Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed)

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1 Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:11 pm

With the Alphess back to her full self, Natasha could finally get some time away from the pack. Moving to her closet, she opened the doors. Her eyes sparkled as they looked to the beautiful colors spread out on hangers. Moving articles of clothing from side to side, she searched for the perfect dress to intrigue and awe. As she moved the last article of clothing covering her last dress, she finally saw it. Natasha gently grabbed the hanger and held the dress to her body, as she looked into her full mirror. She turned from side to side, smiling at the dress pressed to her body. Laying the dress down on her bed, she prepared herself for the shower. As she moved from her bedroom to the bathroom, she sang a couple verses to the song currently stuck in her head. Turning the water on, she watched the shower waters spraying on the walls and running to the floor. Walking inside the shower, she closed the curtain behind her. As the water hit her body, she turned and swirled allowing it to reach every inch of her skin. Her wolf grumbled lowly in pleasure, enjoying the smells and feel of the shower. She cleaned her body and hair, enjoying her private time, though she longed to share this scene with another. When she was finally done with her shower, she shut off the water and grabbed her towel. As she wrapped it around her body, the fibers started to collect the moisture, making her skin silky smooth and dry. Moving to the bed, she dropped her towel to the floor and grabbed her under garments. Once she was fully dressed, she brushed and curled her hair. She applied little make up to her eyes, lips and cheeks. Her true beauty could easily be seen without the use of make up, but she liked the way it felt upon her skin. When she was finally finished, she put on her heels and walked out the door.

Arriving at the doors to the Rapture, she smiled to the bouncer, and gave a slight wave as she held her clutch tight in her hands. The bouncer grabbed the rope and quickly opened it and allowed her entrance. As she walked in, her eyes quickly adjusted to the flashing lights and crowds of bodies. They all moved in their own fashion, some sober and sophisticated, while others were wasted and sloppy. Natasha smiled to the males who were brave enough to make eye contact with her. As she moved from her position, approaching the bar, she moved her hips from side to side. She walked with purpose, the purpose to make jaws drop and eyes pop. Finally making her way to the bar, she sat on the stool, placing her clutch on the bar beside her. She looked to the bartender and flashed one of her brilliant smiles. "Martini... Dry." The bartender gave her a smile and nodded his head. She watched as he grabbed the ingredients for the shelves and got right to work. Resting her elbows on the bar, she looked to her left and right, eying the people around her. Humans lived so blindly around the wolves. They had no idea of their existence, or the vampires. Sometimes Natasha wished she could be as carefree and dumb as the humans. When her drink was placed in front of her, she looked to it, then up to the bartender. She gave him another smile and grabbed the toothpick attached to the olive. Opening her plump lips, she placed the green orb into her mouth slowly, closing her teeth on it and pulling the toothpick out even slower. The bartender smiled and winked before moving to help another customer. Natasha could not help but to smile as she consumed the olive. She lifted up her glass and drank from it once before placing it back down on the bar.


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Fuzzy slippers, fluffy pajamas, and horror movies had been the consistency of her day. Saw III had just turned on though she turned it off out of the pure boredom of having seen it a million times. Evie laid on the couch in her room and stared out the window to gauge exactly what point in the day she was seeing. Holding in a yawn, she smiled to see it was almost sunset. The sky was a purplish blue, fading into orange and a pastel pink as the sun continued on its journey around the world. She grinned and drug herself off the couch to slither to the floor. Holding her arms at right angles on each side of her body, she pushed herself across the floor and towards the bathroom. As she did so, articles of clothing would be left behind in her wake until she was fully stripped and at her bathroom door. The checkered tiles of the floor were cold and motivated to her to stand. Stretching her arms above her head, Evie yawned and used her foot to daintily turn on the shower. She put it on the highest heat setting and waited for begin steaming before she hopped in. The burn of the water woke her as she hopped into it, standing for a few moments to get accustomed to the boiling heat. After a few moments that felt like hours, she found her shampoo and began working her hair into a lather. She scrubbed her body until it was a faint pink color, letting the water rinse the soap from her body. Evie quietly enjoyed the fact she was in her shower alone with nowhere in mind to go, though the absence of another bothered her slightly. The fae was in the mood for company stunningly enough, even with the disaster the last company she had was. Even the thought made her roll her eyes as she turned off the shower and wrapped herself in a fluffy white towel. The guys were drunk and sloppy, the girls obviously too young with makeup caked up to his their baby faces. With a sigh, Evie brushed out her hair and rubbed the water droplets from her skin as she stared at herself in the full-length mirror and thought over what she planned to do. She recalled a club called ‘Rapture’ being somewhere in the neutral territories, and it seemed interesting enough. Nodding once, she prepared for her night out.

Evie went to her dresser and slipped on her underthings before stepping into her closet to find what she wished to wear. She decided on a simple dress that hugged her form, going back to eye herself in the mirror and nod along with her wolf as they winked at the reflection with approval. Evie put a bit of gold eyeshadow on, smiling at it made the gold coloring around her pupils pop like the sun had glanced across them.  Adding just a slight bit of lipgloss, she slipped her feet into her heels and walked to the living room to feed Boo. A large tank spanned three quarters of her living room wall, built in specifically for her pet. One look through the glass would reveal a large boa constrictor about the same length as Evie herself. Boo lifted his head from his heat rock when he saw her, flicking his tongue out as if he knew what was coming. She rolled her eyes at the expectant look on Boo’s face and took some live rats from the cage below. Once she had set them in the boa’s tank, he rested back down and seemed content. The fae made a mental note to take him out and let him roam her room later before he started to get fussy. Evie reached into the tank and patted Boo’s head with a little smile as she grabbed her clutch, buttoned up her coat, and was out the door.

One look at Rapture, and she knew she had made a good decision. Not even a stick in the mud could deny that the club looked like a good time, if the wide and happy smiles from the people leaving were any indication. Evie looked at the long line of patrons waiting to get in and quickly decided that she would have none of that. Looking down at her chest quickly, she nodded and unbuttoned enough of her coat to flaunt what she was born with. Making sure to add a little swing in her step, she made eye contact with the bouncer and smiled a secret little smile. It helped that he was somewhat attractive, or she wouldn’t of been able to put on such a good show. Winding a piece of her caramel colored hair around her finger flirtatiously, she gently bit her lip and let the plump flesh fall away from her teeth slowly. This seemed to get the bouncer’s full on attention, and he looked her over before giving her entrance to the club. There were angry calls from somewhere in the line, but she shrugged for it was their loss. Adding emphasis to finalizing her little show, she looked over her shoulder at the bouncer and winked as she vanished into the club. People were dancing all different ways and Evie watched as a few goths swung their leather clad hips. A few of the men that were dancing caught her eye, none standing out in particular interest to her. A few gave her catcalls and whistles as she pushed through the crowd, quickly receiving a frigid glare at their foolishness. The fun could come later, but at that moment Evie really needed a drink. She made her way to the black marbled bar and slid into a seat. When the bartender approached her, she smiled slightly and spoke. “Jack please and thank you.” The bartender laughed and went about getting her drink as Evie looked around the room. A particular female caught her, the red of her dress catching the fae’s attention. It was a bold look, one that only added to the other female’s beauty.   Evie didn’t normally find herself in the company of females due to her wolf’s disagreeing, but this time she heard nothing from her other half. There was a possibility that she was intrigued at finding another wereling her as well, but it didn’t really matter. She slipped from her seat and moved to one next to the other female, giving a small smile as she spoke.“You look lonely, would you like some company?” Grinning brightly at the bartender as he brought her drink, she sipped from her glass and turned her attention back to the stunning female.

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3 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:01 pm

A tender voice spoke close to her ear, forcing her curiosity to look to her side. Who was this female? She smelled of a wereling, but not from her own pack. She had heard of another pack near their own, but she had not made a point to meet any of them. She never had. But why not now? As she looked to the girl, her eyes immediately took a slow pace down her body. She looked at everything, eyeing it all. She liked the look of this girl, she was sexy and yet felt a sense of danger around her. Natasha smiled, "that would be lovely." Natasha lifted her drink and sipped from the chilled glass. The sounds of the area around them almost seemed to be hushed. "I am Natasha, and you are?" There was no need for her to give anymore information to the young girl, without her sharing more if she wished. "What are you drinking? Do you like shots?" Natasha finished her drink and waved the bartender over, though he was not complaining about pleasing the two ladies. Without the answer of the other, "may we please have four Jagger bombs?" she asked with a seductive smile. The lights flashed over her teeth, allowing her smile to illuminate and glow with more beauty than before. The bartender gave a nod of his head and was right to work. While she waited for the drink, she looked to the other, "so what do you do?" Her smile was once again present. But before a reply could be made from the werewolf, two drinks were placed before them. Both being apple martinis. Natasha looked to the new bartender, "oh sorry, we did not order these.." she said as she looked to them once more. The bartender made not a noise, but pointed to two gentleman sitting at a table far from their places. Natasha turned and looked to the both of them. The men barely moved, only making contact with either one. Natasha lifted her glass, and took a sip. She turned back to face the bar and smiled to the other girl. "Being with you might bring us more drinks," she giggled as she finished the drink.


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The club music was pounding Laundi's ears from blocks away, she smirked. Combat boots tapped against the smooth sidewalk and a few people huddled around a barrel with fire burning up in an alley, she looked down the alley and continued down the road. People entered and exited the club, some barely able to walk and others supporting their friends. A few men slapped the asses of drunk girls and they giggled and  followed after them to their cars and the men drove away with the woman. Laundi smirked, and got in line to enter the club. A man behind Laundi slapped her ass and held it tight, she wasn't taken by surprise of the slap but a security guard asked Laundi if she knew the man and Laundi said no, he was taken from the line and tossed onto the street, too wasted to stand back up. As the line got shorter Laundi peeked inside and saw waves of people jumping around and dancing, most wasted while others remained sober enough not to fall, the flashing lights and loud music caused Laundi to half smile and when she looked back at the line there was a big gap and it was her turn. She looked at bouncer and readjusted her shirt and he smirked and lifted the velvet rope and she walked in, standing at the entrance for a few moments Laundi took it all in, the scent of alcohol, sweat, and other things. She stepped into the ocean of people and made her way toward the bar.

Laundi sat a few stools from two men and a few stools from the men were two, beautiful woman. Two beautiful, werewolves. Laundi smirked and didn't acknowledge them yet, she rested her elbow on the counter and pointed with her finger at a bottle of Vodka and the bartender nodded, grabbing a shot glass and the vodka he poured it in and Laundi knocked it back and he filled it once more after Laundi nodded and she took that shot just as easily. When she set it back down her back become turned to the two females and looked out at the ocean of people, while still in the stool. The people grinding on each other and dancing on each other, some people had hilarious dance moves and others were quite good at dancing. Laundi turned back to counter when she heard a glass tap down on it, the bartender looked over toward a lonely male sitting two stools from her and she half smiled and took the orange looking drink and swished it for a moment before taking a sip, the Ice cubes hitting her lips softly. Laundi set the glass back down and looked over at the male who was being pulled onto the dance floor by one of his friends, looking back at the drink Laundi stirred it with a small black straw and sighed, staring at e counter top.

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5 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:15 am

Slipping quietly down the streets the man moved with long legged grace as he moved about the mortals. Black hair as black as a writer's ink was spiked from the shower he'd just emerged from and blue eyes remained cast down upon the ground. What exactly Adonis was doing out this night, he very well didn't know. All he knew was that he needed to feel the pulse of the music through his blood and the feel of a female pressed against him. He didn't care who, so long as he could lose himself this night. Maybe a little flirting was exactly what the doctor had ordered for this night. And a drink. Or two.

Breathing in a deep sigh Adonis finally lifted his head slightly to see where he was and ignored how the mortals who saw his face flinched and moved away. Aye, his face was pretty at first sight, but the scar that went from his strong cheekbone and along down to disappear within a shirt stretched over strong, tanned muscles. Oh, he was still handsome, in an edgy and dangerous kind of way. No matter. The scar had been well earned, seeing as it'd been from the Hunter that stolen his prey. Having his prey stolen from him didn't sit well with the powerful, and ancient werewolf.

Finally the pulse of the music filled his ears and his feet instantly took him in that direction. Voices mixed with the music as he approached the entrance and flashed a smile at the bouncer as he passed without even being stopped. He'd became well known here after the few times he'd visited, and besides, humans were nothing but sheep and were easily persuaded when a predator showed his true colors. Walking in he felt himself beginning to relax as the music pumped through him and the lights flashed. Approaching the bar he lowered all six foot ten of himself onto a stool and ordered straight up vodka as he leaned his long, muscled arms upon the bar. He ignored the appraising glances he gained from both males and females for the moment. First, he was intent on losing himself.

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Evie swirled the deep, golden liquid around her glass absently as her aqua eyes traveled slowly up to meet the lovely fae beside her. Pressing the cool glass to her soft lips, she took a sip of her drink and let a slight smile spread across her face. Evie set her glass down and held out a gentle hand to the other female as she introduced herself. “I’m Evie, it’s a pleasure Natasha.” She gave nothing in return of nothing, knowing full well that their titles didn’t particularly matter. “I’m drinking jack for now, but shots would be lovely.” Out of the corner of her eyes, she watched the bartender walk over to them. Evie turned her head in his direction and gave her own sweet smile, catching the lustful spark in his eyes. She rested her chin delicately in her right palm as her eyes moved to Natasha once again with the bar tender’s absence. “Jagger bombs, lovely choice.” Lifting her glass, Evie took another sip and caught the eyes of some men in the corner of the room. She looked them over with an arch to her brow, finding nothing that impressed her and skipped over them as if they were simple pawns. Natasha’s lilting voice brought her attention back to the other fae. The question was simple enough, but a couple of drinks were placed before her before she could answer. Evie lifted a brow elegantly and slipped the stem of the martini glass between her middle and ring finger and cradled the piece holding the liquid in her palm. She tilted her head and followed Natasha’s gaze, as well as the bar tender’s finger, to the two men who had supposedly ordered the drinks. Her eyes flicked over them until she caught the gaze of one, taking her plump lower lips between her teeth for a moment before letting it fall slowly as she took a sip from her glass. Evie’s eyes moved back to the other female as she spoke. A soft laugh bubbled up in her chest and left her slowly. “Why Natasha, I believe they were staring at you and not myself. That dress is rather eye-catching.” Evie tipped back her drink and finished most of it before she set it down again and answered Natasha’s initial question. “To answer what you asked before, I’m a doctor. I work to develop new kinds of medicine and healing aids on the side, but mostly a doctor. If I may ask, what do you do?” She grinned slightly and pushed her caramel colored hair over a tanned, bare shoulder as she looked at the other female in anticipation of an answer.

The wereling scent slowly became heavier in the warm air than it already had been, mingling with sweat and alcohol. Evie’s eyes trailed to the doors as another wereling entered. Another beautiful female, though this one smelled of her pack. She didn’t have much time to look over this female before another entered, this on being male. He smelled of her pack too, the first male she had seen so far. The look on his face made his intentions obvious to her, but she couldn’t spare a second glance before the bar tender approached once again, this time carrying the Jagger bombs Natasha had ordered. Evie gave him a seductive smile and brushed her hand over his gently as she took the shot glasses and placed them on the counter. She looked to Natasha and made a small comment. “I’m beginning to think these drinks just might come free, don’t you?” Pushing two shots of gold liquid to the other fae and kept two for herself. “Bottoms up I guess,” she giggled and knocked back a shot. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched Natasha do the same. Evie smiled and set the glass down, using her fingers to spin it slowly on its rim. Her thoughts went back to the other two werelings and an idea sparked. Evie’s brushed her fingers over the other fae’s arm to get her attention and murmured in her ear. “If you’d like, this little party of two could expand to become four. They both look lonely, why don’t we cheer them up?” Smiling, Evie nodded to the other female wereling and the male. If Natasha took the bait, it could be a marvelous evening.

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More members of Eternal showed up in the Rapture. What an interesting display of events. It just so happened she had gotten four shots, two for each of them, but with two more members it would make it one each. Natasha's smile spread on her face as she looked to the others around them. Looking to Evie, she smiled and spoke gently to her, "I find myself wandering mostly, looking over the pack and making sure things are right with the world. I do love to sing though, if that goes for anything." Natasha would not easily give her rank, even if she felt fine around the doctor, but it was the others int he room. Who were they? Natasha looked to the drinks and then Evie. Natasha lifted her self from the stool and moved towards the female first. "Please, come join us Eternal, I am Natasha. Evie and myself were just enjoying some drinks. I would rather keep the company of wolves than humans. They are such fickle things." She gave the female a smile, knowing she would not be able to turn it down. Free drinks and fine company, who could deny such a thing? She waited for the other to move to the bar, and then turned her eyes to the male. He looked stiff, stoic. Natasha knew the perfect way to turn that around. Walking back to her place, she grabbed the Jagger bomb and brought it to him. "You look like you could use a drink, but you need to loosen up a bit, no?" she asked with a sexy smirk. Natasha was not partial to men, but for the sake of wanting a dangerous and fun night, she would give him a chance. "Well, I am to get back to my company. If you decide you wish to sit with us, you are more than welcome." Natasha pulled her hand to her lips and kissed them gently before blowing the affection towards him with tightened lips. With a smile, she waved her hand gently and waved it towards him. Natasha slowly turned around on her hind toes and spun to where her ass was now facing him. With the swaying motion of her hips, she made her way back to the bar stool. She sat with Evie, giving her a smile. As she wrapped her dainty fingers around the glass, she dropped the Jagger into the RedBull filled glass and chugged it until it was all gone. Taking the glass from her lips, she placed it down to the bar. As she opened her eyes, she looked to the bartender once more, "give us another round, please?" she smiled her seductive look once more.


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8 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:37 pm

Laundi sat at the counter and looked down at the empty plastic beer cup and sighed, as she looked up she found the bartender in front of her cleaning some glasses and she tapped his side and he turned around and greeted her with a smile. Laundi sat up and pointed down to her glass and he grabbed it carefully, as to not crunch the flimsy plastic and filled it with more beer, foam sliding down the side Laundi licked it from the bottom up and took a sip. As the glass slowly emptied she twirled her finger around the edge and leaned on her free hand, staring at the counter. As the others like herself mingled and were having a nice time together, Laundi just listened to their conversation. Her eyes blank and her emotions still and cold to the touch. As the music continued to pound against her chest she got chills and readjusted her leather jacket. The tangy scent of her beer filled her nostrils as she came back to reality and took one last sip and finished it off. Rubbing her face, carefully as too not smear her eye makeup, Laundi sighed. It seems the minutes were hours and second minutes, the night seemed to be going in slow motion and Laundi was the only one who noticed, in her own dark bubble. While the wave of people dancing, laughing, singing, dancing, having fun, Laundi just sat, she was content in doing so of course, but, she so badly wanted to enjoy the night somehow but didn't know how.

Laundi's eyes trailed to the female approaching, one of another pack. Her head still down while the female got closer Laundi lifted her head and looked to the woman, her figure was so feminine and perfect,. As she spoked Laundi smiled softly and nodded, not saying anything but as the woman walked away Laundi let her hair out of it messy bun and shook her head a bit, letting the loose curls wave a bit the settle along her shoulders and back. Another woman sat at the bar, one of her pack and Laundi stood from her stool and walked toward her, smiling softly. She sat on a stool opposite of her so the other woman who was sitting next to her before could regain her spot. Laundi turned the stool toward the woman and watched her. "Hey, I'm Laundi.." She said softly and turned back toward the counter and tapped her fingers, staring at the wall of drinks before shrugging. She looked over her shoulder at the other woman who was now speaking to a man and after doing so made her way back. She watched the woman for a while before turning back toward the counter. Socially Laundi was awkward and hadn't way with words, physically and with her actions, Laundi was quite the pleaser, at least in her own mind.

[Sorry it took so long!! The post is a little jumbled because I had to get this in before shopping!! ;)]

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9 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:28 pm

Making her way back to her seat, she looked to the two ladies. "Bartender! Another round please?" he voice was smooth and silky, allowing the bartender to think anything would happen between them. It was true there were times when she would thankfully sleep with a male, but being with two females was a much better idea than one lousy male. Most of the men she had slept with either sucked in bed or became too clingy for her liking. Women understood 'just for fun', better than the men. It was sad, but true. Sitting with Laundi and Evie was not all that bad. They were both very attractive girls and she had money to blow. The Beta looked to Laundi, curious as to what her role was in the pack, but silently her wolf spoke words to her. "Why not ask them if they are favorable to females? The doctor is very sexy.. Oh the things I could do to.." Natasha was quick to stop the wolf to finish. She ignored the comments, not wishing to reply to the furred beast, but found her eyes moving over Evie's body like she would a work of art. Her eyes moved to Laundi, thoughts of them both caused the Beta to bite her lip before taking a drink from the free ones the males had sent over. "So Laundi, what is it you do for a living? I presume you and Evie are already acquainted with one another, as you both smell of Eternal for some time. I was just busy telling her I am the Beta of Venantium." Suddenly a snarl rippled in her head. "Good job Natasha, now they know exactly what rank you hold. It's two versus one.. you think they won't use that against you?" Natasha replied to the wolf calmly, "you think I fear a Doctor for her fighting skills or another random wolves. Back in December over fifty years ago, do you recall the vampire clan?" "But Natasha.." "Enough! I am tired of your arguing. Now be silent and keep your thoughts to yourself, do you understand me?" The wolf spoke not a word, only closing her blue eyes and lying within her chamber. Natasha felt rather flustered with her canine companion, so many questions and doubt-able nature, only for her to be second guessed, yet flirty at the same hand. It was a strange combination. But once the drinks arrived, she held up her glass and the shot of Jagger. She looked to each girl and said aloud, "to a night of wild thoughts and interesting events!" With that being said, she dropped the shot into her glass of RedBull and chugged it quickly.

(Skipping Adonis since he hasn't been on in a while..)


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10 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:24 pm

Giving a smooth smile to Natasha, she gave a second glance to the bartender and nodded for him to come over to her aid. “One brandy, please and thank you.” Evie gave him an innocent look, satisfied as the lust in his eyes only intensified for the two females. She felt slightly guilty for leading him on this way, but free was free and not everyone had money pouring from their pockets. Her investments in stocks had gotten her golden so far, but she still kept her money when she could. Besides, flaunting what she knew she had was no crime. The sweet, silky voice of Natasha brought her attention back to the other female. Hmm, singing? She could see as much, and it was simply perfect. A beautiful female with a voice wouldn’t be the first to join many but it was quite unique. Evie nodded and smiled as her companion took drinks to the others, beginning with the female. Her crystal eyes moved across the room and over the humans dancing. She didn’t know if it was the influence of the beautiful female she had been talking to, but the fae found herself watching more female bodies moving than male. It was a few moments until she head the sound of footsteps through the music and turned her head to see the Eternal female coming towards her. Another beauty of course, what wereling wasn’t? Her eyes slowly moved over the female as she came to a stop beside her. Offering her hand to the female, she smiled. “I’m Evie, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Evie winked at the bartender as he slid her the brandy she ordered, taking a sip and taking her time in swallowing it. Her head turned to Natasha as she returned and gave a smirk. To beautiful females, no other plans, this should be interesting. Evie raised the shot that was given to her and nodded, laughing as she knocked back her glass. She set the shotglass down and turned in the bar stool to look out at the dance floor. Resting her elbows back against the bar, she looked to the two females she accompanied. “So ladies, what do we have planned for tonight?”

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11 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:59 pm

The beat of the music caused Laundi to get a weird, tingly feeling. The words of the songs and the words of everyone singing along or talking, their heartbeats and pulses, feet stomping the ground and the sound of slaps. It all gave Laundi a headache and she growled under her breath and held her head for a moment and let her eyes close for about a second. As the Beta spoke to her she lifted her head and gave a fake smile before flagging down the bartender and asking for their strongest drink, she asked for two shots of it. As the bartender nodded slightly and went to grab the drink he poured two shots, sliding them to Laundi. She took them both in her hands and knocked one back then the other and set the glasses down, rubbing her face. The alcohol would get rid of the pain and even if it didn't it was still alcohol, something she loved. "I don't do anything for a living, I'm an old bum I guess." She shrugged slightly and looked over to Evie and smiled then to Natasha. "No, we haven't actually met. I've been here for a bit, yes but I don't really get out and around. I tend to keep to myself." She pointed her finger to a beer bottle and the bartender handed it to her and put it on her tab. She flicked the top off with her thumb and looked back to the beautiful ladies. "But I guess I should get out more, it lead me to meet you two beautiful ladies." She gave a small seductive smirk and tone matched the smirk, Laundi hadn't idea if the woman liked woman or men, perhaps both? Laundi herself was a Lesbian. As the fellow Eternal Darkness member offered Laundi her hand to shake she took it softly and shook it once and sat onto the stool, leaning forward and running her finger around the thin opening at the end of the bottle. When the Beta toasted Laundi turned and lifted her beer bottle and after the Beta was done speaking she spoke herself. "To a night of interesting thoughts and wild events" she snickered and took a swig of her beer and held it in her hand and looked to Evie. "I'm down for anything." Laundi shrugged, she was full of alcohol and close to falling off her chair but held on and chuckled, shrugging once more and taking a drink, looking down at Evie then her eyes trailed to Natasha and smirked while sipping.

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12 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Thu Jan 09, 2014 12:38 pm

"I have an idea.."As she finished her drink, she licked her lips seductively looking to the male who had supplied them with alcohol previously. "I think we should try and get as many free drinks as possible.. We could make a game of it, or we could keep ordering then for ourselves, drink heavily and find ourselves in the middle of the dance floor, grinding on anything within our proximity. Or we can just see where the night decides to lead us... What do you say ladies?" She smirked to then as another set of drinks was placed before them. Natasha looked to the bartender, "from the same gentlemen?" The bartender nodded his head once giving Natasha a smirk, then looking to the other girls.

((Sorry it's so short... -.-))


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13 Re: Dirty Dancing, Dangerous Drinking (Closed) on Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:52 pm

Turning her eyes to the bartender, she sized him up for all he was worth. The alcohol she had previously consumed had given her a pleasant buzz, her mind dancing on a thin line between a proper lady and the party-go-lucky fae she was when she was drunk. She watched at the bartender turned and caught her looking. Knowing what Natasha had said, she made her cheeks flush and pretended to be embarrassed. The bartender walked over to her and she slowly reeled him in with her eyes. As he reached the bar, she leaned over to whisper in his ear. “If you bring me that delicious bottle of jack, I promise that you’ll get something as equally delicious in return.” A single, pointed nail ran down the side of the bartender’s freshly shaven cheek. Evie smiled as she watched his slow nod. In her mind, she quietly folded the promise she made and threw it until the garbage. Not a thing about the man stirred her, but the bottle he brought back would make him think so. Taking the bottle, she dismissed the human and opened it to pour the liquid into her glass. Evie held it up in her hand as gently a if it were a delicate flower. Her eyes looked over the women she accompanied and watched the quiet conversation that traveled between the two while she took a sip of her drink. When Natasha announced a game, Evie raised a single eyebrow in curiosity. She had every intention of letting the night take her where it may. The slightly drunken haze she felt would only be a start. The doctor took a gulp of her drink and set the glass down before she spoke. “I’m up for anything. Who don’t we just let the night take us where it will? Drinks, fun, and company. There’s nothing better in my opinion.” Evie raised her eyebrows as more drinks, from the same gentlemen, arrived. They seemed persistent. The doctor looked around the women and wiggled her fingers in a friendly manner to the men. She lifted a drink to them in a silent cheers and drank, eyeing her companions in curiosity.

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