Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Ink Wolf (Open)

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1 Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:11 am

The sun was nothing but a pale, gold circle within the sky as Adonis made his way through the market. Snow fell from the slate grey sky, but melted as it touched the ground. Bright, sexy blue eyes followed the movements of others curiously as his long legged stride took him easily through the crowd. Sex and power radiated off of him, gaining him a lot of male and female attention. People, though less of the time females, moved out of the way unconsciously, as if by some primitive instinct they knew a greater predator walked among them. His icy eyes landed on a tattoo shop and he paused on the sidewalk. Blue eyes became indecisive as he stared at the open sign, before with a shrug of his broad shoulders he made his way inside.

At the ding of the door's bell the woman behind the desk and looked up. The expected look of hunger washed through her obviously contacted eyes to make them look an unnatural color of antifreeze green. Dressed in skinny black jeans and a belly shirt revealing a belly ring that begged to be licked. Flashing her his most charming smile he sauntered towards her desk as she licked her lips. Today he had no interest in a females attention, however, he did intend to be put another tattoo upon his bronzed skin.

"What can I get you?" Her tone was suggestive, a double meaning, but Adonis decided to play dumb and get what he was after in the first place. Reaching within his plain white Armani shirt he pulled out a piece of paper with a black vine design and placed it before her. "I'd like this along an scar of mine. Not really to cover it, but more to decorate." The woman took it and raised an eyebrow appreciatively. "And, ah, where exactly is this scar?" She said this as she made her way over towards her work station. Adonis followed as he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a scar that traced from his narrow waist, up along his pectorals, and stopped upon his cheek. "I'd prefer to stop on the neck." After that he made himself comfortable and listened to her chattering as she began her work. Finding himself immensely bored already Adonis studied the works of art upon the wall.

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2 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:47 am

She made her way through the crowd of New Yorkers. They pushed and shoved, which made Tatum growl low lying in her throat. Her eyes looked around as a sent of werewolf caught her attention. Her outfit was a little exposed, but had a jacket to cover to cold from maneuvering to her bare skin. She had dark, denim, skinny jeans on with black heeled boots. She had only a navy blue tank top on. So if she wanted to try on some shirts, the she'll just slip them on. But as the wereling scent caught her attention, she moved closer to it. Shoving the mortals out of her way as the stench got stronger. External? She thought to herself. As the scent was stronger is was a male moving into a tattoo parlor, Tatum did want a tattoo. Maybe she should investigate the male, also getting tattoo. She doesn't know what she wants, but she doesn't mind. She'll figure it out. Her eyes were lined out with eyeliner and mascara covering her eyelashes. Her olive skin was glowing today, since she felt especially excited. The male entered and a few minutes after, she did. Taking graceful steps into the parlor, the chill drifted through the room, making boys catch their attention. Her scent filled the room, giving an intoxicating stench. It was power, yet lustful. Shaking off her jacket, she carried it over to the counter. Smiling innocently at the women, but acts like the male isn't even their. "I'd like the get a tattoo on the whole side of my left abdomen." The women gave a disgusted look and Tatum growled quietly. The women gave this weird look then moved to the back, scheduling her appointment and the males. The women smiled and moved back to her desk. Tatum smiled too and rested on the chair, grabbing a book to like at the artistic work, she could choose.

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3 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:22 am

Adonis looked over with slight interest as the artist looked up. Lazily his blue eyes traveled towards the door as a tantalizing scent wafted into his nose. The Ancient breathed in deeply, his abs tightening then loosening with the motion. He looked as comfortable and languid as a cat as he remained laying upon the seat, and with the same slowness his eyes traveled over the newcomer. "Figures we'd run into another pack member we don't know. When we going to know all of them again?" Adonis's wolf, Craven, said from within his mind. The memory of their departure on the hunt for their brother's killers raced through their mind. Hunters had slain Alpha Gabriel of the Bravehearts, also Adonis Braveheart's brother, though he hadn't slain the family of Hunters out of loyalty to his brother. No, it'd been because they'd stolen his prey, and Adonis wasn't one that liked to share.

Sitting forward he allowed his plain white Armani shirt to slip off his shoulder and tossed it upon the floor as the artist went to attend to the new wereling. Adonis sharp hearing caught the female's words and he smiled as he tilted his head to the side slightly, the motion completely wolf like. Within his mind his wolf watched with slight interest, though both males were drowsy after the large dinner they'd had at Griffens not ten minutes ago. He couldn't help but notice how sexy the female was, and decided he wouldn't mind having her company, even if it lead to more then he'd been looking for that day.

The only problem was Adonis was extremely conscious of the scar he'd earned during the fight that'd almost taken his life had it not been by some random wereling that'd came across him. It was rare for him to be so conscious about how he looked, but the Ancient just mentally shrugged his shoulders. What did it matter if the female saw the scar? Seriously, when did he become so conscious of his own looks? He almost sneered at himself and slipped his legs off the seat to face the entrance and the two females. Placing his arms on his knees and leaning forward he tilted his head, his black hair getting in his blue eyes as he studied the new comer. "And what exactly does a young one like you looking to put on your pretty skin?" His voice was uncontrollably seductive and leaked power and sex as he spoke. It was a voice that weaved webs around ones heart and instantly had a female's blood rushing.

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4 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:56 am

Resting against her seat, she snuck a peek at the male. He was shirtless, while his shirt was on the floor. Tatum didn't care too much, but just kept sneaking a peek. His muscle tone was attractive, smiles was, and posture. He seemed like a douch, but everyone did to Tatum. Tatum liked the douches actually. They were the rough kind, which made Tatum chuckle to herself. Her smell swarmed around the waiting room as the males stares at her. The women didn't seem to interested though. Tatum looked up and to her knowledge, the males grew in their pants. Rolling her eyes, she crossed her eyes and continued to look at the art in the book. She didn't too much know what she wanted, but she thinks going to get.. Flipping through the pages, she finds one that's an abandoned tree with ravens flying away. She looked at the Tattoo printed on the page. Smiling down at is, but frowns as she hears the male talking to her. Looking up, she watched him as he talked. Not too much caring for his time, but she decided to respond. "The same reason why you're talking.. It wants attention." She winked seductively. Looking back down at the pages, tapping at the picture. Glancing back at him, she smiled. "Names Tatum.. How about you?" She asked politely. She didn't have to know about the pack, since she already knows by the stench. Her nostrils suffered a sexy smell, while her piercing silver hues connected with his blue sexy eyes. A male interrupted. "My name is Peter." He wasn't handsome, nor good-looking. Cocking her head at him. "Well, one I wasn't talking to you and second, don't get your hopes up. I don't like you and you're not getting lucky." The women scoffed and the males glared at the male as she turned back to the Eternal member. Smirking at him genuinely.

His name was called back, making Tatum slump as she'll now have no one to talk to. Tracing a random shape on her jeans as she just seated there. Returning back to the artistic work in the pages, looking though more. The majoring is tramp stamps. Giving a disgusted look, making her flip out her Galaxy s3 and play temple run out of boredom. She would always die after every half of a million. Cursing to herself, she straightening her back as a old man winked at her. Feeling like she was rape through midair. Ignoring them with a glance out the window.

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5 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:15 am

"Names Adonis, and I don't need to speak to be noticed." His voice was a soft purr as he allowed his eyes to move from the female to the others within the room. He frowned before looking upon the tattoo already on the tender underside of his arm. It was a rose, made from shades of oranges and reds to look as if it were made of flames. The area around it was a smoky black, making it look as if it had been burned into the skin. It was a painful reminder of years pass. He'd gotten it so that he would remember his dead mate and child. Adonis was old, an Ancient that'd lived in Ancient Greece. As the years went by, memories would fade, and though he wouldn't admit it to himself, he was terrified of forgetting about them two.

Turning his attention back onto the female that small sliver of sadness that'd managed to wiggle into his heart disappeared as a new male approached her. Snorting he said, "Maybe you should look elsewhere for a date tonight. She's mine." Moving himself back into his seat as the artist reappeared beside him he sent Tatum a mental message, "Just play along. If a male thinks I already have my claws in you, he'll most likely leave you be. If not, well..." He left the rest up to her imagination as he sighed as he heard the sound of the artist starting up the needle.

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6 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:35 am

Smirks at him as he thinks that he's that full of himself, but she's not going to be a hypocrite and say he's really attractive. Does she care? Nah. But it's nice to feel that he doesn't doubt himself, every male thinks their is something wrong with them. The only thing is wrong with them is that they have self-doubt and that's not a turn on to Tatum. Rolling her eyes at the male as she actually thinks, she's his, but then she heard a thought cross her mind. It was him talking, eyeing him as he talked into her head. She glanced at the older male, nodding. "Yeah, so back off." She stood up and sat beside Adonis. The male didn't look to happy, nor did the others. Tatum didn't care and Adonis didn't either. She leaned on his a bit to give a better thought to the male, but it didn't look like he gave it totally get it. She looked at the other male, he looked back her with a tense look in his eyes. Clenching her eyes, she shifted her gaze to the wolf. "So what you getting?" She asked once again politely, since she's trying to be nice. Never being this nice, since she had her mom next to her side. She loved her mom and when she saw her dead on the forest floor it gave Tatum a sinking thought. Never in her life, she thought that she'd be left with nothing. She's still left with nothing, her brother died, her best friend is off running around with the Elite of the pack. So Tatum has no one, but herself. She's always running into someone, giving them a seductive look. Maybe she back off from the tease then thought, naaaaahhh. Being a tease if too fun and Tatum loved it. Because she liked being the dominant one in the relationship. Her eyes glanced back up at Adonis, smiling, then back at the room with the artist. Her silver hues glance back up him as she whispered closely to his ear, so no one can hear. "Can I come with you? I feel like I'm going to get rape in this joint. The old hag over their is seductively me with winks, it's fucking creepy me out." She leaned back, waiting for his answer. Looking innocently, hoping he would say yes. She didn't didn't want to stay here anymore.

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7 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:24 am

As the female went to sit by him he slid an arm around her and studied the other males within the room as she spoke. A low growl rumbled in his throat as she admitted she felt uncomfortable here. His eyes locked with the one that called himself Peter and any that was wereling would be able to feel the air shift as his wolf growled from within his mind. Adonis might've been a big flirt, and yes, he could be cruel and cold, but mess with a female... And you've got one angry, Ancient, powerful, and ferocious wolf that had no qualms about killing another. The boy's face paled and he mumbled something as he backed up a step and looked away. Dominance radiated in the air, before settling down as he sent a dark glare towards the older man, though he barely seemed to notice. With a snort of disgust, Adonis leaned back as the artist went to work along his scar, inky black vines starting to take shape along it.

"I'm having a vine made along my scar until it reaches my neck. As for if you can come with me somewhere..." He stroked his chin, not even wincing as the needle moved over him. Meeting the female's gaze he said with absolute seriousness, "You might not be better off with me." He spoke as if the artist wasn't even there, and he didn't care. He then continued to speak with her with mind speak, "As for getting you out of here... I can offer that much protection. If you wanted, we could head down to Rapture to dance, or perhaps the meadows to hunt?" If the female were smart she'd go with the second choice for the hunt. If they went to Rapture all bets were off with him keeping his hands off of her, and who knew what would happen later?

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8 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:30 pm

Nods. She liked the vine, but what scar? Her mind was curious, but maybe he didn't want to tell her, so she just smiled. "I like that idea of the vine. It's.. Creative? I don't know how to put it.. Could be described as unique as well." She couldn't think of the word it most make sense with. But she scoffed. "I wasn't talking about getting out of here and actually being friends. I just wanted to get an excuse for them to get off of me." She looked at her with most seriousness back, she didn't care to be friends. She doesn't trust anyone, besides her family.. Who is now died. Tatum is 256 years old, he might be older, but she's been through a lot. The love story, the deaths, and the sacrifices.. She's not going to suffer through it more to watch a friend die. She thinks to herself that maybe a friend isn't a bad idea, but then thought of the horrors she might have to go through. Tatum isn't selfish, but she's not someone to baby someone or to be babied. She's capable of herself, she's only talking to the male for the others to back off. Other then that, the male... She doesn't really care about. But thought someone as she zoned out at the needle tracing over his scar. Decorating his dignity, a symbol, a mark. That's what she thought a scar was. A trace of suffer and dignity. Does Tatum have any? Yes. She doesn't have any visible. Their only scars on her heart and eyes. Watching and the feel of nasty images that cross her kind, makes her feel sick. Her eyes snapped back to reality as he other to take her dancing or hunting. She had to think about that, since she doesn't really care to friends, but maybe a dance or two could be fun. But then the hunt would be way more fun. "Hmm.. Dancing or.." Glancing at the artist then back to him.. "I'd go for second choice... The first.. Could lead to more then a dance" She truly didn't care if it led further. Would it mean anything to Tatum, nope. She doesn't have much humanity and only a few have actually had a taste of that.

But she heard her artist, direct her to the table next to him. Staring at him then lays down on her right side still facing Adonis. "You'll have to take off your top clothing if you want your whole side done." The male said. Tatum stared at him the shrugged. She lifted off her tank top then looks at everyone stare at her, rolled her eyes. Unclipping her bra, pulling it off, but hides her nipple. She doesn't care, but still has her dignity to not show so. Much skin then already has. The male smirked at Tatum and Tatum eyed him. "Come on.." Grabbing the book, pointing to the drawing. Also telling him to make the wind slant with the wind, but also no writing. She reminded him on the little detail of no writing. He nodded his head and began his work. She laid back down, moving her hair out of the way for a better view. "You'll have to move your hands that's blocking your.. Breasts. I need move room." He said serious. Glancing back at him, she slumped, moving her hand a little to the right. She still was able to keep her nipples hiding, so no one could. Eyeing Adonis. "Keep your eyes off the breast.."

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9 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:37 pm

Adonis listened to the girl talk and he tilted his head to the side as amusement flashed in the blue depths of his eyes. There was something about the girl that made it easier to be around her, and it was a refreshing feeling not to have a female tossing themselves at him all the time. It was really, really nice just to be having a conversation. He forced himself not to become too comfortable though. He’d learned long ago that friends never stayed around, and his line of work… Well, he wasn’t safe to be around, and it would even just be a risk taking this female anywhere with him. Life was made of risks though, and he’d decided long, long ago that life without risks weren’t worth living.

He smiled as she spoke, “Aye, you didn’t, but I’m inviting you.” The woman that was working on his tattoo pushed down a little too hard and Adonis cursed beneath his breath in the Ancient language of Greece. He had to bite his tongue to keep from growling at her, but besides giving her the stank eye he did nothing, nor show any sign of pain. His eyes went to watching her work, and he nodded as Tats spoke, and he found his lips twitching at the hint of a smile as she tried to decide what she wanted to do. He knew he was only trying to fill up the holes his dead mate and baby girl left behind by going to Rapture tonight and hopefully hooking up with one of the dancers there, or losing himself to his wolf in the meadows, but would it really hurt just to try and make a single reliable friend?
He didn’t particularly like the idea. He’d opened up enough to Vitani, and yes, he did consider her a close friend, but opening up had reopened old wounds, and Adonis felt more vulnerable than he had as a young boy when his mother had died.

Looking back at Tats as she was getting her tattoo he raised an eyebrow at her request of him not watching her breasts. He gave a low throaty laugh, and he saw the female artist working on him shudder at the sound. “Hon, there’s nothing you’ve got that I haven’t seen before. Relax.” He made a brushing away motion with his hand and leaned his head back against the seat. “I guess we could hit Rapture first, then go for a…” Here he paused and looked at the humans. “A hike in the forest if you wish.”

There was a vibration in his pants pocket and he slipped out the IPhone from his pocket almost reluctantly. The muscles of his chest and shoulders tightened as he tapped in his password and he looked at the text: Your money is in your room. He slid the phone back in his pocket and relaxed. Finally, things were going his way.

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10 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:14 pm

Adonis spoke to her gently and it made Tatum smile genially. Glancing back to the artist as he pinned her tight, tracing the pinches across her side. Hissing to herself as he pressed to hard. She closed her eyes feeling him run the needle over her skin, developing the picture she requested. Her hole top was bare and she kind of wished she didn't black that tattoo down the length of her left side abdomen. She wants to keep her dignity, not loose it. She hand cupped her beasts and flickers her eyes open. The male was glancing at her breasts then her, she watched him speak up. Entering upon his word on how he's seen much of girl's bodies, "Well that shows much about who you are.. Are you busy every night with someone different or expand you mind to have multiple partners in one night?" She grinned smugly at him. The artist smiles like she's holding a laugh back. Her eyes glanced over his skin, quiet sexy she though, but she not entirely impressive. Her eyes glanced at the painting, quiet fantasized on that more. She wondered more on what's going to happen now then in the future. She's been fights more of her life and recently she's got to relax. Tatum doesn't really like to tell someone else her secrets, but maybe tonight will be a one night stand. She likes to think of that saying, called Fish. Fuck it, shit happens. She learns that when she was in college, twice. Returning back to college, finding mortal friends. She learned a lot through the humans, some kid of lost their lives then others got lucky. Lucky as in, living. She would never have sex, nor would she want to.

Her mind dragged around in her thoughts, draining every piece of pinching the artist gave her. But somehow the males voice, snapped her back to present. Most people can't really do that, but he managed. Surprising her amazingly, she looked a bit shocked. She cleared her throat, managing to speak after being deep in thought. "I wouldn't mind Rapture, something to do to get out of the hotel. I feel stiff, just laying around or playing video games all day... But after that.." She chuckled at what he said to cover it up. But she played along. "Yeah, hiking we could do.. But we should get something to eat, just a quick bite." She smirked at him. The male put some stuff to clean everything up from her tattoo. He went to put a bandage to heal it, but she refused. She hopped off the bed and stretched a bit, not even flinching a bit. She forgot she was topless, pulling on her bra and then her top. The male lead her to the check out, purchasing her tattoo. She gave him one hundred and twenty bucks. The male took the cash and Tatum rested against the counter. It was apparently an easy target for the chubby male who hit on her earlier, smacking her ass. She growled lowly, jerking her body around and grasped his arm. She twisted it and pulled it behind his back. She whispered some threatening words and the male nodded. Tatum let him free and glanced at Adonis. "You ready?"

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11 Re: Ink Wolf (Open) on Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:55 pm

-bumps him-

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