Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Radioactive Imagination

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1 Radioactive Imagination on Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:31 pm

Black. Cased around her body all that was left was darkness, no light at all to show her way other than the small flicks of a nearby streetlamp. Phasing from her normal skin to a large great black wolf, the she-wolf stalked through the remote, empty alleyways fo the city. She took her time, paroling the pack's boundaries till she crossed their border into the neutral territories. Plans created out of boredom and recent thoughts set her out on a journey to the district filled of shops along streets. The alley's echoed with the steps of each black paw, followed by the clicking of her long sharp claws. Alley's left a secret transportation for them to roam without being noticed for what they really were, giving them the advantage most pack's envied. Noctavia had claimed the land once her ideas of a pack came into play, captivating whatever area that would benefit her packmember's needs.

New York City didn't really sleep for it was always busy with passing cars and bright lights a glow. The mornings were accompanied by business women and men, noisy taxi drivers and more obnoxious sounds. The Alphess refused at all costs to walk the city in the mornings, the night was the only way of her escape. As the fae reached the shopping district's clearing, front limbs shifted to pale skin wrapped around by a leather sleeve of her jacket, the black pelt on the wolf's neck to long jet black waves that barely hit the end of her spine. Hind legs stood on two, engulfed with a denim-washed pair of skinny jeans, cut in many places all the way down her legs, stopping just a few inches above white heels. She was a woman of many things, but the most stunning female anyone would ever encounter in a lifetime. Most purebloods were a lot more beautified comparing to boring mortals or bittens, their skin perfectly polished of whatever shade, not a hair out of place. Complete perfection all due to the thanks of a monster's power over the soul.

The hood of her jacket hid her facial features, her eyes aglow of an emerald green peered at the empty road of little light. Noctavia took a step from the alley's shadows into the streetlamp's light, glancing both ways before proceeding on her errand. Even though her packlands were quite near, she kept her instinct on alert for any Bravehearts, the weaklings of another pack she had come to know after moving into the hotel her pack resides. The coast was clear, not a scent nor trace of movement in site.

Noctavia dipped her head as she walked down the concrete path, heels clicking in an irritating rythme. Looking over her shoulder, she glanced back out of habit. The sense of someone following her caused shivers echoing up her slender frame. A neon blue sign blinded the Alphess's wolf vision, her eyelids squinted to adjust to sudden bright lighting. She growled, but stopped soon enough to make out the words 'Inkmate' written in the gleaming bars of the sign. Her destination had been met, a sigh of relief escaped her lungs. Pushing her way inside, a jingle of a bell overhead rang in her presence, stepping onto the welcome mat.

A large man covered in tattoos looked up from his station, a grin lit his face as Noctavia peeled off her hood, exposing her true features. A smirk tilted her lips to the side as she waved to the man. "Hey Jerry." He returned the welcome by leaving the station he'd be cleaning, dashing over to lift her in his embrace. She had known the man for a while, he was the one that inked her forearms with glorious tattoos she cherished. 'It's so good to see you Noctavia. I haven't seen you in ages.' Jerry set her down carefully, not at all knowing of what she really was. 'What'll it be tonight? A fast cleaning, maybe add a little color to the two on ye wrists there?' His thick stubby fingers poked the two emblems on her wrists, referring to her family pack's symbol; the wolf heart and danger, the other Eternal Darkness's; a moon capturing the light of a blazing sun. "Not today, Jer. I need something that's been on my mind for a while now. Do you think you could put a small wolf paw print here?-" Noctavia lifted her shirt a bit, her stomach bare to his eyes. She pointed to both sides of her hips. "Sorry for the trouble of coming so late, you know how I am around this time of night."

The parlor was empty, Noctavia and the mortal the only ones left. She could consider killing him right here, right now but she sorta like the man, he didn't take pleasure and touch her sexually. He was more of the strange uncle type of person every family has. If only he was one of us... Noctavia thought. He smiled greatly, pointing to the red recliner towards the window. 'You know the drill, I'll be right back Ms. Dark." Within seconds he was gone into the mysterious rooms in the back. Noctavia slid off her jacket before laying back in the chair, lifting her blue t-shirt till it was just below her chest. Her mind started to drift as she waited patiently. Checking her phone every few seconds for any messages from any of the two Betas. She sighed, closing her eyes.

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2 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:13 pm

Dressed in a expensive black jacket and a tight fitting black t-shirt the man made his way down the street, his golden eyes reflecting each time a light hit them. The pupils in them were large then they were supposed to be, and were very animalistic. Gabriel had been on patrol when he'd caught scent of the Alphess of the Eternal Darkness pack. Finding himself eager for at least some adventure and someone to speak with he made his way down the streets as he silently, and stealthily followed her, curios as to where she was going at this time.

Hiding in the shadows of an alley across the street his golden eyes followed her and he couldn't help but grudgingly admit she was beautiful. He could easily imagine himself curling his fingers within her black curls, but it seemed wrong to think such things of an opposing Alpha, even a beautiful one. Running a hand through his short brown hair he went to follow as she went inside but he remained slow, watching the man inside speak with her. Tilting his head he caught all of her words and he had to wonder if perhaps there was some goodness within Ms. Dark, but he knew better then to think that.

As she sat down he silently made his way in, making sure the door was silent as he entered. He thought of attacking her then, a tremble even went down his back, but he couldn't bring himself to do it when she'd done nothing first and she looked completely relaxed. He watched from the shadows of the room as she rolled her shirt up in preparation of the tattoo. A sliver of warmth curled in his stomach at the sight and he couldn't help but smile as he finally revealed himself, leaning against the wall near her. "So, are you Ms. Dark? The Alphess of the pack nearest my beloved home?" His voice was a deep rumble and was sexy in its own right.

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3 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu Apr 25, 2013 11:43 pm

The feeling of being watched sent a gust of cold air across her mid-section as she lay on the old recliner chair. Her eyes snapped open and started to water in the dips of her eyelids as the horrid smell of another came into her surroundings. But this wasn't one of her packmembers, this was much more different. It's him. The voices spat in frustration at the likes of the oh-so-amazing Alpha of the Bravehearts walked inside, the man was capable of nothing. His Beta female seemed to hold herself together more than he ever could. She sat up in her chair and glared at the man with distaste. Nothing about him gave her no reason not to hate him, he was not charming nor an interest to her eyes. She didn't see what mortals and female shifters saw in such a weakling like he.

What she hated most about meeting him, was the time and place. There was no where to go or even room to shift for such larger wolves unless she ditched the scene. "Gabriel." Noctavia hissed behind her clenched jaw. The Alphess heard rumbling in the back, probably Jerry looking for the right material and tools to use. "What brings you here, so close to my pack are we? And alone? Tsk tsk, I'd expect for you to have your little coyotes by your side if you were to come take a visit to see little ole me." She smirked, followed by a playful grin. Let's play a game, shall we? The voices of her wolf slyly whispered to Noctavia.


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4 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu May 02, 2013 7:25 pm

The male’s smile only widened, the wolf within him just below the surface, causing his hell fire eyes to flow slightly and the pupils to dilate and his canines were just slightly more sharp. Gabriel retained an air of relaxation though, but he allowed his wolf to be close to the surface, for he was tired of being among humans. He would’ve gladly morphed then and try to see if he could finish her here and now, but he could smell and hear the human in the back. Instead Gabriel removed himself from the wall and moved around the small room, not touching anything for he knew enough to know that they needed to stay sterile.

“My wolves are out enjoying themselves, as are yours. It seems as though they get along as long as there’s a party, and I was bored enough to see if I couldn’t find someone to pick a fight with.” He raised a brow. “And I’ve no need of protection, and I wouldn’t be talking so as vulnerable, though delectable looking you are right now.” He paused to stare at some designs in a book before turning to face her, his head tilting to the side like he always did when he was thinking about something. “Why’re you away from your city pets?”

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5 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu May 02, 2013 8:45 pm

Noctavia's thumb nail dug into the leather bound chair, canines lengthening behind her upper lip that is almost tore into her lower gums on either side of her cheek. Narrowing her glistening green view to meet his, they burned with bright specks of yellow. "What? Is an Alpha not allowed to have fun too?" The female didn't bother to put down her shirt, she stayed still, loosening her grip from the armrest once a small creak started to form underneath her little given strength. "I trust them not to create a scene while I'm gone, I didn't want to deal with them. I'm sure you can understand with the whelps you have running around your petty pack. Probably the most annoying werelings I've ever met."

Her eyes rolled as a noise in disgust left her throat. A sweep of her jetblack waves caused them to glide back down her shoulder, the man bored her already. "Why'd you follow me, Gabriel? Do you have a little crush or stalking-issue?" Noctavia leaned against the armrest, propping her chin up with the palm of her hand as she stared blankly into the brute's golden hues.


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6 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu May 02, 2013 9:16 pm

Gabriel turned a smile on her, though it was cold and unfriendly. “What do you think I’m doing? I’m out having fun, as are you.” His eyes darted towards the noises of the tat artist before going back to her as he made his way back towards her side of the room, stopping to stare out the windows. His mind went back to his new pack mates and he couldn’t help but feel a sliver or pride, though pride was an emotion he tried to keep away from, for it was the destruction of many Alphas.

At Noc’s comment he bared his teeth a little and a small growl rumbled in his chest, but he reminded himself there was a human in the same space. “I’m not here to play games with you, Noctavia, though you’re pretty entertaining if I do say so myself.” He slid off his jacket and placed it on the back of a chair as he sat, his movements graceful and languid like a real predator. There was a gleam in his eyes as he looked at her, the look he got before he was about to lunge for his prey. “What tattoo are you getting? The only one I have is the Alpha symbol. Of course I got that in Greece when I was drunk and…” Gabriel shook his head. “Is the artist here any good?”

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7 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu May 02, 2013 9:44 pm

Her brows furrowed at his strange behavior. What was he? Bipolar or a total moron? The female left her mouth agap, waving him off to make him stop with the questions. "Okay, one-" Noctavia starred at the brute, putting down her hand so she could speak. "I wouldn't say meeting you is the highlight of my night. If you just came here to make small talk, I could care less." As much as she wished to waltz out of the room without turning back, she had something to do and she wouldn't let the brute win by pestering her with ten thousand questions. "Next thing. Why do you wish to know what tattoo I requested? I'm getting a tattoo. Happy?" Noctavia rolled her eyes again, shaking her head slightly before peering back over to Gabriel.

"And last-"She opened her mouth to finish the rest of her opinion, but footsteps coming closer hushed the Alphess's occurring words. Jerry carried a kit of items, tools she presumed considering he had it last time he tattooed the fae. He stopped suddenly, sneaking glances between both of the Alphas, a sense of concern she noticed pinched behind his eyes. "Am I interrupting anything, N?" Noctavia shook her head, looking to Jerry as humane as possible. "Not necessarily, please let's just get this done and over with. I'm sure both you and I don't want to be up till the crack of dawn." She chuckled slightly, wavering her hand towards her for him to prepare. He obeyed her fake friendliness, setting himself in a stool at her chair's side. As he lubricated both sides of her hips with alcohol, Noctavia squeezed her mind's words into the Alpha's head. "Lastly, yes in fact he is a great artist. If you could use that head of yours, maybe you can see some of the tattoos from the book on my arms." Her mind's language spoke in an echoe of whispers, hinted by the voice of some female that is not of her own. Strange as it may seem, over three-hundred years with the voice, it had grown on Noctavia.


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8 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu May 02, 2013 9:53 pm

The Alpha's eyes snapped up to the figure moving towards them, ignoring Noctavia's first few words. Definitely human then. Gabriel put up his most bored expression and leaned back in his chair, his golden eyes alert and his handsome face stoic as he listened in. He felt a nudge on his mind and he let her in, the corner of his mouth quirking up. How am I to know that he was the one to do them? There are many artists in the world." He gave her a smug look as the artist prepared to begin his work.

Looking at his arm his mind pondered on whether or not he wanted one, and decided against it. His golden eyes went back to her and the air about him became slightly more serious, revealing a little of what the real Gabriel was like, unlike the relaxed and party boy Gabriel he usually showed to others as a con. "Actually the real reason I'm out is to look for some fun. Whether it's dancing at Rapture or cliff jumping I wanted to be reckless for one night. You game, or are you too chicken to hang out with an enemy? I could give you my word that I won't try and attack you, but that'd be lying."

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9 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu May 02, 2013 10:22 pm

"You're words are not going to prove me to believe either way, you're the enemy. My trust for you is microscopical, maybe even smaller if that is even possible. Saying I'm the chicken leads me to know that you don't get out much, The fact you want me to accompany you on this so-called-rebellion sounds anything but inviting." As the mortal leaned back her seat, Noctavia stared at the water-stained ceiling and neatly crossing her arms over her chest. When Jerry cursed under his breathe, her eyes snapped to meet his frustration. He nodded her head to wait patiently, turing in his seat, he stood and walked back down the hall. She looked back to her stomach. Nothing other than the alcohol against her flesh gleamed, he probably forgot the tracing. "He's not the most organized though..."

Noctavia sighed in defeat, slipping her hand beneath her black hoodie's sleeve before wiping off the remaining substance on her flat stomach. "Hey Jer? Forget the tattoo, I'll come in sometime next week when its daylight." The sound of a relieve sigh came from down the hall where Jerry left to, she told her it was 'alright', so she glanced to Gabriel. "Where to genius? Rapture is definitely out of the question." She pulled down her shirt and grabbed her purse, clicking her heels towards the door to only turn back to wait for him.


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10 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Sat May 11, 2013 11:31 pm

The alpha's face was touched by a dark smile, something wicked living beneath the gold of his eyes that sparkled like the rare metal they resembled. "Your comments hurt me deeply." He placed a hand over his heart dramatically, a mocking smile soon taking the place of the dark smile. His eyes followed the man as he made his way back to the back and he watched as Noctavia told him to wait for tomorrow.

Standing and following her he looked over his shoulder, his eyes thoughtful before turning to follow her outside. Once out he nodded and said, the dark smile returning. "I was thinking a little hunt. Too many humans have been mugged and killed lately, and rumors of a new gang have been growing. It's in my interest to protect, and it's in yours to have the pleasure of the flesh and hunt, if I'm not mistaken. How about we have a little fun and have a hunt? The only rule I'm making that I ask is that you refrain from spilling innocent blood." His face was serious by the time he'd finished talking, trying to drive into the Alphess that though he wasn't usually serious about these things he was being so now.

"I'd take my packmates along with me, but I'd rather them not get a taste for human flesh." Gabriel knew it was already too late for him, but he had the self control to keep himself from being taken over by the urge to hunt.

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11 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Sun May 12, 2013 12:29 am

Side by side she quickened her step to move ahead, hearing the click of concrete against the heel of her shoes with every step into the open air. The slender neck of hers leaned back to sneak a dull glance to the opposing Alpha. Her arms slid into the pockets of her hoodie, jaw slanted with a roll of both eyes. "I was expecting for you to say that. So much for rebellion if we can't kill just one non criminal being. However, getting something to eat before the night turns to morning light could give me the slightest of enlightenment." She sighed, tugging up the edge of her hoodie to hide her face and emerald eyes that still glowed from underneath. "You're coyotes will be devastated to know that they own Alpha killed an innocent bystander. You people I swear have no fun, how do you keep yourself entertained." Her question was rhetorical, it only took a real moron to actually answer it.

Lingering eyes peered to the empty, abandon street that held cracks and scars in need of proper repair. Along gates she saw different types of graffiti in words she could sometimes make out, but others too sprayed together that it looked like massive blobs of color. Noctavia remembered her own share of the art years ago, working along side complete strangers in which were mortal and some secretly the same as her. It was one of the many ways she expressed her talent and love for art, for the rouges to see as they hurry back to their apartments before anything breaks out. In these places, it was best for werewolves to run and not have to worry about taking a fight, as for mortals it was more or less a death chamber. Nights like tonight were the times that muggers and the less fortunate souls stalk the innocence for treasures. With luck, it wouldn't take long for them to detect one within two blocks of where they stood.

The female reached to the back pocket of her skin tight ripped jeans, pinching the end of a cigarette from the packet she had bought yesterday and with the other hand pulling out a silver lighter from her hoodie. Lighter aflame, the tip of the stick lite sending the bitter taste of the drug straight to her mouth. "Do you want to lead or shall I? I'd think that someone from the outskirts would want to have a city pet like me guide them am I wrong? Of course not. Come come." Swift on her feet, she took a dead spin to her heels and started walking down the sidewalk, trying her best to avoid the alleys so that he could see her in plain site. Her actions were careless, noting provoked her to look over her shoulder to see if someone was watching or if the darkest alleys held someone with a gun pointed to another's head. Everything seemed peaceful to the Alphess. The moon was out to shine it's bright glory making her skin appear paler than normal and the streets were left with nothing but a flicker of a nearby streetlamp. "How you holding up back there?" She chuckled through her the cigarette in her mouth, mumbling some of the words but somehow forming them to sound clear.


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12 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Wed May 29, 2013 11:50 am

The Alpha walked in silence, breathing out a long breath as the Alphess continued to talk. His eyes narrowed just slightly as she used the term coyotes again. "If I had coyotes for pack mates, I'd have a heck of a lot more then what your wolves were. There's a reason why they live all over while our brothers are forced to flee to much smaller areas." His voice was strained as he spoke, having strong feelings for other wolves like ever other wereling did since they understood the thoughts and feelings the beautiful wolf could have. "As for rebelling I've no need. I'm Alpha and I can do as I please, but if you insist on a show tonight, you really have no idea how I was when I first came to America."

His eyes studied the alleys around them as he fell back to follow the city pet's Alphess. He found himself drawn towards the graffiti, wondering how it would feel to be able to express one's self in that way. He stopped at one and blinked as he saw his brothers name and the Braveheart family crest artfully created in the background. Raising a hand he lightly touched the wolf that was crouched and snarling surrounded by eight stars to represent the eight that had began to pack back in Greece. Giving a shake of his head Gabriel continued to follow Noctavia.

Turning his attention to her as she asked about how he was fairing. "I'm great, not that you really care." He said in a bored tone. It was then he saw the movement in the shadows and his face darkened to where it was scary. Moving at the speed only werelings could he moved into the alley and walked down it inside the shadows, leaving Noctavia behind to follow if she wanted. Stopping at the end he watched as a man held a gun to a young woman's throat and clumsily tried to pry at her clothing. Gabriel's nostrils flared slightly at the smell of alcohol and blood from the wounds on the woman's face from where the man had hit her. Blood tinged on Gabriel's vision and with his head lowered to where the shadows would shade his eyes he moved at a confident pace, his movements like that of a true predators and a scary, dark air hung around him, showing the wolf that raged beneath his human skin.

The woman's eyes widened in terror as she spotted him and Gabriel could hear her poor heart pounding. The man turned to look at him and that was when Gabriel's hand flashed out and grabbed him by the back of the neck and swatted the gun out of his hand, a snap sounding as the bones broke.

"Go." Gabriel growled out, his voice gravely from his wolf side. The woman didn't waste a second and took off into the darkness. Raising his head the moon's light caught Gabriel's eyes, causing his eyes to flash gold. Cursing and screaming the large man dangled from Gabriel's hand and kicked out at him and cursed him, but couldn't hurt Gabriel for it was like a puppy trying to fight a wolf.

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13 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Wed May 29, 2013 1:01 pm

Flicking off her cigarette, she smoothed her heel into the bud to relieve the flame inside it. Her eyes flashed a bright green as the Alpha ran passed her. A dull expression still lay on her face. Tucking a strand of black long waves behind her ear, she tugged off her hood to take a better look into the darkness. Fortunately for shifters, they were given the gift of keen sense in which allowed her to hear, see, and move like a predator. He had probably expected her to follow up behind him, but she was in no mood to play 'follow the leader.' Instead the Alphess walked into the entrance of the alley Gabriel had darted down to only find along an old abandoned apartment was a fire escape leading to the roof.

Noctavia's pale slender fingers laced through the latter's bottom bar and hoisted herself up without a breeze. She of course wasn't very heavy for a female so it gave her the advantage of climbing alley walls such as these. From below she could hear high pitched screams that caused her eardrums to pound due to her strong sense of hearing. Blood laced through her whitish pink nose causing her eyes to widen with bloodlust. Once she had finally reached the third level of the fire escape, the female leaned against the guard rail to watch the show from above. The man helplessly dangled from his grasp and she could help but laugh at the mortal's own stupidity. Her humor had always been off towards the rest, even as an infant she would laugh at site death or struggling.

She heard the pitter-patter of the mortal woman's feet hit the ground in a small sprint. A devious grin pinched her cheekbones back as a wicked idea swirled in the minds of the fae. "Let's play a game." Looking up to see the apartment on the other side of the alley's path, Noctavia readied herself to leap. With the strength of a wereling a push to the guard rail broke and turned it open to the side creating a gape for her to jump off. Her legs coiled in a small squat and she chuckled slyly to herself. A gust of wind blew through her long obsidian waves, her eyes turned an even brighter emerald that danced with specks of golden yellow. Springing up, Noctavia jumped through the air. Everything to her eyes slowed down as if it felt like she were flying through time. Memories of city leaping rushed around her like a motion picture, flashing images of when she was only younger practicing how to jump at such large distances. Now she could jump three times as much as she did as an adolescent, but her childhood was a mistake for they did not want her after all to be their rightful Alphess. She was born royalty, but left an exile.

Her palms slammed into the brick building, gripping the roof's border to pull her up and onto her feet. She followed the woman's footsteps while she leaped across buildings. They were closer to her packlands now, if Gabriel was smart enough he would stay where he is. The mortal woman flanked left towards the street but the Alphess was already ahead of this game of tag. Noctavia purposely dove of the apartment's roof. She shifted suits in air. Pale flesh encased around her body turned to a lovely matching color of her hair, paws with massive claws touched surface before her human hands could. The fae stood ten feet tall at the most, glowering down at the woman that shrieked in horror. The Alphess laughed and in her wolf's words she sounded like three people whispering at ones. "Game over." A blood rippling growl rose out of her throat and she snarled furiously to the woman. Saliva dripped out of her maw as she licked her chops, moving closer the lady stayed paralyzed in fear sneaking rapid glances to both sides of the alley. Every step the two took matched equally. The female wolf stomped a taunting foot closer and the mortal took a challenging step backwards which only lead her back against the brick wall. Noctavia then pounced. She opened her mouth wide, flashing her white fangs in the moon's glow and ripping into the woman's flesh at increasing speed. Bones cracked in places and it only made her want more. The blood of the innocence filled her mouth to the fullest, giving the Alphess a satisfied feeling warm her stomach.

Once she was finished, the fae stalked off back into the alley. Turning left and right till she came upon the Alpha and man. She had know idea of what he had been able to accomplish in the moments she was gone, however she didn't bother to ask for which she truly did not care. She stayed in her wolf form in the shadows so the mortal man could not see. "You done with him, yet?" The wicked whispering voices spoke towards the male.


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14 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:17 am


Pure undulated power rushed through Gabriel's veins and he relished in the feeling as he stood breathing hard, not with exertion but with excitement. His golden eyes were lit like golden flames and his incisors were sharp and bloody from where he'd bitten into the now dead human's throat. At the sound of Noctavia's approach a pained sound reverberated within his thickly muscles chest as he forced his wolf down. He would not go down that road again. Never.

Turning towards the Alpha Female a snarl still laid upon his lips, his eyes more wolf then human. Blood stained his face and made him look terrifying and beautiful all at the same time like some kind of avenging angel. The seconds ticked by and it was only then he realized that the female human's scent was all over the Alpha Female.

Gabriel's mind cleared like a bucket of cold water had been splashed in his face and a new kind of anger flowed into the male. His ears sharped slightly and he bared his sharp teeth as a terrifying growl left him. "I thought I said no innocents!" He didn't give her time to answer though, knowing it would only be some smart remark that would avert his mind from doing what his wolf wanted.

Power rushed out in thick waves as he changed into his wolf's skin. Snarling he shook his head as he finished the change and in the man's place stood a tall, massive dark grey wolf with the man's blazing golden eyes. Lowering his head and snarling he lunged at a speed that no normal mortal would be able to follow.

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15 Re: Radioactive Imagination on Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:50 am

"Oh how delightful. Let's play a game of tag, shall we?" Noctavia lunged forwards, dashing at an increasing rate down the alley's way towards the Alpha male. She let out a sinister laugh like she always did when the blood in her veins started to pump with adrenaline. At this hour, it gave them the benefit that no mortal would want to be walking passed to see two giant wolves in what she likes to call horseplay. Everything is a game from her eyes, no matter if it's poker or twister, everything the Alphess looks at is an obstacle of things to move around or use the mind in order to pass. Some may seem its a type of arrogance for thinking life and death is just a game, but in most cases, it can be related as a true connection. The rage filled in the enemy leader's eyes filled her with joy. Not only had she managed to piss him off but get a nice meal before a fight on top of it all.

The Alphess side-swiped the sprinting male, leaping onto the building's side to only push back off onto the opposite side. I'd quit it with the pin-ball shit if I were you before you kill yourself. The voices laced their words into one ear and out the other. I know what I'm doing, let me have some fun. Noctavia turned to face Gabriel's back, letting out a challenging snarl that dripped with saliva from her maw. "You may have said no innocents, but I don't follow another's rules but my own. Haven't you learned that by now, Gabriel Braveheart?" His name made the voices in her mind rumble with distaste and grotesque. Not once had she ever said his entire name in one sentence unless it was necessary of discussion between packmembers. The history between both Alphas were left unsaid. "Besides, Gabriel. Why are you so upset? Just be thankful it wasn't a group of homeless people."

Noctavia stalked from side to side as she waited for his next move. Her eyes stayed locked onto the giant brute whom only stood at most a foot taller than her. His fur was not far from hers in color, but patches of lighter grey gave it away they were not entirely alike. From the angle she watched would give her to the opportunity to see where and how he would lung next to strike her. The only questions left were how long this was going to last before they end it and who was going to leave bleeding. "Your move, Fido." She grinned.


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Missing Gabriel whirled around and crouched low, his snarl still upon his face and his sharp teeth white against his dark form. His golden eyes shined and he slowly made his way towards her, determined not to miss this time. Each movement was slow and measured, his hackles raised high and his snarl cutting through the quiet night. Any that heard would think two large wild dogs were fighting, and he was depending on that.

The moon shone above, giving a silvery light to the show that was going on below and the stars managed to shine outside the city. The shadows seemed to move around them, but it was only rats running away at the scent of blood and predators. A few stopped to check out the carcass of the dead man, but moved on at another of one of the wolves' snarls.

Finally close enough Gabriel lunged, twisting to the right side at the last possible moment. Satisfaction filled him as he managed to grab the back of Noctavia's neck and blood welled into his mouth as he raised his head and shook her. Finished he let her go and tossed her into the stone wall of one of the alleys.

Gabriel was far too gone to reply to anything Noctavia said, for his wolf was for once at the forefront of his mind and it was apparent in his eyes.

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Grunting at the wall's impact, Noctavia dropped back down to her feet, shaking off the pain and glaring back over the man. She expected more to come from him, she wanted to see what he was capable of. Have to know the enemy, right? Blood seeped off the back of her black coat but she didn't make it look like she was hurting. Weakness was key to winning and she was not going to let him see it inside her. She stood on all fours, catching her breathe as she studied the large brute from a great distance. With a few sneaked glances to the darkness behind Gabriel she could smell the faintest fumes of her packmembers and the smell of pure freedom. She was not going to back down now. Not so early in this game between both powerful individuals. Instead, she stood her ground and clawed deep into the cement before her as she bowed her head to contain such an emotion that took over her very soul.

Rage. A rage so strong made a rumbling in her throat as she raised her hackles to a towering height. Pulses of electric, intensified colors of green flashed in the orbs of her eyes as she looked at the male in front of her. Saliva foamed at the sides of her maw, dripping down her top canines to the alley's floor. Her tail raised high in alert and she let out a blood-curdling growl that could be heard from city blocks away. She could no longer take it anymore. She was not going to be the one to walk away or be the one left with many scars to have. Gabriel and her had fought before and it surely wasn't going to be the last she supposed. Noctavia arched her back, feeling the muscles in her back and upper build tighten and recoil beneath her coat. "You're pathetic." She whispered and chuckled inside his head.

Her hind legs were the first to move, pushing off the black top in which made the sound of nails against a chalkboard from her claws. Noctavia lifted her body into the air, putting her paws outwards to lock onto her opponent. Jaws locked onto his shoulders, ripping and tearing horridly into his flesh at the mid of his shoulder-blade. With her weight on top of his back, it would make him off-balanced and possibly fall to his side. Long claws dug into his ribcage and rear as she held on for her life.


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Snarling in rage the large dark grey wolf managed to keep his balance as the Alphess lunged and locked onto him. Gabriel no longer existed at this moment, taking away any good that was left within the heart that beat for them both. Shadows crossed over it and hardened the heart. Pain became a obsessive pleasure for him and he was hell bent and determined not to be put on his back like a sniveling Omega. He was the Alpha wolf, and this female was nothing but a nausiance at the moment.

Moving like black lightning the wolf twisted and turned, only barely managing to tear at her legs nearer to his shoulders. Saliva dribbled from his muzzle filled with sharp, blood stained teeth and his golden eyes glowed like they were filled with the fire of hell. His eyes went to the wall and his human intelligence surface enough for him to know he could do something with that. Charging towards it he turned at the last moment, adding more momentum to his movements as he crashed his side, and the black female, into the bricked surface. The alley wall gave a large shudder before pieces began to fall off. Once managed to clip the Alpha Male's shoulder, but he hardly noticed as he made a satisfied noise as the sound of bones cracking made it to his ears. He knew it wouldn't break her bones, but at least he knew he was inflicting some kind of pain. Using the distraction to his adavantag he gave a mighty shake, displacing her off his back.

Lowering his head to the ground he snarled, his presence alone taking up the whole alley. Power radiated off of him in thick waves and washed over anyone near. There was just the slightest change though as there was a spark within his mind and Gabriel finally managed to take control once more. The dangerous creature before the Alphess remained though, looking like a hell hound with blood and saliva covering his muzzle. Lowering close to the ground he lunged for her, sending them both rolling as he tried to snap for her throat, but only got her wolf's chest.

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