Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Live & Let Die

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1 Live & Let Die on Mon May 27, 2013 10:40 pm

Backstage in a run-down bar off New York's edge, a man with a guitar across his back flirts with two mortal females in his dressing room. The bar's owner pops in and shoos the women out without a word, then giving the man the indication that it's closing time. He simply nods and grabs the keys to his old rusted blue 54 Chevy 3100 pick-up. Walking out, he opened up the driver's door that widened with a nasty creak to it that was in need of repair, stuffing the number of the one woman in cup holder. Alexander threw off his shirt and replaced it with a plain red t-shirt, hopping into his seat that molded into his backside comfortably.

The engine roared to life with a turn of a simple silver key, pulling it into reverse slowly out towards the open country road. As the pick-up made it's way down the road, out of the corner of his icy blue hues he saw the neon OPEN sign from the bar look it's light in the distance. Alexander turned up the music on the old stereo system he managed to put in, blasting Guns N' Roses has he made his way down the shortcut towards his trailer home. He looked to the gas dial upon the dashboard, unfortunately the orange hand was directly on the Empty. "Damn it. Come on, love. You can make it." He whispered desperately to the vehicle as if it were able to respond.

The deeper the truck moved into the dark woods, the slower it sped. It's engine died, and Alexander punched the horn irritatedly with his own stupidity. He never was one for remembering things, usually his brother kept things from being miss-placed. All Alexander had to do was provide food and the next shelter. If only he were here. He broke open the door again, coming around to the front to sit on the car's hood. The moonlight lit up the side of his features while the other side stayed darkened with a shadow. Noises of the night croaked and hooted from the trees of the forest on either sides of the road.

His head lifted as a strange scent of civilization swirled in his breathing range. It's odor consisted of the same as his kind but he was not for certain. For months he had lived in the trailer park just eight miles out, he could walk home and grab a ride to the work tomorrow or follow the foreign pack instead in attempt to clear his curiosity. Alexander slid off the hood, hitting his dirty red converse against the ground with a thud. The man crossed the street, disappearing into the forest's edge towards the scent. His ripped, baggy jeans trailed behind, swishing against the dewy evening grass as he walked. "Is anyone there?" His words came out in a rasp, smooth tone with a confidence but held a tinge of fear behind it.

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2 Re: Live & Let Die on Wed May 29, 2013 1:44 am

The most absurd noise broke her from her sleep and fitful dreaming. Why would anyone honk their car in the middle of the damn night? Didn't they know hat sound carried? Of course they didn't, they probably expected everyone and thing to be sleeping soundly. What reason would anyone have to think there was a whole pack of werewolves living in this particular forest and this particular time? An idea popped into the betas head the minute she thought that. Either Gabbe or Jace might be pulling yet another prank on her. Oh, if it was them they were going to get their asses kicked. She quickly slid on a pair of ripped up black jeans and a shirt that read "Have a nice day. Somewhere else." The beta looked around for her converse, but just went with her black leather combat boots. They were comfy and she didn't want to bother with anything else. Her crimson red hair fell to her shoulder blades in messy waves. There wasn't much she could do about that, but who the hell cared?

Banging the door behind her, the beta jumped over the stair railing and landed silently ten feet below. She walked through he forest and followed the smell of exhaust until a new scent hit her. It wasn't anyone she knew, but it was one of her kind. Teimhnin sighed, she had yet to deal with a newcomer during the night. This would be interesting, whit how the moon made her eyes glow a bright silver. She didn't try to make them that way, it just happened. As she walked, she was no longer following the scent of a vehicle but of a werewolf.

Teimhnin saw him before he saw her. Her pale eyes locked onto his form from twelve feet away. This werewolf was the car honker? There didn't seem to be a need to creep towards him caustiouy so she just began walking once again. Her boots crunched the foliage beneath her as she came closer to him. When she was only a few feet away, she spoke. "What brings you here to my pack territory and why would you honk a damn horn. It can be like a sonic boom to people who were sleeping."

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3 Re: Live & Let Die on Wed May 29, 2013 2:49 am

The moon was at it's highest, hitting the dips and angels to his face and the curve of his human suit. His own thoughts were drowned by the noises of the forest enclosed around him. Much like the trailer park he has lived in, it created a safe haven for anyone finding him or for that matter, knowing what he is inside. Why the mortals believed in their kind, he never understood. His best guess was on all the films in the making and books being issued to world. There had always been tales of a man and beast being real, but when he was too young to even of been a wereling, he didn't believe in any of it. Then it all changed along with his brother's and his life. Alexander sighed after waiting for so long of time, turning on his heels he took a step back towards he road. He stopped in his tracks as the sweet smell of lilac wrapped around inside the depths of his nose, turning him in instinct to face a redhead only a few years from where he stood.

She was stunning no doubt, but her hair was tousled from what he believe was sleep. Hearing her upset tone come out, he slightly frowned for his own stupidity. "I am sorry, miss but I did not intentionally plan on coming to these lands for it was coincidental." The taste of his words were bittersweet, rolling off the tip of his tongue with hints of his English origin here and there. "As you can see.." Alexander pointed this thumb passed his shoulder, referring to the white Chevy peering out behind the trees. "my horse-drawn carriage is no longer in working condition." He teased playfully.

His hand stretched back, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck with a sheepish smile plastered across his angular jaw. Alexander stepped forward slowly, keeping his eyes on the female shifter carefully to see how close her boundaries of space stopped. "If I may ask, what is this pack? I live a few miles out and I have never smelled our kind around here. Forgive me darlin'," Alex brought down his arm, pulling out his hand in the gape of space between them. "Alexander Reese Jr., but Alex or A.J. is fine. II was just getting off work at the little bar west of here and when I was on my way home, the old girl was growin' tired and well yeah. You get the point."


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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4 Re: Live & Let Die on Wed May 29, 2013 2:30 pm

Wind tossed loose waves into her face as the beta listened to the male speak. His accent reminded her of London, her him away from home. The pack had to leave Ireland after the attack and they chose to move to London. She lived and trained there until she was old enough to leave hunt that bastard murderer down. He was long dead now, but Teimhnin was still running from a vengeance-induced pack. For some reason, they refused to go to America, which saved her ass majorly. Either way, the male's voice was comforting. The chivalry he showed her made a ghost of a spread across her mouth. Unlike some she had met, he was polite when it came to others he didn't know. The beta herself was more of a trouble maker, with a little bit of arrogance to match.

Tilting her head to the side, her silver eyes look him over as she spoke. "Next time it happens, maybe keep the horses quiet? If the truck is broken, I can see what I can do to fix it. If it's out of gas, I could help you push it. Shifter strength and all." She stuck out her hand and shook his hand gingerly. It didn't bother her that he had stepped closer, she had grown used to having others too close for comfort. "I'm Teimhnin, the beta female of this pack. Most iust call me, Tei or T. Really, when I heard the horn I thought it was either the Alpha or beta male pulling another prank on me. Sorry I was rude, I shouldn't have snapped like that." The beta nodded her head in apology before speaking again, an Irish tinge in her voice. "The pack has been here for about four months. I've been living at the house for at least two. We keep ourselves pretty hidden. I go usual don't hang around the mortals unless I'm in the city."

She gave Alex a curious look while she waited for him to speak. He didnt seem likehe wanted to harm her. Hell, he'd even called her darlin.

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5 Re: Live & Let Die on Wed May 29, 2013 4:11 pm

"Well I assure the ole' girl isn't broken, gas on the other hand...yes. I can walk home and return with gas in the morning, you don't need to assist me, Teimhnin. Although, I must say it is a lovely name. Surely nothing I have ever come across in my day." He gave her a sweet, cunning half smile, analyzing her features now that she has come nearer into the open light. Alex payed no attention to her figure as much as he wished to. Maybe when she isn't looking he could sneak a look to her chest, but that'll probably be the last once his car has been filled. "It seems the Alpha and Beta get along fine together according to your words? I have a love for playin' around and pranks, but it usually happens when I'm God awfully bored or wasted to the point I can't feel me legs."

Alexander peered back to his truck sitting along the roadside, he could only see small fragments for they were being blocked by stocky trunks. Knowing that the Beta and Alpha shared a tight bond relieved him, he then knew that there would be no trouble in the state of an attack. They would be able to negotiate a strategy when needed and not have to argue over who is bare bride. She seemed trustworthy, the small hints of the Irish language in her tone lead him to believe she was from Europe as well. Maybe she has need to Yorkshire and coincidentally met Vincent and his wife. At the thought of his twin Alex's thoughts shattered like a broken mirror. "Well if you ask me, you sure as Hell kept yourself quiet. I've been living here for who knows how long and not once have I stopped to smell the trees. There is no need for apologies. If someone were to be apologizing here, it would only be me. Closing hours range on different nights. The bar I was talking about is called Jake's. It mays alright, but the boss is one Hell of a worthless bastard. Maybe you can come hear me play sometime." His sheepish smile collapsed, brightening with a flirtatious grin instead. Now that he had her attention as well as her little help to get him back to where he came from, Alexander could begin to flirt like he always had with striking woman. It's not that he wanted to sleep with her or anything, but have a relationship where they can get to know each other yet flirt as they wish without it leading to anything. In the past he had attempted it with a woman, but it ended in her developing feelings which caused him to flee.

"If I may ask, is there room for more shifters? I wouldn't mind joining if you feel I am suitable. It's been ages since I've been in a pack and now that I see there is others out there and so close, why not, right? Lay it on me. Ask anything ya like, miss. Do you mind if I call you, Red by the way? Don't get me wrong, Teimhnin is lovely, but your hair is like a symbol to me and I feel it should be acknowledge." He chuckled slightly, waiting for her response to the many questions she has yet to answer.


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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6 Re: Live & Let Die on Wed May 29, 2013 6:01 pm

"The name is in Irish Gaelic. It means 'darkness'. Not many have heard if before, so you're not alone. You could say that I am close with my Alpha. He's more like a brother or best friend, but we do have our moments. Then again, doesn't everyone? The other beta is named Jace, and I'm not so sure about his relatinship wit the Alpha. I guess you could say that Jace and I are close." Teimhnin smiled back at him with a smirk. Jace was her body guard, but not everyone had to know that. The pack was her family, she was protective of them all. If the worst came, she would have to run. She would miss her pack terribly, but their lives were in danger around her. Even when Alex was taking to her, he was risking his life.

Tei shook that thought off with the gentle breeze around them. When he spoke about his job, she listened quietly. She thought that maybe getting a job would be a good idea. "I'm glad to know that not even one of my own kind noticed us. If our rival pack wanted to attack, it is reassuring that we would be more difficult to locate. I could come listen to you play if you wanted, but I'm considering looking for a job myself. Do you think your boss would be hiring bussgirls or bartenders? I don't care about the pay, I just want something to do." The city clubs and commotion grew boring after a while. She had had enough of the dancing and late night partying. The beta needed something more stable and occupying while she wasn't being the beta female of the Braveheart pack.

Nodding to him, she smiled. "Yes, Alex. There is always room in the house for more shifters. You can call me Red, it would be a nice change from what I've been hearing all the time. I don't have any questions for you, I will learn more about you in time. I just need your oath. You would be a lovely addition to my pack." Teimhnin took another step out of the shadows. He was comforting to be around. She liked his attitude and she gave him a friendly smile as she waited for him to speak.

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7 Re: Live & Let Die on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:11 am

He gave a small chuckle. "It fits. Although, I'd like to see what that 'darkness' can present in battle. I'm quote the fighter, but I don't enjoy using weapons. I'm the dude you see in alleys beating the shit out of someone that took my beer." He nodded along, pin-pointing things he would need to know and not know about the pack as well as admiring her voice. When she was finished, he paused to find the words to respond. She had said something about a rival pack. Alexander had been to the city a few times out of the year and there he could smell more shifters and loners than he would think. He had always thought that a majority of them would be in hiding, but times have changed since the war. Shifters had adapted into they're own skins and 21st century. When he was younger, everyone that was immortal would keep as much as they could in distance away from the mortals for their own greater good. The technology enhancement part he had never understood though. With all of it, how could they not find them? "You said something about a rival pack. I didn't know there were more around here or that there was actual enemies we'd have to worry about...May I ask who this pack is?"

At her questioning words of finding a job, his eyes brightened. Jake had been looking for more female worker around the place and lately the bar has been slowing due to the last chick getting knocked up. "Now that you say it, I believe there is some openings down at the bar. I'll give Jake a call and ask if I can get you an interview. The old bartender had..." Alexander tried to find more appropriate words than pregnant. Oh come on. Think of something, you nit! "health issues." Nice. "But yeah, I'll see what I can do. He pays pretty good, but most of the everyday drunks we get, if you wear the tight stuff you'll get a nice tip. All I have to do is entertainment, Play a little guitar, sing a song, look pretty. Simple enough. But if any guy touches you, even if they are drunk call me over. I won't let a woman get man-handled or sexually harassed without being punished." He gave her a tender, caring smile. Whether if was a mortal or immortal, he would risk his life or other half to save a woman in danger. If he died during one of them, he'd die peacefully knowing that she was safe. Well aren't you the charmer. Half of his face was covered in his own shadow, but in the moon's glow his cheeks shown a rosy pink and sheepish grin.

"I can promise you that I will and always fight to protect this pack. What you've managed to tell me of this pack so far leads me to know that they are trustworthy individuals that I can depend on. If I can trust them, they sure as Hell can expect the same from me. But before we get ahead of ourselves. You wouldn't happen to have gasoline back at the camp would you? I kinda need a ride... In the mean time, you can tell me more about this 'rival' pack you have."


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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8 Re: Live & Let Die on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:24 pm

"Guns and daggers, my weapons of choice. Most of the time I don't need them, it's just nice to keep them on hand. I'm not a fan of beer. As for the rival pack, I've had a fight with one of their members before. They haven't tried to cause too much trouble with us, and we haven't warred with them. This pack belongs to Alpha Gabriel. He's a nice guy and an awesome friend." Tei stretched out her arms and let out a tired yawn. There were a series of clicks and pops in her arms, the sounds of freshly woken limbs. She carefully rubbed the back of her neck and looked up at Alex. She had to tilt her head back some because her five feet and three inches weren't tall enough. All the males seemed to grow taller than most human males, sometimes it was the same case with females.

At the opportunity of a possible job, Tei perked up. "Health issues, huh? Hmmmm, well one woman's health issues is another woman's job opportunity." With his next words, Tei laughed. "Tight stuff, got it. Oh, if any guy touches me.... Well, I can handle myself. It is nice to know how you respect women. Chivalry isn't dead after all." As she said that, the beta smiled at him to show her sharp canines. If anyone touched without permission, she would be more than happy to beat them herself. Last time, she crushed a man's hand. Though, it did go through her mind that she might get fired if she did such to customers.

Tei listened to his vows to protect the pack. The beta was satisfied with what he said, and she nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure I can give you a few gallons. You're vow is stable, welcome to Braveheart."

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