Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Taking A Chance

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1 Taking A Chance on Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:45 pm


Something drew him here, he could sense it with every fiber of his being; and he swore he could feel it calling through his blood. There were others in this city like himself, many, if he wasn't mistaken. Faolan had to tread lightly from here on out; he had no knowledge of the pack that resided here nor knew if they were hostile or not which could cause major problems for a lone wolf. The last thing he needed was a ravenous pack on his tail. Well, he was in their territory after all, he was running the risk of being attacked for his decision to venture here. Nervous, yes, Faolan was highly nervous, and as he slowly and quietly slithered into a dully lit alleyway he was constantly watching over his shoulder. Bright icy eyes scanned his surroundings, washing over every possible crevice and shadow half expecting something to pop out at him.

Never had he had to deal with a pack.... Besides running from his own who only wanted to see his blood spill like his family did, they wanted to see his dead carcass being torn beyond recognition. All Fao desired was protection and to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. Something he had gone without his entire life. Taking a chance on this pack was a huge step for him that he didn't want to screw up. Now was a time for him to stop running and defend himself, he barely knew the basics of his kind, and if he was going to get the revenge he so sought out he needed to be able to function like a normal lycan.

Faolan stopped abruptly in his tracks as his stomach rumbled loudly, a frown pulling at his lips. It had been a while since he had last fed... Contemplating finding a meat shop of some sort and snatching himself a meal, though thought of that option to be too tiring at the moment. He needed to rest a little while before he pulled off a job like that but hey, maybe a stray cat or dog would pass by that he could snatch.... Or maybe, an unsuspecting passerby. Licking his lips as he thought of a delicious meal, Faolan mumbled to himself gently and placed his back against the cold brick wall, sliding down to meet the concrete below as he rested.

2 Re: Taking A Chance on Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:08 pm

(( Sorry for writing so much, xD Music got me into the writing mood it seems. ))

For it being summer, it sure as Hell wasn't warm enough during the night, nonetheless the female never cared. Change was nice sometimes, but after over one hundred years of living within the city, adapting to its strange climates was simple, and after a while, the weather would be almost, well, welcoming. She'd hadn't always been a city-pet, but preferred it rather than the isolated life within the trees. That was the Bravehearts and her family's way, not hers. The Alphess was working herself to the goal she had planned for years, a pack, but not just any pack. Her goal was the find the best of the best, fighters and intelligence within the werelings that crossed her path. As of now, everything was going as it was planned in the first place. Every other day a shifter or two out spring up in her alleys or even the lobby for acceptance, and putting on her best face, she tried her hardest to listen to their history of experience and tragedies that led them here. To her. 

A whisper of wind broke her position as it licked her pale, fragile skin that covered her hollow collarbones. Secrets within the wind's voice wrapped around her, but it wasn't what they were whistling that caught her attention. The smell of a brute. His fumes practically chocked her breathing ways from registering anymore. Noctavia made a noise in disgust, calming herself before she could think of the idea of snapping at him. Though it would be no use, it was just another loner to walk into Eternal Territory. A nobody walking by his lonesome self through the streets for a pack to step into. Her choice of clothing wasn't professional, but casual enough to speak to a vegabond without being underestimated. Wrapped around her long, slender likes and waist was a pair of dark, denim blue skinnys that held rips all along the front, the ends covering a pair of the black combat heels she wore almost daily. All thats left was a plain, light grey cotton tank with a black and red checkered lumberjack shirt. Around her neck to reach just the mid of where her ribcage ended chained a golden and silver owl necklace with green hypnotizing eyes to match her very own. 

Quickening her pace to the other side of the roof, her feet acted naturally fast to the ledge and Noctavia leaped onto the other building with ease. Since she was a beginning shifter, jumping like this was always a talent she had learned to love. Unfortunately, she had to thank her family for that, no matter how much she wished to deny all of what they had done to her, both good and bad. The male's scent neared closer to her, causing the Alphess to smile as her expectations of direction were correct. Stepping onto another building, she peered over the edge and stalked along the ledge as she scanned the area. He was here, some where, but where exactly? Noctavia lingered her balance a little further down the side before dropping to reach the alley's surface once again with a thump from her shoes. The voices of her so-called 'wolves' stirred from their slumber and growled, groaning lazily after hitting impact against the floor. She rolled her eyes at them for which she could care less.

Turning around the corner, she peeked her head to crane around it, seeing the shifter sit against the brick wall with either a tired, or bored expression within his icy eyes. But his eyes, they looked so similar from one of her packmates. When it hit her, a small smile crossed over her features, shown and shadowed in the moon's early light. Adonis. How could she almost forget about him? It was hard to believe considering he was Gabriel's little brother and her own Elite. She didn't know to completely trust him or not since he still possessed the Braveheart's flesh and blood to run through his veins. But his intelligence and rebellious attitude was what through her off for it was Adonis that hated everything to do with Gabriel, much like herself. She sighed, exposing herself to walk directly at the alley's center towards the figure, leaning over to meet his gaze. "Evening," She bared a sharp grin, revealing her long canines and a glint of a smile in her emerald hues. "It seems you have washed up into my territories, brute. What is your reason because 'just passing through' isn't going to be an answer?" Slowly, she held out her hand, both for him to grab so he can stand and shake, "Salutations. I am Noctavia Dark, Alphess of the Eternal Darkness in which resides within these alleys. Gotta name?" 


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3 Re: Taking A Chance on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:57 am


(Oh my goodness do not apologize for that ^^ Im glad to see some lengthy posts.)

Allowing to let his head fall back, another soft sigh escaped the young male as his cool blue gaze was directed heavenward. It was a pleasant evening, he supposed, a clear night sky with the brilliant rays of the great moon raining down upon the city, showering it in its silver pools. Comforting to the young lycan it was; he enjoyed a good basking. In some ways it gave him a little sense of peace and tranquility which was rare in his case, and every moment he was presented with, he enjoyed it to the fullest. Relaxation was all that he really wished for currently, that and food. Once more did his stomach grumble at that, as if begging Faolan to stuff his face, oh how he wished he could right now but rest was a must right now. His bright orbs flickered towards the entrance of the alleyway he had took temporary shelter in, watching as a few passerby moved from pool to pool casted from the over hanging streetlights. His hunger rose with each mortal that passed by his gaze. Meat, he craved meat; he needed and desired that particular sustenance. It couldn't be that hard, snatching an unsuspecting victim from the street and dragging them into the darkness, tearing out their throat and any hope they had of living? Faolan quickly shook his head and scolded himself for ever allowing such thoughts to enter his mind. No.

Fao couldn't bring himself to really go through with it; he had never disposed of a human before let alone any game that would put up a fight. He had fetched his meals by the means of stealing and scavenging which explained why he was practically a twig. What the lycan lacked in build, he made up for in speed and agility hell he had been running his whole life pushing himself over the limit every single time, it was expected. Though Fao wanted to change that, he wanted to become stronger, desperately. If those wolves found him... If they found him he wanted to dismember them, to hear their pleas as his fangs tore through their flesh, to taste the sweet crimson that flows through their veins. Revenge. Now revenge he would have, for his parents Roland and Esme, and for his little brother Kodi who barely had a chance at life. Each of them he would avenge...

His nose began to twitch as the gentle night air carried a scent towards him, one that stood out from the humans. It was one of the others for sure. The young werewolf tensed up, his heart beat pounding faster inside his chest cavity; he was beginning to panic and it was hard controlling the urge to flee. Fao had never interacted positively with a pack before and the fear that he would be ran out or perhaps beaten for trespassing was strong. He always assumed the worst. Would this individual cause harm to him? Would they lend him their paw? Only time would tell, and by the smell of things he knew he would be meeting the other lycan soon. How soon, he hadn't been sure of, but when a feminine voice filed into his ears, head snapping up his gaze caught who it belonged to. What he had been expecting was to be snapped at and threatened, not given a question and an extended hand followed by a formal greeting. It got the young male thinking a bit. Were there really packs out there so... kind? Through his life he had doubts, maybe now that would change his whole perspective on the subject.

Faolan met her brilliant green gaze once before turning his own down towards his ratty converse shoes, stumbling over his words till he could get an answer out."I-I'm in search of a pack for myself..." Keeping things short and to the point he didn't want to spill everything and go overboard, surely she wouldn't care to hear his whole life story within the short few moments they had just met in. Slowly, he brought his head back up, eyes following till they landed on her hand which was offered to him. At first, he was more than hesitant, but slowly did he reach up with his own pale hand to gently grab a hold to move to his feet. The next sentence that left her mouth, nearly left him speechless. What were the odds of him running into the one person of authority that he was searching for? Faolan swallowed the lump in his throat and slowly nodded."Faolan... Nice to, uh, meet you." Dipping his head, he introduced himself, hesitantly looking up from the ground.

4 Re: Taking A Chance on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:43 am

(( Wooh! I already like you more then. xD ))

Her hand wrapped around his, pulling back easily to bring himself to his two legs. From what she believe, he appeared shaken by her presence which brightened her mood a tab hit to see. His name was strange, but not in a bad way, a good way almost because hers was no better. "Faolan.. " She repeated the name once, letting her other half dribble and echo it off the many walls within her twisted mind. "Well, Faolan, you came to the right place. I'd say you have nothing to fear, but I would be lying," She teased, curling a long wave of obsidian behind her ear that blocked her view. Now that the male was in fairly lit lighting, the Alphess could see the small features that made up his face, let alone build. He appeared boney, frail almost and it concerned her to know why. Two icy eyes; framing his face of an angled jaw and young face like any other shifter. The hair of his stopped just the mid of his face. Long, black must like hers only she presumed for him was naturally straight or even dyed. And of course, like everyone else in this world he practically towered over her even wearing heels. Though, being small had its perks, even as a female Alphess. It left them to believe they could take her own, only to later find out they've have their necks so close to being ripped off by a woman twice their height. Noctavia younger years were nothing of underestimation of her gifted looks and small frame. Brutes that could knock an individual with one punch were nothing compared to what she could do to them in return.

She sighed, knowing if he didn't stop stammering his sentences this conversation was going to no where fast. Noctavia put on a fake, half smile, a small speck of sympathy in her eyes as she looked at him. "Look, kid. I'm not making any promises, but you seriously have nothing to worry about unless you lead me to believe you're untrustworthy Or a threat to me or my pack for that matter. I take my work professionally and will not under any circumstances stand to see no respect being given. You get what I'm saying, Faolan?" Noctavia waited a moment for him to nod, backing up to feel the brick wall lightly press against it. Last time she had her back against the wall ended up spending the night with one of her Warriors by the choice of rebellion. Her head leaned back to stare up at the star-free sky, seeing a small blinking green and red light of what she expected to another helicopter passing by. All around them noises of many could be heard; sirens of different directions, the zooms of speeding taxis, buses and cars and the faint chatter some of the bystanders made at the very end of long alley. The night was young, and for it being a Saturday only made the noises heighten since it was only night out of the week to stay up late and party till the sun came up the following Sunday morning. Noctavia could almost barely hear the sound of Rapture's music blaring from its speakers to attract partiers much unlike herself. That life was meant for someone else, not her and always has been since she was younger. From what she could tell, Faolan was one of the kind she spend most of her highschool with. The outsiders and awkward emos who had nothing better to do but sit in silence or rebel against the small towns they passed. If only there were someway to make him feel more at east so the female could get some more history and experiences around him. It was challenge she was willing to take. But could she?


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5 Re: Taking A Chance on Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:43 pm



Not once did he dare allow his guard to fall, even as the situation here seemed harmless allowing himself too open would be the death of him if things changed for worse. He learned his lesson last time he had done such. Keeping a respectable distance he idly began rubbing his forearm, tracing over the long scar that plagued his pale skin. That was his reminder as well as a half of a dozen other ones... Fao listened attentively to the young woman as she spoke and as expected there was a catch, there was always a catch with everything it seemed. Though this was nothing new or foreign to him but he still appreciated her honesty, a good heads up it was. Faolan wouldn't push his luck too much and if a straightforward approach didn't work he could always suck up what remaining pride he had, if any, and get on his knees and beg. It would make him look weak, well, weaker, so that probably wasn't a good idea but would do as an absolute last resort. He could prove to this leader that he was fit to be in her pack, that he could aid them somehow. Hell at this point he would do just about anything to fill the empty space titled 'belonging'.

Faolan felt her emerald gaze wash over his own gangly form, no doubt sizing him up or trying to figure out a weakness, if it wasn't that obvious already. He just assumed that anyway... The male didn't look really presentable. His shoes tattered no longer holding their color, jeans ripped and covered in spots of dirt and blood. The jacket that he donned had sleeves once upon a time but took on a ragged look like the rest of his outfit, and so he simply tore the sleeves off long ago. To most, he looked like a homeless person, but slightly better dressed and far too good looking. Technically he was homeless however... Fao broke himself out of his thoughts as soon as her voice entered his ears, serious and words not to be taken lightly. For the most part he believed that he was being respectful but it appeared differently in this woman's eyes and he wanted to change that. He gave a nod of his head and slowly picked his gaze off of the ground to meet her own; yes he understood her entirely.

He would give her the respect she deserved, it was not like Faolan not to when somf her current posn in a pack was in his presence. All he had to do was prove that. His posture straightened up and he fought the urges to cower away, Fao fought to keep his gaze up for her. Clearing his throat, he spoke up, Icelandic accent thick."Yes ma'am, I understand. Im just... Im just tired of running, of being alone." A home, that was all that he wanted, a home with protection and those who would accept him unlike his own pack. It was much to ask, but he had to take that chance or else he would get no where. She could send him right on down the road if she saw fit and he could not argue with her and ruin chances in the future. Faolan would prove himself if he was rejected right here on the spot, even more so than he would if he were to be welcomed with open paws.

6 Re: Taking A Chance on Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:53 pm

Noctavia watched him fiddle and feel across his forearm for a moment out of her time. If she were to of had a younger brother, he would not be far off in resemblance. Both alike; the pale, gentle skin with little warmth to cover their hollow, bony frames, black obsidian hair color, long, slender torsos as well as legs. The only difference was their eyes. Instead of him having the eyes the color of venom like hers, he had glacier bright blue, a spark of both fear and a pinch of confidence behind them whereas hers was amusement, power. From what she saw, standing their before him she knew he had a horrible past and hard time getting to this point. She held little sympathy for the man, tapping her foot impatiently for him to get a hold of his emotions and act reasonable with her. Noctavia sighed irritatedly, awkwardly poking his boney shoulder for him to look up, "You're not alone. You never were. Just standing here in front of me shows that you aren't alone, kid. I know what its like to be in your state, but that past is behind us all. If you can put away the fear for a moment and work with me here, you won't be 'alone' any longer. All I need to know is is your strengths, what you can provide for my pack here. I also need to know you're not afraid to take a human's life, and yes, that means even children."

Crossing her arms over her chest, she tried to keep all of what was left of her impatience from growing and lashing out. Her jaw clenched, pressing deeper against the wall careful not to hurt her back than it already did. Deciding it would be best not to press any further, she repealed off the wall and walked in a slow circle around the wereling, fathoming the choice if it were best to leave or stay. "There's also one more thing that requires in order to coming into my pack," Noctavia stopped, peering to the side to look at him as she turns to face him completely. "You have to give your word and swear on your life you will not bring harm or disrespect to my pack. If there is anything I care about more than myself it is my pack and respect that comes with it. I will not put up with an arrogant and selfish being waltz right into a room and treat other with poor respect no matter what the rank they have. Understand?"


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7 Re: Taking A Chance on Sat Jun 29, 2013 6:13 pm


It wasn't like he could help his nervousness, and to be honest he was trying like the dickens to get himself together. Faolan knew he was making himself look like a weak underling before her which was not the greatest first impression at all. His damn nervousness was going to land him in a bad spot and he knew it would be soon if he didn't straighten up, wouldn't surprise him a bit if she turned him right away. He had to swallow his fear even as hard as that was, for right now he needed to could wallow in it when he was alone. This was supposed to be a change for the Lucian boy, and certain things needed to be stored away. As the alphess gently gave his nearly muscleless shoulder a poke, Fao's gaze straightened out like she had just flipped a switch, his icy hued orbs latching onto her.

Now, he wasn't sure if it was just his curiosity or natural instinct as any other male on the planet, but he allowed his own gaze to wash over her. He hadn't really taken the time to do so, to any woman that is. Faolan couldn't help but admire her appearance, quite easy on the eyes he thought, though thinly shaped like himself. Not that that was bad or anything. Despite that, he knew better than to label her the same as him; weak, she had earned her rank for a reason and no doubt she could set him flat in under five seconds. Listening his attention immediately drew back up towards her bright green orbs that in his mind resembled a can of Monster. Sure he was aware that he needed to act more professional right now but her words also were encouraging in a way, and more important to him; she understood. She didn't know how much better that made him feel.

"I know I dont look like it but I'm faster than most, really. What I lack in strength I make up for speed and agility for sure, though I hope to change that, brute strength I mean. I'm a good scout I suppose." Faolan fought off his stuttering and jumbling up of words and was pretty straightforward he thought; he was proud of himself for doing that and keeping his gaze locked with the alphess in his presence. Then, as if on cue, his stomach had to butt into their conversation the minute humans were brought up, obviously that was what it desired and sent a rush making Fao crave it."Right now, I'm hungry enough to eat either or, so no I have no fear of that." Hell they've turned on him too in the past so why would he hold any sympathy for them?

Eyes glued onto her, he watched as the woman began making slow circles around him. Faolan did not move from his spot as he was assessed, making an accusation, and waited to speak again that was if she questioned him further which was expected. But it was not a question that left her, but a verbal contract of sorts that he would have to swear on. Remaining as serious as before he, he did not ramble on and gave another straightforward answer.''Yes, ma'am, I understand. You have my word."

8 Re: Taking A Chance on Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:02 am

Noctavia nodded along, taking a glance or two to examine his body features as if it were valuable or great worth. Never before had she worked with a man scrawny as him, but if it were the case, speed was one of the most important keys of surviving. If the wereling were to of gotten caught, they'd instinctively shift and sprint away, how fast was one thing, instincts was another. If Faolan was just saying he was that fast normally then she would expect him to run faster in action, or retreat in some situations. Only she would know of how this could happen with all the past experience she held behind her and noted in the depths of her mind. Though the Alphess was not saying it takes just speed to kill or fight off a prey or predator, strength took an even bigger part in it as well as energy. Her decision was made and she decided to be reasonable with him since he kept his word, not that she expected such a thin brute to terrorize her pack. He was fast, but was fast enough to get passed a fight with one of her own warriors? Maybe, maybe not. "I know you're word would be kept, Faolan and I hope to expect great effort out of you at that. I'll grant you with the rank of a common Warrior within my pack, and might I remind you that it would not be smart to start a disruption or mess with them because they are not afraid to dominant you no matter the rank. Look up to your superiors and praise them with respect. I'm sure you can understand if I'm not correct. No offense, but you don't come off as being dangerous. But that would be hard for me to say considering other individuals look at me the same way. Underneath this face is nothing more than a monster, a gift in my terms that wants nothing to do with everyone else in this world, but the people that work under me."

She turned her body to the side, tucking her hands in the back of her jean pockets. "If you would have said something earlier, we could have gone on a little eating spree. However, I not that much hungry and I believe you should go collect your things for your new room. When you're ready, walk to the front desk and the blonde, which is one of us will give you a key and you can go. If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask. My room is at the very top level, can't miss it." Noctavia started walking down the alley, hearing the taps of her sneakers hit the ground and echo off the brick walls, being encased in darkness. "Oh." She turned around, eyes of emerald aglow in the shadows, "Welcome to Eternal Darkness, Warrior."

(( You no longer have to reply to this. Change your name to Warrior Faolan, you are now free to roam around the Eternal Darkness territories as you please. Welcome to Eternal Darkness. ))


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