Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight

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1 Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:42 pm

Reserved for Warrior Elay & Doctor Vitani only.

"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City?  I'm a thousand miles away, but girl tonight you look so pretty.. yes you do... Times Square can't shine as bright as you... I swear its true.." Her voice sang in a harmonious melody within the silence the alley filled around her. Though her eyes were closed as she walked, mouth carved into a wide happy smile as she seemed to hold no worry left in the world. She was an immortal - brought into the world from accident, however happier than anyone around her. Even if someone were to win the lottery, Vitani would outshine their glory with the golden spirit she withheld inside. The air that blew out from inside her puffed into a visible icy gust of wind, piling into its clear cloud to float into the atmosphere elsewhere. As she had her earbuds in, the noisy city was drowned and all that was able to hear was the music that played. "Hey there, Delilah, don't you worry about the distance. I'm right there if you get lonely, give this song another listen... Close your eyes..."

She figured that getting out of the office was for the best, as she had been camping out there for some time getting things settled and refurnished to her liking. Now that she was at a stopping point, she had all the time she wanted to spend the days as she wanted. With her spare moments on the phone, she placed a request to gain another set of tattoos to add to her bare skin. Hopefully after this, she would have not two, but four to her little collection. Dressed in a comfortable outfit, including; a knitted blue sweater, black shorts, dark nylons underneath tucked over by a pair of booted black combat heels, and a matching creamy scarf and beanie to put it all together. She was fortunate to finally get her hair to straighten, which made her even more happy to not put up much of a struggle. All that was left was her make up; nothing but a light layer of pink gloss to make her lips shine. Everything else was as natural as ever.

"Listen to my voice it's my disguise, I'm by your side.."

Her voice softly lowered to silence as she finally reached the parlor, not even looking up to make sure it was the right one, she knew by the faintest smell of her sister's scent that this was the one. Walking inside, a jingle rang above her head, only to then be welcomed with the man up front. As he hugged her, her eyed slightly widened by the feel as she did not know who he was, that is, until he explained that he knew her sister from the past, and he had been warned of her presence. This relieved her, so she nodded and asked for her order as requested. When he left to go get the drawings, Vitani helped herself to a seat nearby, already taking off her sweater to reveal nothing more than a bombshell dark red bra to hold at her chest. The place seemed fairly quiet, enough to know that no one would be peeping in through the windows as there was only one, and that was to look out into the dark alley. Laying in the comfy, leather tattoo chair, her eyes closed and her arms folded over her stomach, waiting patiently for him to return.

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2 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sat Nov 23, 2013 4:34 pm

Ah New York City, today it seemed extra loud and more annoying then normal to the traveling warrior. With a loud huff he continued walking down the side walk towards the tattoo parlor, watching the humans flee as he stepped along. He couldn't help but smirk at them as they gawked at his height and build, he knew his presence was intimidating. The simple looks they gave and the way their pulse would speed up as he stepped close made him chuckle. Weak mortals, they would never understand the power or experience the life of a wereling. A true honor indeed, it was better that way because they didn't deserve it.

Pausing by the corner store he checked out the street signs, looking for the one named in his directions. Elay knew he was close by, but it only took a second for him to be distracted from his thoughts. Her voice was sweet as it echoed off the dark walls of the alleyway to his right and he took a step towards it. The scent she left behind made his nose tickle as he inhaled, she was in Eternal like him. Deciding that a small detour from his trip wouldn't hurt Elay stepped into the alley way, thinking it was time he found out who she was.

His black boots thumped on the cold cement as he followed the voice, his hands slipped into his leather jacket as he moved to stay warm. Elay's bright blue eyes looked around as he came out on the other end of the alley, with the female he was following nowhere in sight. Spotting the tattoo parlor's neon sign flicker on and off he grinned at the fact he still ended up in the right place. Stop bullshitting and lets go get this done...I hate needles. Renner growled lowly. Don't be such a pansy Renner, I heard it's nothing like a shot. Elay thought as he opened the door to walk in.

The bell chimed above the door as he closed it standing still, his blue gaze flickered to the female sitting in the red bra. She was the scent from the alley and it was her voice he heard only moments before. Elay could pick her scent out of a crowd anytime, it was tinted with peppermint and sweet to his nostrils. Putting on a large grin he nodded to her as he walked to greet the man stepping from the back room. "Hello, I'm Elay. I called earlier about the tribal tattoo." he stated in a low tone.

Pulling a paper from his back pocket he handed it over and took a few steps towards the chairs. Unzipping his jacket he tossed it over the back of a free chair revealing his long white sleeve shirt and sat right beside the female. Looking to her his lips curled into a big grin, his blue eyes studying her face. He had never seen her before, he was sure of that. " Is this seat taken doll face?" he asked.

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3 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sat Nov 23, 2013 6:14 pm

The second jingle made her silvery bright eyes flutter open, caught dead by the scent of her pack specifically as she found the figure of a brute wander inside. His tone towards the worker was low, and held a dark seductive manner she could not find any less charming. He smelt sweet, yet bitter like the mesmerizing aroma of newly brewed coffee, dashed with a couple sugar cubes inside. She crooked a smile at him as he had asked whether or not someone had taken the seat, and she shook her head, "No, not at all. I am the only one here other than you it seems." Her voice cooed in smooth words of silk around him, already feeling the urging of her counterpart stir and howl at how handsome he was, ...Damn he is fine... A rumble of quiet growled followed, but Vitani only laughed and rolled her eyes as she extended a kind hand to the mister.

"You must be one of the newer additions, Warrior Elay, is it? It's a pleasure to finally meet you." When their hands finally locked and shook, she curled her plump light pink lips into a broad perfect smile, "Dr. Vitani Dark, sister of the Alphess bloodline, in the flesh." When she mouthed to the last word, it made her blush, as she was shirtless and sheepishly covered her bare stomach with her forearm. Averting her gaze back to him, she slowly moved a strand of her dark ebony brown hair from the side of her face to neatly be placed behind a small pierced ear. Her palm brushed over the white ear-bud in her ear, only to then remember how rude she was being in not taking them out. As she shot an apologetic dark silver gaze, Vitani removed them and turned her body on the opposite side of her chair to put them in her purse. She tried hiding her lower back, as she held a tribal tramp stamp there, but it was no use. She sighed deeply.

..The only way you're going to get him to notice you is to reveal a little skin.. Her wolf chuckled deeply, whirling around in her head evilly in order to pick up a fight. Hush you. Vitani barked back into her mind, causing her inner self to laugh even harder. Pushing it back, she straightened again in her seat and looked to him with a short glimpse of a kind smile. Finally, the men returned and moved to their sides. She knew that talking to him about the pack would make the mortals stare at them strangely, so she glanced to him and released her mind-speak to reach into his, moving around the walls to make them collapse so it'd be easier for her to get inside, "So, what's the tattoo you'll be receiving for the evening, anything good?" When the tattoo designer came to her side to show her the tribal tattooed outline of the hummingbird she asked for, and the other to be the Eternal Darkness emblem, she nodded happily, "May I have a bit of gold and a bright blue to accent the lining along the hummingbird, and make sure the emblem is on my left wrist, please." As the worker nodded to her simple request, Vitani caught the drift of his sight lower upon her, but she didn't mind. She found it a compliment that men found her attractive, even how sleezy they can be sometimes. Sitting back in her chair, she turned over both her arms, the other revealing her family pack tattoo of the wolf heart stabbed with a jeweled dagger, whereas the others was as blank as day.


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4 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:03 pm

His blue gaze flickered over her as she spoke, his attention solely on her eyes though. They were light and beautiful in their own unique way. The warrior listened to her words and he smiled with a nod, "That I am, the pleasure is all mine Doctor Vitani." he responded letting their hands shake. Oh she knows your name...shes quite the looker. A real femme fatale if you ask me... Renner commented. Elay paid closed attention to Vitani's face, watching her cheeks flush red as she fumbled with her head phones. He couldn't help but smile as he watched her, noticing the tattoo on her lower back. So this wasn't her first time getting a tattoo, he wondered if she had any pointers. He figured he would just wing it, he didn't think the pain would be that terrible.

Elay's head turned quickly as the two guys came to bring them back, it was time. Following quietly Elay heard Vitani's question. Thinking in his own mind-speak he responded,   " I am getting my shoulder and part of my arm lined in tribal. This will be my first tattoo, but I'm going for the long run. I noticed you have a couple, do you enjoy the feeling?" When they reached the tattoo chairs Elay looked to his artist and smiled, "I want it on my left side." he said. Tossing his jacket on another chair the warrior grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off. Exposing his tan toned upper body, looking to Tani he smiled and took a seat.

The artist flashed Elay's tribal design and began wiping his arm down with alcohol, cleaning the area. Pulling out tons of plastic containers filled with special black tribal ink he put the machine together preparing. Turning to Elay the tattooist spoke, "Now I know this is your first one, do you think you can handle the whole session? If you cant let me know..I don't want to push you to hard." he advised, hitting the peddle to make the machine 'zssst'.

Grinning Elay laughed out loud, catching the tattooist off guard. "Don't worry about me let's get this started. I'm ready." he mused getting comfy. I hate needles...I hate needles...this is bullshit. Renner growled aggressively. Pushing the thought to the back of his mind Elay's gaze went back to Vitani, using the handy mind-speak again. "So Vitani, we have sometime care to tell me a little about you? You know I haven't been with the pack that long, so I'd like to make a new friend. " he asked with a small smile on his face.

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5 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:51 am

The way he reacted to the surroundings seemed slightly nerved, as the muscles tightened in his features and his eyes were caught towards the sight of the needle beginning to run. Vitani could not help herself as she bit her lip and watched him pull of his shirt. ..Oh my... This just gets better and better... Where's the popcorn when you need it... Holding back the urge to roll her eyes in plain view of the male, the doctor swept away her gaze to focus on the bigger picture; the conversation. She had to answer back still. As her limb and ribs were bathed in a light layer of alcohol and the man worked at her side, she lifted her eyes to meet the lovely oceanic blues he possessed. If she had all the time in the world - which she technically did - she would stay there and simply loose herself in the bright waves of his hues. His body was carved from history, blanketed in his bronze tan and seeping with a magnetic field to only catch a woman's eyes. He was beautiful, indeed.

Vitani stopped herself and averted her silvery orbs into his own, professionally keeping it with his so it would not drift off back to where it had been wandering before, "There is no feeling to the way the tattoo is performed, since it kinda helps we're a wereling. However, it will only pinch for a while. I cannot say I enjoy it, though perhaps its the fact I've been marked with a work of permanent art that makes it the best part to me. It'll be over before you know it, no worries." Looking to the male that pointed the needle shaped gun over her flesh, Vitani stretched her right arm over her head for better room, using the other to remain still as it was being readied for the tattoo on her wrist. She made due with the position with what she was in, using her arm as a sort of pillow to rest her head comfortably on, while crossing over her ankles. Removing the hand that dragged over her eyes, she winked at him, "If the nerves ever get too overwhelming, you can always hold my hand to rid the pain. I know what it's like to get my first, you get used to it after a while." She said softly into his mind, carefully watching through the little area she could use to see him as she used a portion of her mind to stir his wolf within to act out somehow.

A light chuckle rumbled out from her throat as she heard him speak to the man to begin already, but she didn't mind. It was nice to see someone accompany her on so late of a night. The thought of being alone was scary, so it was relieving to have another of her kind so near to watch out for her as well as for him in return. That's what packmates are for, right? Thinking to herself, she wondered what all there was to say. She could start with talking about her past occupations, but she was afraid he'd get too bored. Vitani thought she had that affect on people, as they sometimes would get annoyed after a while, "Let's see.. I grew up an only child, didn't know who my father was for the longest time, um.. ended up finding out I was an accident after all, and oh, what am I missing... Oh yeah, the day of my first shift and exile day I found out my Alpha was my dad and the father of our Alphess... Few years later, I worked in the arts of becoming a doctor, did some blood searching for another few more centuries to finally find my sister living in the great NYC, and well, here I am." Her arms made a shrug, but her smile was no longer there. A part of her lay frozen, whereas the other carried on like normal. She left quite a bit of deeper memories, but she felt there was no way she'd be able to pry them out so early to the male. They were locked inside, which only drowned herself back in through time to be put into the memories all over again. Nervously, her lip quivered, but no noises left her mouth, "Yeah... um.. so tell me about yourself, anything worth sharing?" Her words spoke quickly, trying her best to remove the subject all together to be switched with his instead. Hopefully, she wouldn't have to explain further.


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6 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:54 am

The tattooist scraped some vaseline on his finger and hit the peddle, hearing the 'zsssst..zsst..zsssssssssssssst' by his ear made his chest tighted. The first cut into his skin made Elay close his eyes and take a deep breath, clenching his jaw tightly he opened his eyes back up to spy her. Those eyes of hers were staring right at him and all he could do was blink and smile weakly. Inside Renner was freaking out from the tattoo gun, getting restless he clawed to break free. Elay was trying to keep himself calm because there were very few times Renner actually broke free. To Elay's dismay the tattoo gun was driving his wolf insane and the fact Vitani was focused on him seemed to amplify the tension. No..No...I can't do this..the needles! Renner growled loudly freaking out.

Elay gulped dryly keeping the wolf contained as the tattoo continued on, his eyes flickered brightly as Renner fought to get out. His fangs even flashed towards the Doctor before he was wrestled back in. Moving a bit the tattooist paused and looked up at his customer, "Is everything alright? I need you to keep still and lay back I'm going to work on your chest next." he said as he lifted the back of the chair. Pausing the tattooist wiped vaseline over part of the colored tattoo and motioned for Elay to lean back.

"I'm great don't worry..lets just get this chest part done." he responded leaning back to get comfy. Vitani's words were comforting but he shook his head to her offer, he was a warrior. Though Renner was hyper ventilating inside, Elay remained calm. He wasn't going to look like a fool in front of a pack member, especially the Alphess's little sister. His blue eyes lifted from the tattoo to check on Vitani to make sure she was alright after her story. It was interesting and he was impressed she was centuries old, a lot older then he was. Her smile had disappeared and he frowned, he tried to answer quickly to change the subject. "I was born in the heart of Africa, I have an older brother and a younger sister. That was then though because now I am the exiled African Prince, who kills people for money. I got to travel all over the world after I left home and I just recently moved from California to New York. Not long after I met up with Beta Ryker in the alleyway and that's it, because now I am a Warrior in Eternal Darkness." he thought back with a small smile.

'Zssst....zsst...zsssssssssssst....zssssssstt..' the tattoo machine kept buzzing along as he did the coloring around Elay's peck. Clenching his teeth he looked away from Vitani and closed his eyes, trying to put focus on something else.   "How long have you been with the pack healing? And if you want after the tattoos we can grab some coffee and head back to the Hotel. Not that you can't protect yourself, I'm just saying its late and I should go with." he added passing the thought to her. Quickly his facial features changed to a scowl as the artist was finally moving away from the spot near his nipple. That fucking hurt...never again. We aren't even close to being done...those needles. I'm going to make you regret this... Renner protested with a hearty growl.

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7 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:55 am

(( The Dark Lullaby:  ))

The pain in his eyes made Vitani stop with her fidgeting and slowly smoothed her free hand along his arm as she whispered into his mind a soft tune her 'father' would sing to her as a child. Her wolf made its amends by hushing his, sending soothing words to calm him down and focus his inner control towards her eyes, "Are you, are you coming to the tree, where they strung up a man they say murdered three?.. Strange things did happen here no stranger would it seem if we met up at midnight in the hanging tree..." Towards the end of the first verse, she had already managed to have his hand within hers, gentling rubbing his wrist even if he wished to not hold his hand.

Just as when she almost heard the tattoo artist smirk, Vitani sent a glare heading into his direction and he hushed up. There was not at all a need for such behavior towards a beginner, especially for one that was receiving a tattoo around sensitive areas. She bit her lip slightly as the man working over her started in on her ribs, feeling the skin being peeled and drilled away to almost tickle, but underneath having it heal around the ink just as easy. Closing her eyes, she started again while releasing a deep exhale of a warm breath into the air, "Are you, are you coming to the tree, where the dead man called out for his love to flee?.. Strange things did happen here no stranger would it seem if we met up at midnight in the hanging tree..." The doctor waited patiently until the male would calm, sending him her motherly instincts for caring and helping with the aid of a single warm, friendly hand. That was her job, to help.

The man that worked on her began to add color, strangely turning her vision back to watch as if he would do it correctly. Nodding, she averted back to where she was looking at Elay and kept his hand in hers as she leaned back in her seat again, "A prince, eh? Talk about royalty, though I bet it wasn't as fun as one would think would it? In my, well, my sister and I's family pack, we were technically reigned to a sort of royalty, but nothing compared to yours. We were wealthy on our own and worked hard hours to get to the position we stand now. We too were able to travel the world, as most of the offspring was made to come with us in celebration to the new generation, as for myself, I did not receive that luxury as I was not to be expected. While I was the only offspring that few years, we stayed put until I was three to when the next round was birthed. The pack migrated to Spain for that time" She was glad to have Elay switch to his side of the history more than hers, which made her happy and smile over to him, "What was your most favorite place to go? If I had to choose, it would be Paris again. Their food is phenomenal there, and the view upon the Effiel Tower is just breath-taking."

Staring at the ceiling, she lifted her arm so the artist had more skin to cover and room to bare with as she squirmed in her seat trying to hold Elay's hand. It was warm, and soft, but much larger than hers by a land-slide. If she didn't know better, if he were her age, there would be no way of her winning a fight with those fists of his, "That's very sweet of you, Elay, and yes, I would love to spend some more time on you, of course. If you feel that I am in need of company and protection, so be it, as I do not mind at all, especially since its you that will be keeping me safe. As for my years in the healing, well, in technical terms I didn't think of the option of becoming a doctor till around fifty or so years ago. I had never worked with a pack healing, but I knew the basics around it all, and that's all I really needed to know. All I practically do is baby my patients and feed them my blood, that's it." She chuckled softly after that, already gesturing to how she was babying her first Warrior amongst the pack due to his first tattoo. But she didn't care, just as long as he was alright with it, even if she was their leader's sibling.


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8 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:05 pm

Vitani's voice was like warm honey, smooth and sweet as her song reached him. Her tone caught him off guard as he strained to listen to the words, his chest rising and falling slowly. Renner...focus. Do you hear it? he thought. Closing his eyes Elay inhaled her distinctive  minty scent, it was odd how calming it was. The wolf growled and panted, his fear of needles very real. But the females voice rattled his brain and filled his ears loudly. How could he focus on anything else, at that moment the needles outlining his upper peck was the least of his worries. Feeling his heart beat slow down Elay relaxed and nodded to Vitani with a thankful smile.

Feeling better Elay listened to Vitani's answer and chuckled lightly. Hearing the 'Zssst...zsst...' pause he looked down at the tattooist. "Oops..staying still, you got it." he muttered. Elay winced from the napkin that ran over his tattoo, removing the ink and blood. Sighing as the artist hit the peddle to continue he looked back at Vitani, his hand still holding her. "Being a Prince wasn't that bad, it had its perks. I wouldn't call the huts a luxury. But I do enjoy being in Eternal Darkness, I've grown quite fond of the pack." he thought back at her. "I would have to say Egypt was beautiful. The pyramids were fascinating to check out and there was Ireland too. I went there for a bit..I enjoyed the castles. Great architecture, best beer ever."

"Alright sit up...almost done." the artist muttered wiping down Elay's chest and shoulder. Adding some Vaseline he inspected his work and started to color in his upper arm. Elay's blue eyes flickered down as he checked out his shoulder piece, it was turning out great. His eyes lifted as she shifted her weight to give her artist room and he peered over to peek, hers was looking great. He liked the blue accents to her mockingbird, smiling he looked back at her face. So she was the pack's healer, she was sweet and from her comments he could tell she enjoyed what she was doing.

"Blood and babying? You must really spoil them then, but I'm sure they like it." he smiled looking down at her comforting hand. "I don't know many coffee shops around here, but I'm sure we can find one. Your welcome Vitani, no need to let the lady walk home by herself. It's the least I could do since you sat here with me while I got this tattoo." 'Zssssssst'.....'zssst'...'zssst'...zzzsssssssst', the machine echoed in Elay's ears as his tattooist got closer to finishing. Feeling antsy Elay cracked his neck and let out a small sigh inspecting his ink, damn it looked good.

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9 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:24 pm

...You would think that on a first date that you wouldn't be holding hands with someone you've just met... Her wolf smirked, sarcastically reminding her of the night spend with the Guardian to make her cheeks shade a light pink.

A deep, relieved gust of air blew out from her once-was trapped lungs, finding the serenity in knowing that he was going to be alright and settle himself before it really got out of hand. That was the last thing they needed was one of their kind, especially a packmate shifting in plain side of a human. However, there was always the option of murdering them here and now so their knowing would be gone forever. But there was many issues with that, ones she wished not to go into detail at the moment. When the worker applied more alcohol and cleared it over the smeared mix of colors upon her skin, she shivered as it was cold on her bare torso. Thankfully she wasn't getting anything too drastic to cause her to take off her bra, god that would be awkward, she thought. As the man finally finished putting the finalized touched to the mockingbird, he switched back to start back up on her wrist, extending it towards him while her other hand slowly releases Elay's now that he was alright.

She was glad to see that a mortal in the later generations was capable of exceeding to one's expectations in the task of art. The tattoo was revealed just as she had imagined, and from the progress to what she could see being put to her wrist was phasing to what looked like an exact spitting image of her sister's emblem. Glancing to Elay, her eyes sparkled under the parlor's light, "What do you think? Yours is coming out amazingly. Hopefully by the time they're finished, we'll be able to get things prepped and we'll be out of here in no time." When the mortals weren't looking, she flashed her elongated canines in a broad smile and snickered as she leaned back into her seat to let him finish, remembering back to his words as it was rude to keep him waiting.

"I have never been to Egypt, but all the reviews I've heard from other elder werelings is that its quite the place to be if you're looking for history and adventure in one. However, I have been to Ireland, and must I say it is just beautiful. The castles, hah, the beer of course, even some of them Irish men." She sent a wink into his direction, but she didn't know how she felt about the subject. Vitani felt it was rather rare to find that in a man, so she didn't bring it up to him, "As for the change in background, yeah, you'll get used to it after a while of settling in. I've been used to the whole wealthy background for a long time. You should have seen some of the places the Dark pack has resided in when we would travel around the world for the offspring upbringings. Quite the party animals if I must add." She smirked, tilting her head towards the ceiling to which made her hair fall from her eyes and allow her full access to see around her. Rubbing at one of her ghostly pale eyes with her free hand, she listened to the buzzing, annoying sound of the tattoo gun blend into her skin with the colors she selected to resemble her sister's emblem, "I baby my patients just out of my personality. Its kinda like an instinct of mind to take care of them, a doctor thing, I guess, kinda like Warriors have the instinct to fight and protect the ones around them."

Waving a hand off to Elay, she rolled her eyes slightly with a smirk, "Don't worry, kid, I've got us covered. I know all the dips and turns of New York like the back of my hand. I've been here since the beginning, and probably till the end if not somewhere else. I was born on these grounds. Finding a coffee shop 'round here is as easy as finding dirt, hell, there's probably one around the corner. Just as long as you've got my back, I'll take the lead as our spunky navigator. What do you say?" The mortal tapped her out of the mind-speak to show that he was finished, which made her straighten in her seat as she tried hard not to zone out as he described the basics of taking care of it as it healed. This almost made her laugh, but she said nothing, instead she kept a straight face and zoned out, clouding her eyes a hazy fog-like grey. She knew these things already, didn't he know that by her other tattoos? Mortals can be so stupid sometimes, she thought, but she knew she had her days too. Slipping from the chair, Vitani grabbed her shirt from the seat and slipped it back on gently not to touch the tattoo, flattening her lips as she could already feel her skin knit back together into the ink that stained her side and wrist. Nodding to Elay, she moved to his side and rested a careful elbow on his opposite shoulder, watching as the tattooed was being finished. As she accidentally neared her leg against the chair, his shirt fell and she bent over to pick it up slowly, twiddling her fingers in the soft fabric as she blinked seductively up into his blue hues. Holding it, she backed up and rested her back against the wall as she waited, smiling over to him.


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10 Re: Firelies in the Vanilla Twilight on Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:31 am

"The tattoo looks great Vitani and mine is almost done so we can go soon. Plus, I could use a hot cup of bean juice to warm me up." he said with a half smile. He caught her toothy grin and flashed one of his own, before pressing his lips tightly together. Her comment about the Irish men made him think of Ryker and his lips curled into a happy grin. It resembled something like a school boy would have if the name of his crush was mentioned. All Elay could think about was the Beta's alluring accent and dark eyes, he exhaled loudly distracted. It was only until the sound stopped and the artist spoke louder.

"Hey...I said you're done. Check it out..." the guy muttered wiping off the blood and leftover black ink. He rubbed Elay down with Vaseline and slid his chair back so he could clean up. Thank god that shit is over...don't even think of tattoo number two. Renner snapped angrily. Blinking a few times Elay looked over catching Vitani's gaze and he noticed she held his shirt. How long was he zoning out? Hopefully not to long that he missed something important. Sliding from the chair he stepped in front of the mirror and nodded content with the art. The warrior stretched his arm and walked to stand in front of Vitani, "Hopefully it looks good because there's no going back." he said with a chuckle. He flexed and gave a soft sound of annoyance from the tense muscle, turning to the artist he grinned. "Looks good thank you. Let me pay you now.." he added reaching into his back pocket to pull out his wallet. He pulled out three hundreds and tossed them down.

Making his way to Vitani he stuck his hand out for his shirt, the warrior gave her a cheeky grin as she handed it over. Pulling it over his head he felt the ink and Vaseline stick to his white shirt, he was an idiot for wearing it. Huffing at the sticking he grabbed his leather jacket and headed for the exit. Opening the door he heard the familiar bell sound and looked over his shoulder at Vitani. "Well spunky Navigator, you lead and I'll follow. Oh and can we find a place with good croissants..I'm hungry." he said walking out behind her. Pulling on the leather jacket Elay stepped quietly beside Vitani, her size much smaller then his. His blue eyes quickly noticed how the men stared and followed her as she stepped, he huffed loudly. "So you know New York like the back of your hand, you're from a wealthy traveling pack. You're a Doctor and the Alphess's little sister and you like to baby your patients. I think that sums you up in a nutshell.." he teased grinning her way.

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Adjusting her clothing to fit correctly like she had originally before on her way out from under his arm through the door, Vitani fiddled with the dark nylon encased around her long, slender legs. Lastly with one touch of her fingers through her hair, the doctor looked over her shoulders as she caught him at a near far towards her side, smiling just slightly to the side before gazing to her front, "Yup, that's me for ya. And you're the African exiled prince, dragged through various forms of cultures and forms of fighting, then on top of it all, you pick the most noisiest places on the U.S.A. land to live in a pack ruled by my sister. Then, next you receive a large first tattoo and get to be mwa, the doctor herself to guide you through the lovely New York city streets to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee. How bout that?" She smirked, biting her lower lip as she lead the two man crew down the cemented path. The clicking of her combat black heels were the only thing left other than the exchanged creepy noises the men would make as she passed and the sound of her voice. ...I wonder what the Guardian male is doing right now... Ya think he'll be in his room?.. Her wolf asked curiously to herself, irritating and only causing the woman to blush. Fortunately for her, the shadows of the night caressed the color in her cheeks so it would not be as nearly visible as it would during the day. At least luck was finally on her side for now, that is.

"I'm sure I can find a place with some food as well. There should be a cafe just around here, actually. I've been there a couple times, but nothing too frequent. I mostly get my coffee at a nearby Starbucks, however I'm not in the mood for just some sweets and free WiFi, if you know what I mean. I want real food." Chuckling, Vitani swept her hair behind her shoulder and held her purse close at her side as she neared next to Elay when her sights gazed over a group of werelings feeding off in the corner of an alley. She wanted no part in interfering on that, so she kept walking. There comes a time where even for her age, she could be outnumbered, so it was next to keep her guard still up as they were not under pack boundaries. These were the neutralized grounds, anything could pop up if they weren't highly aware of their surroundings. Taking a large gulp to flush her dry throat and eyes the color of her eyes to clear up, her senses whiffed out the scent of pancakes and coffee nearby. "Come on, we're almost there."

As she quickened her footsteps towards the smell, she patiently kept her pace at a balanced rate so Elay could stay with her, carefully dipping in and out of the shadows till their destination had been reached. It was a nice little cafe, with only one person inside to sit at the back table all alone. She tilted her head through the glass, seeing closer that it was an elderly mortal woman sipping her coffee towards the corner of the bare room. A waitress stood near the cashier and table, typing away on her phone through a text she would presume as there was not a lot of business this late. There was music, not loud, nor too soft for the wereling ears, so she found it quiet cozy to enjoy with the male. Stepping inside, a similar jingle rang like the one from the parlor, dipping her head with a kind grin to see the waitress perk up and walk towards them. She eyed the two, both bright blue hues and curly blonde lochs to reach just to her shoulders. Vitani saw that she had a delicate personality, and her voice was soft as she spoke to the two. Leading them to sit near the window table of two, the waitress pulled out a notepad and scribbled something on it, her southern accent drowning into their presence, "What can I get y'all this evenin'? Quite the cold one out, dontcha' think to you shouldn't' be walkin' around the bright city you two?" This made the doctor lean back in her seat and grin down at the edge of the table, pressing her lips together to when she saw the twinkle in the older woman's eyes as she thought to believe that Elay and her were an item. Choosing not to persuade the waitress out if it, she hopped straight to the point, "I'll have just a cup of coffee, and if its a bother, can I also have a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk on the side, please?" The woman laughed and patted her shoulder lightly, "Sure can, sweetheart. And what bout' you, son?" Jotting down Vitani's order, the fae looked to the male across from her, batting her lashes slowly as she traced the outline of his jaw and every muscle she could see.

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Elay chuckled and gave Vitani's arm a nudge as they walked, "For the most part that sums me up, can't say I'm that exciting to hear about but you made it appealing." he said. As Elay walked beside Vitani, following her lead his eyes shifted to the werelings in the alleyway. Letting out a low growl his blue eyes narrowed at them, but Vitani kept moving and in turn so did he after a moment of watching them. Un-clenching his fists he took a few quick steps up to reach Vitani again. Stuffing his hands in his leather jacket he sighed at the mention of real food. "That sounds like a good deal, I could use something salty." he muttered in agreement. The warrior's nose inhaled at the smell of pancakes and coffee, the cafe was small but warm nonetheless. Opening the door to let Vitani walk in Elay nodded to the waitress and stood for a moment pulling his jacket off. Grabbing the top of his shirt he checked on his tattoo, noting the healing had started already.   See Renner...almost as good as new. I can't help it I get the only wolf with a serious needle phobia. Elay thought as he pulled out the chair to sit. know why. Renner retorted.

The waitress's accent was thick and southern and her words made Elay give her a big grin before he picked up the menu. The diversity of people in this city blew his mind, it truly was the melding pot. "It's not that bad out, but I could definitely use some coffee to warm me up." he said glancing up for her to write that down. Then flipping the menu page his blue eyes lit up reading the text. "Oh and I'll have a order of french toast with bacon and sausage and those little cut up potatoes." he added with a smile as his blue eyes looked up at the waitress. Closing the menu he handed it back and side glanced to Vitani, he could feel her gaze on him.

"I haven't actually got to meet your sister yet, I was accepted by Ryker. I did meet a couple others in the hotel though. I know there is a lot of others running around, I just never catch them. How many are there exactly?" he asked tilting his head her way. Leaning against the table the warrior could still smell her minty scent on his hand, it was strong. Vitani in Elay's eyes seemed small and sweet, but he could tell by her scent and stride that she packed quite a punch. The simple thought made his lips curl into a smirk and he rolled his shoulders stretching. "So tell me Vitani, when you aren't saving lives and such. What is it you spend you time doing?"

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She chuckled, already thinking of many things to say, but not enough to hold down the conversation to keep it at a reserved level. They were in a cafe, and such things should not be described, though, she still held the ability to speak into his mind, rather than aloud for the room to capture it in a fit of echoes. That would most likely make them both blush, if it were possible, "I wouldn't particularly say that I save lives, but I have had to pull the plug a couple of times before, it's heartbreaking to see the looks on the families' faces." She pursed her lips and gulped to refresh her dry throat, looking up to him behind her shy long lashes, "It's a doctor's worst nightmare when working in the force." Messing with the end of her hair by twirling it around her finger, Vitani sighed deeply as she tried to register and recollect her thoughts to think straight. She leaned back in her seat to find some sort of comfort in the position before peering up in mid-thought at the sound of nearing footsteps, "Here ya go, chickadees!" the waitress exclaimed in a cheerful, sweet tone, then lowering both cups of coffee from a tray along with her request of a glass of milk and cookie. Vitani's smile returned, moving around her silverware so it would not be an intrusion to where the plate would sit.

The female mumbled a quiet thank you to the woman before she left, then facing Elay with a sheepish grin when scooting her cup of milk more towards her with the cookie. The cookie was a bit hard, which she knew luckily of the perfect way to get it warm. Putting the cookie over the rim of her coffee cup, she let it sit there, looking back up slightly to answer, "Our numbers are quite strong for the moment, and growing each and every day. I am one of the main border patrols, given permission due to my sister as she trusts me, along with Ryker, and herself. At an estimation, I would say there's a close range at about twenty. We don't count the Omegas that work down in the kitchen, Noctavia just keeps them there to have something to yell at I found out." She laughed, twiddling with her fingers as they knit around the mug of her bitter warm coffee between them. "Speaking of which, how did your interview turn out with the dashing Beta. Sure, you're in the pack, big woop, but how did it go with him specifically? I ask this because it is one of his first patrols here, according to my records, if I'm not, I must have terribly mistaken him for another." Vitani cocked her head slightly to the side, slowly removing the cookie that was now goopey and warmed inside for her to be able to chew. Breaking off a small piece, she handed it to him, hovering it playfully over his mouth to feed him as she laughed faintly.

...Looks like we have a new babied patient thanks to you... First date and you're already feeding him... Smooth... The way her counterpart worded her thoughts was humorously taken the wrong way, she was just flirting, no big deal, right? But there was more, she was procrastinating to his last question, which made her a little pink, however, if he truly wanted to know, then so be it, "In my spare time, I do a lot of things, and when I say that, I mean it.. I hold a certain level of when I get bored, and unfortunately it's set very low in my case... Well, there's two options of what I can do with it... It's either find an individual worth of my time to take home for the night, or party till I drop to the floor." Vitani chuckled, taking a small bite of her cookie and then a quick sip of her coffee, enjoying the taste of it rush down her throat as a quiet growl rumbled in her chest. As she set it down, she propped elbows in a crossed display over the edge of the table to where she sat, fidgeting in her seat until blinking up at him, "Although... a bite to eat isn't all that bad of an option, depending on the menu.." Winking, she smiled wide over to him and giggled, "What about you, Mr. Warrior?"


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Elay sat quietly listening to Vitani talk his eyes watching her closely, when the waitress brought their coffee he smiled. Leaning back he spied the waitress and let her place his plate of french toast on the table. Inhaling the bacon and potatoes he grinned, "Thank you very much." he managed to say before she left. Setting himself up the warrior stacked his bacon and sausage between the two big pieces of french toast. Then grabbing the syrup he poured it all over his food,snapping the top back on he put it back down on the table. Using his fork he took a few chomps chewing. Once the first swallow of food was down he sighed, "Unfortunately, not everyone can be saved and I know that can be hard."

Picking up a piece of bacon he took a bite and watched Vitani use her coffee as a cookie warmer. He couldn't help but chuckle at the simple solution to her problem, "Now that Doctor is brilliant.." he said letting her feed him the cookie. Lifting a large eyebrow he smirked and pulled the cookie chunk into his mouth. Chewing slowly he thought about her question before answering. "Twenty is good and who really counts the Omegas anyway? Ah yes, he is quite dashing that Beta of yours and charming too. But it went well, I think he does a good job...very thorough. Since then we've become very close, Ryker and I." Elay added with a half smile. Beta Ryker is very dashing indeed. Renner agreed.

Using his fork Elay stabbed his last pieces of french toast and piled them into his mouth. Chewing while Vitani explained what she enjoyed doing, it seemed she had an interesting night life. Since being in New York Elay hadn't done anything to exciting in a bar or club, but he did enjoy his time out with Ryker. Swallowing he smiled pointing his fork towards Vitani, "So what you're living your life doll face, do as you please. I haven't been to a club in a bit, since I moved to New York actually. I spend a lot of time in the hotel, training and I hang out with Ryker too. This tattoo was the first thing I've really done since I got out here. Oh and by the way, you have a lovely voice. I heard you in the alleyway before I smelled you that is."

Elay gave Vitani a wink and took a big sip of his coffee, setting down his utensils he rumbled contently. Stretching out his shoulder he cracked his neck relaxing, "Can't say I have much of a hobby, I mean I'm still finding my place here. Any ideas on a hobby I should take up?" he asked curiously, his bright blues focused on her.

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"Please, Noctavia's voice is so much better. I can't promise if you'd ever be able to hear it though. She doesn't sing around anyone but herself. I tried asking why when I found out while sneaking around the alleys to when I heard her singing on a rooftop, but she didn't talk about it." Vitani rolled her eyes, but her cheeks by the color upon them simply gave it away that she was flushed from the compliments. She was never much of a genius, but she knew she was quite intelligent for graduating with a doctor's degree, along with the line of many occupations and experiences, "Something tells me you've never met the Dutch. They have these little waffles with caramel in the center, and when they would put them on the rim of their coffees in the morning, they'd rise a bit and ooze with the warm caramel. It's to die for, literally. And the Dutch are so friendly all the time. Ha, probably all the marijuana they digest." She laughed happily at her words, keeping on with her train of mind and how he had mentioned Ryker in an unfamiliar form.

Her brows slightly rose, quickly leaning forwards to wave over his words to be hushes as she reached to put her hand over his mouth, "Woah-woah-woah woah... woah.. wait.." As his lips were covered now, Vitani looked at him with bright silvers, infatuated greatly in their conversation now that the topic was narrowing towards something seemingly very important. Mouth slightly agape, an excitement inside her rose that could not be tamed. "Are you gay?" Her words were soft, whispering closely for only them to hear as she didn't know how comfortable he was when speaking about it in public. She was all serious upon the question, but her facial features revealed the hopefulness inside her obviously.

Removing her hand for him to answer, she sat back in her seat and nodded to his last question, already seeing from the corner of her eyes that the waitress readying their check. She wondered how long it had been to what they've wasted before. Perhaps he could at least walk her back home, they did live in the same hotel after all, why not? Or maybe they could hang out in one of each other's rooms and just talk, for no reason at all. This was so exciting! It had been a while since she had had a male friend that didn't look towards the opposite gender, it was rare finding them now-a-days that were confident in speaking it aloud, "If you spend so much time with Ryker, maybe you should find something he likes and try to work around it. It'll help, I'm kinda an expert on guys with how many exes I've had." She laughed, taking a large gulp of her milk and dipping her cookie in it before munching a large nom of it, "Sometimes I like to go roof jumping. Ever done that before? It's so much fun, it almost feels like you're flying over the city."


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Elay lifted the coffee of cup to his lips and took a rather large sip as Vitani chatted about her sister, the Alphess. He wondered when he would finally meet her, he was actually curious what she was like. He wondered if Vitani looked anything like her sister or maybe they were complete opposites. Setting his cup down he shrugged and felt Vitani's hand cover his mouth as she interrupted him, blinking his bright blue eyes he tilted his head listening to her question.

Swallowing the hot bean juice he smiled as she removed her hand, "Well technically I'm what they call bisexual now a days? Either way I like to think of myself as a versatile lover. Ryker is my main focus now though so no worries.." he said giving her a wink. "Plus, Ryker is different and I like that about him. I can't explain it really right now, once I figure it out you'll be one of the first to know." he muttered letting his cheeks flush red at the thought. Though they weren't an item yet the thought did pass through Elay's mind. Giving a nod to Vitani's suggestion he kept that in mind, she had a point. Doing more things that Ryker enjoyed, just sitting by him was something he felt like he could do forever. Exhaling the warrior took a sip of coffee and looked back to Vitani, she was interesting in more ways then one.

"But you can't tell me doll face that there isn't any male in this pack trying to make you his?" he asked curiously. Truth was he could smell him on her, the scent of a male he did not meet yet. Leaning his arms on the table he held his coffee in his hands, his attention on her lovely features. "We could go home soon or do some flying. I'm up for it if you're that is, I don't want to keep you out to late." he said flashing her a toothy grin.

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His words sent a smile to her features, brightening the glossy color in her eyes as always to reflect the same shade as the pale floating moon. She was flattered by them - but knew better of the male to think about her in such ways as it was close to never lasting. Relationships for her always seemed to hold an expiration date for her, sadly enough, but as any other woman with pure devotion to a cause, she kept trying. Though she would not at all deny the doubt in her mind to left her to believe that it was better off she live alone in this world, "Well luckily for you, I am the same way. I hold no judgements against another's opinion, unless it is based off my own knowledge, instead of theirs. And who gives a shit, I mean really? So what, we like the same sex and vise-versa. As long as we're happy and living the way we want, ya know?" Helping herself to another bitter last sip of her coffee, Vitani leaned back in her seat and pushed it away so that she could stand. Her eyes peered to him while a grin plastered over her face, pin-pointing the dips in her cheeks to reveal the dimples she never really liked, but ignored them otherwise, "I cannot speak of finding a suitor yet anyway, though I wish another could like me that way as much as anyone would want. Someday that will come, to when I know not, but I know he's out there. As for people around the pack.. well.. I do have my eyes searching over some males.. but only one in particular seems to shine brighter than the rest. Is it that way when you think about Ryker as well?" She asked curiously to her own train of thought, wondering if it was the same for him as it was for her, just in case as to think that perhaps the doctor had gained a crush in the Guardian male.

Wavering her hand off towards him, Vitani swept out to grab her purse and pulled it over her shoulder again, writing out a quick check by taking the respectful honors of buying the meal, and leaving him to hand over a tip to the kind waitress, "You won't be bothering me with bed-time, Elay. You're wonderful company to have, and I admire your personality greatly and am thankful for the luck I found in finally meeting you. It's a lot of fun meeting new friends, and you're are especially a favorite of mine." She then loosened her grin to simply smile, averting her gaze over to the door as she began to walk through it and out back into the night, "B-brr..." Vitani mumbled, shivering slightly from the coat thanks to her genius plan of thinking she could regulate her heat long enough, though she had not expected to stay out this late. Now this was her problem to deal with. Shaking it off, she hugged her elbows tightly against her stomach to keep warm, exhaling deeply into the passing gust of icy air that ran down her neck and tingled her spine.

She laughed at a sudden thought, looking to Elay over her shoulder, "You know what's a benefit to being my friend, kid?" Asking him, she waited for him to wonder what before responding, nodding happily with a cocky grin, "It's that you get to have a great review for my sister to be informed about, plus the time you spent with Ryker will give her a better outlook as to what she's being put up against. Ryker is her only friend, so that's good. The more you hang out with the Beta and I, the better it is for when you finally meet, Noctavia. She's not all that scary once you get to know her, just make sure you don't come off too strong, or easily submissive." Quickly ending her sentence, Vitani giggled playfully and started off into a sprint down the side walk to warm herself up, kicking her legs at an increasing speed before taking a dead turn into a dark alley. Her eyes darted about the walls, then targeting a fire escape. Perfect, she and her wolf whispered together. She pulled up an arm to wrap her fingers around the cold bars, numbing them instantly before she could get a tighter grip and managing to hoist herself up onto the latter. One determined food after the other, Vitani climbed skillfully up the side of the building, huffing as the air decreased her chances of getting normal oxygen, but carefully easing herself onto the roof above. Looking over the ledge, she waved a hand down at him and laughed again, "Come on, slow-poke!" she chanted.


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Elay watched Vitani stand up, pay for their meal and disappear out the front door. One thing was for sure that woman was always on the move. Pulling on his jacket he took one more sip of his coffee and ran out into the cold winter night to catch up with her. He sprinted after the female and followed her down the alleyway, leaning back he watched her climb the fire escape to the roof. Grinning he jumped up and climbed up the bars, standing on the railing he took another jump up and scaled the fire escape his own way. "I would like to meet the Alphess, I hope she likes me. I know good words from you and Ryker would help out those odds, but I would like to prove it to her myself." he said as he pulled himself up on the roof's ledge.

Hopping down on the roof top his boots hit with a thud, turning to look at Vitani he made his way to the opposite side of the building. Peeking over the ledge the warrior spotted the a few people walking below and he heard the familiar sound of speeding of cars. "It's good to know I made another friend in this pack Vitani, thanks. And Ryker does stand out from the rest.." Elay paused after his sentence and looked up smiling, the Beta had a way of making him do that. Lifting a brow at the Doctor he chuckled, "So there is one male that shines brighter, eh. That 's good do you spend a lot of time with him? "

Hopping up on the ledge the warrior spied the next building's rooftop, looking to Vitani he hopped down and took a few steps back. Running forward Elay pushed off the ledge of the roof and jumped over the gap to the next building. Standing straight up he looked over his shoulder at the female. "Come on doll face." he called with a smirk.

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Peering to him after, Vitani sprang back into action as he followed through in gracefully meeting his feet back to the other side. As she worked up the enough speed and bend of her knees at the end of the ledge, she leaped in through the cold air and met the opposite roof in no time. But as she was in the air, she flexed her muscles and shifted her weight within it to turn, spiraling in the mists of a phase to her other suit. Her wolf growled before she could meet land, pressing her paws firmly into the ground while her body hung low beneath her. Dressed in a thick pelt of ebony brown and chocolate swirls to highlight certain specifics of her anatomy, blended within it were dusts of ash and pepper around her muzzle and down the lengths of her arms. She wasn't going to keep jumping like this if she weren't allowed to change into a more fitted body, would she?

Around the snake-like pupils of her eyes, the silvery shade was soaked up by the black and switched with the color of a ghost. They were brighter now, reflected from the light that shown upon their beautiful skins so that the white appeared more intense than it originally was. Flirtatiously, Vitani swung her tail from side to side as she neared to the male's presence, lowering her large cranium to nuzzle against his neck. Whether or not he was to shift as well, the fae happily licked his cheeks in a friendly, professional manner, then moving away to give him a bit of space for a bit of a challenge she thought of, "I do not spend a lot of time with him, as we are both very busy individuals. If you're wondering who the star that has shined in my eyes recently, it would be the Guardian male; Travis. He's kind to me, and right now that is all I want is for a man to treat me with respect, and not for being the Alphess's petty little sister." She smiled, curling her furred lips into a gentle grin as the end of her dark brown black tipped tail twitched.

Vitani turned her eyes to look at the moon, then changing direction as the hotel's evening glow glimmered off into the distance near a crowding group of city skyscrapers. Focusing her hearing a little closer, her ears tuned in on the conversations she could register between the citizens below, along with the arguments and constant noises of the transportation that blocked the streets. Arching her shoulders back, her inner self cooed a soft growl in her mind as the thought of a great chase eased its enriching power through her body, "..You up for a challenge, Warrior?.." As the adrenaline began to kick in, she was already starting to claw down into the roof, steadily pressing the pads of her feet too and fro between them as she readied herself to dark. Kneeling her head down, her eyes narrowed in concentration, a cocky grin smirked at her features while her vision stayed on the hotel, "Last one home is a rotten mortal..." A deathly snarl made her lips curl over her bared canines, pulsing through her veins a rush of boiling blood.

"Ready... set...." Vitani smiled deviously to herself as she whispered the words him, pulling up her frame slowly while releasing a deep exhale of air, "Go."


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What word would he use to describe Vitani? Magnificent.. Renner commented, he would have to agree with him this time. The warrior watched her shift into a lovely salt and pepper wolf, her white eyes were bright and ghostly against the dark night. Grinning from her soft wet licks he wiped his face and chuckled, she was something else. Her posture and personality went hand and hand and Elay almost couldn't belive his ears. He had met many women in his travels, but Vitani definitely stood out from the rest. The Guardian she spoke of he didn't get the pleasure of meeting yet, he would make a note to try and do so. It felt weird being added back in to the lives of others, but he enjoyed it...caring and such.

Taking a few steps to lower his body beside the female he grinned, "I will take you up on the challenge. And Vitani...petty is a word that will never describe you." he stated turning his eyes to focus on the hotel. He listened to her voice and his eyes widened as she whispered 'Go'. Feeling his body leap forward he shifted while running to the edge of the roof. His large paws feeling the rough edge as he pushed off and took a leap to the next building. Stretching his legs he sprang into a sprint, Elay's bright blue eyes flickered about as he took in his options. Breaking from Vitani he hopped over onto a near by roof and took another leap down to a smaller building.

Using the hotel as his beacon his ears perked forward, as his body shifted and weaved over the rooftops. Spying Vitani the male took a short cut and hopped back down on the roof beside her, his muscles flexing beneath his chocolate brown pelt. Placing one paw in front of the other Elay turned to glance at Vitani, she was right. Leaping over the ledges felt like flying even if only for a few seconds. Opening his muzzle Elay's long pink tongue flopped out taking in the wind, it reminded him of running through the savannah for a moment. Ignoring the thick smell of smoke and the noisy city for the warrior it was peaceful.

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The wind made her cheeks burn the faster her speed increased, grunting with every leap to ensure she gained enough momentum in her weight so it would be lifted and gravity would pull her back down. His wolf was just as handsome as his human skin, encased in bronze, crimson coffee and poured out with darker chocolates across his broader shoulders and spine. The same blue eyes paired as they were from his human body, just as bright and hypnotic as the first time she saw them. Quickening her pace, Vitani watched her footing carefully, using the experience she withheld to keep moving and not mistake a ledge for something else. This caused her attention to stay constant, never leaving something to distract her as the image of the nearing hotel became bigger the faster she moved. Filling her lungs with new cold air, she huffed and panted slowly from her mouth, lolling her tongue happily out to the side just as her opponent. Laughing at the sight of him having as much fun as her, Vitani smiled over to him, already being able to pass him before he could make it to the last roof nearest to the hotel doors.

Her paws dove into the rooftop to a hard, dead halt, dragging her body slightly to a stop as they remained planted firmly upon the top. Opening her eyes, she straightened back up again and proudly lifted her head high as she trotted highly in a slow circle to when he stopped as well. Looking to the crescent moon above, she averted her gaze to him and molded her features back inside back to her normal body, "Better luck next time, kid." Vitani pouted her lips as she looked to the time on her phone, already wishing to stop the clock all together so that they could run for hours on end. She could always use the exercise if someone were willing to spend it with her, that is. With a heavy sigh, she nodded and walked up to him, freeing her arms to wrap warmly around his sides in a strong embrace, "It was so great spending time with you, Elay, but I think the night has come to an end." Backing away, she half-smiled up at him, and then laughed. She didn't know why she laughed, but it felt right, somehow. As she moved away to lean over the ledge to the alley below, she wink at him one last time before disappearing back to her resides,

"Sweet dreams, monkey."


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