Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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The Return

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1 The Return on Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:44 pm

Ryker climbed out of the taxi that he had commissioned to drive him from the airport to the hotel and peered up at the structure.  Despite what he had invested in it, it did not feel like “coming home.”  Not yet, at least.  Turning half way back around, he handed a fifty dollar bill to the driver and then started making his way into the hotel before the stunned man could even begin to calculate change.  Thankfully, the driver interpreted Ryker’s dismissal correctly and drove off down the road, rather than try to chase after the Irishman with a handful of change.  He had no luggage with him, so was not slowed down by bags of any kind and soon made the wide double doors of the hotel.
As soon as he pushed open one side and stepped foot in the lobby, he filled his nostrils with the scents permeating the room.  His eyebrow arched slightly, but his lips merely curled into a small half smile.  It smelled like there had been some recruiting going on in his absence.  That was good.  Unless, he reminded himself, someone had been recruiting an impressive number of wilders or even cocksure purebloods who’s first reaction to adversity is to pick a fight.  Surely his Alphess would not be so foolish, though.  Hopefully.
Striding past the desk clerk, who he remembered to be named Amanda, he lifted a hand in a cheerful wave and flashed his charming smile.  “Good evenin’, Amanda.  Long time no see.  Can you tell me if Noctavia’s up in her suite?”  The girl blinked, no doubt having to refocus her gaze off of the rather fresh, thin scar that decorated Ryker’s face from his left cheekbone to just the other side of his nose.  “I-I’m not sure, sir,” she said, smiling slightly and with a faint blush coloring her cheeks.  “I just came on shift.”  Ryker nodded.  “Ah, I see.  Well, thank you anyways.  Have a nice night, then,” he said, turning back towards the elevators and pushing the “Up” button.  As he waited for his conveyance, he tugged on the front of his black sports coat and adjusted the lay of the black silk tie that adorned the front of his white shirt and dove down the center of a silver silk vest.  At least the black pair of slacks that he wore were not too far outside of his normal style, but he had come directly from a business meeting in Dublin, and so had to dress the part.

A soft ding heralded the elevator’s arrival and as soon as the doors slid open, Ryker stepped inside and punched the button for the top floor.  A rather short time later, the ding repeated itself and Ryker stepped out of the elevator on the top floor of the hotel.  He had to give the hotel a bit of credit; the elevators were very fast.  Standing outside of the Alphess’s room, he lifted his hand to knock, but paused, caught somewhat by surprise by the silver ring and embedded red diamond of the Dahling House.  Taking a deep breath, Ryker smiled, smelling the Alphess’s scent rather strongly, and rapped on the door.

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2 Re: The Return on Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:46 am

The Alphess stood to see her reflection staring back at her in the large mirror at her walk-in-closet's end. A chiffon black shirt wrapped around her waist, accenting each and every curve of her hips and center till its hem of which ended to the mid of her thighs. Her hand smoothed over the light, drape-ish fabric that hung over her chest by one shoulder, feeling the cherry red fabric in between her fingers as she fuddled with it around her. For a change, her waves were pinned back in a long ponytail that tickled the nap of her neck and between her shoulder blades. Noctavia's plans for the evening did not include meeting with some of the executive managers for the hotel, let alone go to Griffen to speak with them about the same stuff every year. She had yet to know if the co-owner knew what she was of recently, certainly after working with him for nearly fifteen years would be more than enough time to see she didn't age. 

Sighing, she turned away to head out of the closet, passing the set of windows that lined along the one balcony to over look the city below. White and black heals to click with every step as linoleum shifted to a wood surface, the wind pushing the small strands that escaped from the ponytail's grasp. The horizon passed the skyscraper's outline sank ever-so-slowly into the earth's curve, a ray of pinks massing slightly into the blue that once was the sky. Noctavia was never one to arrive on time to a mortal's company, they all knew that, maybe even her pack knew, but why did that matter? Border patrols have been piling with everyday since her Beta male had left for a while. The female however she never knew was up to, but hopefully now that she appointed someone to replace the Elite position, things would be getting easier for the Alphess. All she would have to worry next was getting through the mating season and upcoming full moon that was destined to make them feel less in control. With Adonis's help, she was able to learn new tricks she never knew could happen for the shifter race at all. Once things slow, she would most certainly like to teach ones how to mind trick others into seeing images. But first things fits. Business.

Before Noctavia could moved from her spot out from the balcony, a knock made her attention perk up. She wasn't expecting visitors. Taking in a strong whiff, she smiled, quickening her step over to the door to see the friendly face of none other than her Beta male, Ryker. Her hand twisted open the knob, revealing the Irishman she hadn't seen in what seemed weeks. "Welcome back, Ryker. Care to come in?" She left him to decide by leaving the door open, leaning against the stairway's side for support. "If I had of known you were coming I would have warned my associates that I would be running a tad bit to late. Nonetheless, please, sit and make yourself at home. I hope your travels went smoothly, hm?"


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3 Re: The Return on Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:54 pm

In the brief expanse of time that Ryker was waiting on the door to Noctavia’s suite to open, his right pointer finger brushed against the ring that now adorned his thumb.  It was quite the statement, to anyone who knew its worth, and one that Ryker would honestly like to do without.  But, due to his new position in the world, it was an unfortunate necessity.  A moment later, Ryker heard footsteps from inside the room and straightened his posture slightly before the door was swept open to reveal a rather well dressed Noctavia.  He blinked once, simply because he had never seen her with her hair put up and she looked rather nice in such a style.  Not having her hair hanging down served to accentuate her natural willowyness and height and Ryker considered that to be a good thing.
He gave a wide grin.  “I apologize for dropping in unannounced, but I figured that I should probably come straight here,” he explained as he followed her inside and gently shut the door behind himself.  When asked if his travels went smoothly, he chuckled a little bit and his grin became slightly roguish.  “Eh, as well as could be expected, I suppose, with my sister trying to kill me.”  He gestured to the scar that ran from his left cheek just across the bridge of his nose.  “But aside from that, it went rather well.  As my Alphess, I feel that you should know that I am now the legal head of the Dahling House and own the vast majority of corporations and companies in Europe and eastern Asia.  That was why I had to leave so suddenly.  I left a message with one of the desk clerks as soon as I found I had to leave.  I don’t know if you got it or not.”  Since he had not been offered  a seat, he remained standing, assuming his normal, relaxed and confident posture.
It smells like there’s been a little bit of recruiting having gone on while I’ve been away, though.  Anyone strike your fancy in particular?”  It was fairly apparent to Ryker that Noctavia had been spending at least a little bit of intimate time with a male.  Smells like that didn’t just go away overnight, after all.

Ryker wanted to see if there was anything in particular that Noctavia wanted of him, now that he was back in the territory and ready and able to resume his duties as Beta.  “Can you tell me how things are going with our dear rival pack?  Has anything happened that I might want to know about?”  Already, the wheels were turning and plans were spinning through the Beta’s head.  Hopefully nothing had destabilized too severely in the time that he had been gone.  If so, he would just do what he could to piece things back together so as to avoid mutual destruction.  At this point, he was fairly confident that that would be the outcome of certain, rather likely chains of events and, given his preference, he would like to avoid that result.

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4 Re: The Return on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:42 am

At his last sentence, she thought for a moment of how to respond, turning to him when she was ready, "You should know by now the apologies are not needed. And I'll have you know yes, I did receive the message of your absence. I must congratulate you on your accomplishment, must be a lot of work dealing with that now, huh? As for news around the pack, nothing out of the norm other than Collette is no loner working with us and somehow I've managed to have another take her place, but not someone you would expect. Take a wild guess, I bet you a hundred dollars you won't even come close to guessing whom took the Elite position," Noctavia gazed to Ryker with challenging eyes, she meant no harm to come to this, but what they spoke up was serious business. And not only was her Elite related to the enemy, but the Alpha male himself. As much as she hated to say how similar they looked, their personalities differed immensely. Noctavia lowered herself to the fourth highest step of the stairway, crossing her legs appropriately over each other like an elegant dame should. 

Remembering his words of activity gone on in her room, a glint of a smile flashed in her eyes, "Indeed I have, but nothing to change in my mind about how I feel towards men. He's a common Warrior like the rest and he doesn't strike me as something I would have feelings for in the near future though. As for the rest of the pack, it seems more werelings are showing up by the hour. Though I am pleased to see it grow before our eyes. While you were gone Gabriel and I had a brawl, left me with a scar on my shoulder though," The woman shrugged, not minding it for she honestly loved scars. To her, they were like a memory, or a tattoo even. A symbol almost. "Nice scar by the way. Why exactly did your sister try to murder you?" It disturbed her to ask such a question, but curious all at the same time to know more."Oh, that reminds me. I learn some stuff while you were gone by our new Elite. You will not believe it either." At that, a large grin bared back her cheeks to reveal a set of perfectly straight, white teeth and two sharp canines.


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5 Re: The Return on Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:49 pm

Ryker chuckled at her declaration that apologies were not necessary.  “Aye, well, call me old fashioned that way,” he said.  “It’s really not a tremendous amount more work, no.  My father had things set up to run fairly autonomously.  I just get reports from each CEO usually every other day, so, unless something goes terribly wrong, I should be able to run everything from here without neglecting my duties as Beta.”  The news that Collette was gone was somewhat surprising, as Ryker had thought that Noctavia and the Elite got along fairly well.  Perhaps something came up that required a leave of absence.  Too bad.  Just as a shot in the dark as to who Noctavia’s replacement might be, Ryker said, “Teimhnin hasn’t defected, has she?”  Honestly, that would simply be too perfect and Ryker would have to investigate further, should that be the case.  Hopefully not, though.
When she admitted that she was indeed seeing a male, Ryker grinned and folded his arms over his chest.  “Poor Warrior, chosen to be the Alphess’s play thing.  Have I met this male or is he one of the newer additions to the pack?  And I trust that ya gave dear Gabriel a mark or two to remember ya by, hm?  Why were you two going at it?  Was anyone else involved?”  Oh, that wasn’t good.  Why was it that every time Ryker turned around, someone else was getting in a fight?  His smile became more than slightly sardonic when asked why his sister had tried to kill him.  “Well, most of my siblings, while younger than me, have stayed with the family.  They didn’t think it very fair that I should get control while I’ve been away for so long while they’ve stayed there.  Alannah’s just got a wee bit of a temper on her.  Oh, speaking of which, Réaltán, my younger brother, might just decide to follow me.  He hinted at it, once or twice, but I’m not sure if he’ll be following up on that or not.

The mention of Noctavia learning something new from her newly appointed Elite perked Ryker’s interest.  So, chances were that it was not the fire haired Beta of Braveheart.  Oh well.  "And what might this new found information be?  Something terribly helpful, I hope."  Some inside information about the Braveheart clan would always be useful.  Or perhaps a line of intelligence connected to at least one of their Betas.  As he waited for a response, he lifted his hand, purposely ignoring the glint of red from the diamond, and brushed a bit of hair back behind his ear.  Damn, but he needed a trim.

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6 Re: The Return on Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:28 am

"That's great to hear actually. With all the recruiting and new werelings popping up from no where, it isn't going to be as stressful knowing you will be able to assist me on them, let alone keep the rest of the pack in line while I'm out. If you are in need of any work yourself getting done, I'm usually always around to help you as well. Well, that is, if I have time of course. Lately all I've been getting is more work put onto my desk, aside from the complaints I hear from the kitchen that some of the Omegas are stealing food. Yeah.. Let's just say that didn't go well when I stepped inside," She chuckled slightly at the memory of their faces. Petrified at moment's notice as soon as she stepped into those doors. After a little of threatening the staff of immortals, and little mortals, they eventually got the picture and what pleased her is that no blood was drawn in the process. Noctavia laughed again as the name of Braveheart's Beta female slipped from his mouth, "She seems valuable in some way, but nothing I look forwards into considering an Elite. I'd believe it were a trap if she were to suspiciously 'leave' such a position in hopes of joining my pack. As for whom the Elite is, its Gabriel's own flesh and blood, little brother, Adonis Braveheart himself. And yes, I'm serious. He's no threat to me, for it seems he no longer has ties between his brother. If anything, I'd say he hates him more than I do. He's a lot older than I am as well, and like I always say, with age comes intelligence and greater strengths,"

Noctavia straightened her back, pushing to press against the wall while her legs stayed crossed. The position and choice of seating wasn't as comfortable as she expected so instead she stood with her back pressed to the wall, grinning nefariously to Ryker as he brought up the topic of her new boy toy, "He's a new addition, the name's Travis Manchester. You'll have to ask Amanda at the front desk what room he stays in, I wouldn't know. Oh, and yes, I did in fact leave my mark on that man's body, a couple if we're being exact here. The fight started cause of me I won't deny that. I was heading to get a tattoo, but told him I'd get one later since the worker was drunk and couldn't get himself sobered enough. Gabriel showed up before then and a conversation was brought up to go hunting, the only condition I had to follow was not to go after innocents. Knowing myself, I'm not one to obey to other's commands unless my own. We came up upon a man trying to rape a woman against the wall. Gabriel had him by the neck and set the woman free. As for me, I was growing bored of watching the Alpha and decided to kill the woman, which set off his temper and Viola, a fight. Luckily, once I had him at his weakest and tired point, I walked back to pack territories and headed home like nothing happened," The Alphess simply shrugged it off with no more commentary to it.

The mention of what she learned from her Elite Male made her mood lighten and walk towards the center of the room to face Ryker, "I'd rather show you instead. Watch this," Turning to face the windows, she closed her eyes, breathing in slowly from her nose and out from her mouth as she began to imagine the outline of a tarantula. Forming the abdomen, the thorax and long hairy legs along with its set of many eyes and tint of red hairs on the ends of its body. It was a mind trick she had learned to use, and from what she looked at on her arm, was the tarantula she made to believe was real before their eyes. Noctavia looked to the arachnid, controlling it to move down her arm to stand on all 8 legs at the back of her hand, "Freaky or what?" Noctavia chuckled, keeping her concentration on the spider so it wouldn't disappear.


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7 Re: The Return on Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:56 pm

A single eyebrow lifted at the mention of the misbehaving Omegas.  He refrained from commenting on it, though, as it seemed that Noctavia had it well sorted.  He could only imagine the veritable hell that had rained down on them.  Part of him wished that he had been here to see it.  When she finally named her new Elite, though, Ryker leaned forward slightly.  “Adonis Braveheart, eh?” he repeated.  Part of his mind immediately screamed “TRAP!” but, after a bit of consideration, he realized that the majority of his own siblings would probably jump at the chance to join a rival pack and do their best to kill him.  Or at least ruin his world.  Perhaps that was what Adonis was trying to do.  Hopefully.

The fact that Noctavia had chosen a new member as her play toy was not particularly surprising and was slightly amusing.  Ryker almost felt sorry for the lad, who no doubt believed that he had won the lady’s affections.  He listened carefully to Noctavia’s story about how she got her newest scar.  He smirked slightly when she told him about the moment of conflict.  “So you mean to tell me that you actually agreed to hunt alongside Gabriel?  Was this part of a plan of yours or were you just that bored?” he asked, thoroughly amused.  “Ah well, poor Gabriel.

His black eyes followed Noctavia as she moved to stand in the middle of the room and he cocked his head slightly as she took a moment to focus.  What was she doing?  He remained quiet as the spider seemed to materialize on her arm.  His eyebrows rose slightly in surprise as the creature became fully realized and then crawled down her arm to perch on the back of her hand.  “That is most impressive,” he said, moving to follow after Noctavia and get a closer look at the illusory spider.  It did seem very real.  “Does this illusion extend to tactile stimuli?  I assume that this has something to do with the shared thought web that connects werewolves, so can it affect mortals, as well?  Is there a limit to size?”  He opened his mouth to ask more questions, but realized that he was barraging her and so straightened from his stooped posture and grinned at his Alphess.  “Apologies.  One question at a time, eh?  How did Adonis learn to do this?  I’ve read one or two pieces about people experimenting with this sort of application of the thought web, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually succeeding.”  He lifted his right hand and tapped his chin with a finger.  This new Elite might indeed be an invaluable asset, after all.

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8 Re: The Return on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:48 pm

With a flick of her eyes, the spider crawled around her hand and dropped to the ground, controlling the arachnid to move up his leg, she smirked, "It wasn't exactly my idea to hunt with him, I actually refused until he called me a coward. If you knew me any better, you'd know I will not stand practically being named a whelp without a fight. Now, I know it wasn't smart of me to stoop to that level, but it from my eyes it was necessary to show him who's wearing the boots in between us. After we started I got bored watching him make the man struggle against the wall and killed the woman. Simple enough, huh?" Noctavia watched the spider, concentrating it easily to work its way up to meet his shoulder and crawl down his large arm. She thought about his words for a moment, making the spider stand on its four back legs and bare its furry fangs in warning to the male warning. She could help but laugh at her foolishness in this trick, sighing and waving her hand for it to vanish into an eerie dust,

"From what I've learned so far from Adonis is, yes. Its used just as the same as we use our minds to speak into one another's mind between the pack. If in the time of need we can ease our minds in an attack or feud to create a realistic distraction in order for the enemy to loose focus and think the image is real. And now, it doesn't have a limit size. Adonis can change this very room to look like we're standing in Notre Dame's center, or even in Times Square. I have yet to learn more, for now, I can only do simple things like create wolves to look like ours. As for the many questions, I no longer mind. I would most likely be curious and forward enough to do the same," Glancing around the room, she did mental measurements, deciding if it would be smart to create a big enough image to show him it can grow bigger, "Hm..," The Alphess moved slowly around the room, stopping just aside the window to see the city below. Lights from many directions shined in her eyes. For many years she had lived in this city, and many more to come she hoped. Turned to meet Ryker's obsidian orbs, she gave a half smile, looking to his left to place an image nothing more than a doberman to stand at his waist. It barked in a low tone, spit dripping off the sides of his muzzle onto the floor. "You're a dog person, right Mr. Dahling?"


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9 Re: The Return on Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:05 am

Ryker watched the illusory spider as he listened to Noctavia talk about the conditions of her hunt with Gabriel.  The fact that she had agreed because she was called a coward and consequently felt as though she had something to prove came as no surprise at all to him.  From what he had learned of the proud Alphess, he could see that her ego, while massive and often well-deserved, was also reasonably easily bruised.  Motivating her by words against said ego had been a possibility in the back of Ryker’s mind for quite some time, if he was perfectly honest with himself.  As the spider climbed up his leg and up onto his arm, he smiled.  If he allowed himself, he could indeed “feel” the illusion as the creature reared up on his hand.  “Magnificent,” he said quietly, carefully studying the animal, even as it disappeared in a small puff of smoke.

His black eyes focused on her when she began explaining what she had thought of to use this new power of illusion for and the limitations, or lack thereof.  He was still slightly uneasy that such a gift had come from one so intimately connected to Gabriel Braveheart.  Was there, perhaps some sort of detriment to using it?  Possibly, but he kept his suspicions carefully to himself, for the time being.  A grin pulled at his lips at the dog that appeared beside him.  He reached out and scratched the dog’s head.  “I am indeed, and quite a lovely specimen you have chosen, I might add.”  He rather badly wanted to know how to perform this trick, but did not want to be so forward as to ask her to teach him if she did not want to.  “I wonder how many members of the Braveheart pack know this little trick, as well.  We’ll have to be on our toes in any future encounters with them.  Has Adonis mentioned a way to defend against these illusions?  It could be rather annoying if they know how to use this trick and we end up runnin’ circles because of a couple illusions, yeah?

Hopefully, this situation was not too good to be true and Adonis was actually, wholeheartedly against his brother’s pack.  It made sense that he would be, especially if he was as jealous and vengeful as Ryker’s own siblings.  Despite himself, Ryker could not help but give a rather impish grin.  “Let’s just hope it’s not too good to be true, eh?

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10 Re: The Return on Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:52 pm

"From what I know is that Braveheart knows nothing of this subject and will not under any circumstances. Judging by Gabriel's performance earlier with me he knows nothing of it either, so what I can presume is no one else does within his pack. He displayed nothing other than his other half and that was it. If he would have known then he'd been smart enough to use the resourceful tactic on me in doing so. As for the defense," She shrugged her shoulders lightly, crossing her arms over her chest, "I know very little like I had said. All it basically takes is a cleared mind and long attention-span. It only works best with Pure Bloods, Mutts can use it for only a few minutes before they become exhausted and give up. As for Bittens, they might as well not even try with the little of power they hold inside." Noctavia smirked at his commentary, imagining two experienced werelings with the subject use in the state of a fight. She could also begin to imagine and wonder what they would have in store to distract one another and take their blows before they've realized its an illusion.

Averting her gaze downwards to the still imagine of the doberman, she made him turn away and walk towards the open floor close to the center of the living room. Joking around she decided to speak into its 'head', "Go lay down.... Titan.." With that she cocked her head in which controlled it to run and jump onto the long leather couch, obeying his order by laying down across the surface. Noctavia looked back to her Beta male with a quirked brow and smile, "Care to learn? Just a warning its still new to me, so don't blame the newb alright?" She knew for one that he would not deny such an offer, but could understand why he didn't since she only knew so much. It'd be best for them to go have a training session with Adonis himself before the two decide to have a challenge of who can picture the best image and keep it straight long enough.

[[ Sorry it's so short. T_T ]]


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11 Re: The Return on Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:28 pm

((No worries, mine's no novel, either lol))

Ryker nodded slowly as he listened to Noctavia explain why she did not think that Gabriel knew about the trick with the illusions.  So, she believed that he couldn’t know about it because he didn’t use it?  That was not the first conclusion that Ryker would have drawn, but he supposed it made sense, given what he knew of the opposing Alpha.  Well, at least it did seem that Eternal Darkness now had a fairly exclusive weapon.  That was very good.  Ryker could not help but smile slightly at that knowledge.  “So really the best defense against it would simply be knowledge of this technique’s existence, aye?  That does open some doors for some very interesting techniques and strategies, doesn’t it?”  He nodded again as he spoke, his mind already spinning webs that included this new ability.

At the offer to teach him the ability, Ryker nodded.  “If you can teach me anything of how it works, then yes please, I would love to learn this skill, Alphess.  Perhaps we could discover its limitations more efficiently if more of us were working on it.”  He did not mean to imply that perhaps the Alphess was not studying the technique as well as she could, so hopefully she would not interpret it in that way, though, in retrospect, Ryker could see how she might hear that from what he had said.  Already, he was envisioning several different applications for this new ability, as well as different experiments to conduct with it.  Yes, this was going to be a very good thing, he was certain.

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12 Re: The Return on Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:34 am

"Well, I would know if you knew better or not, but I prefer you compared to the rest trust-wise. Most of them I care not the same I do compared to you, but please, don't take that as a strange way. I'm not that caring. What I'm trying to say is, is that I trust you to keep this under-lock until the two of us know more about the power. Cliche as it may sound, 'Two heads are better than one,' and maybe another great mind beside my own, a younger one for that matter, might just be what we need. I hope to study this new technique and how it was discovered in the first place, how we can pull more images and combinations in attack before the opponent can already thing of their next move," Noctavia nodded, shaking off her words to get a grip on a better reality. She thought back to the first time she tried it, pulling together the pieces she whipped up since then.

Sighing slowly, the fae took a deep breath to clear her mind and remember Adonis's exact words, "Okay, let's begin, shall we?" Before doing anything further, she peered back to see the lovely animal laying comfortably on her couch, nodding her head to dismiss its existence for the time being. Noctavia stepped at his side, looking towards the open floor with confidence, "Adonis says that its best to start with something you remember perfectly and are used to, like our wolf. Think of every detail, fur color, scars, eye color, body structure, and when I say everything, I mean it. From the very tip of its ears all the way to the end of their tail and put it in your mind. Picture it, swirl it around and imagine it, then, just like speaking into one's mind, put it out there and connect. Controlling it is simple, all you have to do is keep a clear mind and focus just on that image you've brought to the floor."


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13 Re: The Return on Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:07 pm

Ryker grinned a little bit as he listened to Noctavia talk about studying the technique. It sounded like she was on more or less the same page as he was. That was good. Ideally, she would be able to teach him enough so that he could do a little bit of research on his own so that he could learn every secret and method behind this ability, as well as every exploitable weakness. “If we can get to the point where we can use this effectively in combat,” a small sparkle appeared in his eyes as he spoke, “we’ll be unbeatable.” Ryker suppressed a small shiver of excitement from running down his spine at the thought of a group of werewolves, all specially trained to be able to create these illusions. That would be quite a force to be reckoned with, certainly.

Ryker took a deep breath, listening to Noctavia’s instructions on how to properly create an illusion of the proper caliber. It did not sound simple, but he did not really expect it to be. Giving a nod, he closed his eyes and began to piece together a mental image of Dante, putting in as many details as he possibly could. He even dedicated a fair bit of thought to his scent, just in case. After a moment, he managed to manipulate the way that he projected his thoughts so that the image was what was communicated, rather than thoughts. Directly beside Ryker materialized a facsimile of his other half. At first it was slightly hazy, but Ryker sharpened his focus, frowning slightly in concentration, and the illusion cleared to life-like quality. The chocolate brown and black fur rippled over tight, toned muscles and bright golden eyes peered at the Alphess as though studying her. Not as impressive as the real thing, but not too bad for a first attempt, Dante quipped, drawing a short chuckle from Ryker. He found that once an illusion was completely manifested, it was slightly easier to maintain it than it had been to create it. But only slightly. “How is that?” he asked, having the wolf sit beside him, ears erect and posture focused.

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14 Re: The Return on Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:35 pm

Noctavia pushed her attention towards the center of the room, sneaking small glances to the side in order to see how Ryker was preforming. She remained quiet, knowing the best way to concentrate, from her opinion, was to close their eyes and have a silent area to focus on one thing at a time. As the image began to warp, she didn't hesitate to create her own as Ryker began to add on more detail. For a change, the Alphess decided not to close her eyes, using the wall as a clear place to stare into space to remember her wolf easily and just as affective instead of closing eyes. Taking a breath, her vision opened to connect the black outline of her wolf, fluffing the black pelt to appear thicker and lifting its jaw to add on the blood stained teeth she always had in that form. Seeing that Ryker was preforming great for a beginner like herself, Noctavia smiled, keeping her emerald gaze on the wolf with the same pair of eyes, focusing its controls by causing it to walk up to the mixed brown and black other.

"You're doing great," She answered in a small and low-like tone, barely able to answer the questions until she got a better grip, for which she attempted to do during her words. Noctavia lowered her fae's haunches to the ground, keeping its posture stiffened and flowing with greater dominance like she would naturally. This was one of the few times she was the one controlling it, for it was a majority her wolf taking it into consideration of focusing their thoughts into the image. Not that it wasn't new, Adonis even said it was common so she didn't find it as a warning to her future life of mind-tricking. "Up for a challenge?" She smirked slightly, tipping her head to make her wolf stand and curl its lip threateningly, ears pointed and tail pressed against its back.


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15 Re: The Return on Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:22 am

Ryker watched as Noctavia’s wolf seemed to materialize out of thin air.  Dante was markedly unimpressed, but Ryker managed to keep that fact well hidden.  This was the Alphess, after all.  It would not do to bruise her pride.  He smiled slightly and dipped his head in a bow of thanks at her compliment.  “Thank you.  It is certainly an interesting feeling, manifesting yer very thoughts in the world for people to see.”  In fact, if one was not careful with this technique, Ryker imagined that it could have some extremely embarrassing consequences.  Now that was an amusing thought.

When Noctavia asked if he was up for a challenge, a handful of thoughts flashed reflexively through Ryker’s mind, but he quickly dismissed them.  Most of those were not possible, he had made certain.  He cocked his head to the left, a motion which the image of his wolf copied.  “And what sort of challenge would my esteemed Alphess suggest?” he asked, grinning cheekily because he already had a fairly good idea.  The image of Dante crouched down slightly, spreading out his paws and bending its joints a little bit, just in case.

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16 Re: The Return on Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:48 pm

[[ Tried to make it a little bigger. Kinda held it out a little too much with somethings, sorry. ]]

She watches as he controlled Dante to take a position, their minds connecting, but hers deciding to take it to another level. Noctavia flashed her eyes to her wolf, causing it to vanish with a swipe of her hand, not that it was necessary, but it felt normal to do something almost magical. "Adonis not only showed me how to make objects appear, but backgrounds, like I said before. Now, granted I've never tried anything so strong yet, but I'm willing to always try. I want you to whip up something more detailed than your wolf, something you'll remember for sometime, but loose a few minutes after since you're not that good just yet, or at least I don't think you are." She laughed, holding her arms behind her back again. The Alphess had seen the things Adonis could do, but he held so much more experience than both Ryker and her, though it pained her not even to try it at least once. Background imaging looked so simple, but she knew it was harder than it looked, how to remember such details for so long and keep it up she knew little of how he could keep it in. Maybe it was because of his passed...

There was always something about the past that would disturb almost anyone, she believed, even herself. Noctavia looked to him, "Want to try it? I'll take the honors of going first, and I promise..for once, not to laugh if you screw up as long as you promise not to do the same." Before he could answer, Noctavia shut off anything else left in her mind and focused it onto one background that always brought herself to relax. The muscles in her back smoothed over and untied, loosening her up to keep herself from over-thinking and damaging the image to appear. Around her she held the affects of sound, the zooms of cars and sirens in the faint distance below, sparks of light to shine around them and so on for all of the eye could see. Her eyes dozed into a light sleep, keeping them open but her mind in another world to keep it from fainting. From what she displayed was a view from the Empire State Building, the roof and the overlook of the great, shining city to stretch. She tried to hold it in, but it flickered like an old light bulb, blurring in the corners and hurting the sides of her head until she gave in and made it all disappear. "Damn.." She looked to Ryker, giving a half-smile, "Your turn?"


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17 Re: The Return on Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:26 pm

Ryker cocked his head slightly when, instead of lunging with her wolf, as he had expected, Noctavia simply dismissed the illusion.  As he listened to her explain what she wanted to do, a small smirk spread across his lips.  Ever pushing boundaries, this one was.  Without moving, Ryker dismissed the image of Dante and nodded, silently agreeing to Noctavia’s terms for their practice.  As he watched, the suite slowly faded from view to be replaced with what seemed to be an aerial view of the city.  Every second that past added details to the panorama, with lights blooming into existence, little trails of cars seeming to float along the grid-like streets below, the sound of the hustle and bustle of the City that Never Sleeps reaching up to his ears.  He had to admit, it was a rather impressive view.

As the illusion faded from view, Ryker nodded his head and gave a short round of applause.  “That was impressive,” he said sincerely.  “I assume that’s where you go to be alone?  Very lovely.”  He took a deep breath in preparation for his turn.  He already knew exactly the image that he was going to use.  It was a place that he could never forget, no matter how many years had passed since he had seen it.  Since he already had seen what happened when each detail was projected one by one, he decided to see if he could construct an image completely before projecting the image.  “My turn,” he said quietly, allowing his eyes to drift shut as he focused.  Starting with the broad stroke details, he began to fill in finer and finer points of his memory until he was satisfied that everything was as perfect as he could get it before inserting the illusion into the thought web.

The pair stood surrounded by gently rolling, emerald green grassy hills and the sea stretching out as far as the eye could in the distance behind Noctavia.  Behind Ryker stood an old castle, though it appeared not so old as to be uninhabited.  A breeze, carrying the scent of grass and peat and sea salt brushed past the pair, sending ripples through the grass up and down the flanks of the hills as the sound of waves crashing against the rocky shore filled the air.  A small flock of birds flew overhead, honking softly as they flew through the cloudless azure sky.

After several seconds, Ryker’s illusion began to lose clarity, the same way that Noctavia’s had, and then it disappeared altogether as a spike of pain ran through his skull, eliciting a small grunt and a hand pressed to his temple.  “Ah, ouch.  I guess I know what it feels like when you push too hard, now,” he said, chuckling ruefully.  “Not too bad for a couple of beginners, eh?  Before long, we’ll be able to give Adonis a run for his money, I’d say.

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18 Re: The Return on Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:15 pm

"Yes, it is.. Its the only place other than the hotel for me to get away from it all. I'm sure you have one of those places too, if I'm mistaken.. Some people don't anymore," His efforts to make her slightly less sheepish with her performance made her grin lightly in response, crossing her arms peacefully to herself as she watched him move into own personal focus. It fascinated her to know what went on in that head of his, what all she could discover that she never even thought about, or felt. Noctavia knew where he came from, the history behind it, or at least a majority of it, and from what she knew so far is that his relationship with family wasn't what one would claim... normal. But what is normal actually? Thats the thing. There is never a normal, or state of being simple and plain for once. Its just normal to be abnormal, she thought. Now she was the one getting confused, the Alphess shook her head, knowing he wasn't paying attention judging the the picture of her suite shift to appear like a European background.

Hilly terrain to cover the floor with the color of her eyes, stretching for miles she wished to venture, and as she looked further to Ryker, stepping closer to meet his gaze it was caught by the marvelous structure put behind him. The outline of the castle reflected in her orbs, eyeing the building and every detail he put into it. It must have been from his past, how else could he remember it so perfectly? If it were of been real, the breeze she felt blow passed would actually make her waves move to match to the sound of real ones in the distance. Noctavia turned in a slow circle, admiring the scenery before she could see the bright, pale blue sky of fluffs blur like the image of hers had done. It was failing, so she quickly soaked in all of what was left of the scene until it snapped back to look like her room. The furniture places exactly like it was, the white walls still standing with all of her paintings hung from them, "I think we did pretty good if you ask me, there is always time for later for more practice of course. Hopefully soon our heads won't be popping from our shoulders and be warped with more images to put together, huh?" She laughed, smoothing over her black skirt and looking at her watch to keep herself from being too late with the meeting. But for the moment, she'd just postpone it for another day, wasn't like it was about anything new to her, "What now?"


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19 Re: The Return on Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:05 pm

Ryker rubbed at his temple lightly, attempting to dispel the last remnants of the ache that wracked his skull. Hopefully this technique would get easier to use, over time. Now that he was not focusing on creating such a life-like image, his mind was once more free to roam around and resume its constant machinations. He smiled in response to Noctavia’s assertion that they did well. “I think so, too. Now all we need to do is practice.” He saw her glance at her watch and remembered that she had shrugged off a meeting to talk with him. “Ah, I don’t want to keep you for too long, but I do have a question for ya.

A grim light danced in his eyes as he regarded his Alphess and his whole demeanor seemed to change into less the charming consummately charming Irishman and into something more closely resembling the warrior that he was trained to be. “Do we know anything about Braveheart’s movements, of late? Do we know what their Alpha and Betas are doing or where they are? Do we have a rough estimate of their numbers?” Ryker could feel Dante seething inside his head, having been waiting for this moment for quite some time. The smallest hint of a smile twisted Ryker’s visage, sharing as he was the exuberance of his other half.

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20 Re: The Return on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:00 pm

"It's fine. They're not worth my time anyway. Same stuff every time, different faces," She waved it off, giving him a confident smile while doing it. There was no point in speaking about if it she didn't care to, might as well keep up on what they were doing and put more effort into their training then worry about the hotel's co-owner's friends speak in reason to sell her hotel. They weren't going to, and she made that perfectly clear the last few times. She owned this hotel, not them, and she put in enough money and time to bring it to life, along with a pack to live under the same roof. It was her home, and no one was going to try and walk in to take it from her whether they liked it or not. It was none of her pack's business to know what she did in her spare time besides pack work, the hotel was only meant for her whereabouts, she thought.

Looking to Ryker as he spoke, her brows furrowed in concentration, tucking loose strands from her hair behind her ear and reaching back to tighten her ponytail. Bravehearts lately were the least of her worries, but it made sense to keep up with their numbers and from what she could tell already, was that it wasn't as large as hers. There had been little activity received from her packmates of Braveheart sightings since Gabriel and her 'fight' and even then there was only one she had heard about. Remembering some of the emails she had received from secret connections she has made, she noted one particular name, "The Hunters." She said, flattening her smile into a concerned frown. "From what I've heard is this pack of vampires is heading our way, and if I'm mistaken, they've tried to hit my family's pack once and failed trying. They're after the redhead, and looking for her, but that is all of what I know. As for their numbers, I see little growth compared to their scent over the neutrals. Little activity is being done, which in some cases isn't a bad thing, but it makes me curious as to what is going on over there." Noctavia stopped herself, counting the heads of all her warriors and pack members one by one that she has seen already. She came up short of one more, one certain man she hadn't seen in days now... "Have you at all seen Garrett since you've arrived? I haven't seen him in a while and he has Apprentices to teach. I'd do it myself, but I barely have enough time as it is... You wouldn't of happen to of at least smelt him near...have you?"


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21 Re: The Return on Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:54 pm

Ryker chuckled slightly at Noctavia’s ready dismissal of the beurocrats that “assisted” in running the hotel. Having had quite a few business meetings with those types while in Ireland, he was entirely sympathetic to her aversion to sit through yet another one. That was yet another reason why he was grateful that his companies all had their own independent structures and he simply oversaw them via weekly reports and the occasional phone conference. He could scarcely imagine the monotony of normal, face to face business meetings.

Noctavia talking about a pack of vampires caught Ryker off guard. Did she actually believe in them? Sure, Ryker had read a few accounts of “vampire attacks,” but had never read or seen anything that could be considered remotely conclusive. However, the presence of what may or may not be a pack of vampires could prove to be advantageous. Even just a cult of crazed humans, as Ryker had seen once, could be turned to his advantage. However, the fact that they did not know exactly what was going on was fairly disconcerting. “In light of that, then, I would like to ask your permission to see what I can discover about their pack and possibly spread a little bit of misinformation. If they have indeed been as quiet as it seems, perhaps it would be wise to consider a plan of attack in the near future?

He scowled slightly when she asked after Garrett. “No, I’ve not seen or smelled him. Has he disappeared, then? If you need someone to help with training, I’d be more than happy to lend a hand, of course. I can also search for Garrett, if you would like.” How could one of their members just disappear, abandoning such a responsibility as the training of the Apprentices? Granted, several of them were probably Wilders, but they required training, nonetheless. Dante growled quietly at this betrayal of duty and Ryker had to keep himself from echoing the throaty rumble.

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22 Re: The Return on Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:02 pm

A pit of worry made her stomach drop, then reside as she let out a tiresome and understanding sigh. She would of liked to of seen Garrett that evening to speak with him, but with all that has gone on around the pack, let alone the new recruits, she’s had no time on her hand to get down to the more pack business. As an Alpha, she noted these things and promised to push other worries aside to deal with what was at hand. A warrior could be missing, even dead, but how? The note she had received was enough to tell there was some strange activity gone wrong with the city, something big, something of a threat that gave her little worry about. They were ready for war, her pack’s numbers were strong, and she never feared what would happen if there were casualties. She had a Doctor, thankfully, but what if it wasn’t enough? Noctavia shook it off from her shoulders, wondering why she was doubting herself so early in the ballgame when it hasn’t even started. She looked up to Ryker with an expressionless gaze, flat smile, “You’re free to do as you please, Ryker, I’ve told you this one too many times before. The pack has done no bad reports other than the kitchen, other than that, it would actually help if you did a bit of snooping for me. As for plans, I’m deciding, still. Its been on my mind for a while, and not that the pack has grown to greater populations as well as strength-wise, we’re ready for anything to hit us if it will come,” Noctavia’s eyes turned to a bright islamic green, the specks that lined her orbs practically the color of toxic as a smile lit her features.

Thinking of her warrior and the apprentices, she nodded pleasantly to her Beta male, “That would be helpful, I’ll have to speak to more warriors if they have seen anything about him as well. You’re the only one I have asked since it had just occurred to me, hopefully we can find him before the Apprentices start teaching themselves.” She chuckled, secretly worried it would start happening if they didn’t act fast enough. Looking to Ryker once more with a small nod, she wondered, “What plans do you have for yourself now that you’ve returned? Did a bit of jet-leg get to ya?” The Alphess laughed, adjusting the skirt of her outfit for the severalth time that evening. Man do these things suck.


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23 Re: The Return on Mon Aug 05, 2013 7:44 pm

Ryker grinned at Noctavia’s reiteration of his allowance to do as he pleased.  He wondered just how far he could stretch that permission before he reached a point that Noctavia considered too far.  Perhaps not until everything was in place and ready to be sprung shut.  But that was a thought for a different day.  At the moment, there were slightly more pressing matters to attend to.  He spread his hands placating.  “My thanks, Alphess.  I just didn’t want you to be concerned if certain rumors happened to reach your ears, that’s all.”  That would possibly give him a bit of leeway, as well.

In regards to training the apprentices, I would like to hold a bit of a tournament within the pack, extending to the Warriors and Elites, if they would like.  That way we could see how each of them fights and what their strengths and weaknesses are in combat.  I figure we could clear out a space in the workroom for it.  Maybe we could even offer a promotion or two as a reward, if the winner is deemed worthy?”  Of course, an idea like this would require the Alphess’s approval, since it possibly affected the standings of her pack.  If she disapproved, Ryker supposed that he could always just stick to more conventional training methods.  Although, he would very much like to see how each member of the pack handles him or herself in a fight.

The notion of the Apprentices starting to teach themselves was mildly amusing, at best, but somewhat horrifying, if one stopped to consider the implications.  Shaking his head slightly, Ryker chuckled.  “No, not really.  My plans mostly involved setting the gears of war in motion.  I did a bit of thinking while I was off in Ireland.  You’ve been sharing this area with them for what, nigh on fifty years now?  Isn’t it about time that your pack held the power it deserves?”  Indeed, the wheels were already spinning away.

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