Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum]

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1 A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:13 am

After meeting with Doctor Evie, Huey felt better about himself after becoming her apprentice of sorts and was now on his way to pay his respects to the Alphess before anything else. As a new member it was only respectful to know who his leader was and let her see that he wouldn’t let her or the pack down. He had asked for directions to the Alphess’ suite and made his way from the doctors’ office, following the directions and looking for the right room. As he walked he ran over what he would do in his head. Of course he would give a smile and look polite, but he would also make sure his voice didn’t quiver and he didn’t bite his lip or twiddle his fingers. Well since one hand would be clutching his board he figured the finger twiddling would be easy to avoid. He half wondered how scary the Alphess would really be, or the Alpha for that matter. No, no matter how scary they may be he had to remain strong or else risk getting his head bitten off.

”Hey kid, what did I tell you about thinking like that?” Bard huffed in the back of Huey’s mind. Huey smiled lightly as he heard his wolf’s voice and he laughed softly. ”Sorry Bard, it’s a bad habit. Just preparing myself in case you know. I’m gonna be confident and respectful but I’m also aware of the possibility of them just not liking me,” Huey told Bard and the wolf couldn’t disagree with what the boy said. Huey had a point, the Alphess and Alpha could just not like him for reasons they were privy to and the boy wouldn’t be able to do a thing about that. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that though; the boy had come too far to just be kicked out without a second thought.  ”You’ll be fine kid, just don’t give them any reason to doubt your loyalty or worthiness,” the wolf reminded the boy and the latter nodded in agreement. ”I’ll try, but that’s easier said than done,” Huey said as he approached the door to the alpha pair’s suite. Raising a hand he cleared his throat as he rapped once, twice, thrice on the door and then stood back waiting to face whatever was on the other side of that door.

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2 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:14 pm

Christmas Eve Tatum was, laying in her bed. She had no family to go visit, nor any friends in the pack whose she actually interacted with besides Laundi and others. She hasn't heard from Laundi, but it doesn't really matter to Tatum. They weren't meant to be anyways, but doesn't mean she can't go out and have more fun. Maybe she can go get drunk tonight and dance in Rapture. People says it's the hottest club in all of New York, so Tatum probably thinks it's the wildest choice to make. So she decides to finally stand up and walk to the bathroom. Stripping off each clothing as she walks to the bathroom, fully nude as she reaches the door. Curling her fingers around the knob, twisting it and pushes forward. She entered the bathroom and turns on the water. As the water rushes out the shower head, she watches it steam up the whole bathroom. Shaking out her blond locks as it was pulled back into a ponytail, her hair rushes down her bare back. Looking herself in to the mirror as she doesn't recognizes her own self. Frowning upon her scars down the length of her arms and the one under stretched across her cheek. Tracing it with her index finger, she frowns deeper. Walking away from the mirror, she reached her hand into the shower, and pulls back her hand as an instinct as it stings. Her eyes glanced down at her blood red skin, she pushes her hand back into the shower then her whole body. Feeling her body boil, but doesn't flinch this time from the rushing pain and aches it gives her. Her silver hues were blending in with the steam of the heat, since it's so think like fog were eyes can't adjust well. She glanced around a bit to watch her surroundings as she's a bit paranoid. Shrugging her shoulders, she continued her shower. The feeling of the liquid running down her skin, making her body flush to a deep red. Closing her eyes as she rubs in the mixtures of conditioner and shampoo. Rubbing it onto her soaked hair then rinses it out. Repeating the action with the soap as she hears a knock. As an automatic reflex she swing her fist into the wall. Busting the blocks, she curses to herself. Turning off the water as the soap runs down her skin. Grabbing a towel and wraps it around herself. She glances back at the busted wall like it was her worse fear. Her eyes grimiest towards it then walks out of the bathroom, she went to grab the knob to her door then turns around to look at the strips she made in an appearance. She wraps them up and throws them onto her bed, shrugging. Shaking out her hair and scrunching the strands up so they don't look to bad. Her hand curled around the knob, while she's still in a towel. Not the best impression, she thought to herself as she opens the door. Her eyes looked shocked as a boy stands in front of her. Looking a bit confused, she stares up at him. Tatum is only 5'5 and the male looks were tall. But Tatum just keeps looking in shock. Of coarse he's a werewolf and if he's a loner she has the privilege to kill him. But she just starts off with a smile introduction. "Umm.. Hello? I'm Warrior Tatum. Are you lost or something?" Her eyes looked over the male as she almost forgot she naked, but with only a towel blocking her privates. Closing her arms just for support of her towel. But she turned back to the male. "Do you need help or something?" She asked politely.

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3 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:34 am

Right after Huey had knocked his were hearing picked up the sound of a large thud and crack from inside the room. The sound made the boy jump slightly and he stared at the door, wondering what in the world just happened behind it.  Either someone died, someone got punched and hit the wall or the wall was punched…any of the three options did not lead to a good assumption for why it might have happened. Oh god he must have caught the Alphess at a bad time…shit she was going to murder him for being in the wrong place at the worst time. Damn his luck—he heard bustling movement from within the room and he took in deep breaths and exhaled, calming himself and preparing for the worst. Okay one, the Alphess could just kill him on the spot and he’d be nothing but a dead weight in a matter of seconds; two the Alpha could kill him in the same matter; three one of them could be so pissed they start yelling at him and make him want to find a hole to crawl into, or four he could just kick him out of the pack. ”Kid…” Bard’s voice said warningly inside Huey’s head. The latter muttered a silent apology to his wolf and tried to not think so negatively. ”It’s like you’re suffering from neuroticism, stop it you’re a grown ass man so get your game together,” the wolf growled and then went silent.

Hughes stood there in front of the door, nervous and anxious; his foot started tapping again and he cursed his restless leg syndrome because it was a dead clue of his mental condition at the moment. He reached down a hand to grab his shaking leg and stopped it, only for his other leg to start shaking and he grumbled slightly, annoyed at how this was going to make him seem once that door opened.  He paced back and forth in front of the door for a few moments before he had calmed himself and stood in front of the door again, waiting for a slap in the face—ah he meant a expressionless face to greet him and wonder why the hell he was doing here—he hoped it was none of the two ideas he thought of. Well the door did finally open and Huey was surprised to say he was not expecting what he saw. A lady stood there, in nothing but a towel covering her body; her hair was wet and he assumed he disturbed her in the shower. Noticing he was looking a second too long, Huey covered his eyes and backed up a few steps. ”Oh my god I’m so sorry Alphess I didn’t mean to bother you during your showering. Should I come back another ti—“ he stopped mid-sentence when he heard her speak and refer to herself as Warrior Tatum. Cautiously he peeked between two fingers at her. ”I’m sorry. Did you just say Warrior Tatum? …..Oh my god, geez my bad look I’m really sorry to have caught you in a bad time. I was looking for the Alphess’ room and well...” Huey said as he shrugged his shoulders, opened his mouth for an excuse and he laughed miserably when he couldn’t think of any. Still covering his eyes, he gave her an awkward smile, ”Yeah…I’m lost,” he finished pathetically as he clutched onto his board tighter with one hand while covering his eyes with the other. He really did want to crawl into a hole now and he didn’t meet the darn Alphess!

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4 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:48 am

Amora continues to stare at the male, wondering what the hell he wanted and knocked on her door. She stood their with her expression shocked, but a little annoyed. Rolling her shoulders she stood their calmer and watched him cover his eyes. "Am I that bad looking in a towel?" She asked curiously. But was even more shocked as he thought she was the Alphess. First, she could never be Alphess even though she was meant to be one in her old pack, but second she could never stand running around the whole time to make sure everyone is okay. It's exhausting, truly she though. But her eyes kind of rolled back as she's still shoked on that. She spoke sweetly, smiling genuinely. "Once again I'm Warrior Tatum, if you want you can come in. I just have to get dress though. I don't think it's very fair that I'm letting you stand out here." She yanked his hand away from his eyes. "And stop covering your eyes, I'm not so shy. But I'm not giving you a show." Rolling her eyes as she offered him to come. She walked away from the door and cleans up her room a bit even though she doesn't really mess around. Through her dirty clothes in the hamper. Tightening her towel, she tosses her hair forward and put it up in a loose bun. Glancing over at the male. "Want something to drink? You seem friendly, unless you're a killer werewolf? I don't kill much, but when I do I'm ruthless." Smirking at him. She grabbed some two coke, setting them on her table. Opening her's up, she sipped it. "But let me get dress, be right back." She gathered up a bra, underwear, sweatpants, and tank top. Walking to the bathroom, she got dressed and returned.

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5 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Thu Dec 26, 2013 2:42 am

((lol you said Amora))

When the girl didn’t speak Huey was wondering if she was getting ready to slam her door in his face or slap him silly for catching her with just a towel on. The silence kept him in suspense until he heard her voice, an annoyed hint in it letting him know she was not amused by his presence. When she had commented about him not looking due to physical attractiveness he was quick to object. ”N-no that’s not why I’m covering my eyes. You look great…in a towel, not bad at all but I just didn’t feel right seeing you in nothing but a towel, didn’t mean to offend you or anything,” Huey quickly stammered out, still covering his eyes. When she spoke again to him, this time her voice was sweet and not as pissed. He felt her hand yank his away from his eyes and had to try hard not stare…which was difficult considering he was a good few inches taller than her and anywhere at her was down…which is where other parts of her anatomy where that he didn’t feel right looking at.

”N-nice to meet you Warrior Tatum. I’m Hughes Greyson, an apprentice, but you can call me Huey,” he responded to her introduction and hesitantly stepped into her room, feel like he was trespassing—he’s never been in a girl’s room before, it was forbidden at the orphanage. He walked in, holding his board and looked around, surprised it was quite…plain and simple, not that it bothered him. In response to him cover his eyes he gave her a sheepish smile, ”I didn’t want to stare at you, it would have been rude,” he told her in explanation as he looked away while she found clothes to put on.  He had his back to her as he just looked around at the room which he assumed his would look very similar to, if not for a couple rearrangements of furniture and stuff. When she spoke again he was late to respond as he was thinking about other things. ”Hmm? Oh no you don’t have to. I caught you at a bad time and you looked like you were just about to head ou—“ he started saying before hearing her walk away. Turning around he saw the two Cokes on the table, one opened and the other one not. Seeing her disappear into the bathroom to get changed Huey shrugged and walked over, grabbing the unopened Coke, popping it open and taking a swig of the carbonated drink.

It was after a while she returned, fully clothed and he gave her a friendly smile. ”I was going to say sorry to bother and get out of your hair seeing as you looked like you were about to head out,” he noticed her dress and dared to inquire about where she was going. ”Going to a party? You look nice by the way,” he offered his compliments as he took another drink from his Coke.

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6 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:42 pm

She smirked at his comment from her beauty in a towel. "Well thanks. I don't complimented much, but it feels good when some people do give their commentary in a respectful way to make a girl blush." He followed her into the room as she was just gonna gather up some clothing. Grabbing some nice clothes and slipping them on. She came out of the bathroom, wearing some pitch black skinny jeans and a white see through shirt. Her shirt was long sleeved and it flowed in the back. She wore a white tank top under it and a gold back lance with a cross on it. She also wore a camouflage headband while her hair was still up in a bun. She walked over to slip on her color gold mocks. He complimented on her out as well, she smiled like a maniac. "Seriously my face in gonna explode from all your compliments. You mom taught you well on how to make a girl feel good about herself." Taking her coke in her hand and took a long swig. Tasting the drink run down her throat from the cold it rushed through her veins, she set it down and turned back to Hughes. "Well actually I think I was just going for a walk maybe, I don't know." She fiddled with her necklace as she was planning out what she wanted to. Not knowing of much as she like the element of surprise, but maybe she ask Hughes. "Do you want to come? Or are you busy? You did come to my room, thinking I was the Alphess." She reminded in on that little detail, so if he wanted to escape he could. Letting him go through the path of ignoring her, she went to pick up her phone and slip it into her pocket. Looking out the window, it was snowing. So she gathered up her hat and gloves. Throwing on her gray peacoat. Her eyes remained focus on him as she waited for his answer escape his lips.

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7 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Tue Dec 31, 2013 1:32 am

A soft laugh came from his lips at her comment about her face about to explode from his compliments. He only spoke the truth, she was really pretty and the clothes just made her look even better. ”I speak the truth, you must be showered in compliments daily,” he commented with a wave of his hand to her. Huey smiled at her, dipping his head at her kind words but his face fell slightly at the mention that his mother taught him well. Yeah…if he only had a mother. Well obviously he had a mother, he had to come from an egg and sperm somewhere, but he wasn’t talking about the biological mother. He was talking about the motherly-figure that had always been absent in his life. Even though he did have the orphanage owner, he never considered her a motherly-figure, more like a guardian—just someone who provided for him, put clothes on his back and made sure he was fed; you know the basics. The one who taught him everything was essentially Bard—the wolf played the father and mother in Huey’s life.

But now wanting to put Tatum in a bad mood, after all he just got her smiling and in a good mood around him, he put a smile on his face and listened to her talk. He took a sip of his coke as she did with hers, smacking his lips softly at the fizziness of the beverage. Curious he silently waited for her to decide what to do—kick him out to continue with her nightly plans or something. When she turned to him and asked, he looked surprised she would want his company given their first impression and all him seeing her in a just a towel. ”Sur-yeah I’ll come with. I’m not busy at all and this place was bigger than I actually thought,” he shrugged as he gave her a sheepish smile. ”Maybe you should show me where the Alphess’ room is when we come back?” he asked her and scratched the back of his head.

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8 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:37 am

Shrugging as he had a thought of drenching Tatum in compliments was completely crazy. Was it a good feeling? Yes. Did she mind? No. Would she ever compliment him back? Maybe. But that doesn't mean he should suspect it coming. Tatum isn't the warmest person on the earth, but if you're respectful to her then you'll most likely get respect back. The Apprentice seemed pretty nice, but he's very young. Too young for Tatum, but that doesn't mean she can't be friends with him. He seems like a nice boy and very genuine, but not old enough for Tatum. She's two-hundred years old and Hughes is only eighteen. Weighting her hands mentally in her head, she figured their is a big difference. Her hands rested on the table, dragging her hand a crossed it as she felt the texture and listened to the his voice. Glancing back at him, she watched his lips as they maneuvered around the sound waves that escaped his muscles. Her sliver hues keeping a straight eyes on him, wondering if she should dip now. But she'd never do that him, it's too rude. The boy hasn't done anything wrong, nor disrespect her in any manner that want to shove him out the door. So maybe the could go get some coffee. Maybe get to know each other. That's very interesting. She gathered up her purse, throwing the straps on her right shoulder. Giving a look to him as he was asking for her to show him around. "Well maybe we'll take stuff one at a time. Let's get some coffee in Time Square, then maybe do something else. Like get a tattoo?" Grinning slightly to watch his reaction. "I want a tattoo right here." She unbuttoned her shirt a bit and shows some cleavage of her breasts by accident. Not correcting herself, since she doesn't care what people this of her body. But she's actually not wearing a bra, since this tank top doesn't need one. She didn't know if her breasts we're see through, but decided not to look. So she continued to pull the top layer of her shirt up, but her tank top still covering her abdomen and chest. Pointing to the top of her right breast, like just like an inch under the collar bone she pointed. "I want a quote right there, pointing out strength and wisdom." Her eyes ran down his body, looking down near his member by accident. His zipper was down. Chuckling softly, she let her shirt go, so everything was covered again. Smiling gently, she took a step forward toward him. She wanted to fiddle with him a bit. So she took she took her hand, placing it on his chest runs it all the way down her button. Tapping the button, teasing him a bit. Her hand rest further down to where his zipper was, gripping the metal and pulling it up. Listening to it zip up, she pulled him forward. Smirking at him and whispered. "Might want to keep your zipper up next time.."

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9 Re: A New Face in an Unfamiliar Place [Tatum] on Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:53 pm

As he stood in her room with her, Huey half-wondered how old Tatum was. Looks could be very deceiving with it came to werelings and age. Sure he looked like his age, 18, but for all he knew Tatum could be 300 or something years when she only looked to be in her 20s. Thinking on age, he wondered, if she was a lot older, what in the world she was doing hanging out with a pup like him? If she was going to a club or bar then unfortunately he’d have to decline; with his baby-face he’d be carded without a doubt and then be kicked out of the place. Damn—he wished he was older sometimes without this baby face. Taking a sip of his coke, his attention was back to her when she started talking again. Coffee at Time Square? That sounded nice and it would give him a nice opportunity to look around the city too, having just arrived not too long ago from Chicago. ”Coffee sounds great,” he said but then paused at her second suggestion. A tattoo? Huh he never really thought about getting a tattoo—it was literally a permanent marking on his skin and he wasn’t sure if he would be too keen on having a mark like that on his body forever. ”Uh…I’ll take the coffee, but I dunno about a tattoo. I guess I could look around when we get there--!” he stopped when she unbuttoned her shirt, showing her cleavage and he averted his eyes. ”She’s not wearing a freaking bra!!!” he mentally shouted as he noticed her lack of upper underwear. ”Strength and wisdom? That sounds like a great idea….I’m sorry but could you please close up your shirt? I don’t want to be rude, great body and all, but it doesn’t make me comfortab--!” he was cut off when unexpectedly she came over, ran her hand down his chest and zipped up his fly. His eyes went wide, shot down to his crotch and he looked back at her in surprise. What a bold woman! She pulled him closer and he gulped as he looked down at her slightly, considering she was shorter than him. At her words he nodded his head at her advice. ”Hehe…I’ll keep that in mind next time, thanks,” he said as he stepped away from her and made sure his fly was up before glancing at the door and then back to her. Clearing his throat he spoke, ”So uh—shall we get going?” he offered as he picked up his board from when he dropped it earlier and waited for her to lead the way. His heart was still racing from the previous action; she really caught him off guard and he could have sworn he checked to make sure he wouldn’t see the Alphess with his fly open. God what embarrassment.

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