Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Seeking a Home

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1 Seeking a Home on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:00 am


It was 4 o’clock in the evening and Isaak looked down at his watch swiftly as he pushed a patient to the operating room. He was supposed to be off in an hour but that wasn’t going to happen it seemed. Just as he was walking to the nurse’s room he was stopped by the head nurse and asked if he could stay and assist one of the doctors in a minor operation. Isaac had tried to reason with the lady, saying how he wasn’t qualified and that he was only a mere porter, but the merry woman wouldn’t hear a word. She said he was more qualified than some of the nurses and his patience and understanding personality was much appreciated by the patients as well as staff.

Knowing he couldn’t say no to people in need, Isaak agreed and here he was pushing an elderly man to have a minor cyst removed from his knee. The elderly man was telling him all about his daughters and how he would love to introduce one of them to Isaak. The latter could only smile and play along as he wheeled Mr. Gordon to Operating Room 6.

Once there he assisted the nurses in getting Mr. Gordon situated and comfortable. As he assisted Isaak took mental notes of everything to further his knowledge. He was pretty sure that once he joined a pack he would have to move and change jobs. Thinking about it, he wasn’t really sure what else he could do, or for that matter what else he wanted to do. In the past he had worked for blacksmiths, carpenters, merchants, fisheries, and he had also worked as an army medic when he was enlisted. The longest job he ever kept was working as a porter in a hospital.

Luckily though Isaak was smart enough to get a GED and get a college degree in psychology when he had the chance. He received his degree from Penn State back in the 1900s and also got minors in finance, economics, and communications. He also self-taught himself multiple languages including French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, some Chinese and Japanese.

Well he could go into secretary business, but he hated that kind of stuff. Interpreter, he could do that, but maybe for a part time or something…maybe he’ll just stick to the hospital. He didn’t mind the hours and all the staff loved him. He’d just transfer to another hospital closer to the pack if anything.

The two hour mini-surgery passed quickly with Isaak focused on assisting the doctor and nurses. Afterward they all praised his work, amazed at his skills and told him he was better than just a porter. He smiled and thanked them all and finally was off his shift for the day. Walking into the locker room he changed out of his scrubs, pulling on his jeans with ripped knees, slipped on the black belt, dons his brown leather duster over his grey wife-beater and then grabbing his backpack, left the hospital to his Harley.

It was 6:30pm by the time he pulled up to a bar. He walked in and asked for straight dark rum, paid for the two shots and then went off towards a small corner store to buy some supplies. Earlier he had gotten information about the location of the Venantium pack borders. He found out there were two packs in NY but after hearing stories figured Venantium suited him more. He also discovered that the borders were beneath the bridge and he knew many homeless made their ‘home’ there.

So he stocked up on some sandwiches and easy meals and then drove off towards the border, hoping he wasn’t making his visit too late. He parked his bike and then walked down to beneath the bridge. And sure enough many homeless people turned to see who was approaching. He saw homeless men, women, and even children. Pretty soon he was walking among them, handing them food and water and just giving them soft smiles as they thanked him for his kindness.

As he turned away from them to head closer to the border, he sniffed slightly and true enough the fresh markers of the border got stronger the closer he got. Now how was he supposed to attract the attention of a patroller if there were so many people around? He couldn’t very well shift and let it rip; he’d probably give the poor homeless heart attacks.

Bloody hell…what now?

Just then he saw a stray dog poking around the trash and got an idea. He whistled and the dog’s head shot up, ears perked as he looked straight at him. Isaak bent to his knees and held out a stick of beef jerky and the dog walked over to him, taking the morsel from his hand and crunching it up.

”Hey boy. Go across the border and get someone for me will ya? I’ll bet you know who to get,” he said to the dog and with a scratch behind the ears, sent the dog running off into the Venantium borders. He had always been a dog person, and hopefully he made the right decision by sending a messenger instead of announcing the existence of werewolves to the whole of New York.

2 Re: Seeking a Home on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:23 am

Moving about the lands, he sought to find a bit of mind searching and peace to get away from all the hardships of basking as a newly mated brute. He was now a Guardian, a protector amongst his pack who strove to do as he was commanded and guard his life against all odds as to what would happen beyond certain measures. His blue eyes flickered over the lands to see its briskness patched here and there with some piles of fallen snow. He drew a cold breath before continuing on his walk, only to find the image of his beautiful mate's eyes staring into his mind. Her smile sent shivers down his spine, unless it was just the winter settling inside him. Either way, he smiled to himself and huffed a loud sigh as he kept walking on down the forsaken lonely path.

Pitter patter raced down the empty cemented path, and beyond his reach of hearing he could register the lengthy smooth cashing waves roar against the rocky embedded cliffs and metal of the bridge th closer her got to the dividing line between pack and out lands. Alexander peered down to the mutt that came running to his presence, tilting his head to the creature as it wagged its tail frantically and basked for his desired attention, "Well ello there, lassie. Somethin' the matta?" Taking a large whiff of the dog's scent, Alexander caught the stench of a stranger; a foreign wereling upon its dark mixed coat. Shaking his head, the Guardian patted the canine's head and pointed into the direction it came from, "Lead me there, then."

Now following the pet, His eyes found themselves trapped over the black figured outline of a man much his size. A large wash of dominance flowed from his shoulders as he peered to the man with the plainest of expressions he had tucked away, "What is a loner like yourself doing upon my pack lands at a wee dark night such as this?" His hands hide pocketed in his coat, staring to the man that smelled of no familiarlity, whereas Alex's flesh was drowned and dipped in the aroma of the ocean due to the Venantium location, "These lands you stand upon are what are owned by my Alphas, as this is the dividing line of Venantium. You may refer to be as Guardian Alexander, but Alex wil suffice rather fine, mate." The male's words forked into a rasp British drawl as he spoke, over-protectively keeping his boundaries where they were at comfortable distance between them.


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3 Re: Seeking a Home on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:49 am


Isaak had been leaning against one of the pillars holding up the bridge when a scent reached his nose. It was the scent of a dominant male and he pushed off the pillar to see past the borders. The little stray was running back with a male wolf in his wake.

Isaak could tell this was a male of rank by the way the man carried himself. The man was of similar height to himself, perhaps an inch or so shorter but that was no excuse not to give the male respect. If anything Isaak suspected if he dared to cross this male wrong it would be the last thing he’d do.

The male neared him and Isaak heard him speak with a British accent. The edge of Isaak’s lip quirked at such a coincidence. How unlikely to find a fellow European in these here parts. Isaak himself had been in the states for a large majority of his life yet still retained a hint of his mother’s accent mixed with the accent of the country he spent his childhood in.

” Apologizes mate, I mean Guardian Alex. Hospital hours tend to keep a fellow; just got off not long ago.  I’ll not waste your time—I’m here looking for acceptance into Venantium if you’ll have me. Been a loner for most of my life but the life of a loner is tough. Plus been without the company of others of our kind for quite some time, gets a big lonely. Wolves are social creatures as they say. I’m a mutt, born to a Bitten mother and Pure father but let’s just say my family wasn’t the ‘American Dream’ kind. The only information I know about our race is from my mother’s research so I’m quite new to—well everything,” Isaak said cordially but with respect as he gave the Guardian a slight bow to show that he meant no threat to the Venantium pack.

”Names Isaak R. Wolfgang. What would you have me explain? I’ve been in three wars in my lifetime so I can say with confidence that my fighting abilities, either human or wolf, are quite good. As I mentioned earlier, I have worked in a hospital so I do know some about medical and whatnot. Not really sure what the pack positions are but well I’m sure you know much better than I do where I might best fit in. Might there be a test of some sort I need to complete?” Isaak had been so far tried to avoid eye contact with a wolf of higher rank but as it felt weird as a human he was soon looking Alex in the eye, but displayed no mal-intent; only curiosity and interest.

The stray that had helped bring the Guardian to him was currently laying by his feet, patiently waiting out the conversation between the two weres. Smiling, Isaak reached into his pocket, withdrew another strip of jerky and handed it to the dog, thanking the fellow for his help. He then returned his attention to the Guardian before him, awaiting the latter’s decision.

4 Re: Seeking a Home on Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:41 pm

"Aye, and its a pleasure meeting such a fine lad such as yourself, Isaak you say? Not every day I come wondering on to another British lad to in these borders, hopefully there'll be more in the future, ya' know?" Alexander scoffed the more he thought over the mans words. Such peace to flow within them, such greatness to what he could not decipher come about to the Guardian's mind. His wolf stirred, which sent a shiver running down his spine, but not a trace of evidence left upon his face to get away. It felt strange to feel the beast rumble, as it had been long since he had done a border or two now that he was part of Venantium. He longed to see his previous Alpha, but then knew that he was watching over him as his Guardian, protecting Alexander in the infinite lengths of the clouds that sore above their wee heads. Somewhere Gabriel was up there, to where he knew not, but had a feeling his golden hues were watching Alexander with a proud smile upon his behalf to what he's become of so far thanks to the love and care of a pack.

Kicking at the dirt-like sand beneath his shoes, the great brute moved his head to be lifted into the gaze of the vagabond. His eyes sized him up slowly, pin-pointing and seeing what all his time on Earth has benefited to him and nodding affirmatively to his decisions, "There is no test, no, mate, as there seems to be one not needed. You're medical history appears rather short-lived and inexperienced compared to our trusty doctors we have already taken up the positions. But hearing from what you mentioned and judging to what I see upon the surface.. you can fight and protect. That is all I need to know, as of now." Unfurling his lips into a humorous half-grin, he held out a hand and tilted his head in welcome to the male, "All that's left is you to swear your life to me and this beloved pack of mine behind these lines, then we shall be on our ways back to camp. The night is sure to be still young from my eyes, so it should give you enough time to unravel yours belongings into your new home here." His brows raised, peering deeply into his hues to be greeted with his oceanic ones in return. It was a stern stare, not one to give to that of a friend, but of an alliance. He feared nothing in this man to come in harm to his pack, so he knew just then that Alexander could trust Isaak, maybe even perhaps strongly be-friend him along the way of their lives within the Venantium ranks, "Oiy, and treat our ye' ladies with respect, and you won't be gettin' an ass whoopin' from me anytime in your life." He chuckled hoarsely at his snide comment of humor, winking once to ensure that he was just fooling around with him. But who's to say he won't hurt the male if he were to break a woman's heart or feelings, he wondered secretly to himself.

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5 Re: Seeking a Home on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:03 pm


A grin graced Isaak’s face when he heard the Guardian’s words. Lass? Well now he didn’t get that every day. He knew he had long hair but to be mistakenly called a lass, surely he heard wrong. But he chuckled in agreement about meeting a fellow Brit. Truthfully speaking Isaak didn’t know what his father was, his mum never told him. All he knew was that he was half British born in Ireland thus resulting in an accent that was a blend of his mother’s and childhood home.

With a chuckle he replied in good-humor.
”I realize I had long hair, though had not imagined it would be long enough to classify me as a lass. I’m quite flattered though, mate thanks,” Isaak grinned at his fellow wereling, not insulting, just a good joke and play on the mishap that the Guardian had made.

Isaak listened to the rest of Guardian Alex’s words and occasionally nodded his head in understanding. So there was no test, quite a relief. Hearing his medical expertise was lacking didn’t surprise him. Living low and avoiding detecting did wonders to his normal education. He even surprised himself by graduating from college at all and at Penn State at that.

But aside from his lack of formal education, Isaak did know how to fight, how to defend, and how to protect those who mattered to him. And apparently for now that was good enough. He had to start somewhere.

Alex held out a hand and Isaak, grinning, took the other male’s hand in a firm, friendly, and respectful shake letting the man know he and the pack had won a comrade. Still grasping Alex’s hand, Isaak raised his other hand to his heart, made a placed and placed it over his chest.

”I swear on my mother’s grave, you and your pack have my loyalty, my allegiance, and my life. I trust you and, I hope, the righteousness of your pack but I will inform you that whilst I pledge my life to Venantium, I am no sheep who follows blindly should leadership be ever called to question.”  

It was no threat; simply letting the man know that Isaak did not follow corrupt leadership and went against his own morals and ethics. Should the pack suddenly start to kill innocents and abuse their gifts—well he could only imagine the hardship he would face trying to be free of the pack.

But he had a good feeling about this pack and he hoped his gut instincts didn’t fail him now. It would be quite unfortunate to discover the pack was built upon dark foundations. Peering into Alexander’s stern eyes, Isaak felt he could trust the man wouldn’t lead him astray. He seemed like an honorable man and a man Isaak could follow and possibly become good friends with.

With a firm last shake, Isaak released Alex’s hand and nodded his head in understanding about the change in his living situation. He predicted this and so he would later have to ride back to his apartment and gather what little he had of his belongings and move.

”I would most appreciate it if you could inform me of the living situation; perhaps the fees, dos and do nots, anything you think could help a man settle in,” Isaak inquired as he dug into his pocket to retrieve his bike keys, anxious to see his new home.

When Alex remarked about women, Isaak could only let out a low amiable chuckle.

”I may not consider myself much, but a gentleman I am since the old days. You needn’t worry about your ladies with me, they will have my utmost respect. I daresay it can’t be helped if a few hearts were broken along the way, ladies love the Brits ya know,” Isaak winked back and laughed lightly in response to the other man’s jest.

Truth be told, Isaak hadn’t had much time for romance in his past. He was too busy fighting for the country or hiding away. What he had were perhaps some lovely one nights and some flirting here and there, but never a lasting relationship. Though now that the worst was over, he was contemplating if perhaps he could find his match in his new pack. He looked forward to his new adventures.

”Few more question for you mate. The pack wouldn’t happen to have a library or somesort where I could learn more about our kind would it? Curious to find out more about myself and all. In addition, knowing there is another pack in these here parts, how are our relations with them?” Isaak was finally going to get some answers to the questions he’s had since he was a teen.

6 Re: Seeking a Home on Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:07 pm

"The American chicks here are feisty, beware of them, I tell ya. I fear one of these days my pants are gonna be stolen if I don't watch me back. Ah, but sadly I am not of the single life anymore. I'm a happily mated man of my word and love the woman I have chosen for life. I can only hope you would be gifted with the same to your future, mate. One can only do so much to find that special gal to catch our eyes." He chuckled again, holding his stomach as it hurt to laugh from the lack of clear oxygen left in the air to take in. The lovely memory of his mate longed at his mind to have him return sooner, and now that the climates were dropping, Alexander could feel his skin turn numb. Looking to the male's long lochs, the Guardian rolled his blue eyes slightly at the commentary and rocked on the balls of his feet impatiently to beat the cold, "I wouldn't be callin' you lass if it weren't for that haircut. Around here, havin' hair like that is a blessing for the surfers that come out during the nicer times. As for now, its a bit too cold for any surfing, ha." He said with one last laugh before turning serious and rather stubborn to keep staying still.

Sighing out a puff of air from his lungs, he moved his hand to rub the back of his neck and nodded his head into the direction of camp and then out towards the other side of the bridge were he saw the light outline of the city skyscrapers, "Eternal Darkness... yes, we're very informed about the pack, well, most of us, that is. Long time ago, a majority of the pack lived under Gabriel Braveheart's ranks and territories, as we were once his Warriors. Teimhnin and Jace, the Alphas of Venantium, were the Betas. But thanks to some unwanted disruptions from a manipulated Eternal, things shifted the balance between relationships and the pack divided at our most weakest and vulnerable. There was no where else for us to go, as the Betas were here and the Alphess was recovering. So the last members of Braveheart parted out ways at the death of Gabriel, as we knew it wouldn't be long before the Eternals took over and killed us all. We went our ways, and I led some here. We hold nothing against the Eternal werelings out near Manhattan. They've caused us no reason to act out, so no, there is nothing to be worried of." His eyes clouded at the memories and the past of how he came to be in such a place. The people he met were now not all here, but the least he could do was just smile and be grateful he was still alive after all he's done, "That about sums it all up. Come on, I'm freezing my wankers off out in this bloody freezing weather." Clearing his throat, his gaze lingered into the Warrior's and he started walking towards home.

As he looked over the water, he glanced back to Isaak and smile, pointing to the glistening lights in the distance, "Welcome home, warrior, and welcome to the pack."


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