Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Reckless & Relentless

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1 Reckless & Relentless on Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:20 pm

"We're here." As the lasting roar of the yellow and black taxi’s tires rolled to a meaningless stop against the side of a road, on the other side of the back window, the Alphess could not only see her reflection staring soullessly into her eyes, but also a long ago memorable place she would never forget visiting. Daiken, her Delta sat comfortably at her other side as she peered out the window, solemnly reminding herself that this was the neutralized grounds of the packs that lived amongst the New York state. Fog eased its way upon the glass just near of where her mouth and nose hovered as she breathed in a warm, cigarette scented puff of air. The taxi reeked of what she wished not to know, so the simplicity of the fact that they had finally arrived to their destination made her somewhat pleased, and less irritated with the man that drove them. His accent was rather strong, but still comprehensible to her, though she couldn’t promise too much for Daiken. Understanding the man, Noctavia nodded once with a blank gaze, handing him to whatever money was needed and slipping on her purse closely at her side. She gripped her fingers slightly around its handle, as she knew that in a place like this, there was no telling as to what would happen, nor the strangers that could be lurking. There were werelings, easily told through her sense of smell, so she kept up a heavy guard and lifted her chin high to prove her greater dominance over them all. She was filled with many years on her shoulders and strength behind it most importantly. They knew here in this sense, so in the case if they ever tried to do anything, they would not last very long to live the rest of their days of happiness. If she were correct, some where of range around the time Gabriel and her had met long ago, so it would not surprise her if they knew her name as well. They had banned her from here before, but she was now able to return as it has been past its deadline.

Taking it into stride, she stepped out of the vehicle and waited for Daiken to follow up at her side, watching and patiently taking to key as to how protective he was as towards his devotion upon his rank. She was glad to see that so far the Delta had made efforts of making her night worth while asides from spending it locked away with stacks of paperwork. As she looked to him, a short smile curled at her lips before meeting him half-way to securely wrap her arm around his, placing a neat, gentle yet firm hand over his forearm as the other stayed over his bicep. She felt safe with how near he was, and the chills that ran down her spine from the cold had finally deceased knowing that his heat mixed with hers was applied. With two fingers, she waved off a lazy salute to the taxi driver to which caused him to nod back and revere away back down the road in the direction of the nearest airport, she guessed. She watched as one plane had recently taken off into the sky, gliding upon the wind pattern’s strength to dolphin dive up into the air upon to its rightful land to where it might descend again. She hadn’t flown in a while, though there really wasn’t a reason for her too, nonetheless, there could always come a time where the pack and her could take a vacation. ...Traveling sounds satisfying now-a-days... we all should just leave while we still can before the humans get stupider... Noctavia rolled her eyes at the voices’ words, shaking her head slightly before taking Daiken, arm in arm up passed the driveway of the bar and to its entrance. Men of all sizes, and a rare bit of women stood in broad groups outside the bar building’s corners, watching with a skillful eye as the Alphess neared closer. One large man smirked, but she didn’t bother looking to identify the man to see if she knew him from before. There was no time to spend socializing with ungrateful sleazes. She had more important things to do, and that was to use her time to waste away with the Delta she found herself quite fond over the past few weeks. Some eyes peered over onto her as she walked on through the double wooden doors of the entrance, lightly molding into a sinister grin as her eyes looked around the room. The looks on their faces were priceless.

Working her way over to the bar, she glanced slightly off towards the side of her vision to the corner of where Gabriel, his friend and her first sat. Only the poker table was no longer there, but to be replaced with a stage for entertainment instead. A lonesome set of musical instruments sat in that there corner, just wasting away its moments without being played as it sat collecting dust with each hour of its life. Such a painful way of looking at it, she thought, such a piece of art was not acceptable to just leave around, but she said nothing about it, nor did she ever want to, as they wouldn't care. If anything, they'd just laugh and cause her to be irritated, and they all know what happened last time when that happened, "The place has sure as Hell changed... Look any familiar?" Using her words of mind to reach into Daiken's, Noctavia took a comfortable seat up next to the end of the long bar. Within the wood held marks, scars to which held a story behind them, and even some she noticed of what she had managed to make on her own in the times she would come here before. Her fingertips traced over the scuffs slowly, then lifting her head as she looked to the bartender with a knowing gaze as she spoke to his mind for what she wished to drink. When he had plopped the glass of a whiskey and coke down at her hand, she glared back at him, but made no efforts in putting up a fight as already some people were beginning to leave. She rolled her eyes, however it was their choice to believe who was the evil one here, not her. She didn't care.

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2 Re: Reckless & Relentless on Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:37 pm

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
Daiken followed her outside the cab and looked around. The place didn’t look as dangerous as Noctavia warned her, but he was sure the werewolves where not young and weak. The smell was strong and contaminated with liquor, cigars, and sweat. He tried to breathe the smallest amount or air his lungs asked to keep working without problems. His muscles tensed and his amber eyes where shining with attention and amusement. Every part of his body was ready to feel any intent of attack or danger, not to him, but to her. His eyes glanced at the dark figure moving at his side. Her hand made him relax his arm so she could take it. He moved with her with careful steps, remembering his self to not look at the pairs of eyes around them. He never looked down, his eyes just moved to the side to focus in another place or thing to avoid the brutes and woman that were actually looking straight at them. His jaws clenched hearing his own teeth creak with the force. Daiken maintained his serious and dangerous look in his face as they walked to the bar. Her words inside his head made him turn to look at her, slight surprise in his eyes as he was too busy looking around at their companions. ‘So this is where you killed Gabriel’s friend? I recognize it from the vision you showed me.’ He looked around trying to find the exact table where they meet. ‘Indeed... It changed.’
The Delta took a seat at her side and looked at the whiskey. Focusing on the bartender he ordered a Tequila with the same technique he believed Noctavia used. He waited patiently until his drink appeared besides Noctavia’s, reaching out to grab his glass he took a long sip. The hot liquor running along his throat helped him barely. He was curious why she took him here, but not as much to ask. Turning he looked at Noctavia and then at the place before them. It wasn’t the first time he was on a bar for werelings, but the times he found one and had a drink where little, maybe three or four times. He always ended in some kind of fight if someone started to annoy him, and at the contrary of normal human bars, he could get really hurt or even killed. He wasn’t like Noctavia, strong and wise. He was young and sometimes a jerk, getting into a fight with someone much older than him. The ghost of a smile moved across his face when he remembered the time he was on Braveheart territory and he stood dominant against the Beta. What was his name? He remembered he was Teimhnin’s mate, but that was it. New information made him know that they were now Alphas of Venantium and allies instead of enemies. He also remembered Melissa. He and Slayer took a time to teach her some things about natural energy and fighting. What happened to her after Braveheart disappeared? Frowning he stopped thinking about trivial things and focused again in his surroundings. He wasn’t supposed to let his guard down, not with her here. Taking another sip of his drink he reminded himself to also have a good time. He was with her after all, and he preferred that than to be training or doing his duties in Eternal.

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3 Re: Reckless & Relentless on Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:41 am

..This place is still as shitty as it was the last time... The voices in her head complained, knocking around their way to scratch at the walls and provide a distraction to her attention on Daiken rather than listen to him.

Her chin nodded slowly, gazing around the room for anyone she might know, only coming up with a couple plausible identifications to what she could remember. Faces and names were something she was skilled in, it was rethinking her past was the difficult thing about it all. She chose to forget, but truthfully it was still clear as day to her thoughts and everything to both sides of her. Like a shadow on a sunny day, as long as the sun still shined, the shadow would always follow after to wherever one would go. It was near to impossible to drop every memory she ever had behind, but it was possible to forget the years and specific dates. She couldn't even remember her own age for Christ's sake. But she could not change that even if she wanted to, for she was old to a wereling's eyes, but wiser than any one could ever dream asides from her ancestors. They were the one's to really look up to, but instead Noctavia chose her own path, she was now the beginning of her what will be family tree. No others, it will be her family, that is, if she ever decides to pass on her lineage. Hopefully that was still an option after all, but first things first - a mate. Now how was she going to be able to find that anytime soon? Daiken was the first option that appeared in her head, causing her cheeks to blush, but fortunately having the sides of her face covered by her air, it stayed hidden. Once it had faded back to her ivory skin, she lapped at her drink for a tad moment and then looked to him out of the corner of her eye, carelessly nudging him with her elbow as she made their glasses clink slightly together.

"Technically I had killed him outdoors, but yes, this is the place.. They've made slight changes to the inside as I can see to what I remember from last time, but not a lot towards the outside.. If I'm thinking correctly, that was where Gabriel and I played together to that corner over there.. It's strange to return after so long.. I would think they would want to shut down this shit hole, or at least sell it off for someone else to spend their wasteful cash on." Annoyed with the memory, she couldn't help but shake her head slowly at the room's efforts of becoming modernized to the current time of date. Sure there was some major differences from last time, but to Noctavia she still saw it as the bar she found over fifty years ago dying slowly from little business and collecting of dirt. The 50's for New York was a horrible time to spend in such a place, but unlike most unfortunate individuals, she was wealthy living on her own, able to pay for the things some could not, and still live a normal lifestyle. She didn't really care much for people anyway. For all she cared, they could go die in a hole, they were better off there anyway, she thought. While not paying attention to what went on around her, the Alphess tensed at a hand moving near her thigh, glancing with a startled growl as to whom it was, "Well look what the filthy cat dragged in.. Why isn't it the menacing fae herself.." His eyes were a faint saffron, and his fangs were yellowed with age and what she assumed was blood as well while his breath reeked of cigarette smoke. He had a smile only the devil himself could own, but she was not afraid, she was furious, "Hello, precious..." The pupils of her eyes thinned to resemble a serpent's poisonous orbs, and if it weren't for the amount of humans nearby, she would have already shifted and slaughtered the man on sight. Her insides boiled, prying her wolf from its dark caverns at the back of her mind to be unleashed in a fit of threatening growls as they paced back in forth through her thoughts.

"Darius.." She hissed, gripping tightly onto the bar's end enough to hear the cracking of wood within her deathly hold, "Perhaps you didn't get the memo, no slobbery mutts allowed inside without a leash." Noctavia spat angrily, holding back enough urge so she wouldn't cause a scene so suddenly. Licking over one of his canines as he cocked out a hoarse laugh form his windpipes, he peered to her with the most confident gaze she had ever seen, " is that anyway to speak your ex, miss Dark?" The mention of his words made her claws sink into the wood, piercing through the room a loud crack to made the individuals snap their eyes to meet the three at the bar, but she didn't look at them. As if clouds of smoke were fuming from her very ears, the infuriating feeling inside could not be controlled, and with that, things were to get ugly fast if he didn't walk away. That would be the last thing she'd ever do is walk away from a fight, so inside she hoped he did it for her if he were to want to still live. The male was indeed a figure of her past, but a short-lived moment as the two only shared a few months together while living in Mexico. They'd managed to steal money down there, but nothing more. He was sinisterly handsome, something that fit her taste quite nicely, but not enough to make her settle down. She said nothing and stayed still, that is until he tried to grab around her thigh again. Piercing a set of claws on his hand, Noctavia turned him around with one punch to his jaw and pinned his face down into the cracked wood, kneeling over his back to whisper into his ear, "Touch me... one more time, and I will kill you, Darius."

^^ You can roleplay him too if you want. I don't mind.


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4 Re: Reckless & Relentless on Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:39 am

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
The Tequila went to the wrong side as the hand of the stranger went straight to Noctavia's thigh. Retaining himself to not cough and stand out, he breathed slowly and swallowed saliva. He had been watching that male some seconds ago. His eyes flew directly to Noctavia when they sat on the bar, like if he knew her well, and he did based on his words. Daiken left an eye on him if he was an enemy but his movements where to confident for that. He believed the male came to talk with her rather than put a hand where he wasn't supposed to. Preventing a growl to rise, Daiken stayed in his place as Noctavia and the brute spoke. So 'Darius' was his name. He could feel Noctavia's anger and tension rising at his side, and he understood why. Darius was an asshole. As simple as that. The counter cracked and he saw her hand gripping it, each second that passed with more force. He was about to stand up and ask as gently the male as gently as he could to leave, but his next words made his breathe to leave his lungs in a split second. 'Ex??' He really hopped he meant ex-boyfriend and not something else. Turning his head to look at him better, he didn't cared anymore if he saw him and started asking question, but his attention was fully on Noctavia.

The Alphess moved as quickly and swift as a snake just when Daiken realized Darius tried to touch her again. This was the second time now... He looked around and many pair of eyes where already over them, wolf and human's. If this continued the secret could easily be revealed. Finishing his drink in one gulp, Daiken stood up and turned to do something very stupid, give the very Alphess orders. "Noctavia. Stop." He placed a hand on her shoulder slightly to make her retreat. Darius finally noticed him and his expression already made the question: 'who the fuck are you?' 'Excuse my words and actions, Noctavia, but we are standing out to much.' Daiken grinned wildly and patted the brute's shoulder strongly. "Ex you say? Well Darius, I'm Daiken, Noctavia's actual boyfriend! What do you say if I invite you a drink?" Boyfriend was a strong word, and he didn't know if Noctavia could ever see him like that. He never told her to have a 'date' with him, less to be his girlfriend. Still, he knew that the best way to grab the attention of a male, was jealousy, especially someone so stupid and confident as Darius. His face confirmed it. He wanted to be with Noctavia, touch her, have her. It was obvious. His eyes made it clear he already hated Daiken and that it was going to be very easy to take him out of the way, for good.

Putting the money of the drinks he and Noctavia asked before, and the full bottle of vodka he just asked, Daiken took Darius shoulder firmly in a friendly manner and lifted up the bottle. "Why don't you come with me outside so we can finish this and talk about MY girl?" His expression was so priceless. Daiken just wanted to burst out laughing just by looking at how predictable he was. Walking through the room, they passed the front double door and turned to continue into a dark alley sideways the bar. He took a long gulp of the vodka and glancing back at Darius to measure his distance, Daiken threw the bottle making it spit in the air and then took it by the neck, at the same time he turned and hit the brute's side of his head with the bottle, smashing the glass against his skull and making the liquor run into his open cuts. After many fights in bars, Daiken knew well that a full bottle, caused much more damage than an empty one. Throwing the broken neck to the floor he quickly grabbed the male's neck and smashed him against the wall of the building. Squeezing tightly, he leaned closer and grinned with his fangs fully extended. "Okay Darius. A small tip about me. I just give a second chance. Not a third, or a fourth, second chance. That means, you already marked one strike when you dared to put your hand over Noctavia. The bottle of vodka is a present for doing that. Now, you don't want to waste you second chance. I know the lady already told you, but since the single living neuron you have in that brain of yours can't make anymore conections, I will repeat it." Leaning closer and putting more pressure on his neck he whispered with the most threatening voice Daiken had. "If you... touch.. Noctavia.. again... I will kill you... Not her, me. Leave this state right now. Not the bar, not the city, the damn state. I don't want to see you again. Did I make myself clear?" Daiken's eyes were shining amber as he looked at Darius, a deep growl filling the alley. His hand gripped his neck even more as no answer came from his mouth.

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5 Re: Reckless & Relentless on Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:40 am

Fortunately for the lives around her, she was able to steady her emotions so that they'd stay put, but it only sent more frustration to her wolf within to be unleashed to the real world. She, even at the age she was at, could not keep her other side trapped for so long at time, there had to be some way she could release her anger without hurting or killing a civilian. The mentioning of him being her boyfriend made her eyes slightly widen, but turn back to their original state as she found the ways around the persuading for it to be a distraction to Darius. Of course he was an incompetent fool, so it did not surprise her that he ended up following after the Delta. What really wowed her was Daiken's performance over the situation, and taking control of the issue by ushering it outside. Hoping a real fight would occur, Noctavia slipped from the room to see more of the action rather than dealing with the commotion inside that caused the crowd to look her way. Laughing once, she stole someone's glass of some drink and poured it down her throat to relieve the dryness from hearing the word 'boyfriend' slip from the male's lips, then lazily saluting to the poor before walking out. As the Delta's voice rang in her ears, she was not too far from the scene, watching with an amused expression on her face that made her eyes light up like a glow stick. Feeling the voices have hushed themselves to take a careful watch over the male's actions, they leaned in on him, fascinated in to what they see as something they hadn't before. Noctavia could feel that intrigued thoughts of theirs put to her mind as well as her own upon the matter.

Everything about the Delta to that moment attracted her, and she had not other reason to hide it, as it was almost too much to bare the idea of actually finding herself falling in love with him by that. But that wasn't everything that made her feel this way, it was his smile, his eyes, the way only one slightest touch made every living part of her body ignite with an everlasting glow of warmth, and her cheeks to flush. None could do that, so the Alphess gave up with denying herself, and her counterpart caved into feeling greater of the brute as well. Just watching him prove better of his rank before her made her decision more fit, and soon Noctavia began to think of her pack. They needed a leader other than herself, and Daiken seemed to be the only one that fit the bill that she was falling over. Such emotions could not be described, for it was love that sparked at her cold heart and made her look at a different angle. The mumbling of curses Darius spoke of under his breath made her growl, but what got her to be unsettled was his attempt at trying to hurt Daiken so he'd be free. A portion of her wanted to tear him limb from limb, whereas the other stayed put and enjoyed the show as it was. When he had finally released the mutt, Noctavia took a sideways glance to him and smirked, then playfully walking to the Delta's side to play along and plant a sweet, yet thankful kiss to his cheek. Darius's eyes were filled with envy and hatred to the Delta male, which made her smile, and her wolves all cackled evilly in unison. The deed had finally been sealed, and his face was just too much to take without laughing a little inside. When he finally shifted to his full white wolf and dashed away, she turned her head to look at Daiken, raising a curious brow, "Boyfriend, eh?" she said meaninglessly, though inside her stomach flipped at the word in a good way, she thought, "Thank you, Daiken for what you've done. I'm sorry for that to intrude on our night, but if it make you feel better, you totally just made a highlight to my night. One for being there for me, another for taking care of the bastard before I did anything too drastic."


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6 Re: Reckless & Relentless on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:01 am

Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
Daiken looked at his side and smiled when her lips touched his skin. Glancing back at Darius he released him and stayed protectively near Noctavia until his sight was nothing more than a white spot lost in the forest. Relaxing again he turned to face her with a smile as he heard her words. He was sure she was going to ask about it. The Delta bowed slightly in thanks with her words. “Not need to thank me, Noctavia. It has been a pleasure to be by your side, as always. I hope you enjoyed this day as much as I did. It should be me to say ‘thank you’ after all.” He reached to take her hand softly and kiss the back of it as he did in the mascaraed dance, but this time he didn’t let her go that easily. “Night is still young. Allow me to pass these last moments with you by walking back to the hotel.” Daiken took her hand a bit strongly, not as much so she would remove it if she didn’t like the touch. He walked to the front of the tavern to the exit when two men appeared near them. He tensed again ready for a fight but then recognized the guys. They worked there, the tall one at the other side of the bar along with the bartender that served them the drinks. The fat and shorter was on the entrance when they arrived checking everyone that came inside only with his eyes. They were checking things up to see if a problem could have happened when they all rushed outside. Probably they heard the bottle breaking against the brute’s face. Daiken turned and walked away with Noctavia, leaving an eye on them to see their actions. As they returned inside without a single word to them, Daiken relaxed once more and smiled.

Reaching the forest he looked around. He remembered this place. Thinking a bit he realized this was the place where Teimhnin found him bleeding out after he meet Noctavia a few days before and went to the tattoo parlor. A hunter stabbed him with a poisonous knife surely Tanken gave to him. He was an expert in that shit after all. Daiken always preferred brutal clean fighting rather than poisons and venoms. Sighing he passed his free hand along the scar the knife left under his right ribs. After that, Teimhnin gave him her blood and then invited him to the Braveheart’s territory. If it hadn’t been because of Noctavia, and what he felt when they first meet, he would have accepted the offer of being a Braveheart, and now, he would had been a loner again. He didn’t think he would have searched for another pack after Braveheart ended along with their Alpha. His decision to accept being a member of a pack again, came with the condition of one last try. His first pack, his family, was now a legend after Tanken exiled him from the Kazeshini. More killings and bad organization drove the clan to a collapse until it disappeared. He and Tanken were the last ones now. His second pack, founded and ruled by him, was killed entirely. Again Tanken made that possible, using a group of hunters to help him finish his two sons and single daughter. His mate and other 4 loners he accepted with time were next. He always thought if he should have died that night will them. He turned to look at Noctavia and smiled slightly. Now he had an answer. He was always going to blame himself for what happened to both packs, and if anything happened to Eternal Darkness as well, but he could finally accept everything that happened. He found her. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but he was going to try everything to made it possible to happen. Thinking about that...

Slayer suddenly snarled with his thought, but now Daiken just ignored him. Stopping their walk, he let go of her hand and looked down at the red leaves covering the forest ground. A cold wind moved them around their feet as his heart started to beat strongly and rapidly. After everything that happened tonight, he couldn’t think of something else. He wanted to do it, but what was she going to do? Will he screw up everything? Taking a deep breathe, he turned and looked at Noctavia, straight in her emerald eyes that trapped him since the first day. He said he was going to try everything right? Well then, screw it... “Noctavia...” Swallowing hard, he moved closer and took her face gently with his hand as he leaned to trap her lips with his. Closing his eyes he kissed her with need and want, lasting what it seemed like an eternity. It had been so long since he kissed someone, he started to think if he was going to suck at it and she will hate it. Ninety six years to be exact. Moving away, he kept his eyes closed and his hand resting on her cheek, his happiness shifting into fear of the consequences of his action. His voice was a bare whisper, shaken and slow. "I.. I..." He couldn't continue. If she hated the kiss and was going to hate him later, then it will end there, but if he said that he loved her so suddenly, it was going to be so awkward and stupid if she didn't feel anything for him.

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At first, the Alphess didn't know how to react to the Delta's actions. She was partially annoyed with the bit of force to her hand, though after a while she got used to it. It was when her lips were caught dead upon his that her eyes widened lightly till soon her eyelids fluttered slowly shut and her muscles felt as if they had been melted into the ground. Her inner being said nothing, not even a peep or growl to what she did, as she too did nothing in return, but keep his lips with hers. Inside the woman's chest her heart beat thumped once, as if it had skipped its course over a beat and began to grow brighter the longer the warmth of their affection stayed. Noctavia left her eyes shut, all the while slowly lifting her hands to caress against the sides of his neck. As she remained still, bursts of life grew inside her, and she felt no need to move away. Her mind swirled with dizziness, which only made her smile, however, as the warm, enticing feeling of him pull away, her smile faded to pure confusion. Opening her eyes slightly to look at him with a bit of surprise, Noctavia rose her brows slightly to her own amusement at the male's courage before leaning in close to place a soft, tender kiss to his lips to know that he had done nothing wrong, as she truthfully loved everything it provided to her mind, and body. The breaths of air that blew from their mouths clouded into the icy air around their faces, but she payed less attention to the surroundings as she held the intrigued desire to find his lips trapped with hers again. But she contained herself to not, and think as to what it all meant. Never in her life had she felt this way before, and from what she experienced in just being around the male, is that there was only one conclusion to this mystery.

She was in love with him, yes, the Alphess herself had found something so rare to her eyes that even out of all people, it could happen to her. Even darkness searched its way to find light, and the evil coursed through onto its path to meet the edge of goodness. Her eyes sparkled with an intense green as they looked to Daiken to a whole another way, as if something inside her had shifted the dimensions of her mind to see differently all together, "I.. um.." Though her words were puzzled and short-lived, her head shook lightly as she began to steady herself back down to the ground. Moving away from him, she let her arms slide down his shoulders and hands over his chest, slightly pushing away just a step as she was too afraid that if he left, he'd never return. She didn't understand why she felt so magnetically attached to him, but now that her emotions finally took in what she concluded, she wondered if it was natural to feel this way. Looking back up to him, she bit her lower lip in a fit of a gentle smile, "Mind if you walk me home before it gets even darker? We could race.. if you want... It's a bit far on two feet, but four might help." She joked awkwardly, then turning to look into the darkness that shadowed the darker parts of the forestry around them. When she knew that Daiken could not see her face from the angle, her pointed finger traced lightly over her bottom lip to relive the memory of how it felt to kiss someone, to feel that spark that everyone eventually found. A long sigh whispered from her lips, reopening her eyes to put down her hand and roll back her shoulders as she shifted into position. Her face elongated into a slender black maw, spreading across her ivory flesh to be blanketed in a thick pelt of obsidian much like her natural hair color. As it was not seen to anyone's eyes, under the pelt, if she were to be shaved of her fur, would reveal all her tattoos still blended in the skin. Stretching out her long, slim legs, she flicked the end of her long tail teasingly towards him before she neared to his side. Her triangular ears flicked forwards while her eyes narrowed to meet his, lowering her chin slowly to slip her tongue from her mouth and gently lick under his snout so that he would not be worried. Brushing her lips over his ear, her mind spoke in a mellow whisper to his, closing her eyes as she was now happy to be so close, and feel him for the first time, "..Thank you..." Noctavia curled her maw into a confident smile to him before taking a few steps into her spot, bunching up her muscles till kicking her legs into the ground to start sprinting off towards the city.


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Alpha Daiken

Alpha Daiken
When her lips met his again, he opened his eyes, that shining greenish amber that were going to kill Darius, where now a sparkling aqua like lake's water. They could just change with love, all the love he felt for this Alphess. A sweet smile was drew in his features knowing he took the right decision to risk it all for a kiss. The kiss of a maiden that had the ability to lift him up to unreal worlds. He could finally feel that happiness he thought gone forever. He wasn't looking for a pack at first, or friends. He just wanted to feel happy again, to feel he could belong somewhere. While finding a pack, he found everything. He chuckled silently with her lost of words, just like him. He removed his hand from her cheek to caress her shoulder and arm, to then rest very slightly on her waist. Her own hands against his chest made him feel warm and protected. His heart beating fast and strong against his sternum. Trying to control his breathing again, she moved away and shifted, her wolf just as beautiful as her human self.

Daiken shifted after her, his dark hair expanding along his back to then form a big and furry tail. His skull shifting completely to one much bigger than a regular wolf, his teeth transforming into deadly razor sharp fangs. His huge tribal tattoo hidden beneath the dark fur, longer around his neck, along his spine, and chest like a mane. His scars more visible now, the lack of fur in each making the pink flesh stand out, revealing decades of fighting and stories unknown. Slayer was closer now, his presence stronger, but he said nothing. He was amazed at the incredible flow of emotions both felt with a single kiss to the right woman. Daiken hopped that Slayer will change his treating to Noctavia after today. The only thing that remained the same, was his deep aqua eyes, a bit darker but with all the same feelings he had for her. Taking a deep breathe, he felt her tongue against his muzzle, the ends of his mouth lifting up in a smile. He couldn't describe how great he felt right now. Everything was simply perfect and he really hopped it will just improve.

He followed her feeling his legs kind of weak, like butter that was just melted with the touch of her soft lips against his. He couldn't think in another thing as he ran at her side. His tongue traced slightly along his mouth. Maybe he was selfish and insatiable, but he couldn't wait to feel her lips against his again. Reaching out he caressed her neck with his snout inhaling her sweet scent right before they reached the central park. Slowing down they moved towards the hotel's direction, the touch of her body brushing his making his body shiver.

Shifting back, they crossed the street and moved to the lobby. Reaching the elevator he pressed the button glancing to Noctavia with a small smile. Stepping in he used all his force to don't kiss her again as they waited for it to reach her floor. There where no stops for other people or werelings to step inside with them, it was too late for that. Still, he waited patiently and just a few inches from her until the doors opened and they stepped out to reach her door. "What I wanted to say before... is that.." His eyes shone as they moved up to met he emerald ones, a soft blush rising up to tint his cheeks. Before finishing the sentence, he leaned closer and pressed his lips once more against hers. Closing his eyes he lasted some more seconds to the pull away and brush her lips against her ear, whispering the last words that will begin everything that mattered. "...I love you, Noctavia." Smiling wide with that releasing feeling that he just revealed what he hid all this time, he moved away, kissing her cheek very softly. He turned away not waiting for an answer and stepped into the elevator to go to his room and have the most incredible sleep after years. Right before the doors closed, his words made their way to her ears. "See you tomorrow..."

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