Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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The wind blew hard against her face, summer was not nearly here and the weather was only just beginning to warm. Drawing her coat closer to her she wrapped her arms tightly across her chest. A shiver spiraled down her back, sending tiny bumps along her arms and legs. It was never like her to be this cold, she felt that sickness was drawing in on her. This was normal for her during this time period. However, usually it would be worse because she was living on the streets with no shelter or proper nutrition to leave her strong enough to fend for herself. Collette's eyes were cast straight forward as she walked with praise and honor throughout the park, her vision catching glimpse of couples and children roaming the park in it's finest evening hour. Pulling her wrist from the armpit of her leather jacket, she reached down into the front pocket and lifted up a silver pendant upon a long slender chain. Pressing the top down, it sprung open revealing an outdated pocket watch. A smile spread across her face as her eyes read the time. 7:06PM. It was nearly time for her to shift and feast. It had been almost a month since her last feeding and she contributed this to why she was not feeling well.

Her boots came to a halt in the darkness of an overcasted bridge. Above her she could sense another person stopping briefly to admire the view. Trying to stifle her laughter, she sat upon the granite pathway and hid in the darkness and comfort of the shadows. Waiting for the night to set upon the earth, so she could let the beast inside her run. Tilting her head back she slammed her cranium against the bricks of the tunnel. Slowly she closed her eyes, her breathing became shallow, and she let her body ease. Meditation helped her keep in sync with the human side of her and not the animal. Ever since that terrible day in her past, she has not released her beast to the inhabitants of the city. For her, that would be dangerous and a sure fire way to getting caught by the government that was still in search of her.

Opening her mouth a beautiful tone and somber melody began to play from her lips. Collette's voice was that of a seductive siren, but fear of public prevented her from showing this greatest feature about her. Her only dream was to sing to her children, when she was in her werewolf form, the voice of her howl would make anyone cringe with sheer pleasure. When she was little, her mother used to call her a siren, for Colle would have the boys fighting to carry her pack home from school. Suddenly, she stopped and pulled her legs in close for someone was lurking in the shadows to the entry of the tunnel. Silence fell upon her and her breathing ceased, barely audible. Every sense of the wolf was now taking over. *Garrett, is that you?* Her mind spoke for her, hoping it was only him trying to find her.

How terrible she had been the past week or so, ignoring him and not having time for him. Pain struck her heart, the last thing she wanted for them was dishonesty and unfaithfulness. She had missed him so much, and now this was her time to make it up to him. In fact, he still owed her dinner from when he slept with that Beta from the other pack. A smile crossed her face, that indeed was a wonderful night. However, that wasn't her, she wasn't like that. Maybe too much pride in her blood. Maybe it was just nerves. *I'm sorry.* She whispered again to him. Now, she would wait. For if it wasn't him, she would feast.

The man of completely two different sides walked down the long edge of a park's lake. Central Park wasn't the quietest place he had been, if only it weren't for the city life that the place would be more of a safe haven to other likes him. The lake's surface shimmered and then rippled away with the stones he skipped in threes across the water's top. With every pebble's end it sank to the depths with a small thwump. He could smell the sweet and familiar scent of female shifter which led him to believe he was not alone in the city park. Hazel orbs fought with the slits of golden embers within them as he looked up, as if one were to take their victory, to rule over what color belongs in the eyes of a shifter. Ryan was only his middle name and nickname, but when women would whisper it into the canals of his ears, the other half responds. A cask of pure moonlight hit the ends of her blonde hair within the ebony darkness beneath the stoned bridge. Collette. His lips curled into a sly grin at the sound of her thoughts colliding so sweetly into his head. "There is no need to apologies, miss. I didn't expect to see you here."

Ryan no longer was present. Tonight, he chose to keep him inside in order not to cause a disaster in front of the striking lady and Elite female, whom had made the most interesting first impression to him on the day he had joined. Stepping closer he moved like a fox, slyly and completely quiet with the faintest steps upon the lush grass onto cobbled path. "I would of expected you to be in your room for the night, not here. I haven't seen you for a while. How are you?" The words were raspy yet poured off the tip of his tongue like coffee, bitter sweet almost into her fragile mind. His intention on originally coming to the park was it was said to be a place with small rabbits and closing time when darkness filled the skies. THere were no stars in the sky, but only a passing green and red light of a helicopter and the blinking light at the tip of the Empire State.

The passion the two held were unbalanced in his opinion. Collette treated it as true love as first site where he imagined it as it was to slow down or there was going to be another broken heart in the line of his past. Ryan of course wouldn't care, but Garrett it was different some how. Most of the nights he shared with strange women in his past included of him knocking out while his other half wished to play only to find himself waking up in someone or his's bed. It was not that he had no feelings for the Elite female as well, but not as strong for he had not yet gotten to know her the way we would of liked. Instead, it ended in having time for the opposing pack's Beta female whom seemed to intrigue Ryan to the fullest. Maybe Collette could be the wife and mother of his future children, however she could also just be another pretty face for him to move on about. Nonetheless, she was an amazing woman worth of a man like him as well as the love no one else could ever give.

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The sound of her boots echoed through the small tunnel as she approached the striking male and as her heart fluttered a few tears streamed down her cheek before she collected herself. Being newly appointed Elite she had taken the rank with an ego and forgot about herself and others within the pack, being distracted about her past and the drawing anniversary of her brutal turning into the beast within. As her eyes met his her blonde locks bounced as she came to a slow stop before him awkwardly far enough away to keep her heart at bay. Collette longed for him in so many ways but knew that rushing into a relationship with him would only be disastrous to her and to him. It wasn't fair to put herself in that danger and to put the pack at high alert because she failed to do her job for lack of attention. Finding the words for him were harder as she choked on a barely audible sentence. If only he could see the images in her head, how easy it would be to tell him whats on her mind. Instead, she placed herself up for the challenge.

Drawing in a sharp breath she eased out what she would begin as a first date. Extending her forearm she held forth her hand, prompt as to say 'How do you do?' and waited for him to embrace her hand. As she did this, she spoke: "Hello Garrett, I am Collette. I am very fond of you and due to my past I fear rushing into anything with you any further until I know you. As nice as it is to say I love you, that is not how I mean it. I care for you deeply Garrett, you please me in so many ways and yet the shadows of your history have barely been cleared for I know nothing about you. Maybe it's this fresh air that has helped my head clear the fog from it's own, maybe even the rank, but a sense of common sense has creased my brow and I acted foolishly towards you. Tried to commit to things I was not comfortable with, tried to tie down a man who even the devil couldn't rope, and worst of all neglected my own feelings and emotions to try and find a happiness that I knew wouldn't happen if I continued to rush deeper into the grave I was digging. So please, I extend my deepest apologies and regrets to our terrible beginning and I hope that you will understand and bless me with a second chance. Garrett Ryan, I'd like for you to walk with me. For us to get to know each other." A few tears damped her face as she bravely embraced how she felt about this all and longed for him to accept her as she was. Brave and true standing before him.

"I'd like for you to shift with me, because if I can't be with you in my natural beauty then I can't be with you at all. They way I feel when I have changed is more precious to me then when I am human and before you now. As a pure blood, I am sure you can understand. Yet, most off, my past. If you can accept me like that, please know, I will lay my life for you and lay with you until my life is over. I am willing to take things slow and wish to do so." With that she turned her back on Garrett and entered back into the darkness where she began to cry, silently as her blood tingled in her veins. The sound of bones warping and blood boiling seered through her ear drums as her entire body began to shift and morph into a creature any man would fear. Cringing inside she let the wild animal come over her but kept Collete in her head. As her body calmed she stood there, soft beautiful fur and piercing eyes. Staying in the shadows she looked towards Garrett, taking him in one last time as she came back from the darkness and into the light.

Her fur gleamed as she stood before him towering over the handsome brute, her body stance proud but weak. *Ryan, come hunt with me. We can talk over a meal?* Sidestepping to the right she gave him time to make his move before she would leave. Panic rose in her heart, what would he do? Collette managed to hold on for his reply.

Seeing the blonde beauty now sent a rush of warmth coursing through his bloodstream, the fragile hand of hers was soon caressed with his own large ones, bring them to meet his lips in a small hello. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Collette. You may call me what you wish, but my name will always been known as Garrett. It'd mean an honor to me in accompany you on a late night hunt, only please don't take your feelings out on yourself for I agree with you completely. I hope to know more about you through time, for now it will only tell if it was meant to be for us to finally meet. I was born surrounded by both family and close friends of my family for they were also what we are under this skin, but I left an exile. I will not judge you for what you have done or the mistakes you've made if you will treat me the same." When the female disappeared, a creature so magnificent yet fearful took her place, staring down at him, waiting for him to do the same.

Garrett closed his eyes as he heard Collette move past him, letting the other half of him phase but leaving his original human soul in tact. The muscles underneath his shirt shifted positions and the small hairs on his neck tingled as they turned to longer hairs of the same color as his hair. A slight growl of Ryan rose in his throat but Garrett didn't let it go. Putting his arms downwards it didn't take but only a blink of an eye for them to touch the ground completely coated in various shades of brown fur and sharp claws sprouting from his fingertips. He let out a sigh in relief to feel his human disguise has disappeared into the beast's suit. Turning around he walked slowly to the female's side, standing a foot or two taller. Matching hazel hues gazed deeply into hers. *Lead the way, I'll keep watch.* Her fumes and rich, captivating scent sent his mind on a roller coaster of emotions. The male wanted her so bad, but knowing it would damage both of their ranks he kept quiet and still.

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*Garrett, How am I to judge you? In my eyes your perfect, I see no flaws, I see the man that I would love to spend the rest of my life with. I can not lie to you about that, you are beautiful and wise, and no matter what you will always be a friend to me and very dear to my heart.* Collette spoke with tears staining her snout as she shook her pelt and walked closer to the male. Cocking her head to the side, she looked him over, her beautiful amber eyes scanning his complex. *Youre even more handsome as a beast. May I be your Belle for the evening?* A small bark came forward and her head dropped in shame, her voice was that of a young wereling, a mere pup. Somehow, it worked. Stepping forward to the brute, she brushed up against his pelt, her neck curling into his as she took in his scent. *I have missd you so.* Her voice was that of a whisper as she laid her head upon his shoulder, holding momentarily because she didn't know what was going to happen. The thought of losing Garrett was heart wrenching so taking it slow to preserve how she felt was more important.

*Where to my love?* Collette spoke as she lifted her head and spun around to stand beside him, her shoulder nearly pressed against his, but she stood behind him. To show him that she respected him and that he would always be before her. For Collette, this was another sign of respect for her, and she was doing all she could to show this young man that he was all she would ever be. That she would always put his needs before hers, that she would always respect him, and would never give up on what she felt for him until the day she died. The way she felt for Garrett was different, she couldn't explain it, and she would do anything in her power to make sure that she didn't screw this up. Being Elite or not, Garrett would always hold a substantial part of her heart. Turning her head, a crooked smile creased her muzzle, giving her an awkward facial expression, causing her to laugh and beautiful cream fur to bounce as the eruption of laughter bellowed out into the night air.

Waiting on Garrett to move or reply she stood there, her heartbeat slowing, she was relaxed next to him and always would be. Finally, their first date. Collette was at ease and content with how it was. The stars peered down at them she they stood in unison in the middle of the park. The trees blowing in the slight breeze that bristled their coats.

I am so sorry for the absence, love. -gives a bouquet of roses- Please forgive me.

His neck caressed hers as she brushed closer into his embrace. Garrett laughed softly at her small joke, taking in her warmth and pure scent that removed all the bad things he had done in life. *If anyone is beautiful here, it is not me, for it is you my dear. From the day I had first met you, you were the most stunning overall the woman I had come across in the past. Standing her next to you, seeing you're real self tops all the most famous paintings in the world. I'll be the beast, but you will always be my Belle.* His tongue gently licked the tip of her ear before she turned around.

The brute looked to her and grinned confidently, standing tall. *Stay here, I'll be right back* Moving out from the darkness, he looked above to see if anyone was in the park. Slowly, Garrett crept along the gate's perimeter, sneaking glances under trees for sign of movement. The branches scratched the ten-foot tall brute's head, neck and back. Central Park was one of the many places he had come to know, but from previous experience he knew it was best to not get drunk and decide to swim in the massive lake at the park's center during daylight.

A clash of metal made the male duck with fear of being caught, but was relaxed to see if was one of the guards locking up one of the main entrances. He thought it was partially ironic that humans put simple locks on this gate, if only they knew that werewolves truly exist that they would think of a better security system. When the guard left, Garrett continued on his search and retreated back to the female that waited patiently for him. *Coast is clear. I'll beat you to the lake.* He motioned her to follow, starting in a small trot and into a swift sprint through the park. Pushing off thick tree trunks made them tilt as his weight leaned into them only to repeal back to the ground. He chuckled at his own speed and listened behind him for the Elite female. A run like this with a fae like her is all he ever really wanted. Garrett had his share of numerous women come into his life, but known lasted more than a day for all of which ended in a one-night stand. Why was love so complicated as one of the many things he asked himself every day....every day until he met her. Collette made everything different about him. All his past seems to vanish when she's near and he has never been this happy in all his years of living. DId he love her? Or was his own emotions jacking around with him?

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