Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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An Omega's Life....

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1 An Omega's Life.... on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:54 pm


It was an hour before the sun would rise when Rick awoke from his sleep. There was no alarm set, no birds chirping out the window, his body had simply grown used to waking at this time that he didn't need to be awoken. Rather groggy Rick pushed himself up to a sitting position on his small twin bed. He yawned a couple times, a hand pushing his longer hairs out of his eyes. Time for another hair cut, he thought to himself, swinging his legs to the side of the bed. His hands rested on the bed on each side of his legs, rolling his shoulders as he heard satisfieing cracks and pops along his spine. Growling slightly he pushed off from the bed and began his way to the bathroom.

Rick's tongue played along his teeth as he peered at himself in the small omega bathroom. He was rather good looking, and he still found it rather shocking that he was now an Omega. He wasn't sure how it'd happened. Okay yes he knew how it happened, he just couldn't believe he was stupid enough to let it happen. Rick sighed once, reaching for his toothbrush as well as some toothpaste. Satisfied Rick shuts the door behind him, sealing the lock. He shed his boxers before stepping into the tiny shower, having to duck so that his head may catch the water. He was only in there for a couple of minutes, and before long he was back in his room wearing only a towel. He threw on some jeans and a navy blue T, then left his room making sure to shut the door behind him.

Rick made his way down the long hall, the side of the house strictly for Omegas. Their rooms were on the first floor, close to the kitchen, laundry, and other omega duties. Their rooms were smaller, just twin beds instead of queens and kings like the rest of the pack had. Rick didn't mind much, but he wondered how the rooms upstairs looked. He'd never had bedroom duty. Instead this morning Rick was on kitchen duty, which explained why he had to be up so early. Breakfast took a lot of time, they litterally had to cook to feed an army. A werelings appetite was not a small one.

Once Rick reached the kitchen he grabbed a apron from the rack, threw it over his head and secured it in the back. He went over to the stove, turning on all the burners before moving to the waffle maker and turning that on as well. He was the first up, so that meant prep was up to him. He moved to the pantry, grabbing pancake mix, a bowl of mixed fruits, flour, sugar, as well as other things. Next was the fridge. He grabbed a dozen eggs, butter, milk, syrup, sausage links and patties from the freezer as well as bacon. He set all these items on the island as other Omega's eventually made their way in, yawning and rubbing the sleepy dust from their eyes. They mumbled their good mornings, and Rick did the same as their morning routine slowly began.

2 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:54 pm

She rolled over, turning to face the sun shining through the window. The light kissed her delicate skin, urging Melissa to wake up and enjoy the day that was given. Her eyes did open, only slightly as she reached across her empty bed. She frowned at once, So it had been only a dream... Her fingers grasped at the silk sheets, pulling them over her head in attempt to shut out the light and go back to her dream. Unsuccessful, Melisssa threw back the covers with a huff and made her way over to the window. She opened the window, allowing a cool breeze to carress her bare skin. She wore white and pink plaid boxers and a white tanktop, her hair falling in a mess behind her. She stood there for a moment, arms crossed along her chest as she watched the sunrise.

Her hands dropped to her sides as she left the window and made her way to the bathroom down the hall. She checked herself in the mirror, her hair was growing long and she needed to get it cut, but other than that she appeared to be the same Melissa she had been three months ago. Was that really only how long she'd been here? Perhaps it had been longer... Melissa shook herself, a chill running up her spine as she turned on the shower. Memories flashed across her mind, bringing her back to her first days along the bravehearts. Back when Teimhnin had accepted her, helped her settle in. Briefly Mel wondered what had happened to her before she stepped into the shower, letting the waterfall head cascade water down her head and back. The water was warmer than usual and made Melissa's skin burn, but she hardly noticed.

Refreshed and clean once again, Melissa's hair was up in a towel and there was one along her body as well. She grabbed a lotion from the counter, Forever Sunshine from one of the many Bath & Body stores that lie within the city. There would be another scent replaced the next morning, no one would miss this one. When she returned to her room she dropped her towel and began to apply the lotion to her skin. Once she was satisfied she put the lotion on a shelf were 5 other lotions could be found. She let down her hair towel and began to brush her hair, running her fingers through it to make sure it was smooth. At the moment it was perfectly straight, but later it would return to its normal wavy style that Mel could never get rid of. She sighed, looking at her reflection from the window pane. She was bigger, stronger, she could easily notice the muscles that had decided to present herself along her shoulders, arms, as well as her legs. Her muscles never used to stick out, not until she'd been bitten.

Suddenly angry Melissa glared at her reflection, picking up the two towels and throwing them into a dirty hamper before making her way to her closet. It wasn't anything big, Mel wasn't really a fan of walk-ins. She grabbed a set of matching black bra and panties, a dark pair of skinny jeans, and a bright red spaghetti strap tank-top with lace along the chest. She put everything on, then decided against the jeans and instead grabbed a dark pair of cut offs. Her hair was still slightly damp, but it had begun to take on its wavy form. Mel's eyes were bright and alive when she walked over to her jewelry box, putting a pair of diamond studs in her ears and a small diamond ring on her right middle finger. She hesitated for a moment, but then went ahead and applied black mascara and eyeliner to her eyes. She traded her usual lip gloss for a lipstick that was just a shade darker than her natural lip color and applied that as well. Finished, Melissa walked to her full length mirror and admired herself.

It wasn't her usual look, but today it just felt right. She was feeling a little daring, and she hoped she would see her Alpha today. He'd seemed to dissapear all of a sudden, either that or he was avoiding her. Melissa decided to go with the first, since the second was slightly unnerving. They hadn't had their dinner like they'd planned, and Melissa stopped herself from wondering why. You'll see him later for sure, and when you do he won't be able to resist you looking like this. Melissa's smile faltered slightly as she looked at herself, Like this. It was practically asking for attention to dress this way, and very unusual for Mel. She made herself walk out her bedroom door to the stairs before she decided to change, cause if she'd stayed a minute longer she knew she would have.

The sweet smell of bacon made Melissa smile and her mouth water as she decended the stairs. She stopped at the bottom, adjusting herself before making her way into the kitchen. Bright sunlight shown through the large windows and highlighted everything in the room. No Alpha. Melissa frowned for a moment, but then mentally shook herself as she placed herself on a stool near the island, smiling again. She wasn't the first down here, there was a few other werelings clustered in groups as they ate eggs and french toast. She smiled at them when she caught their eye, and reminded herself not to fidgit under their gaze. She was a leader now, an Elite. She needed to start acting like it. Looking around the room again Melissa also noticed that her Elite partener was missing as well. Sleeping or playing that guitar of his in the gardens perhaps. Melissa smiled as an omega placed coffee before her, perfectly blended the way she liked. She picked the glass up and sipped occasionally, the liquid still hot.

Melissa set down her cup, pearing at the items along the otherside of the island. Some werelings prefered to eat in the dining room or out on the patio where the omegas wouldn't be working in the same room as they ate, but Melissa didn't mind their company. They were quiet workers when other wolves were around. Mel chewed her lip absently as she wondered what to eat.

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3 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:24 pm


Rick positioned himself in front of the stove/grill and began to layer it with bacon, sausage, pancake mix, eggs, and anything else. He made sure that most of the meal items remained seperate, except for the bacon. He moved it around, putting it in between different food choices so that they may soak up its flavor and add something different to someones breakfast. Something they weren't expecting. His own stomache growled, a faint sound but still annoying all the same. If his stomach was growling this bad this early he'd be starving by the time he actually got to eat- which was after everyone else in the household had been fed.

He worked quietly for most the morning, filling plates with whatever the endless pits wanted. Occasionally he'd run out of something and had to stop everything he was doing to get it started again, in turn burning everything else. After about two hours of work he switched with another packmate, and was instead on drinks. A werelings with wavy brown hair came wondering in, seeming slightly distracted. He went ahead and got her coffee, he had to memorize practically everyones. He didn't remember names though, just the faces that matched with the coffee.

He brought the drink over to her, setting it before her then disapearing out of view. Another group of rising walked in, and Rick asked for their specialties from other omegas. Within the next ten minutes he brought over two french vanille frappees, one trippleberry smoothie, and one iced carmel late. The coffees reaked and Rick had to resist the urge to wrinkle his nose at the smell. Instead he tried to focus his nose on the smoothie, a personal favorite of his. He gave them to the werelings, gaining a curious smile from one of the warriors. He couldn't stick around though, instead just smiled as he walked away.

Rick returned to his seat, waiting for any otheres to come in. He'd rather keep himself busy, but wasn't quite ready to head back to the grill quite yet. It got hot over there, plus maybe he could manage an early breakfast while things were still slow. Unlike most days, the werelings were evening themselves out, coming in at different times instead of all at once. Looking over at the grill, Rick wondered what he'd have for breakfast. Perhaps some pancakes and one of those smoothies he liked. Rick spoke to one of the other omegas and was pleased when they said it'd be fine it he ate.

He took off his apron and hung it on the rack, making sure that any flour or cooking ingrediant wasn't riding on his clothes before walking out to take a seat along the window seats. He thought about sitting in his usual spot, the sun was shining perfectly and he knew he wouldn't be bothered (it was in a corner). But to his left he saw that the same brown haired wereling sat at the island. Now he noticed that she was dressed in a red tank top and short cut offs. He thought for a moment, then changed his course and instead took a seat two away from hers.

4 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:34 am

Melissa still hadn't decided what to get when the seat beside her was taken. she let herself glance over and spot a handsome wereling with brown hair sitting two seats away. He seemed content not talking or even making small talk, just sat there waiting for something. Perhaps he'd already ordered before he came down. For a moment Melissa envied him, she hadn't decided. It was a simple choice, just breakfast, but she really wasn't in the mood for anything and didn't want to waste food if she didn't eat much of it. Mel sighed once, then called for an omega. She ordered french toast, extra syrup, and an apple. The omega asked her if she wanted the apple right away or with her food, and Melissa chose the later. With nothing else to do but wait, Melissa's fingers began to make a rythemic sound as they tapped along the counter.

Glancing again to the male that sat a couple spaces down, Melissa decided she would be the first to speak up. "Are you new? I don't think I've seen you before." Melissa smiled easily, encouraging the conversation to take place. She wanted to meet more of the pack's members, this one in preticular. "Oh, I'm Melissa. I'm a pack elite." She looked back down to her fingers, stopping them from tapping before smiling back up at the male.

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5 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:49 am

The first thing to wake her was the smell. Kaiko opened her eyes a fraction her eyes narrowed. It was strange really. She couldn't remember the last time she had woken to the smell of cooking food. For the longest time she had to do nothing but fend for herself.

Stretching slightly she slowly sat up pushing the covers off. Kaiko frowned staring about the room. Nothing here belonged to her and the room seemed so barren and impersonal that it seemed as if no one had ever lived in this room. Grabbing her boots she slipped them on and did up the laces. Her stomach growled as she got to her feet.

By now she knew that much of the pack would be rising soon. Her heart suddenly pounded in her chest and for once in a long time she felt important. Felt like she had an important duty in her life. Readjusting her collar she headed out the door. Since she had nothing but a plain white wife beater, camo cargo pants and army boots there was really no need for her to change.

First chance she got she was going to go out and try and pick on a fresh set of clothes. As she neared the kitchen the scent of black coffee hit her nose. Just the smell of it was enough to knock her mind into a more conscious state and make her nose wrinkle. Kaiko stopped in the doorway of the kitchen slowly looking around. There were some many strange faces around her she had to fight back the urge to growl in discomfort.

As a wereling pushed past her into the kitchen she spotted Melissa seated at a nearby table. She couldn't help but smile. Melissa seemed so keen on trying to make conversations with the male a few seats down she hadn't even seemed to have noticed her. Grinning a little devilishly she slowly crept forward. Withing a few strides she was right beside Melissa. Still grinning she flopped down in the seat next to her with a loud clatter.

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6 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:09 am

"83.... 84.... 85...", The Elite male huffed softly in and out between each numbers that he counted under his breath, muscled and hard chest rising and falling as well as his weight as his arms heaved him higher on the metal bar. The muscles coiled in his larger build tightening, contracting with each pull till his chin hit the steel rod's top, "89....90..." Alexander could not help himself that morning, rising naturally early on his own with a bit of the scares in his dreams in which gave him the idea to start early with a couple training exercises before heading to breakfast. As the Elite, he found these moments to himself pleasing, yet benefiting to his strength and flexibility. With the decision and advice from his own true friend, Red and once was Beta of the pack, he had given up the party life to worry about the rank he had received. With it and the sudden disappearances from the Alpha himself, Alex took on the choice to over see the pack for a while until his return. Though a note would have been more helpful, he would never question his superiors in the greater time of need.

Sweet dripped from his bare build to puddle into the floor, grunting more with the heaviness in his own weight he began to life. Jasper and other half of him encouraged him to keep moving, sending growls that tingled down his spine to awaken his spirits, Come on... a few more... don't be pathetic like your father... you're better.... stronger... wiser now... Alexander listened to the rock music blasting into his ears from his earbuds, pumping faster and tucking his legs for more momentum of pull onto the bar, "104....105.....106...." He shared the training room to himself, mostly because it was just the beginning of the weekend and all those who were planning their events to go out and enjoy their lives would sleep in or avoid the thought of training so early all together. Not that he could blame them, for he used to be one of them himself, "123.....124.....125..." He sighed, swinging his legs to dangle about a foot from the ground as he hung onto the highest pull up bar. Alex's blue and black basketball shorts hung low on his hips, the red brown and blonde mix of layers on his head now a pile of soaked strands sticking to the sides of his head, jumping down to land balanced on his own two legs.Sneaking through the hallways and hearing whispering from a couple of warrior females in a fits of giggles pass by him, he clenched his jaw into a nervous smile as he quickened his pace back to his room. He did not enjoy the many stairs it took to get to his room, let alone how many open doors he had to pass in order to be seen in only a pair of shorts and nikes. At last, he moved into his room and closed the door behind him, sighing in relief to know he was in the comfort of his own living quarters rather than out there.

Alexander then stripped from his clothes and bathed himself under the clean cold faucet, reminding himself to leave the Alpha a notice to pay the water bill since there had been a slight shortage in heat of water lately. He smiled as the water cleaned over his naked body, showering the brute with aimless wonder of what all he could do now that he had regained his high school body instead of the drunken one he held before. After drying himself, he slipped into a clean pair of grey boxers and khaki baggy shorts with large pockets on both sides of each knees along with a light grey tank top to show all the tattoos on both his arms, hands, chest and a bit of his neck. Laced in ink from the beginning, he never regret each one, all having a special purpose he kept to himself, but only the crimson red guitar pic on his thin chained necklace. His hair smoothed back with his fingers, putting in his contacts so he wouldn't have to be seen in the glasses he usually wore when everyone was off doing their daily fulfillments. He had hoped to see the one blonde, Hikami, a young wereling but something that had caught his attention when found by the Alpha towards one of the pack territories. It felt strange for him to feel this attracted to a woman, mostly because she was blonde, but something about made him instantly at home back in England.

Putting on a new pair of lime green and dark grey nikes, he moved back through the hallway as the smell of food reached his nose, sighing happily, "Never gets old..." A charming grin cocked towards some of the girls from earlier sitting at a table and mingling like they always did, winking to one just to hear her giggle that made him secretly laugh. Whatever day, time or moment, he always placed his bets to attempt with the ladies. He looked to an Omega working upon the drink station, nodding once as he waved them an order to make his usual, peering over the room until his eyes laid upon the trio at the island, seeing the sexy partner of his standing radiantly in the center. Alexander smiled as he took the cup of tea and found himself an apple to enjoy as he strolled over to the three in a warm welcome to the early morning, a small swagger to his walk, "Mornin', ladies and omega." He said as he gave a small peck to the Elite's and Warrior female's cheek in a respectful manner and stood before them in a easy dominant stance, nodding a small hello to the young chap in the other seat. "And how is everyone his lovely mornin', eh?" The male spoke in a pleasant tone, more than ready to take on the day with more training or some evening fun, maybe even go searching for Hikami if he were to be lucky.

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7 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Mon Aug 12, 2013 11:42 pm

Mel was still waiting for the male's reply when she heard a loud racket beside her. The sudden sound made her jump, seeing as how she'd never even heard someone approach behind her. Her head swung around to see her visitor, making her rather dizzy with the sudden movement. Her whole face lit up when she saw her friend Kaiko sitting beside her. "Oh hey! How'd you sleep? I hope your first night wasn't so bad." Melissa smiled weakly, remembering how hard it had been for her to fall asleep her own first night.

Melissa moved on with the conversation, speaking before the thought escaped her mind. "So I was thinking maybe later today we could run into town and get you some stuff for your room, they are a little bare when you first get them." Melissa's room was now decorated with a bunch of sea shells and ocean colors, her original dream had been to move to north carolina or somewhere along the east coast where she could be close to the sea. But she liked it here as well, and figured she could leave for there within time. She had practically forever now that she'd been changed.

A fit of giggles drew her attention to the door where she saw her elite counterpart enter the room. Her smile was glowing when he walked over to join them by the island. She spoke a hello and kissed his cheek as well, feeling like a group of royals as they did the greeting. It seemed so foreign to her, being so used to just saying hello and popping in as Kaiko had done moments before. She'd just have to get used to it. "Great! Just about to have some breakfast, care to join us?" Melissa's head turned as an omega placed her french toast before her and she tapped the chair on her other side, between her and the omega, for Alex to sit down. Unlike most in the breakfast area his eyes were wide awake, alert, as if he'd been up for a long while. His hair still showed the signs of a recent shower and Mel wondered if he'd already been to the training room this morning.

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8 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:50 pm

Kaiko couldn't help but faintly smile. Amused at the fact that she was able to make her jump. "I slept better then I have in awhile, a soft bed is sometimes better then the hard ground," Kaiko murmured. She glanced curiously at the cheerful flirtatious wereling that wandered in. He was a decent looking enough guy. With an attractive muscular build.

Even though her night had been filled with those typical dark dreams. She felt more rested then she had in months. "I was actually thinking about running into town to do some clothes shopping but it would be so much more fun if someone was to come with," Kaiko smiled glancing at the omega as he set a plate in front of Melissa. The omega seemed to look at her curiously and she gave him an order of eggs and hash browns. Kaiko narrowed her eyes as the friendly wereling walked over and gave Melissa a friendly kiss on the cheek.

She nodded to him but said nothing. Something about his easy going energy was making her suddenly feel more energized and ready to get on with the day. "As for the bedroom, that's going to be quite an interesting task for me, I've never really had a room of my own before," Kaiko murmured nodding her thanks to the omega as he set her order in front of her. She said nothing as Melissa asked the wereling if he wanted to join them. It really made no difference to her.

Sooner or later she was going to have to get to know the others. Might as well be sooner, she thought as she tucked into her breakfast.

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9 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:03 pm


A fellow omega placed a glass of apple juice in front of Rick. He said his thanks, bringing the glass up to his lips as the wereling next to him spoke up. She asked him if he was new, and then introduced herself as the Pack Elite. Rick nearly choked on the sweet liquid as it slid down his throat, falling into the wrong tube. Never had it accured to him that she may be anything higher ranked than a warrior. Instantly he felt foolish for not thinking it. He bought himself a couple moments to capture his breath and stop himself from coughing as another girl  plopped down next to Melissa.

He just about had himself settled when another wereling came into their little cluster. Rick recognized him as the other Elite and instantly averted his eyes as to not offend him. The male, his name was Alex, said hello to the two girls and him as well. Rick swallowed another gulp of juice, nodding his head respectfully. An omega dropped of his breakfast, two eggs with wheat toast. Rick remained silent, not bothering the other three with his pointless comments in their conversation. Instead he chose to eat his breakfast in silence.

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10 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Thu Aug 15, 2013 2:45 pm

He smiled pleasantly at his Elite counterpart, nodding slightly before taking the neighboring seat, "I'd be obliged, love. I'm only here for a quick bite, nothing more since I have errands to run before work of course. But I was hoping one of you would be free for the afternoon for some training, I'd be more than happy to teach any of you somethings if you would like." Alexander exchanged a glance over Melissa's shoulder to Kaiko and to the other he hadn't noticed till now. He reached across the space between them to put a light yet sturdy hand over the male's shoulder, remaining friendly in order not to scare him as there was nothing really for fear. The Omega seemed to of choked on the flavored liquid substance before he had reached the table, showing signs of small beads of sweat and a hint of red in his face, let along the tears in his eyes. He could only imagine what that could of felt like, smiling brightly with his icy blue eyes, "Pleasure to meet ya, the name's Alexander Reese Jr., but you can call me A.J. or Alex for short. I believe we have not properly met, wereling," He put out a hand to shake his, genuinely aware that the lower ranking male would be confused or curious as to how nice the superior was coming off instead of so serious and strict; reprimanding sorta way.

This made Jasper work up a storm of complaints, annoying him to the point of sending a small push to silence him back to where he came from in the dark pit of his mind. Once the Omega had shaken his hand, he slowly slipped it back to his side before continuing, "As I had said before, would you care to join me? How old are ya, kid if you don't mind me askin'. I'd like to know so then I know how hard I can throw a punch at you." Alexander chuckled, patting the shoulder as he was only kidding, leaning away in his seat to look at the lovely ladies in waiting with food. "I haven't seen you in a while, Mel, surely you've been busy with borders I would guess since there are a shit load of new people as of lately. I can't even remember when I got the chance to do another border." He laughed as he took a sip of his hot tea, lapping the refreshing herbed drink as it had reminded him of home. "Oh, and of course I can't forget the beautiful warrior you have over here, now can I?" Alex averted his gaze to the other named Kaiko, nodding a polite gesture and tip to his cup, "And how are you with making comfort of your new home, Kaiko? Last I heard you were off with Mel here to have a chat with Gabe, am I right?"


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11 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:30 pm

Kaiko slowly ate her break fast. Keeping her face in a neutral mask. Though she found it funny that the male had choked. It wouldn't have been polite to laugh. Besides everyone had those kind of moments. She'd be lying to herself and anyone else if she said that she hadn't.

She glanced at Alex as he held his hand out to the male. In an attempt to be friendly and welcoming. Kaiko took a drink of her juice to hide her faint smile as Alex joked about hitting the guy. There was something about the way he lightly joked about violence that reminded her faintly of her old guardian John. Kaiko smiled faintly turning her gaze on Alex "to be honest it feels a little strange for me, it's been so long since I have been a member of a pack, especially a pack of this size."

She glanced at the other male who still seemed slightly embarrassed. Perhaps a little later she'd have a little fun with the guy. Besides she couldn't help that sometimes she just had to be a tease. Within her head Arzevic let out a soft hopeful growl and all she could do was faintly smile.

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12 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:37 pm

Melissa smiled gratefully as Kaiko spoke of her first night. She was happy that the first night had gone well for her. She took a bite of her breakfast, chewing it slowly as Kaiko also ordered. Once she swallowed she spoke up, "Of course as long as you don't mind. I could use a couple new wardrobe pieces myself. As for the bedroom, well I can help you there. It can be basically whatever you want it to be, but I'd be happy to give you some idea's to get started once we find a good store in town." She took another bite of her breakfast, smiling as AJ took a seat next to her. He spoke about training later and she had to think about it for a moment. She didn't want to book herself too tight, in case a certain someone wanted to hang, but she could use some training. She hadn't done much of it except for that one time she'd met Daiken and he'd shown her a few things, as well as Slater with Mila.

She had time to think and eat her breakfast while AJ talked to the wereling on his other side, the omega. His rank surprised her, but made sense at the same time. No wonder he hadn't started the conversation himself. Mel shrugged, seemingly at nothing, taking another bite of her breakfast. AJ turned towards her again and she finished swallowing before answering. "I really haven't been as busy as you think. Or at least, I don't feel like I've been busy much. What about you? I can't remember the last time I was granted with a conversation with you. As for the training, I guess I'd have to see. Me and Kaiko are going to head into town later to do some major shopping." Mel waggled her eyebrows as she said shopping, lightly bumping Kaiko with her shoulder. Most of the time Mel would rather avoid shopping, but she felt like spending a few good bucks on herself today.

She took a sip of her drink, letting her food settle. She smiled as AJ made casual conversation with Kaiko, pleased to see it. She listened quietly as Kaiko talked about the strangeness she felt with being in this pack compared to other ones. Mel wondered what other packs were like. With her being a bitten and all, this pack had been Mel's first and only.

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13 Re: An Omega's Life.... on Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:41 am

Kaiko couldn't help but smile holding the cup in front of her face but not drinking. "It's nice to know that I have a reliable person with a fashion sense, quit frankly it's something I lack in." She felt herself relaxing within their small group. It felt good to be able to talk about normal things without the constant worry of having to look over your shoulder with the worry that some human had heard. Faintly she thought about how to do up the room.

Yet everything that came into her mind seemed bland and expressionless. Was she really so grey that she couldn't even figure out how to do up a simple room? Kaiko glanced at Melissa as she playfully bumped her with her shoulder. At this she couldn't help but faintly smile. Unable to stop from catching her easy going attitude herself.

She set her cup down resting her chin on her tented fingers as she stared at the elite. Kaiko smiled "who know's maybe we'll just have to take you and our adorable young male here and play a bit of dress up with you in the shops. Besides training to me seems a more of the middle day thing." To emphasis her words she smiled like a vixen and winked at the both of them. "As for Alpha Gabe to be honest to me he seems to be like one of the nicest alpha's I've meet by far, I get around so I've met a lot of people, alpha's especially."

She faintly frowned as she remember the last time she had tried to join a pack. It had ended in a severe misunderstanding that left her with a terrible scar down her one side. She rolled her shoulders slightly to resist the urge to place her hand on her shoulder. Sometimes the memory of it was enough to bring back the physical pain. Pushing these memories away she forced herself back to the present "I'm just grateful to have met such a kind and understanding pack, especially one of this size. You'd think with all these werelings around one another tensions would be high and someone by now would be rubbing someone else the wrong way but that doesn't seem to be the case here."

She slowly looked around the room but it was like everyone could hear her words and seemed as relaxed as possible.

[its okay if you've missed something. To be honest I'm sure we all do every now and then]

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Rick had finished his breakfast easily when a hand gripped his shoulder. It wasn't a forceful grip, but it was enough to make Rick tense. His eyes were still a little red from his little choking session, but other than that he was fine. Rick avoided eye contact, instead just held his glass in his hand and looked at the wall with an amused grin for no apparent reason. The Elite next to him introduced himself, even thought Rick already knew who he was. Rick glanced down at the hand that was being held out to him, before finally meeting Alex's gaze. That amused grin spread across his face again as he gripped the Elite's hand, giving it a slight shake as he also introduced himself. "Rick James at your service...Alex." Rick hesitated for a moment before saying his name. Most of the time he was required not to say anything unless it was 'Yes Ma'am''Yes Miss' 'Yes Sir'. The whole formal shabang. Rick returned his hand to where it rest casually on his own knee, eyeing Alex. He did indeed wonder about his actions, was he just doing this to impress the females behind him? His wolf side, always the bitter one, thought Alex was mocking him. But Rick paid no attention to his wolf's negative thoughts.

Rick set his glass down on the counter, turning his chair towards Alex as he continued their conversation. "Twenty-six..." Rick spoke up quickly before he realized the male had been kidding. He smiled weakly, kicking himself mentally. He brought his glass back to his lips as the Elite turned around to talk to the two women behind him. He took the moment to also get himself a look at the two, a small smirk on his lips as he eyed them up. He mentally noted that Melissa's friend was named Kaiko, and she was new. He tilted his head just slightly to peer around Alex's shoulder, flashing her a grin. This sort of thing could potentially get him in trouble since he was an omega, and his gaze could offend her. But he didn't care, Rick didn't think she'd mind anyways.

His eyes also glanced at the other Elite, Melissa. She hadn't talke to him since the other two had joined her, and it bugged him. He was an omega, and she an elite, but did his rank really bother her that much? He shook his head, laughing under his breath. She was probably a stuck up bitch who was used to getting her way, or at least that was Rick's first impression. He faintly wondered if he should dissappear back to work as the two elite's asked the warrior question after question. Technically he hadn't been dismissed, and the Elite had asked him if he wanted to join him for a training session. Or had that been a joke as well? And the real opportunity only given to the females. Probably just a move so that Alex could get close 1 on 1 time with the females, Rick thought to himself. It was rather a brilliant thought actually. Fighting, training, making casual conversation all the while, and then if one of them ended up on the ground beneath the other...well anything could happen at that moment. Rick made sure to store the plan in his mind, determined to test it out himself.

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Melissa couldn't help but laugh. Reliable person with a fashion sense? Mel had never really heard those words described towards herself, usually she was about as blank as a piece of paper. Most girls liked things that popped out with strong, bright colors and demanded attention. Melissa however was more subtle, easily flowing colors that went well with eachother and seemed to blend. Seeing Kaiko's curious gaze she quieted her own laugh to explain. "I'm not really one with fashion, you and I are in the same boat actually. But together we can no doubt make up something great! After all, two minds are better than one." Mel giggled quietly, flicking her hair over her shoulder. At the mention of dress up Mel erupted into a laugh once again. She was always one who was never sure of herself when standing in front of others wearing new clothes, but this idea did sound quite fun. she giggled again as Kaiko accompanied her comment with a wink.

What had gotten into her? Usually Melissa was a quiet girl with a nose in a book, ready to study and learn twenty-four seven. But here and now she was being an outgoing as she could, laughing and joking with new friends she'd managed to make so easily. She couldn't help but be proud of herself, each day she began to believe that being changed wasn't bad at all more and more. At the sound of her Alpha's name Melissa's eyes brightened and she sneaked a glance throughout the room, hoping to see him. But once again she was fooled and her eyes returned to the conversation at hand, hardly revealing anything. Kaiko had easily moved onto answering the next question, and Mel beamed with pride as she praised the pack. She resisted the urge to jump up and hug Kaiko, to tell her she knew she'd love it here. She had to at least keep some of her dignity.

The omega on Alexander's other side caught her gaze and Melissa held it steadily. Why was he looking at her like that? Was there something wrong with her hair? Suddenly self-concious she reached up a hand to run through some brown strands, smiling again at Kaiko. She was convinced that the two of them were going to have loads of fun shopping later in the evening, and maybe even hit the club or somewhere fun afterwards. Mel was feeling young and excited today and felt like she could try anything.

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