Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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So Hard to Resist..

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1 So Hard to Resist.. on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:49 pm

Evening night, Amora was strolling her ways in and out of alleys waiting from a midnight snack. Amora was dressed in a pair of raged out flare  denim jeans, converse, and a tanktop. Amora wasn't all about eating human flesh, but her wolf Chanel told her she didn't want hamburgers again. Amora huffed as she doesn't hear anything, until her sense of smell told her a human is near by. Amora never had a evil side, but sense she was bit her humanity is barely there. Amora is on the edge every once and awhile. Amora remembered she almost killed a couple last night with her bare hands. She didn't know what she was doing since she ran into, Garrett. Finding him in the alley, half drained of blood was a dreadful look since she still had feelings for him. Her thought told her that she shouldn't since he was the one putting her in this position. Amora isn't the best picker at guys. As her thoughts drifted off the stench of blood blew her back to present. Amora never liked hurting people, but she doesn't hate defending herself either. Her couches for one, told her she is so advance, they had no choice to put her with the upper classmates. She thanked her brother until he had left to collage. Amora had experience with fighting, but never fought a different wolf before. She has crossed some, but only rarely.
Tracking her way, devouring the smell lingering in the air. As the fae stopped, she heard a whine. Amora turned around to see if anyone was behind her, nope. The wolf began to walk again, seeing a shadow cringing in the alley next to her. The fae moved further into the alley, when she froze seeing three figures hovering the over, as they drug their feet to his abdomen. Chanel kept her mouth shut, as if she knew they were already in trouble. The figure glanced his way up to see Amora standing there watching. The body clenching his stomach looked up with pleading eyes. Her thoughts told her to walk away, but her wolf told her to stay put. She didn't disobey her wold or disobey her thoughts, so she dragged her feet deeper into the alley. Out of the corner of her eye she saw graffiti written up and down the walls. Amora stood in front of him, glancing at each one of them. "This isn't fair. Why beat up a guy that has no back up?" Moving her way toward the boy, as he looks up with eyes that said 'Leave me, I'll be fine.' Amora went to help the guy up when she felt hands on both of arms, dragging her way back to the streets. "I don't want to hurt a pretty girl like you and I know you don't want your little secret getting out." She punched him in the gut just like her brother told her to do. He fell to concrete, gasping for air. "What secret?" As she glares at him with slight fear. The young man laughed. "I know a werewolf when I see one." Amora stepped back a couple as he rose to his feet. "What do you mean?" He smirked at her as he saw her fear. "I know you're one, because I'm one. No, I'm not part of a pack. Yes, I'm a loner." As she was hoping to get more answers, he begin to walk forward cocking his head. She rested against the wall as she feels his heat on her body. The female was stunned by his actions, he was leaning in when she smacked him. "What the hell are you doing?" He backed away from her, inspecting her image. Amora glanced at the human who is loosing a bunch of blood. "Were you going to eat him?" The guy grins at her question, nodding after. Amora wouldn't let him eat, because she was starving. The fae moved for the man, with a smirk. The guy rested his hands on his waist.  Snap his neck! Her thoughts and Chanel both said, and she whispered in his ear. "Sorry for this." Snapping his neck, lighting his body on fire.
Amora makes her way to the alley, where the human is crouched, clenching his stomach for pressure. Amora ran up to him, moving his hand out of the way revealing a clawed mark from the werewolf that is now burning alive. Amora was starving, so was Chanel. Her wolf whispered in her ear. "Come on I'm hungry!"  The fae opening her mouth as her fangs shows. The human turned around, shocked too see her. Help... Amora shook her head. He flinched like she just smacked him in the face. She was speechless. The female was wanting to run away, but she was so hungry.. "I can't.." Amora thought aloud. He turned around to face her. "Wha-" She looked at him curiously. "What?" The boy backed away. "Your mouth. You have fangs?" Amora shut her mouth immediately she heard the words 'Fangs'. The helpless human had the word of shock written all over his face. "They're fake." He shook his head. "No, those are real."The wolf was urging her to to bite his flesh, drain him to the very last once. Amora couldn't hold it anymore, her humanity had vanished into thin air. She stood across the alley, impatient. Her wolf took over that very minute. She grinned at him. "Hmm..  I'm hungry as hell" She launched at him, breaking his neck, so she can eat him in piece. Her wolf inside of her smirks at her action. Her thoughts told her she didn't have the time to turn back from what she did. She devoured every part, every blood cell, every limb. Sucking the blood off her finger, she relized she just ate another fully live human. Probably a father too, but that moment she could careless. Amora smiles admiring his taste lingering on her tongue. "He did taste good, and it was so hard to resist the taste." Licking the last of the blood off her fingers, as she just sits in the middle of the alley.[/color]


Made by: Alphess Noctavia
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2 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:44 am

[[ OOC- Not that long, sorry. ]]

It hadn't taken long for the Alphess herself to arrive at the massacre of a scene, hiding secretly against the apartment wall wearing only a tribal patterned black and white skirt with laced tights, her small, fitted leather jacket, a pair of stiletto heels and a grey tank-top underneath. Her hair was worn in a loose, messy bun at the crown of her head, her thick, black bangs covering her one right eye entirely, small strands to frame her angular face. A smirk lay alive across her pale pink pouted lips as she watched the female devour what was left of the mortal, her head tilted and lips wet from licking in desire as she watched the velvet substance stain the alley floor. Because of her, Noctavia was forced out of her luxurious suite to take a stroll after not leaving her room for almost a week, leaving her associate and best companion, Daiken to aid her with most of the borders. Not that she was busy, just selfish, careless to do anything else but continue to her work and draw up newer designs in hope to possibly create her own fashion line. Now that everything has changed in the economy, everyone, everything, everybody wants to be flourished with fame and fortune, just not her. The glory was not of her taste, but the love for fashion and work of art inspired her in so many ways besides the comments and ideas provided from her packmembers. Ever since she was old enough to speak and walk on her own, she held a passion for the fabricated modeling, putting pieces and little puzzles together in order to fit just to her taste. Maybe they'd give her a chance, but still allow her to stay under the radar so passing Bravehearts wouldn't track her quarters behind, it'd give them even the more advantage if they knew where her warriors slept at night. Their name causing her blood temperature to rise beneath her pale skin and whisper a hoarse growl from her ribcage.

The slightest darker shadow of the darkness slithered down the dark wall behind her like a snake, crawling and moving like the wind, followed by the sound of feet running judging by the moment of when it touched the ground. It was quiet enough for only her to hear, leaving the female wereling to sit and wait till she was done with her choice of kill and has satisfied her hunger for the evening. Moving swiftly away from her temporary haven against the wall, Noctavia slinked back into the darkest points of the shadow, creeping closely to the mortal figure that was speaking with a man from the doorway, an exchange for drugs she presumed by the smell of marijuana on his breath from where she stood. "Where's it at? Come on, come on, you know the deal here, pretty boy. Cash or no dope." The older, brute of a man spoke in a rasp voice, towering over the thinner male in the hoodie. Nodding, the man searched through his hoodie quickly, knowing he was begging for the next hit and high. "Right here." She watched a package being swapped with a wad of cash she didn't want to know where came from or how it was earned, letting herself slip towards them and wait till the door was closed so she could attack. As the older man nodded and slipped inside, Noctavia followed closely behind the hoodied mortal, his scent causing her to growl and eyes pulse lime out of bloodlust. Just as he was about to turn down a remote corner, the evil female sharpened her claws, quickening her step to jab her nails into his back and cuff his jaw to the side. "What th-!" The man jerked, muffling under her palms. In the moon's light, her bloodied fangs elongated in her mouth to at most three inches long, lowering fast to sink into his flesh. His blood flowing around her teeth and dripping into her mouth, her razor sharp tongue slicing over his skin that was surrounded by her lips to lap up the liquid.

~Few Minutes Later

She left the corpse in a special home, pinning him against the wall by his shirt and stole his sweatshirt for her own use as a souvenir. Out of boredom, she painted his blood over the walls to appear as if he had a pair of satin red angel wings to expand ten feet from his body, his entire front from his neck to his stomach ripped open and a chunk of his leg missing. It seeped and stained her tank-top, not like she cared, there was always time to buy more and throw it away, if not try to get the stain out which was close to impossible with the fabric she wore. The moon's rays of bright white light shone down on her skin, causing her pale skin to glow magically as she walked to where the female was still seated upon the cement floor. "Evenin', miss. Do I care to ask why you've come to my alleys here in the great City The Never Sleeps or are you one of those creepy tourists that just stop for the scenery and food?" Noctavia smirked, wiping one of her fingers down her bloodied cheek to taste the small snack, the hint of sarcasm rising in her low toned-voice. "The name's Noctavia Dark, but you may refer to me as the Alphess Noctavia of Eternal Darkness, which is the pack that resides behind these bordering alleys... I take it you are here to join, no?" Her emerald eyes gazed upon the woman, seeing she had a thin build and presumed she was closely resembled her wolf with it, a pair of long legs like herself to help with endurance or speed when hunting down prey. She wasn't a horrible fighter from what she experienced from before, and Noctavia admired how clean and assembled the wereling's kills were compared to her own.


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3 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:55 am

(Mine isn't any better, I apologize)
Amora couldn't believe what happened literally ten minutes ago. Using every taste bud to soak up every last once of the blood that lingers among her tongue. Feeling some blood drip down her canines, she began the lick it off her body parts she could reach. Leaning her head against the wall, leaving the present to the past. Amora always had a thing about presenting herself on the mat in gym. Kids would ask to switch partners, because they were afraid of her. The fae smiled remembering almost breaking a boy's wrist. She always had an abusive childhood, but she would never break down to a fight. As she sat there replaying old memories in her childhood, her eyes glanced toward the blood still remanding. Chanel would be happy if she licked the last of it up, but couldn't stand the thought of licking up a mortal's blood that she killed. Everybody knew Amora had a thing to show her personality when she fought. A group of boy's challenged her to a 255lbs boy that stood at six foot. As she began to fight, the boy literally knocked her out cold, but the didn't stop her from fighting. She fought her whole life, either it was for her family or herself. Amora was not going to quit from one fight she lose. Her personality was to be determined, fight for what you love, never break from one crack. Hold it together till the end and she was determined to do that. Closing her eyes as she pictured every fight she's been through.
As female wondered through her thoughts, she couldn't help for more. The minute she was going to stand up, Amora was companied from another wolf. The wolf said she was an Alphess of Eternal Darkness. The fae was startled at how she approached her and jerked her way up to her feet. "Umm.. I'm sorry to stoll through here, I just wanted a good midnight snack." The feeling of standing in front of an Alphess was horrifying until she was asking if Amora was here to join the pack? She really didn't know how to answer that, but she thought if she needed help at least have a pack to understand what she's feeling. So Amora nodded with a slight frown. "Did you watch what I did? If this was your's I'm so sorry Alphess Noctavia." As her scent blew onto her, she smelled marijuana. This might be her future Alphess? This is how an Alphess acts? She couldn't believe it one second. As she stood there scanning her body from the corner of her eye, she wished she could have as much confidence as she did. Her thoughts replayed at how her humanity shot off so quickly or was it because she didn't care.  Playing the images back in her head, she admired the agony she gave to the mortal. Definitely don't care. Horrified from what she just thought, did she really not care? No, she did, her thoughts are playing tricks with her brain. Maybe?


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4 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:03 pm

"Don't worry about it,"

Noctavia arched a brow, crossing her arms over her chest as she examined the woman once more before shifting her eyes to meet her strangely colored pair. They were of a sapphire dark blue, rounding her irises with a darker ring and towards her pupils was the sunburst of hazel to seep into the specks that danced in her nervousness within her eyes. As the female asked if she had seen what had happened with her and the meal, she nodded lightly, "I did, and must I say you were very hungry for eating it all, leaving the bones behind I presume since they're difficult to digest. Though they make a useful tool to pick out that brain matter and sharpen the canines, eh?" After cleaning herself off completely off the blood and leaving the large stain over her chest, she could help but look at the dried blood, the many deaths and memories that always came with it. The sweet sensation of the one border she took over. Travis; a common warrior of hers with a fiery soul that sends shivers up her spine whenever he fixed her 'issues' no one else can seem to repair for her. Luckily for her and him for that matter, there was always time to remove for their times together. Maybe this female has had a few friends like that from her past, though judging by her shyness towards her rank, it didn't bother her at all, if anything, it made Noctavia even more intrigued.

"Now." She said, straightening up and fixing the leather sleeves around her arms as she rose her voice to the wereling. "You gotta name? And if you're thinking of joining, I'd need to know your experiences, from what I can tell, you're a bitten, but very strong, surely you're of at most a century if I'm correct." Noctavia rolled her eyes mentally at her words, of course she was right, she was a majority always right in fact. Cocky, yes, a true player, maybe, a cheater, most definitely. Stretching out her limbs, she let out a dull yawn, baring her canines involuntarily in the moon's midnight glow that filled the graffitied alleyway.


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5 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:46 pm

As the moonlight hit the female's right side, it showed her pure perfection. Her emerald green eyes glistened in the light, with her midnight black hair danced around her shoulders as she stood up. The Alphess isn't very tall compared to Amora who stood nearly at 5'9 and half, but her image is a beauty. Amora looking down at the blood that is now stained to her shirt, bringing her eyes to meet her gaze, nodding to her response. Extending her hand in front of the Alphess. "My name is Amora Gautier." Feeling her eyes change to bright hazel, as her mood change to worried and frightened. "I moved here from my last relationship.. My boyfriend bit me and that was a wrong turn in the relationship." Rubbing her neck, giving a nervous laugh. "I was studying nursing. Finished it in Chicago, IL and moved here. I've had multiple defense lessons as I was a kid and I was so high advance, my masters had to put me in the higher rank." Glancing at the walls, written in graffiti of music lyrics, signs, shapes, and signatures. "I didn't think I would run into an Alphess. By the looks of it, you wanted something to eat as well" As she starts to lick the rest of the flesh off her canines, looking back at the girl whose name is Noctavia. Bowing her head. "Ask anything you may want, I'll answer with honesty." Looking down at her worn out outfit, ripped jeans, converse covered in splats of blood, and her tank top that torn at the right bottom. Feeling the breeze go through her jeans, shivering at the brisk cold. Feeling goose bumps cross her some what built arms. Flexing her muscles trying to produce heat. Yawning, slumping a bit, but stands back up straight. Rubbing her eyes, looking around to see if anyone is behind her or near. Sniffing out the alley to see if any werewolves are near by. Glancing back at Noctavia. "Sorry, I don't every put down my guard, I was trained that way." Clenching her fists, remembering her abusive childhood, surprised when her brother approached her offering to teach her defense lessons. Using all her senses, keeping her guard up.


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6 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:43 am

Noctavia couldn’t keep her eyes from traveling away from the woman’s gaze and onto the moon, its glow practically luring her body to shift and submit before it for she does not because she its further more stronger to hold herself down. Its round, eggshell white glory shining in the reflection of her islamic green eyes, the slightest chill and notice of seasons changing tickling down her spine to break her from the absence of words. She looked back at the female once she had said of bring bitten, nothing more than the little details of her passed and experiences entertained her. “You had said you were bitten by a previous suitor? You wouldn’t happened to mind telling me this you speak of, will you? I share lots of connections throughout the city, finding some with a few of my associates and packmembers. Not many loners expect to find the Alpha at their feet once they join, you’re not the first, just the first of many.” The woman seemed to stand taller than her, but if the Alphess were wearing heels, instead of the converse, then easily she would be brought up to at most a few more inches than her natural height.

“As you have said as a human, you were put into training exercises and, well yeah, that shit, but how long exactly were going preforming these ‘sessions’ before being encountered with immortality? I’d also like to ask your opinion or if you knew, on the Bravehearts. Its a pack and adversary of mine that resides outside of the city and has been a common revival of mine, Eternal Darkness’s for more than fifty years. If you shared any information on them, I’d be more than welcomed to hear what you have to say. I would also like to know if you claim true to my pack and all that of what comes with it. I will and shall not put up with tom-foolery done between members, including sleeping around with them and using them for your own personal fun. Only the Omegas are to be reprimanded, but I must know you are to be loyal under my power and fight along with my Warriors, fae.”
Noctavia paced herself slowly, turning around every so few steps to return back passed her spot and repeat. She kept her gaze away from the females to counter react with the surroundings, finding none of the humans or mortals to wonder closely or hear on their conversations. The blood stain crumbling and drying against her skin the more she stood there in the cold, clear evening.


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7 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:12 pm

Amora wasn't the girl to get some much approached from, but lately ever since the bit people have been noticing her. An Alphess is practically asking her abbilies to join the pack. The female kept pacing the alley, looking both way, and didn't remember she asked her a question about her bitter. "Umm.. He was my ex-boyfriend Garrett. Ever heard of him?" Her eyes shot up to keep her gaze on her and try not to be disrespectful. Cracking her neck waiting or a response. The memories flood back as she recalled his name. Sighing deeply, rubbing her eyes, any distraction to not think about one of her favorite relationships. Not knowing what to do next, shifting her feet again, and locks her gaze on the wall. Admiring every painting, wondering How do people have the patien- Novtavia snapped her out of her thought and spoke again. Listening carefully the other female was asking about her sessions. "I started having defense lessons when I turned 13 and stopped when I was moving to Chicago, IL for college. I never stopped training myself of coarse. I had enough lessons that I know how to teach myself. I go to the gym every morning and throw around some punches, then go out for a nice bloody breakfast. My wolf can't stand eggs, bacon, sausages, or anything like that. But second oldest brother took me when he witnessed a fight at school with me getting jumped by guys and girls.." Glancing down remembering all the bruises  kids gave me, returning her eyes to the Alphess, as she mentions another Alpha. "You're the first Alphess or Alpha I've seen since I've been bitten. Noctavia I don't know who or what you're talking about, but I have know connection with the pack you mention. The pack I only know is Eternal Darkness, because you just told me. " Keeping her eyes locked on the other female's, showing confidence and no lies beneath her own eyes.

(No long, sorry. I don't have much muse right now.)


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8 Re: So Hard to Resist.. on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:29 am

I know this isn't common but, I don't want you waiting forever on me...
~No time to post for a while and this has been going on long enough. I'll put on a Time Lapse to speed up this forum. Amora is now accepted into Eternal Darkness as a Warrior, and she may roam about the lands as she pleases as long as she does not bring tension between her packmates.~

Welcome to Eternal Darkness, wereling!


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