Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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1 Self-Injury on Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:04 pm

Melissa cursed under her breath, clutching her bloodstained arm. There was a large gash that went from her left shoulder down to her elbow. Blood oozed from the wound and raced down her arm, staining the floor of the training room. She had been practicing with a rather large dagger, trying out different techniques and strategies, when she'd tripped over her own two feet. She'd landed awkwardly and cut herself in the process. As lucky as she was, No one else was in the room with her so no one had witnessed the embaressing event.

Picking herself up from the floor, Mel flew the dagger at the wall with frustration. She was hardly satisfied when it stuck itself deep within the wall, just above a button that read "Press if room needs cleaning". She stalked over to the door, smacking the button as she left the room. She walked down the narrow hallway, clutching her arm drenched in her own blood. Droplets of blood fell with every other step Mel took, the damn dagger had been sharper than she'd thought. No doubt the wound was deeper than hell. Mel's eyes scanned the signs, searching for directions to Doctor Vitani's Office.

Mel knocked twice on the door to the Doctor's Office before letting herself in. She made her way over to the sink where she held her arm. The blood echoed as each drop splattered against the stainless steel. "Hello?" Mel called impatiently, glancing about the room before turning back to glare at her pale arm.

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2 Re: Self-Injury on Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:14 pm

"There ya go, sweetheart. Good as new." She smiled at the little girl in the white plastic chair, whom appeared unsteady after being repaired from her fall. Vitani patted her head lightly, dampening her hand as the golden short lochs on the child were drenched of the pool's water. It was only a small cut, nothing serious, but the small girl's eyes where still stained with tears, however the wereling fae could not feel such pain, as she was immortal. Exchanging a silver glance to the mother that smiled and thanked her for the help, Vitani nodded simply and looked back down to the little girl with a strong gaze, "Now..." She began slowly, making sure she was listening, "What do we do next time when getting out of the pool?" The little blonde girl released a shaky sigh after drying her tears and smiling softly in defeat, "Walk, don't run... I understand.." Her words mumbled, but the fae could not help herself to think of how adorable she was. She was always a sucker for little kids and their antics, especially the humans as it was interesting the study the differences between both immortals and mortals, "Good girl." She whispered before rising back to her feet and lightly pinching her cheekbone as she began to hear her little kid laugh. Nodding to the mother once more and then winking to the mere child, she turned directly on her heels and strutted out.

The clicking of her heels was replaced with soft thumps to each step, moving upon the carpet with natural elegance to her walk as she neared her office. The smell of blood and anothers scent filled the air, making her tilt her head in curiousness as to whom it was. When she saw that her office had been opened, Vitani stopped herself, pushing it slightly further open to see the Elite female trying to what she assumed look for her aid, "May I help you, Miss Melissa?" Examining her closely, she noticed that she was strikingly beautiful, much like most werelings, but with the knowledge given, she used to be of the Bravehearts. There was still more to be known, but Vitani knew it was none of her business. She never cared about the enemy, they never did anything to her after all, as for her sister, she could not promise anything. The trail of blood caught her eye, tracing it until she led it to be dripping from her arm, "Oh good heavens! Sit, sit." She ushered politely. Quickly the doctor worked to near her side, waving off the pressure of the female's hand over the wound to reveal the cut. Blood oozed from it and down the floor. She sighed, picking up the arm to analyze it after slipping on her plastic gloves. A weapon, something small had created this, so it was easy to fix, "Do I even want to know what happened?" She arched a brow, already having a possible conclusion to her answer as it never mattered. Sliding on her roll around chair, Vitani moved to the cupboards for some cleaning supply, dabbing at the wound while adding bits of pressure so it would soon quit long enough for her to begin. Making conversation, she looked up with a gentle smile to relieve the wereling, "So how're you today, asides from the mistake?"


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3 Re: Self-Injury on Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:12 pm

"Ouch, dammit." Melissa frowned as her arm stung from the touch. God, She thought to herself. Second day and you're already in the doctor's office. Melissa scolded herself. She heard voices distantly, and called out again. As she was gazing back down to her arm, Doctor Vitani entered the room. She motioned to her arm, unsure of how to explain herself. Instead she just glared at her arm. She sat when told, letting Vitani remove her hand. The sight of her own blood made her a little dizzy, but Mel shook it off. The last thing she needed was to faint on her second day as well.

Melissa sighed and shook her head slightly. Someone's gonna find out anyway... "I was practicing with a long dagger when I kinda tripped and fell..." Mel trailed off bitterly. No doubt Vitani would laugh at her, Melissa would have to if the positions had been reversed. Doctor Vitani moved away to gather something from the cupboard, each step graceful even with the heels she was wearing. She returned and began dabbing at the wound. It stung and Melissa hissed inwardly to keep from yelping out loud. She wasn't a pureblood wereling, so she still bled and felt the pain. Mel's teeth were gritted when Vitani smiled gently at her, asking how her day was going. Melissa laughed half heartedly. "Fantastic. Being shut out by my peers and judged around every corner, doesn't get much better than that." Mel drifted off, her tone tainted with sorrow instead of the bitterness she'd hoped for. Everyone seemed to know her as "The Braveheart Chick", and fitting in with her used-to-be-enemy was rather hard when they didn't trust you. Even if their common Alphess had giften Mel with the same rank she'd had in her old pack, above most of her fellow packmates. Melissa huffed, mumbling her appologies for her outburst. "What about you?" Melissa asked, it was only polite to ask how ones day was going since they'd done the same for you. Especially when that wereling was a superior rank.

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4 Re: Self-Injury on Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:20 pm

"I'm sorry to here that, Melissa. I would have to agree by those words though about us, its an instinct, one we cannot control. Braveheart... well.. when it was Braveheart, was our greatest enemy, and we were told specifically by order to not trust them under any circumstances. I'm not one to judge where whom had come from, as I too have come from a dangerous place and named many horrid things..." Vitani trailed softly of her words as she made a half-attempted smile, narrowing her gaze that stayed upon the wound rather than the Elite's. Cleaning until the doctor was satisfied, she looked up, "You're not alone here, Melissa... Being the Alphess's half-sister isn't all of what people make of it out to be. They expect me to be much like her, however I act and display my actions quite differently. I think there's always a point in time where we appear vulnerable, but its memories like those that we should remember, to learn from them. I'm sure once you've made yourself better known of your abilities, they will surely see what my sister has seen in you to provide such a rank." She smiled, patting her arm lightly before turning away to scribble a few notes down upon a new file she had stored away with the rest. Writing in print above it, she wrote the Elite's name in her best, then jotting down a few notes until she tucked it away in the cabinet. It was one of her many duties to keep records of all the packmembers and their visits, so then she could use them for future reference.

As the cut was only a minor slice, Vitani could already tell by the fae's flesh that she had not healed like most. She was newer to the immortality, so she found this a bit interesting rather than the rest that she would encounter. It was a rare situation for her to ever meet a newborn, and handle herself so nicely on her own as she was only getting used to her powers. Maybe that was why her sister has given her Elite, she wondered, "My day is a bit boring actually. Nothing new to cheer or anything about, I mean. Ya know?" Looking to her set of tools, she furrowed her brows slightly when fathoming her choice on whether how she would want to be healed. There were many methods she could work with, but being respectful, she always allowed the wereling to pick. While choosing the two quicker ways, Vitani glanced back to Melissa with a smirked grin, "Straight out injection or do you want to bite instead?" She said curiously.


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5 Re: Self-Injury on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:43 pm

The elite looked at her doctor as she appologized. She was rather surprised by the guesture. It wouldn't be fair to say, but Melissa had always thought the Eternal Wolves were heartless beings that only knew how to cause pain and suffering. Guess we shouldn't have really judged since we'd only heard one side of the story, Mila mumbled from the back of Melissa's thoughts. Melissa ignored her and instead focused on how Vitani spoke about Braveheart in past tense. She wondered if Vitani knew that she'd turned down the offer to stay and run the pack...

"You're not alone here, Melissa..." Mel looked up from her arm, looking at Vitani rather confusedly. She sure felt like she was. But Melissa kept herself from rudely interupting, and her eye brows arched when Vitani said she was the Alphess's sister. She never would have guessed, especially after this meeting. Everything she'd heard about her new Alphess was Dark and intimidating, but Vitani seemed strangly soft in comparison. No doubt She probably wasn't always this nice, but the relation was still hard for Melissa to place. Melissa was almost certain that Vitani had noticed her shocked reaction, she saw the faint amused glint in her smile. Melissa thought about what she said, about proving herself to her packmates, as she got up to scribble on a file.

Melissa nodded timidly , agreeing with the boring bit. "At least it's a good thing. If your day was eventful it would mean someone would be dealing with some sort of serious injury." Melissa smiled, curious. How often did pack members actually come down here? Most werelings healed so fast that the only evidence of injury was the sign of dried blood. Speaking of healing, Melissa's eyes widened when Doctor Vitani asked whether she'd prefer injection or bite. She looked up slightly alarmed. "Um, Injection please. She swallowed thickly, her smile weak. She knew that most werelings enjoyed the taste of blood, but the whole biting concept was still foreign to her. It wasn't really something she saw herself getting used to.

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6 Re: Self-Injury on Sun Oct 27, 2013 9:57 pm

"Injection it is, then!" Her voice sweetly exclaimed as her eyes brightened another exposed shade of titanium. There was nothing wrong especially with the female's choice, though she was partially surprised with it as well. Usually werelings took any offer they could at receiving a packmate's share of blood to heal their wounds and create that friendly bond, however, Vitani kept her thoughts from the real world to mind her own business, "My days are rarely ever exciting in the office, kinda one of the reasons I enjoy being a pack doctor. We always have time on our hands to waste away to our liking. It's a wonderful benefit to have might I add." The fae kept her words very well worded, confident in a bit of herself as she answered the Elite's simple questions and opinions upon the matter. It was normal to socialize with the superiors, as she is one of them too, but she purposely made herself known under the pack lines that she was a hard worker and late night toss of fun when she feels like it.

Noticing the female's strong features in her face soften, Vitani concluded the idea that she didn't even think of her as the Alphess's blood. It did not phase her at all, as she had become immune to the idea of being mistaken, so she simply dismissed the mishap to return back to her work. As she looked through her top drawers of her cabinets, she found an averagely sized syringe, eying it for a short moment before scribbling another note into the file. Taking one quickly glance to the other female, Vitani slowly stabbed the needle-pointed sharp end into a vein she had found in her arm, pulling back on the hand to ease out her dark velvety substance of life to fill to its brim. She made a light sound under her breath as she felt it being drawn out, careful then to stop once it had completely been filled. Retracing her actions backwards, the doctor took out the shot and cleaned off the end before replacing it with another instead. While moving nearer, the carefully grabbed hold of the Elite's forearm and pulled it closer to her, flicking the end of the syringe to make sure it was adjusted properly. With a kind gaze, she slowly thumbed her finger over the milky flesh till she found a pulsing lively vein, pinching it just light enough before pushing the needle inside. As the red liquid was released, her eyes peered slowly over the healing wound, watching the magic appear blankly before as she had seen it so many times before, finally reach its other side in bonding tightly shut, "Viola. All cured here, miss. You're good to go." She replied in a cheerful tone, patting the forearm lightly once to show she was mended back to normal.

Sliding away from the Elite's side, Vitani rose her weight to stand on her two feet, stretching her arms and shaking it off as it was too easy of a day. While peeling away the plastic gloves and throwing them and the filthy blood syringe in the trash, she washed her hands and took out her bun to let loose all her dark hair down past her shoulders. She appeared almost a spitting image of her sister, but there also showed their differences as they shared two different mothers. Wondering whether the female was going to stay or return to her training, Vitani spoke up, actually enjoying another's company as there was never really thing else for her to be doing, "Excuse me if I'm being a bother here, but, what brings you to the darkness of my sister's pack anyway? I would think you as one of the superior Bravehearts would want to stick with your lands or travel elsewhere rather than follow in your enemy's footsteps. Is there a reason behind all this doing? You can trust my word, Melissa. I mean no harm to come to you, as you in this state deserve a welcoming smile just as much as anyone could need in such a situation. And as being myself, I lend you your first friend here." Her smile shined of a perfect set of pearly whites, removing her doctor coat to plainly remain in her casual attire. She wore nothing more than her usual, including a pair of comfy fitted blue skinny jeans, a set of brown booted heals and a light grey mid-sleeved baseball t-shirt wrapped around upon her neck with a brown and blue scarf. Doctors were never required to where scrubs, so she never saw the need to where them. Peering to the female, she waited patiently, listening secretly to the lighter noises of her wolf within try to piece together an idea of how the female's presence came to be.


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7 Re: Self-Injury on Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:20 pm

The Elite smiled kindly as Vitani talked fondly of her job. It was easy to talk with her, made Melissa feel as if they were almost equals. She watched casually as Vitani picked out a syringe, jumping slightly when she stabbed the needle into herself. She released a quick breath, watching the dark liquid fill the clear cylinder. Vitani cleaned the tip and retrieved a new one for its place before making a move towards Melissa. She voluntarily held out her arm. Needles and shots and all sorts of injections had never scared her before. She always heard people fussing and complaining about getting them, but never understood. They hardly bothered her at all. Vitani's grip was tight on her forearm as she inserted the needle, her eyes locked on the slight wound she'd created. Mel watched too, fascinated as the wound began to heal. The doctor patted her arm in a single light gesture before sliding away.

Melissa thanked her quietly, rubbing the perfect space on her arm. Good as new... She thought to herself, flexing her fingers. It was during this that Vitani spoke up, asking her about her stay. Melissa lowered her arm, her expression going from awe instead to one which was almost blank. Vitani's smile was reassuring and trustful. Melissa hesitated before answering, instead taking in the Doctor's outfit that had been hidden beneath the white coat. It looked surprisingly comfy, and yet had an official look about it. Mel liked the outfit, even saw herself wearing something similar. The only changes she would have made would be instead a set of necklaces instead of the scarf.

"Well I reckon more people will be asking that very question in upcoming days, so I must get used to answering it, hm?" Melissa smiled, although it didn't have the usual cheerful glint. It seemed bitter, almost sarcastic, just as her whole personality seemed to be changing to. Melissa huffed once, crossing one leg over the other and lacing her fingers together, resting them on top her knee. She looked rather professional and strictly serious, like a tired lawyer attempting to lay out the court plan to a nervous defendant one final time. "Revenge. I yearn to feast upon the blood of those who killed Gabriel, to rip into their pathetic flesh and feast upon their hearts. Not just the ones who are personally responsible, but the entire pathetic species that so call themselves 'Hunters.'" Melissa's voice was dark and her gaze had grown narrow. She was glaring at an unseeable being, imagining the cries of her victims as her claws caved down upon them. Then suddenly her demeanor changed, and Melissa was once again sitting up straight and grinning at her companion. She spread her arms, gesturing to where her wound was only minutes ago. "That's why I was training you see, at least until I made such a childish mistake. But it's all part of the preparation. One must fail so that they can learn not to fail when the moment is critical, yes?"

Melissa reclined in the rather comfortable chair, an almost playful grin on her lips as she watched Vitani's reaction. She was good at keeping her composer, that was for sure. A likely trait she must share with the Alphess, her blood... Mel's wolf mumbled from within her, she did not speak much these days. Melissa was partly surprised to hear from her.

(Sorry for such a delay, suffering heavily from over-filling my schedule as well as writer's block.)

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8 Re: Self-Injury on Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:00 am

Amused by the Elite's display of internal rage, the doctor smiled, analyzing every single detail she could take in to soak in the moment as to what the situation has done to the innocence amongst love. Her eyes sparkled with interest upon the female, quite greater than she had moments ago in fact. Piercing her lips into a sinister sweet smile, Vitani tilted her head slightly as she noticed so many things running through the fae's mind. The tensing of her body, the firmness in her stance and the shift between professional and fantasizing within. What had Gabriel done to the poor girl to lead her through so much tragedy? That was when her wolf scoffed and corrected her to think back onto the information she had been given through a little bird. That's right, the Alpha was dead, along with the feelings she knew the Elite female possessed before leaving her homelands. Such misery she must have gone through to get this far, and to even be on their grounds, as a former enemy, now that, the doctor could not find any less interesting. It took a brave individual to do so much to get to this point, which made her smile to see the Elite before her.

"Well these, Hunters, you speak of sounds quite interesting. You wouldn't happen to have a bit more details evolved around their whereabouts would you? Gabriel's death is one of the many things that actually thrill some of us, 'Eternals' as we like to call some of ourselves around here. I had never met the man, but judging from my family pack, meaning also my sister's, they were great rivals with the Bravehearts even before the Alpha was born and even I and my sister were. I hold no opinions on the man, as I am not one to judge from other's point of views as you can see." Vitani made a sympathetic smile to Melissa, understanding her case a bit more than she should as she had never experienced love nor heart break. She wanted knew what it was like to force her rage to surrounded a certain group of individuals, but this was a whole another situation, she thought. Putting a gentle hand on the woman's shoulder, she nodded lightly and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, "Training will benefit you greatly, especially as a newly blooded wereling. Starting early like you are will affect your nearing future with fighting and might even catch you up to speed with some if you work hard enough at it, though, like I had said, you're still quite young. Putting up a fight against some of us will be useless, since we're very old in our suits, but judging from what I've seen already, you hold yourself very nicely on your own as a new blood." She smiled firmly, keeping her gaze over the female decently well-behaved as she moved to lean up against the sink counter.

Darting her silver hues to the clock, she sighed and looked back down the female once more. An idea sparked in her head, but she wasn't sure as if the Elite were to accept it or not. She was only new to the Eternal grounds, so as the Doctor, Vitani figured that meant that she hadn't spent that much time with some of the others. She needed to know the truths to around here in order to feel more on top of things, to fit in and not be underestimated as it was easily seen through her eyes that Melissa was valuable, as are most others, "If its a bother, might I advice you go see my sister, Noctavia soon? She might be able to fill you on some things to what I cannot. I would think that her being the oldest out of everyone here, she'd be the goto on knowledge. If you ever get the time, I'm sure I can persuade her to make arrangements. I know my sister is not the best at being on friendly terms, but I'm sure once you get to know her, you'll think she's just as cool as I really see her as too." She laughed in a sorts of giggles and covered her mouth to almost hide her ridiculous sounding laugh, "You might even be surprised, usually she has a tendency of revealing surprises here and there, but I warn you, don't get on her nerves. Be very straight forward and never, ever question her." Vitani smiled and crossed her arms over her chest, "Sometimes I think she's secretly as nice as me when she wants to be, but that might just be the crazy part of my mind speaking." Her wolf growled at the comment, knowing well she was referring it to her counterpart.


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9 Re: Self-Injury on Thu Nov 14, 2013 9:20 pm

Melissa's nose wrinkled when Vitani spoke about Gabriel's death being a "thrill". She understood that the packs had been rivals, and now Melissa was behind enemy lines, but that didn't mean she agreed with everything the Eternals believed in. It's not like anyone could blame her, it was surprising she'd made it this far. Sometimes she didn't quite believe this was reality either, maybe instead just a bad nightmare. But of course not. The real nightmare was when she woke up screaming in the night, visited by the memory of his murder. Melissa was not upset with Doctor Vitani though, her stance was more sympathetic instead of reveling in Gabriel's death. Melissa was grateful on the inside. She was even more grateful when Vitani complimented her, saying she held herself well for being a new blood.

Melissa sighed inwardly. "Unfortunately all the information I have on the hunters is that they are a stronger race than humans. They are basically breed to kill us werelings, pure or halfiez. I've tried to find out more, but I figured physical training should come before looking up their family tree. Plus, I haven't been able to find a good source of information." Mel finished bitterly. She thought of the one time she'd gone to an underground of werelings, asking about the hunters. They always asked why she wanted to know about them, and then ended up laughing at her. Either because she was simply a halfie and they believed there was no way she could take one down, or because they believed the story of Hunters was strictly a myth or rumor.

"The Alphess?" Melissa asked doubtfully. She hadn't even met the Alphess face to face yet. She simply welcomed her with a card and room key, the two hadn't spoken yet. And to be honest, Mel had been waiting for some type of call from Noctavia. She recalled what the old Beta, Ryker, had said about the Alphess. That she was crazy and uncontrollable. Unpredictable. The thought of meeting her scared Melissa. "With all due respect Doctor Vitani, I think you may be speaking of a different Alphess." She laughed lightly, her eyes gleaming. Noctavia may have information on the hunters? It was tempting... but Melissa still wasn't convinced. Melissa tilted her head for  moment, pondering. Would Vitani agree to help train Mel? She was the only one she knew around here, and practicing alone wasn't nearly as efficient as practicing with a partner.

[OOC: Mel doesn't know Daiken is in ED, and Mel doesn't know Beta Ryker returned. She thinks he ran, truly afraid of the alphess. Just Sayin. Sorry not best, limited computer time.]

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10 Re: Self-Injury on Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:02 am

[ I knew that already, that's why I'm trying to persuade her into taking a visit to the Alpha's Suite, that or we can go for another. Just PM me, and I'll create the thread with Noctavia for Melissa to meet. :3 You don't have to post after this, if you want btw. xD]

The intensity of her eyes soon then dimmed to a normal hazy grey as she listened attentively to the woman's given information to what she only contained, nodding just lightly of her apple-shaped head along until she finished. There was nothing that could specifically kill a wereling, but the discovery of their kind could potentially be on the rise within their regions. This made her skin dapple in goosebumps, stiffening her spine to sit straighter as she thought upon the murderous group. There were vampires, that she knew far long ago, but the fact that they were in danger of these species made her curiosity burn plentiful amounts of questions. But only two important questions stuck to the internal wall of her dark mind, who were they, and how did they find them? Vitani exhaled through her nose slowly as she took the silence to her advantage, clearing her thoughts to release the worries to her sister once she would get the chance, "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think these are werelings you speak of, but perhaps man itself." Getting up, the doctor started to pace, considering her words wisely and clear enough to the newly turn would understand easier. There was a large gap between their age, and only either her sister, or her could tell her what all they've learn due to their time on earth. She knew it wasn't her place to be telling her such things without certainty, but it didn't hurt to at least try, right?

Biting the inside of her lip, she let it go and slowed the clicking of her booted heels through the quiet moments, "As I have noticed throughout my more recent years here, is that man has developed easier tactics, weapons and devices, you see. Well, from the time I was young, much, too many things to count have changed, and the mortals are slowly winning at coming close to our revelation. These, hunters you speak of, are most likely Werewolf hunters, trained especially to kill the immortality race in America. I've seen minor cases of this before, and this, however, does not surprise me by Gabriel's death, or.. I mean, murder." Her voice tumbled to a trailed silence, turning her head to see through to the female's hazel hues, "They are mortal, and with time, it'll only get worse if we don't keep undercover. That is why my sister choose to live here, out of all privacy. She can explain on the topic if you ask, I'm sure, and as for my sister, and our Alphess, well..." Vitani chuckled softly and nodded slowly to her understanding, putting her hands to cross over her chest neatly, "I can understand your opinion about her, she's not a people person after all, I can say that's for sure.." Letting her eyes wonder about the room, she walked back to the medical counter and jotted down some interior design ideas to have done to the place so it would seem more fitting. She hoped to rebuild it, and possible add more to the room as the pack was expanding each passing week. She sighed, speaking to Melissa but not looking as she cleaned off her medical tools in the sink, "But I do think you should meet her. If I'm correct here, I believe she has been wanting her new addition to the superiors to come to her rather than the other way around. You'll have to excuse her on that, but, I can't say anything about it. I don't make the rules, I just obey them." She cocked a soft smile to Melissa over her shoulder and then looked to the time, "Well," the fae began, drying off her hands and walking towards the door to open it after grabbing her purse, "I think we're done here, miss. You've been dismissed as of now, Elite Melissa, and oh, before i forget..."Vitani turned to lock up the door to her office once she got out, then back around to smile up at the female,

"Welcome to the pack."


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