Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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1The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) Empty The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) on Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:49 am

Dark skies lined the city, lights tried to break through the eternal darkness over the land. The weather had been nasty, snow and sleet rested on the grounds, forcing mortals to slip and fall. Their cries sent a good feeling to his ears, a warm feeling to his heart. His silver hues looked around him, watching suspiciously. Were these humans like the others he had run into? He hoped not, for killing more people once he had finally made it to New York would be rather regretted. To think his whole journey would have been a waste, his whole life meaningless. He had to discover her, he had to find her once more. For this he was ever determined to search the streets, every pub, every shopping district. He would not rest until his eyes fell upon hers again. He had dreamed of this moment for far too long, it was what kept him going through prison and all his days afterwards. Upon his arrival to New York, he equipped himself with a series of small blades. Their edges sharp to cut a thin hair with ease. Axel was a murderer, this he knew all too well, often feeling the tendencies of his wolf, wishing to come and cause more trouble. That was always his issue. The wolf wanted to fight, kill, ravage. And though Axel had complete control over his companion, he would not allow his temptations to break his concentration. Finding a dark and cryptic alley way, his wolf coursed him forwards. "Allow me," the beast chimed. Rolling his eyes, Axel allowed the brute to take over, now standing on all fours, his nose sniffed the area.

Many werewolves had been here, many times before now. But one scent stuck out in his mind. Noctavia. The wolf immediately set on his ways towards her invisible boundary. Ears pressed to the back of his head as he raced through the streets, turning at sharp angles and skidding to a halt. His chest moved up and down heavily as his heart beat hard against his bones. His mind raced with thoughts of her, her smile, her laugh, her scent. Overcome with anxiety and excitement, the brute lifted his chin high into the air. His front feet came off the ground in his call, forcing the wolf to stand on his rear paws. His tail curled over his back as his call rang through the city streets. If the humans were not aware of large predators within their midst, they were now. The voice rang and echoed as it bounced off the walls, latching to anything with ears. Vermin raced from their homes, seeking safer shelter, fearing the great wolf would come for them, searching for a pleasant and plump meal. As his song came to an end, Axel dropped to his four paws once more. Silver hues stared forward, waiting for the one woman who captured his heart, the only one he would allow to get so close. His tail hung between his hind legs, rolling his large shoulder blades back. He knew not what came of her, but he was desperate to see her.

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2The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) Empty Re: The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) on Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:46 pm

Lurking within the shadows lie secrets, and untold stories to what will never or may be revealed to the eyes of the innocence. As if a predator stalked its prey - shadows caressed the brick walls and slowly targeted onto their object as it stepped into their deathly grasp. To what may seem anonymous to the mortal eyes, a wise figure stood at the center of them, cradled and wrapped in the darkness to what held her soul with greatness. The woman was dressed in black, with the exception of a thin white belt around her torso to hold the thin dark dress against her curves and the white laces of her black converse shoes. Other than that, she wore nothing more but the color of her obsidian lochs - a splash of intensity colored green eyes to sparkle within the black as their stared vilely into the alleys that bordered her pack territories. When looking around, she found not a peep in sight to notice her presence. Luckily for her, the advantages of the night being so close to the holidays was fortunate, for her pack was busy dealing with other responsibilities than watching out for her. She held strict orders not to worry about her, she could do it herself, she would say stubbornly to Ryker. It was irrelevant for her stomach to finally start to show, but with a sigh or two and a sweep of her annoying inner self, Noctavia found it useless to fight herself in forgetting she was with child. She had other things on her mind, one of them being when Daiken would arrive home to find the news in her appearance. After all, actions did speak louder than words.

When the coast was clear, she rolled her shoulders into an arched form, much resembled to a demon who was about to unfurl his bat-like wings in flight as she let the wolf in her suite her human body to that of a eleven footed ebony beast. Her ears forwards as a masculine howl rang loudly through the lands of which she owned, lifting her snout to let out a call in return to show that she was coming soon. Leaving her nose pointed to the sky, she traced her vision over the waning crescent that stared down at her. She let the foreign take hold of her into what direction it came from, but when it laced through her nostrils, it held familiarity. Noctavia didn't remember much of the scent in this case, however her inner being did, whimpering inside her mind to run towards the male as if they had known each other longer than she had expected. Was it Daiken? Impossible, his scent was much stronger to her memory, how would she forget her mate's stench? Clearing her throat, the Alphess emerged in quickened paw-steps around the alley corners and through the darker portions that hid her from the little shards of light. She stopped abruptly to see a large wolf in waiting stand highly at the alley's center, coated in endless swirls of dark grey and browns to line his thick pelt that lay over strong muscles. But his eyes were the most breath-taking and memorizing to her knowledge. Now her wolf could not sit still and hush up, for it was on the move and the lustful hormones raced frantically throughout her body. She knew those eyes, how could she forget.

A gasp flew from her muzzle, the escape of air behind left from her very lungs making her feel as if she couldn't breathe. Pointing her ears skywards, her tail pressed over her back naturally before choking out a soft sly voice, "Axel Evans..." She said while walking hesitantly forwards in small steps, "is.. is it really you?" When moving further closer, his scent washed over her senses in a strong tidal wave to pin-point her counterpart to thrash out of control. It had been long ago since she had seen his shining face, which only made her quiet when voicing her words to him, "How did you find me here... are you alone?" Sniffing the air quietly to herself, she registered nothing above their scents to come to her, nor did she feel the area shift with the possibility of another wereling even near by other than the smell of her pack behind her. What was he doing here? Biting her bottom lip, she eased her body back down to her human suit and peered up at him with a soft, light green gaze. Laying a hand protectively over her stomach, she quickly moved it so that he could see, but in this sense, she did not have to earn his trust, as he already had hears over hundreds of years ago, "Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes, how.. how have you been?" Noctavia said slightly nervously.

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3The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) Empty Re: The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) on Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:35 pm

And there she was finally. Her wolf looked as beautiful as ever, midnight coat with brilliant bright green eyes. It was as if he were looking at a photo of the past. Time had been kind to Noctavia, as gorgeous as he remembered her. Her voice sounded like a recording, he had heard it playing over and over in his head. She was beautiful, perfect in every way. He could barely keep his eyes off her as she spoke. "Noctavia Alexandria Dark, yes it is I..." The wolf smiled to the female, unable to pry his eyes off her. They moved along her form, questioning what role she played in this pack. Her scent was strong with the lands. She must have been of great importance to the pack. But he would hold his questions until after he answered hers. Ladies first, after all. Axel looked to her, wording the perfect things to say in his mind. "I have been around the world, wandering for a long time. It's a rather long story, perhaps better for a time when we can actually sit with one another, perhaps over a meal or coffee of some kind." Shifting from his wolf form as she had done, he stood before her clad in a nice button down shirt, khaki pants and decent shoes. His hair was brushed and gel had been applied to it in a sexy style. His silver hues looked down to the smaller female. His smile spread across his lips like wild fire. "Noctavia, I come alone, looking for only you. I have been for so long. But again, we can discuss this more later." Moving closer to her, he closed the gap between them. As he approached, his eyes made their way to her midsection, watching her hand course over her small bump. But for a moment, he did not care. She was carrying a child with another, yet he was here, standing before as he had done over hundreds of years before. "Noctavia, you look more beautiful than I can even recall from past memories." He grabbed at her hands, pulling her close to him as possible. He stared into her eyes. "I have so much I wish to tell you, but first.." he moved his head closer to hers, placing one gentle kiss upon her lips. When he broke the kiss, he pulled back and gave her the smile she had always loved more than his fake ones or the ones which he moderately cared for. It was a true sign of happiness and for once in a very long time, Axel was happy again. He had been through the worst times and nightmares since they were separated. Finally at last they were together again. "I want to know how you got here, what rank do you hold in this pack? I suppose you are very important, but then again, you always had a way of spinning things towards your way. It truly is something to admire about you, how I have missed you after all these centuries."

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4The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) Empty Re: The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) on Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:47 pm

Her hand pressed firmly against his bicep as he pulled her against his strong, toned form to her lean, slender one. All recognition of the past flew from her fingertips as she peered deeply into his eyes, only to be met with a few words and a single kiss. Noctavia stiffened at the feel, as she refused to soften behind it to be swept away so easily under the male's touch and all that he had on her history so long ago. Excitement coursed through her veins as her inner being practically jumped with joy and snarled to make her keep going, but she could not, for it was guilt that soon took over her heart and pity of herself on betraying her mate by letting her ex take her like so, "Axel, I cannot. I am the Alphess of these lands and the child I am with does not hold your blood." As she said this, Noctavia moved out of his grasp and huffed, straightening her leather jacket that fit nicely to her upper body so that it did not wrinkle or ride up, "You followed me, and for what? So then you can walk before me and make a mockery of yourself for being gone so long?" Her eyes stared strictly into his silvers, pausing her feelings to be shoved aside as she made herself scarce as a wise Alpha would under any environment. "You left me." Noctavia then pressed her lips firmly together into a flat smile, using one of her hands to push back her hair with frustration to be relieved. The thought of Daiken being gone only made it worse in this case, but she would have to fight these battles on her own, somehow, "I'm happily mated, as you can see. You have to understand that since you left, it left me with no other choice but to move on and begin to achieve bigger and brighter things, Axel. Just because you have returned out of the dark doesn't mean I will fall for you again like before.. As much as I still care for you, Axel, it will never be the same.. I love someone else now." Her words sliced the silence between them right down the middle, her voice erected with no feeling to be expressed nor a sight of a smile on her face, "If you wish to join under my ranks, so be it. You will be a warrior. This.. feeling you still have for me must come to an end, for I will not tolerate it. There are some things in this world we must let go, and that is the past." She said bluntly.

The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) 15yisyr

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5The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) Empty Re: The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) on Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:16 pm

"Noctavia, I did not leave you and I promise I will explain at a later time. But right now is not the time. I can tell you are with child and it is not mine. If you wish for me to keep my love for you a secret, hidden among the many thoughts which cross my mind, then it shall be done. I will not tell a soul and nobody shall know of my true feelings. I do not wish to be cast out from you. As long as I can see you from time to time, then I shall be fine. I will keep you safe Noctavia and I will do my part as a Warrior, aiding the rest of the pack, though I think I would be more qualified for a higher rank. I have many years of experience as you know, and I think my talents would be much more helpful than just a Warrior. How can I go about changing this?" He looked to the Alphess, curious to what she would say or even think about his words. Would she banish him from the lands or allow him to stay? He was not completely worried, but there was a strange feeling deep down inside of his gut. The wolf stared to Noctavia, curious as well.

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6The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) Empty Re: The Inevitable Return (Noctavia) on Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:37 pm

Noctavia watched and listened to what he had to say, but all she did in return was simply roll her eyes and sigh loud enough so that he would know how bored she was of him. Out of all people, he had to be the one that came back to haunt her from her past, but what did she know? Obviously he had come back for her, however unfortunately for him, he was far too late to capture her heart once more. Daiken held hers now, and she promised to the day he slipped the ring around her finger that she would be loyal, and sworn to him and him only for all of eternity. Axel meant nothing to her any more, though the wolf protested against that matter, for they had formed a bond between the two long before Daiken even came into the picture, and perhaps that will never be broken, she poorly thought to herself, "If you believe you deserve such a rank greater than Warrior, I'm afraid you will have to wait in line just like the rest if you want it that badly. All male positions have been put up for grabs and taken into the hands to those I have trusted. The only way you are going to earn it from them is to spar. No weapons, only fist-to-fist contact between the individual you wish to take on in rank. I-" The wind whistled on passed and blew through her long ebony lochs that reached almost to the end of her spine. She had stopped speaking once the likes of a human decided to strut on through, holding the conversation on pause before she struck a cold emerald glare into the mortal's direction to keep moving. When the human had left out of earshot, Noctavia turned her gaze back to Axel, just as stern, however the glow within them explained much more than what she was too stubborn to admit, "This is not the place to speak. I trust you to keep your word and follow orders, that does not bother me. But you must keep the past behind us and that'd be it before others start getting the wronger picture. Come. We can speak in my home, only then I will know that no one will be eavesdropping. Follow me." Without another word, the Alphess was swift on her heels before working back into the shadows, quickening her steps while holding the round of her stomach to keep going. She did not look over her shoulder to see if he was still there, all she needed to do now was get to camp.

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