Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Dancing On A Tightrope [Melissa]

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1 Dancing On A Tightrope [Melissa] on Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:08 pm

The city life was one to only imagine to those who have never lived it, but unlike her, for it was her to be here when it was built. The prairies and grasslands that once were that stretched across these lands now were skyscrapers and traffic-filled streets. There was no luxury to those back then, but like every other few years that passed, evolution grew stronger to their benefit. Noctavia could still remember as a younger wereling at around to a few hundred years old, seeing the city rise up from the ground and built up to this very day. And now, now the Alphess stood at the tallest building in New York, staring down at the city below - the reflection of the bright lights shining in her emeralds, as it was one of the best views one could ever experience. Her hair ran in long lengths over her shoulders to nearly reach the end of the small of her back, caving around her cheekbones that hugged so lightly upon them. A cloud glossed inside her eyes as she was lost - drowning helplessly under her own thoughts, barely audible to the sounds the escaped her mouth, ...What will we do now... Her counterpart stirred, stretching her mind as if it had been sleeping for centuries; what will they do next? ..We're running out of time... put the games away for the evening... When the whispered hisses deceased, Noctavia blinked back to the present, and the view vanished to reveal the darkness of her own room. She looked around - seeing how the walls cornered and surrounded her. As she sighed, her inner being rested back to its darkest part of her mind to where it came from, freeing her to turn and return to her tasks for the evening. Luckily, her plans fit neatly into place and she was able to leave a small note one of her packmember's room table. It was an invitation, one to which was specifically for the Elite, for they had not met. A smile crept on her face, gears turning wickedly to their own time as they swirled with questions, ideas, and responses. The night was still young in her fortune, so hopefully it'll give them enough time to discuss some things that had both been on their minds.

Her fingers danced along the hangers that lined along both closet walls, dappling at the change in fabrics the further she moved inside till she saw her evening-wear for casual events. Taking the laced black dress in hand, she examined it for a short moment, then holding it close as she stripped off her clothes to slip inside the smooth material. As she emerged to stand in front of the mirror, she reached behind her to zip it up, shivering slightly as the zipper climbed to its end. It accented her curves nicely, hiding what was needed, but a spice of sexiness to it as well. Underneath, she quickly pulled on a dark pair of nylons to cover her long light-colored legs, then stepping into a pair of striking black heels. The outfit was missing something, which caused her to think of accessorizing as she looked to her jewelry section and shelf of clutches tucked away above. As she found a perfect spiked silver bracelet, Noctavia then knew what to make the outfit whole. Her hand reached to one necklace in particular, though it wasn't the same as she had done some repairs to it thanks to a connection of hers. The necklace she had receive from her Delta was beautiful, but nothing she could wear daily, so she had it upgraded, as it was now just the large emerald hanging by a silver chain that ran to the mid of her collarbones. After seeing the time she quickly grabbed her matching dark green and black buckled clutch and slipped from her quarters and into the night away from the hotel.

As she ran on all fours then, she followed the scent of Griffen, using her keen sense of smell to guide her along with her memory. She had not visited the restaurant, as it was nothing of her time. On occasions, her co-workers and business associates would meet here for daily brunch, though it was rare for her to ever attend such events. They knew her quite well for owning one of the nicest and luxurious hotels in all of New York, but that was it. The over glow of the light in the distance made the fae slow her pace, catching herself in a slow trot as she moved through the shadows the alleys provided. When she knew she was close enough, Noctavia rolled her shoulders and shifted back to her human suit in mid-walk - gracefully keeping an eye out for others as she was now in the neutralized lands. Hopefully their night would not be interrupted with other packs, that was the last thing she wanted. Moving closer to the mouth of the alley, the Alphess then exposed herself to the light, clicking her heels to each step towards the entrance to look for her reservation, "Noctavia A. Dark, table for two. She will be arriving soon after." Once it was found, she smirked to the line waiting outside the building, watching as some eyed her with envious gazes and distaste; just how she liked it. The room had decent lighting, enough to help one see whom they were speaking to along with a mysterious glow to add to the mix of their features. She looked around the room, heading to the far, isolated end of the room as she had it ordered correctly. The Griffen manager had originally said that there were to be no such requests, but once he was told whom it was on the other line, he quickly changed the rule. What luck to come from simply scaring and proving better to the innocence, she thought. Placing herself to sit, the Alphess straightened her posture and crossed her legs over her lap, both the emeralds of her eyes and the gem around her neck shining just as bright, "I shall request your finest wine for the evening." Noctavia replied in a smooth tone, slightly eying the waitress out of the corner of her eye. As she had finally left the table, the fae waited patiently as she looked to the menu, taking her glass of wine in hand to lap silently.


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2 Re: Dancing On A Tightrope [Melissa] on Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:32 pm

[Deepest apologies. The winter month has me more busy than I'd ever imagined.]

The elite sat on top her comforter, the note still held in her left hand. With a heavy sigh she let her back collapse, causing her to bounce slightly as her back fell against the sheets. Melissa gazed up at the ceiling. Dinner with the Alphess, Melissa thought to herself. The idea intimidated her, left her weak at the knee. How are you feeling about joining the enemy now? Her wolf self grumbled. Melissa's eyes flashed with anger. This would have to happen sooner or later, to think not would be childish. She replied rather calmly to her wolf, pushing herself up from the bed. She walked as if on broken glass towards her closet. What to wear... What to wear... Melissa's mind was muddy as her hands absently ran over the various material. What questions would Noctavia have for her? Melissa hardly believed she'd have to answer any questions about Braveheart. From what she'd collected from Vitani nobody hardly cared about the details, they were all just happy Gabriel and his followers were gone and broken. But what was in the newly open sites of the Eternal crosshairs?

Melissa grabbed a simple piece from her stash and carefully made her way into the material. The black dress was simple. The top enclosed around her neck but left her shoulders bare. It was loosely fit across her chest, but tightened once past a thin silver belt. The dress itself may have been a little on the short side, but the laid back top made up for it. Besides, Melissa rather liked to show off her long legs. Once pleased with the dress's appearance Melissa fiddled with her hair until she had a neat, side, fishtail braid. She finished the look with a pair of silver hoop earrings and a bracelet with a charmed cross made of diamonds that she'd gotten from her father last Christmas. She tried only to wear such a piece on special occasions.

It was nearly a half hour later when Mel made her way through the entrance of The Griffen. She appeared almost perfectly on time, if only a few minutes early. She'd chose to ride in a cab and the driver had been swifter than the usual lazy taxi man. In thanks, Melissa handed him a $100 tip. Now her hazel hues gazed through the cloudy atmosphere until they came to rest on her Alphess. Taking a step forward, Melissa was caught of guard when a stiff arm struck out in front of her. "I'm sorry Miss, but you must have a reservation." Melissa's words seemed to stumbled from her mouth, a jumbled apology until she finally took a breath an regained her composer. "I'm supposed to be meeting a dear friend of mine, Noctavia Dark?" Melissa was about to ask if she'd arrived when the man simply dropped his arm and waved her through. She bit her tongue as she walked past the abrupt styled male, slightly surprised with his attitude.

Now a couple minutes behind schedule, Melissa walked with a brisk pace towards the isolated table that her Alphess sat. The last final steps she slowed her pace and even paused to smooth her dress. First impressions are everything. Hardly satisfied, Melissa closed the gap and stood before her alphess. She would not sit until welcomed. Instead she offered an easy smile to cover her nervousness. "Good Evening Alphess. I'm pleased to finally meet you, face to face. I've heard a great deal about you."

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3 Re: Dancing On A Tightrope [Melissa] on Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:23 pm

The wolf within cooed their whispered into her mind, sending an uncomfortable shiver to tread up her hollow spinal cord, ...She's here... Her eyes were lifted as the occurring scent of her kind neared to her surroundings, peeking in the direction of the graceful figure that moved about freely into the room and over to her in greetings. Noctavia trailed her gaze over the female shortly before rising from her chair to reach out a soft light-tanned hand, clear as day to expose her variety of tattoos upon her arms underneath the lace of her black dress sleeves. The Alphess expected her fashionably late arrival, but staid nothing of it to intrude, keeping her elegance to a minimum and silently poised as she firmly shook the woman's hand to the kind gesture of hello, "Salutations." A smile pinched at the corner of the side of her lips, pouting them into a crooked grin all the while replaying the predictions as to what the Elite may or may have not heard, "It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I too have heard some... valuable things upon yourself, Ms. Rejaz." The words trickled bittersweetly off the end of her tongue into slick-smooth sentences, placing her vision to strikingly tilt as it began to retrace the woman's frame to eventually meet her eyes. A sigh rolled away from her lungs when she exhaled, looking from behind her long natural lashes to become targeted within the fae's hazel hues. She had to hand it to Gabriel, he surely had a bit of taste in women, which only made her curious as to how he couldn't seem to keep his hands off the Alphess to start an argument between them - that is - when they saw rarely each other oh so long ago,

"Yes well.. sit, stay a while, if you will." Noctavia adjusted the lengths of her dress to agree against her figure, pressing to it to keep still as she lowered carefully into the seat. But her eyes stayed with the Elite before her, peacefully pinching her own glass to raise it to her plump lips for a short taste. It was enriched with age, which only made the wine all the more inviting to her taste-buds, "Vitani, my sister, has told me a few things about you. I'm more than relieved to hear that you've been adapting neatly to your new home. Though it seems you've been encountering some - well - minor difficulties with making some friends." She quickly shot a glance to Melissa before slightly shaking her head to correct herself, "Excuse me.. I meant, meaning, that is, besides my sister, in this case. She's certainly the social butterfly, I must add, but that would not count between us. But back to the topic.." She leaned forwards in her seat just a tad to flip over her leg upon her knee, crossing them neatly over one another so that she could at most get a relaxed position in the chair beneath her. Her thoughts flew in every which way direction to decipher which ones to best ask for the deeper details, but with the knowledge she gained, the Alphess knew that getting them would not be all that easy to pry. She knew that feeling herself, and if one were to start dipping into her personal era, then she too would want to become angered with it, which only reminded herself to stay distant from the severer topics at hand. She was too interested in the Elite for food; only wine and some discussing should do it for her that evening. Her counterpart grumbled as they thought it over together, until one especially sparked her attention at the memory of a certain individual she cared for the most above all. Her eyes widened slightly at the idea her mind found, but it didn't hurt to ask, even if it were a large subject change and conversation starter, "You.. wouldn't happen to of met my mate, and the Alpha, yet, have you, Melissa? Meaning, before you left Braveheart, when you were still one with that pack... Before he was an Alpha..." She asked curiously, raising her brows highly, but internally feeling the warm of the image with Daiken's smile, however it soon became sour in her mouth as she mouthed the word Braveheart in that sentence. It surprised her after so long of having victory of the dead pack that it's name was still pickled in her mouth when she spoke of it. Perhaps that was normal for her, then.


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4 Re: Dancing On A Tightrope [Melissa] on Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:27 pm

Melissa shook her Alphess' hand with a slightly firm grasp, having plenty of practice from when her father used to make her come with to important parties to meet equally important people. You could tell a lot by someone's handshake, and Mel had had plenty of time to perfect her own. It was just firm enough not to appear weak or nervous, yet not overpoweringly strong. Her eyes perked with interest. What had she heard? Surely it wasn't just the same old boring gossip of how she was a braveheart. No, she must have something much deeper on Melissa. The thought made her slightly nervous, but she did her best to keep her composer. She took a seat when given permission, her eyes breaking the locked gaze to make sure she didn't embarrassingly miss her own seat or scrunch her dress awkwardly. Attempting to remain casual, Melissa copied Noctavia's form and took hold of her wine glass, sipping occasionally. She flipped open the menu, letting it lie down against the table. Her eyes roamed over the list. She hardly recognized any of the food on the list and her stomach ached for a simple cheeseburger.

Melissa's eyes returned upwards to glance slightly questioning into the green hues. Aware she was being rude, Melissa cleared her throat and took a chance to take a small sip from her glass. She could feel the Alphess's gaze on her and fought against the urge to squirm from beneath it. The truth was, Melissa was terrible at making friends in general. Before she could always count on her other friends or just sort of fell into a group. Back in Braveheart she'd only made friends due to the breakfast mass shared every morning, forced to communicate with others. But within Eternal no such contact was required, and so Melissa had done none. She'd only met Vitani because she'd injured herself and Vitani happened to be the pack's doctor. But she did not bring any of this up to the Alphess, for if she did she knew she was at risk of either insulting Noctavia or embarrassing herself.

Melissa was surprised by the change in subject, seeing no direct link between the two of them. "Alpha Daiken?" She'd heard rumors, but was not sure if the Daiken she thought of was the same that was here. The way Alphess Noctavia's eyes perked at his name however, led Mel to believe they were indeed the same person. Mel cleared her throat again. "Um yeah, I mean yes ma'am. Alpha Daiken and his counter part had helped me train one evening before... Well, before he left to come here I guess." What was the name of Daiken's wolf again? Slater? The name sounded familiar, but Melissa hadn't spoken to either of the two since their little training activity. She wondered how they were doing, and felt guilty for not visiting Daiken once she'd reached Eternal.

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