Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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Apprentice Leilani

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1 Apprentice Leilani on Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:04 pm

Name: Leilani Madeline Averola

Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Rank: Apprentice Warrior

Human Photo:

Wolf Photo:

Personality: The young girl had entered the pack of Caedesque, birthed by Amora Averola and biological father Gaurdian Travis. The father who partially cared for her in her toddler years was Damian Averola. But the father had died when she was very young and then they moved to Europe with the packs. The smart young lady had stand tall to 5'11, taller then her mother but shorter then her biological father. She had the strength from Travis, but the attitude of Amora. She was a royal pain in people's asses if they didn't want to play fairly. She wasn't afraid of hitting any type of male, nor female. Leilani might look like the girl on the outside, but had the strength of the male on the inside. She stood her ground tall, just like the father she knew. Her mother never spoke a word to her daughter about her actual father. The child only knows about Damian and no one else. She had some short fighting skills when she was super young from her father, then she grew up to be a sassy women like her mother, but was also taught to respect her elders. She had the attitude to the boys, but the charms to flirt. She wasn't afraid to shut anyone down and didn't have the neccesary to flirt with every guy, but had the skills to. She liked her music and didn't like anyone tell her what's wrong from right. But she loves to have a lot of friends and treat them nice, but she has a low self-control. She has a high temper from people commenting on the death of father or talking nasty about where and she actually came from. Her mother tried her best to calm her down and cradle the child with her heart, but Leilani knew she doesn't let the cruelest people bring her down. Smart, elegant, sassy, and charming was what her mother would describe her. Some boys would describe her as attractive, smart, rude, but had a strong sense of humor. She loved to hang with the guys, but only as friends. Never thought about what she looked like, but didn't mind to put make up on her and curl her long burnette looking locks. She had it curled or wavy most of the time. But she liked her hair down, but occasionally up. Her mother was only strict on one rule and that was to never get in many fights. But that doesn't mean Leilani would listen. The fae would glanced here or there, but didn't too much cared for the looks. You think what is right and that will lead you far in life, never let anyone down. That's her modo.  

History: Amora had no idea when it was coming, trudging around with enormous bump on her stomach. She groaned in pain, calling up Doctor Vitani and got rushed to the room. Her body ache through the time being. She felt her body go unconscious, her mind shutting off. Her eyes were rolling around, trying to figure out her surrounds with Vitani working her time with the baby's head place in her finger. She demanded Amora to give a big push, Amora didn't hesitate as she pelted out a large scream with her hardest push. She felt a body come out of her, as Amora fell back against the chair and rested her head. Her head was throbbing, looking up at the lights above her. She concentrated on them as they moved every three seconds. Feeling the heater kick back in gear when the draft swept in to cool off the room. Her body was drenched in sweat, when she looked over at Damian holding their child. He looked up to her and smiled brightly to Amora, "Its a girl." Amora eyes widened at the pink blanket, reaching her scrawny arms out for him to place the child on them. As she took grasp of the baby and taking her into a cradled position, resting her head on her shoulder. Amora saw the green in her eyes, with Amora's blue specks. Smiling, she spoke to Damian without looking up.. "Damian, I want to name her Leilani." Damian kind of frowned, because they both decided on Madeline, but shrugged. "But, we'll have her middle name as Madeline." He nodded in agreement and smiled, curling an arm over Amora's shoulder, squeezing in tightly. "New begging, new family." Those words escaped his lips, making Amora face him and kiss him lightly on the cheek. "I'm just glad you were with me through this." Damian smiled to her then looked to the baby, taking her from Amora's grasp. He snuggled up against her in the chair across the room, looking back to his mate. "Get some rest, she'll be here with me, I promise." Amora nodded, admiring him and their child till she fell asleep. That was one of Amora's best days ever, giving her the greatest feeling of all time. The night the doctor came in to check on Amora, she took their kid and snuggled up in a recliner falling back asleep.

When the young girl was born between a bitten mother and pureblood male, but the man who is the biological father will not be her father in her life. Amora was blessed to have a child named Leilani, because Gaurdian Travis was generous enough to give his semen over to her. The child knows not much of her father Damian, because he had died when she was very young. The mother still remained with the child, caring for her through think and thin. Amora had take her daughter on short strolls through the times when her father and her had the most memorial moments. She explained her past, telling her that none of that will happen to you. Amora promised, she'll do anything for Leilani. The youngster nodded with her mother as the walked the street of New York, shopping for herself as she thinks about her father. She glanced to her mother as she looked through the clothing. She's not close to her father, nor new the whole story. She knew it killed her mother to think about her dead mate, but Leilani knew it was best not to bring it up and enjoy their times together. The daughter hugged her mother and held her delicate hand in her's, she felt the weakness sooth through her mother as she knew the disappointment. She always promised her daughter that she'll have a perfect life with a mother and father, people to care for her and for her father to fight for her whenever she needs, or when her father would be over-protective and Amora would have to calm him down and let her child have fun. But that all ended when they found the news about Damian, her father, her mother was upset and cried her eyes out for most of her time. Crying into her pillow as she laid on his side, smelling his left over scent. It hurt her to watch her mother go through such a rough time, but she knew she'll be her strong self and get over it. Her mother doesn't mention her mate in a while, since she looks like her regular self but weak in the eyes. Leilani knew it was time to head back to the hotel, when they got more news that they're moving the packs to Europe.  Amora still slumped and trudged to their rom, tucking Leilani in. Her daughter gazed up at her with sorrow. "Will you sleep with me tonight" Amora smiled and snuggled into her daughter's bed, resting her arms around her frame, hugging tightly. Amora loved her daughter, but still had the guilt of her promises. But she took the night in the memories and snuggled close.

Amora and her daughter packed their things, boarding the plane and took their seats.  Her mother didn't want to leave the momories, but Leilani promised her mother. "Everything will be okay, I promise." Amora covered her daughters hand, smiling generously. "I promise too." Another promised escaped her lips regretting every minute of it. Her daughter bough it through and settled in her seat wait for the plane to rise and set.

((I'll soon have the history up, it is in progress. But when I have the chance to have it all done, the history will have sneak peeks of V2))

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