Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Locked Out of Heaven [Mature]

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1 Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:58 pm

~ At Wonderland ~

A low growl whispered into his ear and trailed down his neck as he explained his loyalty to her in the mists of their given attention and affections. He could not make promises, yet she did not care for it. Things were meant to be broken and repaired, it's how things were learned from and placed as better people, was it not? But the tone in his voice revealed so much more, and with that she lifted her silvery hues to meet his oceanic orbs, placing her lips softly upon his to know that she understood. Pulling back, she nibbled his bottom lip gently and released him with a low growl, "You won't loose me, Adonis, I assure you of that. Not even betrayal will beak between us, I promise. Though I cannot promise the same, but I can say that you will always have my ear to lend for a friend to hear and listen." Her voice was soft and slow as she brushed her lips against his, gasping faintly at the feel of his hands course up her skin until she shivered at the breeze that blew underneath. Vitani smiled at the feeling, still clearly seeing that he was aroused, but keeping her eyes to linger passed it towards the moon, "Come on, let's move this party elsewhere before we both get sick. We can both play doctor at my place." She said with a wink, letting his hand slip away to stand and hop over the cart's side, climbing down to reach ground level again. As she shifted into her other form, she looked at him once before playfully biting at his ear and dashing off into the night towards home.

~ At the Hotel ~

Stepping into the elevator with him at her side, she rummaged through her purse and patted her pants and jacket pockets, cursing under her breath as the small rage she held in misplacing her room key. Her eyes widened at the floor as she sought no other place to go, that is, until a smile curled at her lips at the thought of her office. It would be open at this hour, as Evie would just be leaving, keeping the door unlocked for the maid to come in and clean, but Vitani kept the workers out as it was her property, in a way. So no one would be inside. Intertwining her fingers between his, she winked up at him and walked through the open metal doors to be led down a long hall of doors on both sides till she finally reached her work station. It was unlocked, just like she had expected it to be, thankfully. Walking inside, she let her coat slip off her shoulders and gaze turn to slightly look at him over her shoulder, watching how he moved in after her until was completely in the abandoned office. In the light, he was beautiful, and the scar that embedded into his cheek only made her view point about him harder to resist in looking away. But his eyes, so hypnotizing, and seducing as they looked into her own silvers. Her wolf scratched at her skin from the inside to be released, but Vitani ignored it to be moved towards him magnetically, gracing her hands along his hips and up his chest as she tilted her head to peer seductively up at him for her shorter height, Hope the change of scenery doesn't mind.. does it? She replied through to his thoughts, reaching up on her toes to kiss along the lengths of his neck as her torso pressed against his hard form, slowly backing up her pace towards the doctor's bed for him to follow if he wished to. There were many ways he could take her, any would suffice. Whether it'd be the wall, the floor, the desk, the table, the bed, or even all of them, she knew she'd have fun.


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2 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:26 am

Adonis followed Vitani silently back to their home within the hotel for the Eternal Darkness Pack. He was pleased she didn't whine or shed a tear like most of the other girls he'd been with. Those always left him feeling worse then he had before. He might've been a cold son-of-a-gun, but he wasn't a fan of breaking hearts. Especially when they looked like his Rose, his dead wife. He was quick to push these thoughts from that direction though, and instead focused on the female with him. He loved the way she moved her hips and the seductive looks that seemed to be so natural on her. His wolf paced within his mind in impatience, and could be felt thickly upon the air as a large thick air of power. His blue eyes glowed with an inner fire of passion as he followed close on her heels. Leaning upon the wall he waited for her to find her keys and felt himself growing impatient as she failed to find them. The thought of just taking her there against the wall slipped through his mind, but how was that any way to introduce yourself back into the pack? Hell, what did it matter? Everyone knew he wasn't ashamed to sleep with anyone, and anything. He was about to follow out these thoughts when she continued on down the hall. A frown found its way to his lips.

"What's she doing? I want her NOW!" Crave howled from within his mind. Adonis merely hushed him, however, and continued to follow her and into her office. Blinking he took in the office as he stepped in with her as she shut the door. He took a moment to study his surroundings, a habit he'd formed in case of emergencies. Finally satisfied that the room was safe he sent a heat filled look to Vitani as she lead him further in. "Here's fine." His voice was a low, lust filled growl as with the speed of his kind he wrapped his hands about her waist and sat her upon the examining table. He didn't waist a moment before his lips were hungrily upon hers and he used his legs to spread her legs as he moved himself closer. His hands roamed down her sides and slid beneath her shirt and slowly, languidly he slid her shirt up. As her stomach became revealed he broke lose from the kiss and lowered himself to his knees so that he could kiss the softness of her stomach and his fingers teased along the waist band of her pants.

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3 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:38 am

Happiness at his opinion finally rang in her ears, growing restless until he finally moved in to her signals. The wolf would not win over this one, this time, as it had with Travis the night they shared, for she was sly prepared, but who's to say that wouldn't be stolen due to the power he had over her? Meeting licks to lock, Vitani groaned at the feeling of his hands grab around her and lift her like as if she were weightless before being settled onto the examining table. The hands, it was always the hands, his touch, his warmth that made a portion of her die inside to when they felt up her skin. But the direction of his hands soon changed, however arousal drove hard into her as her legs were separated by the wedging of his waist near closer. Being seen that her stomach was vulnerably revealed and kissed upon her sensitive flesh, she shivered and helped herself to slip the material completely away to only leave left her bra cupping around her breasts. She didn't know whether he would want the bra to be his job or not to be taken off, so she did it herself anyway, unhooking it to then throw it to the floor. Her inner thighs were then grazed with the movement of his torso descending down and kneeling at her waist level. ..Oh boy... Her wolf said enthusiastically, only causing the female to be more teased between them in the situation she faced as the male caressed and kissed lower of her stomach. She could not surpass a shiver to run up her spine, finding it difficult not to look down as she forced her vision to lock on the ceiling above. Easing off her boots, she finally got them to slid and fall down onto the floor, then scooting on her forearms to see slightly of what he did below.


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4 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:54 am

Pausing as he heard more fabric slipping off of her he looked up as she slid her shirt off, and then her bra. His heart thudded fiercely within his chest as he took in the sight of her. Waiting until he held her gaze he licked his lips hungrily before leaning forward to take one nipple within his mouth. Expertly he licked and suckled, and even added in a nip or two as he forced the bud to stand to attention with his mouth. He soon turned his attention to the other, and did the same, though as he pulled away he nipped the tender flesh near there. He didn't break the skin, but it did leave a small bruise as he pulled away to trail kisses back along her stomach until he reached her stomach. A tattoo caught his attention, a humming bird. Smiling he placed a kiss on it, before turning his attention to the last piece of fabric that hid the treasure he needed beneath. Giving her one last lustful and warning look he leaned forward and using his mouth he undid the buttons upon her jeans with almost expert moves. Not having much patience left he wrapped an arm around her waist, lifted her, and tore the jeans off, though left them intact so she would have something to wear later.

He then studied the last piece of fabric in his way and with his teeth he grabbed the waistband of her underwear and slid them off slowly, and allowing them to slide off her feet. Finally having his prize revealed his leaned back slightly to allow hot, seductive eyes to slide over her beautiful, luscious body. Suddenly feeling that his shirt was too tight upon his skin he slid his black Armani shirt off slowly, seductively, like a stripper would. His impatience grew he wrapped large hands around her waist and slid her to the edge of the examining table. Placing on hand on her stomach he forced her to lean back before slowly, and painstakingly taking his time as he nipped and licked his way up the insides of her thighs, before pausing before her liquid center. Giving a low groan he finally gave it a lick, before attacking it hungrily with his tongue, acting as if he were a thirsty man in the desert, and she was his drink.

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5 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:47 am

The look in his eyes made Vitani almost insecure, feeling her muscles tighten together as they were being raked over relentlessly by his very own brightly-colored hues like an animal would when it locked onto his prey. Hunger rose like a wild fire in them, blazing and burning everything in it's beautiful sight before finally diving in for the count as to when the animal would finally capture it's kill. It managed to rattle her inner cage and make the beast growl out of control, lust filling her to a brim as his tongue suckled over her voluptuous mounds to a point. A small whine mumbled through her lips at the bite he preformed to her opposing nipple, finding it both pleasurable and painful, all the while becoming impatient as the wolf tore freely in her mind to the surface. Her hair lay sprawled over the table, and her torso lay bare to his eyes until he finally returned positions to trail down her front. She smiled at the single kiss to her tattoo, eying him out of the corner of her vision until he left sight and looked to the material covering her heat. Pushing up onto her elbows to have the pants ripped away, she was set back down, turning her attention towards the gape between her legs to what she only saw was the hairs atop his head.

She gasped, the brush of his fangs cradling over the thin fabric left as it slid away from her all together. Vitani shivered at the feeling, piercing her claws at her sides into the table's hard, leather cushions and the paper over it. It was also as if the beast inside her was using all it's control to ram into her sides, finding no source of freedom unless to pry her out of it and search through to the male's mind to find that animal as well within him for eternal pleasure. Her throat dried and her stomach clenched tightly as he kissed up her thigh and to it's destination over her arousal. The twists and turns of his tongue were describable, she surely has never been roughed around like a male like him. He was the definition of a beast when it came to such intimate moments, something she found undeniably wonderful and sexy all at once. Closing more of the gape between his face and her center, Vitani scooted a bit closer and lifted her legs to hang over his shoulders neatly. "Ohh.. Adonis.."A soft moan moved out of her, followed by a muffled growl to only his ears to hear, the secrecy of her wolf's vile, poisonous words drying to coo into the male's mind. She had done it before to the minds of many potential brutes in her path to seduce them mentally, proving little of her tricks to try and make him try harder for her climax to burn up into flames.


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6 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:13 am

With a groan Craven burst from Adonis mind and into that mental state between two pack members. Tail up, eyes a shocking blue the light grey wolf circled the raging female within Vitani's mind as eager whines left the male. Adonis shivered at the combined feelings between he and his wolf, though he held Craven back. He didn't know what Vitani's wolf was like, only what the human was like. At the moment he didn't care much as he tasted Vitani's sweet honey upon his tongue. Upon his slight loss of control his tongue elongated into that of his wolf's and dug deeper within Vitani. Slight tremors worked through him as he tried to get as much as he could before pulling back to nibble upon her bud. A growl of approval rumbled within his chest. He liked the sound of his name upon her lips, and it only pushed him harder to try his best to pleasure the beautiful wolf before him.

Finally satisfied he pulled away and leaving kisses in his wake he made his way back to his feet, though even with the table he had to lean over to be face to face with Vitani. Without taking his eyes from hers he quickly and deftly undid the buttons upon his jeans and kicked it away as they landed at his feet. Easily he slid his feet out of his worn Nikes and deciding he'd allow her to unwrap her prize he moved back to her, enjoying the warmth of her near him. He had to admit that was probably his favorite thing about sex; being near another warm body and feeling that small, gaping wound that'd been in his chest since the Civil War. It wasn't something he'd ever admit to himself, though.

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7 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:15 pm

Her eyes closed shut as her entrance was greeted with a change in his actions, the serpent like tongue of his wolf caressing her tight, wet walls that searched furiously for her to capture inside. With the concentration of both minds, Vitani fought herself through the many barriers to hold back the beast, however the wolf had other arrangements for this one, wavering her haunches before the whining brute he possessed to reel him in like a fish on a hook. As strange as the ability was for both werelings to react to one another through the mental state, she payed little attention to her wolf and more on what seemed to intensify at her lower half. Another moan flew away from her reach, clasping her mouth tightly to keep quiet before returning her attention to what went on between their wolves. Azlynn, her counterpart held a careless aura around her, though her body language revealed lust, waving her tail purposely behind her heated hips into the direction of the opposing wolf for him to get a great whiff of her sweet scent beckoning for him.

Vitani peered down to see once Adonis had finished, traveling her gaze along the dips and grooves of his toned muscles while the clothing was stripped away. She laughed slightly at the way he displayed himself before her, pushing up to sit and grabbing him close by the waist to step nearer to the end of the examining table. Him being so tall had it's advantages, and his hands were almost two times bigger than her's; and they all know what they say about big hands. The wolf slithered around in a slow, stalking circle with his, curling her lip to bare her bloodied fangs as she cooed a soft growl to the other to make the first move. She could not take her eyes off of the male, tracing her hands along the front of his hard body and using her peripheral vision to see the bulge of his underwear graze the heat between her legs slightly the more she made him come closer.

As he was close, her head tilted up towards him to meet his lips, parting them forcefully with her tongue and gliding over his to wrestle within the passionate kiss. Her hands slid further down upon him, teasing at the waistband of his boxers much like he had with her, but switching it to slip inside them. Stroking around his length, she groaned into his mouth and lightly bit his lip with her fangs before tugging away. Her thumb circled around the head slowly to stall the time, brushing her fingers along the skin while her other hand eased back over one side of his ass to grip firmly with a smirk. Once she was finally finished, she started to peel away his boxers along his hips until they finally reached a point where they dropped the floor around his ankles. Thinking that he'd step out of them on his own, Vitani teased herself in bringing his head to trace around her wet entrance, providing a soft sound before looking up into his blue pools with a desperate, wanting silver gaze.


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8 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:35 pm

Adonis remained still a moment, watching Vitani as she slipped his boxers from his waist, causing the fabric to fall to his feet. His eyes were filled with lust as his wolf lunged from within his mind to claim his prize, and a sudden haze of warmth filled Adonis, only fueling his own hunger. Kicking his boxers to the side expertly he stepped out of them and moved closer to the little wolf before him. The feel of her hand upon his manhood caused his eyes to roll back slightly in their sockets and his head to tilt back as he forced himself to remain in control. A shudder passed through his body despite his best efforts and his hips moved forward in an attempt to gain more of her touch.

He placed his hands upon her shoulders and slid them down the length of her arms in a small caress as she brought the tip of him to her entrance. Leaning forward he pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, before lowering his head to capture her lips with his own. Sliding his hands back along her sides and to her hand he gave her hand a squeeze and gently moved forward as he dueled his tongue with her own as he shared her taste with her. His hand left hers and went to grip her waist as he slid her as far as he could without actually lifting her off the bed and slowly entered her inch, by inch. A pained sound sounded in his throat, but he went slow. The beast in him wanted to slam into her, and take her hard and fast, but despite how rough he usually was during foreplay, he was carefully gentle when it came to the first entering. Afterwards though… All bets were off.

Finally, Adonis stopped as his long length was in to the hilt. Pulling away from their kiss he nibbled along the length of her throat, paused to suckle on the sensitive spot where he felt her pulse through her skin, and licked a small trail down to her shoulder. Pausing on the spot where her shoulder met her neck, he bit down, but didn’t break the skin as he pulled out and slid back in as he allowed himself to fall prey to his animalistic urges.

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9 Re: Locked Out of Heaven [Mature] on Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:42 pm

She was slow, and gentle as she enjoyed the kiss the shared, leaving her tongue to slowly emerge from it's palace as it finally delivered it's tangling ability against his. He was strong, and his scent was powerful over her own heat as she knew sincerely how his wolf could feel in being so close to a fumed female nearby. That same ecstasy burning from the inside to be poured out instantly at first sight, the sounds of her wolf's urging only caused a shiver to run up her spine and make her want more of the male so soon. It was almost romantic of how he treated her in the most vulnerable and waiting position he had her placed in, and she loved how his hands met her in the ways only a real man could in order to respect a lady. With that, Vitani slipped forwards by his own pulling towards the edge, adjusting her leveled hips to become greeted with his arousal in the mid of their kiss before it was gaped slightly for new air to rush through her lungs. A soft groan murmured from her lips as he finally moved inside her pleasurable caverns, the thickness of his length becoming tightly hugged by her walls the further he'd move inside.

There had been a slim amount of men that took their time when it came to the slipping in portion of sex; whereas others were greedy and caught themselves way too into the moment to get it in fast and over with before they could ask what the subject's name was anyway. It was sad, really, but she knew that the mind of a male could go just as many twisting ways as a woman. It was funny to think how confusing each gender was to another, especially when it came down to the 'sleeping together' events. That would probably be one of the only times they'd learn more about each other than the personal every-day answers. Oh how strange it was to try and understand, yet it to her eyes looked simple, but then again, mortals did only live so long to get it together. And sometimes not even the immortal could figure it out, she thought humorously before being reminded of the actions to what plowed into her below.

When he returned his thrust and played with a light bite to her clavicle, Vitani moved her hands to press over his shoulders. As he would try to get her to moan to her breaking point, she would do her best to give him the same pleasure both wolves begged for. Pushing up her hipbones against his roughly, her warm walls tightened around his member and contracted her muscles to fit deeper along his length. However with the help of being a woman and the ability to multitask her movements, she kept the pace of her hips to gradually work, meanwhile her lips brushed over his ear and nibbled upon the little skin over it. And like always, her wolf, Azlynn was the first to stir between both of them and lunged for the male in pressing her faster already. But there was enough for them to be patient, she had to please him as well, even if she wished to go harder, and harder till he could have her broken by the time their fun ends. The thought of it only made it worse trying to be gentle, making her growl against his ear as she had not meant to do so.


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