Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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1Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Wed Dec 18, 2013 11:45 pm

Laundi walked slowly, her hands in her leather jacket pockets whole her hair, that was down for a change, flew in the wind while a beanie covered most of it. Her steps quiet and her breath turning to a grey cloud in front of her that silhouetted into the sky and away forever. Her combat boots crunched the crimson leaves and the shadows that surrounded her howled as the wind blew through the trees. She watched her boots crush each leaf that fell under them and she sighed and looked up at the darkness ahead of her. She's been walking a while and the forest was growling darker and darker, but Laundi enjoyed it. Darkness seemed to be her only friend in times of confusion and a mixed sadness that caused her to grow angry and yet, she didn't know why. An eternal confusion, an eternal lust for something that shed never receive. The darkness comforted her, and always would. As the wind grew softer yet still shrieked within the shadows Laundi stopped near a tall tree that had many crimson colored leaves under it and she leaned against it. She stared at the darkness, her eyes adjusting quickly and she just say the outlines of trees and the darkness was all too, silent.

Not a leave crunched under the wait of another, the only heard was the wind. No bird, or animal, no growl or howl, nothing. Zira growled softly before settling. Laundi just crossed her arms over her chest and watched the darkness get darker and her eyes continue to adjust. She has been out and about lately, trying to avoid others, but a bit of company, a bit of the right company wouldn't be too bad. She liked having good company around. Laundi had yet too make a real, friend. She's met several pack members and a few from the other pack, all of which are her, friends, but not her friends. The world was an ugly place and she was one thing most mortals believe to be a myth or a nightmare. She loved being a mortals nightmare and she loved showing them that hell on earth does exist and she was proof, the flame burning in her eye while she prowled around as both forms, left mortals uneasy and the kinda of her own guessing. It was all a guessing game, when will you love me, when will I love you, will I love you, when am I going to die, how am I going to die. How am I going to make it?

The world continued to grow darker and so did Laundi's soul, she stood up from leaning on the tree and planted her boots squarely on the ground and rolled her shoulder forward and when she took her next step, her brown paw crushed the leaves now. Her ears flat against her skull and her head lowered to walk under the tree branches that were reaching at her like arms from the gates of hell. The wind died down and her large paws made soft thuds onto the crunchy crimson leaves and her muscles rippled underneath her brown cloaked figure. She looked like a dark shadow, her bi colored eyes shining in the darkness as the images ahead of her became clearer. She wished for some fork of company, someone to talk too about stuff that mattered or stuff that didn't. Someone who wouldn't get bored and leave her like the rest.

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2Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:28 am

Red and blue droplets slid down the rough, white fabric of the canvas from her tanned and nimble fingers. As they reached the middle they were mixed to make a deep purple. With expert hands she swirled the droplets into a larger circle that formed almost a spiral shape, only to become a solid circle as she added in white where the light would be. A light blue was marked around the dark circle with hints of a deep gray around the edges of what would be another circle. Black lines came around them in the finishing shape of an eye, her fingers lining the creases and eyelashes. Shades that made the colors of a sunset surrounded the eye in a vibrancy to show off the colors just so. It took quite a while and paint covered her slender arms to the elbow, but it was finally done. Evie took a step back and gazed upon her painting with satisfaction. She knew that later, when she looked at it again, she would be able to see all of the things wrong with it and would want to tear it to shreds but would most likely sell it anyways. Funny how self criticism worked, no wonder they didn’t let children grade their own essays in school. A lock of caramel hair fell from her loose braid and she lifted a hand to brush it away, a streak of crimson paint being left in its wake upon her cheek. The red in the corner of her eye became a bother quickly and she walked to her bathroom. Taking a washcloth she soaked it in warm water and rubbed it over her arms, watching the water turn into an array of colors before they mingled into a unattractive brown color. Evie wiped the smear off of her cheek and examined her clothes in a mirror. A blue flannel hung from her willowy frame to about her mid thigh, dark blue skinny jeans covering her long legs. A pair of knit boots came up to her knees, steel gray and warm enough to battle the cold that tried to creep around and seep into her skin. Her hair was in a loose, carefree braid. Loose, deeply golden waves framed her face and had escaped during her focus on the canvas and the paint her fingers placed there. There was no makeup placed on her face though there hardly ever was. She never thought much of piling product onto one’s face to shape it into something it wasn’t in the first place. Evie could respect a master makeup user, just not putting any on herself. She shrugged to herself in the mirror and walked from the mirror back to her painting. Picking up the drying canvas, she placed it on her patio to let the air take its course.

Shrugging into her jacket, Evie placed a few rats in her boa’s tank and walked out of the door. She was compelled by the restlessness her wolf felt, the want to bound across terrain for miles on end. The fae skipped down the stairs in long-legged strides as she pulled her car keys out of her back pocket. Evie skipped five steps and simply hopped down to ground level, clicking the button on the clicker to unlock her Audi TT and opening the door to the hotel before she opened her car’s door and slipped to sit in the plush leather material. Putting the key into the ignition, Evie started her Audi and stroked her hands over the steering wheel as it started into a just audible purr. She smiled and put it into reverse, backing out of her parking space and driving away from the city at a speed that would most likely get her multiple tickets if the police bothered to do their jobs. She saw many patrol cars as she went by, mainly in coffee shops for the the cops who had longer shifts. She sped through the streets and was out of the city in under half of an hour, traffic be damned. It was odd how easily urban lands could become rural so quickly but such things were how human life went she supposed. It wasn’t her job to study ecology, medicines were more her thing. The human body, anatomy, things like that. The healing process of humans compared to werelings was quite interesting, though her methods of speeding up that process were even more so. Her mind thought over certain serums as she drove her way, almost skipping her destination. She was quick to press on the break pedal and shift her car into reverse, driving forwards to hide the vehicle in some brush. Evie stood from her car and walked a little deeper into the forest until her next step was suddenly on four legs. A large wolf -her tan and auburn fur catching the light light sunbursts- emerged onto the crimson nettles beneath her paws. In her human form Evie’s senses were heightened, but they were even more so when she became her wolf. Their souls bound together as two beings moved in synchronization together. One could’ve called them friendly and they would’ve been correct. Evie was perfectly happy and at ease with her wolf, likewise when it was vice versa. She padded gracefully through forest until the scent of another reached her nostrils. the feminine smell laced through her nose and lead her in the direction of the other until she could make out the sight of another fae. Both beings within one body agreed that she was beautiful with her tanned fur and prettily built frame. The fae knew she was a beauty herself, but could appreciate when another was as well. Another whiff of the air told her that this fae was from her pack, and Evie was rather excited to meet someone else. Padding forwards, she connected her mind to the other fae’s and spoke softly. “Hello there.”

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3Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:27 pm

The darkness of the forest seemed to capture Laundi's body and cover it in a dark shadow as she walked silently through the trees. Her eyes glowing slightly under the trees darkness, her pointed ears flattened her head lowered, her shoulder blades sticking slightly out of her dense figure, making her look rather, aggressive looking. Her state of mind was at ease for the most part, minus the confusion she was feeling about, hell, she didn't know what.  The feeling was kinda just there. Her brown mixture of fur, sitting upon muscled shoulders blew slightly in the hissing breeze. Laundi continued to prowl through the darkness, calmly. When Laundi heard the faintest sound of a car door shutting she lifted her head high and her nose as well, inhaling a few times, the breeze was throwing her off and she couldn't get a valid scent. Her ears flattened as her head lowered and she continued on, her tail twitching behind her anxiously. A crow flew from a dark branch on a tree and up into the darkened sky, it's loud screaming annoyed Laundi but she didn't take her mind off the unknown presence that was in, or near the forest. A mortal or one of her kind, either way, it would be an interesting meeting.

Laundi continued walking and as she heard the crackle of a leaf, she turned to face the source of the sound and nothing showed itself for a bit and she continued the way she was walking. Her ears flattened as she continued forward, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the other. Finally, the other made themselves known by speaking into Laundi's mind, she lifted her head and perked her rounded ears and found the source. A beautiful other like herself, a werewolf. Her brown fur almost the same as Laundi's, but this ones was mor vibrant and beautiful. Laundi took a step forward and out of the darkness, a gap in the trees let moonlight through and her face was shown, two colored eyes, yellow and orange just stared at the female. "Hello, lovely." She spoke back quietly before a flick of her tail and she was out of the darkness of the shadow and into the moonlight, watching the other, who's scent was that of her own pack so her hostility slowly seeped from her veins. This other was eye catching, almost breath taking and Laundi was rather excited to see what she looked in her other form, most likely beautiful in that form too. "I'm Laundi.."She spoke again into the others mind and half smiled and her flicked at the till behind her in anticipation.

[Sorry it's bad e.e]

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4Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:33 pm

The bronzed beauty stepped out into the moonlight, her fur taking on a slight azure glow along with the forest around her. She came closer to the stranger and sat before curling black-tipped tail around her dainty paws carefully and almost shyly. Her ears were folded back relaxedly as she gazed upon the other. It seemed like she wasn’t the only one that had come to enjoy the freedom of the forest. It felt primal, very primal to be under the moon’s glow, waning gibbous instead of full as it were. Scents were everywhere with every move, every shift of nettles beneath her feet as a new puff of air was released into the world. The small prey rummaging around in the ground beneath her did not go unheeded, their steady little heartbeats reaching her ears when she cared to listen. She did not mind the eyes in the trees staring down upon them for it was inevitable in the wild places such as their location. They were beneath their microscope, as ironic as it was. Evie didn’t mind it much unless some danger was enforced upon her person, but she would not find that here. Instead crystalline hues rested over the fae before her and tailed down as slow as warm honey. She gauged the threatening stance that became calm with a few twitches of the other fae’s nose. No doubt Evie’s scent would calm a fellow pack member. As the other fae responded, she felt their minds connect like the soft wings of a butterfly touching her furred face and sinking into her cranium. The black line of her lips lifted up in their corners, giving the slightest smile at the complement. Evie knew of her own looks and found them satisfactory, though she had no clue as to what they did to others. She wondered if this female knew of her beauty and is she knew that she could most likely control a room of rambunctious children with it. Her thoughts were taken from the other wolf as a name was transported into her mind by the strokes of a sweet voice. ‘Laundi, interesting.’ That thought was her own as both soul and being considered what it would sound like rolling off their tongue. In her Hungarian accent, it sounded almost like she were murmuring the name. Evie considered this and shrugged, perking her ears slightly forwards as her eyes locked onto her pack mate’s.

“It’s a pleasure, Laundi. I’m Evie, one of the doctor’s in Venantium. I’m sure I would have remembered such a face as yours, so I take it we have not met. What is your status among the pack? Warrior, perhaps?” The thought came out in a friendly tone, not too demanding yet not too soft. In all it was kind, probably kinder than most though she didn’t know of the other fae’s encounters. Though they were pack mates, trust was to be earned. A small sliver of it was given from, well, the given. The rest, in her opinion, would have to be up to Laundi to have. She was sure that anyone else in their right mind would fell the same. Though, no one ever said that either of these females were in their right minds, now did they? In the times of her own birth, the attraction towards this female would’ve been considered sin. It was a simple admiration of her looks, but it was still an act against what was supposedly ‘right’. Evie would’ve been shocked at her temples, feeling the slow electricity move down her body in rivulets of pain. But she did not have feeling towards females then, her mind had only been focused on the works of finding herself though she never quite did. The gears kept turning and turning, looking and looking but to find nothing other than the small bits she already knew. Times were different know, she had watched it all grow into something beautiful, yet beyond that beauty would lay a horrific sight that no one wanted to see. She wondered if Laundi knew these things but decided she probably did not and, keeping the smallest of smiles upon her face, spoke to the other fae. “Would you like some company? I’d hate to intrude as much as I would hate to leave another alone in the shadows. Evie tiled her head and looked to the female for her response and tried to keep her expression clear but friendly at the same time. It was quite hard for as far as she knew she could look as if she were threatening the other. She sighed internally and left all attempts to try, looked kindly to Laundi in wait of her answer.

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5Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:57 am

Laundi examined the wereling before her a smug smirk tugged along her ink stained lips. She flicked her tail once and it wrapped around around her hand leg and the curl stayed there, she flicked her ears. The wind hisses more and the darkness grew darker and soon the moon lit spot she was standing in would be gone and everything pitch black. Kaundi examined the beautiful creature before her and the smirk turned to a smile and soon faded, she stood now and shook the crimson leaves from her ashen brown pelt. They flew off and down as if in slow motion and Laundi backed up into the darkness and bi colored  eyes glowed, she smiled and her yellowish white canine teeth could be shown slightly and Laundi turned, her tail tip just barely touching the moonlit area and she was back into the darkness, hoping the other would follow. It was getting colder and she wanted some form of warmth. When the other connected with her mind she stopped in the darkness and listened before connecting back. "I'm just another Warrior, nothing special about me.." She chuckled softly and shrugged before continuing on. Her large paws crunching the leaves the fur in her ears ruffling as the wind blew in the them she flattened them. "Of course I would like some company from someone as beautiful as you.." If the woman was beautiful in her wolf form she would no doubt be even nicer looking in human form. She continued forward as her tail curled nicely at the tip and hung low to the ground, some leaves that were poking up were knocked over by her tail and the wind blew them under her feet. The bi color of her eyes became slightly glazed over as she squinted and registered the area, seeing the outline of the trees and things that would threaten to harm her or the one, who she hoped would be following her.

[Sorry it's short..]

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6Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Mon Dec 30, 2013 1:57 pm

Tilting her head to the side curiously, Evie smiled slightly and looked over the other female slowly. Her crystaline eyes were captivated by the tanned fur that was similar to her own. She was sure that if Laundi were to shift, her eyes would still be longingly entranced. The fae smiled and nearly found herself giggling like a schoolgirl at the look upon the other’s face. The nettles beneath her feet shifted quietly as she stood and walked to follow Laundi as the other fae walked back into the darkness. Padding slightly faster, Evie caught up and walked next to the other female quietly. Her tail swayed as gently as a breeze behind her, its black tip touching the ground as it so often did. The glow of her eyes caught small animals within them. She watched as they stared at her and her companion with a terrified expression, only to dart off into the forest. Instincts within her told her to chase them but she did not. the captivating female beside her caught all of her attention, and her eyes flicked to her as she described herself. “Oh, I wouldn’t know about that. You are a warrior, pretty nice rank if you were to ask me. At least you are valued in the pack, unlike the lowly omega. As for you, I wouldn’t label yourself so plain. Someone as gorgeous as yourself has to have some mystery behind that pretty fur. You just so happen to be in luck, because I love to figure out a good mystery.” Evie flicked the leaves from her ears and shook out her fur, a thin layer of snow covering the tan tresses. Her eyes looked out towards the scene around them, but the compliment from Laundi caused her to smile. “Thank you, Laundi. You’re quite beautiful yourself. This might make for interesting time, don’t you think?” She gave a small little grin and bumped Laundi's side gently with her own. A bit of playfulness never hurt anyone, especially since she wished to befriend this mystifying beauty.

Deciding to pick up some type of conversation, Evie looked to her companion. "So tell me, what is someone so beauteous as you doing out her all by your lonesome?" She looked up to gaze at the moon quietly and was tempted to howl. The fae wanted to meet the others of her pack a great deal, maybe even the alphess herself sometime. Evie was quite curious to see their personalities and how they all differed. Some she might have more personal meetings than she would with others, but tomato tomoto as they say. Every female had needs. It just depended on who she met before she could satisfy them. Getting out of her hotel room was a start at least, and she just happened to fall upon the enchanting fae at her side. Quite interesting really, the people one meets in different situations. Evie turned her eyes slowly to Laundi and looked over her features as she rumbled appreciatively within herself. She knew something she wanted when she saw it, and it was her personal goal to discover what little things this fae was hiding 'within the closet'.

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7Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:58 pm

Laundi grinned as she walked off and sat down, before she ended up on the crimson leaves as her human form. She looked over at the other and shrugged. "I like to get away from it all. Annoying mortals, annoying pack mates, annoying sounds, annoying this, annoying that." She chuckled and laid back in the leaves and looked up at the dark forest tree branches and saw the dark sky between the web like branches. "I like to walk and think you know..things haven't always been this easy for little old me." She chuckled and immediately regretted her words. She hoped the beautiful Evie wouldn't ask any questions about her past or what had happened because she didn't want to dwell on the past it was the past after all and deserved to be forgotten. She looked over at the wolf. "Mind joining me down here and keeping me warm?" She smirked and laid her head backdown.

The wind was chilling Laundi slightly but she pulled her leather jacket tight around her figure and crossed her legs that wore blue skinny jeans upon them. Her combat boots doing a nice job of keeping her toes warm she curled them and un curled them. "Why did someone as breathtaking as yourself find yourself wandering among these woods, I would think someone like yourself would be attending a party or have a date.." She asked and her words turned to a grey cloud that silhouetted into the dark sky and gone forever. "After all you found me so you had to of been running away or getting away from something. Though, you don't seem like the one to run.." Laundi chuckled softly.

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8Don't take my insanity away [Evie] Empty Re: Don't take my insanity away [Evie] on Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:12 pm

Following the divine wolf before her, the fae’s ears flickered around in alertness to the space around her. She had learned not to be so trusting of the forest simply because of the beasts that could linger. Of course, the two werelings were the scariest things the forest could hold at the moment though that did not stop her. Evie’s mind began to wander to what plants grew the the smallest of nooks that the forest held, maybe something that could be groundbreaking for her research. She’d have to come back when beautiful company such as she had now were not present. Evie gave sounds of acknowledgement whenever Laundi broke her from her reverie, choosing not to pounce on the subject of the pasts. She’d rather not say her own, as boring as it might be compared to others. The fae’s lapsed into a silence as she become infatuated with her surroundings. Her crystalline hues followed the direction of her hears, always listening and calculating with intense clarity. Evie’s pupils dilated to take in more of the dark only to be met with more creatures of the night. Owls that less attention to her and on filling their stomachs along with their prey, scuffling around in the foliage without being aware of the deadly talons they were snatched into. Every once in a while stars would be visible to the naked eye and shone like a beacon calling to the moon that rested to their lefts or rights. She hadn’t noticed they had stopped walking or that Laundi was no longer a wolf. Evie’s head turn and her eyes focused in the dark to be met with the beauty she had known her companion would be. The fae quickly followed suit and large paws were replaced with her soft boots, the tan of her fur becoming her delicate figure clothed in warmth. She tugged her coat tighter around herself and pushed the soft waves of her caramel locks over one shoulder. A small smile tilted up the corners of her soft, pouty lips as she walked over and took a seat beside Laundi. Evie sat as close as she dared, testing the waters slightly on this new forming friendship. She could feel her attraction to fae spark curiously with the more she could see. Beautiful features, quite unlike any other woman really. The rugged, dark look that Laundi had contrasted quite greatly with her soft menagerie of knitted warmth. Crossing her willowy legs, Evie placed her elbows on her knees and focused in keen interest to the woman beside her.

The question the other female gave made her smile quite curiously. This had been the second time someone she met assumed she would be either partying or on a date. The former was true in all honesty, she would be out enjoying the nightlife if not for the longing for peacefulness she had felt. A date, though, was another story. Evie couldn’t remember the last time she had been on a date, or maybe she hadn’t of been on one since his passing. Gathering her words, she softly gave them a voice. “I decided to keep things pleasantly peaceful tonight, though you are right about the parties. The dates, not so much. It was simply too cold for me to even consider leaving my room in anything but a sweater.” Her eyes followed Laundi’s gaze towards the sky and laughed softly before speaking in a playful tone. “Does everyone have to be running or getting away to find you? I’m not too sure, I quite like your presence right now. But, unfortunately, you are right. I am getting away from the crowded city streets and running from thralls of the parties. It is not that I am not one to run, I can hold my own in such things. Do not let looks deceive you Laundi, because I am pretty sure that you are just full of surprises.” Smirking slightly, she looked the fae with a slight arch to her brow. Her eyes traced Laundi’s elegant features in the dark, following the curves and outlines of her face before looking back up to the sky once again. The nettles beneath her served as a cushion, albeit a slightly spiky one at that. A sharply cold breeze blew across any skin she had not covered and caused a tremor of shivering to course through her. This weather chilled her to the bone, so unlike her homelands. though she became accustomed with each one of her travels. Heat or chill made no difference to the ones accustomed to it. She had found that out with quick studies of the people. Before she could break into more of her thoughtless rambling, she asked the first question that came to mind. “What do you do for fun? You are quite intriguing, and a mystery as yourself must do something.” Flicking her gaze to the other fae, she gave a friendly and welcoming smile.

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