Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Fun Time (Melissa)

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1 Fun Time (Melissa) on Sat May 11, 2013 11:07 pm

Giving a low growl in his throat the grey beast took off after the female. Gabriel burrowed deeper into his mind and relaxed, giving control over to his wolf. He enjoyed the feeling of his muscles moving beneath his dark grey, almost black pelt. It was thin for the summer, and was lighter colored then it was in the summer. A lighter, more silver grey circled his legs and up underneath his chin and around his eyes like a mask. Two golden eyes rested upon his wolf's handsome wolf, looking like two pieces of pirate gold.

His long legs carried him faster and faster until he was on Melissa's flank. Playfully he nipped the soft skin of her flank before giving a playful toss of his head and as he lowered his head took off faster until he was shoulder to shoulder with her, his tounge lolling out as he enjoyed the speed with which he went. The only wolf he'd met that could keep up with him was his Beta Teihmhnin, but Melissa, it seemed, was up for the challenge.

Soon the sound of the falls reached his ears and he slowed down as the beauty of it became visible. Sending Melissa a mental warning that they were getting close he phased back into his human form, but kept running, the muscles beneath his tanned skin flexing and moving. He didn't stop when he reached the water, but instead lunged forward into the air and dove into it's cool depths. Swimming underneath for a little bit he finally swam back to the surface and turned to smile at Melissa as she approached.

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2 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Sun May 12, 2013 7:46 pm

Melissa's wolf let out a bark of joy as her legs moved beneath her, pushing her forward. Her wolf was powerful, and Melissa loved the feeling. She looked back to see if Gabriel was following her and was suprised to see him right behind her. And you thought you might be faster than him... Melissa thought to herself, yeah right.

She went to bump her head into his shoulder and possibly send him spinning when he suddenly picked up speed, as if anticipating the move that had just entered her thoughts. She pushed herself and tried to keep up with him, but he was unfortunately much faster. A gap slowly began to build between them as Gabriel pulled farther ahead, and Melissa fell behind.

Determined not to lose him though, Melissa used her nose to follow him. What her nose couldn't detect however, was that he had phased. His voice in her head told her so. But, Melissa being a new wolf, was unsure how to shift back. She continued on running, trying to change back, but failed to do so before she reached the water.

Her wolf jumped from the embankment and seemed to soar over the glistening water until mid-jump when she managed to phase back and belly-flopped into the water. Aside from the pain in her stomach and her lungs aching for air, Melissa managed to feel embaressed. It had not been one of her best landings..

Breaking through the surface, Mel coughed up water that had managed to get down her throat during impact. she swam till she was in shallow enough water where she could stand and the water still reached just above her belly button. Once her little coughing fit was over, she looked up at Gabriel, her face a not-so-pretty shade of red.


Mel waved her hands at her sides in a mini jazzhand movement before beginning to laugh at herself. It was a quiet laugh, ment to make her embaressment not-so-terrible. Looking down at her reflection in the water, Melissa's eyes widened as she noticed she still wore her earlier clothes. Her light grey T-Shirt was soaked, as were her jeans. She frowned slightly at her reflection, taking off her T-Shirt. Underneith she had a black spaghetti-strap tank top and an orange sports bra. She threw her Shirt towards shore, but it landed in the shallows anyway. She just shook her head and continued to roll up her pant legs till they were cappree length. Satisfied, she looked up and smiled at Gabriel.

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3 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Mon May 27, 2013 12:19 am

Gabriel's laughter at Melissa's wolf lunging into the water stopped as soon as she came up coughing. He moved forward a little in concern, but stopped when she said 'tada.' He laughed again and splashed in her direction before slipping off his shirt which clung to him like a second skin. Giving a annoyed sound he whirled in a few times before tossing it towards the bank where it unceremoniously landed on a tree's branch.

"Oops." Gabriel shrugged before diving beneath the surface and shooting forward towards her legs. Laughing moved up and grabbed around her legs to where she was tossed over his shoulders. "You ok, little wolf?" He laughed before turning to head towards deeper water, a mischievous spark in his golden eyes.

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4 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Wed Jun 05, 2013 2:12 pm

(SOO sorry for the delay. Times have been rough, hopefully we can still keep this thing going?)

Melissa let out a breath of relief as he laughed along with her, giving her a splash before shedding some of his own clothes. Mel had to admit, he had one fine physique. She tried to make her stare non-obvious, but she was sure he saw it.

A little shriek/giggle thing came out of Melissa as Gabriel grabbed her from underneith the water, easily tossing her over his shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his waist, just incase he thought of dropping her. At the same time, Melissa smiled a little as his abs tightened underneith her grip. Strong.

"Just peachy." Mel laughed slightly, her body swaying back and forth as they headed to deeper water. He was carrying her like a fireman would carry a limp civilian from a raging inferno, like a hero. Mel made a little noise, a combination of a laugh and snort. She was more like the captive right now, not a fainted civilian waiting on a hero. But either way, Mel couldn't help but like the attention he was giving her. It made any and all thoughts of Blake nealy disappear.

The water was higher now, and Melissa pushed her hands against Gabriel's back so that her head wouldn't be submerged. She turned her head intime to see a mischievous smile displayed across Gabriel's features, and something else sparked within her self. She turned to face the other way, resting her elbows along his spine so she could hold her head up.

"Not that I don't like the view back here, but when do you spose I may be let go?" Melissa had a lazy smile on her face as she traced a single finger nail along his waist line. She wondered what his reaction may be, and what he had in mind for her.

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5 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:49 am

The male tilted his head back as he studied the trees above them. He stopped when he felt her hands on his back and he peeked back to make sure her head wasn't too close to the water. Turning his attention back to the trees he studied them closely as he looked between them and the water, an idea forming in his mind.

Muscles bunched along his back and abs as she wrapped her arms around him. After another moment of looking at the trees he gave a nod as he decided on the best branch. His legs bunched and he was about to jump when he felt a slight mood change coming from Melissa. He felt her finger trace along his waist and he froze, each and every muscle in him tightening as he struggled to keep control of himself. Breathing in a deep breath he reached up around her waist and easily slung her into his arms to hold her up against his chest.

"What was that about liking the view?" Gabriel lifted an eyebrow, revealing a small scar beneath his right eyebrow, giving him a sexy appearance. Before she could respond he looked back up at a thick branch and as easy as if he wasn't holding another he jumped high enough to grab onto it and swing them both onto it. Landing in a crouch he stood with her still in his arms, a playful grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.

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6 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:01 pm

Melissa felt his body tense as he took in controling breaths. She bit her lip, slowing her finger to a stop. Denied, Melissa thought to herself. She was taking in a breath to sigh when his hands found her waist, bringing her round till she was face to face with Gabriel.

At first she thought he was mad, or upset. But his gaze was telling a different story. Her arms had found their way looped loosely around his neck, two pointer fingers holding onto each other. "What was that about liking the view?" A smile spread across Melissa's lips but before she could answer Gabriel pushed off of the ground. Mel's grip tightened around him, instinct due to the fast movement.

And just like that they were still again. Mel just happened to glance down, and both brows rose in surprise. They were above the water a ways and the only thing that held the two up was a single branch. Melissa wasn't sure about the tree's strength, and her gaze when she looked back at Gabriel showed her doubt. She'd never climbed a tree before in her life. But the playful grin and his arms wrapped around her made Melissa believe she was in good hands, and she returned the playful grin.

"Show Off," Mel shoved his shoulder lightly, finding her way out of his arms. She took a couple steps away, spreading her arms out to help keep her balance as she took small steps along the branch. Her inexperience caught up with her though, and she lost her footing. Before she could fall back down into the deep below a hand caught her arm, pulling her back up. She smiled, not stepping away this time. Mel reached her hand up, tracing the scar that lay underneith his right eyebrow. "Where'd you get this?" She asked, her eyes on his.

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7 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:17 pm

Gabriel easily remained steady on the branch and he chuckled as he let Mel down. His eye went back to the water and his legs bent as he thought about diving in but saw Mel start to wobble. Seeing her about to fall his hand darted towards her and grabbed her before lifting her back onto the branch a teasing smile on his face. "Watch yourself, little wolf, or you'll end up a dog fish."

He eyed the water and made sure to keep her steady. His face darkened as she asked about the scar. "My brother." He shrugged and looked away to make sure she knew he didn't wish to speak more about it. Smiling he wrapped an arm around her waist and giving her a warning look swept her back into his arms and jumped into the air. Laughing he twisted to where he'd take the force of the water. It wasn't long before he felt the water surrounding them, and wrapping an arm around Mel's waist he brought them to the surface still laughing.

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8 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:54 pm

Mel instantly felt sorry for asking. She dropped her hand, letting it return to herside as he looked away. She wanted to know more, but knew it was probably better not to ask. Right now she should just have fun, and not worry about anything else. Just relax, he obviously wants you too. Melissa's eyes moved up from her toes to see him smiling again at her. Silently she agreed with her inner self, and let any other thoughts slip away.

He pulled her back to him, and she again wrapped her arms around his neck. She nodded eagerly when he glanced back at the water, then to her. He easily swept her up, making her feel as if she weighed less than a feather. She let out a joyful shout as the two jumped into the air before being encased in the water. Melissa held her breath till they broke surface, taking a deep breath of fresh air. She giggled, moving her feet beneath her so that she didn't sink into the deep water. She grinned at Gabriel, sending a cascade of little rainfalls his way as she began to splash him.

As he tried to sheild himself from her attack, Mel slipped away. She kicked water at him as she dived deeper into the water. She swam a good length away, returning to the surface to catch a breath. Once she had, she sunk back down so that only her eyes and nose could be seen. She splashed his way, catching his attention. She motioned her head in the direction of the falls, looking back at him and raising her brows. Not sure if he would follow or not, Mel again dove under heading straight for the falling water.

The water pushed down on her hard, but she made it through. Her feet found the underwater rocky terrain, and she slowly made her way up the embankment. She was inside a small cavern. She wasn't sure if this fall would have one, but most of the ones she'd came across did. This one didn't seem very deep, and the water continued to stay ankle deep.

She walked further into the cave, wrapping her arms around her waist in order to keep warm. The air was colder in here, the sun tried to show through the fall but the water didn't let in much heat. The sun and water did however let a small rainbow be ever present along one of the walls. Melissa walked over to it, her fingers tracing the different colors as she waited for Gabriel.

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9 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:16 pm

The Alpha stayed under a few moments, his golden eyes following his Warrior until she disappeared into the falls. Lazily he surfaced and followed her, the force of the waterfall only as hard as the shower would be to him. Muscles rippled beneath his tanned skin as he pulled himself up to sit beside her. He reached up to run a hand through is hair, causing it to spike and be messed up in places, but the look still managed to look sexy on him.

Taking a deep breath he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he debated with himself whether or not he should do what he was thinking. Here he was alone, with a girl, and a very attractive one at that. Gabriel couldn't help remembering how it felt to hold her in his arms and how it'd felt when she'd traced her finger along his waist. He was determined only to do things she wanted though, and if that meant just sitting back here and talking he would. She just seemed so innocent, so tiny that he wanted to protect her, but a part of him wanted her as his own, but he hadn't made up his own mind about what female he wanted as an Alpha Female. He found himself liking his Beta, Tei, but wasn't sure on their feelings. But here he was, feeling like a school boy with his first crush.

He finally opened his eyes and shook out his hair like a wet dog. "So, having any fun yet?" He smiled at her, his golden eyes curios.

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10 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:05 pm

Mel smiled when she heard the interuption of someone coming through the fall. So he did follow her. He didn't say anything however, and silently Mel was thankful. It seemed peaceful here in the cold cavern and was easy for Mel to believe it hadn't ever been disturbed before. Perhaps this could be her thinking spot, her home away from her new home. She thought she may have liked the underground tunnels near the city, but she had easily gotten lost in them. And they weren't as secluded either.

A light laugh came upon Melissa as she heard the sound of Gabriel shaking the water from his hair, it was even funnier to watch. "So, having any fun yet?" She walked away from the wall, stopping to sit next to him cross-legged. Her tank top was soaked, the silky material clinging to her form. She pulled her hair back behind her left shoulder, the water from it sending a small river down her back. "Who knew Alpha's got to have so much fun." Mel smiled. Warmth was radiating off of him like a heater, and Mel smiled apologeticly as she scooted closer to absorb some of it. She watched the cascade of water, listening to the forever thunder effect it had as it crashed into the water below it.

"Alpha Gabriel, I've been meaning to ask you something... Do you think it'd be possible if I um." Mel was nervous to say the least. Was she being stupid, would her request be unreasonable? As far as she knew, it most likely probably was. But she felt strongly about it, and felt she needed to ask. So she cleared her throat, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. "Is there anyway I could continue my schooling?"

"I don't have to go to actual school, we could hire someone to homeschool me back in the library if that'd be easier. I know it'd be difficult because of what we are but we wouldn't have to tell them, we could just say that this is a retreat for troubled teens or something."
It's not exactly a complete lie... Mel thought to herself, her gaze turning to face the ground infront of her again.

(hehe  ;] Mel is oblivious.)

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11 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:56 pm

(*laughs* You just gave me an idea... *looks innocent* O:))

Gabriel closed his eyes as he leaned his head back and breathed in a deep breath of the smell of the water and the smell of the Warrior beside him. His heart began to pound harder and his blood picked up speed. He frowned and opened his eyes, confused by his own emotions. Two females already in the pack has grabbed his attention, when for four hundred years of his life all he'd ever done is flirt and forget about the girl later. Ever since the death of his mate during the time of the Civil War when she'd been protecting of his wolves he hadn't had much interest in any others. He gave his head a slight shake though. It wouldn't hurt to get to know the females of his pack. Heck, maybe one of them would be Alpha Female material? 

At this thought Gabriel's golden eyes darted towards Mel just as she gave him an apologetic look and leaned against him. Instinctively he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to his bare side. He just barely managed to hold back and shiver at the feel of her next to him, and his wolf side stirred in his mind but Gabriel shoved him back. His eyebrows raised as she said that Alphas got to have fun. "Not all the time." He muttered, thinking about all the time he'd spent working. He was about to ask her about her old life when she asked about the school. Tilting his head Gabriel really thought about it, his strategic mind looking from it from all sides.

"There's a school that isn't far from here, and I've recently been thinking about building a school of my own if you were willing to wait for it to open. I myself could tutor you if you wished, but if you would rather have someone else, then that would be fine too." He lowered his head slightly and gave her a cute, innocent look from beneath black eyelashes. "I've had many jobs, lived since Ancient Greece, and I have connections that could forge me up fake certifications." He'd leaned forward to speak softly in her ear as he said, "You can have whatever you want in my pack, Melissa, anything in my power." He pulled back only slightly as his lips brushed her ear, but didn't move out of her space, liking the feel of her next to him.

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12 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:19 pm

Mel tilted her head a little to look at him as he spoke about not always getting to have fun. His tone was resentful and she wanted to ask him why, but then he went on to talk about her schooling. She liked the idea of going to a normal school close by, but what if she made friends? She would just have to lie from the very beginning, and it was hard to build friendships when you may end up eating them if she got out of control. She frowned slightly at the thought. She thought about asking him what time he planned to open his own school but rather liked the idea of having him as a private tutor. It would promise them some alone time to say the least, and Mel couldn't lie and say she didn't enjoy being alone with him.

Ancient Greece huh? Mel thought to herself, a smile on her lips. She was about to make a joke about his age when he leaned in to whisper in her ear. Anything...? Mel turned her head slightly so that she could see his eyes. He hadn't moved out of her bubble, and Mel didn't want him to. She liked being around him, having his arm around her body. But he had a relationship going with Tei, he didn't have to tell her, she'd seen them together. The way they acted around eachother was proof enough, and Mel didn't want to be used just to make the Beta Female jealous. Mel believed that was all Gabriel needed her for, she and her wolf resented him for it. But at the same time her wolf pushed forward as if to say who cares, but Melissa didn't want to be used.

Turning her head away again, Mel slipped out of his arms as she made her way back to the falls. "We start tomorrow then, in the library or your office." She turned back to him, her silhouette sticking out against the rushing water. Her eyes were shielded, no longer open to him. He could still push his way through her barriers, he was alpha after all, but it would not be without resistance. "Unless it doesn't work for you." Mel wished she had kissed him. She had been close enough to it, practically being invited in. But imaginary metal bars were built between them, keeping Melissa away. She did not dare to make any moves on the Alpha, for she was sure the fiery beta would rip her head off when given the chance if she did.

Melissa waited for his reply before she would leave. She figured she had been there long enough, it was time she headed back to the lodge.

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13 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:06 pm

Gabriel felt good, felt right being here with this female. She was smart, funny, and so innocent looking that he could hardly allow himself to think the thoughts he was having. What surprised him the most was how calm she made his wolf side. For years since Gabriel had gone dark, his wolf side had been an angry beast, but a good Alpha. It didn't have an ounce of pity in it, but it did seem to like Melissa. This in itself was a miracle, something no other Wereling had managed to do. Not even his old mate.

When she slid out of his arm an empty feeling entered him and he was greatly troubled by this. How could just one touch from her take so much control away from him? Usually when this happened he'd be the one trying to get away, but Melissa made him want to chase after her, give in to the instinct to hunt. He immediately jumped to his feet, but paused and stared at her, listening as she spoke and studied her body language. Something was wrong, but what? Had he did something wrong, or had she seen through him and didn't want anything to do with him? Gabriel waited a few seconds after she asked her question, and slowly nodded as he slowly made his way towards her, looking like he was stalking something. He came to a stop in front of her, reaching for her hands and covering them in his own before holding them to his heart. "What's bothering you, little wolf?" His forehead furrowed in confusion, his golden eyes filled with confusion. His hands tightened on her own, refusing to let her go until she'd answered him.

Had she seen him with Tei, and didn't want to get in the way of that relationship? Not that there was one. Him and Tei were very close, yes, for they'd both been through troubling times, but all they were were friends. There was love between them, but they weren't in love. Tei loved Jace, but Gabriel would never reveal that to anyone. That was their secret, and Gabriel and Tei only went to each other to find pleasure.

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14 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Mon Jun 17, 2013 10:15 pm

Melissa breathed in as he walked toward her, and instantly wished she hadn't. His scent filled her nose, nearly suffocating her. She exhaled quickly, looking towards the waterfall as she debated a quick escape. She was about to move when rough hands grasped her own, and her head swung to look down at them. Gabriel brought them to his chest, at the same time pulling her closer to him. She snuck a glance at his face and instantly flickered her eyes away. He spoke to him, and she could hear the concern he had for her. She tried to pull her hands away, but his only tightened. Her throat tightened as she looked down at his chest where her hands sat next to his heart. She could feel his heart beat. She twitched her head to shake a hair from her face as she looked up at him.

Her eyes, the beautiful crystal eyes that usually shined bright and clear were now cloudy and dark. She was angry. "I will not be used to make your beloved Teimhnin jealous." Mel practically spat the words at him. She glared up at his confused orbs. "Do not play dumb with me, Gabriel. I've seen how the two of you look at each other when you both think no one is watching. I thought an Alpha would at least have the balls to be honest with his packmates." Her wolf growled from within, but Mel didn't care. She was probably going to be in deep shit for this, but she didn't care about that right now. She wasn't even thinking. First the Beta Jace had came onto her at the pool, expecting her to just give herself to him, and then Gabriel brought her here to lead her on. Maybe she had chosen to trust the wrong side after all.

Mel again tried to pull away from him, but he wouldn't let go. She looked up at him again, her frown making her whole face transform.

[It will eventually blow over, Mel just might stay mad for a bit. She likes being mad...]

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15 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:29 am

(Hehe! :))

The Alpha looked down at his little wolf, being as her head only reached his chest. He couldn’t help but think of how cute her angry face was, or of how much it was arousing him, which was a surprise. Usually it took a touch, or a kiss to do that, but this female had managed with just an expression alone. He raised his eyebrows as she spoke of how he was using her to make Tei jealous and he couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him. It was the first time he’d laughed in ages, a deep sexy sound that usually sent women to their knees.

He shook his head and held on to her hands tighter as she tried to pull away, and only pulled her closer to where her body was flush with his. Raising her arms he slid them over his neck and he slowly released them as he backed her up against one of the cave walls and pinned her there with his body so that she couldn’t escape. “One, I don’t use others to make people jealous. If I want something, I take it, and if I can’t get it, I keep at it until I can get it with integrity. Second, I and Tei have nothing going on. She likes someone else, and we’re only close friends. Third…” He trailed off and brought his face closer to hers. “I think you’re absolutely adorable when you’re angry.” His voice trailed off into a growl

The heat of her body, the feel of her against him and the anger he could feel coming off of her was too much. Raising one of his hands to gently move the wet hair out of her face he leaned forward to brush his lips against hers, before claiming her mouth with his. A scent entered his nostrils, a scent he recognized as Jace and anger spiked through him at the thought of her with anyone else. He deepened the kiss and pressed his body closer to hers, determined to cover his scent with his own and enjoying the kiss more then he thought possible. Electricity shot from where his lips touched hers and she made him want to bite her, but also devour her the same time. Reaching up he cupped her face in his hands and the kiss slowly sweetened.

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16 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:40 pm

Utter shock exploded across Melissa's face as Gabriel begun to laugh. She had expected him to yell at her, frighten her, maybe even hit her, but not to laugh. It annoyed Melissa, but she was so confused that she was at a lost for words. Gabriel pulled her close and again her stone face was put into place. She made sure her facade didn't break as he raised her arms to place them around his neck. She didn't remove them as he let her arms go though, instead he just watched his eyes, determined not to be the first to look away. She breathed in sharply as she felt the cool cave walls press against her backside, then Gabriel close in on her front. He still wore that annoyingly sexy smile, his laugh echoing off the walls.

Mel rolled her eyes as he spoke of how he took things he wanted. A smile even hinted on her lips. But as he spoke of Teimhnin Melissa closed down again, looking away again. Like I haven't heard that before... Mel thought to herself bitterly. She glanced up as he brought his face close to his, her eyes dancing back and forth between his. Adorably Angry? Mel seriously doubted it, but at the same time she felt herself smiling. Her breathing went still as his lips brushed hers. She went on her toes, reaching her face up to his so he wouldn't have to bend down so much. She smiled through the kiss as he pressed himself closer to her, and her own hands tightened around his neck, her fingers brushing his hair line.

What was that one thing about being careful what you wish for? Melissa wondered if it was gods way of being funny, how she had wished shed kissed him and now here she was. Whatever the case, she was happy now, with most of her worries aside. As much as she didn't want to, Melissa was the first to back out of the kiss. It was either that or faint from loss of breath. The kiss had left her dizzy, and Mel fell back so that her feet were once again flat. She smiled as she loonked up at him, her chest against his, her arms still around his neck. Se laughed lightly, a soft sweet sound. "Guess I wouldn't be the first to tell you you're a good kisser huh?" Mel looked serious, but then she smiled again to show she believed what he had said about hm and Tei.

(Sorry not even close to my best, using my uncles iPad cause my laptop isn't working.)

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17 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:34 pm

Gabriel's laugh was throaty as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes were closed and his head was leaned against the cave's wall above her head. Taking a few moments to gather his breath his golden eyes were finally revealed as he looked down at her. A smile touched his lips as she smiled, the sight of it softening his heart for the first time in years. Pirate, his wolf side, was for once silent and watching everything with quiet interest. Gabriel didn't know whether to be relieved, or worried, but for now he wouldn't worry about it. The next thing he knew the sweet sound of her laugh and voice graced his ears. His heart was racing and he could feel the fire upon his lips from where he'd brushed them against hers. He wanted to do it again. Right now. He held himself back though as he forced his eyes away from her mouth. "Actually, you'd be quite surprised. Tei's the first person I'd slept with in four hundred years. I've been too busy, too guilt ridden to really pay much attention to females." He reached up to trace his finger lightly down her jawline.

A muscle in his jaw jumped as the urge to kiss her rose and Pirate stirred in his mind. "Just kiss her."  Pirate said with a roll of his golden eyes. More shock rushed through Gabriel. It'd been years since his wolf had last spoken to him, for since Gabriel had went dark they'd been on unequal terms. The only time they were one was when Gabriel was in his wolf form. Gabriel gave a small shake of his head and this time he met Melissa's eyes with his own. "I want to kiss you again." He said in a low, rough voice, his golden eyes melting with desire. He held back though. This was to be Melissa's choice. He liked her too much to force her like he had before, when he'd been caught in his emotions. Right now an emotion he hadn't felt for a female in ages was in him, but he was too scared to really focus on it right now. Right now he just knew he needed this little wolf before him, like he'd needed his old mate before she'd died. Melissa was a balm to his soul, Pirate, and he craved her next kiss like a addict craved his next fix.

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18 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:16 pm

Melissa smiled shyly, looking up at him through her eyelashes. Only Teihmnin? It surprised her to say the least, but at the same time it reassured her. Not many would be distracting him from her then. Melissa reached her hand up to cover his as he rubbed a finger down her jawline. She watched him silently, wondering where they were headed.

Melissa eyes matched Gabriel's as they narrowed in a slightly confused manor. What was on his mind? Had something she thought or done make him second guess? Melissa bit the side of her mouth lightly, what had she done? Slowly she reached up to return her arms around his neck, one of her thumbnails making small spiral designs. It happened when ever she was nervous, she would fiddle her thumbs for fidget somehow.

Gabriel shook his head and her thumb came to rest. He spoke of how he wanted to kiss her again, and she smiled as she rolled to her toes. She brought her lips close to his, not quite brushing his though. "Under one condition..." Mel smiled again, her eyes flashing to glance up at his own. She leane closer to him again, her lips brushing his as she spoke. "Dinner. Tomorrow Night. I'm sure you are familiar with a place called The Griffen?" Melissa hoped she wasn't asking to much. She wasn't sure what type of guy Gabriel was, but Melissa was an old fashioned romantic. She loved going on dates, even if they were just simple things like movie nights. She loved flowers, even though most people thought they were a waste because they always ended up dieing. And lastly, she didn't believe in falling in love right away. She believed it took time to feel so passionately about someone... And she silently prayed that Gabriel would be patient with her.

Melissa relaxed and let their lips connect. Maybe he would be busy tomorrow night, but that would be Okay. After all, he was going to be her private tutor. Melissa laughed lightly through the kiss, sending the thought over to Gabriel. She may have issues concentrating during their little study sessions. She let her body rest against his as she gently pulled down on his neck so she wouldn't have to stand on the very tops of her toes to kiss him. she increased the kiss a notch, bringing one of her hands to lie on his chest.

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19 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:49 am

Gabriel allowed his hands to lower to her waist as he loosely wrapped them around her. The sound of the waterfall was loud in his ears, but her small laughs made it to them. The spray from the water was keeping them soaked, but Gabriel didn't mind. He didn't like that her back was still against the cold, wet rock of the cave, but he couldn't think of anything to make things more comfortable. An amused laugh left him as she made her condition. "Consider it done." When she moved onto her tiptoes to reach him better he made a small, disapproving sound and wrapped his hands around her waist before lifting her to where she was face level with him and he wrapped her legs around his waist. "Much better." He growled in her mind.

Kissing her back he pulled away slightly to nibble on her bottom lip, before reluctantly leaving her lips to lightly trail kisses along her jaw line. His heart raced within his chest, but he managed to remain calm. He wasn't about to go further than Melissa wanted, which made his wolf side pause and raise its head. Usually Gabriel, mostly Pirate, took what he wanted and didn't stop until he had it. It wasn't that Gabriel himself was greedy, but his wolf side, and human side, were of course dominant. Gabriel was more laid back though. It was his wolf that was the more dominant of the two.

Shaking off these thoughts he dropped his kisses to her bare shoulder, his golden eyes closing as he paused to breath in her scent, which was a bit of a mistake. It was mating season, and all of the females were in heat. The smell of her drove him crazy, but he kept himself in check, for some reason wanting to keep his word with her that she could have whatever she wanted in the pack, and if that was too remain a good little boy he would. Pirate growled softly in his mind and Gabriel entered Melissa's mind, smiling as she mentioned to him about not really being able to concentrate during their studies. Pirate trotted up to her wolf, his tail up high and his golden eyes staring at the female wolf curiously. "Well, if you'd rather me find someone else..." He let himself trail off, bringing his mouth back up to hers as he gave a teasing smile.

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20 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:49 pm

Melissa smiled brightly when he agreed to her terms. She was already looking forward to it, mentally picturing what she might wear. Melissa was more in touch with her human side, being a bitten and all. So she was more human when it came to certain wolf things, like mating season. She'd never been through one herself, this was the first. She could tell how bad it affected other purebred females already, some of the guys as well, but not her. Not yet at least.

Melissa let out a quick giggle as Gabriel picked her up, wrapping her legs around him as they kissed. She could feel his heartbeat pick up, as well as her own, as he left a trail of kisses down her jaw and then her shoulder. She tilted her head back, his hands much gentler than those of Beta Jace. Meanwhile in her mind, Melissa's grey and white wolf Mali looked up from her laying position to see a massive black wolf lurking towards her. Just like Mel, Mila was a littl on the short side, standing only at 8.7 feet. But she didn't get up to stand, instead Mila just nodded at him and kept her head lower to the ground to indicate her submission. She eyed him though, making it obvious she was looking over him. After a while she made a rough sound from her throat as she asked if she could stand.

A slight grin spread across Melissa's lips as Gabriel spoke of finding her a replacement. She brought one of her hands up, resting one of her palms on the corner of his jaw as she tapped his hairline with her pointer finger. She inhaled deeply, as if she was actually thinking about a replacement. Instead she was really just trying to match his scent with his aura. "I think we can manage." She had on a sly smile, biting her bottom lip. She kissed him again, passionately but quick. Before she knew it, she was sadly pulling away from him again. "We should probably head back to the lodge. You have to meet the new members and I am still not done unpacking." Mel sighed reluctantly, her hands resting loosley around his neck.

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21 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:59 am

A low growl rumbled from Gabriel as she acted as though she were thinking of a replacement. He was about to make a smart, funny comment about it when she said they would manage. Smiling and flashing white teeth he gave a throaty chuckle before she kissed him, quickly but passionately. Gabriel didn't know what to make of the emotions flowing through him, and he wasn't exactly sure what they were yet, but he knew for sure that he and his wolf planned on spending more time with this attractive female. Reluctantly he allowed her to pull away and held onto her as she lowered to her feet. He didn't move back to give her space though, not that Werelings really minded the whole space issue, so long as it were pack and trusted.

Pirate's tail wagged, still held in its dominant high position, but his body language was relaxed. Growling low in his throat he leaned down to pull on Mel's ear and then darted back to Gabriel's own mind as Gabriel finally took a step back. "I'll see you at Griffens at six then? Would you like to go together, or would you rather leave separately." Gabriel raised an eyebrow and stuck his hands in his pockets as he tilted his head in a wolfish way. His glittering golden eyes took in her appearance, which was quite attractive with her wet clothing clinging to her skin.

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22 Re: Fun Time (Melissa) on Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:08 pm

[[No worries]]

Mila watched Pirate as he stood infront of her. His tail was held high and proud, while the rest of him was relaxed. She tilted her head, looking up a the black wolf. Her orbs narrowed as Pirate growled, tugged on her ear, than quickly retreated back to Gabriel's head. Mila jumped up, as if to follow him, but instead just lashed her tail behind her as she watched Pirate poof.

Melissa stepped away from the cold wall, glad to have the rocks no longer poking into her sensitive back. She hadn't noticed it much before, but not she could feel slight indents where the rocks had been resting. Her own hands rested at her sides, thinking about dinner. Would Gabriel think this was a date? Or was it more of a business dinner? "Together." Melissa let the word hang in the air. She smiled at his boyish stance, attemping to raise her own eyebrow. She laughed lightly, looking down at her toes again.

"What shall I wear? She asked him, pushing her hair over her shoulder as she looked back up at him. She was definately going to wear heals tonight, not to fond of always looking up at him. She could wear a dress, nothing to slutty and revealing for that wasn't really her style. She liked to keep guys guessing. Maybe instead she would wear leggings, boots, and those poofy tanktops she liked to wear. But maybe she should dress up a little, it wasn't everyday the Alpha agreed to go to dinner with her. But that was precisely why she was unsure whether to go with a friend look, or a date look. She looked up at him, wondering what he would wear as well.

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