Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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Round 3...

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1 Round 3... on Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:21 pm

Tatum was bored as hell. The winter chill was seeping through her skin, since she only has a t-shirt and jeans on. And for shoes is some uggs, but that's it. And She's hungry and tired of looking for her friend Amora. Three months ago Amora said she would return for a short period of time, but not even a single word that she'll be returning or leaving forever. Tatum's stomach has been growling for at least five hours and her thirst was building up by the second. Since she doesn't give two flying birds if the male or female has family, she decided to act dead in the middle of this random alley, heaving her best to cause attention. She decided to rip her t-shirt at the bottom to claw three long mark up her side with her claws. Her nails clang to her flesh, ripping each layer of skin to cause more blood to flow. Her skin was starting to heal slowing, so she began to do it until someone caught her grunts and growls.

After a bit of fifteen minutes a female came by, somewhat drunk. She screamed like a freak and her eyes almost bulged out of her head. She doesn't look like a nice piece of meat, but she'll have to do. Tatum's voice was barely audible and she lured in the ma'am by curling her finger. "Come here" Tatum whispered and the female hesitantly came near and brought her ear to her mouth. "I'm here. What is my mission?" The lady's breath was strong of alcohol and what she just said meant she has been drinking. The scent lingered in front of Tatum's mouth, making her gag. The lady freaked out nod began to propped Tatum up to give CPR. This time Tatum freaked. "Oh hell no!" Tatum eyes were blood shot from the strong winds. "Get the fuck away from me!!" Tatum shotted. Her thirst was building, so she just attacked the women who began to sing "Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice." She tackled her to slit her throat to kill instantly. Tatum was having fun now, she took one claw to carve in the dead lady's forehead, "Dumbass". Tatum chuckled, but she ripped off the lady's head set it aside. She dug into the lady and ripped her head and set it aside on the alley concrete, next was the liver, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. Since those are mostly the only organs she recognized, she sets them aside to eat the rest of the body excepts the bones, also setting them aside next to what remains. She just fiddled with the rest, humming some tunes while while playing baseball with the heart as the ball and the leg bone as the bat.

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2 Re: Round 3... on Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:10 pm

Shadows of many sizes and dark color wrapped in long tentacles around her arms, spread off onto the concrete wet floor as if they had no way of stopping. The eerie wraiths shaped perfectly to her mental command. Rumbles through the air were caused from a plane taking off in the short distance, and the sound of noisy beeps and people calling out on another were the marvelous accents of New York City's daily life. Sweeping away the icy feeling due to the weather that cast upon the city, a growl of content seizes the issue at hand in relieving her body back to normal temperature. She could stand at that roof for hours if she wanted, but as time passed in short bursts, so did the passing of darkness. Noctavia struck down her enemies to whom got in her way - risking the benefits of herself to blind the innocent and replace them with a dead soul. Murder. As she enabled herself to hide the dark images from her arms back to her mind, they vanished, and revealed the color in which linked along her arms in rich ink. A foreign, potent stench of blood leaked in through her heightened sense of smell - making her curl back the bitter craving for blood to growl instead through her elongated canines. As if a light had gone off in her head, Noctavia reached down to where she could see and crept along the brick building's fire escape to follow the one's movements. The silhouette of a women gave her the indication that it was female, perhaps it was cause of the actions she displayed that made her differ towards a man, she thought. There was something similar of how she worked, how the decoy of her 'so brilliant' plan was erased backwards till she finally got the prey in her grasp. The Alphess didn't see the bigger picture on what was so well-thought it was for her plan, as it was all too easy to capture a meal from behind. Nonetheless, the wereling was still on her land, and that angered her greatly to a point it was finally for her time to reveal herself.

"How amusing," Her voice echoed into the alley from the building's side, escalated into a fit of whispers that practically bellowed into the wereling's ears below, "I would expect any passing wereling to keep their hands clean, and get the job done asides from playing with it. But I suppose that if where we differ, wouldn't you agree?" There was something similar to the female, one she could closely compare to one of her warriors on the first time they had met as well; in the same place. The sense of deja vu soon then washed over her, causing the Alphess to stiffen and become easily irritated as she could not put her finger on it as to how she remembered, "You." Noctavia directly turned her vision to strike down upon the loner, dropping her body towards the ground in a perfectly balanced stance - dominant and graceful to its finest definition, "You come upon my lands seeking food, but no acceptance. State your name, only then I will decide where we will go from this." Glaring into the woman's eyes, the intensity of her green orbs sparked a brighter shade as they searched inside the one's mind for respect upon her rank, "I am the one and only Alphess of the lands you stand on now. You may refer to me as Alphess Noctavia for now on." Taking one step forwards in threat, she pierced through the alley a menacing growl, placing the loner to be reprimanded and bow to her presence. Mentally giving the notion to Speak, and Obey her commands.


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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3 Re: Round 3... on Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:20 pm

Tatum swung the bone with all her might as a voice creeped in her sense of hear. Her swung was unsteady and missed the heart. The heart went crashing down and popped to splat blood on her shoes and already stained jeans. The voice gave such sinister sound it made Tatum shiver. The lingering voice came out of the moonlight shadows to reveal a attractive, tattooed women, with jet black hair and venomous, emerald eyes. She stood frozen in place as the women spoke with a threatening look before she gave a bow to introduce in a not so threatening way. Tatum was a bit shocked as to notice she's a werewolf as wants her to obey her orders. Tatum isn't a girl to follow a random girl's orders, but she wasn't looking for trouble. She decided to nod and introduce herself. "I'm Tatum Bores. My apologies for crossing your land, I've been wondering for a few days searching for a pack and finally I found one. I'm asking for your permission to join your pack." Her luck has come to finding a pack and now all she needs if an acceptance. Also she wants to know about Amora. "I've been searching for a friend.. Amora Gautier, would you know her?" Tatum with all hopes wishes the lady knew her, but if she didn't she would continue her path to do her own thing and ignore Amora for now on..

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4 Re: Round 3... on Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:24 am

"Amora Gautier is one of my warriors, in my pack known as Eternal Darkness. Yes, I know her, but my knowledge upon my behalf is slim towards the woman. She has been here for almost a few months working to her expectations like I hoped." She replied in a smooth, yet stern voice, carelessly reminding herself that it was her that she reminded herself of from the woman. There was little difference beyond the matter, but Noctavia couldn't care less of what they shared for  each other. This was to be business, and that only, "As you have said, you come here for acceptance. If you wish to come into my lands, you must answer a couple questions to test your worthiness before me." The Alphess looked over Tatum solemnly before putting out two clawed fingers, arching one closer to her as she opened her mouth to speak, "One." She began, making her eyes meet full contact with the loner before continuing, "What can we benefit from you, meaning as you are to complete your tasks best in whether it be healing or fighting." The wind blew over her words as she spoke and through her long waves of ebony black, sending ripples of icy chills down her spine in only two broad seconds of time. Thrusting out another claw, the Alphess kept still of her position, remaining emotionless to all that bothered to move into her facial features to give away a feeling, "And two, you are to be loyal to all my commands and that of your superiors. Shenanigans will not be tolerated amongst my lands - a report will cost you great consequences, so I advise you act wisely with respect." Her lips widened into a cunning grin, baring out her fangs slowly as they shined in their coat of blood-stained paint into the night for the wereling to plainly see.


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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5 Re: Round 3... on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:19 pm

"So she is alive, now ain't that something.." Tatum's voice was just barely a whisper. Grief and anger rushed through Tatum which made her head ache. She winced from the pain, gently lifting her hand to rub it and focus on the questionnaire the Alphess is purposing. Tatum's mind was trying to wrap around that Amora is still alive, which her anger was boiling through her skin. Her high cheekbones were turning a cherry red with clenched teeth and her fists balled. Tatum breathed slowly and unclenched her fist, focusing on the questions. "I have passed experience in fighting. That's my benefit and also I never break me promises. I'll pursue my promises till I die." Tatum rose her right hand to cover her heart, whispering "I swear."

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6 Re: Round 3... on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:27 pm

Noctavia nodded affirmatively with a blank and unamused gaze, "That is all of which I will need to know for this point on. You speak of fighting, and your loyalty to keep your promises fulfilled to my commands are gained. If you are to ever disrespect my rank, nor any of your superiors, you will be exiled, and that will be final." Lifting a hand, she let go of herself to watch her fur trickle back over her arms and upon whatever else flesh that caressed her body. Elongating her long claws and teeth, her jaw structure along with the rest of her bones stretched out into the form of a canines. When she was finally through with the shifting, she stood to her tallest to tower over the female, nodding again, "I grant you with the rank of a Warrior, for you will now go by the name Warrior Tatum. Keep my commands, and words to key. It is with them that depends on your life to how long you reside amongst these lands." Flicking her ears skywards with a ruthless last growl, Noctavia turned around and sprinted back into the darkness to where she came from.


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