Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A New Beginning

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1 A New Beginning on Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:31 pm


Still dripping with the blood from her wounds, the werewolf kept switching between wolf and girl, as if her body couldn't decide what would survive longer if she ran. In her human forme, a bandage covered the entire right-side and bottom most of her face, only showing her left eye. But as a wolf, every scar on her was visible. The sadist felt no pain, just weakness. Pure, utter weakness.

Finally, she decided to rest. To work her already fading body was useless. She had done so before, only to have Toshiro stop her and drag her home on his back. She found a rather soft area to rest, sitting down and pulling off her bandages, showing the not only burned areas of her face, but the scars. A sigh escaped her lips. Surely resting in her human form would be a bit more easier. Well, she was kidding herself. Nothing could make the fae rest easier. She closed her eyes, her voice raspy. "Dammit." she murmured coarsely.

Looking down at her wound, Hanagata did something she usually wouldn't do. Wiping her hand across the wound, she took her hand to her mouth, licking the droplets of blood from it. Hanagata gagged at the taste of her own blood, craving human food, or the taste of a caribou. Hell, anything was better then the lingering taste in her mouth.

She re-wrapped her wound, licking the rest of the blood off. She closed her turquoise and liquid gold eyes, pulling a kunai from her boots. Her eyes slowly reopened.

"What the hell am I doing? I'm from a family descent of Shinobi and Kunoichi. I shouldn't just be laying around." she growled to herself. A sharp pain in her head told her otherwise.

Although the fae couldn't feel pain, it was a different kind of pain. The pain of a voice speaking to her from another realm. It happened often, and Hanagata despised every living second it did. She shifted into her wolf form once more, the voice disappearing from her head.

Like the voice said, she would just lay there, until she either died, or someone came around.

2 Re: A New Beginning on Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:19 pm

The read headed she-wolf walked through the forest on two legs. Her crimson hair reached down to her hips, swaying as she walked. Teimhnin's Asking Alexandria t-shirt was exposed under the open, black leather jacket. Her black combat boots crunched the ground, her sheathed dagger bumping against her hip. There were five throwing knives in each boot as well, as Teimhnin was always ready to fight. Dark washed, torn skinny jeans covered her legs.

Teimhnin wasn't in her wolf form for only one reason, and that would be that she could smell blood on the wind. She wasn't quite sure if the blood was human or not, but getting closer would help her determine that. The angelic, pale planes of her face held her stormy gray eyes. Her eyes faded to white around the pupil, eyes that were somewhat dangerous to show around humans.

As another breeze passed, the scent of blood grew stronger. This time, she could tell it was one of her kind. Teimhnin shifted as she leaped into the air, becoming a nine foot tall and pure white she-wolf. Landing on the ground, she took off at a sprint. The scent of blood was guiding her, causing her to run faster as the scent got closer. Once the scent was strong enough, she found where it was coming from. Looking closer at the she-wolf, she gasped.

The wolf might as well have been dead, wounds covered its body from head to toe. Gasping, Teimhnin span around and ran to the shed where she had hidden her things nearby. Running at her wolf speed, she shifted back to her human form once she reached the entrance of the shed. Darting into the shed, Teimhnin grabbed the gauze and the first aid kit. Darting back out, she followed her nose to where the wounded shifter lay.

Coming to the wounded one's side, Teimhnin went on her knees and looked at the wolf. From this angle, she would tell that the shifter was female. Putting her hand on the shifter's shoulder, she spoke. "Hello, shifter. I don't know very much of healing, but I will do the best I can until I can get you to the omegas so they can further heal you. But first, you need to shift back into you human form or the bindings I put on you will do nothing. I have some food and water for you as well, so could you please turn back?"

Teimhnin has never been so gentle speaking with another shifter before, but she had never seen a shifter this wounded before either. Taking her hand, Teimhnin stroked the other she-wolf's shoulder soothingly. Teimhnin's stormy eyes looked down at the female, waiting for her to speak.

(( I'm not exactly, officially accepted yet but I will be soon so I thought that I might as well reply now. XD ))

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3 Re: A New Beginning on Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:01 pm


//Haha don‘t worry about it! I love the Asking bit though cx

Hanagata could smell someone approaching the sadist and machoist didn‘t move, however, the silvery black of her fur glistening under the sun. Her muscles were tense with the blood. Oh. Right now, she wanted revenge on the people who had taken out her village. Hanagata would get stronger. Much stronger. Hearing footstep‘s, the fae lifted her head, her claws dragging into the ground. Her lips pulled into a defensive snarl... until she saw the first aid kit the female wore. Hanagata snarled defensively when she came over, before relaxing.

Hanagata shifted back into her human forme, her long, jet black hair falling down her back. She moved her fringe from her face, wiping the blood from her eyes. “Don‘t get too close.. i‘m a sadist...“ she murmured. She slowly pulled out her sword, her look completely calm, before she placed her jet black katana down to the side, just out of her reach. “If I start to shuffle uncomfortably, back away. I could strike..“ she murmured. Hanagata didn‘t want to harm the shifter, especially one who had come to her aid before questioning her. But Hanagata didn‘t want too hurt anyone. It was just her natural reflex to do so at times.

Feeling a ray of trust in the fae, pulling off the wrappings over the right side of her face. The burn scars and the distortion on her face showed, opening her turquoise eye that was completely fine. Hanagata hadn‘t exactly gotten out of the fire withour being scarred by the soilders and fire. But half of those soliders had gotten what they had coming. Oh. The taste of their blood, the sounds of their horrified screams.. Hanagata shook her head. Not now. She couldn‘t loose it yet. Her pupils shifted into slits, and her muscles tensed. But she could keep herself under control.

“My name is Hanagata Ume(Plum) Hitsugaya. But others had called me Hana, or ‘Flower‘, as the english translation is.(Hanagata is Japanese c: ) What is your name, kind fae?“ she asked, sitting up and laying a damaged arm across her wounded stomach.

4 Re: A New Beginning on Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:23 pm

Silently, Teimhnin watched as the she-wolf turned into her human form. The wounds were more severe, for the wolf form had covered them before. She had seen lacertions like this before, and it was no accident. Not even gasping in surprise, Teimhnin began to gently wrap up the most severe wounds. The one across the stomach came first, and Teimhnin wrapped it with just the right amount to stop the bleeding. She did so with all of the severely bleeding wounds, being as gentle as possible. When the fae said she was a sadist, Teimhnin just smirked. There was hardly any way this wounded fae could do very much damage to her. Teimhnin had trained her whole life, worked the hardest to become as skilled as she was now. The black katana caught Teimhnin's eyes, for she had a sapphire one of her own. The glittering bracelets on her wrists looked like nothing but what they seemed. Little did anyone know that they could uncurl into fierce whips when Teimhnin needed them.

Going back to her bag, Teimhnin grabbed a bottle of water and a brownie. The new fae would need strength in order to walk to the house. That is, if she wanted to join the pack. Silently, she gave both of the items to the one called Hana. Turning to Hana, Teimhnin eyed the girl with her stormy eyes. A few moments passed before Teimhnin spoke. "Sadist or not, you obviously needed help. Do not worry about lashing out at me, I can handle myself. Trust me when I say you wouldn't be able to touch me. I am Teimhnin, it's nice to meet you Hana." Teimhnin arched a single, crimson brow as she looked down at Hana.

Standing up, Teimhnin's combat boots crunched as she took a few steps away. Turning back to Hana, she asked a question. "What is it you seek, Hana?" She tilted her head, very much like a wolf, and looked at Hana questioningly.

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5 Re: A New Beginning on Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:42 pm


Having the ability to feel no pain whatsoever, Hana sat there patiently, her turquiose and golden eyes watching the girl. She was from a shinobi and kunoichi descendant. Not only would she be skilled with hiding in trees and jumping through them, she was. Also skilled at hiding, as well as changing her own scent completely. A reason the city was burned down. But that would help her with the soliders, if she ever decided to go back and take revenge on her brother and the rest of her clan, excluding the few survivors.

Hearing the girl speak, Hana crunched her nose slightly. The fae was strong, yes, Hana could sense it, but she was too. She was a swords-woman, afterall. She often took on assasination missions, as a wolf and person. Never had a mission gone unfinished in a perfect way. But she wouldn‘t say anything. This wolf was kind, and was helping her. Perhaps she was in a pack? Hana needed a new one to join. She had no family anymore. The last of her clan all hated each other. It was family ties that would keep you safe. Otherwise, it was a fight that would break out instantaniously.

Hearing the fae speak once more, Hana answered without hesitation. “A new pack. The last city that had my pack members within it was burned down to nothing.“ Hana left out revenge. She would never admit to her lust for revenge.

6 Re: A New Beginning on Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:39 am

When Hana spoke of her whole family dying, Teimhnin paled. When she was younger, she had watched her mother be murdered. Torn apart, to be exact. Since she had remembered the man's face, she was able to find him and kill him. She tore him apart, just as her mother had been. That was only a week ago, and now she was the Beta to a pack. The only reason Teimhnin had pushed herself so train so hard was because of her mother. Of course, her father had a large amount to do with it, but Teimhnin was always the one training behind closed doors. Working until she could throw twenty daggers and have them all land in a straight line.

Shaking herself out of her memories, Teimhnin focused on Hana. It was pleasing to know that the fae was looking for a pack. Without even noticing, Teimhnin had taken a liking to this fae even if she was a sadist. The red headed fae wanted to show Hana the wild side, if Hana would let her. Grinning at Hana now, she spoke. "Well, I am the new Beta of the Braveheart pack. If you are interested in joining, I would gladly take you back to the house with me. I am getting acquainted with my new surrounding right now, so we could move into the mansion together if you would like." Standing up, Teimhnin prepared to help Hana to her feet. The Omegas would surely be able to help her and her wounds where Teimhnin could not.

(( Sorry it's short. Do you want to make a post in the house after this? ))

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7 Re: A New Beginning on Fri Mar 29, 2013 1:32 am


//Yeah. I‘ll add some of this post to the one in the house~

8 Re: A New Beginning on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:06 pm

A black figure moved elagantly between the tall trees and fallen logs. She loved her wolf form, the wild feeling, the freedom. But all of that freedom made her feel lonely. Sure she met some girls, but they were all different. She wished to be in a company of someone who'd understand her.
She has been living here in New York for a year now. She took care of her self well, switching from many fake identities and appartments, for not being old enough to live by her self according to the law. She switched many part-time jobs in the past year, mostly working as a weitress. Even now she is employed in a fine restauramt called 'Griffen', untill she gets fired as usual. Some may say she has a talent for disaster.

And there she was. A black wolf, flying through the woods like a dark shadow, searching for a possible future. With her nose just above the ground she silently moved along the rays of sunlight that managed to escape the thick tree crowns. She was driven by a strange scent, which she followed for months, trying to find their hiding place. A scent so strong, of a wolf and yet of a human, mixed together in a strange combimation. But she recoginsed it imidiately and it dragged her closer and closer.

It wasn't hard for her sensitive smell to determine the direction of the scent and she ran with the speed of light towards the wanted goal. It wasn't long 'till she paused her steps to approach the subjects carefuly. A smell of blood alarmed her of a wounded wereling and it was only apropriate to not fright the harmed wolf. A younger wolf possibly, layed in the grass, barely holding on to the string of life. An older 'shifter' girl, at least that was their local name here, watched over the hurt one and with a first aid case near by, leaning to her wounds in attempt to easy the poor girl's pain.
She didn't want to disturb them and leave them at peace, but she was already here and the scent of her was strong, surely to be detected by the other two. All she could do now was to humbly wait for the older one to call her forward and out of the shadows, and assist the hurt one in any way she could.
Her bright golden eyes shined in compassion for the injured one. She has been tragicly wounded before, but never so sever as this poor shifter.

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9 Re: A New Beginning on Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:47 pm


//Tei, I hope you get this. And sorry, it‘s gonna be short.

Hanagata‘s golden and turquoise eyes darted over to a new scent. If she was in her wolf forme, her ears would have perked up. With her ability to feel no pain, although she could feel death if it ever came, Hanagata made a quick Chinese Get-up, cartwheeling over to her katana, picking it up and getting into fighting stance. “Teimhnin.“ she murmured lowly, her pupils turning to slits. Her waist length, glossy black hair cascaded down her back, after being in stance for five seconds, her long eyelashes framing her eyes. The burns on her face stood out most. “Who‘s there?“ she murmured quietly.

Hanagata stumbled slightly, her wounds still taking the painless toll on her body. Damn. This sucks. I‘d rather feel the pain over not knowing if I‘ll collapse or not. she thought. She soon shifted into her wolf forme, her head held high. The fur around her chest puffed out, and her long, glossy black tail stuck up into the air. She snarled, standing in front of Tei. She knew the girl could handle herself, but perhaps both Hanagata and Teimhnin could be fighting partners. Both could handle themselves, and each time Hanagata fought another, her revenge for the soilders who burned her clan, and brother down.

10 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:09 am

(( Sorry it's short, I am really tired. ))

As a breeze passed, the scent of another carried in the wind. Teimhnin watched Hana as she acted quickly, taking up a defensive position in front of her. Teimhnin calmly stood up, putting herself between Hana and the unknown one. With a graceful move, Teimhnin pushed her hip-length crimson hair back from her face. Even in human form, her stance was dominant. She stood with her back straight and her stormy eyes slightly narrowed. By the scent, Teimhnin could tell that this creature was still in their wolf form but would understand english. "Come out from where you are hiding, wereling." Turning her head slightly, she saw that Hana also had went into her wolf form.

Well, I guess this introduction will be rather furry.....
She smirked at the thought as it passed through her head. Sighing, Teimhnin switched to her wolf form. She now stood as a nine foot tall, snow white wolf. Here eyes were a light gray, white around the pupils like they were in her human form. Stepping closer to the unknown wolf, Teimhnin turned her head towards Hana. The injured one needed to take on a less dominant stance, her head being held that would make one think that she was a high rank. Teimhnin was the Beta, a higher rank than either of them at the moment. Lifting her head high, she curled her snow white tail dominantly so that it brushed her spine.

Looking at Hana, she gave her a look that said 'stand back and let me handle this'. She was prepared for an attack if one were to occur. Both her wolf form, and armed in her human one. Sitting down on her hind legs, Teimhnin waited patiently for the newcomer to show themselves.

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11 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:12 am

Those bright golden eyes stood out of the dark shadow, like stars in the night sky. She watched as the two prepared themselves in a defensive position, the injured one pulling out her sword. She was more than capable of putting up a wining fight, but she did not desire to disturb the tranquillity and peace of this forest. Usually she was cold and emotionless, but that cold hard ice, surrounding her heart, melted, living nothing but warmth and kindness.

Bravely she moved forward, stepping out of the shadow and gracefuly into the light. The warm sunrays shined so beautifuly on her pure black pelt, warming the demon's heart. With her head humbly lowered, she morphed into a beautiful girl with pure black straight hair, falling right to the middle of her back. She slowly lift her head, showing those glowy golden eyes. "I apologize, if I have disturbed your peace, Beta Teimhnin and Miss Hanagata." With warm words she gently looked at the new aquaintances. She saw as the fiery redhead, shifted into a pure white wolf, living her eyes an icy grey, throughout both forms. The other one was a girl with one eye of a sunny golden amber, and the other one of a bright tarquise like the clear sky above.

She watched their expression as she appeared here, stating her apology. As she spoke you could hear slight tones of her french origins. Although she spoke a fluent english, french words were very common when it came to cursing. But now she was calm and kind, reflecting on her human appearence, as a lovely girl with a soft smile and a loving expression.

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12 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:52 am


Hanagata did as she was told, holding her head and tail to comfortable positions. Her eyes shot between Teimhnin and the newcomer, her body tense. But with the tneseness that came from her body, the faster the blood came from her wounds. She stumbled painlessly once more, sighing, before switching back into her human forme. She dug her Katana into the ground, leaning against it for balance. Running a hand across her stomach wound, Hana licked the blood from her hand, sighing in content. Even though it was her blood, a rush of stability and energy for her tired body shot throughout her, like a bullet. Hana was ready now.

When the newer fae switched to her human forme, Hana slowly crept up beside Teimhnin. The face seemed familliar, but the last time she had seen a face like that, she was cooking alive. She lay on her stomach beside Teimhnin, her tail batting against the lush, newly grown, and still growing grass. She looked up at Teimhnin. Momentarily, she forgot about the fae. “Teimhnin. Do you have an Alpha I may speak too?“ she asked, her voice was rather soft and motherly. Being a girl of only sixteen, Hanagata wanted to do all the things she craved to do. And right now, talking to the Alpha was one.

13 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:41 am

As soon as the newcomer turned to her human form, so did Teimhnin. Her black combat boots crunched the ground beneath her as she walked towards the newcomer. Indeed, the new wereling was beautiful, but Teimhnin preferred her crimson hair and angelic appearance. Teimhnin's storm gray eyes looked into the golden ones, as if challenging this newcomer to defy her. Eyes slightly narrowed, Teimhnin examined the newcomer closely. Her stance wasn't submissive, which would show a large amount of disrespect if they were both in their wolf form. Even now, Teimhnin was slightly offended at how this golden eyed girl would stand up to the Beta of pack.

When Teimhnin spoke, her accent was both Irish and British. More like a unique mix of the two nationalities. "You have not disturbed our peace, but your body language is giving me mixed signals. Do you wish to join this pack, or do you wish to challenge me?" Her eyes never left the golden ones, standing taller than the newcomer. Teimhnin was tall, but not even close to being as tall as her Alpha. When Hana began to speak, Teimhnin's gaze turned kind. "Of course, dear Hana. Our cabin mansion is only beyond that thicket of trees. I'm afraid we have no Omegas to heal you as of yet, but there is the appropriate amount of medical supplies to where I can help you myself. The Alpha's office is where you can probably find him if you are looking to speak with him." Teimhnin gestured to the harsh thicket of trees protecting enemies from seeing their cabin mansion.

Turning her eyes back to face the newcomer, she tilted her head questioningly. This way, her hip-length crimson hair fell over one of her shoulders. It was naturally straight, with only tiniest of curled waves. Her face was angelically elvish looking, showing her natural Irish origins. Teimhnin's hair may have looked dyed, but that was not the case. Her hair was naturally the crimson color it was, making her fair skin and stormy eyes striking.

Pushing her crimson hair back, Teimhnin spoke. "You know our names it seems, but we have no idea of yours."

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14 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:31 pm

As the two shifters spoke, Jasmine's ears caught every word, every sigh, every sound. Her golden colored eyes scaned their appereances to detect their face expressions and study their emotions. She could see the pain that torchered the young wereling.
The red haired shifter aproached her with caution, examining her stance. She saw as her lip slightly curled, clearly not being very pleased with her current position. She had never been in a pack before and the only ones she knew of her kind, were her family and the people from their small town. But sadly they all died when she was only eight years of age, in a misterious fire that was most defienetly planned and with a purpose to murder each and every one of the innocent shifters that lived there, including her family. A silent growl escaped from the inside of her memories and her hatred to whom ever was responsible for that slaughter. Since then, she has not met another wereling. Because of all that, she wasn't familiar with the customs of a pack life and how to act near a high ranking wolf. But she was no ignorant, and it was only natural for her instincts to show submission and some respect to a leader. She quickly corrected her form and lowered her stance completly, directing her eyes and that shiny gaze to the ground.

Kind and gentle words slipped her soft lips as she talked to the beta, still with her gaze looking down to the ground. "I apologize for my mistaken stance, but I have never met a pack of those alike and I am thrilled to finaly find someone of our kind." She heared as the high ranking shifter questioned her, whether she wishes to challenge her. "I only wish to join a pack, that would take me under their wing."

Her eyes were deeply sinking their gaze into the bright grass benieth. But her ears followed the scene carefuly, filtering the sounds, with her sensitive hearing creating the surrouindings, just as if she would see them visualy. She listened as the twigs and the grass crunched benieth her boots as the beta walked from one youngster to another. The young girl could see, both of the newcomers, Jasmine and Hanagata, were about the same age.

The girl wished to speak to the alpha and so was Jasmine. To truly meet a pack, you must speak to it's alpha and learn from those that were here before you. The redhead spoke with a light mix of a british and an irish accent, stating her origins. That explained the crimson red hair, of a such bright and fiery color, but yet they were of a natural beauty. Her silverish white eyes moved from one fae to another and then asking for her name. Yes, Jasmine knew their names from overhearing their conversation earlier. She slowly moved her lips in a way to form warm words in a meaningful sentence. Still in a completly sumbissiful stance and with her golden eyes staring to the
groung, she spoke softly. "My name is Jasmine... Jasmine Lyonn." She answered in a slight french accent, giving them an idea of her origins and how her name sounds in her homeland.

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15 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:29 pm


//Guys. My friend just sent me what Sadism and Masochism really means. When I say it, I MEAN IT IN NO SEXUAL REFERENCE WHATSOEVER. I'm changing this so that Hana has Congenital insensitivity to pain

"Konnichi'wa, Jasmine-Chan." she said, murmuring softly. A sudden bloodlust filled her eyes, before Hana blinked it away. She wanted to talk one-on-one with the Alpha about this. Perhaps to Tei afterwards. She didn't want to be kicked out of this pack for her Sadism. Sure, sometimes she enjoyed making another suffer under her blade, or claws and teeth, but it was just an uncontrollable side she acquired, but deeply regretted. Well, excluding whenever a solider happened to stroll by. But Hanagata truly wanted to feel pain. Feeling the wounds on her body, the sting of the fire that scorched her face and left a burn. She craved the feeling. As did many other members of her clan. But alas, it wasn't to come to them. Never.

Hana shifted back into her human forme, pulling the black fringe from her face. She stood at only 4'6, but was clearly confident and courageous. All the traits an elite should have. Hana was a previous elite, alongside her brother. Assassin Shinobi Siblings. They were one of the few pairs you wouldn't want to encounter. The only thing that set the twin siblings apart was the hair. Toshiro had hair as white as snow, and Hana's was as black as pure darkness. It also seperated another difference between the two; Toshiro resembled wholeness, Hana represented Hollowness. It was how the two worked. But Hana was always the better one. The kinder, mercy-filled one.

"Oh. Please do not bother your omega's, although you say there are none, over me. I am not worth their time. I will heal myself, perhaps with your aid?" she asked softly. Although sixteen, Hana's voice was quite mature, hard, but somehow still soft. But still nonetheless, motherly and friendly. She rolled her shoulder's backwards, before cracking out every bone in her body. She went from her nose to her toes. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. the same sound over and over until Hana's bones felt completely mobile. She ran in spot, bending her body backwards, before rolling her way back up to stand properly. Ah. So much better. she smiled to herself, before looking back to the newcomer. She mildly trusted her, now it was Teimhnin's choice.

16 Re: A New Beginning on Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:58 pm

Teimhnin's gaze became softer when the newcomer took a less submissive stance. Hearing her words, the crimson haired she-wolf spoke. "It is all right, I can understand that you haven't had to be in this situation before. Just remember this, when you speak to the Alpha you have to be very respectful. Me being the Beta, I am his right-hand wolf and am in charge that of seeing over things such as this when he cannot be here to do so. I'm glad that you are looking for a home, and we'd be more than grateful to have you here. I cannot decide your rank beyond a Warrior or Omega for now. Take a council with the Alpha if you be an Elite. But, should you feel you want my position, I suggest you challenge me directly." Teimhnin looked at her sheathed, bone handled dagger at her waist. Her voice balanced between stern and soft, the perfect voice of a Beta.

Stormy eyes turned to Hana, looking at her with a kind half smirk and half smile. "We have no Omegas at this point, as the pack is just beginning. I will help you with your wounds, but you will have to rest for a while. Once you are off of bed rest, we will have to train and get you back in shape. You will be training with me, but for the fact that the Alpha already has me using him as my 'punching bag' per his permission." Teimhnin smirked, know full well she wouldn't take it easy on any wolves she trained. The Alpha had volunteered to be the one she trained on, the arrogant man that he was.

Rubbing her pale hands together, Teimhnin smiled as if she kept a secret. "So, you both get a good choice of rooms to pick from. You may decorate them however you wish, just stay away from the one directly next to the library. That one is mine. I have an office inside of it, if you wish to seek council with me." She kept her love of books to herself, but the room was her territory. It was her sanctuary, not to mention it connected directly with the library and its beautiful books.

Tilting her head, Teimhnin's crimson hair tumbled over her shoulders. She gave them both a playful smile, putting her hands on her hips. "Shall we go, then?"

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17 Re: A New Beginning on Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:36 pm


//I'll post in Melissa's Forum, if it's alright?

18 Re: A New Beginning on Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:07 pm

- I would prefer if you didn't. Sorry, but the timing is wrong. Teimhnin meets you guys a few days after going with Melissa and Gabriel to the house. Sorry-

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19 Re: A New Beginning on Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:07 pm


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A nice smile turned towards Jasmine as the black haired girl said her goodbyes and set sail to the direction of a new home. Just a breeze was left to mark her presence when she dissapeared.

The golden eyes moved back to a bright silver gaze. She could see the beta was eager to show her skills with that bone-handled dagger she kept clutching onto.
A slight, a bit evilish smile shall we say, hid benitieh the pitch black straight, long hair that covered Jasmine's soft face. No worries ... She had no wish to fight her. A starting position as warrior was more than pleasing for her right now. Jasmine was much more swift with weapons and combat skills, than in socialization. She has spent too much time alone, forcing her to be more wild and wolf like. And so, it would be wiser to learn, before jumping in any stupid decisions.
She turbed back to the other wereling and answered politely and with respect to her fighter's nature. "I would be more than grateful for the rank of warrior."

Jasmine's gaze shined away from reality, her mind lost in thoughts of home. A new place to live. No more stupid fake IDs, for not being old enough to buy an apartment and live on her own. Those damn modern laws! It made no sense to her. Too complicated. But she managed to survive anyway and keep her bright wolf eyes away from any curious gaze. A job at the Griffen supplied her with enough money for the most urgent things, but even that was only a matter of time before she'd get fired.

She softly smirked in the tought of her life and focused her golden gaze back to the fae that was still in front. She stood there, turned towards the house, but with her head still facing Jasmine and waiting for her response. Let's go ... Jasmine nodded softly and bravely stepped towards a new life.

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