Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A Thousand Years

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1 A Thousand Years on Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:42 pm

Alpha Daiken

As usual, Daiken kidnapped Noctavia again from her suite. It was already 5pm as they walked along the street until a big grating spread before them, the old and abandoned games of Wonderland still tall and imposing almost touching the clouds. Everything was as usual, only that he was much more nervous than usual. They already spent some weeks together since he finally had the guts to kiss her at the Crimson Forest. He thought a lot about this, this day, now... He even asked Slayer about it and surprisingly, he agreed and helped him with some ideas. Taking a deep breathe he searched for the entrance he already made months ago. He had been working here a lot, most of the time he was here, all covered in grease and getting a new scar every day. If his skin would have been of a human, his ands would be destroyed now. It had been a lot of work being just one man in this whole place, but the result was gratifying. He finally made several games to work. He had to thank his father for teaching him a lot in mechanics and electricity and what he didn’t know, he searched it in books and internet. He managed to finish two weeks ago, right time to be with Noctavia and made a choice. He even found the scent of Tanken near the House of Horrors, and it worried him a lot he could show up at any time and try something against what he loved the most.
He wanted it to be special, but he also knew she liked things to be simple and small. His hand touched the ring inside the pocket of his jeans and a shiver ran along his back, both because of fear and happiness. He wondered if she was going to accept. Opening slightly his long black coat, he checked the white peony to make sure it didn’t suffer the slightest harm. It was alright, it’s white petals contrasting against his dark green button shirt. Once they were inside, he walked towards the lights control panel. His amber eyes glanced at the huge tool case at the floor he had been using. Pushing it away with his foot, he opened the door of the panel box and lifted up all the switches. Several lights of all colors and shapes shone bright around, inside, and outside the games in Wonderland. Christmas was near, as well as the cold and some days even snow made its way to cover the floor and structures around them. He hoped that wasn’t going to cause any problems tonight. He already told Noctavia he had to make a trip outside United States and that he wasn’t going to be here for that dates, so he wanted to ask her before he goes. Smiling he took her hand softly and kissed her cheek before walking to the center of the place. “Where do you like to go first? The ferris wheel, carousel, the roller coaster, a train ride, the drop tower, maybe test our luck on a skill game, or the tunnel of love..?” He teased her with a soft smile. He worked on all of them and finally made them work, the most difficult ones like the roller coaster and the drop tower, he asked for an expert to check out the security so they will not go flying in the middle of the ride.

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2 Re: A Thousand Years on Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:26 pm

After a while, the Alphess had grown adapted to the male's ways of stealing her away from her suite. It was almost as if they were speaking out like a couple teenagers on a new adventure, thinking just possibly they would find something so valuable independently together. Before he could pry her away from her desk, Noctavia quickly slipped into a comfortable outfit to reason with the freezing weather outdoors. Getting there, well, to wherever he had planned, she thought over the moment a bit and found it a bit suspicious. She knew that he was leaving on a short trip for work, but she didn't know why he had to leave just now when she finally knew what she felt so deeply inside. Truthfully, she didn't want him to leave, and instead stay, to drag her away on another journey and have a laugh or two as well as a few lovely kisses here and there to when she'd get the chance. It was just her luck. Noctavia sighed, blowing up a piece of her hair that blocked her vision on the other side of her silvery sunset shades. Even though it was cold out, the Alphess put back her hair into a long braid down between her shoulders, leaving her bangs to rest comfortably over her one eye. A smile shot to him as he tried to kiss her cheek, allowing herself to change the path and peck his lips quickly with a smirk. She was surprised at her own self as to how things could change so quickly in a short amount of time, but it seemed right for these things to happen. Like what most mortals liked to say, love changes a person in some of the wildest ways, and Noctavia herself would just roll her eyes, that is, until now. Now she knew it was true.

Watching him pull up on the switches, her instant reaction was to look to the newly refurnished rides and whatnots, just slightly to widen her eyes behind her shades as the lights twinkled in the reflection of her lens. Her mouth lay agape in amazement, as she had not known someone was even able to repair the Wonderland after so long of rotting in the dust, "Wow.." She whispered to the wind, a short tilt to her smile curling at the corners of her very light pink lips. Looking back to him, she pulled him lightly towards her, raising her brows as she lifted both of their now intertwined hands in a position of dance till she remained still peering deeply into his eyes, "Did you do this all for me?" She laughed once and turned back around, leaving one hand to tuck back into her jean pocket, while the other stayed with his. The time and place was just all too perfect to bare, and with a dip in her knowledge, she wondered curious as to what Daiken really wanted on this date. They'd known each other for a long time now, and shared very strong feelings for as well, obviously. So all she could do was wonder if it came to that time of truth and question. Deciding on her background, her eyes looked around the rides, but was only caught by one in particular. She smirked loud enough for him to hear and muffled a low growl as she let out a sigh in relief, "How about... the rollercoaster. I'm always up for a game first, though. Think you can beat me at throwing a ball against some milk bottles?" She asked with a curious tilt to her one brow, arching it with a bit of a challenging twinkle in her eyes.


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3 Re: A Thousand Years on Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:21 pm

Alpha Daiken

Daiken grinned widely with her kiss; he loved how she changed when they revealed their feeling to each other. He also changed, becoming more confident and relaxed with her company. He always respected her rank, but now that was not the first thing in his mind. When she took both his hands and twirled slightly, his eyes became his usual aqua whenever he was too close with her. Leaning closer he trapped her lips with a long and sweet kiss. “Just for you, Noctavia.” He smiled at her choice, because no matter which one, he was going to ask her. Walking towards the game stand, he was glad he was going to use the stuffed animals he bought to put as price all over the walls of the stand. Most of them big and fluffy just like a real amusement park. A panda, a seal, the usual teddy bears, a crocodile, a colorful dragon, a white lion and tiger, even a black wolf where there waiting for them. There were three pyramids of 10 old steel milk bottles each and six baseball balls over the counter, three on each side.

Daiken let go of her hand after kissing it. Waving at the balls on her side, he bowed and smiled teasingly. “Ladies first.” As supposed, once clean shot made all the bottles fall to the ground. He smiled and took some steps backwards. He thought for a moment and calculated the area, just like pool, it all depended on geometry and math. He wanted to tease Noctavia and he actually spent several hours practicing in this same game stand this shot. He took a deep breath and glanced his amber eyes mixing with the aqua color to her. He then took the first ball and threw it towards the bottles, but much higher making it rebound against the wooden back wall. It flew between them to hit a light post at their back, which sent it to bounce at a metal bar at the left and then return to the stand, almost hitting Daiken’s back before he kneeled down so the ball wound pass and hit the pyramid sending every bottle to the ground. He grinned widely happy it worked. The practice finally worked out and he remembered well the force and the right spot where the ball needed to hit. Laughing softly his eyes shone amused watching Noctavia. There was just one pyramid left and it was her turn to shot.

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4 Re: A Thousand Years on Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:07 am

[ I got bored. XD Thought I'd add a little magic. ]

Waiting till he was finished, Noctavia helped her self to lean back to get a greater view of his rear, smirking quietly to herself all the while kneading her fingers around the baseball in her hand. The end of her serpent sharp tongue snaked to trace just lightly of her upper lip, peering up from her shades to see flanks of snow fall from the skies above. She had been wondering all of December as to when it would finally come to the first snow fall of the season, hopefully soon she could be able to get some food while the humans were out trying to shop for gifts late at night for the greatest deals. Black Friday was most certainly in her favor, especially for those that could have been trampled by the one's she had captured for a quick bite. Hearing the clatter of milk bottles fall to the floor, Noctavia made a slight glance to Daiken's colorful hues, flashing him a broad smile with two long fangs as she teasingly moved forwards him as it was now her turn. The ball turned over and over in her hand as she looked to the display, tilting her head slowly to get a better angle. Holding her breath, she need to add some bit of excitement to this background, and as she thought for a moment or two in silence to herself, she came up with a fiery idea, literally.

Turning off her emotions was one of the easiest things she used to be able to do on her own, but not that she had experienced the true meaning of love, it was becoming a tad difficult to render around him. But with a little will power from inside, and a bit of pressure to her counterpart's urging whispers, Noctavia shut down her mind to think straight. Her mind wanted to meet the image of a wildfire raging through the deep wilderness, striking brightly to her imagination till she was able to trace every flame and color to what it whithehld to put it to life. Spotting the baseball in her hand, she sent the image to project towards it, lighting the ball aflame, flicking its flames up high near her shoulder as the wind made her control the fire to flow with it as if it were real to the eye. She did not look to Daiken, as she was afraid it would break the connection and become distracted, looking passed him to see the whole stand before her then light up in a wild blazing blanket of fire. Her eyes gleamed emerald, mixed with the orange and yellow of the image's reflection, making her smile confidently to herself. Training her eyes on the bottles, she pulled back her arm and took a step forwards with her opposite foot, then releasing the ball as she to snap it back. It flew into the air straight at the display's center, pushing its momentum into each other to topple over one another down to the rest upon the floor.

Peering to the prizes, she was way too short to reach them, but her eyes till looked over them. The wolf that looked a lot like them was a bit too cliche, and she didn't know what she would do with it once they got home. There wasn't a lot of space for it, so she pointed to the second largest prize, lightly flicking at the end of the white lion's tail, "Can I have it?" She made a soft noise while humming from her lips as she tried to reach up on her tip-toes with her arms stretched out to attempt at reaching it. "Ppplleeasseee..." Noctavia said foolishly, breaking the project to clear everything from the situation to a normal stand and non-flaming baseballs. She smiled innocently to the reaction he may of gave, but she would not be surprised as he knew of her power like the rare she told.


Character(s): Guardian Alexander, Doctor Vitani
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5 Re: A Thousand Years on Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:57 am

Alpha Daiken

The snow transformed into a blazing fire. His eyes widened slightly as he frowned at the ball in her hand. ‘What the...’ Suddenly he remembered her power and smiled at his own reaction. Damn it. She won, and not because of the skill game, but because she managed to surprise him much more than he wanted to tease her. His eyes because more an orange shining amber as he looked at the flames. He was impressed how real everything felt and he had to remind himself it was just one of her visions. He needed to get used to them. Smiling he heard every bottle hit the ground and then her reaction at which price to have, but actually they were all for her. He laughed softly imagining her elegant suit filled with huge stuffed animals. He wondered if he could do that one day to tease her... Get inside and put a lot of them in her bedroom when she was out or something. Looking at her reaction, he was even more surprised. Laughing he moved forwards as the vision disappeared and the snow continued to fall over them. Reaching out he pulled the lied down white lion as big as her frame and handed it to her to then lean and kiss her forehead. “Well played.” The lion was very well made, lot of details, especially the icy blue eyes, whiskers, and the hair of the big white mane and tail. Most of the stuffed animals were, and he never cared about the price. He was glad she liked it. The nose and paw prints was of leather, soft and seaming very real. It even had claws hidden under the fur of the paws. The snout was partially opened and a soft pink tongue could be seen inside the trail of hard and pointy teeth and fangs.
Turning around he walked towards the roller coaster and suddenly felt nothing more than panic. His heart beats fast and hard. How to be brave? How to love when all he could feel now was fear? His hand began to shake and he put them inside his pockets, his fingers touching the soft ring hidden there. He turned and looked at her trying to look normal. Watching her standing alone, all of his doubts suddenly went away somehow. Taking one step closer, he moved his hand for her to take it, smiling softly at the woman he loved and will always do. “Let’s go...” Walking to the entrance to the roller coaster he stopped and looked up with an innocent smile. “Hey... look.” He pointed to a mistletoe attached to one of the bars. “I wonder how it got there, but... instead of kissing...” He smiled and looked at her. Time stands still as his heart keeps pounding wildly. He could just saw beauty in all she is. He had to be brave and ask her. He was not going to get anything take away this moment.  ‘What’s standing in front of me, every breath, every hour, has come to this...’ All this time he believed he was going to find her. Time brought her heart to him and his own would ever be for her.
Taking a deep breathe, he put one knee on the ground, the snow cold against his dark jeans. Opening his coat, he gave her the white peony, still intact and fresh, waiting for her hands to take it. Reaching in his pocket the titanium ring, he showed it to her with a soft and hopeful smile. “Noctavia Dark... I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you for a thousand more... Would you give me the huge honor... to be my mate?”
[This is his: ring]

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6 Re: A Thousand Years on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:46 am

Her hands fiddled to stroke the toy's soft, plush features as she followed him onto the roller coaster. Holding the white lion closely to her side, Noctavia helped herself to get a nice footing to when she reached the medium level and stopped to see the mistletoe he spoke of about her head. Just as he began to speak up, the Alphess's insides fluttered and tightened to what felt so foreign to her body, as she had never been this strange before. She could easily tell by the look in his eyes that he held a nervous feeling of his own, wondering how to place his words correctly while he began to stutter and straighten again to speak normally. Her heart thumped like a million drums at once - rendering its over-powering roar to beat loudly behind her hollow boned rib cage. Drawing a steadier breath of air, the Alphess closed her eyes to relax her thoughts and ponder whether or not things could be happening for real or she had been imagining it all along. His scent changed in the air to a more broader stench, which worried her to a point that maybe things were shifting between them. But as he bent down to one knee, her eyes widened just slightly behind her sunglasses, the faint coloration of green shimmering through them down to where he stood, "Daiken..." Her tone was quiet, hushed to a light whisper as the barely made it through her mouth, appearing as if she mouthed them to the air like as if no one were actually there.

When presented with the peony, her one hand cupped near over her lips while they curled behind it in secret. He had remembered from the night of the masquerade of her studying the flower in the dark flower garden that surrounded the central park fountain, where they danced, and he dipped her to meet so close; face to face. That was when her first sense of the emotions heightened, and later on blossomed to what is to be brought to the attention of a band pinched between his fingers towards her. Eyes glossed under the light's glory, Noctavia could not keep herself from smiling as she reached out a delicate left hand for him to ease the ring onto her ring finger. All the while her opposing hand reached to where her heart was at, feeling it skip every few seconds to know that she was in fact alive, and this was real. Sniffing back the release of tears that almost started to pool in the dips of her eyes, the Alphess collected herself to think, but only smiled wider the more he looked up at her. Finding the words, Noctavia nodded really quickly to his question and laughed to ease off the many painful moments of her silence, "Yes.. Daiken, a million times yes." Pulling him up by the hands, she released him, only to grab him by the collar of his coat and bring him to her level in a forceful, passionate kiss. Their kiss lasted long to what she thought before she managed to find the enough urge to pull free to speak, peering up into his radiant colored hues, "In all my life, I've lived through so many years alone to find one of the best things life could ever bring me. There had always been something missing to the equation, and I believed the only way to solve that was to fulfill my dreams in having a pack, but I now realize with what I was looking for was a family, and someone to love." Loosing her strong grip on him slightly, the Alphess brushed her lips carefulling against his, "I never told you before you left the other day, but.." Her eyes averted to meet his,

"I love you, Daiken.. For all eternity till the day our hearts are no longer beating I shall be yours, and you shall be mine."
She whispered, leaning in closer to kiss his lips with all of what she held inside to be let out and freed onto him. All the dark, emptiness in her cold heart broke away to find light peeking through, shining its glory upon her mind to see that even love will find a way into their hearts.


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7 Re: A Thousand Years on Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:44 pm

Alpha Daiken

Fear started to swallow him as silence was everything he could hear. Looking at here extended hand he relaxed a bit. Very softly he slid the titanium and emerald ring into her finger. He also had his, but he didn't want to put it on until he was sure she accepted. Still, nothing came from her pink lips. 'Relax and wait, Daiken.' Slayer helped. He was still surprised Slayer was so helpful in this, after how he tried to stop Daiken to invite her to several dates at the beginning. It seemed he was also falling in love with her, or he already did but never revealed it. Slayer was right. Noctavia nodded quickly and pulling him up to kiss her strongly. Grinning wide he tried to kiss her back, but his happiness was too much. She accepted, after all she did. He couldn't believe it was really happening. He thought it was too soon but everything worked out. His aqua eyes shining as tears wanted to fill them. Trying hard to control his wild heart that wanted to destroy his rib cage and jump out of his body, he just made two tears fall down his cold cheeks. He smiled ashamed at how it affected him that they were really going to spend life together. Daiken took her face softly with both hands and kissed her back, his own happiness and love mixing with hers.

Hugging her tightly the Delta laughed softly. "I promise to be at your side, love and protect you with everything I have, you and the whole pack. To never disappoint you or anyone that count on me. I will give my life and more just to see you happy." He pulled away slightly to take her sunglasses and look straight into her emerald eyes. "I love you Noctavia... For far away for far too long." He smiled and kissed her lips softly closing his eyes. "Thank you... Thank you for making me love again, for making me so happy and dependent on someone. I will not be able to live again if something happens to you." He whispered brushing her lips softly as their foreheads pressed together, his arm strongly wrapped around her. This was what he was trying to find for such a long time. He thought it gone forever and now, he finally felt he was living again, not just surviving.

Pulling away he saw the snow falling with more force. It was beautiful but also cold. A thing white layer already covered the floor, the stands, and the attractions. The moon making it shine seeming so pure and peaceful. Taking out his long coat, Daiken covered Noctavia with a soft smile. Caressing her cheek with a warm hand, he kissed her lips slowly. He was never going to grow tired of that, of feeling her so close, of looking at her emerald eyes every morning and night, of kissing her everywhere he could. He loved her and he was going to spend eternity with her, and he wondered if that was going to be enough. "Want to still have that ride on the roller coaster? Maybe another game, or we can just go. I left it to you, love." He smiled widely with that word.

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