Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A Demon's Party (Open!)

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1 A Demon's Party (Open!) on Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:07 pm

The large, muscular form slowly unfolded himself from his dark corner within the club. His silvery blue eyes flash as the lights of the club flash on them. Ice, cold, evil laces through the eyes. His hair was a raven black, the same shade of his heart. Like any true predator he was truly alluring and thick waves of power washed off of him, gaining the attention of any near him. A gaggle of girls even almost stumbled and fell after just a look from his icy blue eyes. His eyes caused a different affect then ice though. You might even call it being burned.

Adonis allowed his eyes to scan over the floor once more, like a real wolf on a hunt. Lucky for the girls tonight he wasn't in a killing mood. Tonight he just wanted to drink in the sights and feel of them. Later, maybe, he'd take one to his hotel room and have a little fun, but for now he didn't have such thoughts. It was also a night he was busy hunting his brother, and he hoped to find any werelings here that could point him in the right direction.

Slowly, languidly, he moved forward and into the dance floor. Each movement like that of a true blooded predator. One girl clung to him and he gave her a smile, it widening as he felt her heart jump from where he was touching the small of his back. Deciding to let loose and have some fun and continue his search later he brought the girl closer and danced, knowing all the right moves to do and where the girl wanted to be touched.

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2 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:50 pm

A black shade moved as a shadow, through the dark streets of New York. Her pale hand gently pushed an old rusty door. Series of different colors flashed before her eyes, and the lights shined on the dance floor. So this is the famous Rapture eh?
Wearing her black boots, with black mini shorts and a grey like, loose top with a daring print to resemble her wild nature, she sat in a dark corner to first scan the area. Thanks to all the flashing lights, her shimmering bright golden eyes were more or less covered and drawing less attention.

Only one person stole her keen eye. A peculiar male seemed to draw various gazes of young females. With his so called alluring movments he seemed to enjoy dancing with random and naive girls. With dark raven black hair and an icy blue gaze, he looked so much like ..... like..... He looked like Alex. Her Alex. Repeating his name made her feel like she was saying a forbidden word. She shall never think of that monster ever again. Never!
But this brute had a rather different aura. Jasmine could easily notice his hungry soulless gaze, his cold dark heart. A predator, a beast some may say. An untamable being like her self, with a wild spirit. Her straight pitch black hair covered the gaze that observed his every movement. With a slight evilish smile she smirked upon his way with the girl. Too bad those poor girls are so ignorant... But still, that gave him no wright to feed upon helpless creatures and take pleasure in their death.

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3 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:49 pm

The male wereling could feel the gaze upon him, so different the lustful ones of the females around him. His curiosity perked and a voice, a memory of his brother, flashed through his mind, his brother laying into him after saving his sorry butt from an angry and protective grizzly. They'd still been too young to phase yet, so it'd been a tad more difficult for Gabriel to help. Adonis shoved these memories angrily to the back of his mind, but he wasn't foolish enough not to learn from his mistakes.

Instead of heading over to her and questioning her he continued to dance, but his mind was becoming filled with too many thoughts, and now angry he shoved the girl away and ignored her outraged sound as he easily made his way out of the twisting and sweaty bodies. The male's anger sparked as an elbow jabbed into his side and without second thought or regret Adonis shoved his own back towards the owner and was slightly pleased by the sound of ribs cracking.

Ignoring the scene going on the floor right now he continued as though he had nothing to do with it. It'd been to fast for their pathetic eyes to follow anyway. He'd almost forgotten about the presence of the other wereling he'd felt, but as it slipped into his mind he lifted his head just slightly and took a deep breath of the air around him. He gave a low growl as his scent was overpowered by alcohol, sweat, and perfume. He instead he tilted his head and swept his icy eyes over the people around them, but unable to focus to long on anything he continued towards the bar.

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4 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:21 am


Sharply tuned ears picked up on the sounds of bones cracking. The wolf in her went crazy, a sudden blood lust took over her body, and made her tingle with antisipation of a hunt. Collette placed that on her "Ask Ms. Noctavia" list, hunts and getting a pager. As a newcomer herself Collette had much to learn about the pack, it's members, and the outlines of the lands. Collette then placed "Getting a Cellphone" on her mental list. Returning to the chaos now unfolding on the dancefloor she scanned the club for anything out of the usual, then again she didn't know the usual for this club. She was only just getting to know it within the first few weeks of her own establishment. Shit! She wasn't even moved into her room yet. Then again, she didn't have much to unpack. Everything had been non-stop since arrive. First finding Garrett, then ranking up, and now her first patrol of the lands. It wasn't ordered, Colle just wanted to do something with her time.

The hazel eyes locked dead on with the shape of the male, her nose could pick up on the masked scent, faint in it's ways but still penitraiable for her senses to pick up on. The musk of a male, it was like he was in heat the way her pushed his way towards them. Suddenly, she realized the sound of the bones was from a human on the dancefloor, now collapsed onto the wooden floor, and his assailant was now leaving the scene of the crime. It wasn't a crime but still she needed to do something about it. An attitude took over as she made a BEELine for the brute, not even thinking twice, she placed her hand on his shoulder and spun him around. "Hey Buddy! What's the deal?" She snapped, her voice loud and vicious. Collette was pissed, she wasn't down for hurting human where there were so many people around. Call it being old fashioned but Collette found that hurting a human just because you wanted to was like playing with you food. Only acceptable in certain places, certainly not a nightclub. The blondes eyes looked at the dark haired fae and blankly stared. The scent was stronger and different, instantly Colle knew she was from the other pack. *Don't be rude...* She warned herself in her mind. With a polite smile she turned back to the male.

5 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:20 am

Adonis head tilted just slightly as he picked up the feeling of another wolf within the building. His wolf's ears perked up, finding a different scent upon this one. Either of these girls could give him the answers he needed, which caused his heart to beat with something like excitement. Adonis wasn't much into feeling anything but anger and wolf emotions these days, so he wasn't really clear on them.

Feeling a hand upon his shoulder Adonis allowed himself to be spun around. His right eyebrow lifted slightly as he looked down at the girl, revealing a small scar resting beneath it. He was tempted to grab her arm and snap it for touching him, but he was felt with too much surprise. It'd been centuries, since his last day in Ancient Greece when his mother had been killed, that he'd been touched by another of his kind. It felt for a moment like he could actually breath and his wolf side relaxed, some of the anger leaking away. Adonis confirmed to himself that yes, it was definitely bad to stay away from his own kind for too long.

Shaking these thoughts off he gave her a smirk and shrugged. Leaning forward he acted as though sharing a great secret. "I don't like being touched, especially by prey." With that he turned away and made the last few steps to the bar and sat on a stool, turning to face her. He gestured to the seat next to him before casting the black haired wereling that'd been watching him earlier a look before turning to order a drink.

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6 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:30 pm


"I'm sorry are you referencing me as prey or the human, because if you're speaking to me like that, there's going to be a problem." Her words hissed from her mouth, she was pissed off at this brute for some reason. Collette didn't come here looking for a fight, she was only making her rounds and found the nightclub to be the most comfortable place for her to start. "You may need a reality check but regardless. I'm sure Noctavia wouldn't appreciate you snapping some man's ribs because he touched you. It's not a logical excuse. You could have used your words." Collette practically screamed at him as he took his seat. This male was on a one track mind and she was furious with him. She couldn't understand as to why he would be acting this way. What was underneath that rough exterior that made him so strange. Collette noticed his feature, he was a build male with handsome features, but surely her Garrett was a top pick right now. Collette wasn't into other men right now, Garrett had stolen her heart.

Shifting her eyes towards the dark haired female, Colle extended her hand to her, a smile crossing her face. As her hand held forward she found her voice addressing herself, but more towards the brute. "I am Elite Collette Martin, I am on my rounds, I come here briefly to check in at my stops and I felt terrible for the human who now has healing in his future rather than death. Making someone suffer isn't my top priorities. Also, I know I don't know either of you, but you Sir, I would like to have a sit down with you at a later date. You may join me on my rounds later if you please. As my duties entail, I am to learn all members of Noctavia's pack. I must feel comfortable with them as if they were my own family. In which now you are. It was a pleasure meeting you Miss, I apologize for ruining your evening and showing up unannounced. Your names are?" Collette was apologizing to the other pack, wrong, she was making herself known to the male and female of her rank and status within the pack. Trying to put the male in his place.

Walking away from them and not giving the female a chance to speak, she walked up to the hurt human and whispered into his ear. A smiled crossed his face as Collette leaned in to tell him to meet her at the beginning of the Finaqua tunnel mazes. She would feast later, to end the misery of the ailing human. His eyes widened at her request, but for a strange reason, he couldn't deny her and her beauty. Returning to the two at the bar, she awaited the females respond. The look on Collette face saying sorry. "As for you, we feast later if you please." She hissed back at the male.

7 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:06 pm

Adonis gave the female a bored look. "I was speaking about the human, of course. Werewolves are predators." Adonis then picked up his now full glass and dranked it. He shivered and gave a slight shake of his head. Holy crap it feels good to be in my human skin again! Adonis took in a deep breath and seemed a lot more calm then he had been earlier. His head perked up and he gave her his full attention again as he mentioned a slightly familiar name.

"Who's Noctavia?" His eyes widened slightly and he looked somewhat amused. He gave a slight bow of his head though to hide it, but also showing respect to a woman like he'd been drilled to be in his homeland of Greece. "Pardon me, but I'm a loner at the moment, but I'm looking to join the Eternal ranks. It's been centuries since I've been around others of my kind, or humans of that matter." His eyes looked at the now dancing humans oddly, taking in their clothing. He himself had had to get some new clothes when he'd finally broke lose of his wolf hide.

He watched as she went to speak to the man with the broken ribs. Adonis sighed and waited for her to returne. Gesturing with his hand he spoke, sounding somewhat like a professor. He had, after all, been responsible for teaching the younger wolves of his home pack. "External injuries you can heal just with saliva. If you really feel that bad for the pre... I mean human you could just lure him to where you planned on ending his death and forcing him to drink some of your blood." He smirked. "I know it's very 'vampire', but it works." He looked away then and downed another drink. Why the hell did he share that? What did he care if the human died?

"Hello, brother."

The voice was spoken behind him, causing Adonis to stiffen as recognition flashed through him. Whirling around he paused in surprise, having sworn it was his father instead, but no, it was indeed his brother, Gabriel. He'd been seventeen when he'd left the pack for the New Lands and this was the first time he'd seen him.

"You look like dad." He said before he could stop himself.

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8 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:16 pm

The Alpha had slipped into the club unnoticed. The scent and feel of his brother was here. He had to pause for a moment as what felt like a fist drove into his stomach at the sight of him. He had their mother's blue eyes and raven black hair. He looked a lot different then he had in Greece. Of course Gabriel knew he himself looked different, so much like their father with his blazing golden eyes and silky brown hair. The only difference was that, as Adonis was indeed muscular, Gabriel was larger, taller, and had a bigger presence about himself. He was, after all, an Alpha.

Moving silently with a carefully blank face he went to stand behind his brother and a wolf of the Eternal Pack. "Enemy!" His wolf squirmed in his mind and bared his teeth, but Gabriel was more calm and would leave the fighting for when it was needed. Instead he gave a curt nod before turning towards his still oblivious brother.

"Hello, brother." His silky, calm voice slipped out of his mouth. His golden eyes took in his brother almost sadly as he turned to look at him. There was more hate in his brother's eyes, something more primal. He almost asked what he'd done to himself, but remembered the last fight they'd gotten into. By Adonis glare he too hadn't forgotten.

"You look like dad." Adonis said.

Gabriel made an amused sound, his eyes flickering with sadness for a moment. "And you look like mom." His eyes quickly found Jasmine and he smiled at her as he gave her a nod in hello before turning back to the two others.

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9 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 5:50 pm

Turning around and making his way towards her, the brute rushed between groups of humans, not caring whom he knocks to the ground. And so he reached for the bar, when a blond female figure blocked his further movement. This blond girl seemed irritated with the male's reckless behaviour. Stealing his words she hissed at him in harsh tones to worn him of his actions within a mortal public. No matter the polite smile she tried to keep, he only rejected her words and push her away from his body with brute force. Jasmine just smirked down as she observed the pair. It actually amused her, watching his uncontrolable anger and an untamed lust and power he kept hidden behind that alluring smile.

As the female refered to both of their names, and expressing an apology for the interruption, Jasmine only gave a light bow to show some respect for her rank. She seemed as a polite, and a more wiser wereling, with more or less experience within society. Refering to both of the newly aquainted, she answered with soft and gentle words. "I am Jasmine Lyonn .... Warrior Jasmine, as of now." On her tender lips she drew that seductive, a bit evilish, soft sweet smile, she posessed and it could be linked to her as certain signature mark. "Do not worry Miss Collette, as my night has only gotten more interesting."
With curiosity she let her bright golden eyes flash back to the male, observing his stunning features and the expressions he showed.

Not a moment passed when yet another wf presence joined the trio. A strong feeling hit her wolf senses and as soon as she realised of whom was entering the group, she froze as if she was paralised. Her new alpha joined and greeted her warmly. She lowered her head in a friendlier bow like she was supposed to greet a higher rank. The air changed quickly, when the sparks flew between the males. Brothers?! This was certainley new to her attention.

She lift the glass to touch her tender lips and make a sip of the ordered drink. It rushed through her vains, making her heart beat even louder and faster. Satisfied with her drink and the entertainment, she rolled the olive, from her coctail, between her pearly white teeth, gently touching her soft lips. Only then she would sink her sharpened humanly incisors into the soft sweet olive. Now she only let her gaze to view the movment of the dark liquid as the whole club shook with the dancing beat.
Making a b-line towards her the other female reached for him again. This time she let a smile to Jasmine as well, before stating her rank and name and the purpose of her doing in this club. Elite Collette of the Eternal Darkness pack. A mistievous pack, led by the famous Noctavia Dark.

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10 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:35 pm


Collette looked at the brothers for a moment, how similar they seemed but so different at the same time. "Well, I'd be happy to go about this the right way at the hotel where the Eternal Darkness pack resides. I apologize for being so harsh to you. If you would like, I'd introduce you to Ms. Noctavia Dark. The Alphess of the pack." She smiled at the loner and his brother. A slight nod of her head was shown toward the incoming male, not knowing who he was. Her smile faded as she hear the young woman speak and laughter settled on her chest at the woman's comment. "For you yes, not for me." Collette found herself laughing out loud now and smiling at the thought of Garrett being here. How things would suddenly get uncomfortable for her.

"I am sorry that I can't stay. I must get back to my rounds. Please forgive my sudden intrusion and enjoy the rest of your evening. Hey Kid, when you're ready to join the darkside. I'll meet you in the Lobby." Her smiled faded as she slipped into the massive crowds now filling the club. Effortlessly sliding through the front doors she was off into the streets, shifting fast in the black of the alleyways, and soaring through the rooftops of the city. Collette would finish her rounds quickly incase the male would indeed show his face at the Hotel. A bark came forth from her lips, almost a cry to the beautiful moon above, and the stunning stars that she could see beyond the light pollution that fogged the city. Collette pressed on through the night.

11 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:19 pm

Gabriel sighed as he watched his brother soon leave after the Eternal wolf, not saying another word to him or giving him another glance. Gabriel wanted to grab his brother and shake him, shake him until he could shake some sense into him. He knew better then to think he could though.

Giving a small groan Gabriel sat down in his brothers abandoned stool and ordered a drink. Rubbing his forehead he turned towards Jasmine, a hint of a smile touching his lips as he patted the seat next to him. "How're you fitting into my pack, Jasmine? I'm sorry I couldn't be there when you were accepted, but I've heard about you."

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12 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:07 pm

The blond took off soon after the lovely family reunion.The other male followed her shortly. Now it was just her and her alpha of the pack which she commited her life to. His friendly face let out a nice smile as he seated him self next to her, sipping his drink. Staring in her swirly drink, she comented with sarkazem both to her self and him. "Brotherly love, eh?" Slowly sipping her drink, she let the sweet liquid pour down her soft lips. She rolled the olive from the coctail between her white teeth that were slightly pointy, human like incisors.
Yet, another sip of the sweet drink. She turned back to Gabriel, giving him a sweet smile she answered kindly. "Very well, thank you. I have yet not met all of the pack members, and there are still places I wish to explore, but I have gotten a detailed look to the mansion and I must say it is beautiful." Yes, the mansion was very beautiful indeed. So much like her her family's back in France. And so it already felt like home, bringing out many memories, both sweet and sorrow.
Again, she replied softly back to him. "Do not apologize my alpha. I have been accepted by your lovely beta, Teimhnin." Just as she was to take another sip, her ear caught his sentence. "Really? You have? I hope good things are whispered by my name." Her curiosity grew stronger as she was eager to know what has been known of her to others. She had to make sure other, more important matters stayed heavily guarded, only within her memories. Secrets must be kept hidden...
She glanced another smile to his friendly face. He surtenly was a brute of handsome features and a strong leader, that's for sure.
She rolled her golden gaze back to her drink, but now with an empty glass.

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13 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Wed May 01, 2013 10:04 pm

Gabriel looked away as she made the remark about brotherly love. Sighing he ran a hand through his silky brown hair and closed his golden eyes as he took a slow drink of his drink, the strong taste making him want to spit it out, but he didn't. His golden eyes slitted open again as he studied her, his head tilting just slightly to the side.

Blinking he nodded, a slight smile on his lips. "Yeah, Teihmnin has been very helpful these days." His mind lingered on the beautiful red head for a few moments before turning to the black haired beauty before him. "Aye, mostly about your beauty though. No one knows you enough yet to know what your made of." He gave a slight shrug of his shoulder, his golden eyes glittering from the brilliant lighting of the club.

Placing his glass on the counter he stood and nodded his head to the dance floor. "I can show you around, or would you rather dance?" He raised an eyebrow at her questionly. "Or I can leave you be?"

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14 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Thu May 02, 2013 11:36 am

Looking at the pristine glass that now laid empty on the countner she listened to his remark about what was to here of her from others. She smiled lightly and softly. "I suppose that's good to hear." She was rather baffled by his remark of her looks. It wasn't anything even close to flirting or something like that. But still she wasn't used to being complimented from a higher rank. Never the less, she was glad he was the alpha and a fine leader too.

For a few moments her stare got lost in the empty glass, thinking of all that happened in the past days. A very interesting week it was. Yet still, a lot more awaits her to see and explore. She questioned her self whether to fill the glass once more or leave it be as it is now, empty. One glass of this mind swirling mixture is enough for her to bare. Drinking alchohol really wasn't something daily for her. It was more of a rarity even! And so her stomach isn't used to such strong substance and she would get easily very drunk. For that, she prefers to avoid any alchoholical beverege, as she could be easily manipulated in a such drunken state.
She curled her lip in thought of such doing and pushed the glass away from any tamptations.

Now she noticed as Gabriel gazed towards the dance floor and then back to her. He questioned her with a friendly smile on his face, of what she wished to do next or if he was to leave her at peace. She let him a sweet smile and begged him to stay kindly, but with strong words as she always did. "No, please stay. I do rather enjoy your company. I am afraid I am not much of a dancer really. But I would be most grateful if you could show me around." She was afraid to dance, that was the truth. It was not like she couldn't dance freely as the others. But it was more the fact that she was afraid to dance with him. There was no perticular reason for such fear, but still she felt it. Perhaps it was just respect she felt towards him, or maybe the fact that he was her alpha, or something else that might bring memories of her past has frightened her. She does not no the reason for her fear, but she will not deal with it now. She did not care. She will be glad if he would just acompany her while he would show her around. She smiled beautifuly as she turned to the bartender and offered to pay for the drinks they both enjoyed. Well, some more than others.

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15 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Thu May 02, 2013 7:01 pm

Gabriel nodded and scanned his eyes over the crowd there real quick to make sure that no Eternals or revengeful loner was going to follow them. Taking his jacket off the back of his stool he put on his jacket and nodded towards her, his smile remaining polite. His smile widened at her answer.

“Good. The music hurts my ears and I’m a tad bit more old fashioned then that.” He jerked his head in the direction of the grinding of the dancers. “Blame my age.” He gave her a playful wink before starting towards the door. “Where would you like to go? We could go to the woodlands, the falls, or I could show you around the house. We’ve a large library and an indoor pool that’s fun to swim in.” He stopped himself and waited for her to speak. Aye, he was an Alpha, but he was still a gentleman at heart. He didn’t take what wasn’t his, and respected the privacy of his packmates. That is as long as it didn’t endanger the lives of his pack.

(Sorry short. Writers block on this one. XD)

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16 Re: A Demon's Party (Open!) on Tue May 07, 2013 6:20 pm

Slightly and softly she laughed at his joke about his age and being a bit old fashioned. She smiled playfuly for she felt revived and her spirit warm and whole again. His rather warm and playful behaviour lift her smile and made her feel good about her self for once in a while.

She slightly nodded her head to the left side and her voice, all fun and playful, she acted like it was a hard question. Pretending to have a lot to think about she gently bit her lower lip and gave a sweet smile and a playful shimmer in her eyes, as she made up her mind to answear. "I don't know.... I've always been curious about the falls."
She buttoned her opened jacket and set of toward the direction of the exit. She looked back at the male and gave a sweet fun smile. "Shall we?"

As their shadows moved throughout the club to approach the exit, she walked along his figure, keeping her pace steady. Her black boots sled on the dance floor and the beat slowly moved up her legs. She was glad to finaly leave this loud place. Surely it was an interesting experience, meeting all the 'other' werelings and learning some family matters. She rose her head in question and slightly smiled in her own curiosity. "Do the falls have a special name, or are they just The falls? I apologize, but I am rather curious."

-----------------------Just after Gabe posts; Jasmine is leaving the scene guys :* ---------------------

((Sorry it's short XP, just had a tad too much to do right now. School work and all that dullness...))

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