Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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The Ones We Meet [Open]

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1 The Ones We Meet [Open] on Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:15 pm

Dante took a slow deep breath as he walked along the sidewalk. The chill air filling his lungs making him feel more awake then ever. Getting sleep these last few days had seemed a little pointless. Now due to lack of sleep he now felt a little hyper. Sharp let out a growl and he lifted his gaze from the frozen ground.

You smell that, Sharp growled.
Dante nodded faintly smiling "smells great to me." Using his nose as a guide he headed across the street. Dante peered up at the facade curiously "Griffen, hmmm sounds like something that should be into the reenactment business or something kinky." Grinning as Sharp growled he grabbed the handle and pulled the door open.

Making sure to kick the snow off his shoes he looked around. A faint whistle escaped him.
"What a classy place," Dante murmured looking around. From hidden speakers he could hear faint classical music playing from them.
Smells great but the music suck, Sharp grumbled.

"So says you," Dante murmured looking at the matri' D who walked over to greet him with a smile. As he was slowly led to a table he couldn't help but continue to look around. Maybe he would meet some of his other pack members here? Or may those of another. As he sank down into the chair he looked over the menu with a keen eye.

They certainly had a wide variety here. Some of it even french and Italian.The choices was making it hard to decide. As he looked over it he couldn't help but mumble for Sharp to keep quiet and quit complaining about the music. Finally deciding on something he set the menu aside only to pick up the wine menu. Surely a place like this had a good taste in wine as well.

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2 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:36 am

Frigid wind blew across her skin in an icy tango and caused her to hop into the warmth of random stores on the way to her destination. It became a sort of game for Evie, like she was opening a new present with each swing of the door. She didn’t know what many of the stores held but found out by one quick look with the little ding that alerted the employees of her presence sounding behind her. Every time she entered with the other patrons they all had the same look. Rosy cheeks and noses, their eyes bright from the winter chill. Evie looked no different from the other humans though something set her apart from everyone else in the room. It could’ve been that she carried an odd grace with her movements, a ballerina though she had no experience with dancing. Her height could’ve been another factor, all five feet and eight inches of her standing taller than some of the other women. Though she was dressed no different and yet eyes caught her and followed her across the room. It was as if they knew she wasn’t human but they had to watch her to figure it out, as if she were some tested on guinea pig. If Evie noticed, she payed it no mind and went about her way exploring. The fae had managed to find herself a good outfit to pick up on her way back home among the many different stores. She was pretty warm and satisfied with herself once she had reached the restaurant known as Griffen. Evie had heard about from little whispers during her adventures and was interested in checking out what was there. After having hopped into at least twenty stores, she found herself opening the door to her destination. A small smile danced along her rosy lips as she looked around and saw all the people who were enjoying themselves. Evie unbuttoned her coat and handed it to the employee that offered with a greedy smile. He couldn’t of been any more than twenty, but the way he carried himself made him look older. They probably though that she, like every other woman in the room who didn’t carry a purse, kept their money in their coat pockets. At that moment she could not be thankful enough for the wallet she kept chained to her belt loops, camouflaged with her clothing. Her outfit was cute enough, though she had underestimated the weather. Rubbing her hands together to put some heat back in them, Evie walked herself over to a table and sat down quietly. The wolf within her was listening to the humans’ heartbeats, craving their blood though she personally felt like she wanted fruit. Bloodlust could come later when she felt like it, and her wolf settled with knowledge of a satisfying meal.

A plate with an assortment of grapes, apples, apricots, pineapple, peaches, and pears was set in front of her by a female waitress. When she smiled, small wrinkles and laugh lines made themselves apparent and gave Evie the indication that this woman had to be in her early forties. Unlike the greedy man who took her coat, this woman was nice with a pair of pretty brown eyes. It amazed her how personalities could differ in people as well as how the eyes knew no age. They were bright and beautiful, every last one of them. Her own were an ocean blue, with a gold band like the sun’s rays that shone around her pupils.Though she had seen many people who looked, in many ways, ‘haunted’ though their eyes could show the happy within them. Evie shook her head and nibbled her fruit meditatively. She looked around while doing so and eyed the other patrons. Almost all of them were human, save for one. He didn’t smell to be of her pack though she did eye him for a few moments and realized he was of the same pack as her friend Natasha. Evie took a piece of pineapple and bit into as a piano began to play in the corner of the room. It seemed that this place gave live entertainment, even if it was classical music. It didn’t bother her very much but instead calmed her with soft strokes of the piano keys reverberating her ears. Evie sighed and pulled out her phone to play a random game. Out of the corner of her eye, she kept wariness of the other werewolf but didn’t do much other than that. She considered getting up and saying hi for a brief moment but decided against it.

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3 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:55 pm

Dante slightly loosened his tie as the waiter pour a glass of wine for him. In a few moments he was sure his food would be ready. He glanced up as a couple walked past him arms linked together. Sharp let out a soft whimper and h dropped his gaze. It still hurt them too deeply to think about things like that. It only brought them back to the past.

Dante sip lightly at the wine finding it excellent. It had been a very long time since he'd had a good wine. Most of the time he had to settle for the cheaper brands but now that he was working as a veterinarian he was getting good pay. Dante narrowed his eyes curiously as a scent reached him past the wine. Very slowly he placed the glass down and mindlessly studied the menu.

Reaching out with his senses he searched for the scent that had caught his attention. He sipped at the wine again realizing that there was another wereling in the restaurant. Slowly scanning the room with his eyes he looked at the faces surrounding him. To the untrained eye it was almost impossible to tell the difference between a human and a wereling. After a moment more he spotted the female seated alone at a table.

Noting that she was keeping a weary eye on him even despite how she tried to keep it on a low key. As she pulled out her phone he reached into his pack and pulled out his leather bound journal. She was probably here to meet with another member of her pack. It would be safest for him to try and not mettle with the other pack and making enemies. Just because they were in neutral territory didn't mean they wouldn't pay back any due embarrassments at a later date.

As his food was delivered he watched as the waiter walked away. Once the man had walked a good distance away he opened the journal pulling out the pen. He was careful not to read through the past pages at this time. It wasn't the time or the place for it. Placing the pen against the paper he slowly began to write while he ate.

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4 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:51 pm

Absently picking through her plate, Evie listened to the music and the hushed murmurs of the humans to entertain herself. She crossed one leg over the other and focused her aqua eyes to the couple in the corner. They murmured sweet nothings into each others’ ears, causing her soft lips to tilt up in their corners. ‘Ah, young love,’ she thought to herself before her eyes moved on and traveled to another couple. She caught the man’s gaze, her lip lifting in a slight snarl at his leering face in the lustful look in his eyes. Evie was nothing if not a lady, unless there was alcohol involved. She rolled her eyes and her attention was taken back to the wereling she had looked at earlier. The only differed was that he had his journal out now. Evie couldn’t help but be curious as to what he was writing. She strained her slender neck upwards to try and see but to no avail. Getting impatient with her curiosity, she beckoned a young waiter over and asked for a piece of paper. He gave her an odd look but obliged to her request and returned with a piece of rough paper moments later. Evie gave him a sweet smile and pressed some money into his hand before she took the paper and began to fold it. It soon became a small plane, and she wrote a single word on the wing before flying it towards the male wereling with a flick of her wrist. It landed on the pages of his journal just as she wanted, and she watched to see if he would read the ‘hi :)’ she had written on the wing. Once she was sure that he had, she hopped from her seat to the one beside his. “Is this seat taken?” She knew it wasn’t, but it was always polite to ask.

The fae could tell he was from another pack by his scent, but this was neutral ground. She smiled to the male wereling and spoke softly. “What are you writing? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but be curious.” When the waiter came by to check on her, she smiled to him as he moved her plate to where she was now. Lifting her fork, Evie stabbed a slice of pear and nibbled at as her eyes traveled back to the man whom she was sitting by. All at once, she remembered that she had forgotten her manner. “Oh, I’m sorry. I completely forgot!” Evie held out a soft hand and smiled a friendly smile as she introduced herself. “I’m Evie, and who might you be?”

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5 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:38 pm

Dante took a small sip of wine faintly smiling as he listened to both the music and conversation around him. It was funny how fragile they were and yet backed into a corner how foolishly fierce they were. With the pen to the paper he wrote down another line. It felt both strange and great to be working again and being able to go out with his annoying parents tagging along. Sometimes he wondered if they suffered to deeply by his past deeds or from empty nest syndrome.

Dante did a quick sketch on the pages. Planning out the procedure in his head. It wasn't complicated but he found that it was best just to plan things out ahead of time. Besides it wasn't every day someones dog swallowed a whole butcher knife. Truth be told he wasn't even going to ask how it happened.

Dante straightened in surprise as a paper airplane landed on the pages of his journal "oh my what's this?"
It's called folded paper dumbass, Sharp growled.
Dante ignored him as he looked at the wing "hi?" He looked up towards the female wereling only to find her sinking down into the seat beside him. For a moment he could only stare at her as she spoke to him.

Then he slightly shook his head clearing the fog.
"No by all means feel free," Dante nodded putting on a friendly smile slowly laying down his pen on the journal.
Oh always the gentleman, Sharp muttered. He took a sip of wine doing his best to ignore Sharp. Why couldn't Sharp just butt out and mind his own business? He glanced at the waiter as he placed her salad before her.

"My you certainly have these little human omegas in their place, seems you have them well trained as to what a woman deserves," Dante murmured teasingly faintly smiling. He felt his face slightly color not quite sure what had compelled him to say such a thing.
"It's nothing much I just have a procedure tomorrow so I'm planning ahead and what may be the best plan of, dare say it, attack is," Dante flashed her a quick smile hoping she hadn't notice his embarrassment.
Evie hmm name matches her innocent looking face, Sharp growled.
"Dante Arlain, you could say I sort of wander in recently and by wander I mean my junker finally crapped out on me," Dante chuckled glancing at the waiter as he set his plate before him. He nodded to the man then indicated the journal before him.

"Seems someones very talented bulldog managed to swallow their owners butcher knife whole, how such a thing happened without any fatal damage is beyond me," Dante explained. He spread his hands as if this action explained his surprise. Picking up the fork he gingerly took a bite of his alfredo. It was really catching him off guard to be having a casual conversation like this with another wereling. Especially since he was now park of a pack and not even hers for that matter.

It just seemed a bit strange for him since social situations where not one of his strong suits.
"So who are you waiting for, surely a strong young woman such as yourself has many a male chasing after her willing to take her to such a place as this," Dante smiled finding it hard not to enjoy the company.

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6 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:30 am

The fae smiled slightly at his comment, placing her chin in her left palm as she looked at him. “No, not particularly. They are waiters, don’t the customers usually get what they want? Besides, it’s nearing the holidays. Everyone could want to scramble for an extra tip, and he will be receiving one I can assure you.” Evie’s eyes caught the redness in his cheeks and her mouth tilted up in its corners, giving him the friendliest of smiles. She took not that his eyes were a pale color, nearly silver. This was unusual, but they both were in their own right. A flash of gold caught her attention, tinsel being wrapped around a banister. She had almost forgotten what time of the year it was until she said it. Though people seemed to skip Thanksgiving. She didn’t know why in particular, it was the one time of the year where even the most anorexic of girls could stuff their faces full of food without being criticized. That holiday had long passed, and it seemed that the Griffen knew their days even if they were a little late. The square was already decorated, they were most likely the last to do their decorating. Minds of the humans were quite interesting, though she knew her attention should be turned to the male she had chosen to sit by. When he began speaking again, a spark of curiosity lit her eyes and her attention was focused wholly on him once again. “Plan of attack? What exactly do you do?” She spoke teasingly and nudged him just barely with her elbow. The fae didn’t know this male, but it didn’t hurt to try and put a grin on his face. Before he could answer, the microphone in front of the piano backfired an caused her to cringe and plug her ears for a few moments. A laugh of her own followed his comment of his ‘wandering’. As he introduced himself she took his hand in her own, shaking it gently and letting go. “It is a pleasure Dante. I take it you’re from the other pack, then? Your scent doesn’t particularly speak of a loner.” She arched a single caramel colored brow and looked at him in interest. They were from separate packs, and she would only share as much of her own information as he would give of his. 

Evie covered her mouth in surprise at what he spoke about a bulldog. She couldn’t really imagine it and felt sorry for the owner of the poor pet. The doctor herself had a boa constrictor named Boo. Snakes had been around her all of her life, though it simply just felt natural to have them. She knew that if she were to invite someone over, they would give her the oddest of looks or scream and run once they saw her beloved boa. As Dante spoke that it didn’t harm the dog, she let out a relieved sigh and smiled at him as the pieces came together. “Oh, so I take it you’re a vet then? That is a very interesting job to have, though I don’t think I could ever be one myself.” She speared another slice of pineapple with her fork and ate as he did, letting a silence settle between them until she finished her meal. It was quite tasty in her opinion, the fruit being fresh and just as she would want it. Her compliments would go to the staff for their wonderful service, for it was quite wonderful indeed. She hadn’t come to a restaurant such as the Griffen before, with its fancy decor and all. It had been run down places and cheap motels for her until she could find a pack, her own punishment for whenever she would procrastinate. The wolf within her was calm and curiously viewing Dante’s, mild interest showing at how wolf and man fought. Evie and her own beast were at peace, a working duo that helped each other. They might’ve been the same being, no one would be able to tell.

Dante’s comment of her meeting another male caused her eyes to flick to him once more. She considered telling him that she was just for some playful banter, but she would be honest. “No, Dante. I’m not waiting for a male to come nor is there anyone chasing me to sweep me off my feet. I do my own sweeping and have for the most parts of my life as a wereling. Thank you for the compliments though, I’m gratified to hear them.” Evie looked at her plate as she said this, not very bothered by what was true facts. A small smile came across her lips as she teased him playfully. “What about you, hmm? You couldn’t of possibly come all by your lonesome. Is there a female you’re waiting for, or at least chasing after? Or, maybe she’s chasing you?” Evie tilted her head and grinned, curious of his answer.

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7 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:44 pm

Even I could have told you that, Sharp growled.
Dante rolled his eyes in exasperation "I do so hope you don't have as much trouble with your wolf as I do with mine, he drives me insane." It had totally slipped his mind that it had grown close to that time of the year. Since he usually hide away from people on the holidays it seemed this year he might just have to change that a bit. Dante relaxed a little as Evie chuckled softly.

This seemed to be the longest conversation he'd had with a female in a very long time without getting some form of rebuke. He was slightly surprised as Evie shook his hand. Leaving it slightly tingling. It had been far too long since he'd been touched by a woman even so formally. Usually about all he got from a woman was a slap to the face and call a psychotic pervert. Dante scowled as a speakers swore out a stream and sparks and static "son of a Brisbane guy really check your equipment."

As the problem was fixed his ears rang for only a moment. What was it with people and keeping their electronics in such poor condition. On of these days someone was going to step on something and get barbecued and he'd end up breathing into a bag from laughing so hard.
"I just only recently became a member of a pack, it's rather strange to me and I'm still trying to adjust, since being dismissed from my.....well, you know, I've been kind of stuck with my annoying parents," Dante murmured surprised he'd almost let a part of his past slip out.
Stuck with parents, it's no wonder we can't get a girl to look twice at us, Sharp snarled.

He resisted the urge to respond to Sharp. Knowing this would only make him look more unstable then she might already think he was. A long moment of silence grew between them almost feeling awkward to him. Which seemed strange to him since he was use to long stretches of silence even with others around. He glanced at Evie as he finished his meal.

She seemed to have enjoyed her meal as had he.There was still a part of him inwardly cringing waiting for her to scream something at him for saying something for her to take out of context.
"You know the interesting thing about doctors and vets are?" Dante murmured as after a moment more, "doctors get told by their patients where it hurts, vets have to figure out where their patients hurt, a part of me doesn't quite understand why doctor get so much more credit and vets get so much crap." He shrugged feeling like he was starting to fail at this conversation by boring her with such trivial things. Dante looked at her in surprise.

Him have some female chasing after him!
Dante faintly smiled at her "me have a woman chasing me, perhaps only in my wildest dreams though its a shame I'm sure if you truly had wanted to you could have your pick of the litter." He shrugged innocently realizing this almost seemed like flirting. "Last time I had anything to do with a woman she called me a psycho stalking rapist and maced me and that was for only trying to give her back her keys," Dante huffed slightly, "when it comes to woman I seem to be a little cursed." Taking a sip of wine he looked around. Silently wishing they had restaurants like this back where he had come from.

If they had then he might have not left which probably wouldn't of been good for him.If anything he needed to get out more and with the way this night was going. It certain invited him to try so more often. Dante smiled at her unable to feel quite so uncomfortable around her as he did other women.
"So what do you do as a profession if I may ask?" Dante asked looking at her curiously.

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8 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:45 am

His mentioning of the wolves within them interested her. Evie shook her head slowly and her mind immediately pounced on the subject. “Well no, I have no trouble with my wolf as far as I know. I didn’t think other people would, but that is quite interesting. When you say he ‘gives you trouble’, what exactly do you mean?” Her curious, scientific mind had kicked in and had become enthralled with the beauty of two souls becoming one. When she had first shifted, it had terrified her. It wasn’t traumatizing, quite the opposite actually. Her wolf had given her such a fright that she thought she was cursed to wear the face of an animal for the rest of her life. It proved to be not quite true, though the creature would remain inside of her whether she had wanted it or not. Evie slowly came to accept it and accept she was something beyond human. Maybe, just maybe he needed to do the same? She knew the mechanisms of the mind worked rather oddly, and the possibilities of a wereling stuck with wanting to be human completely would be infuriating. As far as she knew, there was no way to be rid of your wolf. They were two halves of the same whole. As her mind worked over this, she spoke to Dante. “Why do you dislike your wolf so much? Aren’t you similar in a way? You’re bonded, there’s nothing you can do about that unless you wish to die yourself, but maybe you need to come to terms where you accept each other?” Hoping she hadn’t crossed her boundaries as to what she could say, she listened for his reply as well as the people around her. There was a particularly slow thumping that caught her attention, and she looked to see it was coming from the heart of a small child. A weak heart, one that probably had a few more months until it would stop altogether. She looked at their rest of the family and heard their hearts beating strong, though their expressions made them look completely defeated. The mother was tight-lipped, the saddest expression on her face as she looked to her daughter. The father looked no different, and it took her back to other times. Evie could relate to the death of a child, even if it was yet to come for that family. She sighed and looked back to Dante when he mentioned being stuck with his parents. It surprised her slightly, but it wasn’t a fact that particularly bothered her. “Did you choose to stay with your parents, or did they just want you to stay? Either way, I can’t exactly understand. I never had parents. But if they loved you, that’s all that matters.” She stated this blankly and allowed a small smile come across her face.

As waiter came to collect her plate, Evie smiled and payed the bill as well as the tip right then and there. “Keep the change,” she said and turned back to Dante as he started to mention his career as a vet. The fae nodded in understanding, though she couldn’t really see either point of view. She thought over her words for a few moments and spoke her opinions. “As far as I see it, if you’re successful no one can criticize you. Whichever job is more difficult doesn’t matter, just do what you enjoy. Those who hate are those who wish to love, you’d do kindly to remember that Dante.” She grinned and was satisfied with her words, a soft laugh trailing from her lips at his looks of surprise. “Yes, Dante. Every man should have a woman trailing after him. Though what that man does with that woman is his business and vice versa. I’m not doubting my choices of ‘the pick of the litter’, but I don’t go chasing after desires of the heart so easily. If it comes around, then so be it. Either way, I was done with that kind of life a long time ago.” Hearing what the last woman had done to him, she cringed. “Oh dear, I’m sorry. I can assure you that you will not hear those words coming from me. Cursed or not, you’ve made a friend out of a woman today. Tell me, how does that feel in knowing that?” Her head tilted curiously and she winked at him. When he asked her of her professions, she tapped her chin and tried to word it properly. “I’m a doctor, but also a scientist. I develop new kinds of serums and medicines in order to speed up the healing process in our kind and possibly humans as well. So far any treatment os any major disease had no succeeded, but it could later on in life.” Evie smiled as she got and idea, she nodded to Dante and spoke. “Pay for your meal and I want to take you somewhere. But first I must ask you, do you like candy?”

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9 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:41 pm

Dante nodded vaguely “well I'm glad to hear it.” He stared at her for a moment thinking. It was kind of interesting to have someone interested in such a thing as that. Most other werelings had never seemed interested and seemed to pass it off.
Well lets see him all he likes to do is fight, destroy public property, chase after woman, basically he does anything he pleases regardless of others. Not to mention he doesn't think things through just jumps on out there. Me I don't like to fight not unless there's a good reason for it and destroying public property to make myself look like an ass is not something I want. I just wished he'd quit being a dick and think more about things, I'm mean honestly would it kill the guy to try planning things out and thinking about his actions?” Dante murmured rolling his eyes.

He sipped lightly at the wine. Perhaps she would agree with him that his wolf half was an utter pain in the ass and needed to straighten up a bit. Dante looked at her in surprise as “well just because we're bonded doesn't mean I have to like it, if eviction were an option in this case I would have done so quite some time ago. As for dying in the past that had seemed like something that had truly seemed possible.” He slightly raised his glass to her faintly smiling at her.

If such a thing were possible for us to get along then I'd say I'd have to do something special for your encouragement,” Dante smiled corking a brow slightly. He said nothing as something in the room caught her attention. Glanced in the direction she looked noting her attention on the small family. The looked on her face wasn't a predatory look but rather a sympathetic one. He pretended not to have noticed as she quickly turned back to him.

He faintly scowled as she mentioned if it had been his choice.
God no,” they growled. He stared at her grinning slightly.
To be honest I'm a bit soft for a decent bed, for a while there I was having quite some difficulties with getting a decent playing job so I had to be tortured with living under the same roof as them for awhile and love well that may seem like a very vague term in my family,” Dante murmured. Wondering what it would be like not to actually have parents.

The idea seemed a little strange to him just as strange as it seemed to her to try and understand what it was like to have parents. He nodded in agreement at her perspective as to which job was more challenging. Then stopped looking at her in surprise when she mention the link between love and hate. It was a very fine line like the link between genius and insanity. It was like walking hand in hand with something you held dear and yet knowing it could drive you into utter destruction.

Dante let a faint smile spread across his face “I'd be surprised to have a woman chasing after me for a change, though I don't think such a thing would happen but if it does happen to me who am I to try and fight something that was probably meant to happen. As of now though I'm currently to involved with my work to be getting involved in such matters of the heart.” He chuckled softly as she apologized to him for being maced. He stopped at the rest of the words that came out of her mouth and felt himself color deeply. A friend, she actually considered him as a friend?! It shocked him such a talented young woman would consider such a thing of a mundane guy such as himself.

To cover up his surprise he finished his wine setting the glass lightly down on the table top.
I'm sure this makes you remarkable at what you do, a doctor without a scientific mind is like a vet with a pathological fear of animals,” Dante explained,”and no I can assure you that I do not have a pathological fear of animals.”
No fear of animals, then why is it then when the full moon grows near you become increasingly uneasy you'd think with knowing what you're compatible of with your own hands you wouldn't fear such things, Sharp growled. Dante tightened his jaw slightly feeling a slight shiver course through him. He was well aware of those thing and Sharp should know better then to try and get him on the subject at a time like this.

Reaching into his pocket he fished out his wallet out. Dante looked up at her in surprise as she told him to pay for his food. He was about to say something then stopped realizing there was a question in there.
Dante grinned as he laid his card out on his receipt for the waiter to retrieve “well what can I say I've always had a bit of a sweet tooth.”

(X'D that's rather clever of you. “Those who hate are those who wish to love.” I might have to quote you on that. Maybe ask one of the others to make me a better sig with that on it, if that's alright by you. And sorry that it's so long.)

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10 Re: The Ones We Meet [Open] on Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:22 am

She gave a sweet little crooked smile at his mention of women and work. Obviously, didn’t see the women in the room that trailed him with their eyes. Evie looked to one woman in the corner, petite and young though it was obvious she was forced to mature too early in life. She was pretty enough, with dark hair and even darker eyes. Her skin was a deep olive color, naturally tan from what she could guess. For a human this woman looked like some exotic Indian goddess. Evie would’ve liked to look like her at some point in her life, but she’d noted the fact that she could not change what she looked like a while back. The fae placed her hand on Dante’s shoulder and leaned close to whisper in his ear, watching the human womens’ lips curl in a snarl of jealousy. “Apparently you are blind, Dante. Human women have been watching us this whole time, married or not. It seemed you’ve captured their attention, especially so with the woman in the corner. You don’t think they could be staring with lustful eyes at me, do you?” Evie winked and nodded for him to look around the room and see.Taking her phone in her right hand, she checked the weather and swore under her breath. The time was not very important to her for she had nothing to do unless she was called back to her pack. She took her right wrist behind her back and stretched out her arms, her muscles all bound up from sitting. As Dante mentioned her line of work, Evie smiled and nodded. “Thank you. I have my own lab where I test certain products and remedies, then try to see what I can do to speed up their treatment processes. You could call me a ‘mad scientist’, I suppose. I didn’t think you had a fear of animals. I’m going to admit that I am terrible at reading body language or any signs of affection really. I guess you could call me literal in a sense, though I can take a joke when it is given.” She nodded as she heard his answer to her question and waited for him to be ready before she walked to the door. The man that had taken her coat before returned it to her with a rather disappointed look on his face, most likely not having found any money inside. Evie didn’t even bother giving him a tip and simply shrugged her coat onto her slender shoulder. She pulled her knitted beanie over her hair and tugged her gloves onto her hands, stretching her fingers to get used to them quicker. Looking to Dante, she held her arm out to him and spoke in a friendly tone. “Well then, Mr. Dante, please escort me out the door so we may show these human women what they missed when the took the opportunity. Everyone wants what they cannot have, it’s a simple fact of life." She waited for him to take her arm before she walked out the door and into the blistering cold.

Like she thought it would be, the air nipped at her and tried to soak through the think protections of her coat. The her heels made a dull, thudding click against the ground as she lead her companion to the place she had planned. A small smile came across the fae’s face as she passed people, giving them friendly looks though she didn’t so much as know their names. A man painted in gold posed as still as a statue, only to walk around behind people and speak in a words that were only squeaks. Evie laughed and lead Dante to take a little detour to watch the gold man. A closer look told her that he was only a teenager, but he made good business. He had a gold-colored bicycle as well as helmut, and when he froze there was nothing to differentiate between him an and statues in a monumental park. It was quite interesting and Evie bent to place twenty dollars in the golden helmut that had been collecting a small mountain of money. Standing back up to her full, willowy height she looked at Dante and smiled. “The boy needs something to start off his career, whatever that may be. Such talent in entertainment that he possesses shouldn’t go without a little in his favor.” Arm in arm, Evie lead the brute past all of the shops she had when she had come to the Griffen. One in particular had her attention, and he walking slowed as she reached it. It was a large candy shop that was decorated to be Santa’s workshop. People dressed as elves worked inside, but Evie stopped a the hot cocoa vender outside. A man with rosy cheeks and a welcoming smile handed her a styrofoam mug, which she handed to Dante before taking a warm mug of her own. Evie took a sip and smiled at the rich chocolate that bursted across her tastebuds. A chilling breeze made her shiver and lead the other doctor into the candy store. A multitude of age generations moved around inside, mingling with one another. She caught and left the eyes of many, though they trailed after her and the brute that had her on his arm. Evie smiled and looked at Dante, speaking softly. “Now, if this isn’t the place for a man with a sweet tooth then I don’t know what is.” A woman who was giving samples of fudge approached them and placed a small bag of it on Evie’s wrist, both of her hands being full at the moment. The fae dipped her head thankfully and winked up at dante as she found a small cafe table near a large picture window. Setting her mug and bag down, she looked around the shop excitedly. “I’m going to go look around in a little bit and see what they have for samples, maybe even buy a few things. But now, I want to get to know you more.” Evie sipped from her mug and rested her chin in her palm quietly, trying to think of an adequate question to be asking. She didn’t want to pick out anything personal or having to do with a pack. No, she wanted to forget those things for the moment. Picking one with a slight nod, she flicked her azure eyes to Dante and spoke. “Do you have any pets of your own? Most vets do, so I’m just curious.”

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As the waiter came and took his card he tilted his head. She was quite something. He hadn't met a woman in a long time that he could sit and just have a conversation like this. It was rather an enjoyable feeling. Dante looked at her curiously as Evie placed a hand on his shoulder leaning forward.

He tilted his head at what she whispered and covertly glanced about the room. Evie was right there was more then one woman looking in their direction. Even with how subtle they were trying to be he still noticed. Was Evie right or were they just jealous of seeing a plain jane guy like him with an attractive woman like her and they wanted to get rid of any type of competition?
Dante grinned at her “well I couldn't blame them for giving you looks like that, you are pretty hot.”

What are you trying to do get her phone number now, Sharp growled. He looked up as the waiter returned with his card. Nodding to the man she slipped his card back into his wallet. Ignoring the scowl that crossed across the waiters face as he left them.
Body language, about the only ones I can understand that on is animals but lord knows when it comes to humans and those of my own I'm a little hopeless,” Dante chuckled theatrically rolling his eyes.

He frowned looking at her curiously as she swore under her breath. Yet decided not to say anything. It was none of his business and the last thing he wanted was to get on her bad side especially since this was going to well for him.
But you know you go to stop and think about it 'what is sane in an truly insane world,' people forget that normal is just a general term,” Dante nodded glancing about the room. As Evie shrugged into her jacket he did the buttons on his and then slipped his leather gloves over his hands.

Dante smiled as she offered him her arm. Getting up from the table he gently linked his arm with hers.
Oh my what am I to do with an amazing woman who's able to steal all my moves?” Dante smiled teasingly as they slowly made their way to the door.
We're out of our league with this one, Sharp concurred. Dante gave Evie a side long glance wondering if Sharp may very well be right with that.

He took a deep breath as they stepped out into the chill. Yet he felt surprisingly warm despite the weather. In fact he felt warmer now then he had on the way here. Which he could only associate with the woman at his side. As they walked he couldn't help but catch her contagious friendly disposition as he smiled and nodded to another couple walking down the street.

He didn't protest as Evie laughed at something and lead him on a little detour.
Dante tilted his head slightly staring at the young “kid must be freezing his balls off dressed like that.”
That is if they've even dropped yet, Sharp grumbled. He glanced at the kids bike curiously. How had he managed not to have that stolen from him in this nick of the woods?

Dante smiled as Evie generously donate twenty dollars to the helmet “kid must be doing good business to be standing out in this chill like this.” Dante chuckled as she led him away and further down the street. As they walked the sweet sell of gingerbread and hot chocolate reached him. Made him think back to when he was a kid, back when his home had actually felt like a home and he had trusted his parent explicitly.
Why thank you,” Dante smiled taking the Styrofoam cup.

As he took a sip he was surprised. The flavor was rich with a hint of cream. Unable to remember the last time he'd had a cup of hot chocolate like this he tipped the guy and walked with the fae into the store. He nodded his head in agreement glancing around the store as they made their way to a small table. Amused to find that she seem to have as much of a sweet tooth as himself as she laid the small packet of fudge on the table.

Dante grinned at her “you certainly found a good store here, who knows I may not be able to leave without being broke.” Sipping at the hot chocolate he studied the woman across the table from him as she studied him in returned. It was hard to believe that such an artfully crafted individual such as her had no one chasing after her. Dante set the cup down faintly smirking “well I use to have a macaw but that kind of went south thanks to a persons abrasive tabby and a ceiling fan.” He shrugged his shoulders.

A part of him still couldn't believe how destructive a ceiling fan could be to a bird.
How about you, got any furry fore legged kids at home waiting to greet you?” Dante asked smiling past his cup.

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Taking a decent sip of her hot cocoa, Evie smiled as she swallowed and placed her hand over the bag of fudge to slide it towards her. She took a couple of napkins and pulled a couple of pieces of fudge for both of them from the bag. The fae took a small bite from one of her own pieces and slid a napkin of the chocolate to her companion. She hadn’t been sure about the shop, but her opinion of it changed with a taste of their products. It was beyond delicious, she could only describe something so worthy of praise as magnificent. Thought she was polite and took mannered bites, the fae wanted no more than to stuff the rest of the bag in her mouth all at once. She most likely would have if she’d been alone at the table, other people be damned. Evie furrowed her brows and thought for a second. Who was she trying to impress, Dante? In fact, why try to impress anyone at all? The fae smiled slightly at her epiphany and placed a whole chunk of fudge in her mouth as if she were alone, watching as no one noticed how she acted. Her eyes flicked to Dante and she arched a brow, challenging him to question why she would be so unladylike. If he didn’t like such a thing, then that was his problem. She was single and free, her wolf only encouraging such a care-free opinion. As Dante spoke about the store, she chewed quickly and nodded in agreement. She spoke only after she had swallowed. “I might leave with my pockets empty as well. I found this place while I was going to the Griffen and didn’t think much of it, but I will be sure not to make that mistake again. Where do they get this, Sweden?” She took another bite and considered where this would come from. Whoever supplied them was golden, now if only the price tags in the shop weren’t. If they hadn’t of happened upon free fudge, there would have been thirty less dollars in her pockets. Evie thought for a moment and decided the chocolate was worth it, her wolf rolling her eyes at a new addiction for them both.

Dante broke her thoughts by asking about a pet. The way her referred to them a kids caused the corners of her mouth to tilt down for only a moment, a look of sadness flashing through her eyes thought it was barely noticeable. Evie laughed when he asked if she had any furry pets. Oh, was he going to be surprised. “Actually, not furry nor on four legs. More like scaly with no legs at all. I am the proud owner of a eighteen-foot long boa constrictor. Snakes have been around me all of my life, having anything different just didn’t seem quite right to me. His name is Boo, and he doesn’t eat hands or anything like that. I know you’re a vet, but even sometimes they tremble. I’ve had many turn tail and run when they were expecting me to have a fluffy pomeranian, only to find I have a giant snake slithering around my home. He’s harmless really, not once has he hurt me or anyone else.” Evie shut her mouth with a barely audible click when she realized that she had been ranting instead of answering his question. A blush came upon her face that made her cheeks rosy ad her face hot with slight embarrassment. She definitely had not meant to do that, though it irritated her. Evie’s eyes looked at Dante and she waited for him to speak before asking another question. “What do you do for fun? I’m finding everyone has something different they do.” She smiled back to him and tilted her head curiously.

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He sipped lightly at the hot cocoa. Feeling unusually happy and at ease. Around people walked about the store some struggling to keep their children out of the candy. Dante faintly smiled as an adventurous toddler clambered onto a shelf trying to get at the next. Only the be sweep off their feet by their parent.

Dante smiled at her as she pasted him a piece of the fudge from the sample bag. One thing was for sure he wasn't going home without becoming a little hyper. Without even thinking he took a larger then intended bite of the fudge.
Dante covered his mouth with a hand and looked over at Evie “I'm planning on stealing their recipe for this, you want to help?” He lowered his hand smiling mischievously at her uncertain if he'd gotten any of it on his face.

As Evie took a big bite herself he corked a brow grinning at her. Looks like she had a bit of a sweet tooth herself. He shrugged his shoulders at her mention of Sweden.
Could even be from Italy for all I know, then again sweets are sweets to me,” Dante chuckled giving her an innocent childish look. It was the same look he used to give his parents and was now giving her in an attempt to be humorous.

God you're hopeless man, you don't know the first thing about flirting at all, Sharp growled. Dante quickly finished his hot cocoa to hide his scowl at Sharp's comment. The only reason he was poor at flirting was because Sharp always made him look like an idiot. Dante frowned slightly at the look that flashed in her eyes. Had he really just seen that?

Though it had vanished so quickly it left him with a sense that there was a part of them that wasn't so different from each other. He hadn't meant to upset her at all and he thought about question her about then thought twice. They weren't even part of the same pack. How could they talk to one another about something that was clearly sentimental? Besides if he did ask she probably wouldn't want to talk about it anyway.

Dante looked at her intently as she talked about her pet boa. As she continued to talk about it he couldn't get the smile off his face. Most woman were into cats or small dogs. Who would usually squeal in both fright and disgust at the mention of a limbless reptile but not her. She lived with one and seemed rather fond of it.

This woman was really intriguing him. Dante leaned his chin against his palm smiling at her. He grinned tilted his head as she colored deeply.
You know snakes are really in interesting species, one of the more diverse creatures around and have been around for millions of years. Did you know that the only two places here in the United States that do not have native venomous species is Alaska and Hawaii? I always thought Hawaii did but it turns out some bozo set loose a mildly venomous Brown Tree Snake,” Dante murmured shrugging.

Seems she thought that knowing such a thing would scare him or something. If anything he liked snakes he'd always been interested about them. Though he'd never owned one of his own.
Oh would you shut up with all the animal talk, it's putting me to sleep, Sharp muttered.
All the better you ask me, Dante thought sourly for once able to resist the urge to say it out loud.

Bet he loves you to death though,” Dante smiled leaning off of his hand. He thought for a moment trying to think. What exactly DID he do for fun? Now that he thought about it he wasn't even sure of that himself anymore. He knew what he used to do for fun but there was no chance in hell he was telling her what that was.

That he had no doubt would certainly concern her.
Been thinking about taking up surfing when the weather gets a little nicer,” Dante murmured giving her a small half smile.
Though give or take I'll probably wipe out pretty bad a few times before getting the hand of it, that is if I don't get swallowed by a tiger shark first.” Leaning back in the seat he studied her face. Trying to gauge whether or not she would laugh if he face planted into a reef out there in the waves.

He was sure he would if he saw it happen to someone. Then again that was just him.
And what do you like to do for fun, tease all the boys then scare them off with your beloved boa just to hear them scream in surprise?” Dante teased smiling at her.

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Evie’s eyes were traveling around the room with a small smile gracing her lips. She regarded the toddlers with a warm gaze but did not give a look of longing. They reminded her of what she had lost, her body tensing as she turned back to Dante and ignored their childish giggles. Evie took another sip of her hot cocoa and came to realize that it had cooled down greatly. It not had the taste of chocolate milk when it was left to room temperature, not that that didn’t taste good. Her azure eyes looked up from the cup and at Dante, a single brow arched in interest at stealing the recipe. “Hmmmm, well I guess I could help though I’m not sure as to what help I will be.” Her eyes turned to look out of the large picture window to see it was snowing. Snowflakes stuck to the window in a type of frost, quite like that of a prop for a play. Evie lifted her arms and took the caramel waves of her hair in her hands, pushing the locks to tumble over one of her shoulders and baring a tanned side of her slender neck. She ran nimble fingers through the hair that had fallen across her forehead, pushing it back to rest with the rest and frame her face in soft waves on one side. Her eyes had traveled down to look at reflection within the clean table but quickly flicked up to look at Dante once his hand was removed from his mouth. A crumb of fudge rested there, probably what he had been concerned about in the first place. Taking her napkin, the fae wrapped it around her pointer finger and partially stood to reach across the table and wipe it from his mouth for him. “You have something.. right there... got it.” Her hand lowered from his face and her face flushed red as she sat back down and looked away from him, folding the napkin neatly and placing it off to the side. Evie cleared her throat and apologized. “I’m sorry, that was out of place for me to do that. I tend to fix things that are out of place on others. OCD I guess.” She shrugged and listened to her wolf scold her. She could’ve just told him he had something on his face, she didn’t need to reach for it and fix it for him. Her wolf silenced once more after she had apologized and look to the wolf of her companion, a small bubble of laughter coming from the beast within her. Evie looked at Dante with sympathy at his struggle with his wolf and silenced her own. “What if you both found a happy medium with him, let him run free every once in a while? It would be less struggle for you both, I know this much from my own experience.” Her wolf was staring through the man and at the wolf within him, tilting her head curiously as if he were an interesting specimen beneath her microscope. She was curious as to why the two hated each other so much. The wolf’s steady gaze remained on the beast within her companion, watching to see if he noticed more than what constantly bothered him. It was such a terrible personality really, to be bothered by every little thing your counterpart did. Evie snorted internally but gave Dante a sad smile.

Her eyes caught his as she spoke about Boo, seeing the smile on his face. She had been rambling. Was he going to laugh at her? Evie couldn’t help but to wonder what was crossing his mind at that moment, what caused him to smile at her in such a way. She smiled back at him and listened to him speak. He was interested in her snake, that was for sure just by her glancing at the look upon his features. The fae’s focus turned onto him in great interest as he told her about poisonous snakes and fact about them in general. Some things she did know, others she did not. “I’ve had Boo for years now. We’ve been together since the last time I visited my homelands. He’s my man, and I let him slither around my apartment. A snake is quite the security system really. When I’m not there he has free rang to attack intruders if he is out of his tank. It’d be a rude awakening, trying to rob me only to be squeezed to death by my pet.” Evie laughed at this but silenced herself when she realized it might’ve been too dark for his taste. Truth be told she was quite timid with making a new friend and didn’t want to say the wrong thing. When he commented that Boo loved her, she nodded. “I hope so, I love him dearly. I raised him.” Her next question seemed to puzzle him, as if he were holding something back. Well, that was his right she guessed. When he spoke of surfing, she smiled and nodded. “Surfing is awesome. I’ve done it a few times, but I prefer being in the water instead.” His joke sparked her humor, gentle laughs bubbling up and overflowing through her mouth. Evie was still laughing even as she spoke. “Oh, we wouldn’t want that now would we?” Once she had calmed herself, she considered what she did for fun and decided it wouldn’t hurt to be honest. “No, actually. I don’t tease men at all, or I don’t try to honestly. Chasing me means they’re chasing the whole package, Boo included. I do whatever I want at the moment for fun. Partying, painting, move nights. I tend to live for a thrill, partying and such with whoever and whenever. If someone wants me to go out I’m down for it.” She shrugged her elegant shoulders and looked at him to see how he would respond.

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He smiled at the prospect of her helping him. This was the first time any woman had offered to help do such a thing with him. It was rather amusing to think about. Dante tilted his head curiously as she turned and looked out the window. He looked out the window curiously wondering if she had seen someone she knew.

Only to find that it was once again snowing. Dante narrowed his eyes slightly as the white flakes danced. A ghostly form dancing out there in the shadows for only a moment before disappearing. Dante quickly turned away slightly shivering. His mind was once again trying to bring up the ghosts of the past to haunt his present.

Dante frowned as Evie spoke reaching across the table with a napkin. As she wiped the chocolate away his mind jolted as a ghostly image overlaying hers. It was shocking how much the two looked alike and yet so different. As Evie reddened and appologize he reached out and gently took her hand.
Dante smiled gently at her “it's okay I don't mind and to be honest I can be a bit O.C.D. on somethings to.”

In his mind Sharp let out an unsettled growl. Their anxiety sparked for a moment before he was able to put it in check. He needed to focus on the here and now and get better control on the ghostly images of the past so that they would not continue to overlay his present. He tilted his head slightly thinking about what she said. Sharp let out a little growl this time sounding a little excited. Perhaps she was right and it made him feel a little guilty.

He couldn't remember the last time he had let Sharp out when it wasn't the night of a fullmoon. Maybe he should let Sharp have more time on the outside. It could explain all his pent up hostility and frustration.
Dante rested his elbows on the table leaning forward slightly “you know what that may not be such a bad idea, I'll be honest I'm a little worried in doing so but I've heard there's a place around these parts where no humans go a place where he may be able to work out some of his frustration without landing us into jail.” It would be good not to have to argue with Sharp all the time.

Though there was a part of him that really didn't see it happening. Then again it wouldn't hurt to try after all what was the worst that could happen? Perhaps when they went they could try and send an invitation to this fine woman across the table from him. Dante burst out laughing as he listened to her thought of a robber getting squeezed to death at her place.
Dante choked back his laughter “I'm sorry so sorry but the image that brought to mind was rather amusing. Hopefully it's not a guy dressed up in a santa suit looking for donations.”

He looked at her in surprise. She was into surfing! He never would have guessed that. Then the image of her being in a bathing suit made his face color slightly. He wasn't sure if he could handle seeing her in a bathing suit without making a total fool of himself.

If he saw something like that out on the surf he was sure to wipe out. He roused himself in time to listen to her talking about her and her pet being a packaged deal.
Dante nodded “well its understandable and I can't understand why some people would try to change that a person. Some pets aren't pets at all their family and to take that away is like trying take a part of that person away from them.”He shifted in his seat.
So how many times have guys tried to take you without Boo included?” Dante asked looking intently at her.

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Dante’s addressing to men ‘taking’, or even ‘chasing’ her put her on edge. Her face was still a friendly mask but wasn’t as genuine as it was before. Each word of a man wanting her was like a kick to the gut, and the deadly sliver of ice in her heart spread. There were still many reasons to laugh including Dante’s jokes, but the talk of relationships or even a one night stand was an extremely touchy subject. It fell hand in hand with children, reminding her of what she had lost whether it could’ve been saved or not. It seemed to be the topic he wanted to stick with so she would comply, but she needed to banish the thoughts from her mind. She didn’t know that such a huge part of her past could be seen as shameful among the purebred werelings, she simply knew what her mother had given her. Evie was slowly learning that what she knew was very little, about herself and the ways a pack was run in the first place. She was a wereling with slightly more than human knowledge, making her wonder if her mother had been in a pack at all. The scroll had said her bloodlines were rich, she just wasn’t sure how rich. It didn’t really matter, her past was her past and it was not being brought up. “None, Dante. No man has tried to chase me, nor women all the same. I’ve spent my time doing my work and finding the next party thrill. Some drinking, some experimenting, but no one chasing my tail. It has been that way for a while now, and Boo is the only man in my life as of late. Though I know men can get jealous of anything, especially animals. So, I guess if I had to choose between a mate and Boo, I’d be choosing the one without limbs. No doubts, no regrets. If you had a pet like that, would you let a female come between you and the creature?”

The fae looked to down curiously at tugging on her sleeve to see a little girl. She couldn’t have been more than four or five years old, with a cherub face and sparkling brown eyes. Evie couldn’t help smiling and taking the small hand that reached towards her. She turned the little girl’s hand over with her own nimble fingers and placed a piece of fudge in the soft palm, listening to the child giggle and smile. It seemed the young child was losing her baby teeth, a fact that made Evie’s heart melt. The fae looked at and admired the human child until her mother came looking for her. “I am so sorry, Natalie just slips away whenever she feels like it,” the mother said with a tensed voice, as if she were expecting to yell at her and tell her to control her child. She did quite the opposite and smiled to the human woman, shaking her head. “It’s quite alright, I don’t mind really. Do you, Dante?” Evie looked to her companion and wondered if he was the kind to be okay with being interrupted by a child. He might not be, she wasn’t very sure. They had only just met, after all. She’d known people who couldn’t stand parents with rambunctious children, saying it was the parents’ faults for not keeping them under control better. Some were kind and understood the life of a parent was not easy and respected it for what it was. The world carried quite the diversity, quite an interesting thing really. Evie watched the little girl, Natalie, and her mother walk away and out of the candy store with a slight smile. She turned towards Dante and asked her question curiously. “What other sports do you have a taste for?”

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Dante looked at her curiously. Sensing more then seeing that the atmosphere between them had changed momentarily. Perhaps he should change the subject, but what to? Dante tilted his head slightly “experimenting and party drinking, sounds like an interesting theme you have going there for yourself.” He thought for a moment wondering where to take this.

Maybe she was a fan of art in some form? As she talked about her taking Boo over some other male made him realized that he probably should consider getting a new pet. It would probably due him a bit of good as well as her earlier suggestion of letting Sharp have some time out for runs. Dante straightened slightly as a child gently took Evie's hand. He watched in silence as a change seemed to past over the woman's face.

It was almost like he was looking at an loving aunt endearing their niece. Dante tilted his head.
She is certainly a curious one, a curious one indeed, Sharp rumbled. Dante lowered his chin slightly in silent agreement to his other half.
He smiled at the child as Evie looked at him curiously.

Dante shook his head faintly smiling “not in the least, in fact I find her rather quite adorable.” He couldn't help but think what it would be like to be young again as the mother led the child away. Back then it seemed almost like anything were possible. Yet now that reality had had time to set in it was cruel and a little bitter. Dante faintly smiled but as other images of the past flashed momentarily in his mind caused it to fade just as quickly as it had come.

He shrugged these old feelings away looking at her intently.
Well I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm much into sports,” Dante murmured suddenly feeling a little foolish as his face heated a bit, “dancing on the other hand is another thing entirely, along with literature and art. Tell me are you curious as to such things as that?”

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Evie laughed as her companion revealed that he actually wasn’t very interested in sports. She wasn’t either, and she would’ve stated so if Dante had not asked her another question. Dancing? She could just imagine him working the dance floor at one of the clubs she frequented. It would be hilarious to see him sweep them of their feet honestly. Her laughing continued until she thought over the questions he was asking. Art, she knew how to answer. Not so much with literature. She was reminded of the times she had lived with the nuns, reading brail because her younger self could not see. The fae remembered such times with a shudder the blackness making the beautiful things others saw not understandable to her. “I was blind before my first shift, so I have become submersed in art. Finger painting, to be exact. Brushes give too much control. I prefer to follow my art’s little turns and quirks until the piece is finished, you know? Maybe you don’t and maybe it is just me, but dancing eh? Quite and interesting hobby. You’ll have to take me some time, I’d be interested to see such things.” Evie smiled brightly and stood from her chair. She reached behind with one arm to take her other wrist and stretch the joints. A distinct pop gave and she relaxed with a sigh, feeling better for not having to sit anymore. Looking down to Dante, she beckoned for him to stand and began walking through the isles of the candy shop. She stopped at a sample vender and eyed what was being given. It looked like nothing more than balls of powered sugar, but her nose told her something different. Evie inhaled slowly, taking the scents of dough and jelly at the same time. The treats had looked oddly familiar before, and now she knew what they were. Her childhood crossed her mind as she took a sample, biting into it and smiling at the familiarity. The jelly burst across her tastebuds in a delicious cacophony, the powdered sugar and dough only complimenting the taste further. She had remembered helping in making such things as these. Not only that, but also sneaking a fe raspberries behind her tutors’ backs to taste their tart juice. A lack of eyesight prevented her from knowing what they had looked like and now she knew. Eyeing a box of them on the shelf, Evie took one and placed it under her harm so that her hands would remain free.

She turned to Dante and held out the rest of the sample, holding it up to his mouth for him to take a bite. “Try this, I used to have them when there were feasts at the chapel. I was too young to know what they looked like, but the taste is distinct. Where on earth they got this recipe, I don’t know about you but I think I have found my new favorite store.” Evie caught the bright smile on the sample giver and smiled back before she continued to walk on through the store. It seemed they had a system of organization though it might’ve been a little haywire. The first isle had been full of the soft, fruitful treats to catch a person’s eyes. Next came the bright, hard candies that little kids simply loved to eat. The fae loved the variety of colors and stopped to get a small bag of cherry jelly beans, the specific flavor being her favorite. She smiled and continued through the isles, looking at Dante pointedly as she went through the ones full of chocolate. Evie stopped to look a the little figurines on the walls. Each one was made of a type of candy, but they were quite pretty with their swirling colors. She looked out a small window to see it was about midday and she knew she should probably go back to the labs to get some work done. Turning to Dante, she smiled and spoke. “I had a very interesting time with you, Dante. I look forwards to seeing you again, but work never sleeps I’m afraid. I have some cells to play with and I must take my leave. Thank you for accompanying me.” Evie considered giving him a handshake, but instead opened her arms and gave him a gentle hug. After a few moments, she released him and smiled. “Good bye, Dante. Have some fun and go out for me, will you?” Giving him a little wave, she walked to the door of the candy shop and was on her way back home.

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Dante held his hands up smiling “I know I know I said it.” He studied her unable to believe how much he enjoyed the sound of her laugh. What's more it suited her very well.
Dante held up a finger grinning “mind you its none of this new world beat, more along the lines of classical ball room.”
Sharp let out a growl at this ,would it kill you to get some new moves, we'll never get into her bed this way.

He straightened in surprise at the mention of early childhood blindness. The way she behave he never would have guessed such a thing of her. Though it wasn't entirely unheard of. Some human's on rare occasions were born blind only later to develop the sense to a certain degree.
Though I must admit, finger painting is a lot of fun plus you get a lot more depth and character in the art doing it that way,” Dante murmured faintly nodding.

He couldn't even remember the last time he had painted or even picked up a pencil to do something other then reports or write in his journal. Dante tilted his head curiously as Evie stretched with an audible pop of her wrists and stood. He didn't protest as he got to his feet at Evie's beckoning.
That's right always the good little submissive, Sharp growled.
Oh can it you,” Dante muttered as they slowly walked down one of the aisles. Man he hated it when he called him submissive.

He grinned holding up his hands to Evie as she looked at him curiously.
No not you, him,” Dante grumbled glancing at a shelf. As Evie investigated something a vented was selling he picked up a box of fruit bars covered in chocolate. Dante faintly smiled instantly noticing the brand. It had been years since he had seen these.

He stared at the small rectangular box for a long moment more. Theses had been her favorites, something he had seemed to buy her frequently because he'd always gotten himself on her shit list. Dante sighed softly still smiling as he tucked them under an arm. He looked back at her as she held something up to his face. Very gently he took a bite of the proffered treat.

The flavor was surprising with a mingling balance of tart and sweet.
Dante nodded his head in approval “oh yeah I am totally raiding this place of its recipes when it closes.” He grinned at the vendor who almost seemed to give him a disapproving look as he followed Evie away down another aisle. Some people were just far to easy to annoy or make suspicious. As they stopped again he pretended to look at items on the shelf.

Yet out of the corner of his eye he watched her not failing to note the type of jelly beans she picked out. While she liked cherries he was a fan of strawberries. Dante scowled putting the item down he had in his hand as her face came to his mind again. If he didn't know any better he'd say the two were one and the same. Funny thing was he wasn't much of a believer in reincarnation.

Dante looked up as she mentioned having to leave. Then he notice the time of day it was through the window. Holy shit, he hadn't realized how much time had truly past.
Dante grinned “that it doesn't but I'm sure you work will be moving along quite well, besides it was my pleasure to accompany you.” He was glad to have had company even though he hadn't set out originally thinking he would be having such a great time.

Dante nodded with a smile waving after her “I'm glad you had a great time and I really do looked forward to seeing you again.” He smiled as she paid for her things and headed out the door. What a woman. Dante chuckled running a hand through his hair and then stopped. Her last statement suddenly sinking in.
Dante looked back towards the door in surprise “have some fun and go out with me?!”
Dude, seriously, did we just get asked out on a date, Sharp growled sounding just as shocked.

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