Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Dare to Approach?

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1 Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:15 am

His blue eyes were the first thing people usually noticed about him. They represented ice itself, but held a blue quality that hinted at clear icy springs created in the mountains. One look at them hooked you, and whether you were ready or not, you were hooked within their hypnotizing and coldness. There was no depth to these eyes, being nothing but a frozen layer of unreadable ice. His face... Sculpted and perfect like that of the ancient Greek god he'd been named after was no longer as perfect as it had been when he'd first entered these lands. There no rested a scar along his left cheek, reaching from his cheek bone and down along his neck only to disappear within his shirt which strained and covered taught, strong tanned muscles beneath.

There was no doubt within ones mind whether he'd be predator or prey. His movements were fluid, and from his body radiated power as he walked through the park, his head down and his raven wing black hair ruffling in the wind as he moved. With his hands stuck in his ripped jean pockets he moved aimlessly amongst the last mortals to hover within the park as night fell. In the direction he headed a bridge loomed over a shallow creek and as he raised his icy eyes to it memories poured through him of the fateful night he'd appeared upon Eternal land. He'd shared with the Alphess the powers he'd learned to harness and control, and the strength he'd revealed to her then was only a shadow of what he could do now, but it all went to waste when his brother, Gabriel, Alpha of the Bravehearts, died after being slain by an Hunter's arrow defending one of his wolves. A Hunter. Adonis hadn't taken the thievery of his prey easily, and had hunted the Hunter down and had eased his anger slaying him. As for after.... well he'd seen no reason to return to the Eternal Pack. He'd showed the Alphess his tricks, and having felt her power for himself he'd been confident in her abilities to train others and begin what he had started.

So, why was he here now? Was it to gain his title as Elite back? Adonis stopped once he stood in the middle of the bridge and tilted his head back to look up at the sky, only to be disappointed when he saw no stars. No. He wasn't here for the rank. The answer came to him easily as he stood there and reached to touch the golden ring that hung from a pure silver chain from around his neck. He was here to live for something, and if that something involved a pack with a heart as black as his own, then so be it. Taking a deep breath he gathered himself and the muscles of his throat convulsed as they changed into that of a wolf's while he remained human. Throwing his head back he howled, the sound filled with power and a dark song that was purely his own. Allowing his throat to snap back into human form he lowered his head and leaned back against the wall of the bridge as he waited, his wolf stirring restlessly within him. He knew someone would come. Someone always did.

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2 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:57 am

Peering into the darkness, two round and breath-taking soulless silver eyes stared mindlessly into what she found wandering before her presence. The orbs were framed by a face of the definition of beauty its self, she was a godly woman, blessed with the curves and such features only a true other could sacrifice for in this century. What lies inside is still as beautiful as the external appearance, as her golden heart is like no other as it is warmer than a loving mother's, and her mind is wiser through her plentiful years. She took refuge to the shadows that hid her from the light, breathing deeply as she caught the air to finally inhale to her lungs as she had been running for some time now. Looking left and right, the fae quickened her moments and inched along the brick building to finally reach the mouth. The coast was clear, for now, so she made thinks quick and dipped into the passing group of civilians to shield her to whatever was following. Vitani gave an uneasy sigh as the scent vanished back to the smell of the city streets. To her opinion, it smelt a lot more pleasant compared to the creature that chased her here. Relaxing her thoughts and wolf to settle again, the woman returned to walk with poise and avert from the group once they were not looking.

"Whew." She said with a relief, tucking one of her bouncy dark brown waves behind her small round ear. Just as she had started to begin on the idea of walking to the nearest cafe for a quick sip, her attention rose to the sound of a charming howl to whisper into the icy moonlight. This was Eternal Darkness territory, what was a loner such as one so moronic be on their sacred ground, she thought irritatedly. Now that it was late enough to see that the streets she were on were finally cleared of life, she shifted into a large peppered dark brown wolf and stretched her limbs. A rumble of content made her insides vibrate against her chest. Flickering ears into the direction, she started towards the park quickly before the figure could even think of going further of her sister's lines. When walking up to the lands, she nudged her nose through the gates and wiggled her way inside without making it squeak. Using her wereling vision to look into the dark, she saw the individual upon the bridge and started to move nearer to him, only to be struck with that of a devilishly handsome man looking to the moon above, "Who're you.. and what makes you so special to come passed borders, vagabond?" Her wolf suit towered easily over him, averting her titanium eyes to become lost in a pair of ocean hues. Her eyes widened slightly to them before shifting down to her normal self, "I am Vitani Dark, the sister to the female that rules these lands.. What brings you here? And why do you smell faint of the territory like as if you've been here, sir?" Her tone was sweet and caring, leaving her gaze to become even more curious as to why he was here in the first place.


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Guardian Alexander
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3 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:14 am

Breathing in a deep breath, Adonis breathed in the chill of the air and the scent of his surroundings. He tried to relax, but the noises of the city, after spending so much time away from it, was almost painful compared to the quiet he'd lived in as he traveled as a wolf through many parts of Ireland. Something about the place drew him when he wanted to remain a wolf, and he'd taken a liking to spending nights in abandoned castles which reminded him of the luxury he'd had as a cub growing up within the Bravehart Pack.

A new scent wafted into his nose and his blue eyes snapped open as his head turned just slightly to the right as new, but oddly almost familiar scent filled his nostrils. He remained in his position against the wall of the bridge, his entire body posture saying I don't give a shit, as he watched for movement in the distance. In reality his heart was pounding in his chest and excitement rushed through him. Would they welcome him back after all these months, or shove him away like everyone else was likely to do? Adonis didn't deny to himself that he was indeed cold, deceitful, and a killer, and he definitely didn't delude himself into thinking there was any good left in him too touch. Which is exactly why he'd came back to this pack. They were evil, yes, but not flat out bloodthirsty and mindless like the rogues he'd came across so often.

A brown wolf approached him and something odd happened as he looked into two silver eyes that shone like the moon itself; his heart constricted and sliver of emotion flashed through it before disappearing. This small thing was enough to shake him, and he immediately built his defenses back over his heart while the she-wolf shifted back into her human skin and he was struck again at the beauty of her, which felt like a punch to the gut. He revealed none of this though and moved away from the wall to give a graceful bow that gentlemen in the olden days would've given to a lady. "I'm Adonis, and aye, I've been upon these lands before. I've been acquainted with your Alphess, but I've recently been unable to return." He paused and met her silver gaze with his blue. "I was Elite before I left, but I've no need of a high rank. I only ask that I be received back into the pack so that I may fulfill my duties." His voice was crisp and to the point, but unconsciously wove a dark and seductive sound that had caused many in the past to shiver at just the sound.

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4 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:48 am

Her cheeks flushed a rosy pink as her eyes traveled over the male's toned body that greeted her with a kindly bow. It had been long since she had been welcomed by a the type of gesture, though she was not complaining, only thinking that it was rather foreign to her now-a-days. She wondered as to why there weren't a lot more men like that these days, not that she could change it even if she wanted to, but it was very attractive to have a man praise a lady's presence with manners. Glancing away from the display, she smiled to the floor to finally rise back to his once the color of her cheeks faded back to the normal light tan. His name held a familiarity to it, but his words sent a desirable shiver down her hollow bony spine. She knew this male, from Noctavia for the most part, and also had come to know a bit more on him than the rest of the pack thanks to a couple of older files stashed at the back of her other records. It was one of her main duties to keep track of all the previous and latest pack members to whenever they would join to know more on their blood levels to see what she did and didn't need to know in the case of them becoming injured. It had taken her hours to finally read them all, with the help of some refreshing cups of cocoa, let alone her ACDC playlist on her phone she had to keep her at bay as she read in the silence of her office. Adonis was one of the first of the files considering that his last name as towards the beginning of the alphabet, but she saved it for later to read upon her pile of favorites. He was thought to of died, but seeing him now certainly clarified that is was indeed false.

A dainty hand of five perfectly red painted nails reached out to slice through the space between them, gazing her eyes proudly to his crystal blues, "It's an honor to of finally of met you, Adonis Braveheart. I've heard so much about you.. His eyes reminded her of the pacific ocean, sparkled just by the little light that reflected off the waves' surface that flowed beautifully under the sun's shining glory. She would not deny that his looks were a blessing, as were hers, and if she knew any better, they could be mistaken for gods if they tried. Her lips curled into a seductive grin while her eyes stayed directed on his, "I guess I'm not the only little sibling to walk around these parts now. I assure you you are nothing to disappoint in returning to our lands, but I must add that I am surprised by your appearance.. You are thought of went K.I.A for a moment to our side of the given story." Tilting her head she examined him closely to her comfort, sizing him and noting all what there was to like the longer she took to take in his features. She had never seen Gabriel, was heard from many women that he was the definition of handsome, in most terms, whereas the real exes defined him as a bastard. But Vitani did not judge one by another's words, she was not like that at all. However, Adonis surely proved the point that his bloodline were from beautiful people, and if that were true, then Gabriel too must of been a sight to see for a brute, "Looks like they were wrong." She smirked,

"Noctavia will be more than pleased to see you are fine, especially since she's been doing a couple.. um.. training sessions.. If you know what I mean. But sad to say that your previous rank has been replaced with Damian instead. If you're willing to have a Warrior, than that will be your rank for this point on." She smiled kindly to him and rocked side to side in shifting her weight between the balls of her feet to slowly sway in her position. The air blew cold around her, which made her try and attempt at keeping her coat nearest to her skin, trapping all whats left of her body heat to keep her warm from the cold, "Not to make things even more boring and annoying than it is with me, but.. how have you been? I.. um.. really don't know what to ask you..." She laughed lightly to herself, which made a gust of icy breath puff from her plump lips into the air around them. Vitani blushed, but she could no longer feel it burn her cheeks as they had gone numb from being outside. Biting her bottom lip, she turned side ways on her tiptoes to look passed the park gates and then to him, pointing her finger over her shoulder, "Do you.. uh.. want to go get some coffee? I'm freezing my ass off out here truthfully..."


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Guardian Alexander
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5 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 12:16 pm

Tilting his head to the side like a wolf studying something of interest Adonis said, "You've heard of me? I must admit, I didn't expect to be remembered." Brushing his hand along the stubble of his jaw he continued to study her with penetrating eyes before allowing his hand to rise and run through his hair as she spoke of his 'death'. "I came very close to death" He smirked, his icy eyes sparkling with mischief. "But I assure you, I'm really, really hard to kill off. I'm not exactly normal."

The male made a brushing away gesture when she mentioned the replacement of his rank. "Ranks have no meaning to me these days and time. I've nothing left to live for, so why not a pack as a whole?" As usual Adonis went straight for the point, not bothering with unnecessary words. The female before him almost made him want to drag the conversation on, but being the stubborn ass that he was, didn't. "As for that 'gift' I gave her in the past, I'll continue helping to train the others if my Alphess would allow me." His eyes caught sight of her discomfort before she began to try in an attempt at small talk. Amusement sparked in his eyes, but his face remained cold and impassive. Sighing as he saw her struggle to keep warm he slipped the leather jacket he wore and approached her without the slightest inkling of caution a normal wereling would show in the presence of another. Slipping the jacket over her own he couldn't help but replay their small conversation and be slightly confused of the fact that her eyes didn't remain glued to the scar upon his face.

"Coffee sounds good." He nodded, and without answering her earlier question of how he'd been he started walking without seeing if she'd follow. Secretly, he hoped she would, and his wolf stirred restlessly when they moved away from her, but clamping down on his humanity he continued onward without a word.

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6 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:35 pm

"Lots actually. Noctavia's told me lots about you, plus the half I learned from our family pack. I don't know if you've noticed, but uh, we're kinda not friendly allies with Braveheart." She laughed once and turned on her heels to follow him. As her eyes traveled to the ground to where the tread, she smiled to herself and pulled the jacket in closer against her. She muttered a sweet thank you, but she was not certain to if he had heard it. Probably not, she thought with pure doubt. Truthfully she didn't want to ruin his return by her annoying words, but it would be nice to at least get a nice insight of what he's like other than what she's heard. Perhaps there was another side to him that was left uncovered due to something that had happened in the past life. She had many of those layers to which no one had bothered to unravel, just maybe, she could find one of Adonis's if she tried, "There should be a cafe around the corner..." She mumbled, keeping her head low to watch her feet pace against the cement sidewalk.

Huffing out a long sigh, she neared his side comfortably, grazing barely of her side against him in a nonchalant way with the glint of a smile to sparkle in her eyes. She kinda liked his cocky personality, but knew there was only trouble to come from it. Danger lurked in his eyes and a seducing glow powered over his shoulders that begged for a woman's attention to find, "Noctavia taught me a few things, thanks to you. I'm sure she'll be happy to see that you're okay after so long. She's been so stressed with things around the back, but now that Braveheart is, well.." She shrugged and quirked her pouted lips to the corner of her mouth, "Things have kinda been peaceful for us, I guess. We don't have to fight all the damn time, which makes it a whole lot easier on my half so I don't have to waste my time to heal a wound or two. Which reminds me, I forgot to add that I'm a doctor..." Great, now she really was being a nuisance. Vitani slumped her shoulders, restlessly crossing her arms over her chest as she thought of some things to talk about that might interest him. Looking up to see the side of his face, her lips pursed into a flattened smile as she trailed her gaze down over the scar on his face. She loved scars, not that he'd care. No one ever cared for what she liked, except Elay.

Making her way inside the little cafe, a jingle rose over her head and the smell of a fresh pot of coffee wafted in the air towards her. A low growl muffled in the middle of her throat, balling her fist slightly to settle her inner being to hush. The growl made her ribs tickle, however Vitani kept her cool and emotions hidden, neatly placing herself in a chair at a table of two. "Coffee..." She told the waiter with a charming smile that looked to her, making her grin in return and whisper, "Pretty please..." Slipping the coats from her shoulders, she let it hang over the back of her chair and crossed her legs over each other before sitting up straighter to look over to him. Rolling her sleeves to her elbows of her simple black and red lumberjack shirt, the two tattoos on her wrist, similar to her sister's, were unveiled and she slowly kept herself busy by tracing them. She wondered if Adonis may have some. Tattoos were a personal favorite of hers she looked into a man, but personality rose higher than the rest. A man was only a real man if he treated his ladies with respect.


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7 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:06 pm

When resumed speaking Adonis gave a quiet sigh and slowed so that he female would not have to struggle to keep up and he resigned himself to spending the evening with her. Not that that was a bad thing, but the ring, which now rested against his scarred chest beneath his shirt burned from memories and the cold. A faint sense of pain and sadness flushed through him, but he emotions were distant, just the way he liked to keep them. If he allowed himself to feel, like he did within this females presence if he wasn't careful, he knew they'd hit him full force and leave him vulnerable to Vitani. He couldn't allow that to happen, but his wolf sighed sadly within his odd and mazelike mind.

He didn't look down at Vitani as she spoke, but he did indeed listen. The right corner of his mouth curled up slightly, hinting at a smile that would never come. His family, indeed, had been well known, but it was his brother, Mr. Good-Two-Shoes, who'd always been spoken of in hushed and reverent whispers. He continued to listen to her speak and he moved his head just so to give her more of his attention as she spoke of her Alphess. He knew he'd come a little too late with his mind tricks, but those things couldn't had been rushed. He wondered if Noctavia had been disappointed at the death of her prey, and smirked at the thought as a laugh almost rumbled within his chest. Her receiving the news would've been something he would've loved to see.

He turned the full force his eyes on her as she spoke about becoming a doctor. Secretly, that'd been a dream of his as a child, and he'd help the Healers within the pack heal wounded pack mates during war when he'd been too young to fight himself. Maybe she could... NO! Adonis struck the dream from his mind and gave himself a mental shake. He was a Warrior, not a Healer... But what use were his fighting skills now? That thought settled uncomfortably within his mind and he sighed. He was still the master of the mind shadows. He could contribute that way.

Entering the coffee shop he followed the Doctor to a table and lowered all six feet ten of himself onto the chair. He muttered that he wanted his coffee black, and went to staring at his hands, where the tip of a tattoo revealed itself. He pulled his arm back slightly so the sleeve would pull up and hide it. It was a wild rose, created with oranges, yellows, reds, and black to make it seem as if it were made of flames. He'd gotten it for his past mate, Rose, who he'd once commented as being both beautiful, but deadly. The thing was a painful reminder, but he couldn't bring himself to be rid of it. Think of something else! He snapped at himself. Raising his eyes back to Vitani he said, "What made you want to be a Doctor?"

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8 Re: Dare to Approach? on Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:42 pm

The glimpse of the outline to a tattoo of his made a smile peek at her lips, but she said nothing of it as it seem to bother the male. She had already done enough to rain on his parade for a horrible welcome, the worst she could do was pry into his past by asking him what's the meaning behind it. All tattoos of hers held a strong meaning, that is, except for one on her lower back, but only the lovers of the night she received were the only ones to of seen it. Elay had, but that had been an accident, hopefully she'll keep it from the other male's eyes as well. The last thing she needed was someone calling her something crude and out of line. She was old beyond her years and saw what all there was to see; she was a lady, not a toy. Every woman possessed standards, especially her. But the thought of a potential mate was slim to her eyes, even if her choices were at a variety for the most part.

Her insides were heated with a low howl, making her cheeks flush before him as she knew it was her wolf responding to the male's presence, ...Isn't he just the bees knees.. Vitani's eyes retrained from widening at her mind's words and sunk a bit lower in her seat as she tried to make herself appear getting comfortable. Her counterpart knew what it was doing to her, which embarrassed her truly to get a rise out of her, but she did nothing to show it and kept still. ..We're in the twenty first century, no one says that anymore.. It's because of you I can't have a normal conversation with a cute guy without hearing your stupid voice.. So hush... She barked into her mind, silencing her other half to no words at all other than a quiet laugh to echo into the dark depths of her maze-like thoughts.

Swallowing hard, she cleared her mind again to speak and rose her face back up to meet Adonis's pure blue gaze wondrously staring into her own. A short sweet smile placed at her mouth, but soon disappeared to a single nod and softer expression, "I like making people feel better, and make them smile, I guess." Her lips tilted into a crooked grin, rolling her shoulders into a careless shrug while taking her cup of coffee from the waiter that returned. Nodding a quiet thank you to the man as he left, she peered back to him with a blank silvery stare, "Their smiles make me smile... Cheesy I know, but, we all have our likes and dislikes, no?" She said, raising her brows slightly in question. Looking out the cafe window, her reflection in the glass stared faintly into herself, placing the cup of coffee between her little hands to keep them warm. A rare few cars passed on through, but her eyes traveled passed the glass to see snow finally run down from the skies lightly upon the ground. She sighed at the thought of winter, as she was not much of a fan to be honest. She more or less hated this season. Looking to Adonis, she thought of simple questions to create small talk, leaning back in her chair nicely to adjust her shirt and switch her jean covered legs to the other, "What do you do for a living, Adonis? Anything exciting?" Her wolf scoffed, making Vitani's eyes narrow with concern mentally to her other side that stirred and began to cackle louder, ..Is that really the best you can do for conversation?.. How pathetic.. Her jaw clenched, ignoring her other side to look straight into Adonis's eyes to keep from growling. Something about his eyes made her relax, in a way.


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9 Re: Dare to Approach? on Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:11 pm

Adonis listened while all the while keeping his emotions distant. The mention of her being a doctor had brought on dreams of the past, dreams he would've fulfilled had his rivalry with his brother not gotten in the way. Adonis was fascinated by the human body. Fascinated how stem cells could turn themselves into any number of cells and how blood could clot to heal wounds. He'd never had a problem learning the names of body parts and systems, for he himself spoke the long forgotten Latin language. Adonis had also had the luck to have been alive during the time the Greeks had begun becoming curious about the human body.

She makes people smile, while we make them bleed... Adonis mentally shook his head at Craving, but said nothing. There was nothing he could say to that. It was a simple fact. All his long life he'd sought out battles and wars to join, even if it was only to gain money and become stronger. Sure, he'd done some good deeds like fight against Hitler in WWII, but despite being an ass and cold, Adonis could not stand bullies. Especially bullies who kill with no purpose.

Her question had his brain racing. What did he do for a living? Without his knowing, Adonis sighed and leaned forward over the table, his muscled, long arms taking up most of its surface. His black shirt stretched tautly over them, creating black hills. Reaching up he moved his hair out of his eyes and took the drink when the waiter arrived once more. Nodding to the waiter in thanks, he took a sip to drag out him having to answer her before placing his mug back on the table to stare back up into her eyes which reminded him so much of the moon he loved. "I kill. Warrior, assassin, mercenary.... Now that my brother is dead though...." He shrugged as nonchalantly as he was able. "I've nothing but my Mind Shadows." He looked to the room around him, focused in on her mind (which oddly made him feel a little guilty, but he stayed away from her thoughts), and focused on changing her sight. The room began to sway slightly, like one was about to faint, but it quickly took shape once more to reveal a sandy beach, gentle blue waves, and gulls calling and flying above. The image soon faded and the café came into focus once more.

Why did this revelation to her make him feel useless? He was a warrior, warriors fought, but now that he'd taught the others his tricks, not they could ever be as good at using it as he, for he'd spent years perfecting it, he had nothing to live for. That cold reality struck him in the gut hard enough to surprise him. No brother, no rivals, no family, no mate, no friends left alive, and no purpose. Sure, he'd be able to fight off loners and perhaps there'll be enemies in the future, but would he feel as passionately about it as he did destroying Braveheart?

He shook these thoughts from his head, banished them in fact and took another drink of his coffee before remembering he was with another. Looking from the snow outside, to Vitani he spoke the words before he could stop them, "Perhaps you could show me your office and some of how your practice is used today. I believe I'm a bit out of date when it comes to those things." He shrugged. "You know, no need to see a doc."

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10 Re: Dare to Approach? on Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:10 pm

"Mind shadows, meaning the images Noctavia's been teaching a few of her trusted chosen ones." She nodded slowly, flickering her gaze to look over the trick he tried to apple to her vision as she knew it was too beautiful to be true. A long, tired sigh flew from her mouth once it had disappeared back to see them in the cafe, shrugging it off simply as it was never a big deal. She herself had been trying to perfect the imaging, but could only project certain smaller things for the time. Soon she'll be just as great as her sister, but in the mean time, she might as well enjoy it while she still could of not so many headaches. It sure could do that for her, she had to admit, "It's a valuable weapon, it was very smart of you to learn about it by yourself. Not even someone like me would even think of that ever being a possibility to a wereling's being of power." She mumbled quietly to herself before taking a small sip of her hot coffee.

Setting it back down with her hands cradled around it softly, Vitani looked over to him as she rethought his words again. The fact he slightly was interested in what she did best almost made her smile, but she didn't. Adnois had other things to do other than waste his time with a petite, irritable doctor. That's all she was asides from a potential friend for fun, benefits included. She knew somewhere inside him there was a glow worth discovering, even if it were a speck of life, that was all she would need for a personal goal to earn. "I'd be more than happy to show you a few things, Adonis." Her hand moved close to brush against the back of his in a kind gesture as she tried to smile with her eyes up to his blues. Retreating back to try and hide a blush, Vitani tucked the hand underneath the table over her lap, using her free opposite hand to take another nervous drink of her coffee. Her wolf growled in delight and nodded in agreement as it were approving of her flirtatious behavior.

Looking up, she bit her bottom lip and averted her eyes back to the window in order to avoid his eye contact. Her hair was used as a shield as it hugged the side of her face, beckoning her to pull it back behind her ear like she had before so that she could see him, and he could see her, "Maybe you could teach me a few things as well. It's not everyday I meet an elder wereling. Last time that happened was over a thousand years ago for me." The thought of it made her blood run cold, biting back the urge to growl as her words slipped and it only reminded her of her biological father, also known as the father of Noctavia, too. When looking to him again, she saw no remorse or pain in his orbs towards the death of his brother. If it were her, she'd be devastated over her sister's ending, perhaps they weren't as close, she thought, "Have any plans for the rest of the night, or would you like to go home after this?" She asked politely, peering into his eyes with the slightest of smiles.


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11 Re: Dare to Approach? on Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:26 pm

He couldn't hold back the snort that escaped him as she said that his mind tricks had been clever. "It was mostly my wolf. I mean, if a wolf can live within your soul..." He went quiet, unsure how he'd managed to make sense of it himself. Sighing he shook his head and took another long drink of his coffee. "I'm no genius, just plain, flat out lucky. My brother was the smart one." His voice was a low growl and his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked down at the steaming coffee within his hand. Dang. Even in death Gabriel could manage to make him jealous.

Taking a deep breath, Adonis forced himself to reign in his temper and froze as he felt her hand brush his as she said she'd be more than happy to show him her work sometime. Blinking he stared silently at her, a wonder filled look finally filling his eyes. Was she actually flirting with him? Sure, Adonis was used to beautiful woman flirting with him, but never someone that looked quite like her, or someone that acted so innocent. Was it that innocent behavior that made him want to be a gentleman in her presence? That made him want to lean over and steal a kis... He shook these thoughts immediately from his mind. He wasn't going to drag her into his miserable excuse for a life. He'd never forgive himself for that.

He nodded before he could stop himself. "I'd be more than happy to show you a thing or two. It's been a long time since I've taught anyone, and you'll have to excuse my, eh, less than human behavior." Her touch had done more to him than he cared to admit as he slowly gathered himself back together as she drew back away. Maybe, just maybe he'd find a tiny, if not important reason to live. That was, if she'd continue to be his friend. Looking at her with more animation then he had in the beginning he nodded once more as he took a sip of his drink. "I've nothing to do this evening. Perhaps we could do something? That is, if you're not busy."

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"Now-a-days, I'm rarely ever busy, nor do I have much for options on what to do for the rest of the time being. Luckily for me, at least I have a coat to beat the cold, well, both kinds of coats I should say." Shrugging, she rubbed at the back of her neck and brushed passed her fingers through the lengths of her long, wavy black and brown hair. Some of the things he spoke of reminded her of herself, as she too thought as Noctavia as the wiser and more important other. But she was older, and maybe smarter than her, that was normal, however the thought of his doubts betraying the conversation made her curious. She shook her head dismissively to his response and brightened her expression to bare a shining white set of teeth, "You're definitely not plain, Adonis. If anything, you are far from that to my opinion. Normal people are boring, not like you." Vitani practically could feel herself drowning in his eyes the longer she looked into them. She had no control as to look away, as she enjoyed it all too much even. Maybe it was another attempt of his tricks trying to lure her into his trap, she wondered.

She smirked at sound of his 'snort', finding it a little cute, but keeping it to herself as she took a larger gulp of her drink, "Since when were we human anyway? Last time I checked, I turn into a wolf on the full mooned nights and whenever else I feel like it. Now.. I mean, if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure humans don't do that. You're fine, we all act like that at our times, even I-" Vitani suddenly jumped a little in her seat and winced back at the loud sound of dishes clattering and breaking on the floor. She looked up to see a waitress try to pick up the broken shards and mumble something under her breath as she tried to get on her knees. The mortal was older, which could only make the wereling fae wonder as to what kinda pain she was putting to herself in kneeling on the ground like that, "Oh goodness."

Glancing to Adonis once to say that she would be right back, Vitani put down her cup and shifted out of her seat to walk over to the woman's side, "Let me help you, miss." Being the healthier - and immortal one without the human's knowing - the woman helped the waitress back up to stand and knelt back down to pick up the remaining white marbled pieces. The waiter whom gave Adonis and her coffee earlier then came out from the back room and ushered Vitani to stop as it was not necessary, but it was to her in that case. He sighed restlessly to her act of kindness and act if there was anything he could do to repay the debt, "No, no its fine, really." She shook her head, but he insisted for an answer out of her. Frowning and rolling her eyes, she looked back to Adonis over her shoulder and then to the counter with a loud, defeated sigh, "Got any chocolate chip cookies on ya?" She pried a smile to her lips as he nodded and put a couple in a tiny paper bag before handing it to her. Vitani snuck a glance to Adonis with a sneaky smile and winked, Score!, she said to his mind. When she turned to go get her purse to pay for the coffee, he told her no, but the least she could do was at least tip the waiter. So she did and returned next to Adonis to set a warm hand on his shoulder, "Where to? I'm free all night if you want. Just tell me where ya wanna go and I'll follow."


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"Mmmm... Agree, to disagree?" Just the smallest hints of a smile graced his bow shaped mouth as he looked at her from under thick, black lashes. Reaching up to rub the stubble upon his chin he watched her with pure curiosity. She thought he was interesting? He had to disagree since she seemed even more interesting. Questions bubbled beneath the ice cold mask of his handsome face. What was her favorite color? Why hand's she cringed like so many others at the sight of his scar? What was her favorite music? And so on. Why he was so interested, he knew not, but he'd learned long ago to follow his gut and wolf when he felt anything unusual.

The loud clash caused Adonis's hackles to raise and him to sit up straighter within his seat. His wolf was dangerously close to the surface, until he looked down to see that a waitress had merely dropped her glass. Not being one to care much for mortals Adonis had turned to continue speaking with Vitani when he saw her moving towards the waitress. He tilted his head. What was she doing? His eyes followed the scene closely as the waiter returned and began trying to persuade her to stand. Adonis didn't know Vitani very well, but he felt a faint sense of amusement flushed through his usually emotionless heart. A gut feeling told him Vitani could not be swayed from her choices, and he found himself admiring this moon colored eyed female wereling.

The male had asked how he could repay her, and Vitani had chosen the chocolate chip cookies. Adonis found himself watching the way she moved, the sway of her hips as she walked back towards him. He couldn't help it, but his eyes immediately went back to her eyes which reminded him of the moon he loved so much. A frown touched his mouth as she put down a tip for the waitress and he shook his head as she placed a hand on his shoulder. Standing, he couldn't help but notice how close they were when he stood before her. Without taking his eyes from her he slipped a wallet from his jean's pockets and slipped a fifty out, and reaching down grabbed her money, replaced it with his own, and grabbing his jacket and slipping it over her he placed her own money back within her own jacket pocket, leaving his hand there a moment longer than was necessary.

"If you're going to hang with me, ma'am, you're going to have to learn that I never allow a woman to pay." Then, something happened to his face that hadn't happened in years. His lips tilted upward, and actually managed to smile. Though it was small, it was still a miracle in of itself. None had seen it in centuries. Tilting his head he said,"I here there's an abandoned amusement park somewhere. I know it probably isn't the most exciting place to visit at night, but I found abandoned places quite charming." He shrugged nonchalantly, his smile slipping from his face. "But if you have somewhere better in mind, that's ok by me."

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