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Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature]

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1 Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:52 am

Brutus shuffled about his house gathering up a few things he would need for later, smiling he patted himself on the back. I think she'll like this...I hope she will. Brutus thought. You don't know what she need to tread lightly mate. Marco snorted. Ignoring Marco, Brutus pulled out a piece of paper from his desk drawer. Grabbing a pen he wrote Kaiko a script note, giving her some info.

Meet me at Pebble Beach at 6:00, were something dashing dove. Dinner and dessert on me.

Looking at the note he swallowed hard and folded it up, running down to Kaiko's house he slipped it in her door. The only problem with notes is hoping that she finds the paper and gets the message. Pushing his hand through his hair Brutus pulled out a cigarette and smoked on his way back home. Reaching his front step he took a seat to finish his cig, each exhale of smoke reminding him of Kaiko's eyes. Man that woman was something else, the thought of her made the warrior smile. Look at you lovestruck like some whelp.. Marco growled.

We've had tons of women Marco, but none compared to this one. You can feel it to you just won't admit it. Brutus retorted. Flicking his cigarette the Warrior disappeared inside, cooking and preparing for his date. The sun would be setting and Brutus knew that this night would change everything. He hadn't seen Kaiko in almost a week, she was as busy as him. Every time he walked into the gym he hoped to see her face, but to his avail she wasn't there. Maybe shes ignoring you mate? Ever think of that? Marco chuckled. Disregarding the comment Brutus kept fixing things up, other things on his mind.

Hours had gone by and now he stood in his bedroom getting dressed. Brutus picked out some dark jeans and a nice button up dress shirt. Running his fingers through his wet curls he smiled and grabbed the big basket, it was time to go. Stepping out of his house he made his way to Pebble Beach, to finish his set up. If she doesn't like me, well now will be the time to mention it. he thought with a low growl.

Finally reaching his destination, Brutus set the big basket by the table and chairs he set up. The sun was almost setting and the sky was lit up with a vast array of colors, it made his mood. He set up plates and pulled out two beers, satisfied the warrior took a walk to the ocean. His gaze got lost in the waves as he waited for her, hoping she would come.

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2 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:14 pm

Kaiko slowly headed down the stairs. Work had been hectic. Especially the other night after breaking up four fight and tossing them all out on there ass's. What she needed was a break. It had been so long since she had worked like this that it was tiring her out quicker then it should.

We should go out and do something with Brutus, Arzevic murmured. Kaiko faintly smiled as she poured herself some tea. The thought of the warrior sent a tingle through her. It would be nice to see him again. It had seemed more then a few months since she had even though she knew it hadn't been that long.

It really would be nice to see him again, Kaiko thought faintly smiling as she headed to the door to retrieve the paper.
Kaiko narrowed her eyes curiously at the slip of paper sticking out of the mail slot "what's this?" Reaching down she grabbed it and flipped it open. Kaiko broke into a smile excited knots twisting her stomach. He certainly knew she was a fan of deserts.

Turning she ran back up the stairs abandoning her thoughts of the paper to get ready. Only thing was she really didn't have anything to wear. Kaiko stared at the clothes in her closet thinking. After a very long moment she picked out a light grey silk blouse and a pair of light caprices. Pulling out a shoe box she took out the new shoes she had just bought.

They weren't heels but they were something more girly then she could ever remember wearing. Slipping into them she quickly headed into the bathroom to do her hair.
You should put a little bit of makeup on, Arzevic rumbled.
Kaiko frowned as she flipped her short hair "makeup." The thought hadn't even occurred to her.

When was the last time she had ever worn makeup? She couldn't even remember a single time she had. Shrugging her shoulders she opened the medicine and grabbed out some makeup. Putting on some light blush and light green eye shadow she applied a pale pink gloss and headed out of the bathroom. Kaiko quickly scanned the living room as she headed down the stairs.

She was sure she had everything she needed. Scooping her keys out of the dish she headed out the door doing the lock. Wanting nothing more to do then to see him she stepped off the porch and headed towards the beach. It didn't take long to get there and as she approach she could see him staring out over the waves. Outline by the fiery colors of the sun.

Kaiko raised a hand "hey you look like you could use some company there handsome!"

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3 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:23 pm

Brutus turned his head quickly at the sound of her voice, his eyes looked right to her. A grin crept on his features and he stepped over to her closing their distance. His eyes scanned over her outfit and he nodded in approval. "You look lovely tonight lighteyes...smashing.." he said leaning down to hug her. He picked her up and spun with her a moment before setting her back down. Feeling the flutters in his stomach he ran his hands through his hair nervously. "Company would be great, I'm glad you got my note. Come sit down and lets have some food."

Stepping to the table Brutus pulled out Kaiko's chair and then kneeled beside the basket he brought. He pulled out a tray filled with deer and elk meat and it also had an assortment of cheeses. "Something light, I wasn't sure what you liked." he admitted with a shy smile. He sat across from her and popped the cap off her beer, then he did his lifting it high. "Cheers, to a good night." he said with a smile. He relaxed his shoulders and leaned on the table, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Tell me how have you been? I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." he asked curiously. Lifting his beer he took a big sip and relaxed, sunset and Kaiko with food. Good Combo.

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4 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Mon Nov 11, 2013 7:47 pm

She smiled liking the way his eyes traveled over her. It never occurred to her before that having someone look at her in such a way could be a pleasing thing. Most of the time men had looked at her like she was just some prize. With Brutus it seemed different. Kaiko chuckled as Brutus scooped her off her feet spinning her around.

It almost made her feel like a kid again. As he put her back on her feet she eyed the table curiously.
"Well I'm glad to be your company this evening and I like the note, very classy," Kaiko smirked teasingly as she sank down into the chair Brutus pulled out for her.
Would have been even more classy if he had shown up at the house in a tux, Arzevic rumbled. She smiled at her other half just imagining.

Kaiko smiled at the mixed smell of the elk and cheeses hit her nose. It made her mouth water and she took the proffered beer. Though she wasn't much for drinking beer it was still unbelievably sweet for him to think of her and to have gone through all this trouble. She tipped her beer to him taking a meditative sip.
"Where to even start, first off there's the regulars who by the way vulture central half temped to take them out back and knock some sense into those thick skulls. And then there's our good old bar tender. Though okay to deal with I just wish he'd quit asking me to get guys phone numbers for him, it's embarrassing," Kaiko smiled shaking her head.

You know you'd enjoy that, Arzevic growled teasingly.
"Just glad to have a distraction from all that," Kaiko leaned forward smiling at him from across the table," hopefully things are going well with you." Wrapping a piece of the meat in some of the cheese she smiled at him.

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5 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Tue Nov 12, 2013 1:16 am

Setting his drink down he grabbed a piece of cheese and popped it in his mouth, chewing he smiled.  "I'm glad you showed up." he said before swallowing. I can't believe she showed up...still her company is good. Marco commented.

Brutus looked at the sunset for a moment not really taking in the bright colors streaming across the sky. He was drawn back to Kaiko, she looked beautiful. Flowing hair, nice top and he couldn't be sure but it looked like a bit of makeup. Her eyes were grey as thick smoke clouds, drawing him in with every flicker. He couldn't help but feel the breath in his lungs escape as he stared at them, feeling trapped in those smokey peepers. He nodded as she spoke, listening closely. "You've been extra busy throwing people out and getting numbers for your bartender friend." he said with a hint of jealousy. He wondered if the human males drooled over her and followed her around, the thought made his chest rumble.

Grabbing another piece of meat he chewed it slowly, his hand slid over the table to brush over hers. "Work is good, training a new fighter. I'm taking a break from the ring and teaching someone new. I think it's better this way and I haven't been having a clear mind lately so fighting in focus is out the window. All I can think about is you and how I like when you're near me." he stated looking to her an exhaling. He ran his fingers through his hair and leaned back in his chair. His gaze never left hers, all these feelings were driving him mad.

"Do I sound crazy? I'm sorry I must..It's just I got this in the mail the other day and I didn't open it yet. I figured since it was your idea, you would do the honors." he muttered taking another sip of his beer. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out an envelope and handed it over to Kaiko, his name was inscribed on the front of it from England. It was heavy, he knew one of them was a picture and just by taking a guess the other one was a letter; from his brother.

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6 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:47 pm

Kaiko smiled at him "yeah sometimes I feel like I'm never going to get out of there but hey I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the look on their faces when I'm the one to toss them out the door." She could help but notice the edge in his voice as he spoke. Was he jealous, about her, or about the guy she tossed out at night?
"Its sad to think that such pathetic mortals could even think of comparing themselves to someone like you." As he brushed his hand against her's she reached out and gently took it giving it a slight reassuring squeeze.

Though she thought it was cute that he would be jealous she didn't want the thought of other males chasing her around to discourage him. Especially if they were mortal males. Kaiko felt her face slightly flush as she carefully listened to him. He was having problems keeping her off his mind just like she was. Ever since that kiss her mind kept traveling back to that moment.

Sometimes from minutes on end.
"Well it's good that you're taking a break and showing someone else the rope, at least then they won't have to put everything on you alone." Getting the her feet she stepped around the table. Feeling a strange overwhelming sense of affection towards this wereling. Leaning forward lightly kissed him.

"You don't sound crazy, not in the least I've found myself lost in thought about you to."
In more then one way, Arzevic rumbled.
With an amused smile she gently took the letter from between his fingers returning to her seat. Opening it up she looked at the photo and couldn't help but smile even wider. She turned the photo for him to see.

"Looks like your brother wishes you the best in what you're looking for."
His brother would probably be jealous of him for having us, Arzevic murmured sounding amused. Kaiko smiled but said nothing skimming the note. She may even be right about it.

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7 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Thu Nov 14, 2013 10:08 pm

Brutus blinked as she gave him a compliment and he smiled shaking his head.
“I like coaching and training them, I still get to practice I just don’t put myself in the ring to fight anymore. But who says I won’t take a few come back matches here and there.”
he said with a small smirk. He watched Kaiko stand up and give him a hug, he lips parted to greet hers with a kiss. His heart hopped to his throat as she pulled away to read the letter, he exhaled quietly. She’s good...and she knows it too. Marco chuckled.

Seeing the picture of his brother, his mate and their kids made him smile. He gently grabbed the picture and examined it, home looked the same. Kaiko’s voice made him look up and he smiled as she read the letter. Leaning across the table with satisfaction he gazed at her, “Thank you.” Was all he could say as his hand grabbed Kaikos. Leaning his head down his lips kissed the tips of her fingers softly. “Ah..I almost forgot dessert.” he mused.Other things are on your mind..I can feel it. Marco grinned.

Stretching his arm down into the wooden basket he pulled out a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. Reaching back down he set a bottle of wine on the table and brought out two flute glasses to match. “When I tell you I grabbed a bit of everything I really did, I wasn’t sure what you liked. But you didn’t gulp down the beer, so I’m hoping wine and chocolate will make you smile.” he stated pouring her a glass before filling his. Taking a strawberry he went halfway to her lips, grinning as he waited for her to take a bite.

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8 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Fri Nov 15, 2013 1:45 am

Kaiko smiled "its sad to think that you are becoming a trainer and yet you can still put a mortal brute on the ground who's half your age, it's so sad how weak they really are and don't even realize it." She felt butterflies in her stomach at the sight of his smirk. She just loved his boyish trouble making smirk. Kaiko said nothing as he examined the photo. She was a little surprised that he hadn't said anything but given the circumstances on which he left she wasn't sure why she should be.

Kaiko softly chuckled as he mention about almost forgetting dessert. She felt her face slightly colored as he kissed her fingertips.No one had ever shown this kind of affectionate attention to her. She was almost baffled as what to do.
"I can see that, my you are quit the charmer you know just how to treat a girl," Kaiko chuckled still feeling a little warm in the face that had nothing to do with the alcohol.

She corked a brow at the bottle he brought out of the basket.
Oh nice choice there handsome, Arzevic murmured. Kaiko smiled in agreement to her wolf. She chuckled as Brutus brought a strawberry half way to her lips. Smiling she slowly leaned forward and bit into the strawberry.

Just to be a tease she reached out and placed a hand lightly on his knee. With the other hand she pulled out a strawberry and held it out to him.

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9 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:11 pm

When Kaiko rested her hand on his knee Brutus shivered slightly, she had known right where to touch to tease him. Brown eyes watching her take a bite he smiled and did the same with the strawberry in her hand.  Chewing a moment he nodded, "Humans will always be weak creatures, I don't expect much more from them. Plus I don't think I'm a charmer I just wanted to do something good for you dove. You deserve it." he said softly. His left hand moved to pick up the wine glass and he brought the rim to his lips to take a nice gulp. Wine, strawberries and chocolate ended up mixing pretty well. This night was going pretty smooth and having Kaiko as company was icing on the cake.

Brutus watched the sun lower and he got up from his seat, lifting up his finger he told Kaiko one moment. Bending down he grabbed a big blanket beside the basket and opened it up over the sand, grabbing the plate of strawberries and Kaiko's hand he lead her over to his set up. "I figure every now and then a warrior has to lay and watch the sun go down. Maybe even take a swim if the water isn't to chilly." he chuckled with a grin. Taking a seat he leaned back on his hands and looked up at Kaiko, hoping she would want to sit closer. He wasn't sure how one woman could be on his mind all the time. But then again she wasn't a normal woman, she was special.

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10 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:48 am

Kaiko smiled at him.Glade to find that she wasn't the only one who thought human's were so utterly weak that they were pathetic. If anything she couldn't understand how they had survived as long as they had. It vaguely surprised her when he said that she deserved it. It was enough to make her mindlessly play with the collar at her neck that seemed oddly out of place with her outfit.

She tilted her head slightly taking a sip of the wine watching as Brutus got to his feet. Kaiko couldn't help but check out his ass as he grabbed the blanket and spread it out over the sand. She smiled getting to her feet as Brutus gently took her by the hand.
"Well if a warrior doesn't learn to relax every once in awhile those are the ones that are going to go a little loopy, and trust me that's the last thing I intend on doing," Kaiko looked out towards the sun set, "and what better way to do that then watching the sun set with good company." She slowly sank down onto the blanket with him.

The thought of a swim was rather appealing and yet she hadn't even bothered with a bathing suit.
Oh come on there's got to be a way to get him in the water, Arzevic growled ,I want to see him wet. Kaiko smiled even broader as she slid close to him resting her head on his shoulder enjoying the sparkle of the light on the water. A sudden and wicked thought occurred to her.
Well there is always that, Kaiko thought in silent amusement.

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11 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:01 pm

Brutus felt Kaiko's head rest upon his shoulder and he held still not wanting to disturb her resting spot. "The company makes all the difference dove.." he said wit a wide grin. Turning to fit against her better he swooped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. "I'm thinking we enjoy dessert first then give it thirty minutes to digest. Then we hop into the water and take a late night swim, what do you say?"

Moving his hand from Kaiko's waist he grabbed a strawberry and brought it up to her lips. "Another?" he asked softly watching her closely. Brutus moved the red berry on the opposite side of Kaiko, he grinned as she took the bait to lean towards the tempting fruit. Slipping his face between her shoulder blade and ear, he gently placed soft kisses along her neck. His nose inhaled her salty sweet scent as his lips continued their journey along her neck and down her shoulder blade tenderly. She smells so good.. Marco huffed.

Brutus's free hand moved to rest on her thigh as he paused to take her scent in once more. Not wanting to be pushy the warrior exhaled deeply, lifting his face to meet hers he smiled. "Delicious.." he whispered in a smooth tone about the berry and the female before him.

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12 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:50 pm

Kaiko smiled at his suggestion of a late night swim. It was almost like he was inside her head. Which in some vague sense actually scared her. No one had ever been inside her head before like this. She quickly quashed the feeling not wanting to let it ruin the moment.

"A swim sounds rather tempting now but I agree in letting the food digesting first," Kaiko chuckled. She smiled glancing at Brutus as he held out a strawberry on her other side. slightly leaning she gently bit into its tender flesh. Kaiko faintly smiled slowing her bite of the fruit. Felling an amazing tingling as Brutus's lips gently exploded her neck.

I just love the way he explodes with those soft lips, Arzevic rumbled. Almost sounding like an excited puppy. Kaiko smiled at him as he almost reluctantly took his lips from her. It was like she was a drug to him and she couldn't help but feel pleases about that. Yet she like the fact that he seemed to be making an effort to respect her personal space by not treating her like some object to be won and possessed.

Kaiko smiled pulling out a strawberry "very delicious." With a teasing smile she placed one end of the strawberry in her mouth to hold out to him. Suddenly wanting to taste those lips of his again.

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13 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:54 pm

Brutus's dark brown eyes watched over Kaiko closely, he enjoyed the way her lips curled  at the end into a smile. She looked so cute when she was stuck in thought, grinning widely he lifted his eyebrow at the strawberry. "If you liked that dove, you'll love this..." he whispered trailing soft kisses up her neck once more. After he reached her lips he took a bite of the red fruit, letting it split between them. The chocolate made it sweet and the berry was juicy, but that wasn't what he wanted. Lifting his hand to brush a few strands from Kaiko's face he pulled her close for a kiss. Letting the mixture of sweets blend with their own, rumbling softly he kissed harder.

Parting her soft lips with his he let his tongue slip into her mouth teasingly. He pulled it back into his mouth and continued kissing her deeply. Using the hand on her thigh, Brutus felt her stomach. Pressing his rough fingers  all over her body he explored her thoroughly, finger tips grazing her breast carefully. Moving from her lips the warrior nibbled on her bottom lip and kissed back down the middle of her throat. Both his hands grasping her waist tightly. Pulling away to look up at her light eyes he smiled, exhaling deeply.

Leaning back on his hands Brutus pulled away, he needed to take a second. Everything in him was itching to strip Kaiko's clothes off and kiss the new spots he'll discover. Inhaling a breath of salty sea air he could smell her, her scent was covering him. He wondered if she noticed the change in him, trying to calm his pulse he pulled out another strawberry and stretched his legs out. Patting his lap he smirked, "Come 'ere dove...try thiss.." he muttered with the berry in his mouth.

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14 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:39 am

Kaiko smiled at him liking the way his lips traveled up her neck to the inviting berry. Arzevic let out a pleased rumble as he expertly took a bite of the berry and worked a kiss in as well. She brought her hand to gently brush his face trying not to smile at the way he teased her with his tongue. Kaiko shivered slightly in pleasure as his hands slowly and curiously began exploring her body. She huffed in amusement as Brutus nibbled on her lip.

Although he wasn't touching her entirely where she wanted him to. She was impressed by his restraint and his ability to make her body tingle.
Please don't let this day end, Arzevic rumbled.
I really wish it wouldn't, Kaiko thought smiling as Brutus pulled away. Noticing that his hands still grasped her waist like he never wanted to let her go.

Kaiko smiled as Brutus leaned away resisting the urge to grab him and pull him down on top of her. Though she wanted that she enjoyed the way he was working for it. It was hard to find a male that did this. Kaiko smirked playfully as Brutus turned back to her with a berry in his mouth. Patting his lap invitingly.

Instead of sitting length wise in his lap she spread hers and straddled him. Kaiko wrapped her arms around Brutus's neck smiling "tell me my shining knight, do you have any chinks in your armor?" Before he could respond she bit into the berry and once again embraced him in a kiss. With one hand she explored the muscles on his back. With the other she brought it down onto his chest exploring the muscle there.

Kaiko pulled away slightly looking up at him smiling and gently nip his neck. Just to tease him further she brought her arm back up to rest on his shoulder keeping her face close to his and letting her breast lightly brush against his chest.

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15 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:22 am

When Kaiko hopped into his lap and straddled him Brutus held his breath, her round ass felt so soft against his pants. Rumbling contently the warrior lifted his eyes to look up Kaiko, still holding the berry in his mouth. Grinning he started to answer her question, but was cut short by Kaiko's sweet lips. Sitting up with Kaiko in his lap Brutus let his hands run along her back, tracing the lovely curves she had. His lips kissed her harder, passion bursting from him as her touch made him tingle. I want to lick her in more ways then one... Marco rumbled. I liked it better when you didn't speak..just watched. Brutus thought bringing his attention back to Kaiko's breasts.

Those perfect round mounds grazed his chest and he dipped his head down, letting his teeth graze over the fabric of her shirt. Parting his lips the male let his warm breath join his teeth movements, tenderly he teased grazing his teeth around her right breast. He waited patiently to spy her perky nipple, using his tongue he gave the nipple a gently lick through her shirt. Lifting his head back up he kissed her collar bone and neck, finding her lips once again. Sliding his hands down her hips they found her ass and squeezed lightly, before pulling her down closer.

Kissing her cheek he growled in her ear playfully, "Is it normal for me to want to devour every inch of you?" Leaning back on his left hand, Brutus's fingers played under her shirt rubbing her back gently. His hips bucked playfully as he looked up at Kaiko with a large grin.

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16 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Wed Nov 27, 2013 3:19 pm

Kaiko felt a tingling shiver course through her at the passion she felt in his kiss. She had never wanted to be with someone like this so bad before. The feelings he stirred within her were alien and yet she like it. Kaiko fought back a light giggle as his teeth played gently with her shirt front. Her mind couldn't help but imagine those teeth tearing lustfully at the fabric to get to the tender flesh beneath.

Kaiko couldn't help but lean into him as he licked her nipple through the shirt. One part of her wanted to take her shirt off right then for him. Another part of her wanted him to take it off for her, make him work for it. She ran a hand through his hair as his kisses traveled back up to meet her lips. As his lips met hers she couldn't help but kiss him more passionately this time.

She lightly played with his bottom lip with her teeth faintly smiling. Wanting to making him tingle the way he was able to do to her. Kaiko fought the urge to moan as his hands traveled from her hips down to her ass slightly tightening. Bringing them ever closer together. All to soon the kiss seemed to end and she felt his soft lips against her cheek.

The words he whispered a little coarsely into her ear made her smile.
"Who's to say that I don't want you to," Kaiko smiled looking into those dark eyes as he gently bucked his hips grinning playfully.
Don't want him to, who are you teasing here him or me, Arzevic whined. Taking her hands off his shoulders she slid them up the back of his shirt and gently ran her fingernails down his back. Leaning forward once again she played with his neck with her teeth. Exploring those muscular curves there.

She pulled him in a little closer to her pressing her breast a little more into his chest then she intended.

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17 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:06 am

"You've got it dove.." he rumbled in reply as her nails slid down his back. His body shivered from her teeth and he exhaled loudly, almost grunting with enjoyment. Brutus's hands slid up her thighs and slipped under her shirt, taking only a second he had it over her head and on the ground. Running his hands over her bare shoulders and hips he smiled,leaning back to admire her. "You light eyes...are a lovely sight indeed." he muttered out in his thick accent.

Sitting back up his right hand grabbed for hers, playfully he let their fingers intertwine. Leaning his head down he kissed her collar bone and followed it all the way down to the crease of her round breasts. Placing a kiss on each breast he looked up her way and grinned as his left arm wrapped tightly around her waist. Transitioning smoothly Brutus flipped Kaiko over to her back, the warrior now leaning over her body. "That was the first time I used that move and enjoyed it.." he teased.

Resting his face on her neck he inhaled and nipped lightly, his lips trailing over her throat to make their way back to hers. He kissed her deeply, pressing his body closer to hers. Using his free hand he squeezed her breasts softly through her bra, his finger tips making their way to her back to unhook the latch.

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18 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:14 pm

Kaiko smiled at the sound he made. Knowing that he was enjoying the way she teased him. A tingle of pleasure coursed through her as Brutus took her shirt off.
"You're just as lovely with your shirt off as I am I bet," Kaiko murmured. She smiled glancing at the hands as their fingers entwined. How could one male make her feel like this?

It was incredible and yet some how terrifying at the same time. She moaned softly as Brutus's kisses traveled down to softly caress her breasts. With each touch she could feel herself becoming more aroused. The tingling like an exstacy to her skin. Kaiko let out a soft amused huff as Brutus took his arm and smoothly maneuvered her onto her back.

She was about to reply before his traveling kissing came back to meet hers. Kaiko brought her hands up under his shirt as his hand tenderly squeezed her breast. As his fingers undid the latch of her bra she pulled her lips from his for only a moment as she pulled his shirt off over his head. Letting it drop in the sand next to hers. She wanted to feel his warm bare skin against her own. She'd been right about how amazing he looked with his shirt off. A part of her didn't know why he hadn't been named Adonis.

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19 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:09 pm

Lifting up his arms Brutus let Kaiko remove his shirt and toss it, then in a motion just as quick as hers she was bra less. Leaning over the beautiful female Brutus's eyes trailed down her face and over her lovely breasts that accented her curvy frame. "I think you win.." he rumbled. Leaning down Brutus's soft lips caught Kaikos, while his right hand reached up to caresses over her plush breast. Cupping and massaging the soft flesh the warrior dipped his head low to slip her breast into his warm mouth. Sucking gently, Brutus rolled his tongue over her nipple teasing. Rumbling happily the male switched to her left breast and repeated it all over with the same amount of want as before.

The warrior's warm chest pressed against Kaiko's stomach and his hands reached up to massage her shoulders. Kissing away from her breasts Brutus followed an invisible path down to her belly button. Biting and sucking playfully his hands slid down her sides to grab at her thighs with a grin. Using his teeth he chomped down on the edge of her pants by her button, turning his head he unhooked them.

Moving back up to Kaiko's face Brutus kissed her lips and wrapped himself around her. The arousal obvious in his jeans as he pressed against her. "You're so beautiful." he whispered taking his time. There was no need to rush and Brutus couldn't help but crave more of this beautiful female beneath him.

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20 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:37 pm

Kaiko chuckled softly "oh I do do I." She felt both pleased and a little strange not having her shirt and bra on in a place such as this. Yet she made no attempt to grab either to cover up her immodesty. Kaiko kissed him holding his hand as it caressed her breast. She felt a rumble course through her coming from deep within her chest.

Kaiko rubbed her hand over his back and through his hair. Sighing softly as his tongue expertly caused her nipples to perk and harden. As his kisses traveled down she felt her body tingle as his warm breath passed over the places he kissed.
Kaiko chuckled a little breathlessly as his teeth played with the button of her pants and undid it "oh you are quite the expert with those teeth of yours, aren't you?" As Brutus kissed her she could feel his arousal in his pants which only seemed even more of a tease then his kisses.

With her left leg she slowly raised it up caressing his leg and ass with it. Faintly smiling she snaked one hand down the back of his pants lightly gripping. As she lightly nipped at his neck she brought her hand round the front of his pants and up to the button where she slowly worked it loose. All the while enjoying the smell of his skin.

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21 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:11 pm

Feeling Kaiko rumble happily the male grunted from her hand grabbing his ass, chuckling at her comment he groaned as she unhooked his button.   "Aye, I am good with my teeth and a few other things." he said flashing her a smirk. Resting his face against her shoulder blade he inhaled her over powering female scent and huffed. Damn this woman, she had every inch of him tingling and excited.

Rubbing his hands along Kaiko's sides Brutus planted his lips back on her neck, kissing and nibbling gently. Feeling his way down her hips, Brutus lifted her ass up so he could slip her pants over and down out of his way. Giving her ass cheek a playful smack he dipped his head down lower to give her perk nipple a flick with his tongue. Wrapping his lips around the tender mound he sucked and nibbled, while his hands  rubbed over her thighs. Turning his head to give the same amount of pleasure to her other breast, Brutus dragged his finger between her legs. Running his finger tip over her silk panties, he rumbled and continued teasing through the fabric.

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22 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:00 am

Kaiko giggled at the mention of a few other things. She could only imagine what he meant by that. As Brutus nuzzled her neck she couldn't help but take in his musky scent. His scent alone was so utterly pleasing to her. Kaiko let out a long sigh curling into him.

She smiled and playfully nibbled on his ear as he snaked her pants down. The fabric leaving her tingling knowing that it was him and not herself who had pulled them down. She quivered slightly as his hand playfully bounced against the skin of her ass. Kaiko felt her breath become a little more shallow and faster with excitement. Letting Brutus please himself with teasing her through her panties she slowly reached down the back of his pants again.

She let her hand caress the soft skin there for only a moment before slowly reaching lower. Lightly with her nails the reach between his legs and gently drew them across the inside of his thigh.

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23 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Wed Dec 11, 2013 7:39 pm

Brutus was distracted by the nails that raked over his thigh, smiling up at Kaiko he growled playfully. His brown eyes flickering with amusement as she teased him, the bites and scratches only leading the warrior to believe she wanted to play harder. The warrior felt her tremble from his touch, her quick breaths pointing him in the right direction.  Tracing his fingers over Kaiko's thigh he looped them around the side of her panties, tugging lightly he pulled them down. "You're all mine..." the male growled out.

Brutus's eyes trailed over her enchanting curves and let their eyes meet once more. Damn did he adore those beautiful eyes and the way she watched his every move, rumbling happily he leaned forward. Using his left hand he scooped up her wrists and pinned them over her head roughly, teeth grazing over her earlobe as his head lifted. Moving his lips to catch hers he kissed her deeply, while his finger ran over her sensitive folds. Teasing lightly he parted the the folds and continued to massage over the sensitive area. Moving his head lower he sucked and licked on her left breast, wanting to take his time with Kaiko. Enjoying every inch of her body, his nostrils inhaled her strong scent.

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24 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:52 pm

Kaiko shivered in pleasure smiling at him. As she felt his fingers loop around the sides of her pants she reached down and worked his pants down. His fingers left tingling trails down her skin.
Kaiko chuckled softly “yes I am all yours and just what is it that you plan on doing with me?”
I just love the way his eyes explore us, Arzevic rumbled.

From deep within him she could feel a pleasant rumble course through him. Which only made her smile broader that she was able to make him happy. She never wanted to hurt him. Seeming amused by her comment Brutus took her wrist and pinned them above her head. Kaiko giggled slightly as he nibble on her ear.

She could tell he had experience with the way he explored her with his hands. It made her feel like nothing else in the world existed at this moment then them. Kaiko leaned into his exploratory fingers as his teeth teased the soft flesh of her breast. Without even meaning to a soft sound escaped her throat.

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25 Re: Trapped in Smoke. [Kaiko/Mature] on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:24 pm

Wiggling his hips he helped Kaiko free him from his jeans, his tight Boxer briefs gripping around his hard arousal now. Her touch gave him tingles and he pulled away from her nipple to meet her gaze once more. "I'm going to eat you up, tell me if you like it." he teased rumbling. His lips trailed down her breasts and past her belly button until his head disappeared between her pale thighs. Moving both his hands to her hips, he held tightly letting his tongue lick over her juicy folds. Parting them with each lick Brutus teased her lightly, enjoying the moans and gasps that slipped from her lips.

Inhaling deeply her smell over powered him and the male continued on, his tongue slipping into her entrance teasingly. She tasted as sweet as she looked and he couldn't get enough, burying his face deeper he nibbled and licked. Intending to bring Kaiko to her sweet climax, he wanted to hear her call out for him. Letting his fingers hold her tighter, he rumbled into her sweet folds giving her clit special attention as he sucked lightly.

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