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Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature)

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1 Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:47 pm

Hopping from her yellow cab Laundi walked along the hustling sidewalks, getting bumped and pushed around only to bump or push back harder. She was fed up with all the pushing and touching but had enough self control to not send the next cocky New Yorker through a shop window. Being newly accepted into a pack Laundi knew what she would be referred to as now, a 'city pet'. Name calling didn't hurt Laundi's feelings, she could care less what others thought of her or said about her. Being a perfect pick pocketer, Zira backing her up most of the time in the devious crime, she often enjoyed these streets aside from the bumping and pushing because that meant more wallets to be stolen.

As her combat boots made soft thumping sounds in the walk as she hustled she approached a man leaning against a tree with a green circle around its trunk. His hat titled over her head as he checked his watch, a large black coat hanging down below his waist, wallet sticking out from the pocket. Laundi pretended to look the other way while she walked into the man, grabbing his wallet and having it in her bag within seconds, the bag on the same side as she conveniently placed it there. A lying sorry and she was on her way and the man adjusted his coat collar and continued to read the Boring articles of The New York Times. Jogging Zira chuckled and spoke "Check it..see how much you got see what you can buy today." Not bothering to nod back or speak to Zira, to avoid being seen or heard by the others that were eyelash length away from her, Laundi spotted another victim. This one a woman and her small wallet in her tan coat with fuzzy Pom poms and loops and buttons. Laundi approaching in the same fashion she did the man she grabbed the small wallet, dropped it into her purse and said sorry, as the sweet mortal did too.

Turning the corner into an Alley, a few men in torn jackets and cut off gloves huddled around a barrel, fireless and they whistled at Laundi after each liquor swig. She rolled her eyes and opened the wallets to check how much money she had racked up. One hundred and seventy three dollars. A fairly large amount for only two wallets but a small amount for what Laundi  usually got, racking up more than three hundred dollars in a single with many more wallets. Zira spoke "Now go buy yourself something pretty.." A small smirk formed on Laundi's pressed lips before she exited the alley and onto the walk and into the road, smacking the hood of a car with her hands, denting it accidentally and flipped them off, she jogged across and toward an unknown store with shirts hung on racks visible in the windows.

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2 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:48 pm

Rummaging through the large number of people, which didn't make Tatum feel comfortable from eyes starting at her giving her an itching feeling. She was wearing some skinny jeans, combat boots, nice flooring tank top and a leather jacket to cover up her arms. Her eyes are pearling silver through the sunset sky. She had think eyeliner on with a eyeshade of black on her eyelids, her lips were a light pink. Her tan skin glowed from the lightening and had red and black streaks through her blonde lock which is down the length of her back. Her perfume was Axe, named playboy. She wasn't well noticed, but if she was she didn't too much of cared. She found a successful job which is a lawyer and she had this whole week off. Freedom washed through her skin making her feel invincible. The life of a wereling isn't so bad. She loved, the pack she's in gave her a healthy environment. But her itching feeling never goes away, but she had wealth and environment what more does a girl need? She's also lesbian and their isn't many of those kind of girls out there that are attractive, nor her sexuality. She could invite Amora to hand with her today, but she's probably flirting with some guy. But a strong stench of another wolf in the distant is near. Sniffing the air without being noticed, following the scent. She jumped at the sound of a female denting a car and flipping them off. With that strength could only mean one thing, werewolf.

Tatum watched the women closely, snatching wallets and examine people. She must be loner if she's broke? She's definitely desperate for some cash, she watched the cops eye her suspicious as she turns into a building. Tatum crossed the road, making cars beep and roar. Tatum flipped them off as well. She entered the store with many selections of shirts hung everywhere. The plastic models are advertising the material through the window. She creeped up behind the female, speaking lowly. "You suck at keeping your strength under control. The cops" nodding outside the window with the cops walking toward the store. "are pretty suspicious. Names Tatum, from Eternal Darkness. And your name, love?" Tatum spoke in flirty tone, since she of coarse find the female attractive. Which she didn't know if she was Bi, Straight, or possibly Lesbian.

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3 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:09 am

Laundi entered the store, the cops watched her closely and her combat boots tapped on the on the cement, pushing people aside as she walked toward the middle of the store, examining shirts, pretending to be occupied. A store clerk had looked at her and she stared at her, clacking her teeth and narrowing her eyes, the store was mostly nice, feminine clothes and Laundi was wearing skinny jeans, combat boots, a messy bun, a bandana to hold it in place around the edges and a loose fitting tee shirt. The store clerk finished looking Laundi over and noticed she was staring back and smiles nervously. Rolling her eyes and turning back around Laundi grumbled, there was one rack with tee shirts and she had found it, black tee shirts and blue ones all that said the same thing. 'Walk away.' it was odd to see such a thing in a store like this, grabbing it and holding it to her body and going to face the store clerk so she got the message Laundi lifted her eyes from the shirt and noticed a female standing in front of her, another werewolf. And oh she was a beautiful one. Remembering what the shirt said Laundi tossed it away and onto the floor, laughing nervously and as the woman spoke, her feminine beauty and cheek bones, her eyes, body in general caught Laundi off guard, a beautiful werewolf in her pack. How lucky was she.

As the woman spoke about Laundi not containing her strength she rolled her eyes. "I would've if I actually cared." She scratched her shoulder and shrugged, hiding behind a rack Laundi placed the stolen wallets under folded cream colored pants and a few shirts folded on top of them, the cops wouldn't suspect a thing. Looking back up at the woman and then toward the cops that approached, two together. They approached Laundi and she watched them, she was taller than them, she 5'7 and a half and they were at most 5'5, looking down to them she rolled her shoulders. "Problem here officer?" She took a step back so she wouldn't have to look down at them and they spoke to each other before placing their hand out toward her bag, she held it out to them and they grabbed it. Nothing lay inside but another bandana and an old receipt. They checked the other pockets and gave it back to her, saying sorry for assumptions Laundi would fake a smile before retrieving the wallets and looking back at Tatum, shrugging. "I'm Laundi, from Eternal Darkness as well." She wanted to compliment the woman on her name but if she wasn't a Lesbian like herself or Bi then the woman would think of her as creepy she assumed. The smell radiating the woman was intoxicating, the smell of axe, she smelt so good. Laundi looked the woman up and down, whom wore skinny jeans, combat boots and a tee shirt like herself. Nodding once in approval Laundi returned her gaze to the woman's eyes, which were also beautiful. Everything about her beautiful. Everything. Smiling, her snow white teeth peeking through her soft lips.

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4 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:30 am

Tatum chuckled as the women said her rude comment, but she had to give her props Tatum doesn't care either. Not what has happened before in her life. She continued to chuckle at the shirt representing of her to 'Walk Away' but Tatum didn't and stood her ground. Her hair was still a bit wet from the previous shower she had taken. Scrunching up her hair bit which smelt like green apples. Devouring the smell just as the cops came up. "Sup officers." Tatum said smugly, giving the police officer a disgusting smile. They went through the lady's bag, which didn't have the wallets in it since she hide it. Then she retreated them back into the bag. The officers left and finally were out of ear shot.. "Nice trick there.. Laundi." Tatum winked. She doesn't know if the women was Bi, lesbian, or neither. She thought the women was attractive and them lips are beautiful, well everything about her body is beautiful. Tatum wanted to lips and tease with her bottom, if she had the chance too.. Maybe she would get lucky time, anyways. Tatum showed more affection, by coming up behind her and whispering.. "Laundi, I love your name. It's beautiful, yet, it fits you. Maybe we could hang out, right now?" Tatum just wished the lady would say yes, because Tatum would definitely like to get a shot or two at her. But of coarse not use her, respect her and show the affection she would love to show. It's building up the second she stands next the sexiest body in the store right now.

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5 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:41 am

Laundi held back a laugh when the woman said "Sup" the other officers, she smirked while they looked through her bags and grinned at the woman, returning emotionless when they handed it back and left. The woman was so enticing and just filled Laundi with Lust, the want, the need, like that of her lust for blood. This woman could, this woman could, teach Laundi how to love again if she got the chance. As the woman came up behind her, Laundi smirked and turned her head slightly so her was right in front of the woman's mouth, she blushed softly when she said her named suited her, calling her beautiful. "I was going to say the same about you." She smirked turning to face the woman now, her bag hanging on by one strap. "I'd love to hang out with you, who wouldn't? You're absolutely enticing. Absolutely beautiful." Laundi pressed faced the woman staring at her lips while biting hers a bit and letting hers go when she stared into the woman's beautiful eyes. "Right now." She smirked, Laundi had no care for this woman's sexual orientation she just wanted to put her hands on her and let their lips touch, but if they did Laundi would wish they'd never separate.

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6 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:01 am

Tatum smiles as the women turned to face her directly. She complimented and the women's named and Laundi did it back. "Thanks.." Tatum blushed. She knew this girl could change many things and she just wants to kiss those lips and feel along the precious body. But what just mad Tatum's day, the women said yes to her offer. And the gave such tone to it, it made Tatum grab her hand. "Right now, of coarse. I can't let this opportunity to pass up on such a sexy body and gorgeous face." Tatum bopped her nose and hurried them both outside. Tatum look a left into the store next store which is called 'Hot Topic'. Tatum grabbed some shirts and dragged the gorgeous lady with her. They stopped in front of the dressing rooms and Tatum turned the lady around to whisper in her ear. "I'm going to try some stuff on, you're going to stay her and wait." Tatum's fingers traced up the lady's sides to give her a tingling feeling and Tatum disappeared. She shouted, but still not loud enough the whole store can her. "Or you may enter and watch me get dressed. Your choice." She closed the curtain, but not fully away so the lady still had a view of her getting dressed. She stripped off her leather jacket and tank top. Tatum stripped off her bra and slip the new one on. She was having trouble clipping it, but she managed herself. Nor did the women know or not Tatum was pulling a trick on her to become more intrigued. "So what do you think?" Tatum knew the women was watching, but if she wasn't Tatum would still make her look at her in a bra.

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7 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:19 am

Laundi let the woman drag her from the store, her bag still hanging from only one strap and almost falling off. She smirked as they walked into hot topic and Tatum grabbed some shirts, obviously an excuse to go back to the dressing rooms, a clever one. Laundi ignored the others who glared at them, most people weren't very accepting to people like them but she wouldn't care, she never did and never would. As they were finally back to the dressing rooms and Tatum walked in, Laundi took a step closer and as Tatum spoke she nodded, smirking before stepping inside, a few inches from the curtain and watching with glowing eyes, she rubbed her boot on the ground and watched her unhitch her bra and put on another, struggling Laundi was going to help but she got it before she could as Tatum asked Laundi what she thought, the answer was obvious, she loved it. "It looks great, but I think it would look better on the floor." She winked slightly and looked the woman's feminine figure up and down once more, stopping a few extra moments to stare at her cleavage. Laundi apparoched the woman, letting her bag fall onto the ground and pressed her against the wall, staring into her eyes before pressing her lips against Tatum's they both wanted to touch and be touched, it was obvious. Laundi let her hand trail along the woman's bare back and down to her ass, gripping it softly and letting her hand trail back up her back, pulling back, gripping her lip in doing so and releasing it when she spoke. "You're so beautiful." Laundi said approaching again, staring at her lips and at that moment another person walked past, stopping for a moment and their legs bending to see four feet and they laughed, calling to their friends but Laundi ignored them and they all came to see the four feet and left like the immature mortals they were.

Laundi took off her jacket and dropped it onto her bag and took her shirt off as well before grabbing a bra that was placed there by some other costumer, just her size. Laundi undid her bra and placed it on, turning around she looked over her shoulder at Tatum. "Mind helping me love?" She looked back forward, waiting for Tatum to do something.

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8 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:41 am

Laundi felt for the trick and even she knew it was a trick she decided to go with it. Tatum's skin was pure and smooth, not defect or anything. Laundi said she loved the bra, but she rather see it on the floor. Tatum was going to unhook it, but the women approached faster then she could react. Her lips fell onto her own, the passion shot onto Tatum. The spark between them, made Tatum grasp her body. Her hands moved down to grasp Tatum's ass, which made Tatum giggle against the laugh. The only problem was it end before Tatum could react. Them meddling girls had to leave, but Tatum peeked out to find the store empty. Finally, alone at last. She turned back to find Laundi stripping to pull on her own bra. It was Tatum's turn to approach. She slipping her hand onto Laundi's side, Tatum bent down a bit to kiss up to the length of her back. "We're alone, why not have some fun." Tatum doesn't care if they would have sex in a dressing room, let them live a little. Her kisses her soft and she twirled the girl around the kiss her belly. "Take the bra off, like you said it's better off on the floor." She giggled, but spoke in a serious tone. Tatum caresses her boob with one hand as the other slips Laundi's bra off. Tatum took her own off before Laundi even had a chance too. Tatum took grasp of the lady's pant's pockets, pulling Laundi closer to press against Tatum's body. "Continue where you were. Or we can take elsewhere. If not, let's live a lil bit." She dug a hand slowly infront of her middle and button, but didn't unbutton or touch her center. She just grasp the material separating it.

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9 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:40 pm

Laundi watched the woman go to peek out to see if anyone was out there, like it mattered. Laundi would do it in public if she needed too, right now all she was thinking about was this woman and her body pressed against her own. That was all she wanted, all she felt she needed. This woman would be the death of her, Laundi chuckled as she tossed her bra on the floor and the woman approached her before and kissed up her back, Laundi looked over her shoulder slightly, her hands tying up her hair tighter and tossing the bandana away on the floor as well. When Tatum twirled her around Laundi just gazed at the woman, watching her contently, as the woman took her bra off Laundi reached to do the same with her but the woman had already undone it and had it on the floor, where it belonged. Laundi looked down at the woman before unhooking her skinny jeans herself, kicking off her combat boots and pulling down her skinny jeans, purple laced lingerie were worn over herself and she pulled Tatum up and bent down herself, un-buttoning her pants for her and pulling them down, lifting her legs for her and pulling off her boots the same time she took of the jeans. Laundi stood back up, kissing up her belly and between her breasts and and up her neck and to her jawline before finally plunging her lips to Tatum's lustfully. Gripping her bottom lip with her pearl white teeth and letting it go before letting her tongue in to explore, pressing her bottom against Tatum's bottom, the lingerie blocking any actual connection. She gabbed her back, sliding her hand along her perfect skin, Laundi's skin  the same texture and almost the same appearance as Tatum's, no flaws, but Laundi was no near as perfect as Tatum in her own mind. Gripping her ass again and letting her hand slide up her back and over her shoulder to grip her breast she smirked before kissing her jawline, teasing her.

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10 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:49 pm

Tatum eyed Laundri, the women whose body is gorgeous in many way. Her skin was pure, teeth were perfect and her piercing eyes attracted darkness beneath this earth. Tatum's passion for this lady was perfect. She knew she would have many memorial moments and Tatum wouldn't want to miss out on it. Maybe actually they could be a couple and Tatum could be forward with her secrets and past, but that doesn't matter right now. The beautiful lady was standing before her waiting for what might actually happen in this small dressing room. A spark of connection was waiting to happen and Tatum wanted to kiss every inches of this lady, to memorize her secrets and defects, if she had any. Her image looked perfect, personality is all Tatum had to wait for, but that will be on the bucket list. Because Tatum will bring this female back to her house and have actual connection. Maybe have a movie night together, cuddling under her blanket, naked or not, who cares the only thing that actually matters is having her next to her. Someone to talk to like a best friend, but a girlfriend to make out with and cuddle together.

The lady was beginning to undress both of them before Tatum could actually react, again. Tatum looked down see both of their centers connecting, but not skin to skin connection. Which doesn't both Tatum, she just wanted find the tweaks and positions. Tatum felt along the Laundi's back, smoothing it out slowly to give a slight chill down her spine. Laundi began at Tatum's stomach, slowly kissing it, the material of her underwear was laced and black, Tatum would let the women decided if she wanted to strip the last material. If she didn't Tatum wouldn't mind. It doesn't have to go all the way, if it does, oh well. Tatum rubbed Laundi's shoulders, feeling up her body little by little. Her plush lips went of her body, between her breast and nips at her lip. Tatum let the have total control. She brought of her right leg, curling around her waist, rubbing Laundi's hand the rub against it. Her thing rubbed her side with such flexibility. The women testily kissed Tatum's jawline, Tatum whispered "It's not nice to play games women" she chuckled as one of her hands groped one of breasts while the other rests on her stomach. Tatum kissed along Laundi's neck, blowing on the chill spot, then kissed her lips once then traces them with her tongue tea silly back.

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11 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:28 pm

Laundi felt the woman grab her body and wished she would never let go. Her touch, her breath, her body, her hair, everything about her let all of Laundi's aggression and worries seep away, the first time ever, she felt mildly content. Laundi would make sure they'd be together, they'd date, watch movies, hang out with other werewolves, go for walks, hunt together, torture useless mortals together, do many things together. Laundi never felt this way before, she normally stayed away from love, from anyone touching her and here she was in front of this woman almost naked. It's funny what others can do to you, but so many others have tried to make a move on her and she rejected them, snapped their neck or just left, but snapping their neck was more fun.

Now the two woman stood in the dressing room, half naked and it was growing dark outside, more cars honked and slammed on their brakes, causing Laundi to almost cover her ears at the sound, she could hear conversations outside and the store clerk on the cell phone with her boyfriend, the store was about to close. Laundi pressed tighter against Tatum, now Tatum kissed Laundi's neck, she let out a small, silent moan, almost like a gust of air. She bit her lip before lifting Tatum's other leg around her waist and pressing her against the wall, kissing her neck before kissing her lips, she waved her lower stomach in a grinding motion against Tatum's center and held her tight, their breasts touching and pressing together before the store clerk started walking toward the dressing rooms. Laundi cussed under her breath and Zira growled lowly and Laundi would happily snap the neck of the store and continue on but she wouldn't want the police on her again, she waved her stomach one more time before stopping to look at the curtain where two black shoes stood below, the store clerk asked in her fake voice if someone was in here and Laundi kissed Tatum's lips to make her be quiet before unlatching and rolling her eyes. "Yes.." The store clerk said alright and told Laundi that she had to finish up and leave. The woman checked to see if their was only one set of feet and their was, only because Laundi was holding Tatum. The store clerk walked off and got back on the cell phone with her boyfriend before Laundi let Tatum down. Kissing her lips again Laundi sighed before punching punching at the wall but stopping before she actually hit it and sighed looking at Tatum and grabbing her bra from off the floor, putting around Tatum's breasts she whispered in her ear. "Maybe next time we'll get all the clothing off." She nibbled her ear and kissed her neck before finishing the latch and grabbing her own bra, putting it on and her shirt, pulling on her skinny jeans and jumping a few times to get them on, putting her combat boots on and finally her leather jacket and smirked at Tatum, grabbing a tag from a bra and writing on it with a pen from her bag she ripped it off the bra and handed it to Tatum and smiled. Not all the stores closed at this time, in fact hardly any of them did but Hot Topic seemed to be on different hours, swearing under her breath again Laundi peeked out the curtain and looked back at Tatum. "Want to go shopping some more or maybe go swimming back at the hotel? Do something together?" Shrugging softly she waited for her to answer, Laundi never wanted this night to end, she wanted to be surrounded by this woman's scent, forever more.

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12 Re: Taking what I please. (Tatum/Mature) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:00 pm

As Tatum knew the store was closing since she saw a light flicker off, she mumbled some cruel words. Her feet were dangling in mid air, since Laundi got a hold of her and has most of her weight relying on the wall. The store clerk asked if anyone was in her and Laundi responded, since she also shushed me up with a serious kiss. Her lips were smooth and her taste was sweet just like her touch. Tatum loved it. The clerk left and Laundi dropped Tatum, so her feet were flat to the ground. She gathered up her clothes, pulling all the on. Her outfit was more punk, then scene. She changed her look from girly to scene. Big different, she'll say. She had to change her look, since men were after her. Not anymore, since they all died. But that isn't important, they were fully dressed and they were both pissed off but they'll see each other again.. Soon because Laundi offered to hang out and Tatum said, "Yes! The pool sounds find. I'll meet you there later, I have Arron's to run, but I'll meet yeah there in about an hour and half?" And like that Tatum took the paper and left. She had things to run, but she definitely wouldn't miss this. Tatum, walked out the store and walked the opposite way of the hotel, since she doesn't have a bathing suit. She has to buy one.

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