Their eyes shine in the moon’s light as they fight. Their movements are fluid, smooth, and predatory. Lean, taunt muscles lay beneath different colors of fur and sharp incisors are visible beneath black gums. Blood spatters over their beautiful coats and color the ground red as they snap, tear, and wound each other.

Fur standing on end, you approach the two groups as they pause and separate as they take notice of your presence. Two pairs of eyes stand out to you and unnerve you. Both seemed to draw the respect out of you without your consent as you lower your head and tuck your tail between your legs. Power radiated from them both, and you’re unsure whether it was the large, dark grey male with golden eyes, or the black female with bright green eyes that had the strongest air to them. They both stood across from each other, and large groups of other wolves and Werelings in human forms stand on each side behind them. All of their eyes bore into you and you stop as you stand before the two obvious leaders.

Your muscles tense and they begin to shake as your wolf side slowly draws you towards one side, your true nature, good or evil, slowly reveals itself as you make your decision. Which side will you choose? Will you choose the path of light and good? Or the path of dark and evil?

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A Shiver Up Your Spine..

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1 A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:24 pm

This was the first time she had traveled in her human form in a while. Her long blond hair was shining in the glow of the sun and her bangs fell in her face. Pushing them away, she paused for a moment. She could smell something, but couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was. Looking down at her dress for the party, she sighed. The stupid thing was no longer white, it was dirty and torn, hardly covering what needed to be covered. Shrugging it off, she continued to smell the air. It smelt so familiar, like a part of her, but not quite that.

Shaking her head, she sighed. I must be going crazy.. It was bound to happen sometime. Her mind seemed to mumble to her and she flicked her hair over her shoulder and continued to walk deeper into the forest. At least it was pretty and slightly peaceful. The smell she had found earlier seemed to grow heavier and stronger in the air of the forest until she couldn't keep moving forward, silently she was terrified of what lay up ahead. She knew something weird was out there, it was familiar, but she just couldn't name it. With a sigh, she sat on the ground, her hands laid neatly in her lap. She would call out, but she was scared. Not many animals had markers or whatever this was. The young girl sat down in wait, eventually someone would have to come along, and she would be there, waiting.

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2 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:14 pm

Melissa sat deep within her mind, listening as Mila chattered on and on about what she saw and smelt. They were out on their morning run, and once again Mila was in control. They traveled faster when Mila, Melissa's wolf side, was in control of the wolf form. She was much more familiar with it, where as Melissa tended to be a bit clumsy when in the larger form. So she sat back, relaxing as Mila went along with their usual morning routine.

'It appears we have a visitor...' Mila spoke in her mind, communicating with Melissa. Up ahead Mila could spot a blonde girl sitting amongst the dirt, looking as if she was waiting for something. Mila was a grey wolf mostly except for the white around her muzzle and paws and had easily blended in with her surroundings, nearly invisible to the human's eyes. 'Perhaps you would like to take over?' Mila asked, dissapointment lining her tone. Most newcomers were a little wary when a wolf showed up and started communicating with them, it was better that Mel did this part.

Melissa agreed and they began their change. Mila's grey fur changed into dark skinny jeans and a light blue tank top, and the fur along her head transformed into long brown waves of hair. Melissa's feet were bare, she prefered them that way, and a single diamond heart neckless was worn around her neck. As her eyes opened, Melissa's orbs also changed from dark blue to a lighter shade of sea green. Looking above and to her left, Melissa spotted some low hanging branches and began to climb.

Mel climbed till she was at a decent height, where the branches were thick enough for her to stand on, and then began to jump from tree to tree. She landed softly each time, using the leaves to keep her hidden. Once she was close enough, she pushed a leafy branch to the side and investigated the girl. She had bright blonde hair and wore a tattered dress that was now a grey instead of a pearly white. Melissa cleared her throat, making herself known to the young girl below her.

"Are you alright?"

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3 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:48 pm

Kiba jolted in surprise at the sound of a voice slightly above her and swerved around to see a girl with brown hair standing there. Her eyes brightened quickly at seeing another face. It took her a minute thinking of how to use the voice she hadn't used in about a year, unless she was thinking to herself.

"Er, hello there, i'm Kiba." She smiled to the girl, being as polite as she could possibly be. If she came off hostile or dangerous, something would go wrong. She didn't know why she was watching what she said to this girl, I mean, she was normal, wasn't she? Thinking deeper into this, she sniffed the air. This girl smelled like the one Kiba had been following, well, technically coming across, not following. Sighing, she broke off the struggle for words and gave an awkward shrug. "Forgive me, I've seemed to have lost my communication skills."She murmured dryly.

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4 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Thu Jul 18, 2013 5:07 pm

A soft smile came upon her lips as the blonde girl jolted around to face her. Her eyes were wide with shock, but seemed to change into relief as she looked over Melissa. Mel tried not to squirm much under the girl's gaze, she was slowly getting used to other people sizing her up. She'd had no choice but to get used to it since the change. Since she was bitten.

Melissa nodded slowly as Kiba announced herself as well as apologize for her strange speaking. "I'm Melissa, some people choose to call me Mel for short." Mel bent her legs, sitting in a crouched position from her perch. She was unsure what to make of the girl. She could be a wereling like herself, why else would she apologize for her lack of communication? Well she could just have issues speaking to people. Humans get that way when they meet strangers in the woods you know. Melissa's eyes narrowed as Mila conversed with her. She was right of course, but Melissa decided to go with her gut on this one.

She jumped down from her perch, landing with ease. As she tossed her brown hair back over her shoulder she slowly rose from her landing, holding her hands up to show she did not mean any harm. Once she was standing to her full height Melissa spoke again, her eyes watching for any clues that would help her. Now that she was closer, a low growl rumbled within her chest, her animal side detecting that this female was indeed like herself. "Why are you here?" Melissa murmured, her eyes narrowed slightly.

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5 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:26 pm

Kiba silently apologized as she watched the girl called Melissa or Mel, seemed uncomfortable under her gave. She gave her head a curt nod in understanding and turned her eyes away. Now she was able to understand the small on the marker. It was a marker of what she was. A werewolf, and by the scent there were more of them as well, not just this one. She brushed her long blond hair out of her face so she could actually see the girl behind her.

The young girl gave a slight smile when the one behind her jumped from the tree and landed almost perfectly. She wanted to learn how to do that someday, it was amusing to watch, although Kiba preferred to relax with the nature, not necessarily in or on it. The growl that formed in the other wolf's chest didn't spook her or make her nervous, only curious. She figured the female was only protecting what was rightfully hers although Kiba was careful as not to cross it.  

She was smarter this time to keep it so she wasn't directly staring at girl in front of her. She didn't want to make her uncomfortable again or come off as threatening , there was no way she would be able to defend herself if she attacked. Sitting up a bit more to get comfortable she listened to what Melissa had to say."Well, I have been traveling alone for about a year now, and when I came to these woods I smelt something familiar, and it kind of drew me toward it, you could say. Following my instinct, I found what i'm believing to be a border. It wasn't till you got here that I recognized the smell and understood. But I waited until someone came by. I wasn't sure if howling was threatening and I sure as hell wasn't going to travel inside. I was hoping maybe I could join you guys, if you are willing to take me in. Traveling alone is cool and all, but I don't like being defenseless and unsure of what is going to happen next."She gazed up at Mel for just a moment then down to her feet in some kind of way to show respect. She was still unsure of how to act to one another in human form, that's why she preferred her wolf.

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6 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:09 pm

Melissa's arms crossed over her chest as she listened to Kiba. It was a habit for her, she did it whenever she was listening to someone. Her weight also tended to shift mostly to her right foot, making her left knee bend. It was her most natural stance, and it made Melissa more comfortable than standing straight up and down like a brick board.

Mel knew what Kiba meant about being drawn towards this area, this pack. The same things had happened to her shortly after she had completed the change. Her feet had just led her here, to her first meeting with Alpha Gabriel and her lady Beta Teihmnin. The Lady Beta had showed much kindness towards Melissa, and pursuaded Mel to stay here to start her new life. As a bitten, Melissa hadn't known what had happened to her and the first couple months after her change were horrid and scarred her memories.

"You did the right thing, although howling wouldn't have been so bad." Melissa exhaled heavily, glad to hear that instead of a threat Kiba was just another wereling looking for a home. There'd been an odd feeling hanging in the air, and Melissa was nearly sure something big was going down. She just didn't know what. Melissa held out her arms in an open guesture as she began to speak again. "You sit just on the edge of what is known as Braveheart Territory. The pack that you are wishing admittance to is lead by Gabriel Braveheart, he leads and treats his packmates like family. I am the Elite Female, and my Elite Male partener is known as Alexander. Our Betas, along with Alexander and Gabriel, are...elsewhere at the momment, so it's up to me to accept you." Melissa's eyes narrowed momentarily. Should she have told Kiba about all the other ranks being out?

Melissa shook her head. Kiba's aura was one that was calm and relaxed, as well as genuine. She meant well. "Perhaps you'd like a fresh meal, as well as clean clothes? We can talk about your rank over dinner." Melissa's tone was questioning, leaving it up to Kiba. If she'd rather just talk about it now then they would, but when Mel had first arrived it was food that had made her relax the most.

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7 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:33 pm

Kiba smiled, it sounded like Mel was friendly along with the pack and the others that were in it. She began to feel odd, once more. She didn't like her human form, to be completely honest. Ever since she understood what she was after her first changing she preferred her wolf, but not wanting to lose her human form as well, she shifted in between them every once in a while. At the mention of food, she wondered if Mel meant a hunt. That was Kiba's favorite thing. The thrill, the adrenaline, it just made her feel wild and free. Plus she couldn't remember the last time she had eaten, so there was no point in denying the offer.

The blond haired girl got to her feet, giving a large stretch. How long had she been sitting like that? She had no idea, but it felt like it had been forever. With a yawn, she nodded toward Mel. "A meal sounds fine to me, what do you have in mind?" She gave the other girl a warm smile before casting her gaze to Mel's feet. She wasn't exactly sure of how to submit in her human form, it was confusing to her. When she became one with her other form, dropping in submission, flattening her ears, and all seemed like instant, she naturally did it without second thought. Now she was just completely confused and unsure.

She kept her gaze downward, not wanting to seem threatening or give away how unsure she really was. But Mel didn't seem much older than her and she might understand a little bit about how confusing it could be to someone who had only just begun to work things out and understand how everything works. Hell, Kiba had been like this for a year now and she still didn't understand. She smiled faintly at the silly thought and waited for what they were to do next. At least now she wasn't alone.

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8 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:11 pm

Melissa shrugged, shifting her weight to her other leg. [color=skyblue]"I don't know, what do you want? The pack kitchen has practically everything. If we don't have what you want inside we can always go out to eat, I haven't made a trip to the city in a while." Mel shrugged again, an easy smile lighting up her face. She was really open to just about anything.

Mel tilted her head slightly as Kiba casted her gaze downwards again. "I appreciate how you seemed to realize in the beginning that I wasn't to keen on the whole straight eye contact deal, but now its okay. At least now I know you won't hurt me, right?" Melissa finished with a soft smile, finishing with a question. She was pretty sure what her answer would be.

[Fml, sorry really cruddy post.]

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9 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:23 pm

Kiba smiled faintly scuffing her feet as she raised her eyes a little bit toward Mel. She didn't really have a clue on what she wanted to eat, she was very open minded and would eat just about anything at the point. With a faint yawn, she covered her mouth, glancing around the area. She wasn't sure she was interested in going back out to the city, she liked the woods and the nature that was around it, but then again, it was her first day here and she didn't want to sound extremely picky. She kind of wanted to meet others like her as well, she hadn't even known there was such a thing until a few moments ago.

She turned her face back to Mel, a smile still lightly held on her face. "I'm not too picky, i'm fine just going back to the home and seeing what your kitchen has." She smiled faintly, her eyes full of excitement, if she were in her wolf form, her tail would defiantly be wagging right now. With another small yawn, she nodded to Melissa. "Of course not!"

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10 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:56 pm

"Awesome! Shall we be going then?" Melissa smiled, motioning with her hand in the general direction of the house. As the two fell into step next to eachother Melissa relaxed in the silence that fell between them. She glanced sideways at the blonde girl, noticing how she seemed to glance around awkwardly from time to time. Mel's mouth pinched at one side, contemplating whether she should continue on in her wolf form. She couldn't help to notice how Kiba hinted time and time again that she prefered that form. Melissa slowed only slightly, waiting to change till a strong enough wind came by.

As a harsh wind blew, brown hair turned into grey fur and light blue eyes turned darker. Mila, Melissa's wolve side, shook her head, continueing on at the slow human pace. Mila glanced sideways at Kiba, waiting for her to change as well. "What are you waiting for? It will be much faster if we travel this way." Mila smiled, her teeth gleaming in the sunlight. With a snort Mila dug her paws into the ground, pushing off as she broke into a sprint. She didn't bother to look behind her to see if Kiba had changed and was following her or not, she figured she would.

A howl was let loose from Mila's lips, a beautiful melody. Mila didn't get to come out and play as much as she wanted to, Melissa usually kept in control. But now she was sitting back, letting Mila do whatever. At least until they reached the cabin anyway.

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11 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Fri Jul 26, 2013 12:15 am

At the sound of Melissa talking again, Kiba smiled and gave her a curt nod. She was beginning to get more and more comfortable around the girl, she seemed friendly enough.But the young girl knew more than anything that looks could be very deceiving sometimes. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. She kept her head up, and skimming around, keeping a close eye out for danger. Letting her guard down would be a stupid mistake and probably a death wish.

Kiba flicked her head in the direction of where the other girl had stood moments before. Now the only thing that stood there after the wind was gone was a gray wolf with dark blue eyes. Kiba smiled faintly, she loved the wolf form, on her and on anybody else. It was a creature involved with nature itself, and that was what Kiba loved. At the sound of a new voice, the girl was a bit confused but shrugged it off, maybe it was just something she hadn't come across yet. The words that the she wolf spoke were almost teasing to Kiba, and when she bolted off, Kiba followed.

As she ran, her body sprouted fur that was as white as snow. Her eyes remained the same, but carried a new excited and playful flicker in them. She pushed off with strong, yet small hind paws, sprinting after the gray she wolf in front of her. Kiba felt alive for once, it had been a while since she was able to let loose and let her playful side out. Racing after the she wolf, she howled with her, a happy and joyful song that seemed to entwine with the wolf that was now only a few pawsteps in front of her. A smile was plastered on the white she wolf's face as she bounded after Mel.

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12 Re: A Shiver Up Your Spine.. on Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:24 pm

Melissa's wolf looked back as another wolf joined in with her song. Kiba had changed into a beautiful wolf with stunning white fur. A toothy grin lit up Mila's face as she swiveled her head to face forward once again. She barked sharply yet happily, charging forward. Kiba had reached her left flank and was keeping up easily with her. She pushed herself farther, wanting to go faster. A fallen log was closing in fast, and Mila grinned in determination. She leaped from the dirt, felt her paws dig into the rotten log, small parts flinging off behind her as she bounded into the dirt again. She grinned, looking behind her as Kiba shortly followed.

Mila slowed down, her breath coming in ragged breaks. She licked her lips, stopping next to a small creak. Her ears perked up slightly, hearing Kiba slow to a stop behind her. "Feel like a drink?" Mila's tail flicked behind her as she brought her head around and closer to the water. She sniffed at it for a moment, but once she was satisfied she began to lap up the refreshing drink. Water droplets hung to the bottom of her chin and her tongue snaked out to collect them. Her stomache growled from underneith her, and her ears lowered. Perhaps they would head back to the house, unless Kiba wished to hunt. Mila hadn't been on a hunt in a while, but Melissa always felt sick after they changed back.

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