Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Home Sweet Home?

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1Home Sweet Home? Empty Home Sweet Home? on Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:54 pm

Well, Ryker felt a little bit better.  No less irritated, but slightly less furious.  Dante, on the other hand, still badly wanted to rip something limb from limb.  He had settled for destroying a deer that they had stumbled upon out in the woods, but an animal like that was hardly worth the effort, though the sprays of blood did help to sate Dante’s temper slightly.  He still wanted to kill something that would be a challenge, but Ryker reminded him that they needed to get back to the hotel and promised that they would go hunting later.

Making his way back to the city and the hotel of Eternal Darkness, Ryker happened to catch sight of himself as he passed a shop window and, despite his emotions, could not help but chuckle slightly.  His hair was quite a bit longer than it should be and in complete disarray.  The black t-shirt that he wore was not only significantly below his usual standard style of dress, but was also dirty from the housework he had been doing as well as his romp through the woods and there was a tear in it down his right ribs from a thorn vine that had caught.  He wore a loose pair of ill-fitting blue jeans, also practical for housework and also very far outside his normal style of dress, and they too were smudged with dirt and dust, as well as a spot or two of blood, though he couldn’t remember if that had come from the deer that he had slaughtered or from his own hands.  The skin over his knuckles on both hands was gone and only just now beginning to heal up.  At least his hands weren’t dripping blood, anymore.

Turning down the street that housed the magnificent hotel, Ryker let his mind just wander.  For once today, Dante was kind enough not to interrupt with some assertion of violence or blame for their predicament, even though he had been aware of the necessity of it from the beginning.  So the pair walked in silence.  Not the brooding silence succeeding an argument, but rather a calculating calm in which both parties put together their thoughts, sharing bits and pieces with one another through flashes of thought.

Ryker blinked in surprise when he found himself standing at the doors of the hotel with his hand on the painted gold handle of the door.  He glanced back over his shoulder and down the street, amazed that it had seemed like such a short walk.  Pulling the door open, and leaving a small red smudge on the handle in the process, and walked through the lobby to the elevator.  He ignored the many, many looks that he got from both hotel staff and lounging werelings.  He was not in a mood to deal with them, at the moment.  Standing in the elevator, he gingerly pushed the button for the top floor and leaned against the wall as the little box ascended smoothly to the penthouse floor.

From the smell of it, Noctavia was in her room.  Or, at least had been very recently.  He hoped she was there.  Given a choice, Ryker preferred not to put off something like this.  Standing in front of the door to her suite, Ryker hesitated.  He had thought it before, but now it was being brought to a head, standing here, surrounded by Noctavia’s strong, undeniably feminine, but powerful scent.  How much did she know? he wondered, for perhaps the eightieth time that day.  Not wanting to get blood on the door, he gently tapped the toe of his shoe against the wood and waited patiently for a reply.

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2Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:20 am

Beyond the paths of greenery and flourished color, two beautiful silhouettes danced underneath the pale moon light, gracefully and peacefully swaying to the non-existent music that played in their minds. The scent of autumn was all that could be smelt besides their own personal fume, carelessly grasping each others' attention, communicating not by words, but by their very eyes. The dame held an emerald stare and a snake-like attitude to the way she moved next to the gentlemen that caressed respectfully of her sides, standing taller, but far from her dominance. They smiled within their gazes, a spark to ignite as they mentally spoke in describable ways towards each other, perfectly in sync, perfectly in balanced condition to display what is known as the true word of beauty. The two were the only ones, surrounded by nothingness aside from the moon and smudged eerie glows that cascaded down onto them from no where. His smile sent her heart another beat faster than its norm, and her company made him at ease, "Noctavia...?" The males words hissed, but his lips slowed its movement as if they were in a slow-moving action film to catch what all had happened. The image blurred, and she reached out to grab nothing but the smoke that was once his body.

Her eyes snapped open and she winced back, blinded by the morning's bright light that shown in from the windows to hit her face like a punch in the eye. Holding up her hand to block it away, she finally adjusted her vision to see straight, hearing her heart beating fast and soon slow back to its normal pace. As she looked around, she held up her comforters around her chest with her palm, clutching it safely between her sharpened claws while aimlessly searching her surroundings like as if she were being watched. A sigh slowly relieved itself from her pale toned body, waves of obsidian to fall into her face in a mess, carelessly pushed back with a tuck behind her small ear. Finding the urge to get up, she groaned and made her daily cup of coffee like she did every morning, looking out from the window to the city-view that shined so bright without sleep, some say. It was noon, she presumed, judging by the warmth the day had been filled with and the position of the sun straight overhead. It was hard to believe of how well she had carried herself, but the burning questions kept piling up and stacking in her mind of why she had been dreaming the same dream for a week now. The emerald necklace and earrings lay upon its modeled collarbone display in her closet, shining just as bright as her eyes, resting neatly like it had upon herself. It felt strange to be thinking of the male like she had, and assumed it to be just a phase she was going through that most Alphas would in the case of finding a potential partner. There would be difficulty in finding one, seeing and comparing to the rest, but there were only one out of the two she had in mind that stood out the most; Daiken. She almost smiled as she heard her counterpart whisper his name, but stopped shortly after before putting down her cup and heading into her closet to get ready.

There was nothing beautiful or extremely elegant of what she wore, in which relieved the Alphess so much since she was never a fan of getting dressed up anyway unless required of or was leaving out on the town. Noctavia slipped on a Notre Dame sweatshirt to weigh down over her waist and rear, hanging closely at her hips a simple pair of black and grey plaid pajama pants, keeping her hair naturally wavy down her back. Her make-up had been washed away to reveal her natural beauty, keeping it safe and casual as there was no real reason to look nice anyway, she thought. This day, she would stay in her lovely home and relax while her pack members were out doing their duties and having fun. Change was good, she thought, after all. The feeling of something not right still pinched in her side, but she quickly shrugged it off and enjoyed the peace the hotel provided. Days had passed since the last time she had seen Daiken, and only a few before was the day of her birthday and the strongest moon of the year; the harvest moon. Its color was meant for the season of autumn as it was a pale orange to hang in the midnight black sky, filled with little stars since they lived in a large city. She had begun to feel a lot more comfortable around the male in their time together, and suddenly hoped for them to see each other again in the near future to learn more.

Her new cup of freshly poured coffee sat between her tiny palms, warming her to the touch and making her slowly smile to herself as it was nice to finally sit and enjoy the moment. Just when she was about turn on a bit of television to watch some older cartoons, a friendly familiar scent and rotten stench of her enemy's pack ignited her instincts into motion and she quickly stood as a kick tapped at her door. She eyed it for a moment, making slow small strides until peeping through the tiny peeping hole to see her Beta male on the other side. A small gasp let out and she quickly opened the door to look at him with a strange pair of widened green eyes, "Ryker, wh-" She tilted her head, soon crossing her hands over her chest that were hidden beneath her rather long hoodie sleeves, wondering why he smelt of Braveheart. As she dismissed the idea to ask, she simply shook her head and smiled, letting her arms wrap around him in a welcoming embrace, "It's nice to see you again, Ryker. I was beginning to think you too have died." She said, pecking his cheek lightly before releasing him and pulling him inside by his forearm to take a seat, examining him and narrowing her gaze at how dirty he appeared more than what she usually saw, "Do I even ask why you look like you just came back from working a day out on a farm? Or was garbage diving in the alley?" She could make many jokes with this, but she remained less observant and more focused on her cup of coffee.

Home Sweet Home? 15yisyr

Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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3Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:41 am

Ryker shifted his weight slightly from foot to foot. It was all he could do to keep his own posture from emulating the snarls and pacing that Dante exuded. He did his best to calm the beast inside his head, knowing that it would not be helpful to react without thinking or to give over to passion. He hadn’t yet, so why start now?

He was beginning to wonder if the Alphess was even in her room. It was midday, after all, so she would have had plenty of time to get up and out. However, her scent sharpened suddenly and Ryker saw the small pinprick of light refracted through the peephole get blocked shortly before the door swung open and Noctavia greeted him. He was nearly as shocked by her apparel as she was by his, given the abandoned question that she had started. Ryker managed a small smile and gingerly hugged her back, blinking at the quick kiss to his cheek. That was odd. “No, I’m not dead quite yet, though farm work would have been an improvement,” he muttered as he was pulled inside and given a seat. He hesitated to sit down, given how dirty he was, but decided it would be better not to argue with the female. He was careful, though, to keep his hands off of the quality fabric. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” Given her state of dress and the mug which gave off the acrid aroma of coffee, that seemed to be a fairly plausible conclusion.

After a deep breath, Ryker lifted his gaze from the plush carpet and fixed his black eyes on Noctavia. “Well, the Braveheart pack is gone,” he said, watching her for a reaction. “I wish I could say that that was because of me, I’d even settle for it being because of you, but it seems that they simply fell apart. Chaff in the wind.” How much did she know, he wondered. How much should he tell her? “Though, I did just come from their lodge. Been there for about a month, all told. Hence the smell.” He shrugged ruefully and decided to leave the information at that, for the time being, having cast the lure.

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4Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:14 am

She smiled softly at his comment, resting herself crisscrossed upon her couch next to him, letting him have the rest of her cup while setting it slowly in between his palms from her own, "You didn't wake me, I just usually don't spend my time like this on nicer evenings. As for my attire, it would be best to just say I was not expecting guests any time to be coming around, but you always seem to surprise me, Ryker." Noctavia listened carefully, tilting her head in thought while she looked over his rugged and a bit of exhaustion to hint behind his Irish drawl. While he spoke, the Alphess picked a few pieces of dirt that had clung to his hair and flicked them away, not at all bothered by the mess as she knew it could be replaced if broken or stained, "I wouldn't preferably think farm-work would be considered an improvement compared to anything in my opinion..." She said, barely audible to the human ear as she mumbled in return, fixing her hair to tuck behind her ears as loose strands escaped to drape in front of her eyes so she could not see him.

Countless amount of times, the male would sooner or later show up out of the blue, not that she ever cared, for which she trusted him. Though, as she listened to his words, her brows slowly rose in suspicion, furthermore soon to arch as he revealed certain hinted details as to what he had been up to. "So it's true...", Gabriel and his pack had finally fallen, and she didn't even have to lift a finger. Her eyes glowed and a smile slowly curled her lips back happily, victoriously raising her chin a bit higher as she predicted it to happen over fifty years ago. Noctavia would have usually thought out the idea a bit more on where he had been, but seeing that he had returned with all his bones perfectly aligned and his smile still partially there, she knew that he had carried himself nicely on his own, and she was proud of him, "That's wonderful to hear that, actually, and I'm glad to see you took control, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook, Ryker." She gave him a silly gaze and cocked smile, bumping his shoulder softly as she leaned over, sitting back to her normal position, "Gabriel never had the chance, and as weird as it sounds coming from me, he was at one time a nice man," Noctavia's gaze looked out the window, sighing softly under her breath as she thought of it as just yesterday she was in that bar with him, remembering it all like a movie she had seen more than twenty times in a row, "but he expected too much, and cared more than anything, thus letting him perish his own life to save another, am I right? Or have the rumors created something far from that too?" She said, turning her head to peer into his obsidian orbs with wonder, "As much as I wished it was Eternal behind the cause of this, I leave it at rest and the safety of ourselves as well as victory for myself to know they are gone. From what I've heard, is that out towards Long island there is another forming pack, and their numbers are growing. I don't want you any where near there, for it is taking most of Bravehearts population as it is. They're strong, but if my facts are correct, then they mean no trouble or harm when it would come to war. But I must ask you this..."

Noctavia shyly smiled at herself as she looked to the wall, thinking back to her replaying dream and how it was making her feel inside. After so many books and novels and movies, there was too much to avoid and she could only wonder if it were what it could only be, "Ryker.. do you believe that even the evil could learn to love?" She remembered back to when she saw the way one of her warriors look into her former Elite female's eyes, how the Alphess knew of the male's past and his wolf, but looking passed it to detect the love they shared when their eyes would meet. They were long gone now, somewhere else surely, maybe even together for all she knew. Whatever it may be, Noctavia suddenly began to envy what they discovered and wondered if that too could happen for her if one were to prove their potential once and for all to her. Shaking her head, she shrugged and laughed it off, "Sorry, you didn't have to answer that, it was just a random thought, that's all." She quickly said to cover up what she tried to hide inside.

Home Sweet Home? 15yisyr

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5Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:45 am

The smallest of chuckles made its way past Ryker’s lips when she said that she just wasn’t expecting visitors and that he seemed to always surprise her somehow. If you only knew, he thought, but shook that thought away at her comment about farm work. “Even joining the Braveheart pack as an omega, living in a hunting stand for most of the time, and feeding them false information in order to find out where they stand?” he asked before he could really stop himself. A moment later, he regretted speaking so, but he had and it was the truth, so there was nothing for it.

Her reply, while not confirming Ryker’s suspicions, did little to alley them, either. That meant that she had at least expected to hear the news that Ryker bore, just probably not quite so soon. He took the shoulder bump as a friendly gesture, and so simply smiled slightly. Although he did wonder what punishment Noctavia had in store for him disappearing for so long and coming back reeking of Braveheart. The epithet of Gabriel being “a nice man” caught the Irishman by surprise. He had been under the impression that Noctavia wanted little more than for him to die at her hands. Ryker nodded at her guess. “From what I managed to gather, aye. Apparently he sacrificed his own life to save that of Elite Melissa. Apparently, the two were quite close. Or growing to be, at any rate.

The news about another pack forming, mostly from the refugees of Braveheart, apparently, was surprising, but Ryker covered his reaction easily enough. Until he was forbade from going near them. His right eyebrow arched in surprise, but then his eyes narrowed slightly. What was she doing? Had she struck up an alliance of some sort? That didn’t seem like her style, but Ryker wouldn’t put it past her. In the end, he simply nodded silently, submitting to the Alphess’s will.

Perhaps most startling of all was the change that came over the woman’s face as she asked about evil learning to love. Once more, his eyebrow lifted, though this time it was accompanied by a slow, sardonic grin. “Could it be that the great Alphess Noctavia has found her heart enraptured by the strains of love? Do tell, which daring delta has so clouded your mind!” he said, working a couple quick calculations in his head, all with an impish light dancing in his eyes. After a moment, though, his expression sobered slightly and he adopted a contemplative expression. “I don’t see it much as a question of good or evil. What is love, besides consuming desire and passion? Surely you’ve felt passion before. I would propose that love is simply passion directed towards a person. Are you in love with someone?” he asked, this time his voice carried no mocking tone, no sarcastic edge, simply curiosity after one whom he would call a friend.

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6Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:20 pm

Her arms crossed slowly over her chest, burying themselves unintentionally in the extra fabric of the large hoodie's torso as she leaned further back on the couches back-part, listening to him with a slow movement of her brows to raise in suspicion. False information? What all had he been saying to them in this time, what did they do to him? Noctavia looked at him a bit strangely, ignoring fully of the bits of black strands that escaped away to hug the sides of her cheekbones, "May I ask what'll you were lying about to them, did they even believe it?" She gave a soft chuckle, trying to register the image of him before the opposing pack's feet, feeding them lies after lies with a simple poker face or false attitude in order to sell it all off. This is what one of the things they shared in common, with lying, it became easy, like naturally brought to the table as is learning how to walk, "You didn't miss me too much, huh?" She smiled softly. When it came to his next set of facts, she had already known a bit of the details, but kept them locked away to when she would officially meet her new addition to the pack. Melissa. A smile kept at the corners of her lips and the wicked feeling of her eyes turning a darker green crawled around in her irises. She had questions turning up and waiting for their turn to be asked, but only time will tell if the Elite was all of that worthy. Gabriel had set her in that rank at least by her abilities, and hopefully not for his feelings. It'd be a nuisance to put one as the pack superiors just because of their relations with one another. Ryker was that of a friend to her, but nothing more, and he held all of the strengths and little weaknesses as a Beta should. He was organized, well-mannered and held the keys and hints that would instantly be claimed best. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't have a way of finding certain things going on while she were away, or vise-versa. Thats how things are supposed to be, she assumed.

Her cheeks soon flushed with a light color different from her skin, a bit of a soft shade that would reveal enough for the Beta to realize it was true that even the oh-so-evil Alphess herself was able to crush on some as well. Noctavia cocked a meaningful half-smile while looking down at the cup of coffee in his hands that was once hers, slowly peering up into his dark hues that sparkled in return to her own. Comparing to her nightly visits from the Delta for some counseling or just for a simple chat here and there, it was not difficult to detect whom had caught her eyes, and she couldn't help but understand the man's words of opinion as an answer to her unwanted question. It proved too much of herself, something she wished to take back, but was far too late of deleting it from what is now the past. She nodded slowly, ridding the color before speaking, "So it seems, though as Alpha, I take it as something that will be progressed, however long it may take to discover more on these feelings towards the male as well as his own about I. There is too much to deal with as it is, for it is not my time to be spending it while waltzing away from my work to fall head over heels in passion for a simple male, hm? I cannot say it is love just yet, Ryker, but its something... maybe a crush or a great fascination I have apparently. I've never experienced it before I can tell you that much.." Furrowing her brows, her words soon trailed in thought upon the matter, could it be? It was a strange thing to ask herself, not that she would ever be able to find the answer so soon, not even if she thought for hours. "It feels weird." She said bluntly, looking back up into his dark eyes with a plain expression.

The Alphess gazed a while in his orbs until the begged attention of her counterpart pushed her to ask and pry into his business, "Have you ever felt that way about someone, Ryker?"

Home Sweet Home? 15yisyr

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7Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:42 pm

The grin that spread across Ryker’s lips when Noctavia asked if they believed the information that had fed the Bravehearts was positively canine. “Oh, they believed it,” he said, rubbing a finger along the rim of the warm mug nestled in his hands. “As far as content, it was mostly just things like this pack had about nine purebloods, all almost as bloodthirsty as their leader.” His black eyes flicked over to Noctavia’s face. “I had you painted as quite the psychotic, blood-crazed murderer. I hope you don’t mind too terribly. My whole premise for being there was that I feared for my life here. I can put on quite the act, when I want to.” Hesitantly, he took a sip of the coffee, as it had been offered to him, but only a sip. The scent had never agreed with him. He chuckled slightly. “Now, I never said that. I counted every minute until I could come back here.

He listened carefully to her reply about becoming enamored. It was more serious of a reply than he had expected. She really was serious about this, wasn’t she? Carefully, Ryker took a deep breath through his nose. On second inspection, yes, he could certainly smell male underneath Noctavia’s own powerful scent. What an interesting twist. Given that this was Noctavia’s room, he couldn’t get a tight enough bead on the smell to pinpoint who it was, but he knew that he had smelled him before and should be familiar with the scent. How very interesting. He nodded his understanding of her explanation. It had been pretty doubtful that she would simply admit to falling in love so quickly. He had only been gone about a month, after all.

That seems like a safe plan,” he agreed, nodding slowly. “For people like us, rushing into things tends to get a touch messy, eh?” He grinned, though her question caught him quite off guard. He blinked and his expression and scent slipped into something of a mix between fondness and memories, balanced with a bitter edge. “I did, once, yeah,” he admitted. Here was the line, he realized. He could take one more step and let the cat out of the bag or he could step back and keep hidden indefinitely. Well, given what he had just been through to scry out the secrets of the Braveheart pack in service of this woman, sitting beside him in her slightly ill-fitting hoody (at least ill-fitting to Ryker’s finely tailored sensibilities) and pajama pants, he figured it was about time. He was struck by the juxtaposition that was Noctavia. He had seen her dressed absolutely to kill, sleek, elegant, refined, confident enough to stop the rising of the sun with but a glance. Then there was this side of her. He found that realization to be comforting, for some reason.

He took a deep breath and started again. “It was a long time ago. I was probably only about 40, at the time. It didn’t get very far, though. Father had him killed. He was another wereling and Father smelled him on me. At that point, I was still too scared to lie to Father, so I answered his questions truthfully.” His gaze became slightly unfocused for a second before a grim smile spread across his lips and he refocused his eyes on his Alphess. “Last time I made that mistake, I promise.

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8Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:49 pm

"Really?"A chuckle rose from her throat as she could only imagine the reaction to his repetitively line of lies. It sounded extremely entertaining, but in this case, she was glad someone else was there to do the dirty work while she didn't have to go so close to their pack boundaries. The last thing she needed was to have a bunch of Bravehearts seduce her into believing that truth and integrity are the keys to live by. She gave a slight eye roll to that before turning her attention back onto him, "I don't mind at all actually, now that you explained a bit of what happened. I'm kinda happy you did it though instead of I, but the danger behind it could of lead to something serious if you hadn't of been so 'afraid' in your acts. You could have been murdered for all I know, and for that, it worries me a tinge bit. As for now, I'm just relieved to see you made it back in one piece, Ryker, I don't know what I'd do without you sometimes..." And with that, Noctavia did know, and it was not pleasant to feel or think about. She'd more or less be disorganized with her work, and most definitely lonely in the category of whom is to be trusted. Friends had always been the least of her worries, but now that she had Ryker, she began to care a bit more than her usual. It was nice, almost, she thought. To have someone to relate with and share one another's facts and opinions upon things, counseling each other on their thoughts or what-nots they had on their mind.

Her expression softened as the conversation's depth slowly deceased into something far from what she expected. He? What was he talking about, she wondered, carefully eying the way he eyes clouded and then turned back to hers as if he were thinking. She knew that feeling, for which it was a part of her that always zoned out randomly after saying something to make her re-think her decisions. The way they acted next to each other, their appearances and questions so normal it was foreign to her own being almost, but comforting as she soon realized with the help of her train of thought what he had meant. Her brows turned up slowly in an arched form while her eyes stayed on him the whole time, "The last time, huh?... I'm guessing your Father wasn't a very reasonable man, was he.." She quietly said, leaning on him to rest her head on his shoulder, silently sighing as she reached her gaze to skim the rim of the cup in his hands. She wished to ask further on this 'him' he spoke of and how it came to be, but Noctavia knew her boundaries at times, and with this, she knew it was best to leave him alone, "Thanks, Ryker, for everything." A soft smile rose at the corner of her mouth, gently letting her eyes trace the outline of his hands and the coffee cup in thought.

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9Home Sweet Home? Empty Re: Home Sweet Home? on Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:13 am

Ryker nodded, confirming Noctavia’s incredulity.  “It was pretty obvious that they wanted to believe me.  Really, I didn’t tell them anything that they didn’t already think or want to hear.  Anyone who bases their opinions in hope for others is pathetically easy to fool,” he said, shaking his head slightly.  Now wouldn’t it be deliciously ironic if one of those ex-Bravehearts decided to try their luck in the Eternal Darkness pack.  Especially if it was Melissa.  Oh how easily she had been duped.  Ryker grinned again, picturing the look on the haughty ex-elite’s face if he were to run into her in the hotel.  Ah, but wouldn’t that be magnificent.

The sudden turn of sentimentality was somewhat surprising, but Ryker took it in stride, his slightly predatory grin softening and turning warmer.  “I’ll bet your friend Delta—Wouldn’t happen ta be Daiken, would it?—could come up with one or two ideas,” he replied, smiling at Noctavia and almost daring her to take the bait.  Just to push the envelope a little bit more, he sniffed the air carefully and, while he couldn’t smell anything particularly untoward, decided to roll with it.  “In fact,” he added thoughtfully.  “It smells like he already has.”  Sure, as far as Ryker could tell, the two had done nothing more than share a coffee in here, perfectly civilized and polite.  But what was the point of teasing if one always played it safe?

She had taken the news that his first and only revealed love had been a male fairly better than he had expected.  Of course, that could simply be his family’s own jaded opinions on the matter speaking.  After he had spoken, a knot had formed in his gut, preparing himself for the worst.  However, her reaction, a simple lift of the eyebrows as she processed, was strangely comforting.  Ryker had never confided that bit of information in anyone and even his younger brother, Realtan, whom he adored, had not been told.  He chuckled slightly.  “Calling my father not very reasonable is like calling the second world war a small scuffle.  First and foremost, he was a businessman that was very concerned with the reputation of his family.  You can imagine how…something like that…would reflect poorly on such an image, given a dogmatic view of the social order.

When the alphess leaned towards him, Ryker very nearly pulled away.  He could smell himself, after all, and was covered with the smell of earth, thanks to his romp through the woods, sweat, due to the morning of work that he had put in before the disbanding of their rival pack, and more or less reeked of Braveheart from his hair to his clothes to his skin.  But, the fact that she could smell all of those things, too, and had still decided to put on this display of camaraderie was oddly touching.  “You’re…welcome?” he replied, hesitating slightly.  “Though, to be honest, I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such high praise from the alphess.”  If she were to look up, his face would be a study of reserved confusion with one eyebrow slightly arched, black eyes searching her own face for clues and head canted slightly askance.

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[ It's not much, but I'm kinda in a rush to get things done today. ]

"Unfortunately, yes, you've pinned it directly. Its been long since the day we have met, and since then the fascination of mine has begun to grow. As much as I wish to dip more into these little things that I find more interesting about him, I know there are a lot more important things at hand, like we had discussed before. He is to only be my friend for the moment, no more important than any other warrior, besides the fact he knows just as much as you do about I towards the past and vise-versa. I would continue my rants further about him, but you'd get bored, just as I would if you were to explain a foolish crush." She chuckled, rounding out her neck to feel the sensational pop it gave into putting out the misery between her connected bones. A cool shiver ran down her spine as she felt it ease up, deceasing slowly along with the silence of her words. Before she could speak back up, she looked to him as he began to speak again about his father. It made enough sense to her than it could for anyone, and she secretly could begin to sympathize on what he felt. Her father wasn't much of anything to her, nor her mother. The slightest movements of his face gave away certain soft spots as he spoke, and her eyes could not be taken apart from such a person of worth. As her Beta, she expected these things to eventually take time in finding his trust, and sooner or later, she achieved it, and she knew it by the things he talked about and how he puzzled them together.

She wondered if this was what it was like looking at her from the side of another's point of view, asides from the change in opinions, she found it interesting. The feeling of letting it all fall of her shoulders was never something easy and strong as she had hoped, for it never mattered to her personally. Ryker to her was a whole another story. If he hadn't of hinted at his background, she would have never of known how much he had dealt with outside the presence of becoming one with her ranks. She smiled softly, her pupils regulated and surrounded in a pit of dark green pool, "I can begin to understand to where you had come from with living in that environment. Mine wasn't the most accepting group of family as you can tell or remember." Noctavia laughed once, a harsh laugh none to be compared to or referred to her sense of humor, "Fortunately for you, I accept what you have chose to like and dislike here, I have no penalties on that at all, and if anything, I respect it. I don't fall towards that category of people though, but I see nothing wrong with them and my opinion still stays the same of how I see you, Ryker. Your father may have been too selfish to realize your feelings on the matter, but that is not be allow here." Turning her attention to the next set of sentences, she nodded and slightly rolled her eyes with a steady sigh as she predicted him to want an explanation. It was never like her to necessarily acknowledge werelings, but it felt normal with him as he had done so much, she thought.

"The reason I say thank you is because I am thankful for what all you've done. You know like, not-care-what-other-people-think-sorta dude to be my friend in a way? I've never had a friend before, not like you of course, but seriously, as weird as it sounds, you're like a brother to me.. I guess..?." Oh great, now she really was going insane. What was she saying? Noctavia made a strange face after what she said and closed her eyes, shaking her head and then opening them to arch a brow at Ryker, "Uh.. That kinda came out from, I think.." She looked around slowly and then started to laugh softly, building it up to a gently chuckle as she looked at him for his reaction, "I'm sorry, but do you know what I mean? It's hard to explain coming from someone that doesn't really talk to people, ya know?" The next thing she did was tuck her hands further in her sleeves and covered her eyes with them, groaning softly in a hint of frustration as she didn't know how to explain herself on how she was thankful. Why was this so difficult?

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Ryker listened intently as the Alphess talked about her feelings and reservations towards a relationship with Daiken—he was only slightly surprised when she acknowledged that guess as correct—and wondered just how long this had been going on.  He could tell that she was trying so very hard to not only make sense of her feelings in her own mind, but put them into a coherent form for his benefit, as well.  At her dismissal, Ryker simply shrugged slightly.  “On the contrary, my Alphess, I think it is magnificent that you have found someone that you feel just might make a match for you,” he said, his smile warm and genuine.  “Although, if I may be so bold, what is holding you back from pursuing the relationship?  What with the Bravehearts disbanded and scattered, it would seem like this is the perfect lull for you to develop a serious relationship.  Daiken seems fairly level headed; I’m sure he would be able to cope with it.  Surely it’s not the pressures of running this place keeping you back.”  He indicated the hotel with an expansive wave of his hand.  If he could run half of Europe from his computer and cell phone, a hotel—even one filled with volatile werelings—couldn’t be that hard, could it?

She was more receptive to his confessions about his past and pressures from his father than he had imagined.  And, thank whatever gods could be said to be watching over him, she had not formed the link that he had been afraid that she would.  He chuckled and nodded his head, indeed remembering what she had told him about her rather interesting family.  Her words of assurance, while not completely unexpected, were incredibly welcome and Ryker let out a small breath, feeling a tension between his shoulder blades ease.  “Thank you, Alphess.  That really does mean a lot to me,” he said.

Her explanation of why she thanked him brought a good, hearty chuckle.  He thought about his relationship with his own brother, who he had recently just managed to talk out of following him and joining the Braveheart pack to help tear it down from the inside.  They were very close, emailing almost every day and sharing the occasional phone call.  A small smile splayed out on Ryker’s lips.  “Don’t worry,” he assured her.  “I know what you’re trying to say and I can say with certainty, th’ feeling’s mutual.”  Now that he had relaxed a little bit, since the big news was out and dealt with, his accent came through a little bit more strongly than normal.

After taking another small sip of the coffee, he set the mug down on the small end table and climbed to his feet.  “Well, thanks for havin’ this little talk, Alphess.  I really do feel much better now.  However, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take an extremely long, hot shower.  After that, though, is there anything that you would have me do or that you need help with?  Anythin’ at all,” he swept a low, elegant bow, “Ya’ve only to ask.”  He straightened, lips quirked in an impish grin.

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Noctavia smiled as she walked him to the door, opening it just slightly for him to pass with ease while she was able to lean against it and still talk for him to see all of her face and half of her body, "Don't worry, Ryker. You're a nice guy and I know you'll find that too someday as well. Trust me, if I can even find it, then there's no doubt in my mind that you will too. Your help is greatly appreciated, but all I relieved you yet to do is relax. You've done quite enough lately, and I believe both of us need a few resting days before returning to our duties, wouldn't you agree? And I think you need the rest more than I do at this point," She pointed out, dusting off some dirt from his shoulder before peering up at him with her emerald eyes, "Maybe this is for the best, that if having an Alpha after all could bring some change around the pack and it wouldn't be so hard to fight it alone. But as for now, all I can do is to gradually get a hold on my emotions before putting my facts too far ahead in the procedure." Shaking her head lightly, she smiled again and decided to speed things so they could both be dismissed to their beds. The Alphess hugged him gently goodbye and backed up further into her room, "Anyway, I believe its time for us to be heading out.." Looking up, she bowed her head lightly and watched as he did the same out of respect, "Goodnight Ryker, and thank you, again. If there is anything I need, I'll be sure to ask or find you myself. My door is always open." Within seconds, she slowly closed her door, smiling as she tilted her forehead to press into the board as she thought about what all they had talked about. Reminding herself of Ryker's advice, she took it to heart and moved away to sleep. Her eyes closed with a smile that night, slowly taken away into her dreams as the image of Daiken and her once again slowly danced under the pale moonlight.

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