Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*]

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1 The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:29 pm


The actual place located in the neutral zone was deserted, the air held no scent of either pack ever entering. It seemed like the perfect spot to explore and enjoy some privacy, sometimes that was all Sanaa needed. Alone time. Looking up her hazel eyes trailed over the large roller coaster frames, they were covered in thick ivy.

This place was like  heaven to her filled with all types of plants and flowers she could bring back home, she grew excited instantly at the thought. Dragging her fingertips across the metal  fence she found an opening big enough to squeeze under. Shifting forms the female crawled underneath the orange rusted bars, claws scrapping the dirt as she maneuvered about. Once through she shifted back to human form and dusted off her knees, gasping at the sight before her.

Now that she was inside the amusement park she saw the rest of its layout, a good deal of exploring was in her future. But that was alright because she wore light clothes to be able to jump around and move. She was dressed in a thin cotton skirt that reached mid thigh and a green cotton vest that was tied with a red leather string in the front.[[See.] Her long black locks laid gracefully around her shoulders and flickered about catching the wind from time to time. Walking silently Sanaa began to hum a soft tune, singing had remained a big part of her life calming her in the most dangerous situations. Her soft tone echoed throughout the park, each verse growing louder as she went deeper.

Tapping her fingers on her thigh she walked and glanced about, The Fun house, Ball pit, Dragon Coaster, House of Mirrors...House of Horrors? Sanaa paused and looked up at the big spooky mansion, it was still in good condition. A picture of Dracula popping from a window greeted her, stepping past it she went inside. 'I hate this place...why here?' Nyre growled with a shiver.  'Dont be such a baby...this is the stuff legends are made of.' she thought with a smirk.

Making her way down the hallway Sanaa squeeze up the old wooden staircase, creaks followed her every step. Glancing around she spotted spider webs and fake zombies, she chuckled. Walking into another part of the house it read, The Beast's lair. Smirking she figured they meant 'The Were Wolf', it was amazing what the humans portrayed them as. 'Humans are so stupid...seriously look at this place? Nyre huffed.

Stepping past a long mirror Sanaa made her way over to the bed in the middle of the room. A metal man was sitting up, his face was growing fur and he looked frightened. Lifting her hand she ran her fingers over his reaction, he was terrified. Thinking of a good song she started to sing;

"No one will ever change this animal I have become, help me believe it's not the real me.Somebody help me tame this animal I have become.."

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2 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:14 am

He didn’t know why he was here. Maybe he had nothing to do and was simply bored. He had walked over most of the lands he knew were not part of any pack’s territory. He still had to find out of his brother was really in some of the near packs. His scent was slightly in some places, which made him believe he was really in New York. A loner? Maybe. But a contact of him said he got into a pack recently. That was interesting considering the fact he stayed a loner for a century.

He moved easily over the fence in a quick and quiet jump and landed near the abandoned games. His eyes looked around and the scent of another wolf was left in the air. Knowing it was someone he did have the ‘pleasure’ to meet, like that Guardian or Doctor, he moved forward and looked into a big scary mansion with the title ‘House of Horrors’. With that he laughed sarcastically and stepped in. The house was actually boring and stupid considering the fact how humans thought about werewolves and vampires. With a long yawn that showed all his fangs he felt the scent of that wolf coming closer, a female, for what he knew. He kept moving quietly, taking advantage of all the lessons he received to be a hired murdered just like his bloodline. His black fur made him disappear perfectly with the dark walls and surrounding.

A few ‘scary’ rooms and traps away, he spotted a tall and, actually beautiful, female singing softly. He stood tall and dominant at her from behind, looking at her closely with his blue eyes he let a low growl scape through his fangs. His voice dark and rough. “Not part of the exhibit I suppose, precious.”

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3 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:57 pm

His scent filled the room like smoke in a house fire, creeping across the floor to Sanaa. The musk invaded her nostrils as she took a small sniff, man and blood. Letting her hand drop to her side she felt his presence behind her. Eyes glancing to her left she saw part of his reflection in the dirty mirror, he looked wild. His scent however was unfamiliar, he was not from Venantium or Eternal.  'Hes a loner...I can smell it.' Nyre growled.

Suppressing the growl in her throat Sanaa turned to look at the male, hazel eyes staring up at him. She blinked a few times taking him all in; muscles, tattoos, scars, scruff and light eyes. This man was a piece of work and the smirk on his face made her smile weakly.

"Who me? Na I'm the main event." she said with a small smirk. Tilting her head she couldn't help but stare at his scars. He had so many she wondered what doctor did the shabby patchwork. Keeping her hands at her side she controlled her urge to touch them, it was rude to point out bad healing. Hazel eyes flickering to the mirror then back at the male she wondered how much suffering her had done.

Lifting her hand she stuffed some hair behind her ear and leaned against the bed frame. Hazel eyes locked on the male she spoke, "House of Horrors isn't always my first pick, but I figured why not. Dracula greeted me at the door and then you snuck up behind me. Seems to me like I'm on a roll today, but you can call me Doctor Sanaa or Sanaa for short. Do you have a name?"

Sanaa stepped past him and dusted off the mirror on the opposite side of the room, she sneezed from the dust.  "I am not trying to be rude but you don't live here do you?" she asked motioning to the dust and grime.

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4 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:15 pm

Her lack of fear and provocative reply made him lower his head slightly and smile amused. He looked at her closely and let out a breath. It was not common find a werewolf that doesn’t leave or attack at the first sight of him. Her clothes were as sexy as her body itself, and her voice was elegant and without the slightest tone of threat. He listened carefully wondering where she got so much confidence to talk to him so freely without knowing who he really was or what he had done to many species just for revenge.
A Doctor? This was the second one in the week, but her smell was not like the one of the previous Eternal wolves he encountered at the Rapture. She was surely from the other pack. ‘So it was true there were two packs taking the territories here.’ Sanaa. He never heard such a name, still, it suited her someway. “Tanken. Or as others call me, Mr. Loner.” He grinned remembering the Eternal Doctor bitter words when she put him that nickname. He didn’t care actually, nothing cared anymore, just ending what he started with his brother.
As she moves past him, he trusted she wasn’t going to attack or anything, and he wasn0t in the mood for that as well. Silently he shifted back to his human form. Dark jeans covered his black boxers, black leather shoes surprisingly clean after everything he had done since he left his house. He was always elegant and well dressed, usually with a dark suit and a button shirt. Now he had he chest bared showing all his scars and tattoos freely. Just a bit of blood from his previous victims, or his, was still in parts of his neck and frame. He did cleaned in a river in the forest, but he never had the time to return to his house or buy new clothes. Her question surprised him slightly. Was he looking so dirty and poor? “Hmp. Actually, I was also invited by Dracula outside the House. I will never pick such a stupid place for living. I prefer a mansion or expensive boarding house away from humans.” He smiled slightly remembering he had passed the last month sleeping and living in the forest like a true wolf. “What about you, Doctor? Why someone with such a title and a pack, I presume, is in such a lonely place? Are you looking for something?”

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5 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:36 pm

Sanaa watched him shift in the mirror and she turned to face him. He was bare chested and big, a smirk crossed her lips. Her gaze watched his face as he talked, if she didn't know any better he seemed to  enjoy his title. Loner. It fit the ones who always had something to hide, but what was she saying. She spent most of her life as loner, running from her past and never fully getting away. "Tanken,it's a pleasure." she commented ignoring his loner comment. Sweet in nature Sanaa couldn't understand why everyone always had to fight. Pack or not it wasn't like none of them had anything in common.

'Don't turn your back no him..' Nyre growled, clawing to break free from Sanaa's hold. Taking a breath Sanaa pulled her hair to one side and glanced up at Tanken. "I hunt for plants to grow and this place looked interesting enough. Plus, I enjoy the quiet more then others." she stated simply. His smell was strong and if she was right he still had some of his lunch dried on his neck.

Biting her lip Sanaa looked back at the Were wolf man, she smiled. "This place is quite ridiculous, such imaginations these humans have. A mansion eh? Well that sounds fancy, I prefer a cozy cottage. Hell back home in Africa before we got our territory, I lived in a hut. But not a shabby hut, I'll have you know. A high class hut for the princess.." she retorted confidently. She had said a little bit to much to a stranger she barely knew. Oh well, what's the worst he could do? Track down her brother and tell him where she lived. Last time he caught up to her, he chucked her off a roof.

"Tell me Tanken...your scars. What are they from?" she asked her voice in a soft tone. Lifting her hand she reached out to point to a big one on his stomach, almost touching him. Pausing she pulled back and leaned against the bed frame, eyes still keeping tabs on him. Well he wasn't bad looking, the whole I'm a bad guy I kill people thing was working for him.

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6 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:50 pm

“A princess?” He looked at her to see if she was joking, but it seemed that it was the truth. Not every day you find a princess in such a place. “Well, it’s an honor to be before the eyes of a princess.” He teased slightly with a half-smile. He let his shoulders fall a little feeling a bit more comfortable at her presence, his tensed muscles now more relaxed. “I always had a great life regarding luxuries. As a werewolf, I believe you know all the opportunities we have to gain easy money and material things.”
His expression changed to something between annoyance, anger, and hidden pain. He looked down at the fangs mark in his abdomen. It a long breath, he felt his fake ribs hurting slightly as always. He had nothing to hide, but no one had ever asked him about his scars, rather because the ones that saw them, if they could, never cared or dared to ask. She in the other hand, she had the courage and curiosity of a cat. “That was when a had some unfinished deals with an Alpha werewolf. I killed one of his pack members, the female beta, cause she was causing me some troubles. The Alpha didn’t heard reasons and said ‘life for a life’ right before he took my left side with his fangs and destroyed all the organs I had at his reach. He also created this one.” He pointed at the long one down his left shoulder.
“All the others are similar histories. I killed someone and they wanted revenge. Or they simple believed they could win against the devil.” He grinned with real amusement before touching the deepest and longest one right under his heart. “Now, this one, it will be better if I simple show it to you...” His nails shifted into long and razor sharp dark claws. Reaching out he started cutting right over the scar to don’t create another one. He could had used one of the twin daggers he had attached to his belt at his right side or the hunting knife in his left side, but it was easier and less painful with his own weapons. Blood started to run down his frame.  It his four claws, he started to open his flesh like a curtain, exposing his ribs, or what seemed to be his ribs. Long steel appendices replaced his true bone ribs. His face was blank. Not amusement, or craziness, or pain, anything. He was simple watching her waiting for her reaction. He didn’t care about what she will think or do next. Any feeling he could have now was hidden deep into his heart, not the slightest one appearing in his eyes.
After several attempts against his life, Tanken had several fake bones made of stainless steel along his body, not able to regenerate them again. Two ribs in his upper left side, when his own grandfather wanted to take out his heart. The last three ribs in the lower part in his right side thanks to a werewolf that launched at him with all his strength and velocity like a mad bull, stamping him against a concrete wall at his back that then broke with the force. It felt like if a huge truck going at 180km/h hit his body. Lastly, his right femur when a werewolf separated his leg from his body smashing his bone with his jaws. He has leaned to modify his metal parts when he shifts but he always feels an intense pain in that parts, especially in his wolf form while fighting or running.

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7 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:37 pm

Sanaa lifted an eyebrow as he teased her lightly, she smirked. Her hazel gaze rested on him as he relaxed, his muscles moving beneath his skin. Stretching her long tan legs out his way she got comfy on the edge of the bed. "Being a Princess isn't all its cracked up to be, but it did have one or two perks. But being a werewolf is even better, I can appreciate what I am. We are such amazing creatures..." she stated sounding like a doctor for a moment.

Noting the change in his face Sanaa felt bad for asking, her curiosity did get her into trouble at times. But his body held so many, she couldn't understand why his regeneration had failed him. To many shocks to his bones possibly or maybe his system was weak. The tone in his voice made her eyes lift to his face, his hand shifting. Long black nails stretched out as he pointed out his scars. One by one explaining the story behind them, all of them were horrible. She felt a terrible pain slice through her as she stared directly at the scar on his chest. "The devil? Such a interesting title you give yourself Tanken. Do you have a thrill for taking anothers life? " she spoke.

His next actions caught Sanaa off guard, she hopped up and grabbed his wrist. Holding it she growled her eyes flickering. "What in the world is a matter with you!?" she said loudly her voice cracking. The sight of his metal parts making her wince, she had never seen anything like it. Sanaa had read of metal replacing bones but his whole chest, then she got to thinking. All his scars, all his fights had destroyed his body piece by piece. Her left hand squeezed his wrist and she brought his claws down to her right palm. Her heart beat quickened as she looked up at him, this wounded man. He was so rough on the outside, she wondered what he kept locked inside.

Using his claws she cut open her palm, with a soft growl she let the blood trickle down her arm. Her sweet minty scent mixed with the smell of fresh blood and the scents around them shifted. Pressing her palm to his chest she focused her gaze on him, a determined look on her face. Clenching her fist she squeezed the blood onto his chest, her hand pressing his skin together as she attempted to heal him. Blood regeneration, an old skill she kept in her back pocket. "I understand bad does it hurt when you shift?" she asked. She couldn't believe he still shifted successfully, he had to withstand a lot. Her nose twitched as his scent engulfed her, inhaling softly she paused. "Regeneration is something I specialize in and study closely. Have you ever tried old medicine? Ya know the witch doctor stuff?"

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8 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:44 pm

He looked at her hand gripping his wrist. It seemed like if she really cared that he was hurting himself, even when they didn’t knew each other more than some minutes ago. That was weird. No one ever cared about it. At the contrary, they always looked out ways to torture or kill him. His eyes narrowed as she cut her own flesh, believing she was going to ask him to drink her blood, but he was wrong. She directly put her blood in touch with his. His blue eyes flashed a green tone as a low growl filled the House of Horrors. “Stop it!” He moved backwards but the bed at his bad prevented him to more further, making him to take her forearm and push her away slightly. “Blood exchange... is a big deal for me. I had never accepted the blood from another werewolf unless I took his life along with his blood.”
With a sigh he let go of her arm and relaxed a bit. Looking at her he felt how his cut was finishing healing with the blood she gave. It was amazing how fast an injury could heal with the help of blood. It felt weird as he always waited for his wounds to heal alone. “A lot... It always hurt. I just got used to live with it.” Sighing again he took a sit over the bed and placed his hand over his right leg gripping it, noticing how the steel femur was hurting right now by just remembering it. ‘Damn it...’

“No, never tried it and I don’t see the point now.” He was going to die soon anyway, so it will not matter to suffer a couple more of months or more if he was unlucky. He just wanted everything to end for once and for all. “I never went to a doctor or witch or anything. I don’t trust anyone. I always made my own operations and healing process. I can’t depend on anyone.” He looked up at her again and wondered what made her stay this long in his presence.

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9 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:32 pm

Sanaa took a step back as Tanken shoved her forearm, he caught her off guard. Steadying herself Sanaa's hazel eyes flickered as she gave him a growl. Crossing her arms she stood before him, listening to him speak. "I'm sorry, it truly is a habit. Sometimes I can feel the pain and I just have the need to heal. It sounds silly but..its an uncomfortable feeling." she stated. Her tone was stern and her eyes watched him slink to the bed to sit. The scent in the air had shifted as he relaxed, that to made her breath easier.

It was obvious what he was saying was true, the stitching and  incisions on his body weren't professional. She noted his comment about it not mattering and trusting no one. Sighing softly she stepped lightly around him and took a seat on the bed. Leaning back on her hands she looked to Tanken then at the scattered items in the room. "What do you mean by 'you dont see the point now'?" she asked curiously. Her eyes trailed over his right leg as he rubbed it down, lifting her own hand she looked at her palm. It healed. "I have a few old books from my pack at my house, I could always look through them if you ever change your mind. I am one helluva healer and I don't mind helping."

Sanaa sat quietly beside him and stretched her legs out once more. Her chocolate skin glistened as the sun's rays penetrated the dusty window. The rays gave the room little light and even in the darkness Tanken's eyes were bold and bright. Taking a small breath she shifted her gaze to the scars on his body. It was a terrible habit, her mind always wanted to heal things. Lifting her left hand she softly traced her finger over his stomach scar, a tingle slipping through her from the touch.

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10 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:58 pm

He looked at her with the corned of his blue eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t see the point in getting all fixed up and healed if I will not make it for Christmas.” He grinned and looked at the front again to the old broken mirror and fake demons and bats filled with dust. “You should care to use your time and abilities to help someone that will soon die. All your work will be wasted. Also, you should help someone that simply doesn’t deserve it.”
His body tensed quickly and hardly feeling her hand over his scar. Swallowing hard he looked at her hand and then at her not moving a muscle. What the hell? Why? No one ever touched his scars, and if someone will ever want to, he would simple bite his hand off. Noticing he started to breathe a bit faster he closed his eyes and relaxed again. His voice was more soft and controlled. “What are you doing...?” Opening his eyes, Tanken looked at her again and sighed deeply asking himself the same question. What was she doing here, and why was she still here?

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11 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:39 pm

Some of the things Tanken spoke of didn't surprise her really, he seemed like a man waiting to die. The hint of him disappearing around Christmas time made her scowl, that was her favorite holiday. He had no value of his life and that bothered her tremendously, she couldn't help but wonder why. "I don't really choose with my eyes when I help others, I choose with my heart. I can feel it deep inside, I think you deserve it." she stated looking up at him. Her fingers slid from his stomach scar to the one on his shoulder, her touch still gentle as ever. She ran her fingers down his arm as she felt him relax, a small smile spread across her lips.

"Why do you want to die? Why does your life mean so little to you?" she whispered in a barely audible voice. Her hazel gaze stared up into his blue ones and for a moment, she felt lost. Even though Tanken was beaten and battered, and he seemed mean to his core. His eyes reflected something else and at that moment Sanaa had to take a deep breath. She was sitting in the house of Horrors beside a loner that refereed to himself a demon or the devil. Everything happened so fast, but he was intriguing and she liked that.

His soft voice from her touching him made her tremble, she slid her hand over his heart. Feeling for the beat she closed her eyes before speaking, "I am touching your scars...I can still feel the pain they bring you." she murmured.Her hand slid down from his upper chest scar to his flat stomach. She looked up his way and smirked, "Why didn't you attack me? At the beginning...? Anyone else would have.." Sanaa pointed out as she pulled away from him. Touching his body made her cheeks flush and she looked straight ahead for a bit. Her hands fiddled with her long locks and she pulled them to one side.

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12 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:16 pm

“Then you hears is really messed up.” He grinned looking at her for a moment and then put serious again feeling her fingers moving along his scars. Her touch was relaxing, but at the same time it was estrange and weird, making his tense again and then relax once more. Sighing he closed his eyes for a moment to open them again, looking back to the front at nothing. “Because my life doesn’t mean anything. I’m simply sick of everything and I want it to end, by the hands of a specific wolf.” He thought of Daiken killing him. They were both strong, always training and running being loners for so long. Fighting and preparing for their next encounter. The problem was that Daiken was weaker than him regarding killing his own family. It was possible that he will retreat before the final blow. That was why he needed to pretend to be still a selfish and sadistic demon wanting to end the life of everyone he cared, again. Why he had done such a thing? Killing his own nephews and Daiken’s mate. It was sure Daiken was never going to forgive him. That was good. That way it will be easier for him to kill Tanken.
He breathed a bit faster again feeling her hand right in front of his heart. The only thing others had never being able to take away from him. Hurt, yes, but never stop. “Then you should stop... You may not be able to endure all of it...” As she pulled away he stood up to calm himself. He didn’t knew way but something, or maybe someone, was making him dizzy. Even when the normal thing was to sit, he was already sited, then maybe walking could help. Holding himself on a metallic post holding some structure upstairs, he breathed deeply, her scent just making the dizziness increase. ‘What the hell?’ It was not that she smelled bad or venomous, at the contrary, it was sweet and even inviting to take a bite.
Looking at her slightly, he walked a few steps away like to invite her to return to their ‘Horror Tour’ inside the house. “Why would I? Anyone? Just an idiot would attack a princess like yourself.” Tanken smiled slightly teasing again, truth hidden in his words. "I didn’t saw you as a threat, but as someone that could even talk a little, if you wouldn’t run away or try to attack me like the majority. I tend to create that effect in humans and other races.” Giving out a fake smile he looked away.

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13 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:59 pm

Sanaa watched him stand up and walk towards the door, taking the hint she followed closely. His words still audible as they walked through the dark hallway, she wasn't sure where they were going. Placing her hand on his back she slid her electrifying touch over his shoulder as she squeezed between him and the wall. She wanted to be in front of him, she wanted to pick what way they went. Following the dark corridor her hands touched the side of the wall as they stepped. Their scents mingling in the small area, she could smell him all over her.

"My heart isn't messed up Tanken and I am well aware of what I can endure. I've donated blood to an inch of my life..I could feel my own life force draining from my veins. It was weird and not as painful as you would think, but from there I had to sleep for 2 days. My body had to regenerate everything it lost and at one point I thought I was dead. But I saved a life and that was all that mattered." she said softly. She didn't look back his way, she just kept walking quietly through the House of Horrors. Pausing she glanced at the exit and took a left to leave this building and check out the rest of Wonderland.

When Tanken referred to her as princess it brought back many memories and she couldn't help but smile. It was cute and she liked it, more then she would admit though. He was still foreign to her, but her heart kept telling her to find out more. So that was what she planned on doing, he had the outer shell of a monster. But his smiles and remarks kept giving Sanaa signs, he had more depth. "This place looks interesting, come on Tanken!" she called out shifting into her wolf form. The browns that covered her thick pelt reflected the sunlight as she stepped back out to the fresh air. Inhaling the sweet smell of the forest she trotted over to the House of Mirrors. Moving quickly she slipped inside, her hazel eyes glowing as she glanced around at the mirrors. There were tons of them in the corridor she walked through some tall, fat and others rectangular. Her image shifted as she continued down the hallway, passing the mirrors quietly. She knew Tanken was listening, so she spoke.

"What wolf do you want to kill you? Ending your life seems like a cop out if you ask me, like you're running from something." she stated peeking her head around a corner. She wondered where he had got too.

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14 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Sat Nov 02, 2013 2:07 am

He laughed slightly, almost evilly, as she told she saved a live. “I almost die several times because of loss of blood, just that in my case, is was painful cause there were several injuries making me bleed and I couldn’t sleep for even a day cause I could had been killed later. I never saved a life in those cases, at the contrary, I ended them.” He walked outside of the House of Horrors and looked around, frowning as she called him with so much enthusiasm. Why? No one, ever, called for him, just keep saying to go away. Tanken grinned at the thought and sighed.
Shifting again into his bad black wolf’s form, he followed cautiously and a bit interested. He happiness and courage made him wanting to know more and discover part of her she wasn’t already giving out. He stopped slightly as she asked more questions, including the fact she was implying he was running from something, and it was true, that was the worst part.
He stayed quiet for a few minutes, walking along the mirror, not really knowing where she was now. Using his snout he grabbed her sweet smell again. “My brother...”

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15 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Sat Nov 02, 2013 10:42 am

Perking her ears forward she looked around the corner and spied the image of Tanken's tail in the mirrors. Then he was gone again, her nose picked up his musky scent and she exhaled quietly. His voice sounded so close by she spun around to catch him, but her reflection in the mirror greeted her instead. "You have a brother? I'm assuming hes not in the pack I'm in. That would mean he's in the other pack, that is why you're in the neutral zone. You're chasing him down so he will kill you..why would he go through with it?" she stated putting the pieces together. It made sense, but she wondered why he wanted to die. The terrible things he had done that he wasn't able to live with could be the reason. Another family feud, she was trapped in one herself.

Walking quietly through the maze of reflectors she hit the center, the long mirrored hallway opened up into a circle room. A large mirror was bolted to the floor in the center and Sanaa padded over to it.The sign looming above it read, Mirror of truth. Her hazel eyes flickered as she shifted back into her human form, her hand reaching out to touch the cold glass. Was this the trickiest mirror of them all? Her mother's reflection stared back at her, dressed in fitting tribal attire. Swallowing hard Sanaa blinked waiting for her reflection to change but instead it held fast, her mother's gaze as bold as it was years ago when she was a child.

Sanaa wondered if she followed the same hazy path her mom did as a woman, before she met her father at the river's edge and healed him. They bonded at that moment, becoming inseparable after. Sanaa's grandfather always said her mother deserved better, that her fate had been sealed when she loved a loner. Tanken's scent grew stronger and she collected her thoughts as her mom disappeared. Blinking Sanaa pressed her other hand against the mirror, attempting to see her once more. How she wished she was alive, closing her eyes Sanaa bit her lip her fangs sinking deep into the tender flesh. Trading one pain for another, she didn't move.

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16 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:17 pm

He thought for a moment why would he reveal everything to this werewolf he just met. He didn’t know, but a part of him wanted to stay with her and continue talking. It felt good to have a bit of chat with someone once in a while. Not feel alone and rejected as always. With a long sigh he kept moving along the mirrors, not caring to look into them and see that scarred and wasted figure of him. Not even his wolf Crimson talked to him since all started, more than 110 years now since he last heard his voice. “I’m still not sure if he’s in Eternal Darkness. I met some nice members of that pack and I’m guessing he is there. He will come for me when he hears I’m near. Why not? I killed our father, his mate, his pups, and his entire pack. He fears I will do it again.”

He searched for her and chuckled at the thought of actually searching for someone without the intention of killing it later. Pecking her scent, he followed to a circle of glasses and looked at her staring into the biggest one at the floor. She was still and the air started to smell heavy and like iron. Just blood had that sweet characteristic. He was so used to that smell he knew well all the types of blood with just having a smell of it, vampire, werewolf, human, shifter, animal, no matter the race he could know it. This certainly, was hers.

Tanken shifted back and looked down at her. “Sanaa?” His voice was harsh and evil as always but with a bit of worry hidden at the back. He followed her eyes and looked at the same thing, the title reading Mirror of truth. He chuckled at such stupid name but then stopped as a blurred figure started to change his own reflection. What the hell? Suddenly an older figure with gray mustache and beard appeared before him. His eyes silver and evil. A huge scar of five claws marked his entire face from his upper left side, down to the right. No. No! It was impossible. He killed his grandfather many years ago. And why the fuck the truth was him? He tried to deny he was just like his grandfather, but actually he was, after everything he did. Tanken gave a deadly snarl and used his fist with all his force against the glass, breaking it entirely as the pieces of sharp and pointy broken glass cut and got inserted into his flesh and muscles. Still growling he glanced at Sanaa with his hand and forearm bleeding. “Let’s go.” His voice was angry and impatient, even when he tried to not sound too harsh or violent.

He turned and moved outside the House of Mirror leaving a trail of blood behind. Finally outside, he sighed and closed his eyes. Why he saw his grandfather, his hateful and malicious grandfather, as the truth? He tried to find an alternative answer but the same one kept coming. He was his grandfather. He had the same heart and soul as him. He growled again and felt a rush of pain along his body. Why would he even bother to change? Nothing was ever going to change. The best thing to do was to search for Daiken and end everything.

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17 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:49 pm

When the mirror exploded Sanaa took a step back, glass shot out everywhere cracking and shattering around her feet. Snapping out of it she lifted her head to see Tanken, upset and frustrated. Maybe she wasn't the only one going crazy in wonderland. He turned to leave and Sanaa let him go ahead a moment. Shaking her head she took a deep breath, stepping towards the door she looked back at the mirrors. I know she is still with us..shes proud of you. We've come a long way and I Nyre commented in a soft tone. Stepping back through the hallway of mirrors she followed Tanken's blood trail thinking quietly.  I can only hope and yes Nyre, we have.

Stepping out into the sunlight Sanaa sniffed the air, turning around she spotted Tanken leaning against the wall. Walking over to him she spied his bloody hand, reaching out she grabbed his arm softly. "Hold still..this will hurt." she warned pulling out a piece of glass. Her fingers grabbed another piece of glass and she tugged on it gently, sliding it out. Lifting her right hand she bit into her palm, letting the blood drip onto his arm.

" you want to go get a drink maybe? Meet me at the Griffen, if you know where its at? I like the wine there." she said hazel eyes lifting to glance up his way. A small smile formed on her lips as she returned his arm back, "I'd have to go home and change, but it would be fun. If you wanted to see me again..that is." she added,her cheeks flushed a soft red as she looked away then back at him.[/color]

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18 Re: The Beast in Wonderland. [*Tanken/M*] on Sat Nov 09, 2013 8:12 pm

He opened his eyes and looked at her. He took a long breath and let her work in his arm, not caring for the pain or the loosened blood, until she stared to loose hers too. He was about to back away and growl like if he was treating with a child that never learned. Instead, he kept still as she asked and looked away. He hated when someone helped another when that wasn’t what he deserved. He saw that a lot in the humans and even other werelings. He never thought that cold happen to him as well. It was a deep and disgusting feeling... guilt, because you knew you don’t deserve something and you still get it. He always thought life had a balance, but that balance always ignored him.
He turned his head back and looked at her surprised. ‘A drink? Why?’ He couldn’t believe that someone he just met would want to take the time to see each other again. Usually everyone wished and begged to never see him again, why was that different with her? He returned to his serious expression of always and nodded. “I know where it is... 9pm. It will not surprise me if you don’t appear.” He gave her a fake smile and turned to leave. As he walked away he turned once more to see her and stopped. Stop giving out your blood like that. It doesn’t deserve to be wasted with beings that doesn't deserve it.” Tanken turned, shifting with a jump to leave.

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