Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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All she needs is a chance Ltr2
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All she needs is a chance

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1All she needs is a chance Empty All she needs is a chance on Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:01 am


Her eyes slowly began to scatter around the entrance of an alleyway. It was interesting but something seemed to compel her to this part of the region. She wasn't scared, in fact she welcomed the night as it began to seep all around her curvy petite form. Gently touching her wealthy locks as her fingers smoothed gently down them. Touching the ends to see if any of them were split and sure enough there were only a little. Thank goodness, she just went to the hair place and she didn't want anymore of her beautiful hair to be tampered with. She gently touched the necklace that dangled on her neck, inside was a simple picture of her adopted family. Sam loved them none-the-less even if they were just adoptive parents. Spending most of her life behind the fact that she was different, sure she knew it. The ways her eyes turned different colors as soon as she got angry. She could hear things others can't hear, she was faster, stronger, and could see much clearer then a person with 20/20 vision.

Those qualities began to haunt her as the other children made fun of her all through elementary school and beyond until she finally dropped school from the constant bullying. All her life she was treated like an outsider and to make matters worse her family was taken from her, one by one they dropped like flies. Soon enough she became silent, while the other kids didn't know what was going on in her life she allowed them to treat her like dirt. Figuring that what hurts more then bullies is that you knew deep down that you didn't belong as well as everyone you care about leaving you behind so you have to deal with things yourself. She wasn't ready for any of them to leave her behind, she was young when her "mother" died, without a mother's touch you can say a child gets "unstructured" for the most part. Finally came her older brother who thought it would be better to leave home and join the war. He went as soon as he was 18 and died three days before he was supposed to come home. They cried and then buried him, an unlucky life... That's what she had. She tried to go on with a smile still planted on her face, she still had her other family but it wasn't the same without the others.

Her family was getting shorter and she wondered why God kept sparring her life. She would rather be taken then the others. Her mind pushed on to her other brother's death, the same tragic one as her mother. She tried her hardest to make him comfortable but he died sooner then her mother had. There wasn't enough time for him to even get saved, more tears were shed all the while when she went to school to face her bullies she did it with a smile. Behind that smile laid a sad and tortured soul, why did she keep blaming herself? One day her drawing imagination caught with her and she was caught by the teacher, she remembered that day because her teacher looked at her with saddened eyes. Sam's drawing in art class were once filled with a smiling sun and the six of them either on a hill or something. Of course it was grade school and she was doing pictures. When her teacher asked where her mama was in the picture she said in the sky and pointed to a women with wings. He nodded and that was all he did but he always kept an eye on his 'star pupil' more closely.

Sam tried to shake the thoughts away but they kept flooding her mind as if a reminder of how much she hated herself on the day of the "accident" she knew it wasn't an accident though and no one knew that. She didn't tell a soul of what happened that night, she couldn't even believe it herself. They turned into wolves, a black one, and two brown ones. The obvious leader was the larger black wolf and they looked like they were loosing their humanity even though they turned human soon enough she knew that they were going to loose their human side. She quickly shut the memory out of her head and refused to go any further, especially about what happened with her little sister and father. A single tear wiped down her cheek and she quickly swiped it away, no! She wouldn't show any weakness her "master" told her it was horrible of a wolf her blood. So, instead she gritted her teeth, her nose twitched as she smelled a few scents in the distance. Some like herself, others humans. She knew she was in the right place this is where the Eternal Darkness Pack resides. Well, at least not here but close and this is where they said that the Alphess may be able to see you and get you in. Of course lacking most experience of her life being new to the whole Lycan business they told her that she was just going to be placed as the loser. She would prove them wrong, she was going to defend her pack even if that means placing her at the bottom first. Like Drake said, "Started from the bottom now we're here."
She gave a smirk at why her mind suddenly drifted to that particular song.

Eyeing around the city, lights flashing in different buildings giving a welcoming glow from their fluorescent lighting and some were closed for the night. It was interesting why some shops clothes early I mean business is better towards the afternoon and night. This city seems to never sleep, many mortal were still out. Some rushing for the taxis or subways to get home or work. She heard a violent whistle as a man began to flag down a car, she watched the male as a taxi drove over towards him and he got in the car. She heard where he was going and gave a smirk, ~Strip club... Interesting~ She thought the man had a ring on his finger and she knew for certain his wife didn't know where he was going this late at night. Probably gave the "I have a ton if paper work down in the office." Men and their silly lies. She remembered her first love and the way he caressed her, making her want more. Of course little miss Sam is a virgin and glad about that because when he tried to taint with her innocence she pushed her away. He always got so angry when he did that and soon enough broke up with her to go for a slut named Katherine. Soon he to started bullying her and calling her names. She took it, even though it hurt. He said he loved her and wanted her, never wanted to hurt her but like always men lied.

Coming around a bend the mortals were fading away and she was getting close to her destination. she was wearing a pair of tight black leather pants and a black top that showed her curvy mid section. On top of her head was a black hair that covered the top of her hair on her small feet were a pair of black boots with no heel of course showing her small 5'1" form. In her pants she felt the knife that touched her ankle. She favored knives over anything.  Suddenly she spotted three men in the distance she went to the other side of the street and they followed after her. She wasn't afraid, why should she be? She was a monster of the moon... Confronting them she tried to move past them but they wouldn't let her. She looked up at the leader, a tall and bean-like male. She stepped back and they looked at her up and down inspecting her body and they approved. "Are you going to allow me to pass?" She asked in a well-mannered tone. They ignore her question and the leader spoke, "Well, well, what's a sexy thing like you doing out here... And alone?"

Sam smirked, "I decided to go on a walk." Still in a sweet voice she shrugged as if it was no big deal. The male gave a soft smile, "How about we all go to a party?" He asked still checking her out. She tilted her head, "Is this party the three of you?" He nodded, "Yeah it will be fun. Especially since ole Paul will be delighted to have a pretty thing like you." Then he came closer and leaned to her ear, "Or it could be you and me." She looked at this Paul character, "Paul. Are you going to rape me?" She asked bluntly. He gave a chuckle and took out a pistol a .42 to be exact and held it to her chin, "We don't have to make it be a rape if you condone with what I want." He cocked the pistol deeper into her throat and was surprised by how her head refused to go up. Her eyes turned a burnt orange but soon they disappeared, "Let's make this interesting. How about a duel I have a knife around my ankle. You can take it out, it will be my knife between your pistol." He searched her and found the knife, "Wrong move, bitch." He chuckled. Sam didn't like foul language and well this boy was pushing her buttons making it hard for her to be sweet.

He stood with the two weapons and she frowned, "Now Paul, how is it fair that you have two weapons and I have none?" She held out her and and he went to cut it with her own knife but her hand wasn't their infact it was by her side again, "Wrong move." With a swift kick of her right foot she managed to kick the gun and it flew from his hand into the roof top above. She grabbed the knife in one swift motion and she jabbed it into his thigh leg, and whispered in his ear"I'm not going to kill you. At least not yet but I will soon and you better watch your back." She took her knife from his skin and rubbed the knife with his shirt. He hit the ground and cried in pain, strapping the knife on the inside of her pant leg she stepped over the male. Eyes glowing burnt orange but soon disappearing back into her normal color.

She soon came to her destination of a discrete alleyway and awaited for the Alpha or Alphess to come by. It could be hours or minutes but she had time. Gently leaning against the wall she gave a short yawn and she straightened her curls out as well as her clothes. Lucky she didn't have any blood on her clothes otherwise that would just be horrible, especially since she may meet her new Alpha/Alphess soon. She hoped at least they would give her a chance. That's all she needed was one chance.

((OOC: Not the best I have a huge headache))

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2All she needs is a chance Empty Re: All she needs is a chance on Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:38 am

[[ Couldn't sleep a wink knowing there was a huge replier on my hands... ]]

As the evening dawned on her to night, darkness washed over what was left of the light of day, taking away her plans to be replaced with fun of her own. In these hours, she spent it with wise decisions, torchering the innocence with her vile ways and undiscovered power that little of all werelings know about. The time was coming to a close, and soon enough there would be war between packs. If this was how it was meant to be, so be it, they were ready, her warriors were capable, she, was unbeatable. Over fifty decades her and Gabriel had been fighting each other like cat and dog, sparing at their short encounters and pitying the ones that only brought him to his point of wanting to be reckless. How pathetic. She would not live up to such things just to put him in a position that was never meant to be, and if it were true that he for was at one time to be evil, then why fight it, she thought. It was all bullshit to her, finding it to be family and pured integrity to survive as a peaceful pack. Worthless, nothing to find at all amusing and proud of. Family. The word burned in her mouth just like her greatest adversary's own name. It's bitter sting to it causing her insides to rise within seconds to a boiling point, there was and never will be something like that she hoped for her. Her family? Ha, what a joke. She had been born and breed from the bloodline of greatness, taking on the family's royalty in hopes of being their new Alphess when the time would come as being one of the most feared packs in all of the New York State's leader. The woman feared not of what they could do, but the consistency of their soldiers in war. In her many days of becoming a young woman and strong suited wereling as well as the becoming of an Alphess, she had been trained by none other than the best of her kind to come out in the best they could accomplish. True, she was reckless and careless of her work, and did she care? Only for her pack and self, that was it. Using it to her advantage, she using her skills to create her own set of strong warriors and indestructible beings in her pack. All of which shared a darkness that made her smile in satisfaction. To her, it was all a game. Like as if the entire world were really a board game of life and they were the fiddled characters to play along and see who would come out as the winner. Well, that winner, was going to be her no matter what would happen in the end. This had been going on far too long. This, was it.

In and out she moved as silent as the shadows she lingered within, black; the color of her soul and hair as well as the pelt of her other side to encase her entirely. The alleys being strangely quiet to her taste, where was everyone? The slightest movements could be made by what she presumed to be a large rat scurrying to safety, but it gave her no concern to worry about as the fumes of a foreigner reached her own snout. With all that has gone on, she had soon discovered their to be another pack roaming about the New York lands, whom she soon would figure out. As it has been said, vampires had indeed been in hiding all along and had just built up the courage to come out of their homes for a game of wits. The wereling race was much stronger though, they all were, but it was how many of the bloodsuckers they didn't know. Many do not know they even exist, but she did, and it was because of them that Garrett was dead. One of her best warriors too, not the most charming man she had come across, however he took it seriously, only to soon fall in love with her once was Elite female that she sadly had exiled for only her business to know. Yes, the pack did not know, did she regret it, absolutely not. There were only something left to piece together and explain, leaving the rest to be unsaid for the fairness of her self. As her name be left unsaid, Noctavia kept herself moving along through the alleys, sniffing out the scent to soon find blood mixed within it. This caused her instinct to fire up into alert, it was a fresher wereling, an individual who would know close to nothing about controlling themselves and at its strongest without knowing better. A growl rumbled in her throat, causing her lips to curl into a set of razor-like fangs, blood from earlier stained in a light yellow layer around and between them. As the Alphess composed herself, she arched her back in a small snarl as she warped her body back into her human shell, no longer the large black wolf she was to now be a woman standing the highest of '5ft,8'. Down her back cascaded several long locks of obsidian black, flowing elegantly passed her hollow shoulders and stopping to the mid of her torso, the insides tugging the highest points of her cheekbones as they shadows her features in the street light glow. Her skin was a dusty ivory, signs of small life being made with a tinge of pale pink here and there to know she was not a ghost entirely, though she would argue enough with one to persuade them to believe she was one. Licks of ink laced up all along her arms and a valuable tattoo of hers lay over her hip, a ghost of a smile hinting at her face as she remembered the night further more than the rest of her past lives. What was she thinking though? Daiken was just her Delta and common associate, but why was she always so happy to see that permanent marking upon her body whenever she saw it. Of course she loved it, how could she not though? It was amazing, and for a change someone had actually impressed her enough to have it put to life on her very own bod, for ever...

Putting the personal thoughts to the side, Noctavia found her way towards the fire escape, slipping her fire engine red heels to lock around the bars and hike herself up further with all her strength to the roof. A disturbance in the distance of men being made as she turned her hearing for a better sound. From what she could tell, is that a few men were busy with coping together a woman, but not just any it seemed, a fae. The one she sensed before walk into her packlands. A tilt to her head made her curious to see what was truly going on, the autumn breeze picking up to push her willingly towards the source. Not long after was she leaping over the roofs and flying through the air to reach a higher apartment building within the Projects, the glow of an exotic dancing arena a light pink neon showing from across the street. Taking out a cigarette for herself, she watched below, arching a brow as she looked to the young wereling fight off her own battles, a bored yawn escaping her lips until she saw the gun fly up onto the building as she backed up to catch it. "Ha, free gun. Now that's what I'm talking about."She said as she took a long and meaningful drag of the cig on her pale lips, pinching it off to allow the graceful strokes of smoke waft up into the air like ballerinas. Noctavia put the pistol in the waistband of her dark blue ripped skinny jeans, tucking her black hoodie over it so it wouldn't be seen when she would return back into the hotel. "Looks like I won't be walkin' home alone, huh ole wolfie?" Her wolf stirred as she had for once called to its attention, the fainted growls of irritation being made as it smirked back, a sarcastic tone to speak in return, "Oh goody... let me know when you're ready to eat her... From what I can smell already is that she is wasting your time.. Go home.. it's not worth it..." The voices hissed, disappearing back to the caverns of her twisted mind. Looking over the city, she sighed at its own beauty, stepping onto the short cement wall that barricaded around the top and falling straight ten stories below, bucking her legs to slam feet-first into the ground, a knuckle into the sidewalk to steady herself as she stood before the woman. Noctavia moved a long strand of hair from her islamic piercing green eyes, the aura of terror and evil things washing over the other as she opened a bit of her mind to the wereling to know that if she did anything to mean a threat, the Alphess would not think twice into killing her where she stand. "Evenin'", Noctavia said as she put the cigarette back upon her lips, a small smile on her face as she sized the woman up and fixed her leather jacket's sleeves around her tattooed arms to her liking. "What brings you to my borders, fae? I am Alphess Noctavia, Alphess of the Eternal Darkness pack that resides within these very alleys. It's a pleasure not to meet you, kid. How old are you, fifteen? Come on, where's your parents at a time like this, I'm sure mommy and daddy are worried about you, eh?" She let out a bitter laugh to the mere teenager, leaning against the wall with a cocky manner and nodding her head in a small command for her to speak.

All she needs is a chance 15yisyr

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3All she needs is a chance Empty Re: All she needs is a chance on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:15 pm


Her dark hues of amber were solely on the ground before her. Tracing the cracks of the sidewalk and following them until they returned into the solid shape it once was. Her hands ideally touched the rough spots of the brick buildings the pads of her fingers gently rubbing against them. She was clearly bored and her wolf side was getting restless. Being the monster that killed her family was like a curse. She hated it, many werelings call it a "gift" and she just scoffs at their assumption of it being a gift. Turning into snarling beast and once the full moon captivates them all we want is blood and to be able to free ourselves and let the wolf take over our body. However, a few completely loose their humanity and never shift back she ran into one of them on the road once. It starred at her with beady red eyes snarling it's stained yellow teeth. A true shame especially of a werewolf with his size and nobility. She thought she was a goner but death is a chance of escape, she wanted to feel pain. Have someone pull a knife to her back, instead she was treated like a princess. Back to the wolf or whatever the werewolves call those things. Her "master" as I like to call him or "stepdad" referred to in the human realm killed it. He was of noble decent you could tell, by the way he carried himself. She had to try really hard and her wolf form was of his likings. It was larger then most females, maybe even males, due to the pureness of her blood.

Gently taking the hat off of her scalp she wiped it off noticing a few specks of dirt came to be on it. Her hands wiped against the velvet hat then gave a small stretch. Pulling her arms over her head she took in a deep breath and pulled upwards making her back crack lightly from how long she has been there. Placing her arms back to her side she also let out the deep breath from her light pink and plush lips. Rolling her shoulders back she gave a soft yawn, she didn't know why she was tired because she slept till noon and usually the night gave her energy but she was feeling drained a bit probably because she didn't eat anything. Looking up to the starry sky she couldn't see all the stars but there was the Little Dipper. Remembering about her hat she pulled it over the top of her head and eased it downwards. Her thick locks gently wafted down her back like a chocolate waterfall. It was soft to the touch too, thanks to her new conditioner as well as shiny especially in the soft glow of the street laps she passed and the moon did wonders to her beauty.

The young face was pretty, very pretty infact an hourglass figure, a pair of almond shape golden eyes that looked like doe eyes, that were spaced evenly between her small nose that gave a small upturn. Her cheeks were rosy and high structure and gave her more of a mature look. She could pass into her early twenties but nothing more. Her bosoms weren't that large but not small like an A cup she looked more to be a C. Her bottom is well rounded and lifted showing no signs of sagging anytime soon and it especially looked nice in these pants. Her legs were toned and long however gave her a short stature. She always hated her height being short was something she didn't want in her future. Maybe a nice growth spurt would be luckily given to her. Her arms aren't like noodle arms in fact they are toned as well -not like body builder women that lift 400 pound weights- they give her an athletic appearance.

Her gaze was suddenly snapped upwards as a women no more then in her mid or early twenties landed on the ground in a pounce like position. She was gorgeous -not like she rated women, she was straight- the women had raven style hair and as the light caught her onyx hair it turned into a dark purple or very dark blue like a raven's feathers would. The women had piercing green eyes that shown like crystallize emeralds, they laid in her well structured face and they shown even brighter due to her lightly baby powered skin which held a few light pink spots to give the impression of life. A thin cigarette was between her lightly powered pink lips and she watched the smoke evaporate in the air. Colorful ink marks were on her body was well, she could only see the few on her arm however and wondered if she had more. As her words hit her ears, she could tell by the power behind them that she was much older then what she seemed. Though the words bit into her skin like a knife and her wolf side didn't like that.

"What brings you to my border's fae? I am Alphess Noctovia, Alphess of the Eternal Darkness pack that resides within these very alleys. It's a pleasure not to meet you, kid. How old are you fifteen? Come on, where are your parents at a time like this, I'm sure mommy and daddy are worried about you, eh?

Her dark brown dark began to glow with a sort of anger but she but her lip and gave her a sweet smile. Batting her eyelashes as well, keeping her wolf side in order as it strived to make herself known. Inside her she was fighting her battle between her other half. Suddenly she heard the Alpha's thoughts but dared not open her own mind to hers, not yet however. If she were to enter she would put up a block as soon as she reached her childhood. Shaking her head she mumbled to herself before looking back up but not into her eyes,"I'm here to... She was speaking shyly which was way different then her wolf side and then realized to stopped and tried again this time forcing bravery, "I'm here to get a spot in your pack." She said a bit more confidence. Then she asked her age and called her fifteen she shook her head, "No ma'am, I'm seventeen years of age. I will be eighteen in less then a month." Her wolf side kept struggling and as soon as the Alphess brought up her parents she shied away and shook her head.

Suddenly her head snapped down and her wolf side came out. Sammy was suddenly unconscious and didn't know what was going on now. She closed her eyes and then her head snapped upwards and her wolf eyes appeared burnt pissed off orange. It gave a low growl, "A pleasure to meet you, Alphess. Also they are dead, all of them, gone." The wolf gave a small coo and then stepped forward a bit, "Allow me to introduce ourselves. The shy and quiet one is Samantha, Sammy, or Sam and I am Sita, just Sita of course." The wolf chuckled darkly, "I'm sort of the evil one in this equation. It's sad but true Sam doesn't have a backbone and why out of all people I'm paired up with her is a big question."

((I would have made it a bit longer but my head needed a rest. Lol, but thanks I tried))

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4All she needs is a chance Empty Re: All she needs is a chance on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:31 am

I know this isn't common but, I don't want you waiting forever on me...
~No time to post for a while and this has been going on long enough. I'll put on a Time Lapse to speed up this forum. Samantha is now accepted into Eternal Darkness as a strong Omega, and she may roam about the lands as she pleases as long as she does not bring tension between her packmates. Promotions will be made soon, so don't get so worried about the rank. She will be put at Warrior when I give the go. I am dearly sorry for not making more time for some posts, I work enough as it is and school is right about the bend. :c ~

Welcome to Eternal Darkness, wereling!

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