Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED))

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1 No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:19 pm


<3 Elite Collette Martin says Bump <3

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2 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:08 pm


Facing the mirror she carefully examined her body to anything out of the ordinary, everything seemed proper to her. The clothes she had picked out were not too shabby, it's not like she had much to wear. She was still collecting her belongings from all over the city. Being used to what she grew up with, it was usually a greaser style. Tonight tho, she wanted to make Garrett wish he had never been born. She shined in her reflection of the mirror and this was because she had just ranked up. In so little time, she managed to do the right thing for once. Collette smoothed the grey dress across her abdomen and made sure that it was flat upon her skin. Her beige tank top was clearly visible beneath the sheer fabric and her breasts looked larger than they appeared. Her face had a glow as she applied a smokey look to her face, finishing off with a soft pink lipstick. The hem of the dress fell just above her knees and her long legs were bronzed topping it off with an egyptian flat, silver with a rhinestone wolf upon each shoe as a funny reminder of the large paws she had as a wereling.

Collette left the bathroom in her room to face an empty bed, thoughts of Garrett flowed through her mind as she shuffled about to find a pen and paper. Opening the nightstand drawer she found a Holy Bible and a single black pen with Noctavia's name and hotel logo on it. With no paper in sight, she ripped a blank paper from the Bible and wrote upon it, leaving a small sweet note. "Garrett, I have great news for you. If you could please meet me at Club Rapture tonight at 8pm, I will be willing to tell you the news. As well as having you take me out at the same time. I want to celebrate life with you to come and life on my own to come. Hope to see you there, please dress nicely. Not that I even have to ask. With love, Colle." She read the note again and sighed, she sounded stupid and rushed, but hopefully he would join her. If not she planned on having a hell of time alone.

Grabbing her ID and cash, she placed them inside her bra where she knew they would be safe. Holding a purse was way to feminie for her and she refused to stoop down to that level. With one last look in the mirror she left her room and gentle strolled down the hall to Garretts room. Slipping the note beneath his door, she knocked twice and took off to the elevator.

-Club Rapture, 8pm-

Collette looked up to the neon clock upon the wall behind the bar as she sipped off her Coor's Light. Her stomach didn't feel quite up for a long night of drinking but would tolerate it if need be. Her lips curled around the brim of the bottle at the last second switched over to 8:01PM. With a heavy sigh she looked around the nightclub. It was bare but then again she was early. Sitting alone at the bar she engaged in conversation with the bartender and his profession. She didn't want to talk, she just wanted someone to help pass the time until Garrett showed up. If he would show up. Reaching her hand into her bra, she gather up enough change to pay for the beer, and went about searching the club. Collette was never the one to really panic, but she knew that she was not on Noctavia's grounds, and the other pack could harm her if they pleased. Not to mention, she could run into just about anyone while being here.

Eventually, Collette found herself staring at the door, awaiting his arrival. At this point she didn't care how late he way, she didn't give him much time, but she waited. Her heart leaping every time the doors opened and people entered. Finishing off her beer she tapped the bar, asking for another. Her eyes never left the front door.

3 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:52 pm

Walking into the club, Teimhnin's boots thudded lightly against the ground. She had slipped the bouncer a fifty to let her in so she didn't have to wait in line. The beta delighted at how easy it was to bribe humans. It seemed like they would do anything for cash. A sly smirk came across her face, strutting onto the dance floor and not even glancing at the bar. Flicking her silver eyes around, she looked for a dance partner. None of the guys dancing solo appealed to her, but a blonde one caught her eye among the crowd. Walking up to him, she grabbed him by the back if his shirt a dragged him away from the girl he had been dancing with before. Spinning him around to face her, it looked like he was going to cuss her out. Teimhnin watched with delight as the human male's expression turned from anger to intrigue. She was wearing short that reached a few inches from the tops of her thighs. A blue fishnet tank top was like a dress on her. The shirt revealed her torso, a black sports bra only covering her chest. Her red hair was loose, just brushing the bottoms of her shoulder blades in wild waves She smiled as the human male pulled her against him and began his grinding moves. Teimhnin complied to him, swirling her hips along the the pounding beat of the music.

Eventually, Teimhnin got bored with her human. Instead of giving him another partner, she just turned and walked away. The crowd devoured her curvy frame before the human realized she was gone and he looked like a complete idiot, grinding thin air. Teimhnin walked to the bar, hopping onto a stool. She winked at the bartender, knowing full well he would have what she wanted. Instead of a glass of whiskey, he just set the whole bottle down in front of her. "Thanks, Rob", she said and took a swig of it after popping the cork off. Turning her head, Teimhnin caught sight of the woman she was sitting next to. One whiff of her scent told Teimhnin that this woman was a shifter of a different pack, but tonight she didn't care. In her opinion, the woman looked nervous. Resting her elbows on the bar, Teimhnin turned her eyes on her. "Whatever has got you so jumpy must be worth seeing. I'm T, and you?" Teimhnin pointed at the shifter woman, whiskey bottle in her hand. The beta wasn't drunk, it was hard for a pureblood to get drunk in the first place.

A smirk played across her face as she looked at the other female, waiting for her to speak.

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4 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:35 am


-I am not sure if I am supposed to be posting or if Garrett is supposed to post. You directed towards me, so I am going to reply. If it's not okay, then I will remove and post after Garrett-

Collette was brought back from her intense gaze upon the club doors, she blushed for a moment as she tried to recall the females words. Feeling terrible for not listening she smiled and looked at the red head. She was a cute little thing, Colle felt like she was a firecracker beneath it all. The scent was strong upon the female, certainly it was the other packs scent, or maybe the smell of the club. It wasn't a bad smell just strong, earthy in it's entirety. "I am sorry, yes, I am waiting on someone. A man I am seeing. My name is Collette." The accent of her french background came out heavily every time she said her name. It was a constant reminder of the beautiful country she wished to call home once more. Returning to the conversation Colle continued, "You are from the other pack, no? May I join you at the bar? We can await the arrival of my date and share a few stories over a beer. I ain't looking for trouble ya'hear and you'll have none to worry about either." Collette said as she took her seat next to the female at the bar.

Eyeing the bottle of whiskey she thought back to her recent experience with whiskey and decided against hard liquor this evening. "Hey Sir, I'll take a Coors. A loaded Nachos with EVERYTHING." She stressed the last word, hunger pains reared up in her stomach. Smiling towards T, Collette glanced back at the door once more before waiting for the female to speak. There was nothing more than to be proud of this moment, the first one she would meet from the other side. Mesmerized by the females red flames for a hair color, Colle thought about doing something with her hair, maybe even growing it out, but then nixed the idea for she would never part with her chopped mullet style unless she planned on living the rest of her life with an accepting man. Only at that point would she begin to grow it out, for that to her was an honor. Thinking of marriage made her think of Garrett and how she really liked him but it was too soon to think about marriage at this time.

5 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:32 pm

-Actually, I'm glad you replied. Colle can befriend T and things will flow more smooth than just walking up to both of them.-

"Pleasure to meet you, Collette. Yes, I am actually the Beta of my pack. I'm not looking for trouble either, just came to have fun. Pack business can get stressful, and this is my way of relaxing. Of course you can join me. It's not like I have anything better to do." Teimhnin gestured her hand to the club, watching the sweat covered humans. She sometimes thought that they would dance until the literally dropped. The beating sound of the music tugged at her, but she was bored of the humans' limitations. Teimhnin took a deep drink of whiskey. It was incredibly hard to get her drunk, and she didn't even feel buzzed. Pushing the bottle away from herself, she called out to the bartender after Collette had ordered. When he came over she grabbed his hand and gave him small pout. "Robbie, enough of this knock off whiskey. I want the good stuff. Don't charge my friend here for what she orders, all of it is on me." She watched with a smile as he nodded and walked through the doors. While he was gone, Teimhnin whispered to Collette. "He never charges me in the first place. I don't know why, but I don't question it. He has a wine cellar in the back of the bar, a little fun with one of his employees is how I know that." She gave Collette a sly smile before Rob walked back out with a bottle in his hand. Nodding to him, Teimhnin took the bottle of dark red wine. She took two glasses from the bar, looking at Collette to see if she wanted some.

"So, Collette, tell me about this man of yours. If he's worthy staying out this late and waiting, then I must admit that I am extremely curious about him." Teimhnin wrapped a piece of her hair around her finger casually, looking at Collette with her silver eyes.

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6 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:17 pm


At the gesture of T, well rather Rob, paying for everything Collette downed her beer and began at the hot plate of nachos that had just been placed at her fingertips. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled the luxurious scent of cheese, vegetables, and corn chips mixed together. Her hands made their way into the plate and she shoved her face with the loaded nachos. "Bacon!" She nearly screamed in excitement as she downed the mouthful and returned to T. "Sorry, it's my weakness. I am sure it's everyone's weakness. Please to meet you my lady. Umm, his name is Garrett. He's really great in bed. He's excellent at Skeeball. And, I am pretty sure I am falling in love with him. He makes me feel whole, like I could tell him anything in the world, and that I could trust him even if I wasn't on this planet. He's true and real and kind and charming and..." She snapped back to reality and blushed on the thoughts of Garrett and how much she was revealing. Trying to swallow the mouthful properly she took a shot of Sorbet Raspberry Vodka, brand new off the shelf, and then finished speaking.

"He's just a very nice man and I asked him to meet me here, because he is supposed to take me out on a date, and I have great news to share with him. So, I figure, to bang them both out at the same time." She smiled, her face scrunched up as she was trying to be cute. Then she winked at T and ordered another beer. "Do you come here often T? Seems like a great place." Her sarcasem showed greatly as she looked around the club and then back to the doors. "Did I mention he is taller than myself, thats a plus." She joked as she scanned over the tops of most peoples heads. "Am I talking to much?"

7 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:07 pm

His sun-kissed Adam's apple bobbed as a thin black tie tightened around it's center, tucked just inside of a satin grey vest, and laid upon the muscler chest of a plain white flannel. The ticking of a stopwatch's hands came from his dark washed ripped jeans and it's golden chain dangled at his side. The letter stared at Garrett as it sat next to his bedside lamp. It hadn't been the first time he'd been invited for an evening out on the town, and it sure wasn't going to be the last now that he had the newest female Elite in his embrace, a wonderful woman worth spending his time with and sharing each other's warmth. Collette. She was the only woman to really call him by his first name, usually if he were to introduce himself, he'd only mention his middle name, Ryan. Her smile was still visible to his eyes, bright blue eyes smiling back at him as her beautiful scarlet brushed cheeks pressed into his chest. Garrett wasn't one for the party type, but if Collette was willing to share time with him, he'd find the confidence and time for her in return.

He reached inside his pocket and pulled out the old stopwatch, flipping it with his thumb. It was almost 8:00, by now Collette was probably enjoying a drink as she waited for him. Hopefully she hasn't been waiting long, if there was one thing he had learned growing up, it was to never leave a beautiful woman waiting. Ryan snapped the watch's top, and walked out in the hall, shutting his room door behind. There was enough money in his wallet for him and Colle to have a few drinks, maybe even go somewhere else for something to dine on. He quickened in his step to the elevator, feeling a sense of claustrophobia like as if the hallway walls were slowly caving in on him. The scent of the woman's perfume still floated in the halls, captivating his senses and reeling him inside the metal doors.

Garrett watched the floor levels decrease, the pull of the elevator drop with him inside. At last, the doors opened with a ding, the classical-dark themed lobby appeared before him. He made his way through the revolving glass entrance and into the city night, twinkling lights and noisy cars filled the air with lively sounds. The thought of catching a cab crossed his mind, but the great city was not as winding this evening, so Garrett decided to take the shortcuts through the alleys. Fortunately for him, it was one of the pack territories that Noctavia had mentioned thus letting the pack members roam without encountering the likes of the Bravehearts. He really hadn't come across the other side since his time in the city so Garrett doesn't know of their scent, however that doesn't mean that he needs to see one. The more further they are from him, the better.

Passing several roads and stores, a faint up-beat music echoed off the warehouse walls of the alleys. He could tell by the bright colors ahead that he was nearing Rapture, her scent told him she was close, but how close? Had she been waiting outside for him? No. Collette would've already been inside, she didn't seem like the one to strangely stand outside a club worthy of her attention. And even if she did, the fact of a man coming across her beauty and taking advantage of her made the blood in his veins rise, causing him to walk faster with every step. Garrett turned the corner outside of the alley's exit, a neon sign glowed of the letters: RAPTURE above his head. The bouncer, a male mortal but much taller than he narrowed his gaze to the brute. There was a line on the other side of the building, but Garrett's patience was limited. Slipping a quick fifty from his sleeve to the man, the bouncer took it as he eyed the line, then cautiously unlatching the velvet rope to let him enter.

The wereling male stepped inside, scanning the room for the blonde he wished to see. Her scent was targeted, his hazel eyes looked to the bar where she was seated. Wrapped in a dress of grey that coincidentally matched his satin grey vest, Collette sat next to another shifter of a different pack scent with long glorious red hair, rambling like she had done with him in the Game Room just before she resulted to alcohol. She was nervous. Garrett chuckled a little, and grinned as he made his way over to the two ladies. He stood behind her, letting his presence be known with a whiff of his scent. "My my. I have never seen a woman so stunning in all my life." He chuckled agan and curled his large arm around her side, planting a gentle kiss against her temple. "Have you been waiting long?"

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8 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:06 pm

Teimhnin didn't really know how to respond to Collette, cautious of her rambling. In love with him? Love was never a thing she ever thought about, she did what she wanted without a care. Though, if Collette believed that she was in love, Teimhnin would leave it alone. They had only just met, so there was no room to judge. Looking at the wine and the glasses, she put the glasses back on the bar. Who needs those?, she thought. Pulling the cork from the bottle, Teimhnin brought it to her lips. She took a deep drink, enjoying the taste of it on her tongue. Her attention was still on Collette and, putting the bottle down, she opened her mouth to speak. Right then, the scent of another wereling was breathed into her nose and mouth. Flicking her eyes towards the doors, she caught sight of him. His scent was obviously of the other pack. The way his eyes were on Collette gave her the inclination that he was none other than Garrett.

Teimhnin swiveled on her stool, taking another drink before setting it down and turning towards the couple. "Well, if it isn't the man of the hour. Nice, great at skeeball, and really great in bed as I'm told." Teimhnin winked at Collette, smiling as she looked out at all of the humans. They had no idea what was going on around them, what inhuman things lurked around them. Teimhnin wondered what it would be like, what it would feel like to me blissfully unaware. To be human in general, having nothing more to worry about but petty girl things. She quickly shook those thoughts off. There was no way that she could fit with humans, she was separated from them since day one.

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9 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:15 am


Horror struck her face and she nearly spit the mouthful of nachos out, sputtering out unheard of syllables and words, as she began to choke to catch her breath. The red haired female was blunt, no obscene, and to top it off she had just crossed a line that Collette didn't find too attractive on a woman's part. Just as much as there was a guy code there was a girl code, but then again, Collette shouldn't have trusted the female who resided in another pack. That was stupidity on her part. As she felt the tender lips of the adorable man at her side she looked up to him her eyes screaming for someone to just eat her, if only she could eat herself. Collette chuckled at the thought of woman giving themselves pleasure in the way and laughed again at the fact that she could as a wolf. Not that she had. "Garrett, meet T. I swear she is the devil." She spoke through grinned teeth towards T, her eyes glaring at the redhead and her vixen smile. "I was telling her how you amaze me at the slightest things, and how I feel like I could talk to you for days and how I have sincere feelings for you. It wasn't supposed to come out like that, even though those are pretty much the exact same words that I said to her, so I have no one to blame but myself. I apologize love. How are you? Thank you for coming out, I have great news. I spoke with Noctavia earlier, and you are looking at Eternal Darkness's newest Elite." Her smile was from ear to ear as she stood up to wrap her arms around him in a proper greeting, her lips lightly touching his in a way of saying 'Hello'.

"As we both can see T, here is a little blunt in her ways, so I will be even more blunt. I think she's cute, can we keep her?" She said shyly and slyly to Garrett carefully watching his reaction. The club was now packed to the brim and she could hear the girls outside freezing and bitching about the cold spring night. Turning towards T, Collette crossed her arms and glared at her. "Bring it on girlfriend!" She giggled as she took another handful of chips and began to eat once more. The blonde sat there thinking about where this night was about to go.

10 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:05 am

His eyes looked to the redhead that was supposedly called T, but he believed it was just an nickname, either way Garrett refused to protest. "I heard, congratulations, Colle. T, is it? Cool, you can call my Ryan if you will. Garrett is my real name but I refer to Ryan, her on the other hand does not." He pulled Collette a little closer, and looked into her eyes. "Great in bed, eh?" The male chuckled a bit, and eyed the other female. "I suppose we can keep her, but I don't think she'd enjoy being our little pet, Colle and I don't think she's the devil." T's scent indicated that she was from another pack, but who's? Could she be one of them? Noctavia had said the Braveheart's Beta female was a redhead, maybe this is her. He kept his distance at a minimum, holding Collette close to his side. More and more people started to pour in as the time got later into the night. The music was hurting his keen sense of hearing but he wasn't complaining, all that mattered was her.

"I'm fine, just been a little busy helping out with the Alphess. She's kinda been breathing down my back since the first day I came, sadly." Garrett cocked a small smile, and focused his thoughts into Collette's mind, a power in which werelings of the same pack possess. I think Noctavia knows about us and for the redhead, I think she's one of the Bravehearts. Act like you're completely oblivious to what I'm saying, she can't hear us, don't worry. He inclined his head towards the bartender, meeting his gaze for a request. "Need anymore whiskey there?" He was asking T, but shifted his hazel eyes to the blonde. "You want a drink?" Garrett looked to the man. "I'll have a kamikaze, what ever these lovely ladies want is on my tab." As the man waited for both responses, he worked for his request of the drink. The male shifter looked to T, leaning against the bar's countertop behind Collette. "Is T short for anything? Pardon me for asking, it's just I've never come across a name so short."

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11 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:35 am

Teimhnin nodded to Garrett, a small smile on her face. She took a swig from her bottle and spoke. "I've smelled the scent of your pack before and know it to be called Eternal Darkness. I'm just going to tell you that I'm the beta of your enemy pack. Really, it isn't something I care about. We are in neutral territory, there is peace between the packs here. Really I don't care whether or not if you prejudice against my pack and if you want me to leave I will. As for keeping me, I don't really care at all. I am not the devil, but it is so nice that you think so." She looked at both of them, a smirk on her face from her last words. Twirling a piece of her red hair, she winked at a human male who had been looking at her.

When Garrett asked what her name was short for, Teimhnin gave him a smile. "T is short for Teimhnin. My name is Gaelic, and others find it hard to pronounce. I'm either called Tei or T, you can call me on or the other and I'll respond." The Irish accented undertones in her voice were strong when she said her name, speaking the language she had grown up speaking. She had to learn English when her father moved, and the Irish in her voice faded to undertones. The female shifter met Collette's eyes, not flinching or glaring back. There was a joyous glint in Teimhnin's silver hues. Being a Beta meant she had to be blunt and say what she was thinking, the job came with the territory.

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12 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Wed Apr 24, 2013 11:59 pm


-sorry it's so short writers block-

Collette looked up at Garrett, for some strange reason she felt that their new friend was cramping the date, but Collette couldn't help but think that T was too beautiful to be in this club. Never in her life did Collette have feelings for a woman and Garrett had only made it worse by saying that she could keep her. The evil gaze had not lifted to curiosity as she placed her hand on T's thigh, "Do you like girls T?" her question was a little blunt for even herself. What was she thinking? Asking the opposite pack if she liked women. Her faced looked at Garretts in surprise to herself about the question that was just asked.

"Your tab, no Robs tab. Save your money babe. I'll take Jameson, the bottle and a bucket of ice on hold. Keep them coming." Downing the first shot, she placed one infront of Garrett and T. "To us! To our breed! To our ranks!" She smiled as she downed the second shot. Standing up she placed her arm on Garrett's shoulder and spoke to him in his head. *She's fine, but I do want to take her in the bathroom. I'm feeling a little frisky Ryan, please...* Her voice was eager as she placed her hands down his pants and up his shirt, her nails clawing at his back. Catching her breath she looked at T. "Please..." She practically begged as she kissed his neck. Wondering how he would react to her calling him Ryan, she had a feeling it would make him think twice. She was now being coy.

13 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:56 am

His eyes widened at her response, his shoulders tensed. How the Hell was he supposed to answer to that without taking advantage, the fact she called him by his nickname sent a shiver up his spine? He loved it when she spoke the four-lettered nickname of his. Garrett decided to make a mental note to get her to lay off on the alcohol, it's best for both of them no matter how much the male would enjoy having sexual intercourse. He smiled slightly, but snuck a quick glance to Teimhnin for recognition, and focused his thoughts to only her. Sorry, she tends to act like a whole another person when she's drunk. She doesn't really know how to hold her drinks in my opinion. Ryan looked to the blonde that was kissing his neck, his arms held at her waist as he trained his mind back on Collette. Frisky, eh? Are you suggesting we add her along, that is if she accepts? His words slurred into a seductive tone of voice.

The male looked to bartender who had been watching the female sneak kisses to his tanned flesh, Garrett glared and nodded for him to leave and the bartender did as told. He had no right to be angered, it wasn't him who exactly was the angered one to be precise. It was the beast. That thing was the pin-point to his frustration, jealousy and over-protectiveness of certain objects. One of them being the woman. The male shifter slowly pried Colle's hands out from under his shirt. "Not in front of everyone, love." He grinned sheepishly as he could feel human eyes stare at the two, including the female wereling behind Collette. Garrett tipped her chin up to meet his lips, hungrily pressing into her own. If you can persuade her into joining, I leave all the control for you tonight. His mind spoke to Collette quietly as if someone else was ease-dropping on their own personal thoughts.

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14 Re: No Smoking In The Boys Room(CLOSED)) on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:40 am

Teimhnin was slightly taken aback by Collette's question. She had never really thought about it. It didn't really matter what gender, as long as the redhead got her pleasure out of it. Turning to Collette, she gave a seductive smile. " If you are asking if I am a lesbian, the answer would be no. I get my pleasure out of both genders and in fact, I was searching for someone when I came across you. That is, if you don't think a little fun in the bathroom is wrong. I'd love for both of you to join me." Teimhnin stood up from her stool, taking another drink from her bottle. Collette was gorgeous, and Teimhnin would love to have her hands journey along her smooth skin. To make all of them cry out. She responded to Garrett with her mind. *Oh, I don't mind at all. In fact, we are going to have great fun tonight.*

Deciding what she was going to do, Teimhnin ran a hand slowly down Collette's waist. As she did, she gently tugged the blonde wereling towards her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Moving her mouth near Collette's ear, she whispered softly into her mind. *If you would like, I would love to place my hands on your skin. To pleasure both you and your date as you pleasure me. I'm going to the boy's bathroom, it's your and Ryan's decision whether you follow or not.* Removing herself from Collette, Teimhnin walked towards the boys' bathroom with her hips swaying. She opened the door to see a couple locked in an embrace. She clapped her hands loudly, scaring the couple away. Kicking each stall door open and looking to see if anyone else was there. A satisfied smile cam on her face when she realized that it was completely empty. Sitting on the sink counter, Teimhnin waited to see if her two companions would join her.

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"Are you ashamed to have this piece of ass kissing your neck. Most men would envy the fact that you even have me on your arm like a trophy wife. The wedding postponed." She giggled as she hugged his waist a little tighter. "Also, please stop acting like I have had too much to drink, I am not drunk. Just a little flirty is all. I can't control myself when you're around, I feel young and alive once more. You make me feel like there are no cares in the world Garrett. I can't help but just want you in all ways, including now. Blame the hormones, not the liquor." Her voice was stern and forward as she stood up to face him, her hand not leaving T's thigh.

Suddenly Collette's mind was invaded by the female, her daring thoughts and seductive images crossed her mind as she willing asked her and Garrett to follow in pursuit. Collette knew that Garrett had already agreed so now, it was game on. *Ryan...* She called out, her voice low and sultry as she looked him in the eye. Her whole body screaming for his touch. *Come and get it!* She said as her heels made contact with the floor, her body flowing towards the restroom. Taking a deep breath she entered the room, the door creaked as it flew open harder than she had meant it too.

As she turned the corner, Collette could see the beautiful red head sitting on the counter, her hair falling over her face giving her a hidden look to her hidden ways. "No, I wasn't asking if you were a lesbian. However, tonight you are for me." Collette walked upto T, her lips forcefully kissing the redheads, forcing them apart for her pink tongue to invade T's. The sighs and moans from them both drove Collettes mind wild, her hands began to feel the opposite females body. Exploring every inch of the female, driving Colle to the brim of exploding herself. This was wild and free, to experiment with the same sex, to be different. *Ryan...* She cried out for him, her voice desperate for him to come and be with them, for him to be inside her. *Take me!* She screamed inside her head for both of them to hear. The voices in her head, the communication advantage she had with the both of them, the only thing that would be heard is the running of the water and the occasional slap of the ass from the male should he chose to join.

Collette feverishly felt T up, her fingers reaching around to begin to undress the beautiful Beta propped up on the counter.

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Her mind's desperate words sent every hormone in his body on edge, his feet felt robotic as the moved towards the bathroom every time she called him Ryan. The brute's eyes flashed a golden hue, the beast scratched him inside out to be free like the night he had first spent with the female. He instantly followed after her, pushing his way in through the bathroom door, his gaze darted to the tangled females at the sink. It was no longer the gentle man he wished to be with women, it was him. The werewolf that spoke twisted ideas in his head and turned into a monster when he phased. He was the one that killed innocent lives and took advantage over beautiful dames when the chance was open. Tonight, was one of them. *Evening ladies, am I interrupting?* His voice was a raspe whisper with a hint of pleasure within it as his eyes lingered to the intertwined tongues of the two.

The male shifter clicked the bathroom lock behind him, and stride his way towards the couple. Dipping his head closer to Collette's neck, his mouth met her flesh that sent shockwaves through his body while his hands caressed both of the women's sides, one of them feeling down Temhnin's thigh and down the back of her shorts. Garrett nipped down the Elite's collarbone up her chin and into the collaboration of both female's mouths. His hand gripped the redhead closer to his side as he stole the other fae with a bite to her lip. The male grinned every time her tongue stroked his. Without thinking, the other hand slipped up Collette's dress, feeling up her thigh to its destination. He turned his head to the shifter of the other pack, kissing up along her jawbone and playfully biting her ear that included of several piercings. The women moans sent himself on overdrive. His goal was to treat both the women equally, giving them both the pleasure and joy they deserve in the end.

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Teimhnin's hands traveled all over Collette's body, feeling every curve and gripping her ass briefly as her tongue slid across the blonde's in its own secret way. Leaning back, the beta removed the fishnet tank top covering her torso and revealed the dangerous curves of her waist. All that was left on her upper body was a small sports bra that just covered her breasts. Her hands went to the hem of Collette's dress, lifting it when the creak of the door alerted her. Teimhnin's eyes turned to the source of the noise, only to smirk when she saw it was Ryan. She continued to knead the skin of Collette's breasts over her dress, wanting the material gone. A new mouth collided with hers and Teimhnin knew it was Ryan's. One hand still kneaded Collette, while her other raked its nails up Ryan's back. Her mouth was hot on his, her animal side coming out just a bit. Teimhnin's wolf was enjoying every moment of it, agreeing with every movement made.

Sliding forward, Teimhnin's shorts hiked so that they were like underwear on her. The shifter's legs wrapped around Collette's waist, slipping her hand into the material of her bra. Teimhnin was the shortest of them, so the counter was of great assistance. She wanted to bring pleasure to both of them. As she did what she did to Collette, her mouth was biting and sucking along Ryan's neck. Every time her mouth met his, her tongue slid over his and she nibbled on his lip. She knew that the moans and heavy breathing weren't finished, that they would most likely turn to heavy groaning and possibly some screaming. It was all part of the excitement.

Her hands reached for the hem of Collette's dress once again, pulling it up. As she did so, the tips of her fingers stroked every inch of her. When that was through, Teimhnin's hand slid down Ryan's waist and to his zipper. *Don't need these*, she thought to both of them as she unbuttoned his pants. Teimhnin had been in threesomes before, but they were mostly with humans.

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It took everything inside of Collette not to shift, that pleasurable feeling of being a wolf, and having the wind rip through your pelt. It was almost as great as sex, yet sex alone with Garrett was phenomenol and surely this female would be a great roll in the hay. However, Collette couldn't help but feel guilty about this nonsence going about in the restroom of a night club. Suddenly Collette felt trashy, like a filth or scum had covered her body. The Alphess would get rather upset if she knew that she was fiddeling about with the enemy pack's Beta Female. The sensation consumed her body, the pleasure building up between her legs in the pit of her stomach, deep inside her. All she wanted was Garrett to be inside her, but fear was stricken on the back of her mind, souring the taste in her mouth. Her eyes looked up to Garretts, the blood lust filling his eyes, and swelling in his boxer. This only drove her mad, had she fallen down the rabbit hole, was she drugged. This feeling was nothing like she had ever felt before the thrill of getting caught, three people involved at the same time, and none the less werewolves.

As the two wolves feverishly felt up her body, she couldn't ignor it any longer. As much as she longer to be apart of this, she couldn't. Being recently given the rank of Elite, Collette didn't want to blow her one chance at doing something good for her life. *I don't know if I can do this Garrett...* A whine and almost cry fell at the end of her statement meant only for him to hear. Her eyes pleading at him for them to let her go. For him to pleasure her alone, she wouldn't care. This mess was now hers to clean up. Stepping back from the situation, she pulled her dress back down and smoothed the satin to her skin. Using her hands and fingers she brushed up her hair and fixed the bed head looking mop that was tangled in her make out session with the red head. "Pardon me, as lovely as this is, I am afraid I can not continue to go through with this. If you will please excuse me." Collette spoke and did an about face on her heels and began to walk forward. As she began to open the door, she smiled at the two still holding on to each other but frozen in the moment, her eyes kind and accepting. *I promise, this is okay. Remember, I love you, and she means nothing. At the end of the night, you come home to me, Ryan* The mindset of a champion and a winner of the heart of him, to her it was only sex with the girl on the counter, there was nothing to get upset about. She trusted Garrett with her heart and every fiber in her body she need not worry. The door closed behind her and she left the club to return to the hotel.

As she enter the cab, she pulled from the seams of her dress, the small card used as an access key to the rooms. Only this one, was his. As she slid the key into the door she walked into his room. His scent overwhelming her. Slowly undressing her body she slipped on one of his tee shirts and curled up in his bed. Now, she would wait.

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The male was strapped on the borderline of two very different paths, both leading to pleasure of being inside of a beautiful mistress. But because of him not being present at the moment, it left Garrett with no choice but to abandon the idea of following the blonde back to the hotel to stay pressed up against the Beta of the other pack. As their lips locked hard against each other, his fingers laced their way towards the button of her shorts, and with one hook to the button it was unlatched. His other half chuckled a deep whisper, nipping her bottom lip. "Woops." Ryan slipped off her shorts, brushing his hot breathe down her slender pale neck. Pushing back scarlet locked behind her shoulders, the male kissed her collarbone, letting his right hand pull her closer to the sink's edge and the other lingering to between her legs.

Garrett paused for a moment, loosening his tie and slipping off his vest along with the shirt he had underneath, revealing a tanned, muscled chest with the tattoo of a scorpion on his collarbone. A sinister grin pealed his lips back as he stared at the redhead, ideas twisting in the back of his head that the real Ryan wished to never speak of. The brute couldn't help himself but lift the female off the sink and up against the wall, straddling her hips around his waist. Garrett pressed harder into the flesh of her neck, leaving stains of burning kisses behind. As much as he wished the woman were Collette and in another place other than a scummy bathroom, his wolf promised to not stop till her legs were shaking and the club knew his name.

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Teimhnin spared a glance at Collette as she left the room. Why she was leaving, the beta didn't know. Her eyes turned to Garrett, waiting to see if he would follow. When his mouth crashed and became hot on hers, she new he had made his decision. T gave a throaty laugh as he slipped off her shorts, and she helped him with the rest of her undergarments. Her moans mixed with his groaning. The next thing she knew, the beta was pressed up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around Ryan's waist, biting along the column of his neck. As he took his shirt and vest off, she removed the fabric covering his legs. Pulling him against her tighter, Teimhnin bit the scorpion tattoo lightly. Her tongue traced its outline, her hand caressing between his hips. Her eyes locked with his as she shifted her hips. *Here we go...* her mind spoke to his.

~Time lapse. Two hours later~

Teimhnin got down from where she was pressed up against the wall. Her red hair was in a disarray, and she ran her hands through the tangles in order to calm it. She was panting lightly as he put on her undergarments. T's eyes met Garrett's, winking at him. "Two hours. Nice. You might want to get back to your blonde friend, since she seems to have you whipped. If you ever want to do this again, it won't be in some stingy bathroom." T put on her fishnet tank top. Stretching out her legs and torso, she continued to untangle her hair. Before she walked out the door, she paused for a moment to see if he would speak.

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[[ Post ends after this.]]

Buckling his belt around his ripped jeans, his hazel hues narrowed, "I wouldn't describe the situation I play in this relationship between her and I, 'whipped'. Don't start pointing fingers if you don't know what had really gone on with her. The first night I met her, she practically was putty in my hands with only a few shots of whiskey running through her system. I'm not the one that took it as an advantage, nor am I the one that wanted to sleep with her." Garrett sighed slowly to calm his small frustration. She certainly had not had him whipped, it was basically the other way around in his opinion. Collette let him choose, if he was truly her own personal bitch, he had followed like a little puppy attached to a leash. Gradding his shirt and vest, the male leaned against one of the grimy white sink as he unraveled it inside-out.

"When Collette woke up the next morning, we had sex for another hour or so," -His hand lazily waved away as if it were no big deal.- "and she told me she was in love with me. So if anything, I am definitely not the one that is whipped in this strange relationship we have. If you want to know the truth, I was hoping we'd actually have an evening to get to know each other, but then, well you know." Before the redhead had finished, she mentioned that maybe next time -that is if they ever see each other again- that it wouldn't be in a bathroom. Garrett opened his mouth to protest that he wasn't into such behavior in a woman, but his other half answered for him, striding over and pulling her up close. "I'll be looking forward to it, miss." And with that, he pulled his shirt and vest back over his head and reached for the golden pocket-watch. Flicking it open, the hand lay directly in the middle of ten and eleven. By now, Collette was probably already sleeping away in either hers or his bed. Either way, it was best for him to get back to the hotel before any of his packmates found out he was with one of them, especially the Beta. His thumb snapped the lid back shut, slightly nodding a good bye to the female and walking through the dancing crows and out of the club.

-At the hotel-

His room key was gone, leaving him with two options. One, he could flirt with the front desk's female worker, or two, place his hopes that Collette had swiped his key while they were in the bathroom and would of left his door unlocked. Garrett could feel the female from the counter's eyes on the back of his neck, her thoughts pleading for him to turn around. Unfortunately for her, the male made his choice to hope for the best, leading him up to his room's floor without a turn to acknowledging her presence. As he walked down the long hallway, her scent traveled further passed her room and closer towards his own. The male shifter walked inside, seeing the curve of Collette's slim figure lay on the other side of his bed. Stripping off everything other than his pair of boxers, he turned out the light and climbed into bed next to her.

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