Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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The Game Plan *Collette*

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1 The Game Plan *Collette* on Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:43 am

After a few days of unpacking all of his suits and casual wear, bordom struck Ryan, having the sudden urge to go play a few rounds of quarters he had saved in his pockets. Pulling on some kaki cargo shorts, a black v-neck t-shirt and a grey beanie over his choppy haircut of various shades of brown, he walked out of his room the sound of many quarters clinking against each other. Now that he'd been announced Warrior from the Alphess herself, Garrett was welcomed to roam about the hotel as he pleased. His hazel eyes looked at the elevator, frowning he shrugged and decided to take the stairs. Walking seemed better in his opinion, and after hibernating away in his convenient room he needed all the exercise he could get.

As he walked down the stairs he couldn't help but regret the things he'd said to Alphess Noctavia at first. His wolf was making Garrette look like a complete and utter ass, only caring about the next women to sleep with. Sure he flirts with women from time to time, but the wolf that strangles the man against his will seems to take his flirtatious manner to a whole another degree. Ryan stopped in front of a wooden door with a plaque that read 'Game Room' in bright gold letters. He lips curled into a pleasing grin, and pushed open the door, revealing at least twenty different games from modern video games all the way back to Pac-Man, completely empty. Hazel hues widen at such a sight. "Woah." His grin transitioned into a broad smile, exposing his perfect white teeth. "Sweet." His raspy voice said aloud.

Ryan stepped into the room, quickening his pace as his eyes locked onto his favorite game. Skeeball. Bright orange and red lights flashed around it, eggshell pipes in the target for the skeeballs to roll into, the ramp perfectly charcoal. With his strong sense of smell, the machine still smelled brand new. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed a couple quarters and put them in, a musical tune played, releasing the black spheres down a ramp and into a holder. Ryan reached for one, grabbing it and turning it in his hand, eyeing at it with a grateful smile. "Thank you Noctavia!" He chuckled to himself as his thoughts whooped and hollered to be a honor to this pack. He looked back to the goals. A muscled arm extended back, then swinging forward and letting go of the skeeball just at the right moment. It rolled down the ramp and curled up into the eighty point pipe goal. "Yes!"

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2 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:20 am


Her room was nice looking, it was a white theme and old fashioned, much how she liked it, but still there was more for her to add here. The door closed behind her, and she could see the beautiful yellow quilt covering her resting place. Surely, this was the greatest den she had ever had in her life. It almost reminded her of the house in Normandy, but she refused to think about that now. Collette began to snoop around her room, finding essential things for a female located around the room. Whomever was in the room before her, left various things, and there in the bureau was a simple v-neck white tee. "Oh, Hanes her way." Collette began to chuckle as she slowly stripped her dirty grey shirt off of her body, and placed the clean one on. As she mumbled thank you to the previous stranger, she refreshed in the bathroom and was out the door again. Taking the elevator back down to the lobby, to begin to explore the hotel. Rustling her hair, she fluffed her bangs and got her wisps off the back of her next and exited the vertical contrapment. Then, her ears picked up the sound of Skeeball, and she became excited. "Skeeball! No way!" Collette briskly walked towards the bright neon sign and opening in the wall.

As she turned the corner, she could see a handsome young man there placing quarters into the machine, and the ball slowly whipped from his hand. Rolling down the sleek black panel and up into one of the many holes for points. His excitement made her smile, as she leaned back against the doorway, crossing her arms gently. Never taking her eyes off of him. "Do you usually enjoy playing by yourself?" Her words were meant for the game, but her body language suggested a more sarcastic view of the question. She smiled at her own thoughts, but tricks she would not be turning now that she was involved with a pack.

Collette decided that she would walk over to him, and take the machine next to him. Searching her pockets, she began to look for a quarter. A single quarter. Her hand frantically searched every pocket on her jacket and jeans, but couldn't come across one. Dumbfounded she stood there, her face surprised, she had left her wallet upstairs. Her face turned bright red at the embarrassment. "You have spare change, so I can play with you too?" With this remark, Collette found herself laughing out loud, her laughter was deeper than most girls, and was a hearty as she chuckled towards her sexual remarks. Surely, he would realize her sense of humor.

Holding her hand out to the handsome male, she looked up at him, he was a few inches taller than her, as her raspy rough voice spoke to him. "I am Collette, Colle for short. I'd like to know your name if I am going to play with you?"

3 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:25 pm

Just as he began to get ready for another toss, he stopped at the smell of an approaching fae. He looked up at the sound of the door he'd enter open with a creak to it. Ryan's eyes widen to see a stunning, ravishing women with blonde hair cut in several layers on the top of her beautiful face in the doorway. His lips formed a friendly smile as he sensed a bit of sarcasm in the woman's tone. "I wouldn't say I enjoy playing alone, as you've probably heard, 'The more the merrier." He winked in a flirtatious manner before returning to his game of skeeball, starting up and releasing the ball to only let it go into what is another high pointed pipe. Ryan grinned as the points he had already received increase.

It was obvious she was a packmember, he knew the Alphess wouldn't let loners wonder freely throughout the hotel unless they were in fact accepted by herself. Noctavia was a feisty, yet welcoming women, he still wished to take back his wolf's words and start all over again with her. He frowned, looking to the ball in his right hand. Garrett looked up the mistress letting his expression change to confusion as he saw her flushed cheeks turn a faint red. A chuckle echoed through his throat at the women. "Lucky for you, I have a sense of humor an yes, I do in fact have enough to share with such an appealing dame like yourself."

He pulled a dollar worth of coins out of his short's side pocket, then inserting them into the slots next to the machine he was occupying. The other machine's lights flashed, playing the same musical tune it played once he started his game of skeeball. "There you go." He held out his hand, delicately grabbing hers and kissing the back of it gently. "I'm Garrett Ryan Mathews, but you may call me Ryan if you wish. It's a pleasure to meet you Collette, pretty name. It fits you perfectly." Ryan let go, standing up and tossing the black weighted pall in his other hand. "You enjoying your stay?"

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4 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:26 pm


The white tee-shirt she was wearing rod up against her belly exposing her mid-drift as she leaned forward to pick up the solid rubber like ball from the column in which it was held. Slowly she cocked her wrist back and snapped it forward, sending the ball ricocheting forward towards the eggshell holes. The ball zoomed up the slope and landed in the highest prized hole, 500. Collette's jaw dropped, "I've never!"

Turning her face towards Garrett's she smiled, "I'll call you Garrett, I prefer that better if you don't mind. I think it suits you better. Handsome name for a handsome man, if I must say so myself." Collette bent over again, her jerry curls falling against her neck as she side stepped closer to the male. Her tight jeans accenting her every curve as she seductively rose to her standing position. With a quick adjustment of her bra, she whipped the ball forward, again scoring another decent prize amount for 100. A grin crept across her face.

"I believe I am kicking your ass, Bro." Her tender voice said as she grabbed the ball from his hand, and forcing him to have a gutter ball. "I forgot to tell you, I cheat." She chuckled again, as her hand brushed against his.

He was a stunning young man, and sure, she was attracted to him, but she figured that Noctavia was giving her a second chance, and helping her escape becoming a government experiment. "As for me enjoying my stay, I just got here, I find my room stunning but I am not used to this. I am used to subtle things in my life, and always staying in hiding. Where I come from, life is so much different, well even including the time period." Collette hinted towards her age, and how she felt against the time period they were in, but couldn't complain. The men were getting hotter and hotter with each generation, only their styles needed to be fixed. Not Garrett, and Collette liked this.

5 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:30 am

Ryan's eyebrows shot up at the repetitive plating of music from the neighboring machine, the woman was indeed having a rather of beginners luck or some black magic given by her surprised reaction. His eyes watched her play, lingering upon her well rounded rear as she bent down to let go of what is another great amount of points. The legs on the woman were outstanding, when she stood she was almost as tall as him. Garrett looked back to his game, narrowing his eyes at his lower score. He cursed under his breathe as Collette bragged. As the female shifter came closer the muscles in his back tensed up then loosening with a grin. "I'm afraid cheating is not allowed Miss Collette." Ryan waves his index finger in front of her face.

Her warmth that radiated off her touch made him smile. Ryan quickly put his hands in his pockets, swaying on his feet casually not giving a damn to play anymore. "We seem to have very different view points then. I've only lived in this city for about four...five years in yet I love it all too well. I come from a family whom has always lived in the center of Attention Avenue." He counted off his fingers. "My family originated in London, then moved to the States only forty somethin' years later living in the middle of Boston in the biggest building. It was ridiculous in yet, it grew on me so much that I went to Chicago to live in the center of that city along with it." He chuckled. "Got promoted and ended up in NYC."

Ryan's grin had a slant to it. "I for one am not subtle, obviously. This place fits all of my needs. A roof over my head, food on my plate, and a place to sleep with privacy. I also like the dark modern look the hotel seems to have as their theme." Averting his brown hues passed her blonde locks of hair he saw an open bar filled with many alcohols. Garrett walked around Collette, grabbing two glasses and a bottle of fine aged wine. "1876..." He read aloud the date of the red wine. A grin curled his lips cocking his head to the side to the woman. "Good year." He paused, pulling off the bottles cork easily, filling both glasses. "I got my first tattoo that year." Garrette handed the wine filled glass to the woman, a charm held behind his brown hues as they scanned her silhouette.

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6 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:34 pm


Collette stood there as he walked away from her briefly, her cotton shirt scrunched up revealing her cut abdomen. Her gaze returned to his game, and she tossed the remaining balls up the ramp, two landing in the 100 hole, three landing in the 50, and one in the 500. Returning to her game, she climbed up on the game, and forced her entire collection of balls down the blank hole, where points are unearned. This caused her score to remain at the 600, and his at a whopping 930 points. She smiled as she slowly turned around to see Garrett before her holding a glass of wine. The whole time listening to him speak about his life here, and about his collection of tattoo's. Looking over her body, she imagined having one, but was too afraid to get one. Rather, she couldn't think of a tattoo that had meaning to her. There wasn't anyone in her life to hold such valuable meaning to her, not yet at least. There was one, once, but she placed it from her mind and hasn't thought about it since.

Collette looked up at the handsome male and took the glass of wine out of respect, but placed it upon a table top near them, and sat down upon the bar stool. "I'm sorry Garrett, but I do not like wine. Never was a fan, however, I have come to love whiskey. My father loved wine growing up, but that was a long time ago, and I don't like to speak about him." -Collette quickly hcanged the subject to prevent Garrett from asking questions she didn't want to answer."As you can see, I cheat for the better of the other team, it's a great trick I learned along the way. I don't play games, and when I do, I am always sure to make it so it's in my benefit. Right now, I see that I was winning from the moment I pleged to the pack. 1876, you're older then myself, and that's not even revealing your actual birth year. Your first tattoo, that must have been nice. So... you come here often?" Collette's nerves were stretched to the max, she didn't know where to take the conversation next. Her wrods were coming out to fast and she mumbled most of it.

The fair skin along her cheeks began to turn a few shades of pink as she tilted her head to cast her eyes down and away from Garrett. It had been a long time since she last flirted, never the less engaged in conversation with another male since Finn. Hardly so, she tried to refrain from this types of situations unless she was trying to earn a dollar just to grab a bite to eat. Living off the grid wasn't hard for her, it was more a pain in the ass. Now, she would wine and dine like a Queen, but under the rule of her new Alphess. Was she more like a house mom? Placing herself in the category of a stripper, she winced at the thought. No, that was wrong of her to say. Collette was just ever so grateful to be off the streets, and to have these luxuries now was more than she could handle. She just knew that she would be spending restless nights upon the roof top for a few weeks. A big adjustment for her, she could only imagine her father's thoughts on this one, even worse Finn's.

Returning her gaze to Garretts, she smiled at his beautiful face and for a split second thought about kissing his tender looking lips, but stopped herself. She hardly knew the man, and she wasn't trying to make money. She actually like this one, for the first time in a long time she would have something to work towards, and to give her hopes up on. Collette looked at Garrett with a plea on her face, a plea for him to start talking, so she could stop thinking. Her hand then rose up to tuck a strand of hair from her face, she slowly rolled the wisp up and over her ear, and returned it to her lap. Her eyes never left his, she smiled.

7 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:55 pm

Garrett hoisted his body onto the bar's countertop sitting at an angle to see the woman's pretty face that caught his attention. When she apologized about not wanting the wine he shook his head. "There is no need for apologies Colle. Not everyone enjoys the same things." His gaze went to the many bottles filled with alcoholic liquids. He rubbed his chin, scratching at peeking stubbles that would soon grow early tomorrow morning in which he'd have to shave. Brows furrowed as he thought, he turned back to the blonde. "Hang on." Ryan hopped off the counter and looked under it, clinking glasses as he maneuvered them around. A grin crept across his lips. Getting to his feet, he held a bottle of pure whiskey. "Voila." He chuckled, a teasing tone to his raspy voice. "Will this satisfy your thirst my lady?" Ryan leaned back on his feet, looking at all the types of alcohol below, ones he'd never seen in his many days of living were even in this simple little bar. "I think they have all the alcohol you could ever think of here. Damn." Shaking his head, he pulled out a small glass from underneath with a few ice cubes, pouring the whiskey inside and then handing it back to Collette as he listened to her sweet words in change of the topic.

He hadn't noticed the sound of the music from the machines till she pointed it out that she was playing even. Chuckling, he nodded. "I can see that. It's nice to know someone around here plays a fair game." One of his dark brown hues winked flirtatiously then laughing under his breathe as she tried to keep the conversation going as if it had already ended. "I'm very old." He teased. "One hundred and fifty seven to be exact. I was twenty when I got my first tattoo. It was stupid to be honest, just a couple of college kids getting drunk after finals looking for nothing to do. Ended up in a tattoo shop getting this-." He tugged down the collar of his black v-neck t-shirt, revealing a small inked tattoo of a scorpion with bright red eyes, latin letters on top of it. "-the strange latin saying means 'Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.' I have no idea why I got it, but oh well." He shrugged, releasing the collar, then lifting himself back onto the counter. Garrett bobbed his head to Collette. "How about you?" He leaned in close enough to almsot kiss her but refused, intead noticing the faint shades of pink dance across her amazing cheekbones. "Got any tattoos for me to see?"

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8 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:02 pm


Collette was relieved once he started talking again, briefly disappearing from her view to grab a bottle of whiskey. Not just any bottle, this Miss Noctavia Dark has some of the world rarest liquors. As Garrett was getting ready to open the bottle, Collette almost said no, but there was not way she was not drinking the oldest whiskey known to the world. The bottle he was opening was the first processed bottle of Jack Daniel, it was worth billions, and now with the crack of the top, it was worthless. To her at least, not to the avid collectors of liquor. Two shots would be taken from it, well, no maybe more. Collette smiled as the male poured her a shot, larger than most glasses in bars around New York, and within seconds the shot was gone, before he could even press the crystal to his lips. Her smile was invigorating and intoxicating, most men got drunk just from looking at her tender features and her brilliant curves. Collette was not a thick girl, just curved and tall. She could fit into a size 6 comfotablly. Turning her pink cheeks back to the handsome young-looking man, she listened intently to what he was saying. Sure he was older than her, but not by much. She laughed tenderly at his story about being twenty, she didn't have this great memories like most. She regretted her past, and fear the future.

It took her a minute to register what was asking her as he leaned in closely, again, she wanted to lock lips with him. He was sexually attractive and she was ready to take him upstairs, but she fought the urge and thought hard on her response to his tantalizing ways and speech. "No, I don't have any tattoo's. I'm a werewolf, and I can't stomach the idea of inking my body. Well, not for anythign without a meaning. I figure if I am going to permantly place something upon my body, then it must be of importance within my life so that I don't regret it like I regret most of my past." Collette began to speak freely, forgetting who she was with, and where she was. "I almost got one, right here," She pointed to her inner thigh. "I was going to get a paw print, for my former lover in my life. When he disappered oversea's I never thought of him or it again." This was point blank lie to herself, and to Garrett. It was none of his business though, her past with Finn. Her past at all, that was something he would have to work for. Right now, all she could think about was sitting on his face, his precious face that got her all hot and bothered. She shook her thoughts again from her mind, she needed to get away from him, before she raped him.

Collette slammed the crystal shot glass on the table, with enough force for the countertop to shake, but not enough for the glass to break. Sometimes Collette didn't know her own strength. "Another please." As the whiskey filled the glass to the brim, she swallowed it like it was no issue. Again, she place the glass down, and the male refilled it. Collette took 6 shots within a matter of seconds. Then sat back in her seat, waiting for the minor buzz to take effect. Never thinking twice, she only was looking for a way out of the situation she had placed herself in. The way he looked at her, the way he spoke. Collette jumped up from her seat and walked back over to the Skeeball machines, "Yes, I play fair, in regards to getting what I want Mr. Matthews. Right now, I see what I want, and I know I can't have it. Or better yet, you can't have this. Work your ass off, and maybe." What was she saying to him, she sounded like a fool. Maybe six shots of whiskey wasn't the best of ideas. Collette looked up at him and with a bashful smile, went up to Garrett and kissed him. It was awkward and sloppy not like how she had imagined it. Suddenly, she feared what she had done and she was out the game room and towards the elevators.

Rapidly Collette pushed the button to the elevator, she felt terrible for leaving him hanging, but she couldn't face one more moment near him. She kept looking back to see if he would follow, she hoped not. She just wanted to get to her room, to hide her shame, her embarrassment. Her thoughts tormented her, from her years of turning tricks on the street. The last thing she wanted to do was sleep with him, and never look at him or have him look at her again. What was wrong with her, she never acted like this. Collette slammed her forehead against the metal doors to the elevator, cursing herself out. "What the fuck you whore! How dare you!" She nearly screamed to herself in a forced whisper. When she looked up, she nearly fainted.

9 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:08 am

"That's too bad. I was hoping I wouldn't be the only foolish one in this joint with an idiotic story behind a tattoo." Garrett silently smirked, then nodded in agreement to Collette's reason. "If I wasn't drunk, I'm sure I wouldn't have a tattoo on my chest either. The fact that I was so intoxicated to get such a think just goes to show the powers of alcohol." He chuckled, staring into her big beautiful eyes. The wolf within him bit from the inside out, pushing for him to press his lips against hers, cutting the distance between them down the middle. When her finger pointed to her thigh, he looked down, but immediately looked back up, a tad flushed in the cheeks. "T-that sounds like a really meaningful story for a special tattoo for such a special guy. I'm sorry to hear that he'd disappeared, he was a lucky man to have such a find woman like yourself." Ryan gave a tender, caring smile. He'd never really fallen in love with a woman, never knew what it was like to love at all. His life consisted of rare one-night-stands and long nights of working.

As he poured more after more shots for Collette, he stopped after seeing her cheeks turn a bit redder with every punch, indicating that the alcohol was taking it's affects quicker than he'd expected. The mistress seemed startled for a moment, escaping her position and babbling so fast he could comprehend. Jumping down from the counter, he tilted his head to the side. "Collette, are you alright?" He almost whispered. Before he could grab her from falling over her own two legs, she had already walked up to him, only her lips pressed into his, perfectly matching shape. Ryan shut his eyes, taking in the sweet fae's lips and kissing back tenderly. His hands lowered to pull her closer into his embrace but was replaced with a gust of air, not warmth to his mouth any longer. "Colle!?-" Brown hues stared at the creaking door swing in and out, she'd left him there. As he stood in the center of the room, his mind was conflicted. The one side of him yelled at him to chase after her, the other was confused on as to why she'd kissed him, was it the alcohol? or risk? What was it? Garrett shook his head, legs already pumping into the carpet after the fae. The ding rang as the sounds of elevator doors shutting, the small sight of her striking figure disappeared through the cracks right when he showed up. "Collette..." Ryan banged against the doors, frustrated with the machine that took her away. He didn't know what room she stayed in, and he sure as Hell wasn't going to ask the Alphess, she'd probably think he was trying to rape the newcomer as a welcoming gift, like he needed that to make her even more annoyed with him. "Don't go.." He whispered.

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10 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:40 am


((She was outside the eleveator, not in it. But that's okay. I got this.))

Forehead to metal door, not a great combination, as her head began to hurt. "Stupid!" She cursed herself out, the elevator was a bit faster than she thought as she approach floor five. The doors slid open to reveal a beautiful carpet, maybe now in her drunken stupor she was realizing the perks of being in this place. As Collette looked down the hallway it only seemed to get longer, yes, she was shitfaced and she was feeling sick. Garrett had kissed her back and she ran away from him, why, he obviously like her as much as she liked him. Pushing the thoughts from her mind, the room began to spin, and she tried to make it down the hallway. It just kept getting longer and longer in her vision and it spun like she was on a merry go round that wouldn't stop. Collette stumbled down the hallways, trying to read the doorways, and then it hit her. She couldn't remember what room was her, she couldn't remember anything, and she was almost to the point where she was going to shift.

It was as if she was stuck in a horrible place, her blood began to boil and she wanted to shift, but couldn't in the hotel. Collette felt trapped. Did actual people rent the spare rooms here, was there a floor for them. By this time she was on the floor, crawling her way down the hallway, the sickness still creeping up inside her belly. No, Collette didn't feel good at all. All she could think about was Garrett, and how she had made a fool of herself. It was then that she collapsed at the door, thinking it was hers, she looked up, 584. Yes, surely this was it. Trying to reach up to place the key in the lock, her arm fell to her lap. Yes, she would be sleeping in the hallways tonight. There was no other way, Collette was an avid drinking, but a severe lightweight when it came to consuming liquor. She enjoyed getting drunk, but not around men that she found attractive and wanted to sleep with.

"Damn it Colle!" She managed to mumble as she slammed her head against the door. Where was Garrett, why did she leave, why would she run from his lips? A smile crossed her face as she closed her eyes, the images of Garrett playing through her head. As she dozed off into sleep, her dreams were as vivid as real life. There in her sleep she made love to Garrett, whispering in his ear her truest affections for the male. There in her dreams she was who she wanted to be, a good lover, a wonderful wife, and an expecting mother. All of Collette dreams were weird, but this one hit home for her. In her dreams she could escape reality, the thoughts of Finnley, her father, of even being a wereling. Tonight in her dreams, she laid next to Garrett, holding him tightly in her arms as he wrapped himself around her. Her fingers tracing the tattoo on his chest. Yes, she was indeed falling for this man, but why, she promised herself she would never fall in love again. "Garrett..." She screamed in her sleep, and her thoughts went black.

((It's not much, but then again, I can't do much seeing as she is shitfaced. Enjoy!))

11 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:15 pm

[[Move to the Room's thread ]]

His fists made a dent in the metal panel of the elevator, blood boiling through his veins as he cursed at the contraption to open. Moments passed as he waited, Garrett gave up, slumping his shoulders down in defeat. Surely the female was already gone, sitting in her room where he suddenly wished he was instead of in this hallway. Not for pleasure but for understanding, his mind refused to think the woman had feelings for the brute, the alcohol had a lot to do with her actions he thought. Garrett Ryan Mathews was not a quitter, for he would do anything to get what he wanted, even if it meant to bang down every hotel door to find her again. In this case, his options were limited under the roof of his Alphess's orders. He could go up to the front desk and ask what room she stayed in, then the mortal workers could remember him as the creepy guy wanting the number of a pretty woman's room.

The rise and fall of his muscled chest slowed, eyes looking in his reflection of the elevator doors. He saw a man, not to tall not to short, a choppy brown haircut with different shades of lights and darks mixed in it on top of an angular face, brown hazel eyes staring back in his. Ryan was charming yes, but a monster underneath a face of an angel. Most werewolves were a lot more attractive in his opinion, especially the women, an hour-glass figure on all of them, a crown of silky hair spilling from their head, framing their pretty faces. He could of sedated any of his family's pack's women, unfortunately for him, none of them sparked his eyes. Collette sparked his interest to a degree, more than any woman has in his many years of living. She was different, cocky and a person to connect with. It was his duty to know what was wrong with her, she was nice enough to even the games out between them even though she was way ahead of him by a landslide.

His thoughts broke at a ding, doors slowly opening wider and wider, his reflection disappeared, only to see the inside of the elevator before him. There was no use finding the female now, he was now exhausted and only wanted to go to his room. Stepping inside, He pressed the botton labeled his floor's number. Ryan leaned against the small room's wall, head tilted staring at the top as musical elevator tunes played through the intercom. Waiting, just waiting to get to his room and sleep away his worries.

Sure enough, the elevator stopped on his floor only a few minutes later. The dark grey carpet turned into two ways, one leading to his room, the other leading to the remaining rooms down the hall. Turning right, he stared at the floor, then looking up to see a figure at his door. "Collette?" The blonde was cradled against the door, sleeping like a fallen angel so peacefully. He tilted his head, scanning her body for movement. She'd fallen asleep thinking it was her room he presumed. Take the advantaged Garrett, I know you want too. The voices in his head whispered evilly. His canines sharpened under his lips. You're a disgrace you hear me?! I'd never do that to such a woman. He barked in his thoughts back. Looking around, he saw no one coming by. Ryan didn't know what her room was so he decided to let het sleep in his for the night. His arm snaked underneath the pit of her knees, the other lifting the mid of her back, she weighed as much as a feather in his arms. "I've got you." He whispered in her ear. Pulling out his key, he slid it in, hearing a click he pushed his way inside. The room was nice, a large kind-sized bed in the center with a large flat-screen television in front, and a little working area on the other side, a look-out balcony behind a black curtain.

The male walked to the bed first, lying the woman gently, resting her head against the white pillow with ease. He'd never thought he'd see such a radiant woman in his bed in all his life. Ryan left her to sleep, turning around to take a shower, shutting the door behind him.

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12 Re: The Game Plan *Collette* on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:58 pm


Thoughts spun in her head, images of her past circling round her brain. Sickness began to creep up in the pit of her stomach and she rolled over, consciousness slowly making it's way forward, and she fluttered her eyes. Dazed she took in the room she was somewhere else and the last thing she remembered was that she passed out at a door, whose door and why was she in their room. Collette began to panic as she tried to look around the room, her vision blurred as she hears the sounds of the shower. Violently Collette covered her mouth, preventing herself from hurling all over the strangers bed. Inhaling sharply she tried to catch her breath but the scents of the familiar male made her nausea shoot back up her throat. Her legs hit the carpet and she bursted through the shower room door, her hands fumbled to find the lid of the toilet as she tossed the contents of her stomach back up into the porcelain mount. The sounds of splashing water made her dizzy again and she kept vomiting. Collette took a minute to breathe and glanced over at the shower, someone was in there, and she knew it was him. Embarrassment flooded her veins and her face went scarlet and she placed her face back in the bowl. The whole time her head spinning.

Collette ceased her regurgitation and flopped over onto the floor, her right arm extending towards the shower. Oh! How wonderful that would be to take a shower, to sit in the water and relax. Her eyes opened to see the male over her and suddenly, Collette felt hot, in more way than one. Garrett. Her mind raced again and she laid there on the floor, at least she didn't have to puke, all she wanted to do was stop the spinning. Trying to focus on his naked body she kept getting side tracked, yes, a shower sounds more and more inviting. She reached forward with her left hand, asking for a hand up to his dripping wet body. Collette wanted him but would he want her in her drunken state. Making a fool of herself she stared up into his beautiful eyes. She began to pray that he was a gentle man and hoped he would see past this minor setback.

Collette truly liked him, sure, had feelings for him. Overall, she's just scared that he is going to hurt her, like the last one. All she wants is to be someone's 'Old Lady' and bear children with them. To be the greatest wife, to have love that will never leave, and to love like one will never leave. This would be Garrett's greatest test, no matter how drunk she was, she would always know. Although now, Collette didn't need to worry, because she knew Garrett would take care of her, and she couldn't wait. (;p)

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