Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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1Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Tue Sep 24, 2013 8:17 pm

Running through the meadow of Bluebell wildflowers, her brown locks curling through the wind, and her face flushing red as she pants for air. She leans against the tree, closing her eyes with a grin of excitement rush through her veins. What a rush! Amora thought to herself. Running was always her favorite activity. She could run miles and never have a thought of stopping. She shifted from side to side with her lungs receiving oxygen, her chest lifting high then dropping low. Cold sweat dripped down her temples, knowing she had to stop for just a minute. As she obeyed her thought, the female thought it was a perfect idea to climb above and was the nature surround her. Taking grasp of the lowest branch from the tree, she swung a leg over, and hopped to another. Hitting the mid-section of the meadow/forest, she smiled lightly down at the nature coming alive. Her thoughts had taken her to a different place, so she closed her eyes to take in the images from the night before with.. Damian. Smiling as she thought of his name, Amora replied the night over and over again. His lips, scent, touch, and grasps made the female grin crazily. Rolling her shoulders furiously as she felt a shiver claim her back.

Nervous struck her as she felt eyes upon her, so she deciding to climb down, hitting the ground his a crack from a stick beneath her. Millions of thoughts took ahold of her, so she thought best to shift into her asher wolf. Her wolf releasing small growls as other noises surrounded her. The closest noise made her jump to the left, which made her growl deeper. The noise came louder as she neared a tree. She circled it until she saw it was a family of rabbits. Her wolf growled once more as if she wanted to kill them for freaking her out, but Amora chose not to. Shifting back to her human form, Amora sped away from the spot, dodging rocks, sticks, animals, and trees. Watching a couple of squirrels chase each other, making her smile of thrill. Her breaths came steady, which only made Amora run faster. Rushing herself about the trees and other stuff, her head started pounding.

Panting, heaving, and coughing, her thoughts told her to keep going, but her legs felt like they were going to buckle. Sweat covered her face with a flesh of red. Not noticing what she was doing, so the female fell into a puddle of Bluebell wildflowers. Rolling in them as if she enjoyed the fall. Her fall gave her scraps, bruises, and -now- a massive headache. Head pounding with exhaustion, heart thumping, legs aching. Amora knew she had never ran more in her life then today. More noises startled to circle around her, but she was too tired to worry. Resting her head back onto her hands she breathed in through her nose and out her mouth. Repeating that action, more sweat drained her neck, arms, legs, and face. She closed her eyes to give herself more thought. Not paying any attention around as if she didn't even exist.

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2Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:42 am

Another rib cracked between his jaws, breaking it into pieces and swallowing them easily. His claws puncturing his still beating heart to watch it bleed slowly, filling his open ribcage with that sweet red liquid. His own snout dripping blood from his victim, mixing with his own from the still opened wounds deep in his neck. Furiously he took his heart into his claws and ripped it out, leaving it in the air and catching it with his fangs. The werewolf slowly turned into a human now that his life ended. He finally ended this drama after such a fight. One more enemy down... Several on the waiting list.

His ‘meal’ was interrupted with several noises near him, his angry growls rising in annoyance. His big scarred body moved slowly towards its origin, believing he was going to have another meal to deal with. His blue eyes looked at a female laughing and running like if her life was perfect. He didn’t even notice him or the scent of blood near her. He looked at her falling and lying still and relaxed over the flowers. He walked slowly and quietly towards her from behind, his black fur all covered in blood. He didn’t fear who was she or if she had a rank, a pack, or anything that he could care more than what could be a good way to kill her.

Reaching her, his face right over hers, he bared his fangs and let a low and deadly growl rise from his throat, blood dripping from his muzzle to fall over her face as he waited for her to notice him. He wanted to see her face before attacking her, although that was not what his stupid pack taught him. Hunt and kill as silently and quickly as you could, just like the Kazeshini, the ‘death wind’.

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3Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:50 am

She was heaving with her chest slowly rising then slowly dropping. Taking his oyxgen too fast which cause the female to have hiccups. She hiccuped once before being startled by a wolf hovering over her. Amora knew they scent was growing stronger the more time she wasted with her trying to receive air, but this time she couldn't tell if she was alive or dead. Amora didn't even flinch has a couple doses of blood dripped onto her cheek. The blood on his nose was making Amora's thirst grow stronger. Panting for some blood now, she jerked her body up to her feet a little uneasy to make her fall back onto her hands and feet. Her move made her look like a crab, but with her butt down on the ground. Staying in that position she growled at the wolf low as she knew he wasn't in Eternal, nor the others. Backing off easily to make distant between them, Amora knew there was going to be a fight. But she didn't want that, so she gave a gently smile has she admired the wolf in front of her a few feet away.

Pulling herself back to her feet, her blue eyes with a speck of hazel around the pupil gave a sweet look to the wolf as if she's saying 'No fights' . Giving another hiccup, she instantly covered her mouth since her hiccups sound like a mouse. Her eyes never left the wolf once. Her voice was high and confident as if she wasn't scared at all. "Umm.. Who are you? Because your scent is awfully strong and you're scent is giving me the vibe that you're not in a pack." Raising an eyebrow at the male or female wolf.

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4Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:14 am

A strong and deadly snarl followed her growl, raising his tail and baring more his blood stained fangs in dominance. He took some steps closer, his long claws inserting into the grass and flowers like if he wanted to just cause them damage and suffering. His blue eyes deadly and threatening. Giving a quick jump he landed over her, his big paw and claws pinning her to the ground as his jaws leaned closer to her face and neck, saliva falling slowly from his fangs. Growls making a warning for the female to not try anything.

“To have the right to ask someone’s name, you must say yours first in respect.” His voice was low and harsh, like if it was a demon speaking, wanting to rip her head out with a single bite after devouring her soul entirely. His own blood was starting to stain her clothes, still dripping from the injury in his neck. A dead werewolf’s blood was no good to heal, but his anger made him kill that wolf before he could take his blood and heal faster. His eyes looked at her attentively thinking in taking her blood instead while her heart was still beating strongly, but on the other way, he don’t needed help from other sources. He was always independent and looking out just for himself, as always. She was no use rather than a toy for his inner wolf to play with, but he was tired of that. He needed to rest and continues with his plans.

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5Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:17 pm

He gave a launch at Amora, knocking her off her feet and hard 'thump' off the floor of the meadow. The scent of blood and wildflowers filled her nostrils. Having an eager to make him shift so she can lick the blood dry from his body since her thirst is building. The female never liked to kill humans, but the taste of their blood lingering on her tongue was exhilarating. Ugh, I just want one quick lick.. Please I just want a taste. She thought to herself as she hasn't noticed the weight of his wolf is putting on her.

She shot him a look of grimace from the amount of blood that has dripped on her clothing and the threatening growls. She snarled back as if, she doesn't give a fuck about him. "Get off me!" They female snapped as the struggle of his grasp on her wrist was no success. Amora tried a new technique by buckling her knees and shooting up her feet on his stomach. As she managed him to plunged off her, she made an effort to replant her feet. Scowling at the wolf and shakes her head. "My life is such a thrill, since I joined the pack." Mumbling herself as her eyes gave a awe look, but her clenched teeth and hands gave a threatening look. Forgetting to answer is demand, she continued her look and snarled. "My name is Amora, dog.. Now the respect thing to do is tell me your name now and shift back. You're not proving anything if you're in your wolf form." Rolling her eyes as if she's irritated. "Your wolf is beautiful, but I'm not trying to pose a threat towards you. You're asking for it. All I want to do is enjoy today and probably get a snack hear or there.." Giving a little smirk at her remark. "Yes, I already know you're a loner because you don't have the stench of the others, but you do stink... Bad. Do you ever take a shower? I know I do, but seriously. After I have blood dripping on my fur, I go down to the creek and wash off. I can't stand the smell, but the taste. Ugh, it's such a thrill.." The female was trying to buy some time, so the male wolf in front of her won't pick a fight with her.

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6Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:47 pm

The wolf looked at her slightly amused with her courage and lack of fear, not something very common to find. With a harsh huff, he moved away from her and walked back to where his pray was. He just wanted to finish his meal and rest to recover energy. After walking a few meters, he stopped again, his bloody face turning to look at her again. He talked about respect before, now he had to do the same. No matter what demon and sadistic cynic he was, he was taught to be respectful towards the ones that showed the same manner to him. Turning his full body to face her directly, she slowly started to shift back. His black fur disappeared, just leaving some in his face and head. A black pair of pants and black elegant and expensive leather shoes appearing to the waist down. Two tattoos, a star in his left shoulder and Chinese characters down his right side in his abdomen. His skin shining slightly in every part he had scars, a new one forming in his neck where he was injured recently. Long, short, large, round, all kinds marking his body like an old piece of plastic that will never recover its smoothness. His eyes still blue, now lighter than before, but still maintaining his angry and deadly expression. His mouth a thin line showing no emotion, but also showing he was one to never smile truly. Blood staining his skin all the way down his mouth to the beginning of his pants and hands. Two silver daggers trapped at one side of his belt, a hunting knife in the other made of the same deadly material, the last one covered in blood.

His chest expanded with a deep breath he took before speaking. He voice more human now, but still hard and low. “Tanken Kazeshini.” With that he turned again and headed to where he came from, where the dead werewolf was still waiting for his return. “I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone.” He called back without turning to look at her. He didn’t care if she now leaved, something that would be the intelligent thing to do, or followed him. He wasn’t even going to care if she wanted to take a bite of his pray, he wasn’t going to finish it anyway.

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7Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Sat Oct 12, 2013 1:57 pm

Amora was greatly satisfied as he shifted back to be only half-dressed. Her eyes printing his eyes, tattoos, scars, and the dripping blood that filled his outer ring of his mouth. His eyes were blue like he other wolves she has met lately. Biting her lip as she felt a bit awkward watching the male whose abdomen is fully exposed. Do you ever wear a shirt? She thought snidely, rolling her eyes to be followed after. Dusting herself off as her eyes were peeled away from his posture, she straightened out her layered leather jacket with a gray jacket under it. Zipping up the gray jacket while her leather one was unzipped. Her skinny jeans were ripped on both knees as she's covered in scraps from her earlier fall. Her brunette hair was little tangled in the back with strands covering her left eye. Not too much caring of her look with her combat boots still intact from running and falls. Her nails had dirt in the them, while a scar on her right cheek was covered with a bruise. Her mascara was running from the sweat that built up from the wolf. Her fear was gladly covered with determination and confidence, which Amora didn't expect, but she liked the feeling.

Amora took a hesitate step as she was finished straightening up herself. The male gave her his name, which was Tanken? That's a interesting name, she thought. "It's a weird name.. We should leave and find a snack. I'm starving." Her wolf spoke to her as it gave a shiver down Amora's back. The feeling was back as the wolf was scratching to be let out from her dying thirst. "I'm not going to harm someone that hasn't gave me a sigh of threat. He backed off and it's a waste of my time to make enemies." Amora snarled at her wolf, Chanel. Chanel never liked being called that, since she thought it was such a girly name. Shrugging at her wolf as she decided to follow Tanken with a peak of curiosity.

Clenching her teeth and burring her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket. She threw up her hood as she tries to keep a quiet look as much as she can, but felt slightly bored. Leaning against a tree that's nearest his prey as she watched him closely with her serious yet amused voice. "So.. Tanken is your name. Interesting. What's it mean?" Cocking her heading slightly as her blue with hazel specks of eyes shoot a shot curious. "Don't question him, you might scare him away." Her wolf grunted from irritation. Umm.. That didn't happen with Damian or Faolan.   Amora snapped back at Chanel. After that her wolf was silent with a pointed look. Rolling her eyes mentally at Chanel.

(My sister wants Amora to play strip poker with Tanken xD)

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8Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:20 am

He looked at the werewolf at his feet, now turned into a human again after he killed him. He was actually already full. It will be of no use to keep eating at this point. Even when he just ate his ribs, hears and sternum, he didn’t find any muse in feeding lately. He had just been eating the necessary to his body to function correctly and his muscles to be able to defeat an enemy. He was more tired than anything right now, and it seemed the female wasn’t going to leave anytime soon.

With a yawn he sat on the floor with his bare back against a trunk. His blue eyes looking at her relaxed and confident she will not attack him, at least not right now. “It’s Japanese. It means ‘dagger’ and Kazeshini means ‘death wind’. What about you? Amora is also uncommon.” He never had much conversation with anyone actually, but he didn’t see why having it right now with a complete estranger so close to him would be a problem. His life was going to end in a couple of months anyway. “You said I am not in a pack, but it seems you are. If I guess, I would say Eternal Darkness, isn’t it?”

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9Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:59 pm

She watches him slowly as he crouches down and sinks to the floor, leaning against the tree next to her. Nodding a bit as he said it was Japanese even though he doesn't even remind me of an asian of sorts. Shrugging she lowered her lead as she mumbled "To be loved. But it doesn't mean anything towards me." Even though the woman always wanted to have children and husband, but she has a reputation of the opposite. She has her moments when she rejects the men, but sometimes she just does it to have fun. No feelings. Just one time. No more. Is what she always says to the men, even though she's only slept with four men, its a lot to her in one year. But the women returned to Tanken and spoke again. "Well, since you seem not a bit busy. Maybe we should go for a walk.." Slumping a bit as she's against the tree. "If ya want to.. You'll probably say 'Nada'." She mumbled her last sentence as if she's embarrassed. Her eyes looked up to wait for a response.

Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  2czf4sm
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10Shoot To Thrill (Tanken)  Empty Re: Shoot To Thrill (Tanken) on Mon Oct 21, 2013 2:02 am

He looked at her not knowing exactly what was she doing, with what purpose? He never talked with anyone more than what was necessary to gather information or just have fun, and his definition of fun was surely different than hers. ’Nada’? Well, I was going to say: I am tired. I haven’t rest in days and the least I want to do is waste more energy. All I want is my own pleasure and health. You should know that before you try to be social with me.”

Tanken laid his back down against the ground and yawned, like if his body was emphasizing his words. Looking again at her he frowned. “Why are you here? Why are you taking this risk to stay with a werewolf you don’t know. I could stand up and kill you right now. Is something usual for you to stay with an estranger covered in blood of one of his own kind?” With a long sigh he glanced at the corpse. “If you want you can take a bite. I’m done feeding at this point. I just want to rest.” He wanted to rest, but forever. He wanted to finish everything. That was the only reason he was here, searching for his brother, to have an end. He reached his limit, and he wasn’t going to let his self to have any kind of relationship when he was planning to die soon. She should leave, before he needs to make her want to leave.

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