Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Fitness of the Mind and Body [Arianna, open]

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After years of training in the military and having to wake up early, Isaak didn’t even need an alarm clock. He had only needed one when he had been waking up at 4 to get to his shift at the hospital. Now that he was not working at the moment he allowed himself the few extra hours of sleep. He felt himself awake and slowly his eyes opened, blinking away sleep. Turning, he looked at the digital clock sitting on the bedside table and read 6:00. Hmm two hours did wonders from the usual as he reached both arms up and stretched them, letting out a yawn as he did so.

A light whimper came from the floor and Isaak looked over to see Lincoln on his new bed looking up at him with eager eyes. The little mutt’s tail thumped lightly against the wall at seeing his master up and awake.

Seeing the little dog Isaak smiled. ”Morning little mate. What do you say we go for a run on the beach?” he asked the dog and the latter responded by barking happily, standing up with front paws dancing on the floor in excitement. Chuckling, Isaak swung his legs out of bed and walked out of the bedroom with Lincoln on his heels.

Isaak let Lincoln in the backyard to do business while the man himself went to freshen up and change into workout clothes. He shucked the shorts he slept in for a pair of grey, knee-length, nylon running shorts. Pulling on a tight, maroon wife-beater over his head, Isaak grabbed a black drawstring backpack and stuffed in 40oz water bottle, his keys, a towel, and a pair of black Nikes and socks.

He ate a small energy meal consisting of a cup of coffee, a slice of toast with peanut butter and a banana.  He also packed a few protein bars into his backpack for later on. Letting Lincoln back in Isaak made sure the dog had his collar on, grabbed Lincoln’s bowls and some dog food, and the two were out the front door. Lincoln waited for his master as he locked the door and the two started walking towards the beach. Isaak didn’t wear shoes because he enjoyed running barefoot through the sand.

Once they hit the sand they started jogging along the ocean line. They ran for quite some time before they took a water break. Since it was still early in the morning, the sun wasn’t up yet and there was a fresh breeze from the ocean, perfect weather. They jogged for a good hour and thirty minutes before Lincoln tired out and Isaak had to carry the poor puppy. But instead of heading home Isaak walked towards the Athletics Building. It’s been a while since he worked out intensively and he felt like he could use a workout regime again. Stopping outside the building, he found a nice shady area for Lincoln and placed the puppy down. Pulling out the dog bowls he filled one up with food and the other with water.

Lincoln’s tail wagged happily even as he was panting, tongue hanging out as he stared at his master lovingly. Isaak scratched him beneath the chin and behind the ears, chuckling at the dog’s cuteness.

”I won’t be long Lincoln. Be a good boy,” Isaak told the puppy as he walked inside the building, leaving Lincoln to rest outside as the sun was about to rise. The puppy lapped up some water and laid down to rest knowing his master would come for him later.

Inside Isaak whistled his surprise and approval for the facility. It was a large building with windows that let in the sun’s rays as they peaked over the horizon. It was still pretty early so the place was empty. He had already done cardio so Isaak pulled on a pair of training gloves as he headed towards the pull-up bar. He wiped a little bit of sweat from his brow and arms before setting his things down by the side of the equipment and then hoisting himself up on the bar.

He started with regular pull-ups, and then went to triceps pull-ups and then went through a multitude of variations he had learned while in the military, including ones where he had to clap between pull-ups. He felt a slight burn in his muscles and smirked; it’s been years since he kept up with working out. Ever since leaving the military after WWII he hadn’t had much time to himself. But now he had the day to himself and he’d spend a good few hours training his body again. He felt his wolf, Gunnar, growl in pleasure as his muscles worked to pull himself up; yeah it had been a long time since either of them had worked out properly.

"You've been letting us get soft Isaak, I've gotten a flabby gut lately and I want it gone, Gunnar joked as Isaak smirked when his head came above the bar.

"You? Flabby? C'mon mate you've not a shred of fat on ya. Flabby my arse," Isaak countered playfully as he started pulling up until his waist was above the bars and went down again.

Gunnar only laughed in response. "I haven't gotten the chance to be out in a while, mate. Feeling the urge to run for miles without stopping," the wolf huffed.

"We'll go running after dark tonight, promise you can run until your legs give out," Isaak responded and the two grinned in agreement.

Hearing someone approach the building, Lincoln’s ears twitched and he raised his head to see who was coming. Smelling a scent similar to his master’s the little dog’s tail wagged at the approaching stranger.

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"Come out come out wherever you are Liz. I promise I just want to play." the malicious voice hissed. The blood thirsty wolf stalked through the forest blanketed in the dark shadows of night seeking its target. Aria watched helplessly as the young girl crouched behind a tree, tears cascading down her cheeks, terror splashed across her face as she whimpered in fear. The icy eyed wolf growled and snarled, her hackles raised to reveal lethal canines dripping with saliva as she searched. She screamed out to Liz but despite her pleading cries, Liz remained huddled, defenceless and powerless against the ruthless beast that pursued her. The wolf closed in and Aria screamed again RUN LIZ! PLEASE RUN! but with a forceful snap of her jaws, the wolf had captured its prey. Crimson wine dripping from her jaws as she turned her piercing gaze up to Aria and flashing a sinister grin Who's next dearie/

Arianna jolted awake panting heavily. She shot a glance over to the alarm clock on her bedside table that read 6:30 and sighed "Just a dream. It was just a dream." she ran her hands down her face and flipped the covers off of herself. She swung her legs around to the side of the bed and kicked on her slippers before getting up and heading into the kitchen. Flipping on the coffee maker, she headed into the bathroom and brushed her hair up into a high ponytail and splashed some cold water on her face. Flipping off the light she shuffled lazily back out to the kitchen and scoured the fridge for something to eat. Zoning in on some vanilla yogurt and strawberries, she pulled them both out onto the counter. She reached into a cupboard and grabbed out a bag of granola and then pulled out a bowl. Throwing all three ingredients into a bowl she mixed them around and took a bite when the coffee finished dripping. Pouring a generous cup she sat back down and finished up her breakfast.

Bringing her cup of coffee into the bedroom with her, she rummaged through her dresser and pulled out a pair of black yoga pants and a red tank top she slipped out of her pyjamas and into the workout clothes. She needed to get her mind of that dream and what better way to do so than to head down the the gym. She grabbed a jacket from her closet and took the last swig of her coffee and walked back out to the kitchen to put her cup in the dishwasher and grabbed a water bottle before heading to the door. She slipped on her running shoes and tossed the water bottle into her bag and slipped out the door, locking it behind her. As she neared the gym she spotted a dog tied up outside and smiled. She loved dogs, and couldn't resist giving him a pat before she went inside. Smiling at the dogs wagging tail she crouched down and scratched under his chin "Aren't you just adorable." she giggled as the dog hung his tongue out and drooled. She gave him a final pat on the head and walked inside to see a familiar face doing pull ups. As she set her bag down on a chair she grinned, unsure if he had noticed her yet "Well hello again Isaak. I see you've traded in the ol' duster for something a little more modern." she teased with a light giggle.

Looking around at the place she was rather impressed. It was one of the nicest gyms she had been to, and it belonged to the Venantium. That fact made her smile. She sat down on the floor near a wall and began to do a few stretches. With one leg pulled in and the other stretched out she reached forward and grabbed the tip of her shoe and pushed her toes down. After a few times of doing so she switched to her other leg and repeated. Once done the same on both sides she stretched both legs out and sat up, rotating herself into the splits. After holding it for a few moments she got up and walked over to the treadmill. Placing one foot on either side of the track and starting it up, at a slow jog to start with.

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Lincoln had barked happily at the friendliness of the stranger and his bark caught Isaak’s attention. Oh so someone else is coming to work out in the morning? The distraction didn’t make him pause in his pull ups but his ears were trained on the approaching person and heard the footsteps approaching and then the sound of a door opening.

Isaak turned his head to see a familiar face coming in and smiled. Arianna right? The young lass he met at Rapture who also joined not too long ago. She had set her bad down on a chair and addressed him, commenting on his style the last time they met.

Laughing lightly, Isaak took a break from his pull-ups and dropped onto his feet on the floor grabbing his towel to wipe some sweat off his arms and back. He gave her a grin as he responded.

”Pleasure to meet you again as well Arianna. And of course I changed, can’t very well work out in that old thing can I? I do own some modern clothes ya know,” he told her with a wink and then bent down to grab his water bottle, taking a drink. When he recapped his bottle and placed it on the floor he spoke again, watching her stretch.  

”You’re up early to work out. What are you up to today?” he ventured as he pulled his arm across his chest to stretch out the muscles he just worked out. He repeated this on his other arm after holding for 20 seconds. She headed over to the treadmills and he watched her for a few moments before he turned back to his own workout, but he kept his ears open to her.

He inspected the equipment and grabbing its foundation, shook it lightly to see if it was well balanced enough to withstand his next routine.  Seeing that it was he pulled himself up with the bars, which was actually two bars shaped into ‘C’s, suiting his purposes perfectly.

He pulled his lower body up and stuck his feet, he’d put on his shoes earlier, into the ‘C’s and then using his core muscles to support himself he let go of his hands and allowed his torso to lower down until he was perpendicular to the floor with his head nearly touching it. He started doing vertical crunches, using his abdominals to pull himself up. His wife-beater, due to the tightness of the polyester material, hugged his body nicely revealing the muscles beneath as he started adding twists to his crunches.

Isaak had a very lean body type, not bulky or big so it hard to see his physique when he wore clothes covering his body. But due to his history in the army and constant training as a child he was quite fit and muscular.

”Sorry we didn’t get to chat much at Rapture, I had a long day that day. But now that we have the opportunity, I would like to get to know you better,” he explained when he went down and then went back up again. Gunnar was grumbling happily as he felt his muscles contracting and getting back into shape. He switched variations and now started reaching for his toes with his hands and grunted slightly at the tightness in his core as he did these particular exercises.

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Grinning at his reply to her comment on his clothes she looked over her shoulder at him "Good I was a little worried you forgot what year we lived in." she chuckled lightheartedly so he knew she was just teasing him. Looking down at the treadmill she increased the speed a few notches forcing her into a steady paced run. Feeling the meagre tingling of her muscles getting to work she let out a quiet sigh of relief. Working out always helped take her mind off of things when she was stressed. Not only did it occupy her mind, but it was a release for the anger that swelled within from her wolf. It had been a very long time since she had last shifted. Thinking back on it, 68 years since the beast had been granted the light of day, or rather the moonlight of the night sky. Granted was even the wrong term as the fiend had stolen her freedom from her cage. But every day since that last shift it grew harder and harder to conceal her. It would only be a matter of time before the witch made her way out into the world again, and Arianna couldn't bear to think of the chaos and destruction that she would leave in her wake.

Even entertaining the thought of her wolf for a few brief moments was enough to allow her to slip through the mental block and try to get a foothold over Aria. She glanced over to Isaak when he began to speak again though she couldn't help but notice the way his shirt clung tightly to his toned chest. With a slight smirk she returned her focus to his question. She had only been up so early and come down here to deal with the raging wolf inside her. Pried from her sleep by the vivid nightmare of her first shift. While she had no direct recollection of night, the wolf had made sure she knew exactly what happened. It was a nightmare that she had seen many times, it was always the same. No matter how much she screamed and shouted, she could not save her.

She contemplated momentarily whether or not to share the true reason behind her early start this morning but couldn't bring herself to. She would dull it down considerably. "Couldn't sleep. Had a bit of a bad dream I'm afraid.." her words fell short as the menace within her took the opportunity of Aria's unfocused mind and began to claw her way through the mental barricades. Aria quickly jumped to the sides of the treadmill and squeezed her eyes shut tightly. Her grip around the side railings tightened considerably as she fought to push back the thing she feared most. Her knuckles turned white and her heart began racing as the inner turmoil ragged on.

She took slow deep breaths trying to calm herself as the more worried she became the easier it became for the villain to seep through. She could hear Isaak across the room which worried her even more. If she couldn't contain her, the life of her pack mate was in danger. The threat to him caused her to fight back with everything she had but the wolf's hold tightened. The mechanical buzz of the treadmill beneath her grew excruciatingly loud, drawing her focus from where it needed to be so she rigidly released her right hand from the rails and slammed down on the stop button. As the whirring came to a gradual hush she crumpled down to her knees, still trying to take deep breaths and keep the monster at bay.

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He paused in his reps to laugh at her comment, yet again about his clothing choice. Apparently he really needed to get rid of the duster. Hmm well he could always go a little bit more fashionable and get a trench coat. Good thing he was tall enough to pull a trench coat off.

"S'it the 21st century already? Bloody hell I thought it was still the 1900s," he joked as he went down in his crunch again. He laughed slightly, grunting a bit when the laughter hurt his abs. "Old habits die hard, the clothes are a reminder of my past. Make me feel comfortable. But I might take you up on your offer to help me shop once you get that store of yours up and running," he told her as he took a break and just hung upside down for a moment.

When she spoke again, Isaak opened his eyes and reached up to grab the bar, pulling his feet from the holders and setting himself upright again. He stretched out his legs as he listened to her talk. She had a rough night? Bad dream--he wondered from what.

Gunnar stirred within the back of his mind and Isaak wondered what's gotten his wolf all riled up. "What's wrong mate? You seem tense," Isaak asked as he finished his stretching only to look up at a sound to see Aria standing on the sides of the treadmill, looking scared as he saw the whitening of her knuckles as her grip tightened on the handles.

"It's her wolf, she's acting up. I can feel her anger and it's pretty bad. Check the girl," Gunnar barked and Isaak didn't need to be told twice as he approach Arianna. He heard her taking in deep breaths and knew that she was struggling with something, something internal that he probably could not help with.

"Arianna? Lass, what's wrong?" he asked her as he stepped closer. He was shocked when she crumpled to her knees and he knelt beside her, a hand going to her shoulder, squeezing it comfortingly and another hand rubbing her back.

"C'mon lass, look at me. You're okay, you are in control," Isaak told her as he gripped her shoulders with his hands and shook her lightly.

"Her wolf is fighting for control, they're not in sync," Gunnar growled at the restlessness he was feeling from Arianna's wolf. He growled slightly at the hostility her wolf was emitting. "Careful mate, if that wolf gets loose it'll be hell. Get the girl to snap out of it," the wolf barked and Isaak tried to do so.

"Arianna...Aria, listen to my voice. You're in control, don't let her get the better of you. Don't be afraid of her, c'mon just look at me and calm your breathing," he said as he gently shook her to get her to not curl up into a ball.

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Come now dearie, it's time to let me out to play the chilling voice spat maliciously.  She clawed viciously knowing that she was oh so close to breaking past the last weakening confines Aria's mind  could muster to detain her. Her face cringed and her heart pounded in her chest despite her forlorn efforts to calm herself down. If she was not able to rid herself of the anxiety and fear that coursed through her body then she feared for the worst. The brunt of which would be dished out on Isaak. At the thought of him she could have sworn she heard his voice, accent and all ringing in her ears asking her what was wrong.

With pleading eyes she looked up at him, "She.." she cut off as the wolf snarled through her thoughts fighting harder than ever, forcing her eyes shut tight once more. She tried taking more deep breaths but she was beginning to panic and the more she did so the louder the cackling in her mind became. That voice sickened her to the core. Isaak's words rang through again, telling her she was in control but she feared she wasn't. She looked back up at him, tears brimming in her eyes "She's a monster! I can't... I can't let her out I just can't!" Her voice was shaky and crackled.

Come now, so close. Just let it go. I want to have a bit of fun. she snapped harshly. The harshness with which she spoke caused Aria to bring her hands up, clenching the sides of her head and biting into her lip to prevent herself from screaming aloud. "I'm never letting you out! Not after what you have done!" she said in a muffled yell. Feeling Isaaks hand on her sent a chill through her, more aware now than ever that if she couldn't get it together, he would suffer greatly for her inadequacy to keep her wolf at bay. She took another deep breath and held it for a few seconds before slowly letting it out. Repeating this several times she felt her heart start to slow, not anywhere near back to normal, but it was a start.

She closed her eyes again and breathed out, trying to picture the wall that held her back. Brick by brick she started to rebuild it in her mind. Slowly but surely. The beast clawed at the bricks, seething with rage as she was pulled back into the recesses of Aria's mind. Attacks like this were becoming more and more frequent as of late. Aria feared she would not be able to fight of the next one seeing as this time she had almost lost the battle. She needed to seek out help, something to calm the wolf inside her. Perhaps there was something the pack doctor could give her. She would seek answers immediately before this happened again.

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Isaak shook Arianna a bit more and when she brought her eyes to meet his he saw complete fear and panic in her orbs. She doubted she could keep her wolf under control. Isaak's eyes held concern as his eyebrows furrowed with uncertainty. He's never a were who was at such odds with their wolf, he didn't know what to do in a situation like this.

It'd be risky but he could probably hold her wolf off if he shifted but he didn't want to cause destruction to the facility. Looking into Arianna's eyes Isaak could almost see her wolf trying to claw free. It made Gunnar growl, hackles rising at the impending threat.

"Isaak, if that wolf gets lose it'd be annoying to subdue her. Make it so that won't happen," Gunnar barked as he growled at Arianna's wolf. What Gunnar wanted was easier said then done. Isaak was trying to get Arianna to regain control but it seems with her state of mind it was almost impossible.

"You won't let her out. Trust yourself. You can do this and you're the only one who can," he tried to encourage her as he felt her inner turmoil. He saw the tears in her eyes and he felt bad he couldn't do more for her. All he could do was try and talk her through this, get her to realize she had the will-power to best her wolf.

When Aria screamed aloud at her wolf Isaak visibly flinched at the discord between the two. There was so much animosity, so much distrust, fear, and anger. What had happened to cause this? She couldn't be a Bitten could she? The only other time he had seen something like this was with his own mother. She was a Bitten and her wolf didn't get along with her either.

He saw Arianna hold a breath and then slowly release it and Gunnar started calming down when he felt the wolf being pushed back within the confines of Arianna's mind. Soon Gunnar didn't feel the she-wolf threatening to come out and Isaak visibly relaxed slightly, arms still on Arianna's shoulders, steadying her.

Slowly he rubbed her arms and looked at her worriedly. "You alright love? Can you stand?" he asked her as he helped her to her feet and turned off the treadmill at the same time.

Isaak watched silently for a moment before speaking. "Maybe we should get you to see Dr. Sanaa. With the relationship between you and wolf being this tense, I fear it will not do you any good to keep suppressing her. You're going to have to learn how to compromise. Maybe therapy but c'mon I'll go with you to see the good doctor," Isaak said as he checked to make sure she was okay before going to grab his things from the floor.

"We shouldn't put this off. Take a shower, calm yourself. Maybe we'll go get some food in ya and then we could pay a visit to the see her. What do ya say?" he asked her still watching her with concern evident in his eyes.

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Trembling, she looked up at Isaak who helped her to feet. She tried to muster a grateful smile but to no avail. Feeling weak in her knees she reached out to the side railing on the treadmill and gripped onto it with one had to steady herself while the other remained rested on Isaak's arm. Shifting her gaze to her feet she sighed. "I'm so sorry Isaak. I never meant for that to happen." her voice was bleak and still slightly unsteady. Guilt flooded over her. She was a danger to those around her. What right did she have to join a pack and stay among them knowing full well how unstable she was.

She hated that she could not connect with her wolf as the others did. She hated that she was such a danger to those around her. Innocent people and werelings alike that deserved better that a young girl who was unable to control the menace that blazed within her. She felt an empty feeling in the pit of her stomach, it wasn't fair to them to put their lives at risk like this. She needed to get this under control, and quick.

At Isaak's mention of the Doctor she slowly let go of him and the treadmill and folded her arms and kept her gaze focused on the ground. She couldn't bear to look at him. What must he think of her? She sighed lightly not even wanting to entertain that thought. She could hear him walk over to grab his things. "Thank you.. I truly am sorry. Things have always been hard for me when it comes to dealing with her.." she paused, taking another deep breath. "Do you really think this Doctor Sanaa can help me..?" she asked wearily, finally allowing her gaze to shift up to him, guilt painted across her face.

She took a moment before she felt steady enough on her feet to walk over to her bag and grab her things from the chair. She knew he was right. She couldn't put this off any longer. If she did it may not end as it had today. Far worse could have happened and for what? Because she was afraid to confront her fears? No. She wouldn't let harm fall to the people she was now suppose to help protect because of her own personal problems.

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Isaak had grabbed his things quickly and was back by Arianna's side, wanting to make sure the lass was alright. She had tried to smile at him, but seeing as it wasn't working Isaak didn't make her feel obligated to thank him or anything. Pack mates looked out for one another, and with her in a situation such as this, she needed someone with her.

She started apologizing for what had happened and Isaak shook his head at her, not wanting her to feel that way. It wasn't her fault, none of it was. But he was thinking it would be hard to get the girl to think otherwise. She was feeling guilty and Isaak just wanted her to stop thinking that way of herself.

"Don't apologize, love. It's not your fault, so stop with the guilty feelings. Stay strong, deep breaths, trust that you can be in control," Isaak said to her as he rubbed her left arm with his hand, peering down at her from his tall height.

He could almost feel the guilt, the self-hate, the unsteadiness radiating from her and he furrowed his brows in concern. She wasn't going to make this any easier if she kept having those negative feelings.

"...Seems like the worst of it has passed. Best if we keep it that way as long as possible till we get her some help," Gunnar voiced in Isaak's head and the latter couldn't agree more with his wolf. He looked at Arianna, unable to truly comprehend her situation because he and Gunnar had always gotten along, though a few arguments here and there, but the two had an amiable relationship but on trust, respect, and camaraderie. Having such a strained relationship with someone who was essentially the other half of your self, of your soul--Isaak had a hard time imagining it despite what he had seen his mother go through, and now what Arianna go through.

When she thanked him, Isaak gave her a warm, comfortingly smile in return as he held a hand to the small of her back to lead her out of the workout room and perhaps towards the locker rooms.

"It's alright, love. It must have been hard for you all these years," he told her and when she asked him, with a hopeful voice, asked him about whether or not Doctor Sanaa could help her in building a connection with her wolf, he didn't want to break her hope, but he couldn't lie to her either.

"I hope she can fix it, love. And if not fix it, if anyone can help you I know she can," he said to her, trying to reassuring her and let her think positively. He saw her look at him, guilt still racking her features and he pulled her close for a friendly side-hug, wanting her to feel safe.

He waited for her to grab her things before they left the equipment room and he steered her towards the locker rooms. He stopped in front of the separation between men's and women's and gave her an encouraging smile.

"So here's what we'll do. You go in and take a quick shower, calm your nerves and relax your body. I'm going to do the same. Take your time, I'll be waiting out here when you're finished, I'll also give the doctor a call to see if she's available today. We're going to get you some food, need to keep up your strength to keep a reign on your lady wolf there. After that, once you're feeling a bit confident we'll head over to Dr. Sanaa's office. Sound fair?" he asked her raising his eyebrows and giving her a small smile. .

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Listening to his words she nodded slowly and whispered "I hope so too.." Feeling his embrace she sighed. She felt bad for dragging him into this mess. Matter of fact there shouldn't even be a mess for him to be dragged into. She should have taken care of this long ago. She should have sought help when controlling the demon within her was not nearly so hard. She remembered the days when simply listening to a happy song, or sitting down to read a book was enough to push it all away. This had gone on long enough and she prayed that Dr. Sanaa could help her in some way or another.

She let Isaak lead her over to the to the doors to the locker rooms and tried to find it within her to match his encouraging smile with a gracious one. She listened intently to his plan and nodded at his words. "Sounds good. Again, thank you. I will repay you for you kindness somehow." she said gentle and gave him one last struggled smile before pushing open the door and going into the locker room. Dragging her feet, she made her way to the lockers that lined one wall. Letting her bag slip from her arm and onto the floor, she leaned up against the cold metal and rested her head against them. Taking a deep breath in she pushed herself off the lockers and started toward the showers. Kicking off her shoes and pulling off her socks, she stepped inside and slide the curtain closed behind her. She peeled of her workout clothes and tossed them out onto the floor with her shoes. She turned the faucet up nearly all the way. Most would have considered the water scalding but it was just what she needed.

The water poured over her as she stood beneath the stream. Running her hands through her drenched hair she sighed and closed her eyes. For several moments she just stood there, letting the water fall over her while she composed herself. Suddenly she remembered Isaak would be waiting, and reached for the shampoo. Once clean, she hastily reached for the faucet and turned the water off. She flung back the curtain and grabbed a towel to dry herself off. Wrapping the towel around herself, she picked up her bag and rummaged through it to find the clothes she had brought for after her workout which was intended to be much longer than a few moments on the treadmill. Slipping into a snug pair of jeans and a tank top, she fished out a lace blouse and shoved her arms into it. Picking up her clothes from the floor she shoved them in her bag, shoes included, and slipped on a pair of knee high boots, though these boots lacked a heel like most of her shoes, they were more ideal for the slippery winter ground outside. Taking one last breath, she pushed open the door, a smile on her face and a shimmer in her eye. Looking up to Isaak, hair still damp, and her coat slung over her arm she rose up on her tip toes and then rocked back down onto her heels. "Ready?" she asked.

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Hearing her words of gratitude he gave her a soft smile, ”You don’t have to repay me, lass. I’m doing this because I want to help you. What are friends for?” he told her with a friendly ruffle of her hair. Isaak gave her one last encouraging smile before seeing her walk into the women’s locker room. He hoped she would be okay in there. He was sure if he heard her scream he would go charging in there, after putting on a blindfold, but regardless he would probably go to her aid nonetheless if she needed him. Gunnar growled at him to get his own arse moving and after blinking away thoughts Isaak walked into the men’s locker room, quickly headed towards a shower stall. He hadn’t sweated much, he’d done a lot more in the past than just an hour and half run and some pull-ups—today was literally a walk in the park compared to his military days. But he cleaned up, not wanting to be rude by stinking like a polecat. Considering he was paying Sanaa a visit later he also didn’t want to disrespect the doctor by not being presentable. But he figured a clean change of clothing was just going to have to do; there was no time to get fancy with a trip home. Shampooing, soaping, he finished in 15 minutes and got out, grabbing a towel to dry himself before grabbing the change of clothes from his gym bag.

He changed into a red polyester wife-beater that hugged his lean figure, showing off his toned arms, bringing out his eyes, and into a clean pair of slim-fit, tapered jeans that emphasized his long legs. Grabbing a pair of clean black socks, he tugged them on and shoved his feet back into his signature black Harley-Davidson boots tucking his pant leggings into them. He had a black tracksuit jacket in his bag but he would grab it later, the cold didn’t bother him. With the towel still on his damp hair, he placed his belongings back into the gym bag and walked out of the locker room. Taking a quick glance he saw that Arianna wasn’t done yet so he sat down on the bench nearby and proceeded to tousle his reddish-brown hair dry. Having time on his hands he pulled out his cell phone and called Sanaa. When she didn’t pick up he figured she was out tending to her plants and left her phone in the house. He settled for leaving her a voice mail saying he’d be coming by with Arianna later on in a couple of hours, telling the doctor Arianna needed help with her wolf. Hanging up he hoped Sanaa checked her phone later. She was in for a surprise when he showed up on her doorstep with Arianna in tow for a therapy session.

Placing his phone back into his pants pocket he resumed drying his hair before hearing the sounds of footsteps moving about in the women’s locker room. Aria was about done then he presumed. And soon she walked out in a new set of clothing and he stood to meet her, stuffing the towel into his bag as he did. Giving her a smile he noticed that he had to look down at her from his full height but didn’t pay too much attention. When she asked if he was ready to go he nodded his head, waving his arm towards the door to indicate she could lead the way. ”Ready as you are lass. Let me grab Lincoln and we can be on our way to get some breakfast. Have a particular place in mind? One that perhaps allows pets?” he ventured as they left the athletics’ building and he stopped to place Lincoln’s empty bowls into his bag as well and the little dog, tail wagging, came up to him with licks. Smiling Isaak walked back to Aria’s side with Lincoln jumping up and down in excitement. ”Someone’s happy to see you,” Isaak said fondly as he saw how Lincoln was not shy around strangers.

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She thought to herself about a possible place to eat though she had never heard of a food establishment that allowed pets. Following him outside she smiled at the sight of the overly joyed dog. She knelt down to pet him as Isaak brought him over. The dog was quick to jump up and smother her with kisses. A giggle chimed from her lips as she lost her balance from the jump and fell over only to be assaulted with more kisses. Laughing and scratching the dog behind the ear she pushed herself back up to her feet. "Sure is a friendly little thing isn't he. What's his name?" she asked, still grinning at his exaggeratedly happy demeanour. She had never really had a pet before, what with her always on the move but now that she had a place to call home, and plenty enough room for one, she didn't see why she shouldn't take a look at a few. Shifting her gaze back up to Isaak she gave a light smile "I dont know that we are going to be able to find a place that allows pets. Not a restaurant at least. Perhaps we should swing by your place and drop him off. I know a cute little cafe not to far from here that makes amazing sandwiches. And the coffee is to die for." she said, much more chipper than she had been inside.

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Even as Isaak suggested a restaurant that allowed pets, he couldn’t think of one that did. There had been some in other states he had been to, but so far in Long Island, New York he wasn’t sure if he had come across one yet. Unfortunately that just meant he’d have to stop by the house to drop Lincoln off first before they headed off to get some food into Arianna’s stomach. Isaak stopped for a moment outside the Athletic’s Center, chuckling at how well Lincoln took to Arianna and glad that the little mutt was able to bring out a smile on the young girl’s face. Just a few moments ago she looked as white as sheet and had a look of pure terror on her face—and now seeing her smile, hearing her giggle as she scratched the little dog behind the ears he figured she would perform much better once they had her raging she-wolf under control or at least found out what causes the other half of the girl to be such polar opposites to the human half.

The tall man smiled as the young girl fell onto her bottom as Lincoln assaulted her with happy licks and doggy slobber. He would have stopped the young dog but seeing as how it was helping her mood he decided to let it slide. Her positive mood was keep the monster at bay then. ”For now…” Gunnar said ominously inside his head and Isaak sighed as he begrudgingly agreed. The wolf was right, they didn’t know how long Arianna’s wolf would stay dormant. And if moments like what he saw were happening more frequently, it could only mean the she-wolf was getting a stronger hold and more likely to break out soon. His thoughts on the vicious wolf half of Arianna was pushed away when she asked about Lincoln, bringing a smile to Isaak’s face. ”He is indeed quite the friendly chap. I found him when I was at the borders to Venantium and he followed me home. I named him Lincoln, a history fan and all,” Isaak told her as he snapped his fingers and Lincoln finally let the girl be and came over to him. He scratched the little dog under his chin and smiled down at Lincoln. ”Good boy Lincoln, putting a smile on Arianna’s face, we should get you to do it more often hmm,” a chuckle escaped the man’s lips as he stood up and faced Arianna when she spoke to him.

Nodding his head, Isaak agreed with the plan and waved his hand for her to follow him back to his place. ”Sounds like a plan. Sandwiches to die for sounds ironically delicious and appetizing,” he joked trying to make her feel better as they walked past the other houses in the Venantium territory. He noticed Arianna’s chipper mood and smiled because he was happy she was feeling better. They walked in comfortable silence and were soon at his place; he had chosen a house close to the beach for a reason. Walking to the backyard, he unlatched the door and let Lincoln run inside the backyard. Digging into his bag he pulled out the dog’s food bowl and water bowl and set them on the patio, filling up the water bowl. Ruffling the dog’s head he opened the back door to the house to drop off his things, grabbing his wallet and placing it in his back pocket as well as grabbing his brown suede trench coat, slipping it on. Locking the back door as well as latching the backyard door, he approached Arianna and waved a hand for her to lead. ”Did you want to drop off your belonging at my place? Could pick em up when we come back. Walk or take my car?” he asked her as he indicated the red Jeep parked in front of his house.

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'Lincoln hey?" she said lightly, playing with the sound of it and smiled, "I like it." She watched the dog happily obey Isaak and scamper over to his side at his call and continued to smile. Repositioning her bag over her shoulder, she dusted herself off and adjusted her coat and followed as Isaak set off towards the houses. The walk was rather short, and was done with a silence between the, though it was a easy silence. She was relatively easy to get along with, and Isaak's easy going personality only added to the amiable, laid back bond they seemed to be forming. She could see a very valuable friend within him, and hoped that he felt the same. It had been a long time since she had considered anyone a true friend. Not since Liz. Sure she knew many people over her travels, and got along with them just swell, but she never allowed herself to truly open up to anyone in fear of the past repeating itself. But now, here, things would be different. She was sure of it.

As they reached his house, she couldn't help but chuckle, he had chosen the unit just 2 down from her. Allowing him to slip inside to drop off his belongings she gazed out at the swelling waters that crashed into the beach that lined the housing compound. She held a cautious admiration for the ocean. A force to be reckoned with, capable of mass destruction, yet within it's depths, life flourished. So much beauty and mystery hidden beneath its daunting surface. She was quickly whisked from her thoughts as the sound of Isaak's voice broke the crisp air. She spun to look back at him, and then to the red jeep that sat parked on the street. With a mischievous grin she raised a brow, "I have a better idea. She motioned to the deep compact blue mustang parked just down the road. "How about we take mine." she said grinning and let out a chiming giggle and jogged down the street, pulling her keys out from her jacket pocket and unlocking the doors. She opened the drivers side door, tossing her bag into the back seat and stepped up into the car, leaning up on the roof and smirking. "You coming or what." she teased and slipped into the drivers seat, closing the door and sliding the key into the ignition. With a swift turn of her wrist, the engine came to life, purring beneath the hood.

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Isaak waited for a respond from Aria, eyes on the young girl and wondering how she was coping with her wolf, when she spoke up and mentioned a better idea. He was curious, indicated by the raising of one of his eyebrows and he flipped his hand palm up and then pointed at her, indicating for her to elaborate. Arianna suggested her car and then he watched her as she moved off, walking two houses away to stand by a blue mustang and a grin broke out on his face—she lived that close to him and he didn’t even know, the coincidence. Well now he knew a new neighbor and perhaps he'd be seeing her around more frequently. With his laid-back personality he got along well with people already; Arianna's personality went along well with his own, them quickly becoming fast friends.  Chuckling he nodded towards his Jeep and looked back to her. "I'm guessing that rickety box on wheels is hardly fast enough for you youngster," he jested playfully before following after her.  Clipping his keys to one of his belt loops, the tall man walked over to her, approaching her car and looked at the blue vehicle, whistling his approval. ”Nice ride,” Isaak commented with a grin as he ran his hand lightly over the hood of the blue sports car. ”Haven’t been in one of these since the 60’s. Last time I drove one was a friend’s 1967 Shelby GT500. One heck of a machine,” he added and at her tease he laughed, opening the passenger door and sliding into her car. He got himself comfortable, reaching down to adjust the seat so his long legs could have some decent leg room and he buckled himself in. Settled, he turned to her and grinned cheerily, rolling down the window for a nice breeze. ”Show me how the years have changed Mustangs. Back then the GT500 was one of a kind,” he told her with a chuckle, referring to how fast her baby could go.

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