Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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Cover Your Tracks *Alex*

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1 Cover Your Tracks *Alex* on Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:19 pm

'Right!' 'No! This way!' 'Will you ever do as I say, Hikami?' 'We are both wrong, stop complaining!' 'Is the salt in the air, don't blame me!' 'I am not blaming you, Zafrina. I just want to find him. He came this way, I am sure of it.' 'That will not end like it did.' Zafrina was right. They will find him and make him explain, even when he already did, but not entirely. She needed to be sure, she needed to know from his exact words he felt the same. 'I lied' was not enough. This was the second time someone ever kissed her, and the first time was such a big mistake. Her body shivered again remembering that night when that idiot just launched at her trapping her hips with his in a disgusting and quick moment in that bar. God! She really enjoyed when she then killed him. But now... The shivers ended to turn into a warm and weird feeling she liked, even when she didn't know what it was exactly. He touched her so gently and slowly. She couldn't do anything. Not move, not back off, not speak, anything. She just stayed there like an idiot, hypnotized with his blue gaze and soft lips against hers. 'Aaaaahhhh!!!' Hikami jumped and laughed deeply. A huge smile like no other showing his white snow fangs, his wet nose filled with sand as well as the short fur in her paws. She wanted to howl load and long with happiness, but now she needed to find him.

Her feeling were mixing again as Kam remembered his departure. How he dared to leave after kissing her? What the hell did he thought of her that he had to leave? Maybe that she was going to kill him. She will, but because he, fucking, left! A low growl came from his throat before a smile came again to curve her black lips. He kissed her. He lied! She never felt so happy in her life that someone lied to her. Her golden eyes looked at all the houses to one side, the bushes at the other, and the beach behind them. The waves moving slowly and softly during the warm afternoon. It was almost 5pm and a cool breeze moved the white pelt in her back. Hikami sighed and kept looking for him, just when a figure appeared some meters in front of her moving quickly toward the houses. The wolf rushed quickly towards Alex and jumped to land exactly over him, taking care to don't hurt him, just tackle him to a stop, pinning him to the ground so he will not leave again. Before he could move her away or say anything she said softly. "Please..."

Taking a deep breath, she moved away from him and shifted back in front of him. Her face looking down and her hair in front of her face to cover her blush as she remembered his lips against hers again. She wasn't going to forget that easily, or ever. She had the same clothes as before, not finding a single second to change or even take her bag from the gym so she will not lose him. Her black top and pants contrasting her creamy skin, as well as the black tribal tattoo marking her frame. She didn't know what to say. She just wanted to find him, and now that she did, she didn't know what to do next.

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2 Re: Cover Your Tracks *Alex* on Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:12 am

Seagull's passed overhead and called over the rush of waves - crashed against the sandy pebbled shoreside. Not a soul lay left in sight, nor any other movement besides the darkness of a single wereling padding hopelessly confused - aimlessly walking with his head shifting side to side in chick of his surroundings - millions of things rushing at once throughout his mind. He was of only but a strong Guardian, caught by his throat in the most thickest of situations he had ever face, such feelings of what he could not even describe coursed his own will. Within his years applied the soft ashen hairs around his muzzle, slowly to phase back into pitch black hairs and tinges of crimson ginger to line the sides of his toned muscles. Naturally, he stood much taller than the faes of their kind, but the way he walked make him slightly smaller than the normal as it was due to his lack of excitement that evening. He asked himself - why? Why did would he do such a thing? - in yet no answer would respond other than the slight chuckles of his counterpart's voice at the back of his head.

Resisting such a thing was near to impossible, and with age, the brute had grown immune to his sarcastic and precise manner. The only thing that kept him from loosing it was her; only her. His chest felt as if had been weighed down by tons of pressure, heaving out choking sighs to what made him hard of breathing. His actions were what he knew were reckless, inconsiderate even, but what could he really do? She didn't like him, he thought, and now he blew every chance he had of ever having a friend. Many woman had come into his life, ones he would flirt with, and end up with them treating him as if he were a piece of trash made for a homeless man's cardboard house. But that was all different now. He had changed his ways of alcohol, and so he still more than anything craved it, however that too would be a lie, for he desperately wished to kiss her again. Hikami. The sound and thought of her name even made him shy his face away from the sun that made the color of his eyes give off a bluish green tint rather than its normal blue. It was almost as if he could hear her in his head.

But wait.. it was her..

His body whipped around - caught dead center as the weight of a white spirit flattened him on his back, weakened by her sweet scent that filled his wet nostrils, "Hikami?" Alexander finally spoke, filled with the mix of saltwater and gracefully tracing the outline of her figure as it shifted to her angel body, watching how beautiful she made it appear to change from a beast to a beauty such as herself. His form stayed the same though, peering down at her while he finally reached to his feet to stand. Slowly, his head bowed in apology and his ears turned backwards as he looked to her, I like you... Hikami. A lot. But I didn't want to be one of those guys that you thought was just like any other.. All my life I've been claimed as a heap of junk, because every girl I've ever met judges for a man's looks and not the person they really are... He closed his eyes and sighed slowly before lifting his head to continue, I fear not that you too would reject me as of now, but before you do, I must tell you this.. I.. Alexander Jason Reese Jr. have had the biggest crush on you since the day we met.. Never before has a girl treated me like you had other than Red, I.. I mean Alphess Teimhnin. But that's different, I don't feel that way about her as I do for you.. I really.. really like you, Hikami.. His words slowly got quieter as he spoke and it started to mumble into a fit of fighting sentences. He was hopeless, a pathetic waste of time, which made him wonder why she was even here. She shouldn't have come, he thought. Now what would he do..

He went quiet and looked at her with heart filled eyes, pained by the idea of her rejection, but easily shaken off of the emotion as he knew it would not be professional for him to feel such things before a warrior.


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3 Re: Cover Your Tracks *Alex* on Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:38 pm

She could only look at him with wide eyes, remembering to breathe every now and then to don’t choke. He liked her, not just that, he had a crush on her since they first met. Was that really happening? Hikami didn’t know if to doubt as always or just start jumping with happiness and hope. She didn’t understand much why he liked her, what was what made him look at her in a way nobody else did before. What was even weirder was that she also liked him, a lot. And he was gorgeous! What did he mean with ‘heap of junk’? She was really thinking to search that bitches and change their brains with one that would work. He was also kind and intelligent, strong and caring. In so many ways better than her and many others she knew. He was simply perfect, at least for her, and she never thought someone so perfect could ever see her as something else than a friend.

How could he think she was going to reject him? An idea came to her mind as she composed herself. Turning to her always confident and serious posture, she neared him until she was almost touching his big colorful head. “Could you please shift, Alexander?” She waited patiently for him, knowing he wasn’t to deny her request. Her heart jumped again looking at his beautiful features appeared before her. She moved even closer and looked into his blue eyes with her own still serious, pretending to be angry and disappointed of him. “Close your eyes and be still.” She waited again for him to follow. She could just think in surprise him just as he did minutes before. A smile appeared in her lips just when he closed his eyes. Could he be thinking she was going to slap him? She almost laughed at the thought knowing she will never be capable to do that to him, even when she will not be able to hurt him much. Taking a deep silent breath, she closed her eyes as well. She didn’t have much or actually any practice in the topic, but she will never forget how he kissed her. Trying hard to copy his actions, she stepped in her tip toes and reached his lips. Using her hands to get balance, she placed them over his broad shoulders and pressed her lips just a bit deeper against his.

She stayed like that for a few second before pulling away, not wanting to make him feel awkward or even ruin everything. Blushing deeply thinking that she just gave away her first kiss she looked down with a big smile. Her voice was a mere whisper, knowing he would be the only one to hear her words. “I... I always liked you, Alex... A lot...” There was nothing else she could say to explain herself. Hikami was just hoping he will not regret his words or actions after she just declared her feelings as well.

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4 Re: Cover Your Tracks *Alex* on Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:55 pm

{SORRY SO SHORT! But I'm trying to get things a rollin', I wasn't too sure on where to take the thread after this, so I decided to put that instead.}

His hands caressed similarly like he had before he escaped the athletic building, kissing her passionately, a warm glow to arise his spirits and his insides to revive within. Like she had simply asked, he kept his eyes closed softly, drenched with no emotion as he kissed her firmly once more before she pulled away to reveal her truth filled words. Alexander didn't want to hear them though, as it had been already told without the actual sentences, taking her back onto his lips with a bit of strength behind it to hold her close. The reason behind his doing is that he had so much to say, but never the urge to find them in the right words - it was indescribable - something so rare to his life of which he could not comprehend, or even want to find out so soon on. There was no need for words, he believe, this was all he needed was her in his arms, their kisses alined, their confessions to be spilled. He knew there was still much to do before the ending of this chapter, and if she liked him for him, then that was what all that mattered most. Smiling as he pulled away with all his strength, he tilted her face up to meet his own, cooeing a soft growl as his teeth made a bright white charming grin to represent his happiness. He could not continue though, he had to tell her. With a small sigh, he stepped back and let her back to the sandy floor, turning his smile to a mere frown in concern, "Hikami.. if you must know before we start rushing into things, I must tell you why this had been my decision and why I need to set things straight." His raspe low voice was of but only a stern tone, making it loud enough for her to hear and take in slowly with each given detail.

"From a young age, as would most, I shifted for my first time, along with my twin brother when we still resides in England. We knew of nothing but the shifting or any of it at all, we taught ourselves alone as our father was too much of a coward to even bring the news to our knowledge. My mother was a mere human, a mortal if you will, and she knew as much as my brother and I knew at the time, but she has now passed I would believe. I have not seen her in over seventy years, nor the rest of my family." Alexander's gaze flew over towards the water as he spoke, slowly emerging its color to a green as the light captured it whole, "I was not rich, or even of worth to anything along the lines of the street life. My brother and I headed out on our owns as I refused to return home. We of course survived off the land in most of our other forms, hiding in and out of the shadows to whatever it would provide, and I found my talent of preforming by working for the money at corners of small towns across the British country. When we parted, he had found love with a lovely woman... whereas I secluded myself from the world to depend on the love of alcohol.." His hands made tight fists, clenching and then releasing in order to loose the anger in himself for his weakness then, partially proud of how much he had gained since then, but still angry as he knew it was pathetic. Slowly, he looked away from her and started skipping rocks over the water, flicking his wrist to click them over the surface, "I've dealt with so many rejections. Women only wanting the handsome prince they dream so much about, simple humans finding me a piece of trash that works on the streets for a living, or a performance nobody singing in a bar to make the next hit for a drink to let go of the world. Alcohol was my friend in those dark times, it was all that I ever had left to keep me happy, whenever it affected my insides. All I ever wanted was to feel accepted in the world for who I was and how I acted, or even the gifts I was given as a wereling too. Only then when I joined Braveheart that my ways changed after meeting Teimhnin. I wasn't alone anymore, and I started to learn things, putting pieces together as the loneliness died inside of me." He looked to the water, head slowly extended downwards with a small smile,

"I was found... and saved."

Turning to face her, he kept his smile alive, continuing onwards, "Alpha Gabriel, everyone brought me in, and sooner or later, I took my work as a Warrior then seriously. I started training myself, and Teimhnin helped me keep away from drinking when doing so. Just around the time I was promoted to the Elite male, I began to fill out to my normal self before it all happened. I'm stronger, wiser now even, and I know now more than I ever did before that in order to achieve such things, its better to have someone to support you along the way. And then I met you.." He said this quietly, making himself move closer to completely meet her stance, warmly taking her into his arms as his hands met around her waist, "The most beautiful person I had ever met in this lifetime yet. I've met so many woman, love, but none like you to ever compel even an Elite to feel dizzy inside. Your dominance captivated me, and that's what made me lean towards you in the interests of training together. You needed some fixing up yourself, but with time, you became strong too. And with that, I'm proud of you, love, and I'm here to stay, because, Hikami... I like you.. and I would be more than happy to find out more on these feelings, as long as we're together... " Alexander knelt over to kiss her one last time before lacing his fingers between her own, slowly pulling away while holding himself together, "May I walk you home at least? It's not far after all, its the least I could do..."


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5 Re: Cover Your Tracks *Alex* on Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:18 pm

(Sweet, sweet drama X3)

She heard him attentively, happy to finally hear everything about him, his history and secrets she hadn’t been able to know before, never finding the courage to ask him directly. She smiled and blushed again feeling his warm hand around her bare waist. He was such a charmer and gently man she was so happy to have in her arms, finally. As he kissed her again, Hikami felt like if she was going to faint after receiving so many kisses in a single day. She took his hand firmly in case that could happen, smiling at his request. “They lest you could do? You already have done so much, Alex. Including the fact you just made this the happiest day of my life until now.” She started to walk to her house, not believing she was finally one of all the other people that could have someone to lace her fingers with as she walked to the sunshine. She always looked at them with envy and a secret happiness for them, always looking at the day she will be also one of them. Now she was, and it was such a great feeling. Leaning slightly, she pressed against his side and hugged his arm with her free hand, her smile growing more and more. She craved to hold him like this, to make him know what her true feelings were, and now she knew he felt the same. It was simply perfect and she hoped that anything could ever change that.

He told her his history, the best thing was to do the same. If they wanted to be something more, they had to know all that they could about the other. “Alex... I also want to set things straight.” She looked down as she spoke, looking at the sand under her moving with each step. “My father was the alpha of a good and strong pack in Alaska, where I born. My mother, also a pure blooded, died when I was 6 years old, and he took care of me and my 3 brothers alone. He told us everything we had to know about being a werewolf and how we had to trust our wolf when our time to turn came. No matter how good my family and friends were with me, I always wanted to be independent and never appreciated as I should what I already had. When I turned 21, I left my pack and started to travel to different countries and places. Once, I was in a bar in Mexico and a man came and kissed me all of sudden, pushing me against a wall wanting to have a fun night.” She sighed angrily as she remembered the idiot. “I finish him off. That was the first and only kiss I every received. Until now...” She smiled as she looked up at him. “And... you just had the first kiss I ever give. I hope I didn’t do it very bad...” Shaking her head slightly at her confession, she continued. “Anyway, just a year ago. Right before I joined Braveheart, I visited my family again in Alaska. It was fun the first days, but then a rival pack came and started to attack us. We all fight to protect it but they captured me and presented me in front of the rival alpha. He and his betas or Elites, don’t know and don’t care, they...” She stopped and closed her eyes as she shivered. She hated to remember that night, it was simply the worst, but he needed to know. “They started to touch me and undress me. They wanted to rape me, all of them...” Opening her eyes she sighed to relax again. “My father came right before they could start. He killed them, including the alpha, but he was badly injured and died an hour later.” Hey voice was a mere whisper, breaking with the last words as a nut made her throat hurt and her eyes became glassy. Holding back the tears, as she promised to never cry again, she swallowed and continued. “My brothers returned from their trips and the oldest one took my father’s place as an alpha. The other brother and sister stayed to be part of the pack and protect it as the betas. I didn’t. I couldn’t stay with all the memories the place maintained. About my father, about the fight, everything. I simple ran away from my past, my duties as his daughter and my own fears. After that I knew I never deserved the honor to be my father’s daughter. He would have wanted me to follow his steps, to guide the pack and protect it.”

She stopped walking looking at the entrance of her house. Loosening his hand she kept looking down, ashamed with herself. “After that I passed several weeks and even months in bars and grills. Soaking my pain and guilt with alcohol, but never being able to make them disappear. An old friend I made in one of my first trips found me and made me stop. I knew I wasn’t going to success that easily, so I looked for a place to distract myself of my own want and need. That’s when I found Braveheart and had the luck to be accepted, and where I met you.” She looked up at him with a small smile. “You made me change. I liked you since that moment and I wanted to impress you, always. I wasn’t going to do that with the alcohol blurring my thoughts, so I stopped drinking. All the training we made always helped me to think in something else. You are that someone I always looked up at, that I wanted to reach and surpass one day. You helped me in ways you never knew, and for that, I thank you Alexander.”

Hikami bowed her head in respect and full gratitude, the turned to walk to her door. Turning once more, she looked at him with guilty and disappointed eyes of her own actions. “I am sorry if I disappointed you, but I wanted you to know who I really am, so... So then you can think better in wanting something with me... I will never blame you for regretting this day.” With that she couldn’t keep on or she would break. She knew she just ruined the best thing that could ever happen to her, him. Turning she took her key from under the ‘Welcome’ carpet and opened her door with difficulty as she couldn’t control her shaking hands.

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6 Re: Cover Your Tracks *Alex* on Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:14 pm

Permission given to time-lapse the thread~


Alexander and Hikami wished each other a goodnight and he planted a small kiss to her cheek. After parting, Hikami of course rested within her house as Alexander went off into a bit of mind searching. His decisions were then decided for their future, but there was still one thing missing from the equation before he could move further on... Will it be fulfilled?


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