Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A Good, or a Bad Choice? (Noctavia)

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1 A Good, or a Bad Choice? (Noctavia) on Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:54 pm

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
It had been a week now, since he saw Noctavia, hunted with her, talked with her. What the hell was he doing? He was cynic, not evil, but what exactly meant evil? There is no such thing as an evil and a good pack, right? Just two packs that hate each other and have different believes and opinions. He chose Braveheart at first, why did he change his mind? Was it because of her? Why? Daiken sighted and kept walking through the dark alley. Different smells making the place slightly scaring, specially the smell of blood. He came here from Canada, driving and walking all the way inside the country until he reached New York. The several werewolves’ scents made him curious and wander some days around the place. He got to know Arielle, and with that, the existence of both packs: Braveheart and Eternal Darkness. With that information he decided without hesitation. Then, call it destiny or karma, he met the Alphess of Eternal Darkness. He thought it could be a good way to know more about the other pack, but everything just turned to be, fun, actually. He had a good time in her company, and that was really hard to accomplish with him. They went to the tattoo parlor and she even made his design in her back. They hunted together and talked more than what he or Slater ever did with anyone. He got stabbed in his lungs and poisoned by a killer his brother sent. Teimhnin gave him her blood and then he met her mate inside the pack’s house, but when she asked him if he wanted to be a Braveheart, he couldn’t reply. He could just think in Noctavia and how it will be if he because a Braveheart. He left and met the new member Legacie and then Melissa, teaching her the importance of all the energies around her and know how to control her own. He smiled slightly at the memory; she ended up being a good apprentice.
He smelled the air taking a deep breath, his nose searching for the Alphess scent. She said she chose the center of New York to place her pack. In fact, her scent grew stronger in this area. We wondered where exactly her ‘main den’ was. His eyes flew to the graffitis along the walls. He smiled at moved closer to them. He loved street art, and this was a very good design. The colors combined perfectly and the letters where as hard to read as in any graffiti. They reminded him of a very good friend he once have. Marco also had the gift of painting, specially graffitis and portraits. He killed himself in an accident. He loved to Breakdance and Parkour, always jumping and running freely along every building and roof he found. He took the passion to far and a bad calculation made his error to be the last one. He tried everything to save him, but he arrived too late to the place. He was one of the very few humans he had as a best friend. Daiken sighed and touched the graffiti with his hand. He never drew graffitis himself after that. They just reminded him of Marco, or like he teased him, Itachi. He smiled at the nickname as a wave of sadness invaded him.

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2 Re: A Good, or a Bad Choice? (Noctavia) on Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:38 am

Days turn to weeks since her encounter with the undecided loner. After the two week marker, she believed he had already made his decision by staying with the Bravehearts like he had originally planned. It was strange for her to be so curious and open to her past with him even though there was a high likelihood that he could expose her history to the enemy. But for some reason, she believed better in him not to tell. Why? Why was he the one out of greater beings to spark her attention out of the group of the unknown and undiscovered? Why was he so special? That's the thing though, she didn't have an answer, not even a hint or clue as to why. Though it no longer mattered. The Alphess had things to do and run like any other day that passed, greeting what is another addition to the powerful pack, Warrior Travis who managed to spend the night away in her very room and fill her with unwanted- oh who was she fooling? She wanted it, caved it more than anything else at the time, to be given that spark of ecstasy to wrap around her, to put her into a desirable trans that only lasted for a moment. The memory of their skin so close and intimate, let alone the feel of his breath across her flesh. She expected to see him again, not in a romantic way, but for another round if he were up for it. Mating season always took a wide toll on her, which pained her the most to admit since it left female werelings - like her - at their most vulnerable and desperate state. 

Dealing with the wolves that whispered in her mind was nothing out of the norm in which worried her the most after experiencing the month's full moon a few nights ago. The shifter knew nothing of what the three of them did that night for she wasn't present even if she wanted too. When she woke the next morning in an abandoned apartment building, she was covered in foreign blood of a few mortals and what smelled of a domestic house cat's blood mixed within it. It was too hard for her to count how many she killed, the only thing she worried about was how she was going to get home without seeing the blood in broad daylight. It hadn't been the first time, but usually no one would be on their roofs at that time of day, so the difficulty of returning took longer than she hoped.

To relieve her mind of the stress with the pack, Noctavia decided to take a walk through the alleys to finish her work of graffiti like she usually did to ease her mind and check up on border patrol. It was at most 3:00 a.m. if she predicted correctly judging by the time she dressed herself and left from her suite. Like normal, she wore casual clothing. A pair of dark, denim blue ripped shorts along with a pair of red high-top converse sneakers instead of the usual high heels she wore. Instead of a nice, dressy shirt the Alphess tugged on a simple light grey tank top and a darker grey knit poncho with hoop earrings to match the long grey necklace with a large round opal at the end. It was simple and a reasonable outfit for the weather outside. Though most nights in the city were exceptionally chilly, this night filled her with enough warmth to wear a pair of shorts for once. For a change, she put up her hair into a long ponytail, leaving her layered bangs to sweep easily to the side. After a while of walking and noticing there were no others in sight, the female wereling began to sing a low tuned song she sang only to herself in her room... 

"Are you, are you, coming to the tree,
where they strung up a man they say murdered three...
Strange things did happen here, no stranger would they seem, 
if we met up at midnight in the handing tree...,"

"Are you, are you, coming to the tree
where the dead man called out for his love to flee...
Strange things did happen here, no stranger would they seem,
if we met up at midnight in the han--"

Noctavia sucked in a breathe and backed against the wall mid-sentence to her song as a shadowed figured moved along the bricks. Graffiti lined the walls of what was mostly her work, she watched the man gaze upon one of her favorites she made a few years back. Monthly, she would take a few spray paint cans she hid at one of these roofs and restore the color that once was a vivid change of color in the dull alleys. Some mortals on the weekends would assist her while she was gone and working nights, but in her opinion, it angered her to know another was touching at her artwork. The littlest things like that set her off, however, in some cases it got the best of her and her three wolves. Sizing him up, she took in his scent carefully, registering familiarity in a specific brute she could not forget. To her surprise, it was the loner, the undecided wereling that she hadn't seen for almost two weeks since their hunt. He, was Daiken. Noctavia beamed to see he finally came after so long, but quickly calmed herself, stepping out to expose herself, silently walking up behind him to hover over his shoulder. "Wanderlust, April 14th 2004..."  

The Alphess gave a half smile, walking around him to the wall, looking up and reaching at her tip-toes to tap the cursive signature 'Tatts', a nickname she received from a homeless man whom watched her make this very painting. "I'm Tatts." Noctavia turned to face Daiken, leaning against the wall with one foot to stand and the other to support her weight pressed to the brick wall. "Long time no see, friend. What took you so long to decide?"

This is the song she was singing:


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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3 Daiken on Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:38 pm

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
His thoughts were interrupted with a faint voice coming from the same alley. Daiken locked his memories again and looked at the direction of the sound. It seemed like a song, but what interested him was that he knew the one owning that voice. Just the one he was looking for. Her voice changed when she talked to him, words that surprised him and made his lips turn into a slight smile. He looked at her as she tapped the signature over the old wall, arranging slightly his black leather jacket opened over his black t-shirt that allowed his muscles to be seen through the soft fabric, a pair of new military dog tags hanging from his neck. His dark jeans falling freely until they reached his black boots. His hair was uncombed as always, a bit long as some hairs covered slightly his face, a careless short beard and mustache covering it. ‘Tatts’? He could have never expected that she was the owner of these designs, less that she could have that nickname. A part of him liked it, the other still surprised at her abilities. “Are these yours?” His voice was enthusiastic and interested, a real tone of question all over it as he pointed to the graffiti he touched before. “It’s an excellent work. You never told me you also painted.” Daiken gave her a half smile, relaxed and different.

Remembering her question, he lowered his head and closed his eyes in respect, even when he already knew her and that he was one to never lower his head for anyone, he didn’t felt out of place doing it to her, and from now one, he was going to see her as his alpha. He knew this decision will change radically his way of living and his future, one he always thought to be solitary and empty. He looked at her again and explained himself. “I got some.. issues at the city, a few days after our hunt. I needed to recover and all that got me to know about some members of Braveheart. I even spent some days teaching some stuff to one of them. I was changing my mind again, to go for Braveheart, but when time came to make a final decision, I couldn’t think on anything else than... Eternal Darkness.” He was really going to say ‘anything else than ‘you’’? He was not sure of his own thoughts now, good he managed to change that word for the name of the pack. He focused again and sighed deep. “Alphess Noctavia, I came here tonight to make you know of my choice, rather it’s the best or the worst one I can make, I’m sure of my decision. I know you told me you would accept me without a doubt, but even thou I ask you now, to allow me be part of your pack, promising I will abide any of your orders and never deceive a single one of them, respecting you and your pack. Slater already told you, but I’m telling you again, I’m a man of word.”

Daiken waited patiently for her reply. If for any reason she tells him that she changed of mind and that he was not allowed to be part of Eternal Darkness, he will not call for it, pray for it, or anything. It will only say that it was not written that he will be part of this pack, ever. He looked straight into her green eyes, now opening his mind for her. As an alpha she had all the right to look into his thoughts, to know him better, or just to make sure he didn’t band with Braveheart and was now trying to gain information of the enemy. He opened his mind for her, bit not entirely. There were still some things he wanted to maintain in secret, of his own past. She will know all of them, but by his mouth and not by looking into his memories.

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4 Re: A Good, or a Bad Choice? (Noctavia) on Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:49 am

"I haven't told you a lot of things, only my past, not the present. I've been painting for a long time, probably long before you were born too. All along these walls you'll find some paintings done from me here and there, however most of my work can be found in my room. Though I don't see you anytime soon being able to come in my room unless you are in need of counseling. Maybe..just maybe I'll let you in and we can verse each other in a round of video games, my choice of game obviously." She chuckled, grinning wide enough to curl her pale pink lips and expose her white, sharp teeth. Never before could she see someone actually becoming her friend and playing video games with her, might as well start now since Daiken was what she would call 'a companion' now that he has made his decision. It still surprised her to think he came so late and so close to the deadline. Though she couldn't complain for she was too pleased to know he choose her side over Gabriel's. His issue however made her smile fade and turn to concern as well as curiosity behind her eyes. And his few sentences of jumping into the band of whelps sent her blood temperature to rise and boil inside her veins. Noctavia did not like this, but why did she care? Oh, that's right, because she trusted him not to tell her secrets and ways with Gabriel before the rivalry. Fortunately for the both of them, she relaxed herself to think straight and not hear her wolf growl in frustration, "I believe you, Daiken, I do, but knowing you were with them for a short moment of time concerns me. Your issue makes me curious and now it turns my decision around to know more. How come? The fact you got to know them does not phase me for I know most of my pack members have gotten comfy with some of the enemies as well which is great for them, not for me. I trust no one of them and I expect most of my pack to not trust them or try anything funny in order to cause disruptions. That's all we need is more drama running around to wedge between both packs, I being the one to find out last since I'm taking care of other's issues beside my own. That question that makes me curious the most is, what happened to you? I remember Slayer saying something about you having medical issues, but I didn't bother to ask why until now. Care to explain?"

Her tone was low and calm, yet it held a sigh of irritation of hearing the name Braveheart come from his mouth. She sighed lowly before continuing, "And you are right, we are both a wereling of our word and same thing goes. I apologize for that earlier. I have no reason to hear your capabilities anymore since I've already seen them, so I'll grant you as a Warrior, however, I see that changing in the near future in all honesty. I expect you to get along with the others, treat them with respect and loyalty like you did and will do to me. Promise?" Noctavia attempted a half smile, putting out a hand for him to take the deal and keep his word.


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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5 Daiken on Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:25 pm

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
Daiken looked around, noticing all the graffitis along the alley. A smile spread across his face knowing she also has the gift of paint. “I would love to meet more of your art and play a bit with you.” He glanced at her with a teasing grin just like hers. “I will accept any option of game Alphess.” His yellowish green eyes shone slightly at the thought of a nice afternoon playing videogames and chatting in her room. He turned to look at the graffiti again touching her signature slightly, appreciating the handwriting. His face turns a little more serious but maintaining a small half smile. “I haven’t draw graffitis for a long time now. They remind me of someone I miss a lot...”

Taking a deep sigh he turned to her again, looking at her expression turning slightly angry. “No need to worry my friend, I had some talk with them but nothing that would make me want to go back, at least not as a friendly visit. My trust is something very hard to get, no one I had meet for the last weeks has yet gain it, except from you I must say.” He gave a little smile and then turned serious again remembering the attempt to kill him, then, shows confusion. “Medical issues?” Bringing the memories of the talk between Slayer and Noctavia he tried to find when he did mention that. A light bulb lit over his head as he replied casually and relaxed to her. “No, he was just making an idiotic remark of my depression after some unfortunate events that mark my past. Nothing to worry now.” He didn’t wanted to fill her with extra information about his tragic past she probably didn’t even care to hear. “About that issue I said, it was some presumptuous human that got me distracted and vulnerable when I was at the city after our hunt. I actually feel so ashamed and such an idiot for not seeing it coming.” He pointed to the ending of his ribs, under his thoracic cage. “He stabbed me under my right ribs with a long hunting knife, inserting it up wanting to reach my heart. Thankfully he just perforated my lung because it was filled with venom I was not able to recognize. It liquefied my blood preventing it to coagulate and with that, my ability to heal. The female Beta of Braveheart found me bleeding in the forest and gave me her blood to help me. With that she showed me their house and offered me to join. I just said I wasn’t sure and stay some time in their territories to heal completely.”

Daiken looked straight to her eyes. “I’m now, and I gladly accept the title of Warrior. Thank you and please know there is no reason to apologize. About your, my, pack mates, I will always respect them and take them as comrades. Just please know that they will never have the exactly same respect and trust I give you, thou, I will always protect them and look for their safety and right behavior, never lifting a hand on them without your command. I promise.” With that, he shook firmly and confident her hand, making his promise one to never broke.

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6 Re: A Good, or a Bad Choice? (Noctavia) on Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:58 am

Noctavia smiled softly at his last words, taking it into mind that she won't have to worry about him, as long as he kept Slayer under wrap then she would be fine. The two of which she knew held close ties that were proven to be rather permanent from her eyes, "Well it relieves me to know that you were okay, if you can remember faces pretty well, maybe a name or some remembrance about the guy who stabbed you, I'd be more than willing to clear that up. It sounds intriguing, that is, but if you're not able to remember, all is understood, Daiken. I welcome you to Eternal Darkness, but what changed your mind exactly?," She paced herself slowly around him, tapping the souls of her high tops to echo upon the alley floor and walls, the light colored, knitted strands that hung from her poncho sweater swinging as she stepped. "What is the type of scenery, the Hotel? Or, maybe what we do here for fun like terrorizing the innocence and hanging out like a crazy person in the middle of the Projects." The Alphess smirked slightly, loving the game she played with almost everyone, the game of tease, to toy. Although she would want to know what changed his mind so late and so coincidental close to her deadline. Noctavia averted her gaze to meet his, stepping close enough to reach out and touch his chin without even trying. Too close don't you think, Noctavia? He's just a simple, pathetic warrior, but his wolf is somewhat different. Its the only thing to praise, to acknowledge pure born skil- She glared at them all, hissing in return, I can handle myself, I know what I see and so do you, so don't deny that he could be of value. He's different, learn to let go of the past, will you?

The voices of her wolf hushed to a small whisper, a meeting for all of them to commence within by themselves. As they silenced, she met Daiken's captivating gaze, a spark of emerald to light her own, "Or was it for someone in particular? My Warriors have had a share in encountering loners and persuading them to join, which I admire greatly, have you met any? Or am I the only one that has gotten to know you?" His scent poured off his frame, working its sweet aroma into her nose like heroin does to a natural soul. It smelt the same as it did two weeks ago, a hint of the enemy scent left swirled with it, but still as strong from before. Her wolf or wolves, either she could not explain different, eyed Slayer with great interest, hoping he'd make an appearance for their owner to speak too for them. Noctavia being their owner. The leather jacket he wore made it less distinct, but able enough to recognize, though how could she not? It was natural for one to remember another's scent, and his she couldn't say was like every wereling, but surely the strongest to her senses. She waited for his response, eyeing the jacket he wore as she remembered to have a more, woman-like one at home she only wore for... 'special occasions' out on the town. Mostly then to be replaced with her black hoodie instead so it wouldn't get stained. "Daiken..." The woman whispered closely, waiting for him to reply to her simple question before moving this to rest in their separate and convenient rooms. But, strangely at this point, she felt close enough to Daiken by relationship as friends to let him follow her and maybe stay a while in her room to chat. There was something she wanted to show him, something that's been on her mind for a while that soon all of her pack will know of, but hopefully only them for the most time.


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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7 Daiken on Wed Jul 10, 2013 9:13 pm

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
A half smile appeared as she offered her help to finish that bastard. Sadly it was to late for that. "Thank you Alphess but I most decline that offer. The pleasure to kill that idiot had already been taken. I couldn't let him leave after what he dared to do and he wasn't going to stop annoying me." Specially if his suspicions where right and his brother has been the one that sent that human to hunt him down. If that was true, then Tanken knew where he was right now and that was a big problem, for him and anyone around. He really hoped he was wrong and that that human was a simple myth hunter that managed to discover he was truly a werewolf. That venom was made for his kind, there was no doubt in that.

Her next question surprised him. 'What changed his mind?' Why was she so interested in knowing why he chose Eternal Darkness over Braveheart? The back of his mind, one he believed was slept for a long time, answered quickly and confident. 'You'. Daiken shook the thought away. 'Really? That is the reason? Of course not! I came here because it fitted me, and specially Slayer, better.' They were both cynic and sadists. Braveheart was not the right place for two demons like them. 'Liar.' This time the voice was both, his conscious and Slayer. 'Shut up. I thought you didn't like her.' 'I don't, but that doesn't mean you don't like her as well.' Slater's voice was harsh and unpleasant. He didn't approve Daiken's feelings and he was worried he never will.

Her options of answer were tempting. He could just say any of them and that will be end of they talk. The territory, the customs, the rules, the pack mates, but any of them were true and Daiken never lied and he didn't want to start now. The truth was that the only thing that made him take this decision, was her. Why? He didn't like her. Right? Shit. Now he was doubting. Did he? What was of her that attracted him like any other female accomplished since... the killing. He looked at her, at her body, at her emerald eyes, at her dark energy flowing inside her, but that held so much secrets. A rush of chills ran along his back when she touched him. Okay. That was it. He did like her. What he felt for her, even being just near her, was enough proof. He scent flew to his nose, filling his lungs with that sweet and deadly smell of her. His heart started pumping a bit faster with every breath. When she said his name, in a voice that trespassed his body and soul like sharp razors, his every muscle tensed, making his dry throat to swallow, his body moving away just a few centimeters from her, his yellowish green eyes locked with hers. He wanted to tell her the truth, but what was she going to say? Will she be happy to hear that, or will she just regret accepting him into the pack. He wasn't sure, of her actions, of her feeling, of his own. This was not normal for him. Being so nervous and insecure he wasn't even able to speak.

Not knowing how much time passes, being there like a statue in front if his Alphess. With a deep sigh, he closed his eyes a moment to focus again, away from her sight. "I met an Eternal Warrior. Arielle if my memory is right, but she didn't told me more than the existence of both packs." Opening his eyes again, he knew she was going to remain expectant for a straight answer for her question. Taking all his courage and confidence, he spoke clear and straight to her. "What really made me took a final decision, changing my first option for this one, was... you..." He needed to add more to that silly and childish answer. "I actually had a very good time with you before. I didn't felt I was going to have that amusement in Braveheart, Alphess." He had no more excuses, not a single one that was true. He could say he was not as 'good' as the Braveheart members, that he was rather a sadistic demon, but it was too late now. He looked at her waiting for her reaction or answer. For her happiness or uncaring of his words. 'Liking you own alpha, what a cliche.' Slater mocked inside him, expecting for Noctavia to kick Daiken's butt from the pack so he will not need to see her again.

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8 Re: A Good, or a Bad Choice? (Noctavia) on Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:25 pm

[[ Large post, love. Good luck.]]

Minutes for what seemed like days passed by within a blink of an eye, they remained still, but their aura's changed in feeling. Fear, desire, curiosity poured from their bodies, all she couldn't tell who from. Fear was not one to mix with her being, so she predicted it from him, making it last by strolling another lap around him slowly out of impatience. As he spoke, it brought no surprise to her, just a bit of humor, his last few words were what got her attention over all out of their conversation. It didn't startle her to know these things, just strange, however, she could understand all of the right reasons. Obviously he had more fun with her than the Bravehearts, they were boring, the jagged scar on her back with a story to prove it due to Gabriel, or, Pirate's attitude. Noctavia admired Pirate's behavior, his swift movements and deathly actions. Just one swipe from his claws could slice a very living soul in half, the thought of it causing a light spray of goosebumps rise up on her arms underneath her sweater. As Daiken parted a small space between them, she broke free of her daydreams, peering up with the same sly look she always wore, a smirk hinting at the corner of her lips, "The woman of which you speak of is not an Eternal warrior, she's my Beta female, your Beta female. She's a Vitten of course, but her other side excites me and I see true potential in their 'relationship' with fighting. She works well with Ryker from what I've heard, as for the rest, I choose not to grow any closer to her. Arielle is strange to my opinion, though its not that I'm surprised you believed she was a warrior, most never do expect a bitten to be a Beta of such a powerful pack of mine. I choose to believe its best to be gifted with as most Pures that I come across these days. They're wonderful fighters and last longer in battle then Mutts and Bittens naturally, as well as taming themselves more around human flesh. Its important that I find more Pures, as you can see, and for the most part I've been doing a sufficient job of completing that goal. As for the idiot you stabbed you, serves him right. Sucks to say I wish I did it, I envy you now. She laughed slightly, turning around to press against the graffitied wall to stare at him. At least now she wasn't as close and he could breathe. Noctavia knew she held that affect against most men, a gift and a curse all in one.

Her eyes peered down at her feet in thought, edging the outline of her red high-top converse as she began to think of all the dirty men try to pull something on her. If this was something Daiken would do, she wouldn't know what to believe anymore. He already knew that was how the packs ended in hating each other, so why would he even want to? It was a strange question to think of, but she couldn't help but remember how poorly she was treated all because of her beauty. The Alphess hated it, loving it all at the same time. It made her stand out from the rest normally, revealing she was there all along and that she wasn't just a shadow like she wanted. There was once a girl inside her that told her what was wrong and wicked to do, what was good and bad and wrong from right, but she threw it away for the love of darkness. It encased her body as one, the wolf -or wolves she likes to think- becoming a part of her she knew would exist sometime in her life. If she was mistaken of taking his words to a separate meaning, then maybe there was something she could begin to like about the warrior without hating him. She wanted her packmates to like her after all, she was their ruler, leader and guide, though she cared not about the rumors spread about her, or the hated attitude for which she loved it more than anything. It humored her to know that she was spoken of as a demon, a careless bitch, a whore which is funny considering she rarely ever has intercourse due to the fact she ends up killing the man before the next morning. Oh how easy it is to pretend with a human, how gullible some can be these days, she thought. Looking up to meet his changed eyes, she smiled, "You probably wouldn't have as much fun there then here, your predicted correctly. Around here we spend out time having as much fun and keeping our jobs fulfilled properly, its what I expect out of my pack. To feel at home, but still remain in pack order under my command. They've proven to me that they are to a majority to be trusted and freed to do as they pleased, just like I tell them all once they are accepted and have swore themselves to me as well as the rest."

Before she could continue, her mouth went dry and her stomach wrenched beneath her skin, a low, silent roar to ripple from the inside. She was starved, in yet she had only eaten an hour ago, not that it was a lot, just a passing broad with blonde hair and skimpy clothing. Boney, but just as satisfying as the bodies before, the blood that poured from Noctavia's claw wounds in her frail frame causing her hunger to rise. Pushing the wolf side down to prevent any disruption, she pinched a cigarette from her back pocket, the other hand reaching to flip open to spark a flame. Noctavia eyed the stared at the burning light, the lightest hints of wind in the air to make it flicker to the side but still remaining as bright as before. Laying the stick between her pale lips with her two fingers, she cupped it around the lighter, sucking in slowly as it burned at the other end. As she put it away, she pinched the cigarette away from her mouth, parting her lips to release the smoke, its faint blanket spiraling and dancing into the air above her head, "We have a Game Room, but I barely ever use it. My room is probably the only place I'll be found if not in these alleys or on an isolated roof around the Projects." She shrugged slightly, setting the thin stick onto her lips like before, "I have a tendency to rarely show my face around the hotel from what I've been told, but I know what goes on without having to leave. All of my pack lives on the last five-six floors from the roof, the top room being mine, the penthouse suite in other words. If you want, we can go talk there instead, doesn't matter to me though. Here is fine too." Her wolf stirred once again to look at Slayer, smirking slightly, Don't even bother, Noctavia.... Like we said before, he's a nobody... so why bother in inviting him for a stay in your room when you know as much as we do that he's worthless?... He's not Travis... don't expect him to act like that because both you and us know he's not.... Think wisely, Noctavia... think.... They hissed in unison, swirling in a group around the dark caverns of her mind. She closed her eyes slowly and took in another breath of the substance so they'd disappear, of course to relieve another headache. It was true, he was nothing like Travis, he was different. Unlike Travis, one of her warriors, one who persuaded her enough to become... 'close' friends she likes to put it as, Daiken was composed and kept his sexual desires from being exposed to skin. Judging from his past, she knew he wouldn't try anything with hurting her, but what made her curious is if he was up for the challenge to have a drink with her, maybe a steak dinner from room service. She'll keep her distance, though she would believe that she wouldn't have to stay on guard considering he worked for her now. What she wrong?


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9 Daiken on Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:29 pm

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
The Beta? She never told him what that. She was very reserved. Well, after the tensed conversation they had between each other, that was expected from her. Another name was introduced by Noctavia. Ryker. He wondered if he was a warrior or a beta just as Arielle. Being told she worked well with him could be a clue that maybe confirmed his thoughts, but he will have the time to meet him personally. The mentions of Mutts, Bittens, and Pures, remembered him he did sensed she was a Bitten. Not that he has any kind of racism over one type or the other. A werewolf was a werewolf, a wereling a wereling, no matter how they managed to turn. Rogues where other thing. He had fight with several of them before but usually not killing them. He liked the fact that they were pure wolves then, not with a human side anymore. If you were stronger enough you could even manage to train one and use it as a warrior, following your commands. After all, their wolf instinct is still there, able to recognize an alpha and a pray. He worked with one in the past, long before he had his own pack but after he was exiled. Maybe not as a pet, but his only companion aside form Slater [yeah, I noticed, I will use SlaTer from now on, it’s easier]. Sadly he was then killed by another werewolf believing he was a threat. Daiken took revenge of course, as always, killing the werewolf and believing he wasn’t going to have another Rogue as a companion again. Also it was too hard controlling them, always careful that he wasn’t going to snap and forget who the alpha was. It was like having any wild animal as pet. You could always train them but never remove their instincts. Some species could turn out to be very faithful and loyal, but wolves always reach a time when they believe it’s time to change the alpha, trying their luck to end the actual one. There was always danger and strict control over the animal so you don’t end as the next pray. It happened once, with his Rogue. He gave him the back and then kneed down, just to rest after a long trip, both starving and stressed. He lost control of him for a second and the next thing that happened was the jaws of the wolf around his neck and his claws in his back. With a quick thought he shifted quickly and put him down again, submissive and passive as before. He was young and the Rogue was a real threat to him every single time. No matter what, he always gave him more chances and moved on, with him. He still had the fangs and claw scars in those places, remembering him to never trust anyone totally. The relationship he had always stabbed him in the back when he was distracted, and he wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.
When she laid against the wall again he relaxed, returning to be himself again, someone he wasn’t capable to be when she was so close to him. He felt... different when she was at 5 inches from him, or less. He even counted the distance he was able to endure her company. Now he was good as ever, placing his hands inside the pockets of his jacket, he felt comfortable with her, at this distance and not less. His eyes moved from the floor to her eyes again, confident and powerful as always, hearing her words which relaxed him even more. So the fact he somewhat declared her he liked his own alpha, didn’t changed anything between them. That was slightly disappointed at some point, but his intentions were not to change her mind about him, not now at least. He remained still looking her turning on a cigarette, which remembered him the date, the last, and the next time he was going to smoke, just like every year. There was just two single dates in the year he smoked, Camel cigarettes, nothing else. Counting the days, he knew he was soon going to take his second cigarette of this year. After that, wait until the next one. He starred at the little paper tube filled with tobacco dry leaves, mixed with tar and other components, starting with a small cotton filter and ending in a bunch of ashes, still hot and linked because of the sticky black tar, one part turning red every time she inhaled another mouthful of smoke. He stared at the cigarette for maybe too long, turning quickly his attention back to the Alphess.
He saved inside his mind the few locations he could find her, maybe not for working issues but also for simple pleasure of her company. Her invitation to her room made it clear she trusted him, at least a bit, which was enough for him to give a small smile thanking her. “In fact Alphess, I would love to go with you and get to know your dark chambers. That if, you are okay with having a male invading your main den miss. I’m very tradition in that aspect. I born in a time which it was truly disrespectful for a lady to step inside her chambers, no matter if it was a mate or a simple friend. That of course, had changed now, but old habits never die I believe.” Daiken gave her a small smile, his voice correct and respectful, inviting her to believe his intentions were the same. He took two steps backwards, making a bow that brought back his past customs. His head, eyes closed, and trunk went down slightly, his legs straight and together, as his left arm blended in front of his abdomen, his hand opened inwards. His right arm half opened for her, his hand making a slow rotation, like going with the rhythm of a soft song, to end upwards, inviting her to move after him. He stood there for some seconds, then his eyes opened again showing a very slight flash maybe too little to be noticed. Lifting his head up again and straightening his back, he followed her being at her side, but always one or two steps behind in respect. The ghost of a smile crossed his face, knowing he was going to enjoy being in a pack again after so long. Glancing slightly at Noctavia, he knew that she was going to be the mayor reason for that.

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