Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

Venantium or Eternals?

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Olive Branch or Rose Blossom? (Alexander+Bravehearts)

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Well, this was certainly not something that Ryker had imagined himself doing.  But, sometimes drastic measures were called for.  Wearing sensible clothes for a stroll through the forest, sturdy shoes, a pair of older jeans and a black T-shirt, he soon found himself wading through a veritable sea of bright blue flowers.  He couldn’t identify them, as he had never really devoted much study to botany, but they smelled nice and were decently pretty, so he did not mind them too much.  He doubted that their sweet scent would sufficiently obscure the scent of an Eternal Darkness Beta.  Good.

As he walked, drawing ever nearer the boundary of the Braveheart pack, his mind flitted back and forth, trying to decide if this was the right choice.  He knew that he could get in a lot of trouble with his pack, and possibly even his alphess, but he felt like it was worth the risk.  He had played out this conversation  dozens and dozens of times in his head, doing his best to identify every possible contingency, so he felt confident enough.  Plus, he knew full well that he could handle himself unless half the pack came out to greet him.  That would certainly be an interesting contingency, but not one that he had neglected to consider.  Should that happen, he knew what he would do.  Hopefully he would manage to attract the attention of Alpha Gabriel, himself, but one of his subordinates would most likely suffice, so long as they were above a warrior in rank.

Content with his mental preparations, Ryker continued on his way, slowly and inexorably drawing nearer to the Braveheart packlands.  How long until they notice us? Dante asked.  Ryker gave a soft chuckle and shook his head.  I couldn’t say.  Hopefully it will be sooner, rather than later.

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[[ I might be late on replies since school is around the bend. I'll try to get posted to all as much as I can.]]

As his eyes snapped open to be blinded by the morning light, he groaned, tossing and turning in his bed out of refusal to get up, that is, until a damned Omega started to make a disruption of cleaning the living room. Out of all the rooms, he was the one to be closest to the Main Area, he had been granted the Beta room, but there were many reasons why he would never live in that room unless things were to be changed. One, being it reminded him too much of his friend Red and the newest Alphess to the area, the pack claimed as Venantium, working along side her mate and arrogant man of an Alpha, Jace. The second reason was how many times they had their 'fun' in that room, the smell of them drenched into the very mattress itself, too hard to remove with only his luck. He had no plans of becoming the Beta, and for Alpha Gabriel to be out so long, it surprised him that he didn't leave anyone in charge, expecting himself to take over for the moment as the closest to the Alpha position. The Elite rank meant great value to him, not because it was given from his skills, but that he was finally worth something after all. Filling into the theoretical pair of shoes of the position, he had grown to quit the likes of alcohol for the time to train harder to repair his once was six-pack and busy himself with more practices for his evening performances.After getting himself dressed in his comfortable best; a white v-neck t-shirt, a hoodie and a pair of denim-washed ripped jeans, holding a bit of memories at how long he had them, stories he wished he could remember as well as slipping into a pair of old sneakers. As Alexander cleaned himself up and combed back through his array of colored hair and shaved lightly of his scruff, he skipped putting in contacts to the side to switch it out for his glasses. No one was going to see him anyway, might as well wear them, right? Rummaging through the junk in his closet, he watched his inked arms work around the items in order to find his guitar, slipping it over his back from its strap over his chest. He looked to his guitar pic, a crimson color much like the color of blood stained over it, cursive writing across the top in his twin brother's name, 'Vincent'. Alexander sighed, changing it to smile as he flipped it in his fingers, tucking it safely in his pocket before moving through and out of the house without disturbing anyone else who could still be sleeping.

Taking the long way out form the territories, he walked in a small swagger to his stroll, taking in all the scents like a drug and enjoying the scenery around him. The terrain soon faded to what was known as the neutrals, territories built and made upon long before he arrived in the U.S. in order for their packs to roam freely but still remain close to their sides of the land. He had not yet met one of the Eternals, hoping he would someday if not soon since with all the change in conflicts that have been arriving at his doorstep, let alone, since he was alone. There was the other Elite, a sexy brunette he wished to speak a bit more with but never seemed to have the time since she was always never around to fulfill border duty. It left him curious as to how Gabriel would leave them at such a vulnerable state, clueless to know that some of his members betrayed him into following over their once was Betas. Alexander's eyes were caught with a passing stranger amongst the meadow, finding it rather hard to know who he was since he carried a far more stronger scent that was completely foreign to his notice. What an interesting character.... who is this man...I must know, Alexander... He is not of our lands... and he is rather far from home from what we can both know... move you, moron... Jasper croaked, his rasp voice stirring to make a growl-like hiss from the back of his mind, the feeling of fear tense in his body as he knew, this man before him, was indeed something powerful. He raised a small hand and waved over to get his attention, on his feet in case he was to be an Eternal Darkness member after all. "Good evenin', sir." he started, keeping a steady icy gaze as he walked to a comfortable distance from the stranger, "And who may you be? I am Elite Alexander, the Elite male of Braveheart, but let's cut to the chase. What are you doing so close to my pack? Surely you must be lost, eh?" The slurs of British hinted in his tone, slipping from his tongue into a professional manner. He gripped the strap tightly from his guitar, his wolf on the verge for more information and who the Hell this man was.


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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As he walked, Ryker allowed a small part of his mind to wander from his immediate surroundings and consider his fellow pack mates.  As far as any of them had proven to him, with only one exception, they were each and every one pawns.  It seemed that the foremost thing on their minds was just hooking up with one another and being content.  Were none of them hungry?  Did none of them realize that they could have so much more?  He sneered slightly.  Could none of them control their base desires long enough to look at things outside of their own twisted body’s cravings?  A slight chuckle from Dante broke through Ryker’s thoughts.  Ryker, you're despising, again.  The Irishman shook his head slightly.  Can you blame me?  You can’t try to tell me that you haven’t thought the exact same things, lately, Ryker retorted.  Again, Dante chuckled, but he remained silent.

Since he had made sure to approach from the upwind direction, Ryker knew that he was at a disadvantage to anyone coming from the Braveheart pack lands, so he made certain to keep his eyes and ears alert, since his nose would not serve him very well, at the moment.  Fortunately, the man who approached made no effort to hide his coming.  Ryker cocked his head, hearing his approach before he caught sight of the casually dressed male with a guitar slung across his back.  He lifted his hand in response to the man’s silent greeting and altered his course to meet him halfway.  He’s a Braveheart, Dante commented and Ryker had to agree.  Standing this close, there was no way that Ryker could mistake or miss the scent of the enemy.

Ryker inclined his head humbly when the man, Alexander, introduced himself, though Dante was less than impressed.  Only an Elite.  Ah well, he’ll have to work, he commented privately.  “An’ a good day to you, Elite Alexander.  My name’s Ryker, currently the Beta of Eternal Darkness,” he introduced himself, his Irish Brogue heavy and true.  “I’m not lost, no.  At least, not physically.  Ya see, I’ve come to your lands for aid.”  As he spoke, he made certain to keep his posture, and, more importantly, his attitude, contrite and humble, though not simperingly so, as that would more than likely convey cowardice.  “Alphess Noctavia has been…slipping.  She’s becoming dangerous, to herself and the rest of her pack, and wildly violent for no reason at all.  More than once I’ve had to stop her from straight out killing a pack member for something that should have just earned a reprimand, even in the harshest of disciplines.”  Ryker’s eyes widened, as though once more seeing pointless, terrible violence in his head.

After a moment of being lost in memory, he shook his head slightly and returned his black-eyed gaze to Alexander’s face.  “The whole pack’s fallin’ apart and there’s nothin’ that I can do to stop it.  I need somewhere else to go.  I know this is strange, but please, tell me that your pack’s better.  I-I’d be more than happy to take a lower rank, of course.”  He looked Alexander in the eye, silently pleading with him to deliver some ray of hope.  “Surely your Alpha and Beta could offer some protection to one fearing for his life?”  The look on Ryker’s face spoke volumes about how fervently he believed he needed this protection from his insane and unbalanced Alphess.

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Melissa and Mila had been out for a stroll to settle their stomache after an amazing breakfast when a smell wafted into her nose, startling her. It's an Eternal...What is he doing so close to our lands? Mila growled lightly, but  Melissa told her to be quiet. This wasn't marked as Braveheart land, although it was very close to their pack, it was still a neutral territory. But still... Can we check it out, at least? Mila practically begged, only having run into an Eternal once before. But back then it'd seemed he was on his way to become a braveheart... Melissa sighed before agreeing with Mila, who grinned determindly and began to run towards the scent.

They were a short distance away when Melissa had to tell Mila to slow down. She didn't want her, their, presence to be known right away. Instead she wished to creep up to view, strange behavior but it was true. Her wolf wasn't big, just a usual size, so there wasn't any way the eternal would think she would be intimidating if she ran up to him. Reckless perhaps would be the word he'd chose hm? Mila offered, reading Melissa's thoughts. Oh the joys of having two inside one, Melissa thought to herself rather bitterly which made Mila laugh. They switched spots, Melissa wanted to be in control this close to an enemy wolf. She was still wearing her short cut offs and red tank top from this morning, her feet bare once again.

Melissa blinked twice when two figures came into view instead of just one. At first she thought they were both eternal, but then recognized the scent of her elite partener AJ. She hadn't seen him in so long, it was rather surprising to her that she was seeing him now. Instead of going out to join him, she kept herself hidden in the shadows as she listened to their conversation. The wind was in her favor, so they couldn't tell she was there for sure, but they probably sensed another wereling in the area.

Mel's eyes widened when she heard what Ryker had to say. He was the Beta Male of ED, and it sounded as if he wanted to switch sides. When her ears heard this she stood up immediatly and set out along the meadow. She reached them easily, not caring that the Eternal probably saw her emerge from her hiding spot and walk the whole way over here, or rather jog. Her hazel eyes narrowed when she was close enough, suspision clear just through them. "Why should we trust you. You could just be spinning a false tale, acting as an assassin to take us out from the inside." Mel's tone was unfavorable, and she hadn't bothered introducing herself. In fact, it kind of slipped her mind at the moment. Ryker's act was good, but he didn't just assume they'd let him hop right in, did he? Mel hadn't met an actual Eternal Darkness, but she heard they were devious and dark. Her theory about his plans could very well be true, then again his story could also be true. She'd have to hear him explain to herself to be sure.

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Alexander grew interested towards the mid of the unexpected confrontation about the Alphess he knew almost nothing about, all he knew was she is to be told evil, a snide woman of surprise and strong Alpha female for taking on the pack of so many alone. This, however, was far from what he would know to come on a Saturday morning in the neutrals. Every time he'd come across the mutual lands, something, just something, went wrong to his mind, having to do majorly with him in the middle of it all. The bastard is asking for war... he strives for it, and the Beta of the enemy... he is not to be trusted... do not believe him... its a trap.. or maybe even a distraction.. His wolf protested, growling from the back of his mind in warning towards the other, refusing to put down his dominance before the greater superior of which was their greatest common adversary. He could not help himself but agree with his other half, becoming more than aware that the plan of attack may already be in session, the smell of a wereling other then them at a close range. In minutes, the possibility still stand that he could be in the center of a dead zone, seconds away from being attacked and killed before moving towards the real deal.

His wolf ushered him to keep listening, meanwhile staying alert to smell the bristled wind climb down his back as if it were an eerie ghost trying to connect with his very soul. It felt familiar, the same way he felt when one of his pack members were near, a sixth sense that told him he was not alone. Before he could look to see, the bouncing sexy brunette and Elite partner, Mellissa came trotting to a close distance on his end, the way she moved a delicacy for disaster. A small tinge of relief filled him over the brim as he looked from the side to see her hazelnut hues, sparkling in the morning light that warmed his summer kissed skin. And as preformed, she did all the talking that no longer seemed to of needed from him. No wonder she had received the position before he, but that didn't matter now, there was still the Eternal they had to worry about. As he stared at the Beta male, he remained silent, secretly whispering the words to the female in her mind as a private conversation. 'Not what you would expect to be greeted with in the morning, huh, love?' Even in his given thoughts, his English hint gave his origin away in his voice.


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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Ryker took a deep breath.  He could tell that Alexander did not believe him.  Of course, were their positions reversed, Ryker probably wouldn’t believe himself, either.  “Look, I know how this must look and I commend your caution, but I’m telling the truth.  You have to believe me.  If-If I go back there, she’ll kill me.  Especially now that I smell like you,” he added with a rueful grin, displaying a sudden realization that this was perhaps not the best idea.  He cocked his head slightly as he felt another wereling approach.  Hopefully it was not one of his own pack that had followed him.  That would not help the situation.

A moment later, though, his concern was rendered moot as a female that Ryker did not recognize emerged from some cover nearby.  He smelled the air carefully as she approached and decided that she was most likely Alexander’s counterpart.  Ryker let out a small groan at the female’s words, but then nodded slowly, taking another deep breath.  “No, you’re right.  I know this is a really strange situation for the two of you, but think about that for just a moment.  If I’d been trying to weaken yer pack, wouldn’t I probably have attacked him before reinforcements showed up?”  He widened his deep black eyes pleadingly as he glanced between the two of them, waiting for that logic to sink in.

Making sure to keep his stance at least slightly submissive, so that the pair would recognize that he was not a threat, Ryker held his hands out to either side.  “Please, I’m here alone.  I imagine that the others are too afraid of her to think about leaving, but I can see where things are headed.  I can give you information, numbers, logistics, anythin’.  All I’m asking in return in that yer Alpha, or at least Betas, extend sanctuary to me.”  His eyes never rested on one of them, constantly flicking back and forth, and once or twice glancing around the grove, making sure that he was not being followed.

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In other situations Melissa probably would have smiled at the comment AJ had sent to her within the private walls of her own thoughts. Instead her facial expression was locked onto Ryker, her eyes narrowed in a glare. Meanwhile she sent her own thoughts to AJ, a slight chuckle hinted on her tone. "No not really. What do you think we ought to do about him?" Melissa's eyes glanced towards him before dancing back over to Ryker. He did seem pretty uneasy, as well as on edge. She was beginning to believe him. When he said he would have brought reinforcements if thinking of attacking, her lips tightened. If it were she doing the attacking, she would have gotten up and close with the enemy pack and tore them down from within once she'd gained their trust. But that was her, maybe that was to advanced thinking for her enemies. Either way, she decided to keep her mouth shut incase she planned on using this plan of action in the future.

Mel's head tilted to the side as she gazed at Ryker. It was obvious he was trying to remain submissive, but she couldn't help but wonder how hard that was for him. After all, he was a Beta. The only one he was used to submissing to was the Alphess, who was apparently going to kill him. Melissa's hazel orbs seemed to brighten at the thought of getting imformation on the pack which she knew nothing about. She wondered if it was something her elite partener was also interested in, or if that wasn't something Bravehearts were supposed to be interested in. Melissa breathed deeply, exhaling rather roughly as if in a sigh. This time she didn't bother to hide her gaze when she turned to look at AJ.

"Perhaps we should take this conversation behind our own lines?" Melissa turned her head, raising her eyebrows when she looked at Ryker. His nervousness was unbelieveable, and she figured they would all feel better once on Braveheart territory. She didn't feel the need to tell the eternal beta about the absence of their Alpha, as well as the recent loss of both their Betas. She wasn't one hundred percent sure that the male wouldn't try to take advantage of them once he knew their higher ranks were MIA.

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As Alexander strokes his jawline, he eyed the Beta male and taking Melissa's words into consideration. He preferred not to bring the male into their lands, for he could not trust him, not after what happened when the last time he had met an Eternal. It ended with their Betas not only leaving, but the torture brought to his best and only friend he had. He glanced to the side, caring not what Ryker would think if he knew they were speaking together through mind, 'It'd be dangerous, how do you know we could trust him? This is the first I've heard of the Alphess, and judging from past events, all they do is lead to more trouble. Gabriel under any circumstances would kill this man where he stands, not because he was going to die anyway, but because he chose the side of evil in the first place. I could understand his predicament, if it were to be true, but I've met their kind before... I... I just can't bare to see another of our Warriors get hurt...' Even from his mind his words shook in fear, swallowing it whole so he could not be displayed as a weak wereling, but when he had mentioned another to fall, he pictured Hikami, a girl he had found wandering about their lands as a loner that had come across their Alpha, stepping in to take over so she could be a part of their pack. He only wished for her safety, along with the rest of the pack's. Not with what he went through, the lonely feeling hitting him close to the edge so he'd break once again.

Maybe that was what the kid wanted, being that he was under the Alphess's rule and threatened numerously, there could have been the possibility that he had no one else to depend on other than himself to stay alive in that heap of luxury they call home. He nodded slightly to Melissa, taking a long and thoughtful breath of air before opening his mind to the wereling that he was not a threat and opened his mouth to speak, "If you promise to keep your life under our trust, and swear to the that you would not hurt a single hair on one of our own, then you may follow us. However, make the wrong move and I will kill you where you stand." Standing straighter, he regained his confidence, "As for Mellissa?" He looked to the side, staring affirmatively into her eyes and nodded poliltely, "I would like to hear what you would have to say before anything."


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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Ryker took a deep breath as he watched the two converse silently with one another.  If one knew where to look, the signs of a private, silent conversation were fairly obvious to see.  It was good that the Elites were being so careful to discuss the predicament in which Ryker had thrust them.  It meant any one of a few things, most of which were good for him.  He was exceedingly careful, though, to keep that small spark of pleasure completely hidden.  We’re not out of the woods yet, he reminded himself.

While he waited, Ryker reached up and scratched the back of his neck, then clasped his hands in front of himself, another display of frayed nerves that he would not normally indulge in.  He could tell that he was making progress.  When the female suggested taking this discussion onto Braveheart territories, Ryker glanced between the two of them, anxious to get behind the scant protection of the pack’s borders.  He could almost see the wheels turning in the male’s head and wondered just how much of that he was sharing with the female.  Perhaps he would have to speak to Noctavia about finding a way to break in on other wereling’s mental conversations.

Finally, the pair returned their full attention to him and the male demanded a promise of passivity, threatening a quick death should he cause harm.  Dante snorted at that threat, but Ryker made sure to keep that solely between themselves.  From the smell of things, one of the pair was a pureblood, the male, if Ryker had to guess, so no doubt they could do some serious damage, working together, but Ryker sincerely doubted that, even should they be able to work very well together, they would be able to “kill him where he stands.”  However, Ryker simply nodded his head meekly.  “I understand, and you have my word.  I’ve told you why I’m here; I’m not interested in starting a fight.”  He noted their reticence to defer to a higher rank in this matter, seeming content to discuss things between themselves.  How very interesting.

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Melissa bit the inside of her cheek lightly, listening to AJ. The truth was, she didn't trust the Eternal male at all but didn't like talking out in the open like this. It was almost like they were asking for an ambush. She felt stupid for asking to take the conversation behind the lines, especially when AJ said Gabriel would have just killed the Beta. Thinking of her Alpha made her heart tighten for a moment, but she quickly dimissed it and blocked him from her thoughts. Melissa nodded, hardly noticing it for she was deep within her thoughts.

'You are right. Where should we have him stay? I won't have him anywhere near the rest of the pack. He will not live in the Lodge.' Melissa spoke with finalty, or thought? Either way, Melissa suddenly wished she didn't have this responsibility. She wished the beta's hadn't left, she wished Gabriel didn't suddenly go MIA, and she wished she didn't have to even help with this decision. Melissa sighed, feeling drained all of a sudden.

A ringing headache erupted in Melissa's head, making her reach up with one hand to cup her forhead. What the hell? Melissa sighed again, her eyes flickering open as AJ began to speak to Ryker. She wished she didn't look so wornout and weak at the moment, but settled for what she hoped was a threatening glare in the Eternal's direction. She wondered for a moment who would be guarding Ryker during his stay. She didn't want to do it all the time, she had plans later. Perhaps warriors would take turns, but then again she didn't like him being alone with a packmate.

Mel sighed again, lowering her hand from her head. "You will not under any circumstances come near the pack's living quarters. We'll have a seperate place for you to stay for now..." Mel drifted off, glancing towards AJ to see if he was behind her with this. She needed his support, suddenly a bunch of weight had been put on her shoulders. She looked back to Ryker, leaning forward a bit as she spoke, her voice lowering in tone and acompanied with a growl. "I swear, you make a move to enter the pack house, or even come close to it you will regret it. We must wait for the Alpha's permission before letting you enter our home." Mel stop talking, her forehead pounding again. Her hand went to her forehead, and her eyes shutting temporarily.

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Kaiko drew up short her ears pricked. Did her ears deceive her? Yet she knew very well that she was hearing voices. Who they were at the moment she wasn't quite sure yet. She felt a ripple course through her as the change shifted her physical being.

Once back in her human form she pressed forward. As the voices grew louder and clearer she instantly recognized Elite Alexander's British drawl and Melissa's smooth voice. She narrowed her eyes curiously. She had never heard that sharp serious tone in Melissa's voice before. Something was going on and she was going to find out what that was.

Kaiko carefully scented the air as a third voice reached her. The male's strong scent hit her nose. She had smelled that scent before once in the city but wasn't aware of what and whom it belonged to. She slowly stepped out out into the small clearing dipping her head to the others as she eyed the stranger. The old jeans looked so worn on him that at any given time a bit more stress on them could cause a hole to rip in them.

"Just who might we have here? And don't try to lie to me I've smelled that scent once before in the city before coming to this pack." There was something about the male that seemed familiar to her. She wasn't sure if it was the haunted look in his eyes or the way he held himself. But something about it reminded her of how she had felt plenty of other times.

At this realization she felt a swell of irritation at herself. When was she going to let the fear of the past go?"Hopefully you're not here to cause any trouble for our pack, or I'm afraid it would be terribly unfortunate for you." She growled slightly to emphasis her words. The last thing she wanted for her pack was trouble and yet somewhere deep down she didn't want to turn a wereling away if they truly needed help. That is if that truly was the case here.

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~Those who post in this thread are to skip Elite Alexander's post for the short of absence. Apologies to those who've been waiting patiently and politely. Next one to post is given my permission to skip him at this time until he has returned. Thank you for your understanding.~


Character(s): Alphess Noctavia, Doctor Vitani
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In the midst of Ryker’s worried glances between the two Elites standing before him, he had been studying the pair.  It was obvious that they doubted his motives, as any sane person would, but he could also see cracks beginning to form in their resolve.  As well as a few other, equally interesting clues, particularly from the female.  Her heavy breathing and clear signs of physical and mental stress happened to be extremely interesting to Ryker and Dante, both.  Why would an Elite feel so much stress in a situation like this?  Wouldn’t the normal practice be to leave him with a guard while someone goes to fetch the Alpha or Beta pair?  Or even, depending on their skill with mental communication, simply summon him from where they stood?

As the female pressed her hand to her head, Ryker arched an eyebrow.  “Are you well?” he asked quickly, concern coloring his voice.  The glare that she turned on him was convincingly hostile, but, for the Beta, quite less than threatening, though he could easily read the intent behind it.  Once her growled acquiescence was given, Ryker again nodded, meek and earnestly.  “You have my word that I’ll abide by your wishes,” he replied.  The next thought that entered his head seemed fairly reasonable to him, but Dante hated it.  Nevertheless, Ryker spoke it.  “If it will make you more comfortable, I will even let you chain me up,” he offered, wringing his hands slightly and clearly uncomfortable with the idea.  He had to admit to himself that not all of that discomfort was an act.  Drastic measures, he reminded himself.

His head lifted and black eyes darted around the clearing as he sensed the approach of yet another wereling.  He could tell that this one was a lower rank than the two before him, so probably a Warrior.  Despite his display of submission to the pair of Elites, Ryker was still a Beta and would not exhibit such behavior towards a Warrior, no matter which pack she came from.  However, he remained careful to keep his stance from becoming dominant towards the newcomer, opting rather to adopt a neutral indifference where the Warrior was concerned.

Letting out a slightly exasperated sigh, as someone might while watching sand run through an hour glass, he turned back to Elites.  “Am I to be interviewed by yer entire pack before being given even the slightest bit of safety, then?” he asked, allowing a slight edge to creep into his voice.  After a moment, though, he took a deep breath and returned his gaze to the Warrior.  “My apologies, I simply feel as though I am running out of time.  I am Beta Ryker, presently of the Eternal Darkness pack.  I am not here to cause trouble, merely to ask your ranking members for at least some measure of sanctuary,” he answered, glancing over at the Warrior.  “Again they threaten us.  And this time from the mouth of a Warrior, no less,” Dante snarled.  “I grow weary of their baseless, arrogant bravado.”  Ryker carefully the comments shielded from any sense the Elites or Warrior might be using to study him, but he could not help but agree with his other half.  The threats from the Elites were expected and, while not entirely ignored, brushed aside.  From the Warrior, though, such words merely rankled and irritated.  Such arrogance in a Warrior was unbecoming in the presence of superiors, even from foreign packs.  Ryker wondered if either of the Elites planned to point out the slight snafu or if they were simply going to add the Warrior’s threats to their own.

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Melissa glanced up when the Beta asked of her. She glared slightly, growling as well at the moment. It wasn't the fact that he'd asked that angered her as much as the fact that she'd been weak enough to show herself vulnerable in the presence of an enemy, even if the enemy was attempting to switch sides. She lowered her hand once again, this time having it stick to her side for the rest of the evening, no matter how much the sudden ache hurt. Mel twisted her neck slightly, waiting for a pop in her neck. Perhaps it was out of place and just needed to be set again, that wasn't uncommon. But the pop never came and Melissa straightened her head.

His word means nothing to me. Mila growled from within Melissa's caged mind. She agreed with her wolf, but it was the best he'd offer.  Perhaps we can have him swear on his life? I'd love to take that payment. Mila's growl was sickening even to Melissa's ears, and she shoved Mila's voice back with disgust. Calm yourself! He has not done wrong... YET! Mila bellowed once more before receding back into deafening silence. Melissa's eyes grew hard at the thought of chaining up another wolf. The chains probably wouldn't hold him back for much more than a couple seconds, of course the Beta would have that much knowledge.

Melissa's attention was averted as a familiar face entered the clearing and joined the trio. Mel felt stronger in the presence of another friend and wouldn't hide the smile that came with her friend's presence. She listened as her friend asked of Ryker's business, he answered, and then she returned with another threat. Melissa growled only slightly, a warning to Kaiko to settle down. Kaiko wasn't much more than a warrior at the moment, much less a newbie, and had mentioned before that the thought of pack life was still new to her. She probably wouldn't understand fully right away, but would hopefully heed Melissa's warning.

The edge in Ryker's voice made Melissa bristle and for the first time she rose her voice at the large male. "You very well may be if we choose, after all you have ties with an enemy  pack life. You can't expect us to just trust you after five minutes and a few worthless promises. If being judged is not something you are comfortable with than you may take your hide and search for shelter elsewhere."  Melissa huffed, glaring up at the male who was taller than her. If the roles were reversed Beta Ryker would no doubt have attacked Melissa for speaking out like she did, but this was her turf.

Melissa huffed again, her steel gaze still fixed upon Ryker. Mentally she felt a cool wind blow through her thoughts, calming her. Even though her gaze was still shot her breathing was back to normal, her shoulders rolled backwards instead of curved inward. "You will be placed at the ranking of Omega and live among the forest line. You will sleep in an deer hunting stand accompanied with a cot and the necessary sleeping utilities, and will be escorted to and from breakfast as well as indoor bathroom access. You will have one guard at all times, possibly more. This is the one and only offer we are planning to give, and this offer is allowed to change at any given time for any reason seen necessary. You take this offer or leave. That is your choice." Her voice had gained bit of an edge towards the last of her offer. It echoed authority and power, something Ryker would have to get used to hearing once inside the lines.

(Decided to use bold for emphasis in this post. "You guys can only hear stuff written in blue with the quotations, otherwise it is mind speak between Mel and Mila." ^-^ sorry won't reply to other posts right now, headed to a volleyball game! Wish me luck!)

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Kaiko bit her tongue irritably. Suddenly remembering that she was in a pack now. Things she used to do now had to be carefully thought over before thoughtlessly speaking again. Even so she couldn't help but faintly smirk at the way the Beta's eyes momentarially flashed with irritation. He wasn't so used to being talked down to. Especially not be someone of her standing.

Go ahead attack me beta show us your true self and purpose, Kaiko thought. Just the sound of the betas voice was grating her the wrong way. She glanced at the others keeping her head arrogantly held high and her shoulders back. Just in an attempt to make the new comer really think about what he was getting himself into. If he truly was desperate enough even this bit of insubordination would be overlooked.

Keeping her thoughts shielded from the beta she reached out to the others with her mind. Perhaps if we chained him with silver inverted spiked shackles he really would think twice about throwing a fit like pup and trying to do harm to the pack. She narrowed her eyes on the beta. Annoyed by the fact that he thought he could tell the elites who to run the pack. It made her want the reach out and leave claw marks down the side of his face.

Kaiko took a slow deep breath putting herself in check. Reminding herself once again it was not for her to decide. Kaiko crossed her arms listening with a growing amusement as Melissa talked. She could tell that she really did not like this guy. She was kicking this guy right down off his high horse and taking the sattle for herself real quick.

If this guy really was going to end up as a omega of their pack she couldn't help but faintly wonder. Who the hell was going to watch this guy without losing their temper and trying to rip him a new one?!

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Oooh, but he had struck a nerve by asking if the female was alright.  He could see that much in the irritation that flashed across her face before she regained her composure and growled a quiet threat.  That would be a handy thing to remember later.  Dante very badly wanted to permanently wipe the smug smirk off of the Warrior’s face, but Ryker quickly and completely locked that desire down.  That won’t help anything, right now.  Just wait, we’ll get our chance, he calmly reminded his other half.

He could see that at least the female Elite was having a fair bit of difficulty reconciling with herself (or perhaps with her other half?) just what was to be done with him.  This stuck him as odd for a number of reasons, but he chose to file those away and consider them later, so as not to tip his hand here.  At the Elite’s scathing rebuke about his complaint, Ryker spread his hands slightly, showing that he meant no harm.  “I apologize, Elite, I was simply feeling slightly strained.  I would be happy to submit to your pack’s judgment in a slightly safer locale, that’s all,” he explained, his gaze flicking between the Elites and the Warrior.

He could tell that a change came over the female Elite and found that slightly odd.  Until, that is, she delivered her verdict.  Omega?! Dante growled, furious.  Ryker, too, emulated Dante’s feelings, but kept everything carefully controlled, save for the slightest of grimaces that twisted his lips before he could school his face back to submission.  But, given the circumstances, such a reaction would not be entirely inappropriate, now, would it.  He dipped his head in a bow, though he kept his eyes on the female.  “I understand, Elite,” he said quietly, though as he straightened, there was a relieved grin on his face.  “Thank you very much for believing me at least enough to allow this.  I won’t let you down.

A quick glance over at the Warrior told him all that he needed to know about what she thought about this.  Especially after having been called out by her superior in front of him.  To now hold a higher rank than him must be exhilarating, to say the least.  He just fervently hoped that she would not be assigned as his first guard.  While there was no doubt in his mind that he could rip the cocky bitch limb from limb, if it came to it, he knew that even defending himself from attack would be fairly stable grounds for expulsion or even worse punishment, unless his life was in danger.  He just had to rest secure in the knowledge that very little that any member of this pack could do to him would be worse than what his father had done to him in training.  While not exactly a comforting thought, that was at least something for him to hold onto.  Dante had retreated into a furious, roiling silence and Ryker did not particularly count on him to be of much help.

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Melissa's eyes remained narrowed just a tad more than usual as she waited and watched for the eternal's reaction. She was partly surprised when he accepted her conditions. Part of her was hoping that instead a beta like himself would reject it, or at least beg for something a tad bit better. But she hid her emotions well with a steel gaze. The only real hint of an emotion was the faintest smile when she heard Kaiko's proposition of a spiked collar. How humiliating it would look, as well as painful. She made a mental note of Kaiko's devious thoughts, thinking if she had to she could put them to good use at a later time.

A strong wind blew across the meadow, making strands of brown hair fly about Melissa's face. She reached up with an easy hand to swipe them away from her view and in the same motion began to turn to head back into Braveheart lands. She did not turn fully around however, she stopped to glance at Ryker. "I will be your first watch, follow me so that we may set up your living quarters." Her gaze flickered to Kaiko and Alex. "You two may return to the lodge for now while I get him settled. Keep an eye out on the home front." Melissa began to run then, not waiting for an answer. She fazed mid-stride, her feet becoming Mila's strong paws, her muscles working fast and efficient with each step. Behind her she could hear faint footfalls. She hoped one set was of Ryker, following her, and that the others would do as she had asked.

[Long wait, sorry bout it. I'll make a thread somewhere in braveheart territory and send it to Ryker in a pm where we can continue there (if you guys haven't already went on from here)]

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Things will have to be rearranged sadly according to plan. Since with Gabriel's absence, I must inform that Braveheart will no longer be a pack of The Lost Ones. I've e-mailed him and informed him several times, in yet he does not respond. It's been months since his disappearance, and my patience has run dry. From this point on, all threads are not to be created, but finsihed and posted too as soon as possible. I would suggest this thread be removed, but I'll just have to lock it or something. As for Ryker, dearest apologies, but I will not allow this event to move any further than it has become already. :\ I already have a plan for it to go down, and it does not involve any of this to happen. Again, I apologize, but it's what has to be done,


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