Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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(Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way

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1 (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:56 pm

ooc - I was hoping and told you to move it to The Room thread last post, but it's okay. (:

Steaming hot water rained from the titanium faucet, splashing his sun-kissed flesh with warmth. The white curtain covered his naked frame from being exposed to the rest of the average sized bathroom. The walls were caked with an offwhite, a silver sink and porcelain throne towards the door. Now that Collette was in better hands and not in the hallways outside his room's door, Garrett knew she would be alright. Thick choppy layers in various shakes of brown draped over his eyebrows, sticking to his forehead as he left his head underneath the shower head. His muscled chest expanded, trembling with every breathe. What did he have to worry about? "Collette will be alright." He whispered, not believing himself.

Garrett sighed, reaching for the knob to turn it off. Just as he started to twist it, the door swung open with a loud smack, the blonde rushing through to the toilet, her hand over her pretty lips. The shower curtain may have been white but it was still thin enough to see skin, his cheekbone flushed a ruby red as he quickly turned the knob off. Grabbing the nearest towel off the rack, he tied it around his waist, hanging snug enough on his hips. The sounds of regurgitation echoed through the roam, making a disgusted face as the food he had eaten for breakfast twirled like a washing machine in his abdomen.

As he pulled the drape back, he saw Collette sprawled across the bathroom floor. Garrett stepped out and walked over to the woman's side, leaning down to see her. He grinned to see she was still alive. "Need help? Come on, Cole." Ryan slide his arms underneath her body, making sure not to touch any intimate parts he lifted her bridal way like he had did before. Peering into her beautiful eyes, he pecked her forehead with a gentle kiss. "Do you need anything to eat or maybe take a shower?" The fragile mistress was a piece of cake to him, she weighed practically nothing. Setting her down in a sitting position on the bed, he held the towel at his waist, a lopsided grin on his face. "I can call room-service and we can watch some movies if you'd like."

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2 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:34 pm


Of all times she had to be sick now, to hurl the contents of her stomach up before the man she adored, to see him naked before her. It drove her wild. All she wanted was for him to be inside of her, for him to love her the way a man should, to please every ounce of her body. Yes, there it was, the sickness was back. Trying to stand before him, she fell back down into the sitting position he placed her in. "Can you help me to the shower, I just want to sit in the water. Please don't leave me either, I fear that I will drown. Garrett, I am so scared." Collette's voice was weak and frail, like old age has settle thickly upon her throat. She sure as hell felt old in this time of need. Garrett's arm extended forward to catch her as she fell and soon she found herself in his arms being whisked away into the still steamed up bathroom. Slowly the handsome man placed her upon the tiles holding on to her waist to prevent her from smashing her face off anything that would damage it. They stood there for a moment and the temperature seemed to rise without anything being on. Her face flushed as his large hands made their way under the curl of her shirt slowly lifting it over her breast, his hands lingering for a moment, before taking off the cotton shirt. Her hair frizzed at the contact from the shirt, but she didn't care. SHe would be wet soon enough.

With his arm still around her, she fumbled to find the button on her pants, to aide in the removal of her clothing but failed miserably in her search. With ease Garrett found his way through the minor obstical and slowly removed her jeans and boots as she shifted her weight to accomadate the sexual experience she was having with him. She was entralled at his well behaved behavior, he didn't touch her, he didn't linger longer than he was supposed to, and most off he barely stared at her nearly naked body. Collette's arm made their way behind her back and grasped the strap crossing her back and with the snap of her fingers her breasts were exposed to the male before her. Soon her underwear made their way to the floor. All Collette cared about was soaking up the water and she put faith and trust in the male before her. If he decided to do something, she would eat him. That wasn't a joke either, he wouldn't be the first one, and surely he wont be the last. With a swoop she was stark naked in his arms as he lost his towel and entered the shower and conjoining bath tub, placing her in the water.

Collette closed her eyes and patted the water, causing it to splosh about, but she invited him to join her in the water. "Please, don't hurt me Garrett." Collette found her body being pulled closer to his as his arms wrapped around her warm body. She found her head upon his chest, her hair soaked from the stream of burning water upon their naked bodies. Scooping water into the palm of her hands, Aurora rinsed her mouth out, and placed her head back upon his warm chest. His heart raced and she chuckled at his and her own self control of the current situation. Did she dare make matters worse? Yes, she planned on it. Turning her face north towards his she placed her hands on his jaw line, making way to straddle the male in the bathtub. Her plump lips found their way to his and she kissed them softly and gently, showing him that because of his kindness he would get what he wanted in the end. As much as she wanted him right now and how sensual he was, Collette found that her sickness was still there, and the motion of intercourse would surely make her vomit.

Instead she found herself holding onto the male in the water like a life preserver. Her legs curled up on either side of his body and her arms in the water finding his hips. Her fingers tracing the lines on his pelvic bone and his chest. Once more she looked at him before she spoke, "Just hold me until the sickness goes away, then take me to bed. I beg you, take me to bed!" The passion in her voice earned for him, how she longed to the attention of a man, and not one that she turned tricks with. Collette closed her eyes, her face buried in his neck.

3 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Mon Apr 15, 2013 12:40 am

Garrett brushed his lips against her ear, whispering in a smooth tone of voice. "I'd never hurt you, Collette. Not ever." He was surprised at first the woman's forwardness but took it kindly, wrapping his broad arms around her pretty features met his flesh. And lips, lips of soft warmth pressing into his, returning the kisses with one of his own. Collette was an amazing women no doubt, but something about her even intrigued the wolf within him. Garrett was a gentlemen, treating the woman with care and passion, where as the foul beast that could kill anything without a care however didn't want to lay a claw on her. He would do anything to make her happy, even if it meant to spend a night by her filling her with pleasure and satisfaction in his own bed.

He waited patiently for Collette to ready herself, for the sickness and dizziness to disappear so he could take her away. Seeing the fae's beautiful face made the man in him smile happily. Garrett would've never expected for a woman like herself to be in his arms, in this place, at this very second. A majority of females fawned over the male, sneaking glances in his direction as he walked passed casually, oblivious to their doing. He noticed very little of the women that wanted him all for themselves, Collette was the one that caught his attention out of the crowd, striking features glowing the greatest out of the rest. He pulled her up in his arms, water seeping off their bare bodies as they stood close against each other. Her chest pressing into his, no space nor air between them other than the few breathes of air of how close their lips stood apart. His heart thumped against hers loudly, leaning in to kiss her one last time before getting out.

Carefully, Garrett's hands lingered down her back, finding her hips as his lips found hers. He gently grabbed her waist, lifting her against him, and leading her legs around his waist tightly. Stepping out of the tub, he lingered his lips down her neck and shoulders, holding onto her as he made his way out of the bathroom and into the dimmer lighting. The beast clawed at his flesh, commanding him to release and take over, unfortunately for him, Garrett grinned slyly to himself of his own control over the beast he had come to know for over a hundred years. "You're mine, sweetheart." He spoke quietly. Setting her down at the center of the bed, Garrett kissed her collarbone lingering his lips down to her belly button. He reached for the light, clicking it off.

-The next morning-

Garrett's eyes blinked open, the early sun's shine peeking through the balcony's window and into the room. He peered to the body laying in his arms, her head resting peacefully on his chest. After a long night of kisses, feeling, and yes, even licking, he woke to a beautiful site of a woman laying in his bed. Moving her body slowly, the male escaped her embrace, sliding out of the bed and onto his feet. His brown hues were still fighting the urge to see straight, a four o'clock stubble rose across his cheeks and chin. Finding his way to the dresser, he took out a pair of boxers and jeans, slipping them on in a matter of seconds. Garrett left his chest bare, looking to the silhouette covered in white blankets. Surely she would be hungry when she would wake up, grabbing the phone, he placed an order for two plates of steak and eggs with two large glasses of orange juice.

After hanging up, he walked over to the woman's side of the bed, squatting down with his forearms leaning infront of Collette's face. "Good morning, beautiful." Garrett grinned.

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4 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:29 pm


"Ugh!" A raspy voice called forth from the limp body that was curled up on the bed. If it wasn't for the sudden freezing sensation and the odd whisper in her ear, she would have slept for days. The pounding in her head was beyond tolerable and all she wanted to was coware and hide all day until the moon came out. *Wait! Garrett? Oh no!* Her mind raced as she tried to gather her thoughts and recollections from the night prior to her awakening. Collette grabbed the sheets and covered her nearly exposed breasts and placed her hand on her head, her fingers intertwining within her bangs and then her tender voice came forth. "Good Morning, Please forgive me, but I do not remember much of last night. It's very confusing in my mind and my thoughts are scattered. I hope that you were a gentleman and I hope that I did not push you away with my regurgitation, I can taste that bitterness still. Do you think you could help me to my room? Where are my clothes, did we?" Collette's words rushed forward as she sat up in the bed, squinting as she glanced towards the man she was falling in love with. *Keep your guard up Colle, you barely know him!* Tears began to well up in her eyes.

*You fool! You stupid girl!* The soft voice shattered like glass in her mind as she screamed to herself, her fists clenched up on the sheets awaiting his reply. "I swear, I am never drinking again. To miss out on..." She quickly covered her mouth, she refused to show this man how she truly felt for him. Tears began to stream down her cheeks, slipping into the corners of her lips, the salty taste coating her tongue. This only reminded her of the hunger she could feel and hear rumbling from her stomach. Nostrils flared as they picked up on a well seasoned steak with it practically rare enough to be cut of the cow and slabbed on a plate and the delicious scent of fluffy eggs, farm raised. Collette could always tell the difference. Her mind envisioned transforming and slaughtering the cow herself, and in her human form her tongue swirled from one side of her lips to the other, the tip slowly gliding across the top teeth. With a snap of her jaw and the snap of her attention, she turned her tear stained face towards Garrett and patted the bed for him to lay back down. All she could do was wait for him to tell her that indeed they fucked, and she would soon hate herself forever. "Whore..." She whispered to herself, casting her eyes down towards the carpet, and drawing the sheets up and over her head.

5 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:15 pm

He had already expected for this to happen from previous experience, Garrett sat at her side on the edge of the king-sized bed a small chuckle escaping underneath his breathe. Pulling down the sheets, he met her gaze and nodded. "We did, but calm down, you're blowing this way out of proportion, Cole." Garrett crawled further up on the bed and leaned against the bed post, looking out the window to see a pale blue sky, the city's outline of buildings in the distance. He sighed, gazing back at her. "There's nothing to worry about, I wasn't going to be the guy that takes advantage of a drunken woman like most. You were in an vulnerable state and I get that, you're not the only one." He smirked to himself at the statement of which he had committed in his many years of college.

"You're clothes are in the bathroom, key is on the dresser over there." Ryan pointed to a little card next to the flat screen. "Listen, Collette. Don't make this so hard on yourself, shit happens for a reason. Maybe it was meant to happen, maybe not. Who the Hell knows. I certainly didn't, and by your reaction to it all, you don't either." Garrett kept a straight face, not breaking his seriousness at all as he spoke. Without knowing, he hand reached for hers, stroking the side of her palm with his thumb ever so gently. The wolf within him didn't budge, it was almost as if he were a kid again, not having to deal with the monster that took over his mind, making him do the most drastic things possible to man. His other hand caressed her cheek, rubbing the tears away from the dips in her cheeks. She was stunning like a work of art that he wished to show the world for how beautiful she truly was. "Please. Don't go."

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6 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:45 pm


Collette looked up at the male, she couldn't leave him, not now and not ever. The love that she felt for him overwhelmed her entire being. She looked him dead in the eyes and spoke to him. "I couldn't leave you Garrett, I honestly don't know why anyone would want to leave you. I accept you for you who you are, I just wish that I could remember last night. To remember our first time together. I drink a lot when I get nervous, you just made me panic and well now I regret drinking as much as I did. These fucking shades!" She nearly screamed losing her train of thought as she jumped up from the bed, naked and holding his sheets to her body, as she turned to the blinds to keep the sun out. Glancing towards him lying upon the bed she continued, "Look Garrett, I think I love you. I am also going to pretend that last night never happened. I don't remember it and as far as I see it, I woke up in your room. You were a gentleman, we never had sex, and now we're going to." Her grin went from ear to ear as she pranced towards him, climbing onto the bed, each of her legs lying beside his. Her torso bending backwards as his hands grabbed at her lower back. "Make love to me Garrett and I will never leave your side, never." She whispered as she threw her head back, awaiting his touch and penetration.

-4 Brief Hours Later-

Collette collapsed onto the pillow, her head snapping as she was tossed onto the soft feathers that braced her fall. She gasped and panted as she tried to furiously catch her breath, her chest rising and falling faster than the actual breaths she was taking. Euphoria began to set when he first laid his tender lips to her protruding nipples but she felt it again now as he released inside her. Her sweet release joining his and her long arms curled around his shoulders and neck. Sweat dripping from his brow and onto her breasts, she panted again at the thought of them both being natural in their 'werewolf' form and the amazing sex they would have. To destroy the forest at their sensual touches. Never had she been attracted to a man such like him. Collette envision their lives together, a wedding, children, to be the ultimate wife and have pleasure like this all the time. To never grow old with him, to have forever with this man. Yes, how she wanted him again and again, and how to longed to be his.

As Collette caught her breath, the male collapsed at her side, pulling her into his chest. Resting her head on his chest she began to speak to him, her words tender and rejoicing, she would scream this to the pack and to anyone who asked, "Garrett, I love you. Will you be mine?" Fear crept up into her throat, more so the fear of being rejected, but she looked to him with longing in her eyes, and the love shining from her face. *Answer me damn it! Don't keep me waiting!*

7 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:49 pm

[[ I'm so sorry it's so short, I've been replying to a lot of people lately on Age & here. :\ ]]

He rolled on top of her as she yelled impatiently, smirking followed by a playful grin Garrett kissed her neck, pinning her down. "Collette? How many times to I have to tell you to calm down?" The male spoke softly, brushing his lips against her ear. "As much as I'd love to tell you to be mine, we barely know each other. Can we go on a real date for once, and not end up staying in my room all day. Not that I wouldn't stay with you, it's just we just met and you're already saying you're in love with me. But why? You know so little of me and what I've done in my many years."

Garrett pushed up onto his elbows, gazing deep into her eyes. His finger tucked one of her blonde strands of hair behind her ear, pressing his hand to her cheek gently, gently tilting her chin up to meet his lips against hers. "If you truly loved me, then you'd be willing to go on a date with me. Collette....I'm only asking you once..." He paused, waiting for her to react like she always did, but it never came. Garrett inhaled deeply, both their bodies so close that he could hear her heart beat as well as hers. "Would you go out with me?" He smiled, a slight blush to his cheeks at how moronic he was being. Any guy would jump at the opportunity for a woman willing to have sex for days, but Garrett just wanted at the moment to know what made Collette crazy, happy, and even sad. Who she was under such a beautiful complexion. Was she a train wreck? Did she cry herself to sleep sometimes? What would she liked to do or what she did or does for a living? These questions raced through his mind, all curious to know her.

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8 Re: (Collette) You Kill Me In A Good Way on Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:48 pm


The shape of his mattress began to mold beneath her shape, curling her back at the right angle that her body just shined in it's glory, and her head sunk into the soft down feather pillow. For a sheer moment in her blissful moment, she actually listen to his voice. The way it sounded as he spoke so genuinely to her, her hearing picking up on the slight boyish tone to his iconic saying of teenagers in lust. "Garrett, please, let me explain. As easily as it is to say you love someone, I don't love you. Now please don't take that out of context, I want to love you, and I need to love you like you and I both want. You are no more conscious than I on knowing each other and I would love to change that. In the moment of our being so whole, it just felt right to say it, because I know deep inside eventually I will mean it. So long as you are not quick to hurt me then I wont have to kill you and hide your body for hurting me. You laugh, but seriously, my father would murder you and place blame on the FBI for all he cares." Her voice was childlike and hushed and as she spoke her last words, she made a sour face as if she wanted to eat herself for speaking so freely in front of him. Rosy cheeks flamed on her porcelain skin and her kaleidoscope eyes beamed at him.

Collette pushed herself up onto her elbows and turned her hips to face him. The comfort of the sheets gliding over her lower body cloaking her feminine side and only revealing from her knees down. As she began to curl into him she propped herself up only on her right elbow thus leaving her left arm to shelter her breasts. As if for some strange reason in this moment she felt vulnerable to Garrett's eyes and touch. Although she could have it for days, with him, it just felt so different. Feeling complete was something she never had, who was she to think that this was even a feeling of completion. Maybe it was just contentment. Sadden crossed her face for a brief moment before fading into a confused look. Bravery flashed over her and she collapsed into his armpit, her head resting upon his chest, her ears tuning to his fast beating heart. As she closed her eyes she replied, "Nothing would make me happier than to be with you Garrett, I would love for you take me out into the city. This city has a deep history it involves us, each of us living separate lives, and now finally traveling the same path together. Garrett, I would be honored to go out with you. Are you going to give me your pin or letterman jacket?" She smiled her bright teeth gleaming at him, she found humor in her last sentence. When she was younger, that was the right thing to do, when you were about to be 'Going Steady'. Collette closed her eyes, her chest rumbling from her stifled laughter.

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