Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature]

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1 Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:41 am

On this particular night Griffen was filled, there were tons of people dancing in the middle. Others were holding glasses full of wine and socializing, it was really a lovely resturant. Sanaa had called ahead and manaegd to get a personal booth over by the piano, she loved the guy who played on Saturdays. Walking in Sanaa's hazel eyes lifted to catch the host and he smiled her way, looking at his paper he spoke. "Your name madame'?"

"Sanaa Lutheran and Tanken isn't here yet, but when he arrives let him know I'll be waiting by the bar." she stated simply with a smile. Stepping lightly in her red dress she made her way through the crowd. The silk hung off her curves and flowed as she stepped along. She could feel the human's eyes follow her every move. That made her smile, she knew she was dressed to kill. The bartender walked over and placed a glass of red wine on the counter. "From the gentlemen on the end." he said pointing and taking a step back.

Leaning her back against the bar she lifted the cup to the men and smiled. Taking a sip she enjoyed the wine, it was a very nice choice. Eyes flickering around the room she watched the humans converse and attempt to gain each other's attention. Her mind settled on the piano player, the soft music made her relax. Taking another sip of wine she thought of Tanken, that man was mysterious. He had so much to him and yet every time he looked her way he stole her breath right from her lungs. Her heart beat quickened at the thought and she took a big breath.

She wondered what he thought of her and if he would even show up for dinner. You're falling in love with the bad guy.... Nyre snorted. I don't know..I just know that he makes me feel alive. Sanaa thought. If I don't find out what I'm feeling now, I'm afraid later may never come.

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Tanken took another sip of his Brandy and made the glass spin slowly over the counter. His blue eyes moved up as her smell invaded his lungs. He smiled with her sweet scent covering all the others and with the fact she did come. He followed her red figure as it walked to the other side of the bar without noticing him. His smile disappeared as a man sent her a drink. He lifted the sleeves of his navy blue button shirt up his elbows and lift up his seat taking the drink with him as well as his sack. He wore black pants that matched his sack and formal leather shoes, a single steel chain around his neck and a watch in his wrist of the same material. A steel ring in the middle finger of his right hand showed a blue Lapis Lazuli square rock inserted on it. His short hair and beard shone slightly with the dim light. That bath and new clothes felt pretty good after so much time wearing the same old clothes.

Tanken passed by the man that sent her the wine and for a moment he wanted to just take his neck and threat him to keep his eyes away, but he couldn’t. First, she wasn’t his to act like a jealous boyfriend. Second, he was simple human with the same desires and needs of any other male. He couldn’t blame him for wanting such piece of art like her. He walked along the bar and sat at her side without looking at her. Tanken left his sack at the back of the chair and his glass over the counter after taking another sip of Brandy. “Should I thank you for appearing, or did you have the same question about me?” He turned his head to look at Sanaa with a half-smile. He was actually happy to see her again. He then glanced at the glass of wine in her hands. “I was going to buy you something but it seems someone took the lead...” His impulses couldn’t back away now and he glanced a death glare at the man who kept looking their way. The human quickly showed fear and looked away, then moved to another place after a few seconds. Tanken chuckled slightly and looked back at Sanaa. “Nice dress by the way. It fits you.”

His eyes moved slightly to the piano at their side and a wave of memories moved inside his chest. He didn’t remember when was the last time he played a song. He loved to, but since everything happened he never touched a piano again. He even bay one but never played on it. He didn’t had the muse or the finality to do it. Why? For what purpose? Every memory that the piano could bring to him was now dead and cold, because of him.

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Her red lips kissed the rim of the wine glass as she took a slow sip, just as Tanken's strong scent made its appearance. She stayed perfectly still finishing the drink caught in her cheeks, she swallowed hard as he spoke. His deep voice made her eyes close and she inhaled deeply as her stomach did flips. Opening her eyes she turned towards him and glanced down, ”No need to thank me, but I won’t say that thought didn’t cross my mind a few minutes ago.” her tone was warm. Her hazel gaze trailed over him like warm honey, slow and smooth she took him all in. Damn did he clean up well, Sanaa lifted the glass to her lips to sip and change her thoughts.

Sanaa smirked as Tanken gave a death glare to the human males, a chuckle left her lips. Lifting her hand she rested it down on his shoulder, keeping it there letting the others know she wasn’t interested. ”Next drink is on you, this wine is good. But I’m sure you have exquisite taste.” she insisted. ”What made you join me for this dinner and drink?”

His comment brought a bright smile to her features, he liked her dress. Maybe he knows you aren’t wearing panties under it. Nyre snorted. Come now need to leave lines. I like the silk against my skin... Sanaa thought with a smirk. Tilting her head she watched him look at the piano, enjoying its soft sounds. ”I love the piano it is one of my favorites.” she said softly as she turned to face Tanken. Though he was sitting his face came right below her breasts, the low drop of her dress barely keeping them contained. Her cheeks flushed red from his comment and she grinned. ”I am glad you enjoy it, I figured it would appropriate for such a place. The fabric is so thin it doesn’t really feel there and I like that.”

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He glanced at her as she touched his shoulder. It was weird being touched by other, and he usually killed the ones who did it, but by some reason, her touch was different. Taking his drink he sipped his Brandy and looked again at Sanaa. “Well, that will depend if you want to get drunk or just have a nice glass.” He smiled slightly at the thought of both of them getting drunk and finishing doing something else than talking. “What? The simple fact that you asked for it, Doctor. I usually don’t give a good impression or the life to have the opportunity to see someone for a second time. I want to know what made you want to meet me again.”

Tanken looked away for a second as she commented about the piano. Looking back, her breasts where right in front of his eyes. He didn’t blush or attempted to look away. Tanken just stared at them for a couple of second and then up to her face again with the same serious expression. It wasn’t that he was interested in that kind of things, but he wasn’t one to show his desires. He reached out and touched a part of her red dress that covered her well-toned hip to confirm her words and maybe take a little advantage of that ‘thin’ fabric. Retreating again he half-smiled and took another sip of his drink. “It’s true. I also like it.” He commented with daring blue eyes and remembered her comment about the piano. “Really? It was also my favorite, that’s why I played, but that ended.”

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“Let’s get us another drink.” she said boldly setting down her empty wine glass. Her other hand found its way to Tanken’s opposite shoulder and she smirked at his comment,   “I guess you intrigue me Tanken, I have to spend more time around you to figure it out for myself.” she admitted. Closing her eyes Sanaa inhaled Tanken’s scent again, musky and strong. Tempting and oh so intoxicating, she wanted to rip his clothes off. But this wasn't the place for such actions,so she pushed the thought from her mind.

Her eyes snapped open as she looked down to see Tanken’s hand grab her curved hip, he rubbed gently feeling the fabric. Glancing up at the chandelier she felt her cheeks flush red, his simple touch made her body heat up instantly. When he mentioned that he approved of the dress she grinned and looked back to him. His half smile made her heart flutter or skip a beat, she wasn’t sure which one. But at that moment it didn’t matter, she wanted to take things into her own hands. Leaning down Sanaa’s full lips stopped inches from his ear, she spoke in a soft whisper.   “I’m glad you approve, why don’t you get me another drink and meet me at our booth next to the piano. Now that I know you enjoy the music, we both can listen together.” Her lips brushed past his cheek as she pulled away, her hands sliding over his strong shoulders.

Moving with a new destination in mind, Sanaa wasted no time to head to their table. Each step made her dress hug the curves underneath, bringing back the eyes of humans. Sanaa enjoyed the attention and took a comfortable seat in the booth as she waited for Tanken. Resting her arms on the table she turned to watch the piano player, enjoying his slow musical piece.

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Tanken remained serious and calmed when Sanaa leaned to whisper so close to his ear, smiling slightly when her lips brushed his cheek. His tensed shoulder relaxed just slightly with her touch. Taking a big sigh, he turned as called the bartender with a warning glare. He came quickly and even scared. “Two Everclears with Baileys. Hurry.” The bartender replied with a shaken voice. “The Everclear... is forbidd-” Tanken took his shirt quickly and without making others to notice. He leaned closer and growled lowly in his ear. “I saw the bottle. Or you serve it, or I will serve your blood.” With that he released the bartender and he reached for the bottle as fast as he could, serving the drinks just as he ordered. He placed the drinks and the bill afraid Tanken was going to throw the expensive drinks to his face, but he just signed it and put more money than what the bill said. Not wanting to have any change he just waved away the bartender and took the drinks.

He moved towards Sanaa with his serious expression of always and placed the drinks on the table before taking a seat. His head moved to the piano and then back at her. He even thought in the possibility of playing something, again, after so long, but no. Why would she care to hear him and why would he take the time to play? He could even miss after so long of not practicing. Taking a sip of his drink he smiled with the strong taste of the Everclear. Just a couple of more drinks of it and he could start doing things he could regret later.

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Taking her gaze from the piano player she turned to Tanken as he sat, looking down at the drink she studied it. Her finger tips grazed the rim of the small glass and she grabbed it in a swoop bringing it to her nose. Her face scrunched up as she took a whiff not expecting it to be so potent. “Everclear? Seriously, Tanken.” Sanaa said with a chuckle. She shook her head and lifted the glass to her lips. Taking a sip she felt the liquor warm her cheeks and send a chill down her spine. Grabbing her dress between her fingers she scrunched it  swallowing the last bit in her mouth. It was pretty obvious that that drink was going to be like rough each time she sipped it, until it started to kick in. That is.

Shifting around in the booth Sanaa slid closer to Tanken, until her hip met his in the middle. Their scents clashed as they sat side by side, the breath in her lungs slipping away at his scent. Damn him for making her so restless, she shifted slightly. Picking up the glass she took another hard sip and looked back at the piano player. He played a slow song and she smiled happily before glancing up at Tanken. “Tell me have you ever played the piano? I never learned but I always wanted to be able to sing and play along.” she whispered by his side. Her hand slid over his nice jacked before resting on his knee, leaning closer to him she growled playfully. “Tell me something about you...something that doesn’t involve killing.”

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Tanken grinned playfully at her comment and took himself a deep gulp of the drink. Indeed it was strong, hot and cold at the same time. You could feel how the liquid passed through your oesophagus and reached the stomach.

He looked at the corned of his blue eye how she moved closer until his hip prevented her to continue. Her hand felt warm over his leg, maybe even relaxing. He always had a very difficult and long time trusting someone, but for some reason he started to believe in her. With a long breathe, Tanken relaxed even more his muscles and leaned backwards. The notes of the piano calmed his heart as always. His mind started to turn each sound into music notes automatically. He knew well how each note sounded and the possible mistakes the human made, even when he managed to cover them with other notes.

His attention moved to Sanaa again, his blue eyes catching her hazel ones. Why was he always so serious? He asked himself. Maybe because there where not many thing that made him happy, at least not that true happiness so many searched for. Tanken doubted he would ever find it. He looked back at the piano and replied back with a low voice. "Yes, but it has been more than a century since that." Her next question surprised him, especially because he didn't had an answer for it. He thought about his work: assassination, his past: death, his future: his own death... He never thought about it but he had nothing more than death in his life and history. Tanken frowned and took another big gulp of the Everclear, the Baileys making it a bit sweeter. "I have nothing..." Tanken looked at her a bit annoyed but also amused. "You are the first one that leaves me thinking and can't find a reply." He thought again and then remembered something. "My wolf... I haven't heard him since... I was 40."

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Sanaa lifted the glass up to her lips as he spoke, taking a rather big gulp she shuddered. A small scowl fell across her features from the liquor. God that drink didn't get any easier, every time she had a gulp it still felt like the first time. Her cheeks flushed red as Tanken made a comment about her, she smiled taking that as a compliment.   "That is interesting, yet when you shift do you not hear him?" she asked softly tilting her head to look up at him.  That should be a sign as good as any...I wonder what he did to him. Ask him. Nyre snorted.

Holding the glass between her fingers she set it down on the table's surface gently, she got lost in her own thoughts for a moment. Turning her gaze back to the piano, she enjoyed the tunes. Eyeing the humans in the room she looked back at Tanken and smiled weakly. How did she end up here? It had been a long time since she was out with someone who kept her interest. He was dark and seemed cold, but the flicker in his blue eyes made her sense otherwise. Her hand slid from his knee to his thigh and she squeezed lightly, reassuring herself tonight would be enjoyable. "A century eh? I bet you were pretty damn good. You have nice long fingers...I'm sure they played lovely music." she stated simply. Her lips curled to a smirk as she took another sip of the EverClear, the shudder still passed but not as strong this time.

Hearing the music stop she looked over to the piano, the player had stood up and walked to the back. She figured even the pianist needed a break from the music, she frowned as the voices grew louder. No one was being weary of the music now that it had stopped, everyone chatted about. Leaning back into Tanken's side, Sanaa looked up at him. Her eyes trailed over his throat and up his strong jawline, she resisted the urge to kiss it. "I think on busy nights they should have two players instead of leaving the room quiet for an hour. But that's just me, I could listen to soft notes all day." she muttered with a shrug. "Tell me Tanken, where did you live before New York?"

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"No. I know he’s there, but he never speak to me or try to help, no matter the situation.” Tanken could just smile as he felt her hand moving up his leg. A wicked thought passed his mind and if Crimson would be speaking to him, Tanken was sure he wound have growled. He glanced at his hand holding the glass and then took another gulp, almost finishing his drink. “Yeah. I was good. I used to like it.”

Looking at the lonely piano he thought for a split second to go and play, but that quickly changed and ignored the feeling, as always. “Playing piano is not something easy. Few people play it for free in a place like this. Still, you are right. At least some radio could help.” Tanken looked around annoyed by the voices rising around him. He always licked quiet and inhabited places. Humanity disgusted him. He glanced back at her. It was weird to find people who likes just piano. Usually they like battery or saxophone, guitar or flute. He always preferred piano, it was more relaxing and complex. He was something weird. He licked to be calmed and relaxed, not to work much. Still, he liked to kill, that was his job. Maybe it was the fact that he could make a heart still and quiet. Tanken gave a small malicious grin with the sadistic thought and took another gulp of his Everclear.

He thought for a long moment which was the last city or country he was established. “I don’t have one, actually. I never stay in a place for too long to ‘live’ in it. I’m a loner, a traveler. I’m always moving and shifting from place to place.” Looking at her, he half-smiled slightly. He liked those hazel eyes. “What about you? What is you history? You are a doctor, the contrary of me. I kill, don’t save.”

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11 Re: Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:31 pm

"It's not everyday I meet a wereling who's wolf took a vow of silence. What did you do to him?" she asked softly. That flicker of curiosity passed through her hazel eyes once more as she gazed at the loner. She knew he did some terrible things in his past and probably still did them. She noticed how Tanken looked at the piano as he spoke and she smiled weakly. "Maybe you should go play..I'd love to hear it, it's a damn good skill to have. There are few people in this world that would still do anything for free Tanken."

Sanaa picked up her glass and took another sip of her drink, taking it about halfway down. Her tan cheeks glowed with a red tint as her body warmed up. Stuffing a loose curl behind her ear she looked back at Tanken. "I was a loner for a good chunk of my life and I moved all over the world. But yes I am a Dr. I got my degree when I was home in Africa. I specialize in healing but horticulture was my minor. I love growing things and giving them life, organic is always better." she stated simply. "Why do I choose to be a doctor? Well because I like helping and healing, I've got a knack for it. Maybe because I have a big heart and I feel like all things deserve a chance to live." Her voice was genuine and soft, she gave his thigh another tender squeeze.

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Tanken looked at her for a moment and sighed. Why was she so interested? Why was she pretending to care? “I never listened to his advises. In summary, I became evil. He didn’t like it. As punishment he never speaks or helps me no matter if I’m dying.” He looked away and finished his drink with one gulp. He was even forgetting Crimson’s voice. A part of him missed his wolf, but he knew he was going to die without him. Glancing at the piano he shook his head. “It has been a long time since I played, and if that musician comes and tells me to move away, this will not end well.” He smiled evilly and his blue eyes sparkled. “Most of my kills are free, princess.”

The wolf nodded at Sanna as she told her story and reasons behind it. He felt her squeeze and could help to smile slightly. He wasn’t one to help and heal, but he wasn’t going to tell her that was wrong or useless. He was the one doing bad things, if you could categorize actions. Everything was subjective, but he was sure about one thing. “Not all things, princess. Some just need to disappear from this life for a greater good.” His voice was serious and hard, but with himself.

He felt the Everclear, and the other 3 Brandys, making some effect with his senses, especially the touch. It was tickling him in a funny way. Tanken smiles and lifted his hand for the waitress to bring another. “Want another one, Sanaa, or something else to drink?” He glanced at her with a tiny smile and noticed the musician returning and preparing himself to play again.[/color]

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13 Re: Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:53 am

"Free? Then you must truly enjoy taking a life." she said quietly. Her hazel eyes stayed locked with his until the waitress returned. Looking at her drink she finished it down and scowled at the strong taste. "I'll have whatever he's having honey, thanks." she stated simply waiving her off with her hand. Turning her attention to the piano player, she frowned as he started to play. Not that the music was bad but that Tanken managed to weasel his way out of showing his talent. A talent other then killing.

"All the excuses you gave me bought you time to stall." she teased quietly pointing to the piano player. Feeling her cheeks warm up she leaned closer resting her chin on his shoulder, her lips by his ear. "I've made up my mind Tanken and I'm thinking you should ask me to dance. It's only right since you bailed out on playing the piano.." she whispered. Her right hand squeezed his thigh tightly as she inhaled his scent once more, the male made her insides flutter. Crossing her legs and her arms she looked up at him, still smiling. It was obvious to Sanaa that Tanken was use to doing what he wanted when he wanted. But in this circumstance she is determined to be just as stubborn as the lone male. Even a bit demanding if you will, her strong nature had a decent amount of cute quirks trickled in. But not everyone could appreciate her bold demeanor once they provoked it out, that is.

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14 Re: Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:36 pm

The loner growled very lowly and looked back at Sanaa. “Is not that I enjoy it. If I don’t take the life of my enemies, mine will be the one under their fangs.” He looked away and focused on the waitress waiting for him to make a decision. “Two Brandys.” He saw the woman leave and relaxed slightly on his seat, starting to like having her so near.

He smiled slightly at her words and his blue eyes moved a second to the pianist. His muscles tensed again as he felt her head over his shoulder and her hot breathe against his neck. A shiver ran along his back and he turned to look at her. Why was this female in particular making him feel all this things at once? A small smile appeared in his serious face and his hand reaches hers. “As the princess wish...”

Just as the waitress came back with the drinks, he gave her the money and then slipped out of the chair, pulling Sanaa lightly. He moved besides the piano in what seemed a dance floor, not caring they were going to be the first ones starting to dance around. Tanken turned and took her hand in the right position, using the other to rest on her waist as his body moved closer to hers. He gave her a half smile and started dancing along with the notes. As he knew how to play the piano, it was natural to also know how to dance with them.

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15 Re: Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:42 am

Her hazel eyes flickered up as he stood to dance, placing her delicate hand in his she felt him tug her from the booth. Moving along the floor she kept her eyes locked with his, a smile on her face as they settled by the piano. His hand grasping her waist made her rumble contently and for a moment she blocked out all the other conversations and smells. She couldn't help but focus on this mysterious loner who crossed her path only hours before. The tall dangerous wereling who agreed to a drink and she couldn't figure out why.

"You dance better then I expected.." she said lifting her face up to see him. Her left hand raised up to rest on his upper chest comfortably as they moved to the music. Her body swayed with the notes as if she knew which keys were next to be played by the pianist. Pulling her hand from his she wrapped both arms around his neck, bringing his face closer to hers. His smell was completely over powering and threw off her other senses, making her feel defenseless in his arms. But she enjoyed every minute of it.

"After this song..are you up to do something more exciting?" she whispered. Looking up in to Tanken's blue eyes, Sanaa felt the corners of her mouth pull into a devilish grin. "I discovered the stairwell to the roof  and I bet you the view is to die for." she added. Pulling back Sanaa placed a soft kiss on Tanken's jawline and rumbled quietly waiting for his response.

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The song was soft and slow, and long. It had been a long time since Tanken danced. Still, it seamed she liked it. Smiling, he took her hand and made her do a slow spin to then place in the same position. He continued dancing going along with the notes and her steps. She was good. Of course, she was a princess. She was surely trained for this things. His father taught him and Daiken how to dance because his mother liked it. When she died his father tried everything to make it seam she was still there. The dancing was part of it. Tanken always thought that dancing wasn't going to bring him anything valuable, but as he looked at that red dress moving after them and that white smile she loved to gift no matter who will receive it, he started to think it could be of use, or some meaning he still didn't understood.

As she placed her arms in his neck, Tanken smiled and spun with her along the dance floor. Some couples already followed them and danced at their sides. "I think that is an intriguing idea, princess. Will you dare to go to somewhere tall with a devil like myself?" He grinned amused as she didn't like him to call himself that way. As the music started to fade, Tanken used the last step to take the back of her waist and upped back to make her fall, almost touching the ground to the lift her up again, taking advantage to do what he craved since he saw her in the House of Horrors. He drove her right to his lips and pressed against hers. No matter how rough and cold he always seemed, his kiss was slow and kind. Parting her lips with his to deepen it and last as long as the last notes permitted him.

Releasing a long sigh as he pulled away, he looked at her serious. He never felt so attracted to a woman before. He had been with many just for the simple fun of it. Now it felt different. He wanted to see her again, no matter how this night was going to end, and he already had a good idea of how.

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17 Re: Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:22 pm

It felt like she was floating on a cloud as he twirled her over the dance floor, her body moved smoothly with his. His hands kept her busy and their feet and hips swayed to the sweet music that filled their ears. All she could do was smile and give her body to him with each spin, he needed to say no more to convince her. Her wolf has been silent most of the night, she wondered if Nyre had the same thought she did of this mysterious male. Thinking hard Sanaa tried to remember when she ever danced like this? Slow and steady with such passion and the answer was never, very few males surprised her. But Tanken Kazeshnini fell into the category that did.

Feeling him spin her one last time she gave him a small look at his comment, he sure liked that nickname. But his agreement to join her was all she needed to feel that fluttery feeling flop her stomach about. As Tanken's hand slid over her waist and back she grinned as he dipped her low, his soft lips catching hers. Placing one hand on his cheek and the other on his shoulder she returned the short lived kiss. Some of the other couples watched and chuckled in awe at Tanken's move. He parted her lips with the notes and their kiss deepened as she let herself get swept away by him, even if only for that moment.

Sanaa felt herself frown as Tanken pulled away to lift her up to her feet, her knees felt shaky and weak. Trying to remain calm the female rested her hand in his and lead him away from the crowd. Stepping lightly she took a right and snuck around a leather strap that blocked off a hallway in the back of the restaurant. Not mentioning the kiss or dance she found the door to the stairs and cranked it, the force unlocking the knob. Looking over her shoulder she grinned at him and popped open the door, closing it as they walked through. "Come Tanken...lets go." she whispered as she relocked the door. Slipping off her red heels Sanaa quickly scaled the stairs ahead of Tanken, her right hand held a handful of her silk dress and her left had her shoes.

Once they reached the top she unlocked the other door and set her shoes down on a metal air conditioner block. Pulling the ribbon from her hair she let her long locks fall around her shoulders in messy waves, quietly she stepped up to the edge. Peeking over she spied the busy streets below and looking up she caught the moon and the lovely stars. Still staring at the view of the city, Sanaa exhaled as the breeze caught her dress blowing it. "It is beautiful..don't you agree?" she asked Tanken, still keeping her gaze on the scenery and not looking back.

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18 Re: Lets Toast to Love and a Dark Past. [Mature] on Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:22 pm

Tanken climbed up the stairs after her taking his coat from the table, reaching the roof he looked around and moved to an edge. It was indeed beautiful. He never took the time to appreciate the little things life could give. He was too worried killing his enemies and searching for Daiken. He knew he wasn’t going to live much, so what was the deal to enjoy life? And that was exactly the reason. He should enjoy the last moments he had. Looking again at Sanaa, he smiled slightly. “It’s a beautiful view...” But he wasn’t talking about the city. He stared at her red dress flying with the wind, with her dark curly hair, her thin figure hidden under that piece of fabric. He felt like if all the air in his lungs left in one single breathe. He wanted her, right now, and he was sure she wanted the same. They didn’t come here just for the view.

Moving closer her wrapped an arm around her frame and pulled her back against his chest. His lips touched her neck slowly and holding his urges to have a taste of her sweet blood. He couldn’t remove the smell of it when she cut herself to close the injury he made to his chest back in the House of Horrors. His hot breathe brushed her neck and back, his fangs extending to full length with the thoughts that crossed his mind. If he would have been doing this just for pleasure, his touch would had been much rough, not caring in her thoughts or feelings, not caring about her at all, but it was different. He wanted her, that woman who found him in Wonderland and didn’t back away or attacked. Moving his hand against her frame and up to her chest, wanting to feel her skin under that dress, he kissed her neck again, brushing his fangs against her skin. He couldn’t wait anymore; his fangs started to puncture her skin slowly and as softly as he could, not used at all to be so careful. Her blood started to flow into his mouth, not as much as he wanted, but he wasn’t going to cut her more. Licking the sweet liquid from her skin, a shiver ran along his back. She could be old and strong, much more than him, but she was fresh and sweet like an adolescent. He wasn’t sure if he could play nice and kind with her. He never did before, and now it was so hard to control his own wants. Swallowing hard he sighed and whispered near her ear. “You should leave...” Still with those words, he didn’t let go of her, his arm strong around her frame as he pressed his body against hers. The least he wanted is to watch her go and stay here alone like an idiot, but for the first time, he cared about what she wanted and decided.

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The city's lights made the stars seem so dim from their view, but the moon was still high enough for her to enjoy.  Sanaa's ears caught his soft words then shortly after her nose scented him inch closer. Before she could blink Tanken had his muscular arm snug around her mid section, pressing her tightly to his chest. Tilting her neck to him she exhaled deeply, warm breath slipping from her parted lips as she gasped. The simple kiss that Tanken planted on her neck, made her body shudder in unexplainable ways. Whoa... Nyre practically purred in response. Even her wolf was enjoying this loner's presence after a few hours.

"Tanken..." she whispered. Sanaa could barely hear her own words, the heart in her chest was pounding louder now. Ears filled with the thumps, she felt her own pulse quicken as his arm shifted up. Lifting her left hand she slid her finger tips over the back of his head as he kissed her neck again, running them through his short hair. Moving her right hand she rested it on top of the forearm that draped her chest. Pulling him closer her hazel eyes widened in shock as the loner's sharp canines slipped into her neck. Closing her eyes tightly Sanaa's right hand squeezed Tanken's arm as she took a big breath, her own fangs expanding as he took a taste. His rough tongue licked over her wounds sending that pleasurable tingle through her body, almost instantly.

“You should leave...”

Opening her eyes at his words Sanaa felt the hold he had around her body it was strong and unwavering as he stood tall. Her conscious told her that Tanken was going to bring her trouble like her mother had found in her father years ago. Still this lone male made her feel much more then any wereling to walk this earth, he flicked the switch on inside her. Panicking from her own fear Sanaa jerked away from the male's grasp, shaking her head as she stepped for the door. Stopping she didn't turn to face him as she spoke, her eyes stayed glued on the knob. "I...can't..." the words slipped from her lips before she could pull them back. Admitting to the male that maybe it was him that brought her to Griffen that night.

Reaching down to grasp a handful of her dress Sanaa turned her body and took three big steps running to Tanken. Letting the fabric fall she pressed herself against his chest and pulled his face roughly to hers, letting their lips meet in the middle. Meshing her lips against his hungrily she pulled away to look into his eyes. "I won't go.." she muttered, letting her arms wrap around his neck as their lips joined together once more.

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Tanken let her go as she began to pull away, his eyes closing and his jaws clenched in a silent growl. A part of him thought she was going to stay, to deny his request, but no. She was right after all. It was better for her to stay away from him. He wasn’t going to bring anything good to her, no matter if he was dead or alive. Still, it hurt. In his cold and small heart all spilled with innocent’s blood along the years, pain and anger was growing, as always. That was why he always played hard and merciless. Not asking or worried about anything.

Her words made him turn and look at her. She couldn’t? She couldn’t do what? Tanken frowned and tensed when she ran back, not being able to think clearly what just happened. His mind went completely blank when his lips were trapped with hers strongly. His blue eyes looked at her surprised. Why? Why did she decide to stay? He couldn’t find a logic answer but when their lips met again, he choose to forget everything and just live the moment. Something he hasn’t done in years. Hugging her frame tightly he kissed her back, parting her lips with his and deepening the kiss to brush his tongue against hers. A low growl slipped from his throat as his fangs enlarged again. He walked some steps forwards and trapped her body against a wall at her back, moving his kisses to her neck and shoulder brushing his fangs against her soft skin. His lips nipped at her ear as he whispered her name seductively. His hands rested against the wall at both her sides, not letting her go. His body pressed against her, his breathing quickening along with his kisses. Returning to her mouth, he parted her lips again, admitting the happiness that replaced his anger glad that she stayed.

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Instantly Sanaa felt her knees get weak as Tanken continued his kissing and nibbling. Soft whispers in her ear made her stomach flutter, teasing tingles from his fangs sent her body in overdrive. Quick breaths left her parted lips as they kissed again, this time she was ready for him. Growling lowly Sanaa slipped her tongue between his lips, enjoying the warmth from his  mouth and the sweet taste of brandy. Running her hands over his shoulders and down his chest, she pulled away to grin mischievously up at him. Slowly she placed her hands beneath his button up shirt, her finger tips massaged his chest as they moved. Then with a mind of their own they slipped around back to his shoulders and repeated the same motions.

Turning her attention back to Tanken her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt from the top down, giving her lips a place to start. Her breasts brushed against his chest as she kissed down his neck, fangs finding a home in his shoulder blade. Biting deeply she growled in enjoyment her eyes closing with pleasure, the crimson liquid trickled down her lip and chin as she tasted him.  He wasn't sweet but strong and tangy with a lasting kick that stayed on her tongue even after she finished licking over his wounds. Giving his neck the attention it deserved she moved down to his scared chest, lips sucking every spot they touched. Her hair fell around her face as she nibbled at him, his scent over powering as she went lower. Pressing her palms to his hips she felt along his muscled body, every curve, every scar being noted as she formed a plan of attack. "Tanken.." she breathed faintly over his skin.

Slipping her fingers into his pants Sanaa tugged at him lightly, letting them unzip his fly. Figuring he might need the button to his pants she unhooked it gently, only to greet his arousal with a stroke from her hand. Running her fingers over him she felt how thick he was, just the thought of him slipping inside made her cheeks flush. Exhaling deeply she found his lips and kissed him again, her own hips moving to nestle themselves between his legs. Pulling her hand from his pants she pushed them down to his knees, both hands pulling at the waistband to his boxers.

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Tanken growled roughly as she drank his blood. Knowing that the only cloth he would have to take off was her dress, he teased her sides with his claws. No bra or panties under it as his hand felt over the fabric slowly. “You have nothing under you dress, princess... May I know why?” His whisper sending his hot breath against her neck as his hand moved to caress the free skin at her leg. He knew why, but his only intention was to tease her, and he knew well how. His body tensed when she started to feel over his scars as pain rose to dim the pleasure. Still he didn’t move because her hands quickly moved to her hips. Sighing he let her take the lead this time, growling lowly as he felt her hand on his member. Excitement and want filled him, want to touch her, be inside her, feel that lush pleasure she made him crave tonight.

Grinning wildly, his hand moved to grip her inner thigh inside her dress, slowly making his way up to her center. Pinning her against the wall he growled against her ear. His fingers found her cunt and caressed it lightly before leaving his hand still against it, teasing her as he took all the time in the world to watch her reaction. His free hand took her cheekbone and pulled her to meet their lips, parting them again with force. Taking advantage of the distraction, he started to make slow and small circles over her clit with his thumb, his fingers caressing along her folds nearing her wet entrance. How long was he going to be able to tease her like this, as he was also teasing himself at all the time he had to be patient and wait?

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Smirking at his comment Sanaa's light eyes lifted to Tanken, "For full can't appreciate a dress like this with panties on. You've got to be naked...I prefer it that way." she chuckled in response. Taking a big breath she groaned as his hands started to feel up her thigh, his rough fingers sending sparks up her leg as he touched. Loosing control Sanaa felt her back hit the wall once more, his growl by her ear making her hot. Very few things stopped her from ripping his clothes off, but the way he took charge. It had an effect all its own, her eyes watched him closely he was impressive.

When his hand reached her middle she let a low growl slip from her lips, god she was wet for him. The action going on between her tan thighs was intense as he teased, her sweet scent filling the air between them. Gasping loudly Sanaa inhaled another breath her arms wrapping around his neck to hold on, "Tank...en.." she moaned out lifting her hips higher. Standing on her toes she tried to give him a better angle before his hand grasped her face. Returning his hungry kiss, she groaned into his lips her own hips grinding against his fingers. Her cheeks flushed red as the pleasure tickled and rose deep in her body, making her lips tremble. Gulping lightly she continued to grind her hips while her left hand reached into his boxers. Rubbing her thumb over the head of his shaft, she took him in her hand and pulled him out. Lifting her head higher she kissed him harder, biting his bottom lip growling.

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Hardening his grip against her face, Tanken growled into her mouth feeling his shaft increasing more with her strokes. It was amazing how her touch made his body turn on fire so quickly and strongly. It wasn’t like other times. With her everything was different and he couldn’t find the answer why. Removing his shoes he let his pants fall to the ground as he slipped away from them. Releasing her cheekbone he moved his hand to her back, pulling her slightly from the wall to slip his fingers and grab the zipper of her dress. He moved it down slowly his other hand kept teasing her entire lower area. Her dress opened just enough so he could have a peak of her breasts. With a grin he pulled away from her lips to bit into her neck again, inserting his fangs at the same time that two fingers moved into her entrance, splitting her inner walls apart. His thumb kept teasing her clit strongly as his fingers moved inside her reaching for that sweet spot that would make her scream.

Now more softly, he liked the blood that was flowing from her wounds until they closed, liking his lips to remove that sweet liquid of her, he used his red tongue to trace her shoulder, moving down until he reached to top of her breast. Her juices slipped down his fingers as he thrust them inside her slow and deep. Liking and sucking her breasts and nipples strongly, he enjoyed hearing her strong breathing and moans slipping from her mouth, tuning him more excited and desperate. Removing his fingers for her, he slipped them in with more force reaching deeper, now pressing against her G spot roughly. Giving one last suck to her nipples, he moved up again to nip her ear with a single order. “Come.”

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Groaning slightly, Sanaa leaned her head towards his chest as he unzipped her dress. Grinning  she rolled her shoulders forward letting the thin material slip from her skin and expose her lovely round breasts. Moaning out from his bite Sanaa leaned her neck closer to his face, her nails digging in his shoulder flesh as he played. The sensations and pleasures jolted through her body as he rubbed and thrusted his fingers deep. "Ah..Tanken!" she called out as his fingers plunged back in harder.

Tanken's rough fingers stroked her g-spot over and over, Sanaa felt her orgasm building. Feeling like jello in his hands her body pressed down on his fingers, letting him take her over the edge. The simple order he growled in her ear, made a shudder of excitement pass her spine. Moaning out the female wrapped her arms around Tanken's neck holding tightly as the pleasure washed over. Panting heavily she gasped and groaned her orgasm flooding her body while his lips and teeth teased her hard nipple. Running her hands over Tanken's head she growled lowly, her desire obvious from the scent in the air.  Grabbing the back of his short hair, Sanaa pulled his face up to meet hers. Her lips kissed him hungrily as her fangs nibbled at his bottom lip. "" she panted in between their kiss. Dragging her nails down his left side she pushed his boxers  down letting them fall to the ground.

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