Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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Two for the Price of One - Blackwell Twins [WIP]

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Name: Daniel & Aaron Blackwell

Age: 22

Gender: Males

Rank: Warriors


The Blackwell family has been in New York for as long as anyone can remember. They aren't famous business leaders nor are they the city's most feared family. For these twins, their family life was relatively normal. Mother a magazine editor, father out of the picture, both brothers grew up in a fair society with a loving environment. To some it's boring but both brothers would rather have an easy life than rugged past.

To begin, we will start with the youngest; Aaron. The happy-go-lucky boy between them, Aaron is always bringing strangers into their activities and usually making life-long relationships from those strangers. He's care free, joyful and puts the crowd at ease. Though his openness often annoys Daniel, Aaron has saved them from many fights by breaking out a joke to ease the tension immediately - even if it's making Aaron look like a fool in the process.

Next is Daniel. The more reserved yet loyal older brother, Daniel is always watching over his brother like a hawk; no matter how much the wild boy gets on his nerves. When they were children, Daniel was often bullied and, though Aaron allows him to tell this story differently, Aaron was often the one saving his brother from the rough werewolf children they grew up with. In return, Daniel feels it's his turn to protect his brother - now that he older and more able - and never takes people hurting his brother lightly.

Daniel and Aaron are as different as ying and yang. One of their major differences is Aaron's open bisexual view in life while Daniel, a serious relationship believer, is straight and selective of whom he dates. Daniel has gotten used to his brother's embarrassing public attitude, being gay without trying to disguise it, and often steers away from Aaron in public. Aaron on the other hand drags Daniel every where possible, usually having Daniel take himself home while Aaron parties the night away, trying to get Daniel into the fun. Despite their differences they are thick as thieves in the end; loyal to one another until death.

As werewolves, Daniel's wolf is often more dominant. Daniel has no interest in higher ranks but his wolf is often impressive and regal. Aaron's is less of a fighter with a normal member status at heart. Both of their transformations, both twins are pureblood, were smooth transitions - Daniel's came before Aaron, to Aaron's dismay.

Pack: Braveheart

Joining Keys: Joining keys have been removed for the fair joining of members in the future. ~Ze Evil Alphess.

Human Photo:



Wolf Photo:

Refer to their signatures ^_^

Example Post: [Es Arielle X3]

Memberships Accepted! Have fun! :3

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