited for one of them to give the go ahead.

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15 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:14 pm

As she felt the rough concrete under her feet. The birds chirping and the wind singing. Tatum walked up to the girls and boy, giving them a gentle wave. Her eyes flickered to Laundi, rolling her eyes with a smile. "Now Laundi, don't hurt the male. Their is plenty of Tatum to go around." Tatum glanced at the male, winking with a small smirk. Tatum rolls both ways, but she isn't fully taken yet. Their is no claim on this women, yet, since Laundi is beautiful, sweet, and kind. But Tatum isn't ready for a relationship, yet. Because she still needs to settle down, for now. She just got accepted as a member in the pack of Eternal Darkness. So Tatum isn't fully ready, yet, but Laundi and her definitely have a chance. Just not yet.

She jumped into the water, over by the male. She swam to the surface, giggling. The fresh water dripped from her face, making her make up run down her cheeks. She brought up her hands to wipe off the remnants on her face. The black streaks disappeared after she smeared them away. She turned to the others as they mentioned volleyball, shrugging. "Basketball is more my sport, but I guess we can play." She swam over to Laundi's side, smiling. "Hello Chika."

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16 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:30 pm

Laundi watched Temari and Elay before watching Tatum approach. Laundi stood in the water, her stomach half under the water and half above it, her hair in a messy bun that was slightly weighed down by some water and a bit loose from her natural instinct to shake the water from her hair. Laundi nudged Tatum with her shoulder and smirked. "Let's show them how it's done." She smirked and Zira barked with amusement Laundi moved over a bit so Tatum could line up with Temari and Laundi stared Elay down, smirking and she clapped her hands as a sign to begin, she scratched her cheek before swaying the water, waiting for him. Her muscles pulsed and the smirk remained on her lips. Standing at 5'7 Laundi was in the middle of the pool and still her stomach was half surrounded by the water. Looking toward Tatum, Laundi half smiled before letting the smirk return and face the others, she was competitive and didn't like to lose. But none of the others here seemed to either, this would be a tough game, a fun game. "A group of competitive players.." Laundi readjusted her top before looking back to Elay, examining him some more, registering his figure, scent, look, hair, face, his blue eyes, body, everything about him was being registered into her mind. From the looks of it, he wouldn't be on her bad side, for now anyways.

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17 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:28 pm

Hopping up and down in the deep end Elay chuckled at all the females, they never ceased to amaze him. Turning his gaze to Temari he nodded, "I don't like to lose either, so let's do this." he said in a playful growl. Stretching his shoulder he hopped around behind Temari, getting warmed up. Checking out the competition he towards Tatum as she mentioned there was enough of her to go around. Shaking his head he held up his hands, "I've got my eyes on other things don't worry." he said grinning.

Kneeling low in the water Elay could feel the warm pool water splash against his bare chest, rubbing his hands together he waited. Blue eyes glued on the ball in Laundi's hands the warrior inhaled quietly, anticipating the her first hit. Keeping his arms above the water Elay wiggled his fingers prepared to give the ball a smack.

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18 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:13 am

Glancing back at Elay at his response her bright eyes danced with excitement that she hadn't felt in a long time, oh the Gods how she missed a nice, fun competitive game. Hunting really wasn't all that exciting since she was always alone with she did and there was no chance in her prey escaping. Perhaps she should take up Laundi on her offer to hunt...

Speaking of the female...long brown hair swung in the water as Temari turned her attention back to Laundi and Tatum, amber orbs on the ball as she bent her knees just a bit, no longer flat foot but standing on the balls of her feet as was second nature to her from all the years of playing before she was turned. Are we playing to 25? Or are we not going to keep score for this one? Looking up at the two females for an answer, Temari smiled a little before switching on her 'game face' as she returned her eyes back to the ball.

(( Please forgive me for being so late on this. These past few days have not been the greatest ))

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19 Re: Just A Dip (Open ) on Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:18 pm

"Let's not keep score." Laundi chuckled before lifting the ball and tossing it, her other hand slapping the ball toward Elay, after doing so she swayed in the water, half smiling. Laundi looked around and back at them before readjusting her top that had slid up when she lifted her arms. The water was beginning to become cold and Laundi got goose bumps all over her legs, but she kept that to herself. The small waves that went up on her belly caused chills to run down her spine each time. She wanted to play the game but the coldness would soon be too much to bare and she would become moody. They could play for a while until Laundi got fed up and said her goodbyes and left, leaving them to play by themselves. She watched Elay while the ball was about to his hands and she smirked, crouching slightly and looking over at Tatum then at Temari and back to Elay.

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