Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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The Great Divide *All Bravehearts*

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1 The Great Divide *All Bravehearts* on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:53 pm

*It is not mandatory to give away a literate reply in return, however, for the sake of the admins, we would be pleased to at least see who and who isn't here to split off. Post your pack choice between Venantium and Eternal Darkness below your reply, then post at their borders when you are finished and/or ready, please. *

Standing there, the man had his head tilted in despair at the autumn's floor, blanketed over the grave of an important wereling he once knew. Leaves blew away from its limbs, raking the weeping trees to release their colorful gifts of life to spread over the tombstone with graceful chipped writing chiseled over its surface. Flowers surrounded the ground and around it, piled to the brim and to the point where it became hard for him to make out the letters printed in stone. Their greatest warrior has now fallen to save another, unable to be healed with the silver's impact to an innocent man's chest. Alexander had been off that day, and decided that it'd be best to finish some paperwork done that had been stacking in his office for weeks now. He had only been working the night before, and with luck, a record producer stayed hidden in the crowd during one of his performances, when he was finished, his presence became known to the brute's knowledge and offered him the opportunity to perform around the city for gigs. He had things to be done, forms to be filled, and when he had received the call that Gabriel had died to save his beloved Melissa, and his Elite companion, the phone's screen shattered over the floor, widening his eyes in disbelief. When he finally arrived home, everyone had been gathered around the body in their wolf forms, heaving the body back to base to be observed.

Parents hugged their crying children, other couples holding their loves closely to them, whereas Alexander stood there still, tears staining slowly the sides of his face in the attempt to calm Melissa after so long of mourning over his death. He knew the look in her eyes when Gabriel would walk inside the room, for it was the same he heard from other warriors about the way he looked at the feisty blonde he had met named Hikami. She liked him, maybe even loved the Alpha if all he knew. Alexander could see the bond the two shared, and wondered after so long why he had never made the decision to make her his. There was a long period of disappearance from the Alpha, in yet he was never told where he had gone, though he did not badger him to ask. Gabriel had seemed stress when he got back, not as spirited as before, and spoke little but a few hellos and thanks to Melissa and him for keeping things safe during his absence. Now that he was gone, no one was to take care of their pack, and the Elites were left alone in the dark. Putting it up to his decision for the safety of the pack, he made the effort to pack his bags before-hand, taking his time to walk around the territories and purchase both a bouquet of roses for the leader's grave and secret admirer note attached to a single red rose at Hikami's room doorstep. He had never had a reason to be such a romantic, but now that a simple warrior had caught his attention, he led his instincts to believe she was worth something. After their training session, he walked her back to her room and went to work like he usually did on a daily basis. Now that he had the enough money to get buy on and provide for himself on his own in a nicer home, he wouldn't have much to worry about until the next time he would see her again. If he could, he'd buy her everything she ever wanted, maybe even a car if they grew closer in their so-called friendship.

Shifting to his ashen brown and red large wolf-body, he let one last tear fall upon the withering petals that piled over the grave, dashing quickly back through the land to reach the top of a cliff. Seeing the pack move around the backyard and through the windows he could already see some of the families sit, calming their children to eat whereas they could not. He gaze flew to see a territory not far from here, the haunted cabin where had had met the blonde, turning it to see trees and trees of life for miles and smiles. As the wolf stood there, he was wrapped in a breeze of fall's fresh encounter, slowly raising his hackles to release a loud, harmonic howl to notify the others to a meeting in the living room of the lodge. When it deceased, Alexander plunged from his position to charge back home, giving the others time to corral back to camp and settle themselves for what he had to say. Rolling his shoulders back, the Elite male stood back on his two human feet and walked inside, seeing everyone place a concerned and curious gaze on him from some as he walked dominantly inside. The wash of newly given power was an amazing feeling in such a position, it made him wonder if that was how easy it was for the Alpha to always smile all the time. Moving up to the stairs, he stood at the top, leaning over the railing that caged the top floor and looked out over the living room from above. Waiting patiently, he watched them take their seats, looking around to spot some of his companions and warriors he had met at the borders off and on. When they were done and ready, he raised a hand for them to silence, obeying to his simple gesture.

Alexander placed his tattooed forearms and hands together behind his back in a formal stance, sighing slowly to relieve his worries and spirits so soon, "I've gathered you all today for very important news. I must inform you sadly in reminder that we no longer have Alpha Gabriel with us anymore, and it brings me pain when I say this, that we cannot take on the position to fill it. This was his family pack that he took on, and when I say this, I must warn you first that Braveheart will be put to rest along with its rightful leader." Looking to the faces, he pursed his lips and pushed himself to continue, "In this, I must put it to the end for all of us to part. As for most of you that I've come to know and learned about, I will tell you you are to not be forgotten. This place means more than life to me, for it is where I found myself, like most of us. We strived to protect to each other, care for each other like family, and I wish you all to take that with you on your journeys, wherever it may lead you. Gabriel is now somewhere, acting as all of our guardian angel and watching over us for our protection. He smiles, and says to us, 'Never forget the things I've taught you, the mistakes you've made, it is them, that makes you who you are'. His hands leaned against the rail, leaning towards them while resting on his forearms, "I've been living by these rules for so long now, and as most us know, our Betas have left too. Re-.. I mean, Teimhnin was known as my only friend as a warrior within Braveheart at the beginning, and I owe her more than my life to what she's given me. A chance. And now I give you all a chance, take it, save it, use it for the better by making the right choices and make mistakes to learn from. My decision has been made for all of us. For my last words, I wish you all a goodbye, and remember, to never forget who you are. We are the Bravehearts, fighters and warriors that will protect the innocents with out lives. Good luck, everyone. And goodbye for the last time." With that, Alexander nodded his head in respect and stood with his fist in the air, a proud warrior-like yell to raise upon the room for the crowd to hoot and holler in return. Their battle cries seemed to live the spirits back to life, making him smile softly in return.

Pack: Venantium


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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2 Re: The Great Divide *All Bravehearts* on Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:17 am

She was a bit tired after all the training she was doing with the Elite Male. She still didn’t know if she could trust him, and always acted like a... yeah, like a bitch near him. Respectful but cold and threatening even with his high rank over hers. Maybe she just... didn’t want to appear as small and young as she looked in the outside. But he was older and with that stronger than her, and the trainings also made her work more than him to keep up and act like if it was nothing. She actually liked being around him, maybe even... ‘No! I don’t like him. And it is clear he doesn’t feel anything more than the fact he needs to train the warriors of the pack.’ She needed to rest, but at the same time she wanted to continue training and getting stronger to show him what she was capable of. ‘Wait! Why am I worried so much in showing him that? Is not like he cares about me or anything, more that his duty as the Elite. I don’t care about what others think or say about me, I don’t need any of them to survive...’ She lied to herself and Zafrina, who didn’t reply in return, not having much to say as she was as tired as her right now. Hikami had been selfish lately with her wolf, making her come in and out repetitively when she was training alone, making her run and fight with things and other creatures she could find near the city.

When she finally got to her room inside the Braveheart cabin, a single rose made her smile secretively. She always had bad experiences in the past with guys, but none of them ever cared to give her something like that. The anonymous note just made it more interesting. Who? She haven’t meet anyone actually, a very few warriors while she was hunting, the Elite male, she once say the Elite female as well, and Alpha Gabriel. It was sure that last werewolves didn’t have anything to do with the rose. Maybe a warrior, but she never talked to any of them. She sighed and opened the door just when she head the calling howl of the Elite. ‘God, what does he want now?’ She quickly placed the rose carefully over a table near the door and closed it again to follow the origin of the howl. It was very close, the living, and almost all the werewolves where there. Most of them with sad and depressed faces. What was happening? Her gold eyes flew to the Elite in the tallest part of the living, looking at everyone with the same expression, but now she looked at him dominant as ever. His words just revealed everything, her body suddenly feeling cold and empty. She never had the opportunity to have much conversation with the Alpha, but he had been so nice and respectful with her. He gave her the opportunity to be part of this pack and protect what could turn to be important for her. Now what? It all ended so quickly. She finally was part of pack, now it felt apart in front of her eyes. Maybe she was just destined to be a loner. The only one she could call ‘friend’ kind off, was leaving to who knows where. Now, she needed to leave as well.

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3 Re: The Great Divide *All Bravehearts* on Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:20 pm

Melissa sat amongst the still water's edge. The waterfall's roar exploded in her ears, drowning out all sounds around her. She stared emotionless into the water, back to her own features. How did this happen? She had asked herself the question every second of every minute since the event. Was it her fault? Mel's shoulder's drooped, the thought hanging over her like a knife, hitting her when ever her mind wasn't obtained. In her hands rested a cross, nothing spectacular, just a simple stone cross. There wasn't a blemish on the surface, nor a dent in any place except for where the craftsmen had wanted one. It will be perfect, the man had said. Simple... and yet there was something special about it. Quite like how the young man must feel about you, eh? Melissa had believed the man, bought it on the spot without a doubt. She'd wanted to give it to him, to Gabriel, during their patrol. But before she had a chance the hunters had emerged from their hiding spots, catching the two off guard. Gabriel's yell for her to flee echoed in Melissa's ears, bring tears to the rims. She swallowed thickly though, forcing the tears back. Not today, She told herself. Today is the day you stop being WEAK. With a savage snarl Melissa pulled her arm back and launched the cross towards the waterfall, where it was dragged away from view. Melissa stood there for a moment, breathing hard as she glared where the necklace had disappeared. Then she turned and ran.

Mid-stride Melissa vaulted herself into the air, forcing Mila's form to take over her own. Mila whined slightly, her strides beginning to slow. But at the first hint of this Melissa pushed Mila backwards, taking over the wolf's body and pushing herself to go faster. Within seconds they'd reached the lodge. Hastily she switched back to her human form just as her paws reached the back door. She raced up the slim stairs and down the long hallway till she'd reached her tiny room at the end. She snatched a small duffel from her closet, absently throwing various clothing objects inside. Her body was a whirl of motion but her mind was as blank as an empty canvass. Don't think, just DO. If you stop to think your emotions will catch up to you. She glared at nothing in particular as she grabbed her plush blanket, a scene of two wolves by a creek etched into it. She stuffed the last item into her bag, and then she was gone.

As she raced down the hallway the sound of voices, one strong male especially ringed. She slowed down as she reached the commotion and looked inside. She found herself gazing at a funeral service of things. Distantly she heard AJ talk about the departure they all must take, and the death that caused it all. The reminder of his death caused Mel too take a sharp breath in, caging her emotions. Briefly she caught eyes with her elite partener. She only offered him a look that not even she could later describe what it had been written with. Was it despair, hatred, longing? Mel didn't know, she couldn't recall. Next thing she knew she had turned around, disappearing from her packmate's eyes. Once around a corner she found a window. She thrusted it open, feeling the cold wind like a solid smack to the face. She hesitated only for a moment before adjusting the straps on her bag, and lept from the window. The landing wasn't perfect, but Melissa hardly noticed.

She was already gone.

Pack: Eternal Darkness

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4 Re: The Great Divide *All Bravehearts* on Fri Oct 04, 2013 3:13 am

Finally finished with his last chore for the day, at least that he knew of, Ryker carefully tucked the broom that he had been using in the closet and dusted off his hands.  Unless someone sprung another job on him, as many of them seemed wont to do, or simply needed help with something, the rest of the day was his until it was time for dinner prep.  He had helped Rick, the other active omega of Braveheart, resupply the kitchen, scoured three vacant rooms from top to bottom, and swept the entire first floor of the lodge, all while working around the time it took to prepare and clean up from breakfast and lunch.  All in all, not too bad for a day’s work.  Rick had spent quite a bit of time with him, showing him the ropes and how everything was supposed to be done and where everything belonged.  Aside from the constant presence of the guard that he had been promised, Rick was more or less the only one that seemed friendly.  Of course, several of the higher ranks were polite enough, but nothing more than that.

He had obviously held up his end of the bargain that he made with Elite Melissa, as well.  A couple times a week, he had met with either one or both of the Elites and shared information regarding the inner workings of the Eternal Darkness pack.  Of course, this information had been false, merely sprinkled with enough truth that they would hold up to basic scrutiny and investigation.  Really, though, he had not given away an ounce of actual information that could not be discovered by a little bit of rudimentary detective work.  The juicy, secret details had been carefully crafted to appear as truth, but were nothing more than misinformation.  In turn, he found out everything that he could have dreamed of discovering about the Braveheart pack, including where its beta pair had gone.

Elite Alexander’s howl was only slightly surprising, as Ryker had found that the Bravehearts rather valued the sense of community and “family” that had been built in the lodge by Gabriel.  Standing in the back of the living room, making sure to keep out of the way and to give the higher members plenty of room to file in and get comfortable, Ryker watched each of them carefully, though he was not sure what he hoped to learn.  Once the pack was assembled, Ryker’s black gaze lifted to regard Alexander, standing on the ledge above.  The news that Alexander delivered caused Ryker’s blood to run cold.  Dante, who tended to remain very, very quiet in the presence of more than one Braveheart, gave a deep, throaty growl that reverberated endlessly inside Ryker’s mind.  So, there was to be no successor to the Alpha position of Braveheart.  Ryker forced his face to stillness, lest he openly sneer.  Cowards.  If either Alexander or Melissa cared for their pack or their pack mates, they would not hesitate to step into the position and title of alpha.  As it was, the entire pack was to be disbanded and Ryker had completely wasted nigh on a month of his time to infiltrate the pack and learn their secrets.  No, not only wasted a month, but completely debased and humiliated himself and Dante.  His right hand curled into a tight fist.  Quite honestly, Ryker could not remember the last time that he had been this angry.

Wary of changes in his scent, he took a handful of deep breaths, composing an answer in his head to what he would say if anyone confronted him having caught a whiff of his fury, no matter how briefly it had been.  His eyes flicked around the room as the Bravehearts lifted their fists and cheered in a rousing cry, though Ryker abstained from joining them.  Even had he wanted to, he doubted that he could, given the roiling derision and pure anger that both he and Dante felt.  He did not even wait for the cheers to subside before spinning on his heel and beating a quick retreat.  If anyone tried to stop him, the most likely response would be a quick snarl and “Leave us alone,” speaking for himself and Dante.  Should nothing and no one bar his path, the “omega” disappeared into the dense forest surrounding the lodge, consciously not heading back to the city, in case anyone was watching him.

Pack: Eternal Darkness

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5 Re: The Great Divide *All Bravehearts* on Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:37 am

Kaiko slowed her walk as she approached the falls. It hadn't been so long ago she had come to this pack. And now this disaster has struck. It was like no matter where she went trouble was bound to follower her. Perhaps she was just better off alone?

As she neared the falls she caught sight of movement and drew up short. Kaiko frowned as she stared across the rippling mirror. Melissa stood there staring out across the water. She felt her heart twist for her friend. His death had been exceedingly hard on her most of all.

It was her after all who he had given his life for. Kaiko slowly stepped into the shadows of the boulders watching her. The first time she had met Gabrielle she had seen something past between the two. Almost like a physical link of emotions she couldn't quite grasp an understanding of. She frowned as Melissa took something off from around her neck.

Even from here she could see the tears brimming at Melissa's eyes. Kaiko frowned as Melissa feircely flung an object out into the water. Melissa stood there only a few moments more staring out with a look that seemed to say that she was walling off her emotions. Kaiko stepped out watching as she turned and bolted back towards the cabin. Slowly she turned and walked over to the spot where Melissa had stood only moments before.

Staring out at the water her finger lightly stroking the collar around her neck. Could she take this and throw it away so easily? Could she let the demons of her past behind her with the simple flick out her wrist? Shaking her head she looked back towards the cabin. She no longer had a place here and she hadn't been here long enough to really make nay friends.

All she had was the clothes on her back and the collar around her neck. Sometimes it seemed like that would be the only possessions she would ever had. Kaiko sadly shook her head turning from the water "goodbye, my friend." Someday maybe she would be able to let go of the darkness that made up her past, but not now, not at this time. With one last regretful look towards the cabin she turned he headed deeper into the woods.

It was going to be a long cold night under the stars for her.

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6 Re: The Great Divide *All Bravehearts* on Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:07 pm


Rick wiped his hands off on a spare towel he had tucked into his jeans. It was worn and tattered, and it's next destination was the waste bin. He'd completed his chores for the kitchen area of the house. Next in line was work outside. The grass needed mowing, the tree's clipping, and the garage was needing a new set of paint. All in a day's work, he thought to himself. He laughed under his breath half heartidly. He waved off his fellow omega Ryker, he had completed his set of tasks today. Another wereling had came around to tag along with Ryker for the rest of the day, with whatever it consisted.

Just as he'd stepped out onto the lodge back deck a piercing howl erupted from atop the hill. Rick turned to gaze up as Elite Alexander's figure came from the forest edge. He quickly side stepped to let Alexander through, as well as hold the door open as he rushed through. He quietly followed the Elite, intriguied by his body posture and haste. He stepped inside, seeing a bunch of his packmates to the same as well. They quickly filled the room, murmurs being mumbled from person to person. They were all silenced however from a single guesture from Alexander as he began to speak. ...


Rick flung a strap of his back pack on his shoulder, looking around at his empty room. Guess this was goodbye. He stepped outside the room, shutting it quietly behind him. He was one of the last to leave this place, although a few werelings still lingered in the great room. He walked past them, almost as if he were an invisible ghost. Exiting the front door, making his way down the small steps. His feet hit the dirt and he began the long trek to no where in preticular.

Pack: Venantium

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