Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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On the Hunt (Teimhnin)

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1 On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:11 pm

The new warrior of Eternal Darkness stalked silently, slipping easily into the shadows of the buildings and alleys around him. He was near the edge of the district, away from the bright lights of its center. Here only the occasional street lamp light the streets in an orange glow, everywhere else was his domain. Raiden wore a pair of black jeans, a dark grey shirt, and a black leather jacket over his dark grey t-shirt. The dark colors did well to conceal him further.

The warrior was on a mission, assigned to him by his Alphess. He was to recruit new members for the pack, to help grow its ranks so that Eternal Darkness could rise to power over the Braveheart pack. With him he carried his sword, the sharp blade hung at his hip in a black sheath. As he dodged through the darkness, cutting through alleyways a lot, he made sure to keep his eyes on his target. The girl he followed was alone, the perfect opportunity to strike. As she turned down another road, he followed her silently. Making sure to avoid the lights of the street lamps and closed storefronts. If was pretty late in the night, about two am last time Raiden checked, he knew the night would be at it's darkest at three. They were just on the edge of the shopping district now, the quiet buildings and street would allow even a pin drop to be heard.

Raiden then walked into an alley, climbing the fire escape deftly as he made his way to the flat roof top of the buildings. He would strike from above. As he reached the top he took off in a sprint, jumping from one building to the other, but careful to remain light on his feet. He soon reached the edge of one building, where he crouched and peered into the dark street below, where he could see the girl walking in his direction down the street. He waited now for her to approach.

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2 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:53 pm

The Beta's hand curled around the hilt of her sword that hung at her waist. She had taken to patrolling in the city as well as her pack grounds. Two daggers and a sword were belted to her waist. A black leather duster hung from her shoulders and swirled around her ankles. She wore black, leather combat boots with think soles and steel toes. Five throwing knives lay in each boot. A bow was strapped to her back, complete with deadly sharp arrows. She took her rank seriously, guarding from anyone that got too close to her pack. The shopping district was outside the borders of her pack, but she patrolled it anyway. If anyone from Eternal Darkness got too close, they would have to speak with her dagger. Teimhnin moved silently, staying in the shadows. Her gear was pitch black and comfortable enough for her to move around in.

As she was walking, the smell of another werewolf crossed her nose. They didn't carry the pack scent, and reeked of the city. Almost instantly she knew that he was from the rival pack. A growl tried to work its way from her throat. Running silently, she followed his scent and made sure she stayed downwind of him. Pretty soon, the scent of a human also mingled with the werewolf's. Fearing that he had already gotten to the human, Teimhnin swung up onto the roof of a building and ran from roof to roof. The scent of the rival pack grew, and pretty soon she could see his form. Her wolf eyesight helped, making his features more vivid to her.

Unstrapping her bow, Teimhnin knocked an arrow onto it. Hiding in the shadows, she aimed at him and pulled the string back. Loosing the arrow, Teimhnin watched as the arrow soared right over his ear. She hadn't missed, for it was where she had aimed originally. Staying hidden, she prepared to shoot another arrow. She stayed downwind so the werewolf wouldn't smell her.

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3 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:16 pm

Just as Raiden was about to strike he heard a whistling noise behind him, an arrow whistling past his ear. The arrow flew by hitting the building across the street from the one he was perched on. The human girl was alerted though.

Raiden cursed under his breath, how foolish of him to let himself be snuck up on like that. He turned around quickly narrowing his eyes towards where he saw the arrow come from, or rather heard it. Whoever it was, they had hidden, only a chimney poking out of a building where the arrow had come from.

The girl would have to wait, He thought, as he took off in a sprint in the direction where the arrow came from, his hand rating on the hilt of his sword, as he jumped from one building to another. He would find this coward who hid away from him soon enough. His eyes were intent though as he approached, searching for the slightest movement, he would be ready.

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4 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:09 pm

Knocking another arrow onto the string, she shot at him again. This time, she aimed directly at his sword arm and the arrow sailed to hit him. Darting away, Teimhnin stayed silent as she swung up higher. Keeping herself hidden, she ran onto a building so that she was faced behind him. She took shelter in the dark shadows of a wall, pulling back another arrow and aiming for his ankle. Letting the string loose, she watched as the arrow soared towards his ankle with a smile on her face. Hooking her bow onto her back once again, Teimhnin launched herself off of the building and onto the one he was on.

Directly behind him, she stayed in the shadows. Her sword would ready if it was needed, but her twin daggers came first. They rested in her hands like extensions of her arms, and she held them ready for fighting. She knew that she couldn't get away with just throwing and shooting things at him, but when he did come for her she would be prepared.

Crouching low on the ground, she watched him as he still ran in the direction she was originally in. She thought over her battle tactics. Her first arrow had originally to scare him off, but apparently he didn't take the hint. As she watched him, she felt a breeze brush over her skin and carry her scent to his nose. Excitement boiled inside her at the thought of a good fight.

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5 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:42 pm

As Raiden approached the building where the arrow had come from another arrow sailed through the air aimed at his arm, he was ready for this although, swiftly unsheathing his sword and deflecting the arrow with the blade in one swift motion, not stopping in the process. He then jumped onto the building where the arrow had come from, he could already see that his attacker had left although. Whoever it was they definitely moved fast, probably having moved off to another location. He quickly spun on his heels, scanning the area. He caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eyes, but it disappeared a few moments after. Raiden cautiously eyed the rooftop where he had seen the movement. A few moments later, an arrow flew from the darkness again, although Raiden was paying enough attention to narrowly dodge it.

The warrior remained calm, and observant even though his previous tactics where quite reckless. The warrior now thinking over them chastised himself mentally for that, this attacker obviously valued stealth and range weapons. He would take advantage of that. As a breeze past by him, he was able to catch the scent of his attacker now, instantly knowing what the scent meant. It was a she, a pure blood from a pack, a pack which he now knew was probably an enemy, perhaps Braveheart? Whatever she was she was quite a high rank in her pack, judging from her strong scent.

Raiden was quick to close the now smaller gap between them, as he rounded a corner on one of the rooftops he soon caught sight of her, a few yards away. He smirked slightly, he had her where he wanted her now. As he caught sight of the female, the most striking feature was probably her crimson red hair, which was quite long. She was also quite attractive, but Raiden would not even notice that right now, no emotions could effect him when he fought, that was just weakness. He unsheathed his sword, the blade sending a ring throughout the quiet rooftops as he unsheathed it and slashed at the enemy in one swift motion, aiming for her chest.

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6 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:11 pm

Teimhnin smiled as the male looked at her, silver eyes glowing. Her smile grew as he came closer, and she knew he had fallen into her trap. She had lured him right where she wanted him, bringing him close. Teimhnin had tried her best to make him think that she was skilled in fighting at a distance, and her tactics proved true. As he swung his sword, she deftly arched backwards. It sliced a small cut into her chin, nothing she couldn’t heal from on her own. Looking at the ledge she was on, Teimhnin got an idea. Raising her daggers, she slashed them in one giant X across his chest. At the same time, she freefell off the ledge and sheathed her daggers into their holders.. The impact was harsh on her wrists as took hold of the pole of a street light, swinging off of it and onto the ground. Quickly rolling to her feet, Teimhnin readied her daggers once again. If he wanted a fight, a fight he would get.

A low growl worked from her throat as she spoke. “What are you doing so close to my pack lands?” Her voice was low and angry. She knew exactly what he was doing, and she would not allow it so close to her pack. Teimhnin wanted to scare him off, but now she wasn’t backing down.

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7 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:37 pm

Raiden's eyes narrowed as she mostly dodged his strike, he only making a shallow cut on her chin. As his arm was recovering from the strike she move in quickly, Raiden's sword not available for defence now. Thinking fast he quickly jumped back as she surged forward, but she still managed to hit him, ripping through the front of his shirt and making a long x shaped cut in his chest. Thankfully his quick thinking made it so the cut was only a shallow one, but as a bit of blood seeped from the wounds, Raiden gritted his teeth. This was his punishment for underestimating her.

He was quick to follow her as she retreated off the building, he himself opting to jump about two stories to land on a fire escape, rolling to reduce the impact before jumping the other two floors. He landed relatively nearby. He had already formulated another way of approaching this fight. He replied in the same low tone, although his voice was smoother, almost mocking, "What are you doing outside of your pack lands?" he answered her with another question, he opted to throw in some mind games into this. Even if she didn't let his words get to her she could possibly be distracted for a few moments as he initiated another attack on her. His sword sliced through the air, aiming at her leg to possibly disable her. As he swung his sword although, he remained just on the edge of his range, her short daggers could not reach as far as his sword. The attack was more to get a reaction out of her, he not being as fully committed to the attack so he may still defend against counter attack.

Raiden would not over commit to any attacks, instead he would continue these strikes until she made a mistake, and then he would move in. He was quite confident his stamina would outlast her's and his patience would remain strong. He bared his teeth although and growled as he struck at her leg, to throw her off more to his tactics, to make her think he was just as over zealous as before. It was a very delicate balance he had to maintain to keep up his trick, but it would pay off if she went for a counter attack.

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8 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:41 pm

((Sorry it's short!))

As he swung his sword, Teimhnin blocked it with a single dagger. "I'm protecting humans from having their lives ruined by the tortures of your pack." She refused to talk to him any more, focusing on her fighting rather thank speaking. Preparing to slash at him, she realized that he was out of her range. Making a last minute decision, she faked a move. Gripping her daggers tightly, she prepared like she was going to leap at him. Instead, she jumped sideways. Rolling away from him, she sheathed her dagger and took out her sword. It different than the one he held. Her sword was long, and the blade grew thicker at it's tips. The thicker part of her sword curved, forming one large gut hook. It was deadly sharp and forged by smiths in her old pack. It's design was to fit her movements and no one else. If Teimhnin was going to fight him, she knew it was a fight of blades. She would strike him, but not put too much effort. Landing single blows would do just fine.

Holding her sword ready for if he attacked, she stared at him with glowing silver eyes. Teimhnin was biding her stamina, holding most of it back for when the other warrior put up a greater fight. Her efforts in the fight was little, but he needed to do better than this. She hadn't even gotten winded, and the smile stayed on her face. Fighting was a nice outlet for her, and she craved the violence.

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9 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:54 pm

Raiden maintained a defensive stance, facing her sideways with his right shoulder and foot pointing towards her. This stance would give her less to hit, and allow Raiden an easier time of defending himself. Raiden was not surprised when she blocked his blow as he easily recovered from the attack. He took a few steps back, circling to the left. He remained a comfortable distance from her, and here he would wait for her next move. She then suddenly moved to leap at him. Raiden instinctively raised his sword, turning it to its flat side in preparation to block. She didn't commit to the attack although, instead dodging to the side, in what must of been an attempt to flank him.

A few moments later she unsheathed her sword, and stepping forward to attack. Raiden was ready by the time she unsheathed the blade however, deflecting the sword with the flat of his blade near the hilt of his sword. He immediately went on the offensive after he deflected the sword, slashing low towards her legs. Right after he stepped forward again, this time aiming higher, towards her midsection.

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10 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:45 pm

As he attacked at her legs, Teimhnin skipped out of the way, her sword collided with his. With his second he managed a partially deep cut to her abdomen. It would have split her in half if she hadn't skirted away from him at the last second. At the feeling of her blood running, Teimhnin became angry. Using her strength, she drove her sword directly to his arm. Directly after, she swooped the gut hook of her sword. The move would begin from his chest to his waist and across his thigh. The Beta crouched low to the ground, staying at that height. In the pause between the two attacks, Teimhnin reached into the cut in her shirt. Pulling her fingers out, the blood on them shone in the light of the street lamp.

Bringing her fingers to her lips, she smiled as she licked the blood off. He had cut her, yes but it didn't hurt. The numbness of pain had kicked in, like it had when she was younger and training. She had been hard on herself, pushing herself to be the best of her ability. Teimhnin continued on with her attacks, swinging her sword towards the point where his neck met his shoulder.

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11 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:49 pm

After Raiden had landed a successful attack, his opponent seemed angered. She quickly retaliated, first striking at his arm. Raiden allowed himself this small victory, as he blocked her first strike, the two metal blades ringing throughout the quiet night. Her anger could cloud her judgment, and make her make more mistakes than usual, and he planned to exploit this potential weakness.

A moment later she struck again with a high arched blow, aiming to slice him from chest to his hip diagonally. Raiden raised his sword, the flat of the blade poised to deflect the blow. The ring of the blades colliding was heard again, but his opponents blade ricocheted off his, before cutting into his abdomen and the cut ending on his thigh. The cut was deepest around his right hip, and blood already began to ooze out of the cut. Thankfully, she hadn't hit any arteries or he would have bled out within moments. Raiden gritted his teeth, yes the cut did hurt, but he would have to ignore the pain for now, it could mean the difference between life and death.

He narrowed his eyes now as he focused back on his opponent. He vowed he would live through this, and if he didn't he would make sure she would come with him. Raiden switched his sword to his left hand now, changing his stance as well. He needed to protect his wound on his right thigh now. Raiden was just as skilled with his left hand as he was with his right hand when it came to wielding the sword. His elders had frowned upon left-handed warriors, and had trained him at an early age to use his right hand. He had still trained on his own with his left hand although as he saw being able to switch hands in the middle of combat to be a huge advantage.

Raiden now fought with the sword in his left hand, which would throw off his opponent quite a lot. As she attacked once more, he was careful not to let her blade ricochet off his and cause him injury. As he caught her sword in his hilt, he smirked slightly. A moment later he twisted his wrist in a swift violent motion to wrench her blade from her hands. Whether he succeed or not, he took a step forward, slashing his sword at her right arm now, the blade now approaching from her right instead of her left.

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12 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:31 am

The minute he switched arms, Teimhnin was thrown off. Her face didn't show it, she just smiled at him. As he switched hands, so did she. Her footing changed to match his like a mirror. As his hilt caught her blade, his smirk gave way to his intentions. As he tried to twist her wrist and remove her blade, Teimhnin turned her wrist the other way. She put a great amount of force behind the move, her strength pushing back against his move. His blade nicked her shoulder as he swung for it, Teimhnin's own blade deflecting it before her could sever her arm from her body. Using the brute force she was trained in, Teimhnin made a move like his own and was moving to hack into his shoulder.

Teimhnin didn't stop, making another arcing move like she had previously but to his other side. Shortly after, she swung her blade to his torso in one graceful movement. She kept careful distance from his blade, constantly aware of it. She wasn't going to grow careless in this fight. Though she didn't want to kill the wolf, Teimhnin got the feeling he was going to keep on until one of them was dead. The beta promised herself that she wasn't going to die without taking his life with her.

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13 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:32 pm

Her strength was surprising as she twisted her wrist to counteract his move. He quickly disengaged to avoid being disarmed himself, skipping back a few steps and assuming his defensive stance once more. As he moved his wound on his waist sent out a sharp pain. The warrior did all he could to ignore it although.

He had grown careless, too many times he had allowed her to land blows already. He narrowed his eyes as he focused now. He could not give away what his next moves might be, not with any body language. As she attacked with an attack similar to him he deflected the blade in one swift and deft motion, bringing his sword back to defend himself from her high arcing blow, using both his hands momentarily with his blade to deflect the blow just enough as he strafed to the left avoiding the rest of the high arcing blow.

As he strafed, putting a bit of distance between him and her as he watched her movements, she continued her motion, flowing into another attack at his torso. He had been far enough to react to the attack as it developed however. As the blade whizzed towards him he raised his sword to deflect the blow just enough from him to slip past the blade as he strafed quicker now as her arm was extended in a strike. In this flanking maneuver Raiden moved in quickly now, quickly jumping forward and slicing his sword towards her ribs before ducking back out quickly and darting to the left in a strafing maneuver once more.

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14 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:00 am

Ryker slid his hands into the pockets of his hoodie, wearing quite similar garb to the night that he had met Noctavia with a pair of black, well-fitting jeans, a pair of Puma Romas, and a gray hoodie zipped up over a red T-shirt. Nothing fancy, but practical. He had been practicing one of his favorite hobbies, parkour, but now was really just out for a stroll, enjoying the nighttime. It was his favorite time to go running and he took every chance to do so that he could.

Eventually, he found himself on the outskirts of the shopping district. He tried to stay away from the actual shops themselves, because he did not really feel like dealing with people gawking at feats that, to a trained traceur, seemed only moderately impressive but to a normal person often seemed superhuman. Even though Ryker was easily capable of superhuman feats, he did his best to play fairly when he was practicing. As he roamed through the alleyways, though, he paused, lifting his nose slightly and sniffing the air. There were shifters nearby.

A grin pulled at Ryker’s lips as he pulled his hands out of his pockets and then ran straight at the nearest wall. He planted one foot flat on the surface, then jumped and latched onto the drainpipe, which he then climbed up and kip-upped over the edge of the roof. The scent was stronger up here, but just as he searched for the direction of the source, he heard the clash of steel on steel coming from a little bit to the north. He made very sure to circle widely around the source of the sound so that, if they were enemies, they would not catch his scent. As he got in position and began approaching them, taking care to approach from downwind. One of the shifters was apparently a member of his pack, although not for very long. The other shifter, though, was a female that Ryker did not recognize and she did not smell anything like the hotel, so she was not a pack mate. This was not good. Not good at all.

Making his way up to the edge of the roof, he peered over the edge and saw two shifters fighting, both with swords, unfortunately. That meant that even his packmate was using a sword. A small frown pulled at his lips, but he got over that fact. Stepping off the edge of the building, he landed on the sidewalk below, knees bending to absorb the impact.

Oi!” he called out, straightening and approaching the pair. His senses and nerves were on a razor’s edge, but he kept his stance, face, and body language carefully relaxed and neutral. “Nice night for a tousle, in’t it?” He gave a friendly smile to the pair, adding a small nod to the male from his pack whom he had yet to meet. His black eyes flicked between the pair. “Is there a problem here or are we just exercising?” His muscles were set to explode into motion, but he was also very careful to give no indication of that as his hands slipped into his pockets and he peered at the two combatants.

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15 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:31 pm

( Sorry, short.. Brain went poof!)

Teimhnin stayed clear of his sword, growing bored of the fight and how it seemed to go on. The human girl was safe from him, that was all she really cared about. She was preparing to just give up from sheer boredom when a voice startled her. She darted away from his hacking moves, standing and not taking her eyes off of her opponent. She was done fighting, the human he was going to bite was long gone. Keeping her sword ready, Teimhnin saw the man out of the corner of her eye. His scent was like her opponent's. Sheathing her sword, Teimhnin stayed a distance so she could dart away if the one she had been fighting decided to attack again.

Staying silent, she looked at the newcomer. Taking in his appearance, she kept the other werewolf in her peripheral vision. All of her muscles were coiled tightly, ready to run if they gained up on her. Teimhnin didn't trust them, and for good reason. They were of her enemy pack, and what she was told was that they would try to tear her apart on sight.

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16 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:17 pm

After Raiden's attacks he retreated again, to wait for her next move. But before it came he heard another voice in the alley, earning a puzzled glance from Raiden. As he took in the random man's scent, and heard his voice as he spoke in a friendly amused tone, which Raiden found quite unsettling he soon found out who he was. Of course, he was a werewolf, no mortal could react as he did to two werewolves sword fighting in a dark alley. His scent told Raiden that he was of the same pack, and of a high rank, but he wasn't able to pinpoint exactly what his rank was.

He lowered his sword a few inches then, but kept his eyes on the enemy werewolf. He raised it again although after a few moments, narrowing his eyes. "Now is not the time for explanations." he said firmly. He would not sit here talking while the enemy werewolf was still a threat to him, and now a threat to his pack-mate.

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17 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sat Apr 20, 2013 11:37 pm

Ryker chuckled a little bit, sliding his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. “Actually, I think now is the perfect time for explanations,” he said, looking over at the male who he knew to be a member of his own pack. Probably a warrior, since he hadn’t heard of a higher rank walking around with a sword. And that was something that Ryker definitely would have heard about. Fortunately, the female sheathed her own weapon, so Ryker smiled at her, dipping a small nod in thanks for the cessation of hostility. Now he was not worried about anything. Surely a member of his own pack would not attack against the wishes of his Beta when said Beta was standing directly in front of him. “Look,” he said, holding his hands out in a calming gesture. “This is neutral territory, aye? She’s got just as much right to be here as we do.

He turned to face the fiery haired female and offered a smile. “I’m Beta Ryker, of the Eternal Darkness pack. And who might such a striking lady as yerself be?” Ryker took a step towards her, but made sure to keep both of his hands in plain sight and his stance open to show that he truly meant her no harm. “Don’t worry, I won’t attack you. Nor will he,” he added, with a nod of his head towards the warrior.

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18 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sun Apr 21, 2013 6:00 pm

Teimhnin kept alert, watching them both calmly and quietly. The male who had come between them sounded sincere, but she wasn't so sure about her previous opponent. He seemed like he wanted to kill her, and she was slightly offended when he treated her like she was a threat. Her weapons were sheathed and she had no intentions of attacking further. Shaking her head, the beta calmly turned to the male. "I am a beta as well. Beta Teimhnin of the Braveheart pack, thank you for asking. My explanation would be that I found this member of your pack hunting a human down on neutral territory. I was simply distracting him away so the human could escape before he bit her and turned her." She gave Ryker a friendly smile. She had no problem with turning humans into werewolves, but most were smart about it first. Humans with already good lives do not adjust well to the change and could even go insane. Either way they were no use to a pack. Knowing if a person wanted some type of an escape from what they had would be a reason to turn them. They would accept their wolves much easier and prove useful.

She turned her head to her opponent and waited for him to speak. Teimhnin nodded calmly to him, holding her hands out to show him she had no intention of grabbing her weapons. He could chop her arm off if he really wanted, but she didn't know if he was that cruel or not. Teimhnin backed away, smiling and nodding to both of them. "I am sorry, but I must leave. There is pack business to be done and my goal of saving the human was made." Turning around, she walked off into the night

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19 Re: On the Hunt (Teimhnin) on Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:43 pm

Raiden narrowed his eyes at the red haired werewolf for a few moments, his stance remaining for a few seconds. After a few moments he sighed, before sheathing his sword. The warrior would do as his beta commanded, but it would be on his conscience if the other werewolf was simply playing a trick on them.

He remained silent as the two betas spoke in conversation, but he still remained alert. As the fight wound down, and adrenaline wore off he was able to feel the extent of the wounds she had made. The slashes, however had stopped bleeding by now, only pain emanated from them. He would have to be slightly careful not to reopen the wounds before they were treated, but he was in no immediate danger.

Once the other werewolf departed he glanced at Ryker. "I am sorry Beta for being so bold previously, but I thought she still wanted a fight." He then shrugged slightly before sitting down, his back against the wall of the alley to catch his breath. Now that he thought about it, he quite enjoyed the run-in with the enemy pack's beta, she was truly a worthy opponent.

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