Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Mindless Self Indulgence

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1 Mindless Self Indulgence on Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:37 pm

Diamond studded gold bangles jingled together as she slid them over her hand onto her wrist. She reached for the the thin gold chain that was delicately laid out on the dresser. She brought the chain up to her neck and clasped it together behind her neck and let the rough cut ruby that dangled from it fall gently against her chest. She made her way across the room to the full length mirror that hung on the wall beside her closet, for one final inspection. Her favourite red dress clung to the feminine contours of her body and came down just short of her mid thigh. Black high heeled boots came half way up her calf and gave her a four inch height boost. Though four inches would be a little excessive for most girls, it only brought her up to a barely average 5'6. A smile tugged at the corners of her lips as she analyzed herself in the mirror. Her dark chocolate hair fell in lustrous curls over her shoulders with diamond encrusted earrings dangling in the midst of hair. She quite enjoyed the way this particular outfit looked on her. Being as petite as she was, she was rarely considered sexy and sultry like women who were blessed with elegantly long legs. Cute was more often than not the word used to describe her, but in this outfit she felt elegant and beautiful.

Her smile quickly turned to a though induced frown. Something was missing. She gazed into the overflowing closet and crossed her arms trying to decide what she was missing. Scanning over various articles of clothing, her hazel eyes finally locked onto it. She reached forwards and pulled the black cropped leather jacket of the hanger. Swiftly she swung it around and pulled up on, stepping back to the mirror. With a final approving nod, she grabbed her clutch off the desk and made her way to the door. Locking it behind her, she stuffed her key into the clutch and headed out down the sidewalk towards the club she was to work at as a bartender. She planned on giving the owner a call as Teimhnin had told her to, but she wanted to check things out on her own before she did so. Her heels clicked rhythmically against the pavement as she made her way out of the Venantium housing compound. Once she had reached a busier area, she waved down a taxi. ""Club Rapture please" she said in her soft voice as she sat back and the taxi pulled back into traffic and off towards her destination.

The taxi pulled to a stop outside the club and she reached forward handing the cabby some cash. She swung open the door and smiled "Thank you." She walked over to the entrance and flashed her ID, which was fake of course as she had been born 95 years ago yet still resembled a girl in her 20's. The security guard looked it over, then eyed her then back to the ID. He handed it back to her and motioned for her to go on it which she gladly did, eager to get out of the sharp chill of winter. She was more than pleased when she stepped inside. Music blared, lights flashed and countless bodies danced along, lost in the rhythm and the effects of their drinks. She did a quick scan for the bar and made her way through the crowd of heated bodies and slipped up to the bar. She ordered a simple vodka and cranberry juice to start her night off with and made her way to a table on the outskirts of the club. Sitting down in the chair she peered out at the hot mess of people dancing the night away and smiled. She wouldn't mind working here.

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2 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:56 pm

The night had been moving slow for the Warrior as he took a few gulps from his Captain and Coke. Brown eyes flickering over the crowd of hot moving human bodies, he found no interest in them tonight. Pulling his leather jacket straight he unzipped it revealing a thin white V-neck shirt underneath. Nice fitting blue jeans held snug on his lean muscular figure as he pushed through the people, a new smell catching him. Narrowing his eyes he got stopped by a female, grinning lightly he watched her wiggle down his body. Fingers running along his chest she grinned and batted her lashes, only to whisper a offer beside his ear. Using his free hand he grabbed her hand and twirled her around, pulling her close to return her words."Not today dove..." he whispered. Then almost automatically the female slipped from his grip and moved on, putting another male in her cross hairs.

Shaking his head Brutus walked up to the lone female sitting in the back of the club, her red dress fit snug. Letting his eyes wash along her figure lazily he let a big grin spread across his features before walking up. Taking a swig of his drink he set if down on the table and slipped from his leather jacket, placing it down on a chair. Looking to Arianna, the warrior grinned. "You're new to dance dove. I can introduce myself during the chorus." he said smirking. Her scent was that of Venantium, a new girl obviously. He had never spied her before, but was glad he spotted her now. Running his hand through his curls he pushed them away for a moment. Reaching his hand out to Arianna, they fell back around his face almost perfectly.

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3 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:17 pm

She continued to sip on her drink and watch as people lost themselves to a night of mindless self indulgence, having left their worries at the door. For some those worries also included their sense of self respect it would seem as she saw the odd female here and there dressed in barely enough to cover what was necessary, and throwing themselves at anything that moved. She had never understood girls like that. One in particular that amused her was one that seemed to be getting turned down by almost every guy she wen't up to. But it was the next victim she locked in on that stole Aria's gaze this time. He was strikingly handsome she had to admit. She watched the obviously drunk girl whisper into his ear, the gist of which she was pretty sure was obvious. The male pulled her close, and whispered back which resulted in the girl immediately walking away only to find another male to prey on. Aria couldn't help but grin and wonder what he had said.

To her delight, he then turned towards her and began to walk over. The closer he got the more his features became clear and the more handsome he appeared. He smelt distinctly of Venantium which made her happy as she thought to herself while letting her gaze scan over him quickly, Damn if all the guys in Venantium look like this then I am going to enjoy this He placed his jacket on the chair next to her before he spoke to her but when he did he only gained more points in the attractiveness category. The delightful accent the encompassed his words was quite pleasing to the ear and she couldn't help but smile. Looking to his outstretched hand, she mirrored his grin and stood up, carefully slipping her own jacket from her shoulders and tossing it onto her chair. She reached out and placed her delicate hand in his. "Lead the way." she said with a very playful tone in her voice.

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4 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:42 pm

"Of course." he said calmly. His eyes catching hers before he took her hand in his. Stepping through the crowd of people he took them right smack dab in the middle. Stopping he turned to face the female and pulled her close with one swoop, her back to his chest. Letting her hand go his fingers ran down her sides to rest on her hips lightly, the music moving his hips behind hers. The DJ in the club started to drop the beat and the bodies in the crowd swayed, the change in pace making Brutus's pulse quicken. The humans went wild around them, but the male kept his eyes only on the female before him.

Leaning his head by her cheek his lips moved by Arianna's ear whispering lightly, "You smell of salt and ocean..Venantium. Tell me your name dove, I've never seen you before. I would remember if I had..." His words were faint and inaudible to any human, but to another wereling they would have no trouble hearing. His thick British accent tainted every word that came after, "Call me Brutus love...Warrior Brutus. What brings you to a place like this all alone?" Following his question he chest pressed into her shoulders as he inched closer, inhaling her sweet scent.

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5 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:31 pm

She gladly followed him down to the crowd of people entranced by the pulsing music. They did not stop until they had pushed through everyone and made it to the center of the dance floor. The swiftness in which he turned and pulled her close to him caused her heart to beat harder. It was clear he was confident in himself, which was something Aria admired though there was a fine line between confidence and cockiness. But he hadn't crossed that line yet so she was more than happy to indulge and dance with him. She felt the heat from his body behind her as the space between them lessened. As his fingers danced lightly down her sides which tingled from the touch. His hands found their place upon her hips and as his own began to sway with the music. Instinctively hers did the same, moving in sync with his.

She brought her hand up to her hair and pulled it to one side, letting it fall over her shoulder. It was then that he leaned his head over her shoulder and whispered into her ear, softly, but she could hear every word crystal clear. Her hands found their way to her hips where his hands rested, and slid her own to cover his. While her hands slipped over his, she tiled her head to the side and slightly upward to respond "The name's Arianna, and you are quite right indeed. Just got in a few days ago." His accented voice was entrancing to her ears but she wasn't about to let him see just how much, not yet anyways. "Brutus" she tested out the sound of it "Pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr. Brutus." she said, once again with a playful tone to her voice. She let a soft giggle slip from her lips as she turned her head back front and let her right hand slid up his arm, exploring the deliciously toned muscles while her hips continued to sway in time with his. She was content with silence between them while their bodies grind together to the pulsing music before she addressed the last portion of his question. She allowed her head to tilt to the side and upward again "I'll be working here as a bartender, but I figured I would come and have a little fun before I am stuck behind the bar."

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6 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:11 pm

Locsi stood in line at the club, the music roaring and people shouting and dancing. She could see shadows of the wave of people dancing off the wall while the strobe lights and multi colored lights lashed. She smirked and went right in, the man standing by the velvet rope kept it open for her after the person ahead of her went in and closed it after Locsi went in. She looked around, it smelled of sweat, alcohol and other things. She smirked and rammed herself into the wave of people and a man grabbed her by the hips and started grinding on her to the music, Locsi rolled her eyes and played along, swaying her hips and messing with her hair. The man laughed and Locsi did too, he slapped her ass and pointed to her before she walked off. Another man slapped her ass before she finally made to to the bar. The bartender smiled at her while he wiped a glass dry, she pointed to the Vodka bottle and put of three fingers. As he nodded Locsi turned in the turntable stool and watched the people dance. It brought a smile to her face remembering when she used to dance and get laid in the bathrooms of places like this. She chuckled to herself before the bartender interrupted her by setting three shot glasses onto the counter and pouring vodka into each, spilling a bit between the cups onto the counter. Locsi nodded and pointed to a piece of paper behind the counter that was for tabs, the man nodded and she lifted the shot glass, and swung I back, swallowing it. A different bartender walked behind the other bartender writing the tab and handed Locsi a beer in a flimsy plastic cup. She smirked he the man giving her the drink pointed to another man and he smiled. Locsi nodded and set the beer next to the two full shot glasses while the empty one sat near the edge of the counter.

Locsi took the last two shots and chugged the beer before escaping into the dance floor. She let a man grab her and they danced, grinding her front to him and her back, she laughed and twirled around, landing near another male and female. A scent, not like her packs but of a different pack as they both smelled of it, two other werewolves. Locsi smirked and just turned her back to the male werewolf while a different mortal male grabbed Locsi and they swayed together, grinding on each other more. She turned her head slightly and spoke behind her toward the male and female. "I'm Locsi. Come here often?" She chuckled to herself before turning back and looked at the male grinding against her, Lion growled with lust while the room became dark and finally white Strobe lights came on as the song changed. Locsi chuckled and continued to sway.

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7 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:18 pm

Arianna...nice name. Marco commented with a low rumble. Brutus let the rumble pass through his chest as they danced, his hip moving in rhythm with hers. His nose tingled with her scent as she moved her hair out of the way so he could rest his head by hers. She was tiny compared to him and he enjoyed the way she fit nicely in his embrace.

"Brutus dove...just Brutus. The pleasure is all mine to say the least, Rapture is a nice place to work. You'll like it here." he said quietly. "I can tell you will fit into Venantium too." Brutus felt her touch his arms and shoulders, feeling her fingers trace them over. He rumbled and slid his hands up her arms and grabbed her hands, flipping her position he pulled her close. Their gazes meeting now and the Warrior grinned, "This is better, so what do you like to do..Arianna." he asked curiously. The beat in the club slowed down and the other pairs started to slow dance, bodies swaying in motion again. Wrapping his arms around her waist he moved comfortably, brown eyes inspecting her features. She was lovely indeed, better up close.

Brutus lifted his head to the female that approached them, a grin on his features. "Aye dove..I'm Brutus and  I do sometimes." he said, slowing the dancing with Arianna down.

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8 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:48 pm


Having been just accepted into Venantium recently, Isaak was busy getting settled in. He had chosen a nice single house near the shoreside and was busy throughout the night moving his belongings in to his new place. Plus he found out he had an addition to his single life—the stray that had helped him out when he was seeking acceptance had decided to follow Isaak when he and Alex had parted ways for the night.

He and the Guardian left on a good note and Isaak had driven back to his old apartment, the dog in his arm. When he had gotten back to his apartment it was pretty late and yet his roommate was still up as noted by the light still on the living room.

Isaak parked his Harley, placed the dog down and started walking up the stairs towards his place, the mutt following loyally behind him. But knowing his roommate was allergic to dogs, and the landowner didn’t allow pets, he told the dog to ‘stay’ when he went inside to get his things.

And what a sight to behold. Right there in the living room on the carpet was his roommate, getting it on with yet another girl. It was Tiffany in the morning and now…Isaak really didn’t have a clue. Probably another ‘ley’ that would soon be replaced the next day.

The two didn’t stop in their actions as Isaak entered and closed the door behind him. They only smiled at him and continued on. Isaak paid them no heed as he walked past them to his room.

”You sure you don’t want to join us dude?” he heard his roommate ask from his position on the floor beneath the woman. The said woman nodded her head as she groaned, hopping up and down.

”Oh my god he totally should. Come join us handsome,” the girl added in and Isaak turned to face them with a friendly smile.

”Sorry, mate. Hate to burst your bubble but I’m actually moving out tomorrow. Just got a job change that requires me to move,” he told them, catching his roommate’s attention.

”Dude what? You’re moving out tomorrow? You’re like the best roommate I’ve had. How am I suppose to pay the rent for this place?” he whined like a spoiled brat, causing Isaak to rolled his eyes mentally.

The werewolf only shrugged in response. ”Get one of yer girlfriends to move in with ya, I’m paying my half of the rent tomorrow and heading out,” he spoke as he walked into his room to grab a gym bag and start putting his belongings in. It wasn’t much, just clothes and his mom’s research that he always kept as memoirs of her.  

He paused in his packing to think. Tomorrow he’d go trade in his bike for a Jeep, looks like the bike wasn’t going to do for his new companion. He finished packing and set his things on his bed. He stuff a few more items in the backpack he had on and then left the room, bypassing his sex-crazed roomies and exited the door, wanting to move the dog and some of his things to his new place and come back for more.

He drove into the Venantium pack lands and headed for the house he would be staying in. He had picked a spot close to the shoreline since he thought he’d enjoy a morning run along the beach with his new friend. Speaking of his new friend, after some consideration he decided to name the dog, ‘Lincoln’ for the American president whom Isaak respected very much for his role in the abolition of slavery.

Digging out his key, Isaak unlocked the door to the ouse and walked in, turning on the light to see that the place was modest furnished which was perfect for him since he liked to live simple. He would have to stop buy a pet store to buy some things for Lincoln though. That would have to be tomorrow since it was getting quite late. He told Lincoln to stay put in the house as he drove back to his apartment to grab the last of his things.

Bidding his night to his still-fraternizing roomies, Isaak grabbed his things and told his roommate he’d be back the next day to terminate his lease and pay off his half of the bills. With that he grabbed a large blanket for Lincoln and left for the night.

The next morning was busy. He had to get a recommendation from the hospital in case he ever wanted to transfer to another hospital. The hospital staff was all very sad to see him go but reassured him he would be loved wherever he worked.  After that he went to a dealership and traded in his Harley for a black 2010 Jeep Patriot and got some money back for his precious bike too. He then drove to the pet store to buy a new bed for Lincoln, oh and gave the dog a bath too, and gave him a collar just in case someone thought he was a stray.

His whole day was over in a flash and by the time by night he wanted nothing more than to sit back with a good drink. And he was going to do just that.

Leaving Lincoln on his own in the backyard, with food and water set out for the canine, Isaak drove his Jeep towards Rapture, the club located in the neutral territory as he had just found out. Parking it he nodded towards the bouncer and walked into the place, noticing the amount of people in the place tonight.

Heads turned his way as he moved past people to get to the bar. He saw the bartender and gave the man a smile. He had been to Rapture before but never knew it was neutral territory for the packs.  He grabbed the bartender’s hand in a firm, friendly shake and gave him a cheery smile.

”How are you Isaak? Haven’t seen you in a while. What have you been up to lately? You want the usual?” the bartender asked and Isaak gave him a nod of his head.

”Aye mate if you could, that’ll be very much appreciated. Haven’t been up to much, working but I just recently relocated to another hospital on Long Island so the whole day I was getting things settled,” he answered as the bartender passed him a class of straight rum, the dark kind.  

”Relocating? Any specific reason?” the bartender asked, curious.

Isaak grinned to himself. He couldn’t very well tell him about pack business so he just gave a story.

”Just felt like living in another place ya know? Plus I was actually quite fed up with my roommate and his endless number of different girlfriends. Did you know that I walked in today and they were shagging in the middle of the living room?” he explained and took a swig of his drink.

The bartender laughed heartily and shook his head. ”Youngsters, they’re too energetic for their own good.” he replied and went to help other customers leaving Isaak to chuckle and take another drink.

He stopped to look around at the crowd of people and sniffing lightly he picked up the scents of weres. There was the familiar scent of Venantium wolves and the scents of an unfamiliar were as well, perhaps from Eternal Darkness. But considering this was neutral territory, Isaak didn’t expect any problems.

His eyes scoured the dancers and his nose was telling him that the weres were mixed in among the human dancers. Not wanting to get into the crowd of bodies though he stayed in his seat at the bar and enjoyed his drink.

((sorry for such a long post XD))

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9 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:38 pm

A smile slipped across her lips as he spoke. She enjoyed the way he said dove. It was such a simple word but combined with his whimsical accent it took on a whole different tone. Before she had the chance to answer him, he spun her around to face him. Her thick curls whipping around and bouncing into place against the exposed skin on her back. Hazel met deep brown as she looked up at him, a playful grin plastered on her face as she did so. "You sure know how to handle a woman. I like it." she giggled mischievously. "I hope I do fit in. To be honest this is the only pack I've ever been in." The music began to fade to a slower paced song and with it the bodies around them slowed. Brutus' arms wrapped around her waist and she slid hers up to rest on his shoulders which would have been a near impossible feat were it not for the heels she wore. She much preferred this view to the later. "Well once I get settled here and have saved up a bit, I'm going to be opening my own clothing store here. Hope to start designing once everything gets going."

Her gaze drifted quickly from his eyes to inspect his exceptionally well muscled body and then flitted back up to meet his eyes again. "How about you. One doesn't maintain a body like this without some pretty intense physical work." but before he could answer, a new scent wafted in. She looked up to the girl who danced nearby with someone and introduced herself. Must be from the other pack around here she thought to herself and offered a curt smile "The name's Arianna. First time here." she said gently only to be bombarded with yet another wereling's scent though this time it was that of another Venantium. The tall male sat up at the bar, dressed rather, interestingly for being at the club, but she wasn't one to judge. She would be sure to introduce herself if he was still there when she grabbed another drink. She did a quick scan of the people around her, and judging by their stumbled steps and slurred words, she had some catching up to do but she wasn't ready to take her arms of Brutus just quite yet so drinks could wait a moment.

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10 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:49 pm

Locsi listened to each werewolf and as another scent filled her nostrils she grunted, all from a different pack. She didn't feel uneasy more annoyed at the presence of all the others. Her crop waved loosely around her body and her skinny jeans sculpted to her kegs beautifully. She and the man who was dancing on her continued to dance before she shooed him away and he left, she looked at the two dancing behind her and swayed beside them and spoke softly, as werewolves had excellent hearing they could zone in on her words. "First time for me as well, I'be just been recently welcomed into my packs lands." Her hair swayed behind her as she looked up at the ceiling and friend before looking back down at the other two and nodding to them both before walking toward the tall male at the bar. "You seem rather content with being a lug and sitting in your seat and not enjoying the music. So maybe I should join you and you keep you company? You seemed kinda lonely.." Lion growled in annoyance and Locsi ignored the growl and pushed it aside. She just looked at the man and swayed her hips to the music, standing behind and more toward his side.

[Sorry it's short.]

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11 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:03 pm

Enjoying the sight of Arianna he listened to her words, "A clothing store? Sounds nice." he said softly. Turning to the female named Locsi, he dipped his head before watching her walk away to the bar. Letting out a loud sigh Brutus ran his fingers through his curls and looked down at Aria, "I actually do MMA fights, right now though I'm training till a fight comes up. Let's go get another drink and introduce ourselves to the other Venantium at the bar. New guy.."

Moving his hands from Aria's hips Brutus turned and started to push his way through the crowd. Stiff arming any man that tried to talk to Aria, he stayed close until they reached the bar. Stepping to the opposite side of Isaak, Brutus leaned down on the bar and looked to Aria. "What are ye drinking dove?" he asked. Looking to the bartender he smiled, "Captain n Coke for me and whatever these two ladies want." he offered.

Moving his back against the counter Brutus looked down at the male, his clothes looked like he was from another time. Obviously, he had no sense of style or what century he was in. "Aye mate, names Brutus. What should I call you?" he asked loudly.

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12 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:05 am


Isaak had just finished his second glass and asked the bartender for a refill when the scent of a were flooded his nose. Just as the bartender pushed another glass of rum towards him, a female came up to his side and he turned to give her his attention. One sniff told him she was probably of the other pack.

He answered her question with a chuckle and small smile. Taking a swig from his glass he responded.

”It’s been a long day lass. Can’t say I wouldn’t mind a little time to myself,” he told her as he turned in his seat to face her. ”Though you are right about the music not being to my tastes, I wouldn’t mind it in the least of you joined me. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company? And doesn’t everyone seem lonely from time to time?” he asked her with a friendly smile.

But no sooner had he spoken to her, two more weres approached him and this time the strong scent of ocean and Venantium flooded his senses. So these two were his packmates. He looked forward to meeting them indeed.

He saw the male appear with a girl on his arm and then heard what the man ordered. It drew a grin onto Isaak’s face at the man’s choice of drink. He gave the first female that approached him a small smile, telling her he’ll be back with her and gave his attention to the other two.
Seeing the young lady, Isaak gave a dip of his head and a kind smile. To the male’s question Isaak raised his glass to the man and chuckled.

”Bloody hell. It’s not every day you meet yet another fellow Brit in the Big Apple. Like your choice of drink, mate. Name’s Isaak, nice to meet you Brutus,” Isaak addressed the fellow male wereling and then turned to Aria.

”And you lass? If you may grace me with your name?” he had to shout so he could be heard over the booming of the club music. He had originally wanted a quiet evening but it looks like it was going to be anything but. Although it wasn’t exactly a bad thing.

Not only did he get to meet two members of Venantium but a wereling of Eternal Darkness as well.

13 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:50 am

An MMA fighter, it made perfect sense but before she could comment he suggested they go greet the man she had caught a glimpse of at the bar. The other Venantium  wereling that had wandered on in. She nodded and followed him through the dense crowd towards the bar. A few guys attempted to walk up to her but Brutus was quick to shove them off. As they finally made their way up to the bar she stood next to Brutus and smiled gratefully as he offered to buy her a drink. She shot a glance to the bartender, taking a brief second to memorize his face as she would soon be working with him "A vodka and redbull please" she said softly with a smile before turning her gaze back to the other werelings. As Isaak, as he called himself, spoke, she picked up on his accent that mirrored the one Brutus spoke with. An entertaining though crossed her mind [color:1378=#ff99ffHeavens are all the Venantium British. she thought to herself and chuckled silently. She wouldn't complain if it were true, she found the tone quite pleasing to listen to.

When he turned his questions to her, she smiled politely, "Arianna" she said simply and delicately. "Glad to see I'm not the only new one now able to call Venantium home. I only got in a few days ago." She allowed her gaze to shift and settle on Locsi, the girl from the dance floor who had briefly introduced herself. She was from the other pack that resided in the area, though she had yet to learn anything about them. Even their name was a mystery to her. She gave a slight grin "Hello again." she said, not wanting the girl to feel left out or excluded while the three pack mates got further acquainted.

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14 Re: Mindless Self Indulgence on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:29 pm

Locsi listened to the man and nodded, sitting in the stool next to him she smiled softly. "Maybe we should get you used to the music." She looked the man up and down as his clothes weren't exactly 'current'. "This is the twenty first century after all." She chuckled and waved her hen e toward the bartender who came over with a smile and Locsi smiled back. "Just some beer." He pointed to the row of different beers and she shrugged, pointing to a random one as she wasn't picky, when he placed the beer down she pointed to her tab and he wrote it down and she smiled, looking back toward the other male. As others made their way toward them, Locsi grumbled and turned toward the bar and sipped her beer. She listened to them talk and said nothing, even as the woman addressed her and said Hell Locsi nodded once and took another drink and remained silent.

As the minutes passed as the Venantium talked Locsi just continued to get drunk, she finished the beer and asked for another and was served quickly. The tart taste of the beer seemed to calm her. "I'm Locsi, you all seem like you're having fun chatting away, I'll go back to dancing." We said toward the bar and stood up, taking another drink and tossing the plastic cup behind her toward the bar and walked toward the dance floor, and met another man right away he grabbed her hips and they swayed, she grinned and swayed with him. The beat of the music causing them to grind quickly but the faster she swayed and he behind her, the better it got. She giggled and they continued to away, as the strobe lights changed from strobes to rainbow lights that were hung on a long metal thing above them she turned to face the man and was taller than him but she wrapped her hands around his back and continued to sway, sighing, ignoring the other werelings. After all, she was the outsider here.

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Grabbing his Captain and coke he lifted the glass in unison with Isaak, a big grin slipped over his features. "Aye, us Brits have to stick together. Nice to meet you Isaak." he said moving the drink to his lips. Taking a smooth swig of his alcohol, Brutus leaned back while Aria and Isaak introduced themselves. His brown eyes followed the female named Locsi, she wasn't of Venantium. In fact she didn't seem to keen on hanging around them after they all came back over. But maybe he was just being wary of the opposite pack member, his eyes flickered over the crowd closely.

For the most part the club was calm, the only thing changing the atmosphere was the music. The bodies swayed and found partners as the beat dropped again, everyone seemed amped up. Lifting the glass he took another sip and ran his hair through his curls, they bounced and moved lightly. Looking to Isaak he smiled, "Alright, I'm thinking of dancing..are you coming or what? We can find you a girl mate, get your 21st century on." he said pushing off the bar. Brutus moved into the edge of the people and pulled one blonde woman in front of him, she wore tight jeans and some sort of bra top. While she worked her way down his legs Brutus pointed down at her and looked at Isaak, pretty much asking if he liked blondes.

Taking Isaak's silence as a no, Brutus shook his head and sent the girl on her way ignoring her obvious pout. Then he pointed to Locsi or a girl near her. Lifting a brow that either of those brunettes were lovely enough for a dance. Turning to Aria Brutus smiled and held out his hand, hoping she still wanted to groove with him. Moving his gaze over his shoulder he felt the soft hands from another woman. Snapping his head to the side he looked over her figure, she was curvy. In a tight dress she swayed and danced, lifting her finger for Brutus to follow. He had to admit she was good looking and the breasts poking from her top, didn't hurt her offer. The Warrior smiled lightly and looked back over to his pack members, wondering what they would do.

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Isaak took a liking to Brutus, aye the guy sounded like a good fellow that he could get along with well. He chuckled at Brutus’ comment about Brits staying together. Hell Isaak was quite surprised enough having met Alexander and now Brutus, two Brits in Venantium. Isaak himself was Brit and Irish by birthplace for all he cared. He didn’t have a clue nor gave a damn what his father was and he’d like to keep things that way.

He turned away from Brutus for a moment to meet Aria and listened to her as she gave him her name. Giving her a charming smile he lifted his glass to her as well.

”It’s a pleasure to meet you Arianna. I’m quite like you actually, just accepted yesterday night. Looking forward to calling this my home and getting to know the rest of the pack,” he told her as he took another sip of his drink and then sighed in satisfaction as the dark liquor made its way down his throat and warming him up inside.

He was about to turn to the other female, Locsi, but it seems she wandered off back into the crowd of bodies once Arianna and Brutus approached. Perhaps she didn’t like the company of wolves from the other pack?

Pretty soon Brutus headed off to mingle within the sea of people again and turned back, addressing Isaak with a question. The latter gave a slight shake of his head in response, feeling quite comfortable where he was and not feeling up to be pressing against other sweaty bodies at the moment.

”Not today, mate. Perhaps another time,” he called out and could only chuckle when both Locsi and Brutus made a comment about him being in the wrong century. He knew he stood out against all the modern culture and garb, but he felt comfortable in his duster and it reminded him of the old days. He wasn’t quite ready to jump into the 21st century fully yet, but he’d made a mental note to stop by the clothing store to get at least a few outfits corresponding to the current time era.

As Brutus pointed out different women, Isaak could only smile and shake his head at them. Not exactly his game. Call him old-fashioned, which he was, but he liked to court his women. Bloody hell though he better start making the transition into the newer age if he wanted to keep up with the times. Isaak only lifted his glass, drained it and asked the bartender for another go.

He turned to Aria and chuckled. ”Go on and dance away, love. I’m more of the observer type. Plus today I’d just like to take it easy, been a long day,” he responded as he thanked the bartender for the refill and took another sip.

Some women actually saddled up to him and asked him to dance with them, saying how they liked an old Western man, putting their arms all over him but he kindly declined their offer, giving him apologetic smiles. They pouted but slid their arms from him and went off in search of other dance partners. He just enjoyed his drink, thinking of heading back soon but decided to stay behind to get to know his pack mates more. Watching the two could be just as rewarding as talking to them to get to know their personalities.

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Taking her drink from the bartender she gave him another smile and a quick thank you and turned back to the others. Taking a swig of her drink, she noticed Locsi saunter off back to the dance floor and quickly found herself a dance partner. Aria wondered silently about the status between the two packs. She would have to remember to ask someone but for now she wasn't going to let her mind wander. Tonight was her night to have a little fun, let loose and forget her worries. Having met and taken a liking to both of her newfound pack mates, her concerns about fitting in vanished.

She took another sip of her drink and focused her attention back to Isaak and Brutus just in time to catch Brutus' comment about Isaak's clothes. She couldn't help but giggle resulting in her almost choking on her drink. She managed to swallow and coughed a few times and looked up to Isaak with an apologetic grin on her face. "If you ever decide to switch it up to a more modern look I'd be more than happy to help. Bit of a fashonista myself and will be opening up my own clothing store once I get settled." She stayed up at the bar with Isaak as they watched Brutus jump down to the dance floor and try to help Isaak find a girl to dance with. Aria nudged him as a blonde began dancing up on Brutus who pointed to her, silently asking if she would do. "You know what they say, blondes have more fun. A little fun would do you some good." she said in a playful, teasing tone and took the last swig of her drink. She turned around and set the cup down.

Having another drink in her and feeling the slight warmth the alcohol gave her she gave Isaak one last little nudge in the side playfully "Come on, if you don't want any of the girls perhaps we can find you a sexy guy to dance with." she said teasing him again. She giggled and jumped down to the dance floor where Brutus had his hand held out to her. Maneuvering her way through a few people she made it over to him, only to see another girl with her hand on his shoulder, obviously wanting to dance with him. Aria couldn't blame her, but with a devilish smirk she placed her hands on his sides and began to dance up on him, grinding away with the music. She shot the girl behind him a wink and continued to dance to the music.

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