Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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So I heard it's your birthday. [Alphess Teimhnin]

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Sanaa pulled a few papers from her drawer trying to get organized, they were pack members medical records. Peering down at one document she noticed that today was Alphess Teimhnin's birthday and she didn't get her anything. Though it had been awhile since she seen the Alphess, Sanaa decided to do something nice for her. It wasn't everday you are welcomed into a pack and end up fitting in well. She had come to love Venantium a lot. Pulling open her phone she sent the Alphess a text,

Happy Birthday! Please meet me in the BlueBell Meadows at noon for a day adventure. Just bring yourself, I've got everything covered.
Dr. S.

By the time twelve o'clock had rolled around Sanaa had everything set up, she pulled the truck with the trailer attached to a stop by the meadow. In the back of the truck she had a cooler filled with goods and other necessities they might need. You can never be to sure, plus she packed an extra pair of boots in case the Alphess had other shoes on. Hopping down from the Dodge the Dr's black riding boots crunched the dirt. She wore tight blue jeans and a yellow and black flannel shirt. It was buttoned halfway up with a white tank top peeking from underneath, her long hair was pulled into a single side braid. She was ready to ride. Clicking her tongue she opened the trailer doors and slowly coaxed out her favorite horse. His name was Vlad and he was a massive ebony colored Friesian. Imported from the Netherlands Sanaa managed to get a hold of him, he was strong and majestic and that worked for him.

Vlad gave a soft neigh as Sanaa lead him to the grass, patting his nose she left him standing there. Making her way back to the trailer she pulled out her black English saddle and saddled him up. Vlad gave another neigh and bobbed his head around, he was ready to go. Giving his black nose a kiss she titled her head to speak."Good boy, today we're going to stretch those legs Vlad. Nothing but sweet flowers and meadow to run." she cooed. Running her fingers through his curly mane she hummed a small tune as she adjusted the straps. Lifting her gaze she kept an eye open for her Alphess, hoping that she received the message. Sanaa didn't pull out the other horse yet, she figured the Alphess would want to choose her saddle and reins.

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Teimhnin awoke with a yawn and a quick rub at her eyes. Getting up early for her business was a pain, but not so much that she was able to wake with her mate beside her. Placing a soft kiss to his forehead, the Alphess slid out from under the covers and prepared for her busy day. Walking to the bathroom, she started the waters for a nice hot shower. While the water adjusted she stripped and at least attempted to catch some of the snarls in her hair. When it proved no use, she shrugged and stepped into the shower. She would have remained in the water for a long time if not for the fact that she might’ve been late for her meeting with her clients already. Washing herself quickly, she wrapped a towel around her hair and another around her body. Her feet found themselves walking to her closet and she picked out a simple yet professional outfit. The Alphess’s hair was pulled back in a tight bun and she was slipping on her heels not even a few minutes later. She applied her makeup to how she liked and was out the door with a coffee in hand exactly thirty minutes after waking up. She was pulling her car out of the lot not even a few moments later, looking around to make sure no cars were coming that could potentially danger her gleaming white Nova. The car glided down the road at a speed much higher then it was supposed to be moving at. Nonetheless, she made it to her destination without a minute to spare and was walking to the doors of her clients’ home. They were a slightly older couple, but you could tell they were new as well. Somehow they seemed to capture that ageless frivolity that not many people possessed. It was why she had liked the couple when she met them in the first place. They invited her in with warm smiles and were straight to the point on what they needed her to do. Tapping her chin, she mentally ran over a few color schemes for the room and spoke them over with what her clients like best. Once one was settled upon, they offered for her to stay for a while as their guest. Teimhnin politely declined and drove to her office to tell her secretary just what needed to be ordered. Shortly after that she found herself in her office, using the graphic designing on her computer to design a layout of the room she was to be working with. After a few sketches by hand and a few printed papers later, she was done for the day and had the rest of it to spare. It was then that she got the text message from Sanaa, the doctor of her pack and friend. At first, she was worried that someone had been hurt and needed immediate medical attention. After her eyes flicked over the test a few times, she began to smile.

It usually was common to forget your own birthday, but that was what she had done. Spinning in her desk chair and preparing to leave, she smiled and thought to herself. “Let’s think.. how old am I.. A few thousand? I stopped counting at nine-hundred.” Smiling to herself and shaking her head, Teimhnin walked from her building and drove home for a change of clothing. The weather had changed somewhat over the months, becoming more crisp and chilled rather than the heat and flowing air of the Summer. Because of this, the Alphess slipped on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved sweater on. A scarf was wrapped loosely around her neck and her hair was let down so that she could place her knitted beanie to warm her ears. She had a general idea as to where the bluebell meadow was, not far off from her abduction really. Though the memories of that night were vague, she could still feel the pit of fear in her belly that made her dread the place. Teimhnin could only be thankful for the fact that she wasn’t being asked to go to the site of her abduction, rather a nice calming meadow for what was most likely to be a nice day with a friend. She had met her beta, Natasha, in the meadow before. It was quite beautiful and she was slightly excited to go back. So, now fully ready and head back out to her car, Teimhnin drove to the bluebell meadow to meet her doctor.

The first thing she smelled had to be the horse. Her Nova creeped slowly along the grassy field until she found a darker place to hide it. She wasn’t afraid it would get stolen, just that it would get damaged in some way. The scents that were reaching her nose made her curious. Horse, leather, and the doctor herself. She knew she was close, so she walked to where she knew she would find Sanaa only to find her with a gorgeous horse. Teimhnin tilted her head and she smiled warmly, speaking to Sanaa in a happy tone. “Quite the beauty you have there, Sanaa. I got your text and came as soon as I was ready. I guess I forgot it was my birthday, thank you for reminding me.” Slowly, she walked up to the horse and let him take in her scent before patting his neck and petting his velvety nose. Turning her pale eyes to Sanaa, she grinned and waited for her to speak.

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Sanaa lifted her gaze to spot Teimhnin and she smiled happily watching the Alphess approach. Dipping her head she observed her talk to Vlad and give him an encouraging pat on his side. “Thank you, hes one of my babies.” she responded brushing a few strands of black hair from his big eyes. She clicked her tongue and chuckled as he responded wit a nose nudge. “Your welcome, I figured that you could use some fresh air. I have a horse in the trailer for you. Brought a lot of accessories to choose from, I figured you could mix and match at your will.”

Lifting her hand she pushed a few strands of hair behind her ear and walked to Vlad's side. Grabbing on to him lightly for support, she slipped her boot in the stirrup and hoped up. Wiggling about in her saddle she got comfy, Vlad gave her a snort of annoyance. Sanaa's calves hugged his sides comfortably and she clicked her tongue walking him over to the trailer. Looking down at Teimhnin her eyes flickered with surprise, “Ahh..I almost forgot, there are riding boots in the bed of the truck. Luckily I know your shoe size, being the Dr and all. I grabbed them today when I was in the city, I figured you might need them. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.” she said giving Vlad a push forward.

Softly Sanaa leaned down and stroked his neck, her lips moved as she whispered in his ear. Giving a loud neigh the horse took a few steps forward pausing to toss his head, clicking her tongue Sanaa spoke. “Up Vlad...Up...” she said leaning back with him. The horse reared and let his hooves smash back down on the earth below them, she patted his shoulder grinning. “I loved it when Zorro did that in the movie, so I had to teach Vlad the same.” she chuckled.

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The Alphess stroked the beautiful horse’s neck, smiling at Sanaa as she was told there was a horse in the trailer for her. She practically hopped up in excitement and realized that there was one extra sound of breathing coming from the trailer. As if on cue, a pale and velvety nose poked its way out of one of the windows. Laughing softly to herself, she looked to Sanaa. “Might as well not keep the poor creature waiting. Let’s see if I remember how to do this correctly.” Moving towards the trailer, she walked in to see a beautifully dappled Andalusian gelding. Large, brown eyes blinked at her as the equine’s neck stretched towards her as if expecting it had been expecting her. Taking its face in her hands, she gently scratched its forehead. A glinting off the side of his halter made her look curiously, coming to see it was a small nameplate that read ‘Kruze’. A small smile came on her face as she walked past the animal to take a brush and hoof pick from the basket in the back of the trailer. Coming up to Kruze, she began brushing him off. He was already clean, but dust could irritate some horses under the saddle. Once his back had been brushed, she set about picking his hooves. They were rather clean, but she wanted to be safe. It would be a complete shame for such an animal to be injured. She finished with her tasks quickly and went to grab average tack. She took her saddle pads and placed them on Kruze’s back, followed by a gleaming black leather saddle. Buckling the girth to one side, she wrapped it around the Andalusian’s warm underbelly and buckled it tightly on the other side. She couldn’t express how grateful she was that he didn’t puff out his stomach so instead she gave him a gentle pat on the neck. The bridle came next, and despite her fears Kruze took the bit well. It wasn’t long until she was leading her gelding out of the trailer and tying his reins to a bar on the trailer as she got herself ready. Her jeans were tucked into knee high riding boots. Once she was finished with that, she untied Kruze and used the trailer as a step to push herself onto the gelding’s back. By the time she had gathered her reins and was ready to go, she had turned to see Sanaa rearing on her horse. She couldn’t help but laugh and admire Vlad as her companion told her the reasons behind the rearing. Teimhnin laughed softly as she squeezed Kruze’s sides gently and came to a halt besides the doctor.

“Alright, the last time I rode a horse they were giant and built specifically for war. Now I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling these two are ready to go.” Giving a small smile, she nudged Kruze into a walk and got used to the gelding’s movements under her saddle. He was a little antsy and she allowed him to go into a slight trot sideways. Teimhnin looked to Sanaa for the cue to go. It was her planning, after all. Her horses and her rules. She would only do what was within respectful limits and she’d rather not take off without having her friend beside her.

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"A war horse? Were they larger and stronger back then? The horses I rode back in Africa were lean and bred to travel long distances quickly. " she said with smile. Sanaa squeezed Vlad's sides urging the horse to walk forward. Feeling the nudge he took a few big steps before changing into a swift trot. His large black hooves pounded over the soft grass kicking up dirt. Her hazel eyes watched as some of the blue flowers fall victim to his mighty hooves. Glancing over at Teimhnin Sanaa couldn't help but grin, it seemed she had chosen a good get away for the Alphess. Keeping a steady pace she gave her horse some rein letting him trot down a large hill. Turning her head to look back at Teimhnin, she motioned for her to follow.

"I'm thinking we just let them run over the hills till they're tired. I wanted to stretch his legs and we've got miles of room to run. So lets let these boys have some fun." she called out loudly with a wink.  Pulling Vlad to the right she clicked her tongue and leaned down letting his trot pick up speed as they charged down the hill. The earth took a beating as Vlad continued forward, the horses toned muscles rippling under his skin. Sanaa closed her eyes inhaling the smells and enjoying the wind, she opened them back up to check over her shoulder for Teimhnin. Spotting the Alphess close by she lifted her arms up enjoying the feeling of the ride, Sanaa made a mental note to do this more often. Giving the black leather reins a soft tug she slowed him down as they approached the bottom of the hill. Slowing his trot she eyed the landscape before her, in awe at how lovely the flowers looked blowing in the breeze.

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“Oh, the horses of my time were huge. Wherever we went, we rode with all of our belongings with us. Giant draft horses, dangerous yet very obedient.” Teimhnin nodded and gently tapped her heels against Kruze’s sides. That was all the cues he needed before his ears were perking forwards and he was moving. One little, gentle tap and he was moving into a powerful trot. Teimhnin kept her chin up and looking out at the view, watching pieces of scenery move quickly past her with each stride. She loosened the reins and let Kruze have his head, but quickly got them back once she realized this hore was one to keep his head up naturally. Once she had gained rhythm, she could relaxedly post in the saddle. The horse’ muscles tore across the ground even at a trot, tensing and relaxing beneath her body. The Alphess was quickly learning that a powerful rider could only control this horse, a fact that made her curious as to who or what exactly rode this horse daily. Maybe Kruze was cooped up, or maybe he just ran free in the field. She didn’t know, but she oddly liked this horse beneath her. Teimhnin heard Sanaa’s suggestion and nodded. “I have the feeling this one needs to do the same.” Teimhnin gathered her reins to keep control and, as if on cue, Kruze began to speed his trot up and move sideways. The Alphess gave a third small tap, and the gelding bucked up before charging forwards.

Tei’s heart raced in her chest as they charged on, Kruze bucking every once in a while. Every time he did, she would pull back as to not let him have his head. Instead, he would burst with a new amount of speed any time he was frustrated. She tapped his sides and pushed him faster until he would obey, only then would she let him have a break. They caught up to Sanaa and her horse quickly before she reined Kruze in to a halt. The gelding blew out a long breath and looked back at her, but she just tugged the reins before he could do anything she didn’t want him to. Kruze snorted at her and gave in. Teimhnin patted his neck and looked to Sanaa, gesturing to the gelding. “So, is he yours?

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Sanaa gave Vlad's black reins a soft tug slowing him to a stop and the horse snorted bobbing his head. Patting his neck she cooed softly in his ear, "Stop being fussy..such an attitude." Lifting her head to look at Teimhnin she grinned at the question, finally she was waiting for it. Pausing a moment Sanaa pulled the hair tie from her braid and let her hair fall out in loose waves around her shoulders.

Pushing a few strands back she nodded, "Actually he is until you decide you want to keep him. I bought him recently and he stays at the same stable as Vlad over in upper New York. Every weekend I try to get them to drive them down so I can ride them around, but I'm sure we can find a place to keep them closer." she said, giving the horse's neck a soft pet. Her hazel eyes watched the land before turning back to Teimhnin, giving Vlad some reign the horse walked slowly. "Shall we walk and talk?" she asked with a small chuckle.

Sanaa enjoyed the breeze that passed through her hair, carrying her locks gently with each blow. Vlad kept a smooth pace alongside of Kruze, giving a neigh to the world as he stepped. "Tell me Alphess besides the Gelding, is everything else good?" she asked softly. The Doctor didn't want to pry into her Leader's personal life, but at the same time she wanted to point out she was there. With an open mind and genuine intentions, if her pack members couldn't speak to her. What good was she to help them?

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Smiling at Sanaa’s answer, and relaxed in the saddle and spoke. “I think I have already decided. Thank you.” Teimhnin blew her own bangs from her face, knowing her hair would be tangled from the wind and she’d look rumpled. It was fine though, not like she really had anything else to do that day. A smile left its way across her lips as she nuged Kruze into a walk besides her Doctor. She looked around at the meadow they were in and found the flowers to be intriguing. Many were blue, but some had an odd purplish hue. Some bent beneath her gelding’s hooves almost soundlessly unless a twig would lay below the green. The sun was still out, breaking through the cooler weather like a warm mug touching icy hands. It was enough to warm her, though she knew that if she were to remove a single layer of clothing it would be frigid. Summer was just barely a memory then, until it came back and gave new tans and sun burns in its process.

Blowing out a slow breath, the Alphess smiled as Sanaa spoke. It took her a moment to think everything over, but she nodded once she had. “Yes, I gues you could say everything is fine. Honestly, I really haven’t found anything wrong with the life I lead now. I’m happy, content even. The pack grows and they’re like a family to me. There are the occasional problems, but I think I’ve found what I’ve looked for all of my lifetime. Only one thing is missing, but I hope that it comes along soon enough. What about you, Sanaa? Is everything good for you?” Flicking her eyes to her friend’s, she listened for an answer and stroked Kruze’s mane idly.

Teimhnin was genuinely curious to get to know her Doctor more, the rest of the members as well. Baby steps were baby steps, so she would take them starting with Sanaa.

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Grinning at Teimhnin's words Sanaa nodded, happy to see the Alphess accepted her gift. Stretching her arm she rubbed Vlad's neck as they walked along, her head tilted listening to the conversation. "I'm glad you decided to keep him, your welcome." she said happily. The breeze that caught Teimhnin's bangs giving them a rustle, shot past Sanaa to give her a chill. Rubbing her arms the Doctor unrolled her sleeves and relaxed back in the saddle, a few questions filling her head as the Alphess spoke.

"Oh? What is the one thing that is missing may I ask?" she said turning her hazel gaze back on the Alphess, smiling curiously. Everything in Venantium seemed to be going smooth, according to plan even. Sanaa had to agree, since being accepted all was quiet and she moved in with ease to the new territory. Catching Teimhnin's question the Doctor bit her lip thinking, all was decent in her life except for the loner she had stumbled upon days ago. Brushing a few pieces of hair from her face she shoved them behind her ear, "For me it is interesting, but with the pack? All is quiet and I am very happy, this place you created is great Tiemhnin and I do love it." she added shuffling the reins around in her hand. "I met someone..except it is hard to describe him, but for what it's worth I am happy all around. Venantium is becoming my home and I am lucky to be here."

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Teimhnin patted her new gelding’s neck with a happy smile on her face. Her legs squeezed his sides lightly enough to settle him into a relaxed walk as the fae beckoned her doctor follow with fair-skinned fingers. Another breeze blew across the field, this one making the flowers bend to its power until all was relaxed again. The alphess took her hat from her pocket along with her gloves. Teimhnin tugged the warm, kitted beanie onto her head and set the reins against Kruze’s neck to slip on her soft leather gloves. Picking up her reins once again, she let her arms remain loose and relaxed. When Sanaa asked the missing piece she spoke of, the fae answered wistfully. “A family, Sanaa. I want children of my own so that I may pass my family’s teachings onto them. Yes, that is all that is missing though it is too important for me not to live with. I’m hoping that it happens soon, but who really knows?” She smiled and came to the realization that her hand had been hovering over her stomach, and she moved it with a sigh that could only prove her wishing.

The lilt and content voice of her friend reached her ears and made her relax as she listened with genuine interest. Teimhnin didn’t roll her eyes when she explained instead of getting to the point, that didn’t make for good conversation at all. It seemed as if Sanaa was dancing around a specific subject in her words. The alphess thought over her next words as if she and her wolf were on a hunt. Stalking up ever so slowly as she waited for the doctor to finish speaking, and then pouncing as she spoke and asked, “Met someone? Hmm, I knew you would. Please, tell me about him. Oh, and just so you know, whatever is said stays between you and me. I’m not much for gossip. I’m thrilled you’re loving Venantium really. I hope it becomes the homes for others as well.”

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Sanaa smiled wide at the Alphess's comment and she nodded her head understanding completely how she felt. Her hazel eyes watched Teimhnin put on her gloves and then touch her belly as she spoke of her wish. "I think it will happen sooner then you think, if you need any old fertility tricks. Please let me know I have some good natural aphrodisiacs and such and when you get pregnant. I get to feed you all the good stuff to make your baby grow strong! Babies are such miracles..I will be very happy for you when it happens. I'm sure you and your Alpha will get it rolling soon." she said happily. The excitement in her voice obvious, Sanaa loved kids. Holding onto Vlad's reigns lightly she turned her horse around and started their journey back. It was growing cold and Sanaa didn't think of grabbing her jacket, they still had some ground to cover before reaching the truck though.

Letting out a hefty sigh the Doctor looked over at Teimhnin and smiled, her cheeks flushing red. The mere thought of the loner from Wonderland gave her butterflies and she bit her lip pushing the thoughts back. Sanaa trusted Teimhnin, so she gave her Alphess the details. "I was in Wonderland, grabbing a few flowers and just exploring and he found me. He's dark and mysterious...dangerous even. But I find him intriguing and quite interesting. Hes got these big blue eyes that hold so much in them, it's like trying to explore the dark depths of the ocean. Impossible. His name is Tanken and I know he's a  loner because he's got a brother in the other pack, Eternal Darkness. He's also on some kind of mission to find him and I'm sure from his track record he isn't about reconnecting over drinks with him." she said letting out a big exhale. She had been holding all her thoughts of him at once, telling no one. The whole idea of Tanken drove her a bit crazy, but telling Teimhnin helped. Sighing, a small frown passed Sanaa's lips and she looked to Teimhnin. "I know that him and I could never be, it's just when he touched me. I feel different...hard to explain. I'm sure you know though, you have your match. Oh well, I must sound crazy." she muttered chuckling lightly. Turning her eyes back to the scenery she huffed, wondering what would happen next. Putting a small smile back on Sanaa thought of other things, like how much she enjoyed the Alphess's time.

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She stroked Kruze’s neck absently as she thought of the children she would want to have. Sanaa’s words gave her reassurance that her wish would come true, and she smiled. “Actually, yes. I’m going to be depending on you if it does happen, because I really have no experience with these kinds of things. Sure, I’ve met children, but never have I taken care of one. It would be a completely new experience, one I will need my doctor for.” Teimhnin had to admit that she was glad to hear her friend so excited about the possible growth of the pack. The alphess had to admit that she was excited too, though she wasn’t sure about how she felt about children. Her mother once told her that she would love them if they were her own, even if she didn’t love any others. It was many of the wise words her mother gave before her death, before all of their deaths. Teimhnin blinked when her eyes stung for a moment. She was quick to compose herself and she shook of the thoughts her mind traveled to. Smiling to Sanaa, she tugged on the reins to turn Kruze around and follow her doctor’s lead to head back. The lack of a jacket on Sanaa made her worry, knowing she must be cold. Teimhnin nudged Kruze when he began to get lazy and watched the scenery come in reverse.

The red of her friend’s cheeks made her curious about who exactly she had met. The look in Sanaa’s eyes was all she needed to know the person was special to her, very much so in fact. When Sanaa spoke, the alphess listened. A smile spread across her lips at how her doctor spoke of him. The fact of him being a loner didn’t exactly bother her much, neither did the bit about the other pack. The had a truce with Eternal Darkness, but their dealings were for their alphess alone. Teimhnin could only hope that Sanaa wouldn’t get hurt in the process, and she voiced her opinion as such. “That is great dear. I’m happy that you’ve found someone so special to you. As for the fact that he is a loner, I’m not particularly worried. His brother is in the other pack, and their dealings are theirs alone. Unless it concerns us, we will let nature take its course. As for you, just try not to get hurt in the process. I know you can take care of yourself, but I only ask that you keep yourself safe.” She smiled kindly to Sanaa and listened to her speak again. The doctor’s words couldn’t of been more true, she knew exactly how such things felt. Thinking of her mate brought an automatic smile to her face, and she spoke softly to Sanaa. “No, not crazy, Never crazy, just lost in the other person. Yes, I have found my match and I wouldn’t regret a single moment. Let me guess, when he touches you, you feel like you’re completely safe but there’s also the electricity flowing through you. It’s dangerous, like they’re holding over flames and your high from the adrenaline rush.” Teimhnin thought over her words and nodded when she was satisfied of how she worded it. Her eyes looked to Sanaa and she smiled at her friend and the peacefulness of the moment.

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Turning her bright gaze to Teimhnin her lips curled into a smile. The Alphess had a lot going for on and her happiness filled the space between them as she spoke about love. Sanaa knew the Alpha filled her with that joyous feeling and Teimhnin was lucky. Giving a nod in agreement Sanaa spoke, "I look forward to delivering your baby, I'm so excited. It is truly  a blessing to welcome children into the world. Raising them, teaching them and of course helping with their first shift. Many memorable moments you and the Alpha will look forward to.." she stated happily. Reaching her hand out she rested it over Teimhnin's and squeezed lightly giving her a soft look. "I will be there every step of the way to make sure they're in tip top condition. It would be my honor."

Pulling her hand away Sanaa gave Vlad's neck another soft stroke as she thought about Tanken. He was like fire alright, she wondered how close she could get to him without getting burned. That was a risk that she was willing to take, can love make you insane? Doubting her own thoughts, Sanaa smiled wide. Even in the cold weather she felt warm thinking of him, blushing she spoke. "I haven't met anyone that made me feel quite like he does. Hes got this embrace that jump starts my body every single time. I feel almost weak near blows my mind. " she smiled weakly. More like a love sick makes me sick. I don't trust him. Nyre growled. Hushing her wolf inside Sanaa turned her eyes ahead and spied the truck in the distance. "Look the truck isn't far, I can grab my jacket and I also brought soup and coffee. I figured it would get chilly and a snack would be good. And don't worry I will be safe Alphess, you have my word." she said turning her head to give a nod. Her tone was sweet and soft, the same tone she used on her patients to put their worry at ease.

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“I’m glad to hear it, Sanaa. I’m sure when the time comes around I’ll be just as excited as you, maybe more. Though it might be babies, Sanaa. My family line was popular for giving birth to twins, though my twin died in the womb.” Teimhnin smiled and nodded. “Yes, many memorable moments... I can just picture them.” The alphess got a far away dazed look, only to be brought back to reality when Kruze tossed his head and pulled the reins from her hands. She gathered them quickly and gave him a slight slap on the neck for punishment. The gelding’s ears flattened but he did not do it again. When Sanaa took her hand, Teimhnin smiled and nodded slightly to the doctor’s words. “I may not be the best patient, I’ve only heard about the horrible parts of a pregnancy let alone the birth itself. But I’m sure there are some beautiful parts, right?” She was almost pleading for Sanaa to say that there were. Teimhnin had heard about the sickness, the weight, the painful kicking and bedrest. It terrified her at just the thought, and a cold shudder ran down her spine. She looked to Sanaa with slightly panicky eyes and tried to regain her composure.

Glancing across the space between them, Teimhnin saw the love struck look upon her doctor’s face. It reminded her of herself during the time she was falling for Jace. Her suspicions on how deeply Sanaa felt for the male were confirmed as Sanaa spoke. “Ha, I know exactly how you feel. It’s like a puzzle piece has snapped into place and it just so happened to be the very last one in the puzzle.” Teimhnin looked and watched the truck come closer with every hoofbeat. Moments later she heard Sanaa’s voice and nodded. “Then lets hurry to the truck, shall we? I’m sure these boys have energy left in them and they can cool down when we get there.” Tapping her heels to Kruze’s sides, she balanced as he took off into a canter that became a gallop. She pressed her hands to his muscled neck and let him charge to the vehicle until she reined him in, having reached their destination. Teimhnin slipped from her gelding and took Vlad’s reins for Sanaa. “Go get your jacket, I can hold them both.” Kruze’s reins were wrapped in her other fist and both horses seemed quietly content.

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Giving Vlad's sides a kick with her boots she galloped beside the Alphess and slowed her horse to a walk as they reached the truck. Grinning she hopped down from the saddle and pulled her jacket from the front seat, slipping on the grey pea coat. Bundling up she sighed and stepped over to grab Vlad's reins from Tei before speaking. "Actually Alphess, there are tons of great things with pregnancy. Feeling the baby kick and setting up a nursery. I'm sure the Alpha will fuss over you day and night. Of course there are some bad days but when you spy upon the little faces that came from you and Alpha Jace. You will just feel over whelmed with love, it comes naturally. But If you were a twin then you have a higher chance of having twins. I will keep my ears open for two heart beats, I will note it down. " she added with a wink.

Stepping by horse's back she unstrapped his saddle and placed it in the bed of the truck before grabbing a  brush. Running over his sweat marks she thought of Tanken and sighed, he was a mysterious one. Turning to Tei she frowned, "Part of me knows Tanken is bad for me, yet I am drawn to him. Puzzles me, I don't like to be puzzled." she muttered returning back to brushing the black beast. Giving his neck a pat she slipped away to the truck and brought out four apples, handing two over to Tei. Lifting the sweet fruit to Vlad's nose she let him sniff and scoop it up into his lips, munching softly.

Feeding Vlad the other piece of fruit she tuned to Tei, "Thanks for coming out with me today Teimhnin, It felt good to get away and let loose. Now that you have Kruze we can do it more often. How about you stick Kruze in the back and I'll meet you back in the territory. I know you're a busy woman and I'm sure Alpha Jace is curious to where you disappeared off to." she said in her sweet tone. "Oh and when the time comes Alphess, I look forward to confirming any future babies."

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Teimhnin waited until Sanaa put on her coat before handing the reins back. She lead Kruze to the trailer and tied the reins to one of the bars to ensure he wouldn’t run off. The alphess watched the horse prance alongside her and she laughed, finding the shenanigans quite funny. Once the reins were securely tied, she unbuckled the saddle and placed the girth on the rack in the trailer. She slipped the saddle from his back and placed it carefully in the truck bed. Removing the pads from his sweaty back, Teimhnin hung them on a rack to dry and took a couple of brushes. She brushed against his fur, fluffing it for it to dry as quickly as possible. Peeking back into the trailer, she was was happy to see two warm blankets for the beasts resting on a shelf. Once Kruze was dry, one was to be placed on his back. The last thing she would want was for her brand new animal to get a chill, especially with how sensitive horses were. Patting the gelding’s neck, she calmed him as his head bobbed and he reared slightly. Hearing Sanaa’s assuring words of pregnancy, she smiled with a slight laugh. “Thank heavens. You're right, the Alpha will be fretting over me day and night. I will have to force him to go to work of course, I’ll need my alone time to sleep and such. As for the twins, I’m almost sure that is what is going to happen. It is in my family bloodline, as I said. The pack was full of many twinships, a freaky thing when you’re surrounded by people who always look alike.” Laughing to herself, the alphess continued to brush down her dappled beast and listen to her doctor talk of her love interest. “It doesn’t matter if he’s good for you. I mean it does, but he could eventually become great for you. No woman likes to be puzzled, some more than others. It’s normal Sanaa, just let it go where it takes you.” Smiling, she took the apple and fed it to Kruze, watching as he took the apple gratefully and ate it whole.

Holding her palm out flat for Kruze to finish his treat, Teimhnin’s head turn to Sanaa as the doctor spoke. “You’re welcome. Feel free to call on me for such things or even visit the house. The alpha cannot deny a visit from a doctor, as selfish over me as he might be. I’d love to do this more often, if I don’t get pregnant soon I’ll be sure to make some free time for you. Alright, I’ll lead Kruze back. It was nice spending some time with you Sanaa, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you sometime very soon.” Removing the bridle to replace it with a halter, Teimhnin lead Kruze into the trailer and made sure he was secure before putting all the tack away. Once she was finished, she waved to Sanaa and walked to her car. Slipping into it, she drove back to the lands with a happy smile. They would see each other again, and their point of discussion would become a very real thing.

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