Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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Pack Census

Eternal Darkness
F : 10|M : 10

F : 8|M : 7

Joining: Definitely

*MUST ask permission before becoming mates and breeding through the Admins/Alphas of your pack*

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Important Information

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1 Important Information on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:24 pm


Welcome Wereling.

I’m glad you’ve chosen one of our packs to join. Since you’ve decided to start your journey with us, you might as well learn the ropes.

We’re what humans call werewolves, but since there are a variety of animals that can be Weres we use the universal term. Like where normal people call themselves ‘humans’ instead of saying American, African, or Indian. So, werelings refer to wereleopards, werelions, werecheetahs, werefoxes (kitsunes), etc…

Social Order:

Since we’re of the wolf Wereling variety we live in a pack like Normies (natural wolves). We’re lead by the strongest male/female of the pack, an Alpha Wolf. These wolves are dominant, stronger, faster, and will do anything to defend the pack and territory they rule over. The wolves beneath these wolves are the Betas, also the Alphas Male/Female’s right hand man. They’re the ones that take over when the Alphas are out taking in new recruits, but the Alphas and Betas switch out on this responsibility. These Werelings are also allowed to dish out punishments. If an Alpha finds a Beta dealing out punishments unfairly they’re immediately demoted to the rank of Omega, or as is usually the case, kicked out of the pack and made Loners. Below the Betas are the proud Elites. There are usually at least three males and three females in this rank, but it depends upon the size of the pack. They’re responsible for training the Warriors, the normal Wereling, and are overseen by the Alphas and Betas to be sure they’re doing their jobs right. These wolves are also guards and will station themselves along the perimeters and the den to protect the Pack’s turf. Next are the Warriors and Healers. Both ranks are equally important and are treated as equals. They make up the bulk of the pack. The Warriors are trained by the Elites as earlier explained and the Healers are led by a Lead Healer. Healers are usually sent to medical school or veterinary school. Last, but also equally important, are the Omegas. They are the babysitters and servants of the pack. Cleaning, babysitting, and cooking are their basic duties. They’re usually the most picked on, sadly, but they help keep the tension out of the pack.


Loners are wolves with no pack, and are considered lower ranked then the Omega, for the Omega has a whole pack to back it up, and a Loner has no one. They don’t usually last long and can sometimes go mad from having no company from other Werelings. The company of humans barely satisfies the wolf within.

Rogues, sadly, are Werelings whose human sides have died out. When a Wereling resides in his wolf skin for too long, the human side simply dies, and there’s no getting the human back out once the wolf takes supreme control. If one sees a Rogue they’re to kill it on sight.

Extra Alpha and Beta Info:

Alphas grow stronger as their pack grows in numbers.  It’s not because of the numbers neccesarily, but by some magical way their strength physically grows within them as their pack does. Alphas and Betas are sensitive to the emotions of their pack mates, but have a harder time reading an enemy pack wolf’s emotions or a Loner’s. They can also slip into the minds of the pack Werelings at any time, whereas a normal pack wolf would have to ask permission before slipping into the mind of another fellow pack mate.

Alphas and Betas also share an amazing ability to be able to feel when the perimeter has been crossed, or be able to sense when one of the pack members is in pain or danger. Betas are able to sense it, but Alphas actually share into the pain. For example if one of the pack mates were bitten by another, the Alpha would be able to feel the bite, but no wound would be visible. This is to ensure that the Alphas defend their pack with their lives, and is also to ensure the pack is treated fairly. Sadly, sometimes the Alphas don’t form the bonds necessary for this to transpire, and will brutally rule their pack like tyrants. Alphas and Betas are also able to tell when a female is pregnant and will become increasingly protective of that female Wereling, almost to the point that the female’s mate will grow increasingly jealous. After the birth the Alphas back off, but will protect the young as if they were their own. This little instinct is to ensure that all newborns survive their first few years.

Etiquette Towards Higher Ranks in Wolf and Human Form:

Wolf Werelings react to another in almost the same way a normal wolf would, so anyone with wolf knowledge should know their ways with ease, but there are also the ways to act in their human skin. A lower rank greeting a higher rank in their wolf form will lower their tail and head and lick the bottom of the muzzle of the higher up wolf. When in human form they may kiss the cheek of the other, but usually when in public they’ll just give a nod of their head and avoid eye contact. No eye contact with higher ranks is best, but there are also human instincts within us, so it doesn’t bother much as much as others. Be more careful of this in wolf form though, for the wolf is more dominant in this form.

When a lower rank seeks protection from another, they’ll  run to a higher ranked Wereling and if the higher up puts their arm around their shoulder or waist they’re offering their protection. If the Wereling turns their back on the other, they’re withholding their protection and allowing the other to be attacked.

A greeting between Werelings is usually begun with a normal hello and the etiquette shown above. It’s polite for a lower rank to allow the higher up to say hello and bye first.

Pure Bloods, Bittens, and Mutts:

Pure Bloods are Werelings from a family of Pure Blood Werelings. They’re stronger, faster, and more attuned to their wolf forms then Bittens and Mutts.

Bittens are Werelings that were bitten by a Pure Blooded Wereling. They can’t turn others into Werelings themselves and are weaker and have more trouble getting accommodated to their wolf form.

Mutts are Werelings that have one Pure Blooded parent, and one Bitten Parent. They’re stronger then Bittens, but weaker than Pure Bloods. They have a low success rate in Changing a human into a Wereling. They’re just as attuned to their wolf form as Pure Bloods.

Rank Challenge:

When another wants to challenge a higher up for a higher rank, they’re to approach the Wereling with the rank they want and announce that they want to challenge them. The challenged may either accept the challenge, or step aside and submit to the wolf to give over the rank, but if he/she accepts the challenge the two wolves fight it out in front of the pack. Whoever is the loser will submit and their rank will go one rank lower. So if you were a Beta and failed a challenge, you’d become Elite. The two wolves are to tell the Alpha immediately about the rank change.

Mating Season:

Werelings may mate as they wish like any normal human, but there comes a time when the females become… well to put it simply, more excited. They’ll favor more and more male attention, and it’s during this time that females usually choose their mates. Females are usually the ones that choose who they want. Males may do so also, but the last decision on becoming mates lay solely on the female.

The Alpha male or female usually has to fight harder to keep his/her rank and will have no patience for any law breaking, or killing during this time. All of the males become more irritable in the pack and will usually do anything to impress a female, but none become as irritable as the Alpha Male or Female, and at times the Betas themselves. The higher the rank, the more attracted a wolf is to them. This is usually good though, for it ensures strong future generations. Rank changes are most frequent during this time.

The Date for Mating Season:

June 21sth-July 21th

Mating Ceremony:

When two Werelings wish to become mates they approach the Alpha and ask for permission to become ‘of one soul’. If the Alpha agrees they’ll hold the ceremony during the full moon at its zenith; midnight. Two days before this the female Wereling is to stay in her room and the two aren’t allowed to see each other. This is to ensure that the two can think straight out of the others presence and to give them time to think over if they really want each other as mates. Every Wereling will be in human skin as a sign of respect for the full two days the female is in her room, while the two being mated will be in wolf skin. After two days of being separated from the other the female will finally be allowed to come out into the night and will approach her new mate as a wolf.

The two will fight and once one of them submits the wolf part of the ceremony ends. Once the fight is over both Werelings that are being mated will change into their human skin and will repeat these words after the Alpha:

“Heart of my heart,
Blood of my blood,
And bone of my bone,
I swear on the moon to honor, protect, and cherish my partner until the life flickers out of me, and if I break these vows I’ll turn back into the dust from which I came."
These words are binding, and once a pair becomes mates, the bond between them becomes unbreakable and they become mates for life until one or the other is killed. They have unlimited access to the other’s thoughts and both can feel the emotions of the other, like the Alpha can feel the emotions of his pack mates. They literally become one soul.

If one of the Werelings being mated is from another pack, most likely the female, the pack will go up one by one, starting with the Alpha and working down the ranks to take in her scent. Once the ceremony is over the whole pack will phase into their wolf skin and they’ll all hunt, like the reception after a wedding. On their return the newly mated pair may return to their rooms and may do as they well please.

Changing Ceremony:

A Wereling doesn’t have the ability to change into their wolf skin until they’re fourteen. On their fourteenth birthday the wereling will head out into the woods alone, settle down, and wait for the moon to appear in the sky. Even if it’s a new moon they’ll Change.  There is great physical pain during their first change, but after that the change is painless and quick. The newly Changed Wereling will then set off on their first hunt. In the morning they’ll return to the pack and set out seeking out their rank and dominance within the pack.

If a Pure Blood or Mutt wishes to Change someone into a Wereling to become their mate or just to add them to the pack, all the Pure Blood or Mutt has to do is bite them. When the full moon first comes out, the Bitten will either live and become a Wereling, or the Change will be too much and kill them.


The myth that werelings can be killed by silver is true, but only if it’s left in the blood stream for twenty four hours. Beheading, ripping out the heart, or burning is the only other way to kill a Wereling.

Hunters are another danger, and we’re not talking about normal human hunters. These are a race of humans Werelings have come to believe were once Werelings themselves, but the wolf in them slowly became Static, but left the strength, speed, and ruthlessness of a true Wereling. (Static is a Wereling that never becomes a wolf during their Changing Ceremony.) They’re the hated enemies of all of Wereling kind.

Rogues are also another danger, for they’re more ruthless, wilder, and stronger then any normal Wereling could dream to be, no matter if they were Pure Blood, Bitten, or Mutt. They’re almost impossible to kill.

Other Werelings can be a danger to a pack. Our greatest Wereling enemies are the Felines; werecheetahs, wereleopards, werelions, werecats, etc…

The Moon:

The myth that Werelings can only phase during a full moon is partially false. Bittens HAVE to change during this time. Their wolves take full control and the human side will have no memory of their nightly outing. They become purely wolves for one night until the full moon disappears from the sky and the sun rises. They can be dangerous at this time, but they’re usually locked up safely before this occurs. Pure Bloods also have to be careful and keep their wolves in check. They don’t have to Change during this time, but the pull is a lot stronger. Mutts also have this same problem.

The moon also decides the amount of power a Wereling has. True we’re already powerful, but when the moon is waxing, getting larger, so does our strength.  We’re almost unstoppable during a full moon.

The New Moon:

During a new moon, Werelings cannot change into their wolf skin. In fact, they can’t feel their wolf sides at all. We’re weak during this time and everyone pretty much just hangs around the den. We’re careful and on guard against enemies and other werelings such as werefoxes (kitsunes), wereleopards, werelions, etc…


City Pets: Werelings that live in the city.

Pup: Wereling Child.

Dog/Mutt: Insult to another.

Coyote: Also an insult.

Normies: Normal wolf.

Static: A Wereling that has no wolf.

Kitty Lover: A great insult, for Feline Werelings are enemies.

Lap Dog: Insult for one that sucks up to a higher rank, like a teacher’s pet of sorts.

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