Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN]

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1You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:25 pm

Midday at Central Park was bright and full of life, the birds chiped and the sound of cars and tourists were almost blocked out completely by the trees. It had been a week and some change since Elay joined Eternal Darkness and he only caught sight of a few others. He never actually got to interact with any of them. Still attempting to keep a low profile Elay stayed in the hotel all week, just exploring his new home. The hotel itself was lovely and had everything he could want, except there were a ton of humans. More then he liked to see so shifting it seemed, was kept minimal to none. Renner on the other hand had grown restless inside, fighting Elay at night to break free. It was time for a good ole fashion run.

Wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans and black Timberland boots Elay jogged through the trees, getting deep enough to conceal himself. Lifting his blue eyes up to the sky he enjoyed the smell of the forest, giving Renner his cue. Elay shifted down to his wolf and took off in a sprint.

The animal in him growled and snorted as he stretched his limbs, hopping over trees and jumping off rocks. Renner didn't stop running, his speed only increased as he dodged the trees weaving in and out. Blue eyes flickering from the rays of sunlight that managed to slip through the tree tops. His growls and snarls echoed around him as he sniffed the ground, searching for something to hunt. But to no avail there wasn't anything good enough.

Unsatisfied with the scents around him Renner lifted his head and turned towards the center of the park. The sounds of rushing water in the distance made his ears perk forward, in a rush he bolted in that direction. Large paws pounded the moist earth as he saw the lake before him, sliding to a stop he checked his area. Scanning the land he noted everything in his sight making sure nothing seemed out of place. Then with a small sigh Renner made his way to the lake, enjoying a few cold laps. It is nice out here...quiet. Elay thought. It is spacious.. Renner agreed. A small smirk was plastered on the wolf's muzzle as he lifted his head to look around. The quiet kept them company.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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2You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:39 pm

Making the rounds on patrol was certainly a different experience when sporting quite a few bruises and nursing what Ryker was fairly certain was a sprained wrist. He had apparently been correct in inviting Daiken to be his sparring partner. It had certainly been a great fight and he felt as though he knew the male much better now. That had been, after all, the main purpose of sparring with him.

Taking a short break from his patrol of the borders, since most werelings tended to approach at night, anyways, Ryker took a stroll through Central Park, watching the families and couples enjoy the day. He wondered what that must feel like, to totally let oneself go and simply enjoy the moment. No worrying about inter pack politics, no worrying about border patrols, no worrying about keeping unruly and bloodthirsty werelings from ripping each other limb from limb, no worrying even about running the financial enterprises of most of Europe. He let out a short sigh. Ah, but wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Ryker shook his head, clearing away such inane thoughts. There was no use in wishing for another lot in life. He had what he had and he was happy with it. He had no other choice. The scent of another member of his pack caught his nose and he tilted his head up, scenting the breeze. Ah, the Luthern male. Ryker turned, heading off in the direction that the male had gone. What better opportunity to get to know the new pack member?

It seemed that he had been moving pretty quickly through the trees and paths of the park, but Ryker eventually closed on his scent, finding him enjoying the quiet and solitude of a small lake. Slipping his hands into the pockets of his dark gray athletic pants, he approached the male. “Good afternoon,” he greeted, smiling amiably. “And how is the newest warrior of Eternal Darkness settlin’ in?

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3You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:33 pm

By the time his Beta spoke, Elay was already kneeling down over the lake. Shifting back into his human form, his long muscular arm swooped down into the cool liquid. Bringing it up he splashed his face and exhaled deeply thinking a moment. The question came as a surprise to him, standing up to greet Ryker Elay nodded his head in respect. Water droplets rolling down his face and neck as he stood tall. Well at least someone in this pack has some hospitality. Renner snorted.

Smiling Elay looked Ryker's way, he lifted his left hand and gave the back of his head a rub."Afternoon Beta Ryker. The hotel is pretty big, a lot more humans then I thought. But I think I will eventually meet others in our pack.." he replied. Elay's bright blue eyes scanned over Ryker he noticed the bruising and he lifted an eyebrow.

"Now I'm not saying you cant protect yourself, but it seems to me that someone got a few good hits in? Sparring I presume? I would definitely be interested in getting some of that action. " he said with a nod. It had been sometime since Elay fought anyone who put up a real fight, judging by Ryker's small bruises. He was either faster then the other guy or his opponent looked worse. Standing beside Ryker, Elay crossed his arms and looked at the land. It was nice. Not wild and green like Africa, but nice.

Though Elay had an unapproachable outlook, he was quite friendly. He had a decent heart, at least he thought so. He knew what he was capable of doing and was able to do things when they needed to be done. Good or bad. Closing his blue eyes Elay inhaled the air deeply, Ryker's scent was stronger now. Over powering the pine trees and fresh water, looking back to the Beta he sighed. "So you're from Ireland eh? I visited Connemara once it was quite a sight, I spent a week out there. Your accent was obvious I could tell in the alleyway that you weren't from around here."

Elay took a few steps towards the lake once more and took a seat on a boulder, one knee raised he rested his arm on it comfortably. He blue eyes looked back at Ryker and he looked back at the sun in the distance. "So in the alleyway, you accepted me. Even after I killed a man on your boarder. Why?" he asked curiously.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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4You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:57 pm

Ryker watched Elay splash water on his face with a slight grimace. He didn’t think that he would have trusted the water in that lake. At least he wasn’t chugging it down or anything. “Aye, meeting people in the pack does take a little bit o’ time. The reason for the humans is so Noctavia can keep up the façade, but I agree, it’s a bit surprising, at first.

The comment about his bruises made Ryker laugh. After a moment, he managed to collect himself and nodded in agreement. “This was from Delta Daiken. He’s older than me, but that also worked against him, I think. He tended to think more traditionally and I have a very non-traditional style. I’d be more than happy to go a round or two with you, once my wrist heals up. I think I sprained it.” He gently rotated the injured joint, testing its range of motion, then scowled slightly and returned his hand to his pocket.

He blinked at being asked to confirm that he was from Ireland. Most people weren’t confident enough in telling where accents were from to make a guess unless it was an obvious one like England or New York or eastern Asia. Plus, the number of people that managed to mix up a Scottish accent and an Irish accent was simply appalling. “Aye, born and bred. Most of my family still lives there, but I found a new path. And if I had to guess, I’d say you’re from southern Africa, somewhere. Zambia, perhaps?” He smiled slightly. Having two samples of a certain accent certainly helped to identify it.

As Elay sat on a nearby boulder, Ryker was struck by his vibrant blue eyes. That was certainly an attractive trait and so far removed from Ryker’s own black irises. The question again caused him to chuckle slightly as he folded his arms over his chest, being careful of his wrist. “Because I don’t care what you did before you joined my pack, so long as it can’t get us in trouble,” he explained, smiling impishly. “As I said in the alley, there are already enough rumors going around that a man killed like that won’t raise too many eyebrows. Just so long as ya don’t advertise the fact that you were the one to kill him and are now living in that particular hotel. The Alphess might not take too kindly to that sort of attention coming her way. Just to sate my own curiosity, might I ask why ya did have to kill him?

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5You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:29 pm

The warrior watched Ryker rotate his wrist and wince from the twist, his attention was completely on the Beta as he spoke. Elay sat quietly on the boulder, enjoying the mild conversation. At that moment it was better then being alone, even though he would never admit that. He raised his eyebrows at Ryker pin pointing his accent correctly. "I'm impressed Ryker, few can even spell Zambia. But my land has one of the greatest Safari's around, it was a wild place to grow up." he responded with a half smile at his joke.

Blue eyes looked back at the trees and he thought for a moment, trying to put his thoughts into place. "Traditional is good in some ways, sometimes the old is better then the new. But in fighting? I think it's better if we adapt, you don't see me carrying a spear around anymore. That weapon is one I do miss from time to time though. Nothing like impaling someone with a long stick.." he chuckled. The image of him as a teen practicing throwing came to mind. He was scrawny and his throws had no length but it was one of the few times he got to spend time with his father. That was few and far between at times, a regret for Elay now.

Elay looked at Ryker his smile disappearing for a moment, his blue eyes flickered bright as he thought. "Because he would tell my older brother which is the Alpha of my father's pack where we are, there is a hefty price on a exiled Prince's head. I'll have you know, but I'm never going back there. Cyress would kill Sanaa in her sleep, if she would be put to death I would have her fight it out. Shes got a good left hook, I tossed her off a roof one time..." he chuckled smirking. I tossed her and you freaked out. I knew she wouldn't die...shes tough. Renner grunted. At least that's what you think. Elay thought.

His jaw clenched as he thought about his sister, she irked his soul. Yet at times he found himself going easy on her, probably because somewhere he cared. Looking at Ryker he shrugged, "Plus, if he would've let the word out. This place would've been filled with Zambia scouts and we don't need anymore trouble. I'm starting to get use to this place...So tell me Ryker what are the perks to being a Beta? Did you always want to be in charge?" Elay asked curiously. Standing up he dusted off his jeans and motioned to Ryker to go for a walk.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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6You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:02 am

Ryker accepted the compliment with a slight nod of his head.  “Well, I’ve had a bit of practice,” he said.  “I’ll bet it was rather interesting.”  Having grown up in the wealthiest family in Europe in a very green, lush, quite often too wet environment, he could only imagine what it would be like to grow up in a place like Zambia.  Of course, he was sure that the images that his mind conjured of grass-clad warrior painted with dyed mud were only marginally accurate, if at all.

He chuckled at the comments about tradition.  “Sometimes it is, yes,” Ryker conceded.  “But aye, certainly not in fighting.  Besides, most traditional problems I’ve found can be solved easily enough with the proper application of creativity and technology.  Though, I can imagine that impaling someone with a long stick would be rather entertaining.”  He arched an eyebrow, wondering if that was supposed to be an entendre or not.

His explanation of why he had killed the man made sense, so Ryker just nodded.  He could imagine Sanaa being a pretty decent fighter, given what he had seen of her and how she moved.  “It sounds like you two really didn’t leave the family on very good terms, did you?” he asked, chuckling slightly.  Of course, he knew a thing or two about being at odds with one’s family, but he had never been exiled for it.  Rather, it seemed as though he had been given control of the family’s assets because of it.

Accepting Elay’s invitation of a walk, Ryker turned down one of the small trails that wound through the whole park and headed off into the woods.  The thought of the territory being filled with spies made his hackles rise and he nearly scented the air, just to check.  Of course, that was silly.  This was essentially the middle of Eternal Darkness territory.  If any unknown werelings crossed the borders, either Noctavia or himself would have felt them.  If these spies weren’t werelings, well, there wouldn’t be much problem anyways.  Mortals were seldom more than simple pawns in the hands of people like Noctavia and himself.

The question about the perks of being Beta resulted in a sharp bark of bitter laughter as his mind casted over the time that he had spent as an Omega of Braveheart.  A moment later, he shook his head slightly and smiled apologetically.  “I’m sorry, that wasn’t a funny question, I’ve just had to deal with some rather unpleasant work as Beta.  Normally, though, I serve as somewhat of an overflow valve for the Alphess.  If there are duties that she has that does not have time or simply the interest in performing, she hands them to me.  I also more or less oversee the training of apprentices and warriors that join the pack, handle disputes between members that need arbitration, things like that.  I suppose,” he paused and chuckled slightly, shrugging a little bit.  “I guess you could say that I was bred to be a leader.  Ever since I was very young, I’ve been trained how to handle people, how to make them do what I want, how to inspire, how to terrorize.  My father was the alpha of our pack and he owned every major corporation that holds sway in Europe.  I was tailored to replace him.  When I came here, I did have certain…designs for the pack, but things changed.  Now?  I guess I’m content to help Noctavia secure her position.”  He shrugged slightly.  Talking things out had a way of helping one decide things.

What about you?” he asked.  “Surely it can’t be easy to go from being a prince to…what, an exiled hitman?  That couldn’t have been an easy transition to make.

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7You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:40 am

As they walked down the dirt path Elay noted Ryker's comment about impaling and he smirked. Did the Beta take his comment and turn it into something else, very few would take it that way. Looking at Ryker he grinned wider and continued walking, maybe there was a lot more to this Beta then dark eyes an alluring accent could reveal. It was a nice day for walk and the temperature wasn't bad either. Ryker's question made him shift uneasily, "Sanaa burnt the bridge when she ran away, I failed to return her in time to my father. So I had threw myself into that hole too, but at that time I was young and still very protective of my sister. Hunting her down was a hell of a job and when I found her the first time in Nevada, I couldn't bring myself  in to forcing her to come back. That was when my father took my future title; Beta. Advised me if she wasn't returned back I would be shaming the family and putting them into war. So when I caught up with her the second time in California, I was attempting to force her in the helicopter. She screamed and kicked and tore into my chest.." he stated lifting his black cotton shirt to show Ryker. The right side of Elay's chest held deep scars from a serious attack. I wanted to rip her throat out... Renner snapped. His face softened for a moment and he let his shirt fall back down his torso.

"In instinct I pulled my telescoping spear from my back pocket and stabbed it through the left side of her chest. It was like 3 feet in length and thick in width, but I shoved it so hard she stumbled backwards and fell off the building. I thought I had killed her, so when I told my dad I sealed my fate. Exiled. Because she was suppose to be put in front of the council for her ruling and she was no use to them dead." Elay paused for a moment thinking back replaying that moment over and over again. Her face as she stumbled backwards over the ledge held fear.

Mushing his hands into his jeans he took a few more steps, sniffing the smells around them. He could smell Ryker on him, his proximity to Elay transferred his muscular scent on over and it made him shift. Clenching his jaw he finished the story, "I took a job in Cali defending some lawyer when I saved him from getting beat up one night at a bar. We had been close him and I...well needless to say he represented all the bad guys in court. Mafia bosses, drug dealers and most of the time they would threaten his life. So I took a few of them out at his request, from there word spread. Humans found me useful, I guess that is nothing to be proud of. I kind of ended up here by accident I guess, but because of my connection I saw Sanaa in the paper. She had saved some guy from death, which I'm assuming was a wereling because blood healing only works for pure bloods. If he was human she would've killed him, so then I knew I had to find her again. Which lead me to New York and you in the alleyway." he said with a half smile.

Elay's blue eyes flickered at Ryker's words, "I can tell you were trained to lead by the way you present yourself. Being content is good, I'll have to admit I am content right now its been awhile. Though each pack works differently I could get use to this. But it is good that the Alphess trusts you with her duties. And you're good at making people do what you want? That sounds like a challenge, I'll have to test that out." he said with a small chuckle.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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8You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:59 pm

Ryker listened attentively to Elay’s story.  It really was an impressive history.  The disparity between their respective upbringings was really quite impressive.  Whereas he could find common ground with most of the others that he had spoken to, there was almost nothing in their past that Ryker and Elay shared.  Ryker found that fact to be somewhat fascinating.  Very carefully, Ryker mentally nudged Dante, who had been staying suspiciously quiet this whole time, but received nothing in response.  Now that was rather odd.  Typically, Dante was eager to offer his opinion on things.  Ryker wasn’t quite sure what to do with him, now that he seemed to be content to simply observe.

It sounds as though your sister was a valuable asset to your family,” he said after a moment.  “I can see why they would want her back.”  He glanced over at Elay and shrugged slightly.  “I can also see quite a few advantages to them taking you back, so you must’ve really knotted some panties, eh?

He chuckled slightly at the comment about his abilities.  “I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said, dipping his head slightly.  “It just might have been.  Best keep yer guard up, eh?”  He shook his head slightly, chuckling.  What was wrong with him recently?  First he felt giddy around Liam, now he was making jokes in broad daylight with Elay?  Perhaps it was just the relief of being back in his own pack and holding his rank of Beta again.  Maybe it was relief at seeing Noctavia start to be a little more than friends with Daiken and knowing how that would affect her mentality.  Maybe…Dante gave a low growl at that flicker of a thought and Ryker quite agreed.  It couldn’t be that, of course.

Taking a deep breath to clear his head a little bit, Ryker glanced over again at the Warrior.  “So how long have you been in New York?” he asked lamely, not wanting to dwell on his thoughts.  There was a time and a place for something like that, and this was neither.

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9You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:36 am

Elay flashed Ryker a fang filled grin and he looked back ahead of them, "Eh..I'm not their biggest fan, panties in a bucnh? That doesn't even begin to cover it and yeah, Sanaa was the other half of the peace treaty my dad had worked out with that neighboring pack." he added glancing up at the tree tops. The sounds of the birds filled his ears as they walked, he could smell other animals nearby too. Hearing Ryker's comment he turned his blue eyes to him.

"About a month and It was kind of boring, just doing a couple jobs here and there. I was looking for Sanaa but I was having little luck and then I was at some freaky bar one night. Where I over heard these two guys talk about neighboring packs. Then I stumbled upon the alleyway and all worked out. " he said with a shrug. Taking a breath Elay decided he enjoyed Ryker's company, Is that so? Renner poked.

Running his hand through his hair, Elay thought quietly. "So Ryker is there another Beta? Every time I see you it is...well only you." he asked lifting an eyebrow curiously. Curiosity killed the cat you know. Renner shot. Lucky for us that we aren't cats then... Elay thought.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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10You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:28 am

Ryker chuckled slightly, remembering Sanaa mentioning that she had been the key component to a peace treaty worked out between the tribes. He imagined that those politics were at least fairly similar to those that he was familiar with and, as such, could easily imagine the damage done by something like Sanaa simply disappearing. “Have you heard anything from your old pack recently?” Ryker wondered aloud, then almost immediately regretted asking such a personal question merely to sate his own curiosity. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer that, if you would rather not,” he amended.

He felt a wave of amusement from Dante, though his other half continued to frustratingly hold his silence. “Two lads at a bar, eh? Do you know if they were werelings, themselves or just humans passing rumors?” Perhaps he would have to visit this bar at some point. Just to see what people knew, of course. “It is fortunate that I was the one that found you,” he said, grinning. “I’m not entirely certain what our esteemed Alphess would have made of your vendetta.

Ryker hummed quietly in thought for a moment when asked whether there was another Beta. Did Arielle’s extremely brief stint as Beta really count? Eh, why not. “There was another, aye, but she left the pack quite a good while ago. I don’t think I ever really met her while she was with the pack, though, and I’ve no clue where she’s got off to.” He thought for a moment. “Actually, I don’t even know if she’s still alive or not,” he added, laughing slightly in helplessness.

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11You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:42 am

Surprised by Ryker's question Elay shifted uneasily and nodded. "Right before I left California this came to my door. I'm well aware who sent it, so I was thinking they got word of Sanaa being alive. Because you know it takes a lot more then a stab and a fall off a roof to kill us." he said in a truthful tone and a faint smile. Reaching into his back pocket he pulled out his wallet and opened it slowly. His blue eyes darkened as he stared at the item and his fingers grabbed the blue feather dipped in red blood. Holding it up for Ryker to see Elay looked his way, the smell of blood obvious. He offered it to his Beta to inspect, he had nothing to hide. "It is my father's blood...a warning." he muttered looking back to the trail and trees. They're chicken shits..they should just come to the door so I can kill them myself. Renner growled.

"For the record I will not bring any unwanted trouble to the pack, I don't wish for that. If anything should happen I would leave immediately. But they like to try and intimidate you, get under you skin. I'm already exiled, they have nothing I could want. Not even my title would make me go back there.." he stated lifting his hands to protest any harsh thoughts. Wondering what Ryker was thinking Elay answered the rest of his questions.

"They were werelings but they didn't smell of this pack and they weren't very smart." He stuffed his hands back in his pockets as they walked. "I'm grateful for this opportunity, it seems I would have to return that favor sometime. Maybe grab a cold beer or possibly a shot or two. Whatever suits your fancy. We will have to toast to your fine judgment of character." he asked as a smirk crossed his lips and disappeared a few moments later.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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12You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:05 am

Ryker cocked his head slightly, wondering what Elay was referring to. In his mind, he pictured a Godfather-esque severed horse head, but that was just ridiculous. The reality turned out to be significantly more portable. He carefully took hold of the father and lifted it to his nose, breathing in the scent of Elay’s father’s blood. “This is a warning from your father or threatening your father?” he asked, handing the feather back. “I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with your pack’s customs about things like this.

He nodded at Elay’s assertion that he would leave if any further trouble cropped up due to his past. “I appreciate that sentiment, but you’re part of Eternal Darkness now. We might not seem like much, but we’re a pack. If someone is threatening you, they’re threatening Alphess Noctavia, and will be dealt with accordingly.” He was not exactly sure if that was Noctavia’s philosophy, but it certainly was his and he had found it to be extremely effective in garnering loyalty.

Try as he might, he could not resist laughing when Elay complimented his judgment of character. “Well, my judgment of character has been called into question once or twice by my family, but I’ll gladly take you up on that offer.” He resisted the urge to chew on his lower lip as he took a breath and decided to hell with it. “Perhaps an evening at the Griffon?” he asked, glancing over at the warrior with a small smile parting his lips.

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13You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 3:59 am

Elay placed the feather back in his wallet and stuffed it into his back pocket, shaking his head no to Ryker's questions. "It's alright, it means neither. It means he is dead." he said calmly. His hands found their way back to his jeans and he sighed at Ryker's statement. "I don't want anyone else getting hurt over this bullshit."

His voice held an icey tone for a moment and he shook away the anger, years later he still could not break free. "I wouldn't want to bring that to this pack.." he said his voice trailing off. Turning his blue gaze to Ryker he looked surprised, he agreed? Didn't see that one coming..Renner said.  Your comments aren't needed... Elay thought. Now now..I know what you're thinking in that head of yours. Renner retorted.

"When it comes to family, some things never seem right. But a evening at the Griffen, sounds good. That would be better then dinning alone and I'd have some good company." he said with a smile. Soon though that smile erupted into a grin and he looked over Ryker nodding. Turning his gaze on where they were walking he exhaled, "Did you have a particular time or day you wanted?" he asked glancing back.

You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] 20jl0e0
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14You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:39 am

That simple proclamation, stated so flatly and as though of barely any consequence, caught Ryker aback, slightly.  He doubted that he would feel much, were he to be given the news of his father’s death, but it didn’t sound like Elay’s father was quite the tyrant of a man that Ryker’s was.  It was almost sad, really.

Elay’s continued noble, though unnecessary show of chivalry brought a grin to Ryker’s lips.  “I know you mean well, but that’s just the way a pack works.  Especially one that adopts strays, like we do.  Don’t worry about being a threat to the pack.  Noctavia’s own family learned that they can’t hurt this pack, so I don’t think that your’s will be much more of a threat.”  That, too, was spoken with simple assurance and conviction.  When something was a fact, there was only so much questioning of it that could be done.  “Besides, the Eternal Darkness pack has resources that virtually every other pack could only hope to dream of,” he added.

The offhanded comment about some things never seeming right with family brought a dark chuckle to Ryker’s lips.  “Aye, tell that to me sister,” he said, reaching up and touching the thin scar that ran horizontally across the left side of his face.  “How does tomorrow night at 7 o’clock suit you?”  It was a relief to see the smile spread across Elay’s lips.  So, Ryker’s intuition had been at least basically correct, after all, and Elay didn’t seem to mind it.

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15You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] Empty Re: You Cant Break My Stride [OPEN] on Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:10 pm

Stray? Is that what they called loners now a days? Or was that how they reffered to everyone else not in Eternal Darkness. The Beta continued to give reasons why Eternal Darkness was not worried about any threats sent from anyone else. Gving a sigh he accepted Ryker's statements, he was right after all. He was in a pack now and he would have to start acting like it, socializing more and such.  Stray? we look like a mangy mutt hanging out on a street. Renner growled.

Elay held in the growl, his chest giving a simple rumble. To Ryker to it could've been taken as a satisfied rumble if he caught it that was. Watching the Beta stroke his scar Elay chuckled, it seemed that family issues were settled the same way in his family as Elays. "Seven at Griffens, that is a deal" he said lifting his hand to give Ryker's shoulder a friendly squeeze. Looking away Elay chuckled and stuffed his hands in his pockets, advising himself to not get to comfy with the Beta. Now now...hands to ones self. Renner insisted.

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